Las Juanas 101-110

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banner(Writers of this great telenovela: Bernardo Romero Pereiro & Juanita Samper.
This was done for entertainment purposes. No copyfright infridgement is implied.)



Todoelmundo has been put on the couch in the living room. Everyone has now gathered around, Calixto asks Todoelmundo. “Now then who were the president’s of Colombia in this century.” Juana Matilde puts on his glasses and tells him. “Alright really think.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes think really hard.” Todoelmundo tells him, “umda oh man Don Calixto. I just don’t remember a single one.” Calixto tells him, “not a single one?” Tere tells him, “but you know what the whole world knows. What happened to your memory son?” Todoelmundo tells them, “I just don’t know. Its like a mysterious hand, erased everything that I knew. Oh dear lord.” He start walking too the door, Tere follows him. “Todoelmundo Todoelmundo get back here.” Juana Matilde tells him, “maybe he got run over or something. Hey do me a favor, if something is going on explain it too me. For I don’t understand a thing, oh what has occured to poor Todoelmundo.” Calixto tells them, “he has an attack of amnesia. That is the only explination.” Juana Bautista tells him, “an attack just like that? Its just so very strange, it seems supernatural.” Juana Calidad tells her, “oh Juana Bautista don’t tell me those things it scares me so.” Juana Valentina asks, “do you really think Don Calixto its amenesia that attack Todoelmundo?” Ophelia has come by, and talks to Tere. “Juana Valentina Dona Dona is asking. When are you going to visit her?” Juana Valentina utters,”me?” Calixto simply looks away.

At the dolorosa Octavio tells them, “wait so he organizes a political lunch. He has everyone from the political area to come, then he tells them. Hey I don’t want to be governor? So what was the reason that he gave?” Mauricio tells him, “nothing he announced in front of everyone. I am renouncing my candidacy for the department of sucre. That is what he said, nothing else. You want to hear something worse guys, he said he will fully support his opponent Agusto Ruda.” Poncho tells him, “no way Mauricio your father has lost his mind. He has given up politics, or they have paid him off son.” Mauricio angrily tells him, “hey leave your assumptions aside Sarmiento.” Poncho tells him, “but there’s no explanation into what he did.” Mauricio tells him, “no there isn’t.” Gualberto tells him, “that’s weird hey Poncho give him a free beer.” Poncho tells him, “sure it will be a courtesy of the house.” Octavio asks, “hey when is Poncho so generous?” Gualberto tells him, “that is something I don’t believe. Hey this morning I came for breakfast. Get this, he offered to pay for my meal. He said the same thing, courtesy of the house.” The man in the white hat gets up, goes by them then he takes off. Todoelmundo arrives, still looking stunned. Octavio tells them, “wait a minute Poncho Sarmiento a generous guy? Fuentelafria’s father quits politics, something strange is going on here.” Gualberto tells him, “well that is what I’m saying.” Poncho tells him, “hey todoelmundo get over here. Here’s a courtesy beer.” Todoelmundo tells him, “give me a double rum I need it.” Poncho tells him, “double rum this early but you only drink half a beer.” Octavio asks, “Todoelmundo do you know about a man. Who give up his political aspirations? Who decides to support his other opponent?” Todoelmundo tells him, “various causes but I can’t remember a single one.” Everyone simply stares at him.

