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Betty Toons was created in 2002, it featured Betty as a child with her friends. In aired in Colombia, and parts of the United States. It’s loosely based on the telenovela, and all the characters are there except Hugo Lombardi. They didn’t know how to explain to children, that Hugo was gay so he’s not included. Gutierrez plays the bilingual teacher, who’s in love with Catalina Angel. Ines is the bus driver.

I was only able to see only 16 episodes, that were posted on Dailymotion/yourtube/megaupload. The title song is quite catchy, and I had it in my head for days.



1, 2,3)No title was given, but it basically has Julia begging Hermes to give her a child. So you see a disturbing cartoon, of sperm travelling to the womb. With Betty winning over Hermes brood of boys, and killing off all the male sperms with moustaches. Julia having Betty, and having her christened. Betty having her birthday party, and having Hermes trying to stop the clown from crying. Then you see the first shot of Betty, being in kindergarten and having a boy crying. Which was used in the beginning title of the series. Betty is now going to the rich school, and you see ever character that’s in the show.

Betty falls in love with Armando, and gets rejected and made fun of by everyone for being ugly. It’s Valentine’s day, and Gutierrez cries because he has no real friends. Betty tries to befriend Armando/Marcela/Patricia/Daniel. It doesn’t work, and the ugly group has an appointed table all for them. They don’t like Betty, and Betty ends up eating lunch alone. Nicholas is again being beaten up by the school bullies. Betty makes Valentine cards for everyone, but they all get thrown in the garbage. Mario makes up a nice valentine card for Betty, and signs it Love Armando. Marcela and Patricia, draw on the mirror of the schools bathroom a portrait of Betty. When Betty sees this, she cries and cries. For she now knows that she’s being called, Ugly Betty. When she gets home, Hermes tells her. She should be proud of her Greek heritage, making her cry even more. When she does her homework, she discovers the card and is quite happy. Then she sad, for she find out that Armando has a girlfriend named Marcela Valencia.

4)Nicholas wants to help out Betty, and asks his mother to transfer schools. Here the only friend Nicholas gets, is still Betty. The rich kids make fun of him, and he gets bulled again by everyone. He falls head over heels in love, with the beautiful Patricia. The group has to do a project, and Patricia has no partner. Knowing that he’s smart, she uses him for everything. Taking her lunch, carrying her books, carrying her packages from the mall. In the end Patricia take full credit of the project. Then gets in trouble, when she can’t figure out her project. She tells everyone, that she detests Nicholas. He happily utters, “at least she knows my name.” While Betty’s project is trying to talk to ants, and starts an ant revolution.

5)Voy a ser mama revolves around how babies are born. Hermes is getting nervous, that Betty is growing up so quickly. So Julia tells him, tell her about the birds and the bees. Hermes can’t and tells her, if you get bitten by a bee that you’re pregnant. So Betty happily tells Nicholas, at the school. Freddy begins poking bees in their hive, and all start attacking everyone. Unfortunately Betty gets bitten by a bee, and thinks she’s pregnant. Overjoyed she wants to tell her parents, but there watching a soap. Where the heroine gets pregnant, and has to go to a nunnery. Hermes tells his wife, that he won’t permit his only daughter to become an unwed mother. Betty cries, Nicholas tries to help her and in the end. She runs away, and wants to enter the convent. Hermes stops her, and tells her the truth about how parents have children.

6)La Primera Communion de Betty revolves around Betty’s first communion. The problem Hermes can’t afford, to pay for everything that’s involved with getting a communion. Mario has problems atoning for his sins. In the end Gutierrez smoothes over everything, by having the kids help out the less fortunate ones.


7)La Super Bici Armando gets a new bike, and Mario wants to ride it. When Armando goes and gets a drink, Mario steals it tries it and breaks it. Nicholas wants to try it out, and Armando allows it. Nicholas rides and the bike breaks, Armando tells him. You have to buy a new one, so Nicholas enters a contest. With Hermes help, Betty’s bike is fixed. Nicholas has a load of problems, he really can’t ride a bike. No matter how hard he practices, in the end he accidentally wins the contest. He has no choice, but too give the new bike away and it’s later. That Armando finds out that Daniel was the one that broke the bike. He apologizes too Nicholas, and returns the bike. He goes after Mario, while a happy Nicholas tries out his new bike.

8)Program de tv Everyone is excited, for the kids will be able to produce a tv series. Marcela/Patricia/Armando/Mario do a fashion type show. Sandra/Mariana/Sophia/Bertha/Aura Maria, all want to do an exciting project revolving current events. But who will play host? Plus  they don’t want Betty/Nicholas, to join them but in the end have no choice. Nicholas is the camera guy, and Marcela not wanting any competition sabotages everything. The girls all start fighting within themselves, and its Betty who’s stuck in the middle. In the end peace is made, they get back at Marcela. But the real winner is Daniel, who pays off Gutierrez and gets his business stock exchange show.


9)Nina Al Poder The girls want to join the cheerleading squad. Marcela/Patricia don’t want it, and try their best to ruin their chances. In the end the girls almost win, but they are not chosen. Marcela has a fight with Armando, because he tells her. Cheerleaders don’t do anything, and it’s the guys on the team that win the matches. So Marcela makes a bet with Armando, that if the girls win the boys have to become cheerleaders. Marcela realizes she can’t win, no matter how much they practice. When she notices that Mariana, has a famous soccer uncle. She knows how to play, wants the girls to join them. They don’t want too, but in the end they do and the girls win.