Juana Valentina is getting ready to go out. “Now then your getting married on the 12th. So all that’s left is to find out, about the others.” Juana Bautista ask, “and what is the hurry?” Juana Valentina tells her, “I need to know when can I plan on leaving. When the last one of you gets married, I plan on leaving corozal. Well do I look ok, to go see Dona Dona?” Juana Bautista tells her, “you are who you are very beautiful.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh Juana Bautista this anxiousness doesn’t go away. What is she going to ask me? Well with you all, and your boyfriends. She asked about the marriage and the futures. What is she going to talk about? What is that senora, going to talk about with me? For you know, my situation is different than yours.” Juana Bautista tells him, “well before hand knowing the full intentions of Dona Dona. I just wouldn’t want to read her cards. She’s a undeciphered woman.”  Juana Valentina utters, “oh lord what is she going to tell me? What could she tell me?” Juana Bautista tells her, “your only going to know when the conversation is over.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I prefer not to go but…” Juana Bautista tells her, “well the thing is your an aries. You don’t advert nothing, and go towards a difficult situation.” Juana Valentina tells her, “with all of you she talked of love. With me, what could the topic be truthfully?” Juana Bautista tells her, “Juana Valentina we have already spoken. Maybe the topic is the same.” Juana Valentina asks, “but what is that senora going to ask me about love. For I have no boyfriend? What are we going too see?” Juana Bautista tells her, “remember above all Dona Dona is a mother. A mother has an intuition that doesn’t fail.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I am relaxed because between Ruben and I there’s absolutely nothing period.” Juana Bautista tells her, “I really sure want to believe that Juana Valentina. But love jumps in your eyes, and you can tell. Its just simply, nothing but love.”

Miguel is with Juana Matilde on the terrace. “Well tomorrow Octavio is going to ask for Juana Manny’s hand in marriage. Soon it will be our turn.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh that sounds so delicious my love. Tell me something, why don’t we just pick the 12th on the next month. What do you think?” Miguel ask, “why the 12th?” Juana Matilde tells him, “you know the truth is its Terezalsura’s idea. You know all of us, getting married on the 12th. That’s the day Orlando and Juana Bautista is getting married. Oh what do you think my love?” Miguel tells her, “well you know that’s a great idea. One single party, and we save a lot of money.” Juana Matilde tells him, “yes that’s true yes sir. Plus if Juana Calidad, and Juana Manny want to marry on that same day. We save even more money, don’t you think so?” Miguel tells him, “oh yes it sure does sound good. Hey your become an economics, your giving the nun competition.” He laughs, and Juana Matilde becomes spell bound. “Oh dear lord, what a gorgeous looking man. The man with the white hat, goes by the pink house. That is the most gorgeous looking man, I have ever seen in my life.” Miguel grabs her, “listen here your with me and your looking at another man.” Juana Matilde uttes, “me well I just saw that he just past by. Listen its like, you see a beautiful woman walking by. You stare at her, that’s all.” Miguel tells her, “listen I may look at the beautiful woman. But I am not left standing there dumbstruck.” Juana Matilde tells him, “listen my love don’t be jealous? The only man I truly love in this world is you.” Then they kiss, oh man your kisses taste like dirt. Usually you taste like coconut and honey. But today its taste like dirt man. What are you eating dirt or what? Oh no?” Then she heads inside, he simply utters. “Dirt?

Calixto is visiting the judge. Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “now then I have visited the location that Margarita liked.” Calixto tells him, “oh thanks a lot comparde. So what did the man have to say?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “listen the man says its a go. He is going to give me the papers, all you have too do is sign them. Plus considering its you, you don’t need to be financed.” Calixto tells him, “yes just because word spread that the harvest was a great one. Oh I don’t need financing for nothing, the bank is very happy. In fact they come out of the street, offering my business comparde. Oh what the power of money?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “yes its disgraceful plus the rest what?” Calixto tells him, “yes very good Juana Bautista can recover her place. Ruben has already written to his friend in Medillin. So he can give me the details of that telescope. Now I just have to talk, to that music teacher for Juana Matilde. You know to fully arrange things with him.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well it seems at last your going to get exactly what you want.” Calixto tells him, “oh yes of course but its my full satisfaction. But my daughters fully deserve this. You saw how those girls acted, in the face of all that crisis. Now all that’s left is to find out, what Juana Calidad wants. Regarding Juana Valentina, just like last time. She’s not going to want a single thing from me. Even my last name will she accept.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well too me that sounds quite strange? Well the way she treats you, well its like the way a daughter treats her father. She loves her sisters greatly, she lives for them. She acts like a member of the family, but she won’t accept the last name. Unless…”

Calixto asks, “what comparde?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “oh its nothing important.” Calixto tells him, “apparently she says that she respects the man that raised her.” Judge Geremias tells him, “yes I guess that is the reason.” Calixto tells him, “the thing is with or without that last name. I have to tell her, she has to leave corozal.” Judge Gemias Guerra asks, “but why?” Calixto tells him, “well because of that promise of Dona. The one that doesn’t marry has to leave here. We know that Juana Valentina has no boyfriend. We all know that.” Juana Manny and Margarita Cruz shows up. “Oh mom at last were here, now you have everything ready for tomorrow.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “yes everything is ready. Well all except me, the thing is with that pagent festival there’s so much too do yet.” Juana Manny tells her, “yes there is.” Margarita Cruz tells them, “well then hello you two how are you both?” Juana Manny tells them, “hi father judge.” Judge Geremias Guerra utters, “hello Juana Manny.” Calixto asks, “listen I heard you like a location for the beauty salon. Congratulations, and you can count on them. Now then daughter, did you find out more about Todoelmundo.” Juana Manny tells him, “nothing.” Judge Geremias Guerra ask, “what happened with Todoelmundo?” Calixto tells them, “Todoelmundo has lost his memory. He has forgotten everything that he used to know.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “but that is impossible.” Calixto tells him, “he seems to me like he’s got amnesia. I’m just saying, well I really have too go. The road is a long one, I have much too do.” Juana Manny tells him, “remember tomorrow they are asking for my hand.” Calixto tells her, “how can I forget that tomorrow I’ll be coming here. On time before the meal, I am also very afraid. Bye comparde, Margarita, bye daughter.” Juana Manny utters, “yes sir.”

Margarita Cruz tells Geremias, “dear I brought you your sweet cake the one’s that you love. Oh dear I contacted your uncles, I called them.” Juana Manny asks, “and what did they say?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “the one that talked was me. I told them about me getting remarried.” Juana Manny asks, “and how did they take the news?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “well how can I say this Manny. The thing is I was very tense and nervous. You know thinking, about the reaction they were going too have. They were simply terrorized thinking, well that I was going to get remarried. But no, I was left quite surprised. I told them all about Geremias here, and they simply loved it. They were even pleasant about it, oh they said even they were coming to the wedding.” Juana Manny tells her, “mom they took the news just like that? Then they congratulated you?” Judge Geremias Guerra ask, “and why shouldn’t they?” Juana Manny tells him, “oh judge you don’t know my uncles. But why would they react that way? Them not mentioning nothing?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “yes it did surprise me so very much. But they were very relaxed.” Juana Manny tells him, “that story I don’t believe very much. Then the judge acts weird, he stares with lust at Juana Manny’s legs. Judge why are you looking at me like that?” Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “looking at me like what?” Juana Manny tells her, “look forget it mom ok I’ll be calling you ok bye Judge. Ok I’m going to leave this bag in the front.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “yes in the front table there bye Manny.” Judge Geremias Guerra ask, “why did she become so very nervous?” Margarita Cruz tells him, “oh Germias she’s just nervous that’s all. Tomorrow they are going to ask her, for her hand in marriage.” Juana Manny leaves the house, the man with the white hat walks by. Juana Manny utters, “and what movie did they take him out.”

Manuel Efe is driving around, when he comes face to face with the man in the white hat. He utters, “daaa.” Then drives off, the man simply grins.