10)Estrella Estrella A big shot producer wants to do a show, naturally Patricia thinks she’s the star. Instead they want Betty, at first she’s happy with all the attention. Until they want her to be a complete disaster. Patricia is furious, and does everything it takes to sabotage Betty. Betty’s friends are also jealous, and are angry that Betty is making them look like fools. When in fact its Patricia, so Betty decides it’s not worth it. Gives up the job, and Patricia becomes the new star with a change of hairdo. Plus making her the fool.


11)El Diario Betty writes in her diary that she’s in love with Armando. The girls are all pretty curious to find out who the guy is. So as they start a fight, Betty’s diary ends up in Armando’s backpack. Betty gets Nicholas’s help to retrieve the book, but in the end it’s Daniel who discovers it. The two makes fun of her love, and want to reveal to everyone that it’s her diary. Nicholas gets electrocuted, and touches everyone so the girls won’t find out. Betty spills her drink and erases the last page, so Marcela never find out that Betty loves Armando. Betty utters, he still doesn’t deserve too know.


12)La Suerte de la bonita la fea The girls at the school, make a bet with Marcela/Patricia that she can’t make Betty beautiful. The girls take Betty home, and can’t do it. Nicholas tells her, have your mom help you out. So she makes Betty look like, in the series with curls. Betty is miserable, and runs home in tears. Nicholas tries to help her out, by using his special machine. It works but Betty becomes a different person. Marcela knows something’s up, and discovers its Betty under that disguise. She tells everyone, but nobody believes her. In the end Betty realizes the error of her ways, makes up with Nicholas. She wants to tell Armando the truth, but when she does Armando screams and takes off.

13)La Tarea It’s the day to hand in a report to Gutierrez. Nobody has done it, so they all argue to mention that it’s for another day. Everything almost works, until poor Nicholas who doesn’t know the deal. Reveals that his project is done, and everyone gets in trouble. Armando is sent to the bad side of school, to punish him. There he meets Roman, where he’s the one that gets beaten on. He doesn’t want to get punished, so he tries to make peace. Roman starts a fight, and in the end gets expelled and threatens one day he will get his revenge.


14)Suenos Humedos Daniel is wetting the bed, and Marcela wants to tell everyone. Daniel threatens her, and wants nobody to find out. At school the next day, it’s announced that they are going camping to learn survival skills. Daniel freaks out, and tries to sabotage the schools bus. Nicholas doesn’t want to go, because he’s frightened of everything. While Nicholas tries to get his mom to go with him. When he can’t, takes his teddy bear instead. There he’s stuck carrying Patricia’s things, and tries hard not to fall asleep. When he does Daniel uses the opportunity, and switches his blankets. Then makes fun of him, for wetting the bed. Nicholas tells everyone, it wasn’t him. So one night when their telling ghost stories, everyone falls asleep. Its there Daniel has a nightmare and wets himself. The trainer tells the boys, they must overcome their fears. In the end Nicholas isn’t scared anymore, and Daniel stops wetting himself.

15)Salven al colegio Gutierrez wishes he has money to go up in space. Nicholas is sick and tried that bad things happen to him. He’s happy when he finds a four leaf clover. While Gutierrez buys a lotto ticket, and prays that he wins. When he does, he’s overjoyed but he accidentally burned down the school. While Nicholas believes it was his wish, that the school burnt down. When he wants to confess, Betty stops him and the fire department reveals that it was indeed an accident. The parents asks the kids, to ask Gutierrez to rebuild the school. He doesn’t want to, but when he realizes that it was all his fault. He agrees and give up his money, in turn the school gets rebuilt and Gutierrez gets his trip to the moon.

16) Ultima dia de classes Mario is overjoyed that spring break is coming. He can’t wait till the holidays when he can play with his friends. When one prank goes wrong, Betty is the one too blame. Gutierrez tells Betty’s parents, that Betty is a cheater. She will get expelled, and Hermes is furious that he takes away Betty from Nicholas. Nicholas knows that it’s Mario’s fault, and creates a machine. To teach him a lesson, a la groundhog day. Where Mario repeats the day over and over, but Nicholas is suck in it as well. In the end Mario fesses up, and the spell is broken. Mario gets punishes, by cleaning up the school background every day. But he’s just happy that its spring break.




Alberto Leon Jaramillo (Gutierrez)   REAL ACTOR FROM SERIES
Marta Noriega (Mario)
Alejandra Botero (Betty)
Juliana Botero (Patricia)
Marcela Jimenez (Marcela)
Giovanna Bernal (Mariana)
Luz Amparo Alvarez (Sophia-Aura Maria)
Juan A. Gaviria (Armando)
Martha H. Araujo (Julia-Bertha)
Andres Lopez (Daniel-Freddy-Nicholas)
Maria M. Trujillo (Nicholas)
Marta Rincon (Sandra)
Alvaro Uribe – Alberto Arango (Incidentales)
Liliana Ceron -(Professor)






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