Manuel Efe arrives at the salguero house. He stares and stares at the door. Ruben asks, “what have you seen a ghost?” Manuel Efe utters, “hi cousin.” Ruben tells him, “I didn’t except to be seeing you around here?” Manuel Efe tells him, “I didn’t expect me being here either. Well I came by to give my aunt a message.” Ruben tells him, “I’ll call him oh how did it go with the man that was looking for you? So who was he?” Manuel Efe tells him, “well it was a man that had called. I completely forgot that I had called him.” Ruben tells him, “listen cousin usually you talk twisted but today your more worse than anything.” Dona Dona comes out of her room, “oh he hasn’t arrived yet. Oh hello nephew.” Manuel Efe tells her, “aunt I spoke to Mr. Savareti he told me he’s very busy. But he will try to give you the dress before the day of the wedding.” Dona Dona nervously bites her fingernails, “but what do you mean. He’s going to do the impossible, he hasn’t even come here. For me to show him, the model dress I want him to make for me. Plus he hasn’t taken my measurements.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well that’s what I told him.” Ruben tells her, “hey what’s the big deal put on the same dress as before.” Dona Dona tells him, “its for more than that. This concerns your wedding. If Mr. Savareti doesn’t comply, so what am I suppose to do now? What am I going to wear, well in my pajamas.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes that is what I was thinking aunt. I suggest we buy a dress, well that’s already made and ready. If you want, I can take you in my car to Barranquilla. Its no problem.” Ruben tells them, “well then I’m going to get a drink and come back.” Dona Dona tells him, “you know nephew that’s not a bad idea. Let me think.” Manuel Efe notices she’s quite twitchy. “Aunt are you very nervous?” Dona Dona tells him, “me nervous?” Manuel Efe tells her, “I remember before. When you were quite nervous you would eat your fingernails. Now once again you are eating your nails. Why are you so very nervous?” Dona Dona tells him, “well its for Ruben Calixto’s wedding. Or don’t you think I shouldn’t be, the day is almost upon us. I have no dress to put on.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes aunt.” Ruben returns, “what have you changed topics already?” Dona Dona tells him, “no we’re still discussing your wedding Ruben Calixto. Then she begins to feel the earth move, she falls down on her chair. Hey what was that?” Ruben asks, “feel what?” Dona Dona tells him, “didn’t you feel like a earthquake?” Ruben tells her, “its your impression that the earth is moving.” Manuel Efe very scared looks around.

(Nail Bitting is now being considered a mental illness.)

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Juana Valentina is going back and forth, she’s quite nervous. Juana Caliad yells out, “I’m coming.” Juana Valentina asks, “and where are you going Juana Calidad?” Juana Calidad tells her, “I don’t know I just want to go for a walk for a bit.” Juana Valentina ask, “now I would like your blessing I really do need it?” Juana Calidad asks, “and why are you so nervous what’s going on?” Juana Valentina tells her, “listen its nothing I just need your blessing. So then nothing can happen too me, I just need it now go ahead please.” Juana Calidad tells her, “Juana Valentina I’m not a priest nor a nun.” Juana Valentina tells her, “hey what’s wrong with you stop fooling around and bless me. I am in a hurry girl.” Juana Calidad asks, “well what’s wrong with you? Why are you so nervous?” Juana Valentina tells her, “I’m going to talk to Dona Dona hurry it up.”Juana Calidad tells her, “alright may god protect you.” She can’t move her hand to do the blessing. In the end Juana Valentina asks, “girl what’s wrong?” Juana Calidad tells her, “nothing is wrong.” Juana Valentina ask, “and you what’s wrong with you.”

At the dolorosa, Todoelmundo continues too drink. Poncho tells him, ” listen man you’ve had five rums so far. Can’t you remember nothing? What are the countries of the world?” Todoelmundo tells him, “I just know the fall of the berlin wall. Well its like everything is now magical. Its like I know africa and europe, the rest are all a blur.” Then there’s an earthquake. Everyone takes off, and leaves the bar. Poncho asks, “is this an earthquake?” Todoelmundo tells him, “it sure looks like it.” Poncho tells him, “I’m more afraid of this. Than a drunk lugging a machete. When it stops, they return to the dolorosa. Well at least nothing has happened with the business.” Todoelmundo tells him, “it might be the end of the world.” Poncho asks, “what the year of the earthquakes.” Todoelmundo tells him, “I’ve never gone through this experience. Its simply written down.” Poncho asks, “named of what?” Todoelmundo tells him, “I remember some parts of the region before the earthquakes but I don’t remember any details. You know Poncho, I’m very afraid of what’s going too happen.”

The guys are all together, with Mauricio’s father. “Listen dad, this time around you could have won.” Gualberto tells him, “yes Mr. Fuentelafria we called everyone they would have voted for you.” Octavio tells him, “yes we talked too everyone.” Poncho runs to them, “hey did you hear the earthquake?” The guys utter, “what?” Poncho repeats, “but the earth moved.” Mauricio tells them, “listen guys we’re going to stop going to drink at the dolorosa. They are serving us drinks that are tainted. See there’s the proof.” They all laugh, Poncho tells them. “Listen too me, I am not crazy, drunk nor am I not intoxicated. The earth has moved just like that. It moved like the earth was jello.” Octavio tells him, “listen it probably was Lasador you all know. That yes it moves even the dead.” Lasador yells out, “hey that’s true.” Poncho tells them, “very funny listen everyone felt the earthquake.” Gualberto tells him, “listen what the whole world. We didn’t feel nothing.” Poncho tells him, “I was with Egidio and we were trying to figure out. Why he couldn’t remember nothing. Then the earth began too move.” Mauricio tells him, “listen we’re here trying to figure out. What has happened too my father, with his campaign. You and your head full of earthquakes.” Poncho utters, “hey if you believe me or not that’s your business.”

Gualberto utters, “what is that? Saint Juana Calidad Salguero has arrived.” Mauricio utters, “well hello my love.” Juana Calidad tells him, “well saint antonia maria clarice.” Mauricio tells her, “oh may her saintly name be blessed.” Juana Caliad asks, “well I came by to ask well. On our next beach trip, is this suit ok? She then shocks them all, when she opens her dress. Revealing a yellow bikini. So do you like this or no?” Octavio asks, “how about we take another picture?” Mauricio and the guys are speechless. Juana Calidad asks, “Mauricio you haven’t told me if you like it or not?” Mauricio tells her, “oh dear that’s very impressive.” Juana Calidad goes too him, “I knew you were going to like it. Then she proceeds to kiss him, take care boys bye.” Poncho asks, “are you sure she was going to be a nun?” Octavio utters, “may his saintly name be blessed.” The man with the white hat is just standing there. Juana Calidad smiles and waves at them. Octavio asks, “hey between us guys not to offend. What exactly happened?” Mauricio simply continues waving.

Over at the salguero house, Ruben is quite bored and asks. “What about the meal? Let me tell you, its better than the meal before Rubencho.” Dona Dona tells him, “yes its quite delicious.” Manuel Efe tells him, “what my thing is I’m very worried over your honeymoon Rubencho. A month is too short, to get too know someone. Well you know.” Someone’s at the door. Juana Valentina has arrived, “hello seno how are you doing?” Dona Dona tells her, “hey don’t act friendly with me. Come on in.” Manuel Efe gets up, “Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina utters, “hi Manuel Efe how are you today?” Manuel Efe tells her, “your in your home.” Juana Valentina coldly tells Ruben, “hello Ruben how’s it going?” Ruben utters, “hello Juana Valentina.” The two stare at one another for a minute. While Dona Dona, continues to stare at the two.

Dona Dona takes Juana Valentina towards the sewing room. “Come inside and sit down please. I have been talking with your sisters, and their boyfriends.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I am aware of that.” Dona Dona tells him, “your sisters have told me about their plans for the future. The four are planning on getting married, it will be in little time.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes I know but what I don’t understand is. Why are you so interested in our lives?” Dona Dona tells her, “I wouldn’t call it interest. I would say, I would like to be advised everything that’s going on around me.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well before you weren’t like that Dona Dona. Plus you have never been interested. In fact in getting close too us, well what is the change.” Dona Dona tells her, “the one that asked you too come was me. I’m the one that has come to ask you questions. Plus make commentaries.” Juana Valentina tells her, “fine then ask me anything you want I’m listening. Dona Dona smiles warmly at her, and gets up and gets ready to give her a hug then she stops. Are you feeling alright Dona?” Dona Dona tells her, “oh I was going to get something from here. Oh its fine, it doesn’t matter I’ll look for it later. She sits down, now then where were we talking about again?” Juana Valentina tells her, “you were asking about plans?” Dona Dona repeats, “yes you know as the big sister. All the plans regarding the rest of the juanas or no?”

Manuel Efe asks Ruben, “so she’s meeting up with all of them?” Ruben tells him, “yes and they’re boyfriends.” Manuel Efe asks, “and what are they talking about?” Ruben tells him, “well not exactly but they are discussing the future.” Manuel Efe tells him, “my guess is my aunt is trying to get them to leave corozal.” Ruben tells him, “well no they are discussing their plans here in corozal. She has been asking, about their wedding and such.” Manuel Efe ask, “well then what about Juana Valentina well the thing is. We have discussed marriage but, we haven’t made concrete plans for the future.” Ruben tells him, “yes cousin you have already told me.” Manuel Efe tells him, “daaa listen I know that you like me. Well would do anything to find out, what’s occurring in that sewing room. Right this minute.”

Juana Valentina tells her, “listen Dona Dona why don’t you get down to the grain already. Ever since I arrived, all you have talked about. Well are my sisters, their boyfriends, their wedding plans. I am sure, that you asked me to come here. To discuss something else.” Dona Dona tells her, “I just want you too understand. That your sisters, have confided in me their plans. I do approve of them.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes.” Dona Dona asks, “and you are you in love?” Juana Valentina tells her, “that is none of your business.” Dona Dona asks again, “are you in love yes or no?” Juana Valentina tells her, “like I said that is a part of my private life. I don’t have to comment it with you.” Dona Dona asks, “are you hiding something?” Juana Valentina tells her, “like I said this is my issue Dona Dona. Plus if I had something too hide, I really wouldn’t be telling you or yes.” Dona Dona tells her, “I know that you don’t have a boyfriend. That doesn’t signify that your heart, belongs to a man.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no man heart belongs to me anymore.” Dona Dona asks, “anymore?” Juana Valentina tells her, “its crying because its empty. Listen its sad to cry for love, but is sad to cry when you don’t have it.” Dona Dona tells her, “well I don’t know how to take your answer?” Juana Valentina tells her, “listen Dona Dona for me you don’t have too worry. I appreciate that you have been very nice towards my sisters. That you are now worried, about their well being and all but. I am used too taking care of myself. I don’t need anybody to tell me, what I can or not feel.” Dona Dona tells her, “careful with that tone of yours.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I am taking care of it. I simply want to tell you, that you don’t have too worry. My future, is nothing you should worry about. The only thing that I want too do, is leave here. Leave in peace you, your family, and leave your lives do you hear me. If that’s everything, then I’m going now excuse me.” Dona Dona yells out, “oh get back here..”

The girls are on the terrace, Juana Manny tells them. “Octavio tells me, its a real shame that Mauricio’s father isn’t govener. Even though they are always bothering Mauricio with that. They assure me, that man is good and could have done so much for this department.” Juana Calidad tells them, “the one that was completely surprised was Mauricio.” Juana Bautista tells them, “I think we were all affected.” Juana Matilde tells them, “the thing is I don’t know nothing about politics. Well I’m just saying. I don’t know.” The man with the white hat, has brought some good looking guys. Juana Calidad utters, “oh yes they are like hot cakes.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh yes lets go to the bakery and buy one for each of us. Then she looks at the guys. Oh man these guys are gorgeous.” Juana Bautista tells them, “hey if you like you all can come on inside. So I’m an Aquarius.” Juana Calidad utters, “hey this one’s name is Juan.” The man in the white hat smiles and just walks away.

Calixto has arrived home, and heads straight for a rum. “I just couldn’t tell Juana Valentina. I wonder why would she be talking too your mother.” Ruben tells him, “well truthfully I don’t know? Juana Valentina left without saying goodbye. Then my mother left, and simply went to her bedroom and closed the door. Neither said a word.” Calixto tells him, “well maybe Dona has changed her mind. That is why they had the conversation, maybe that’s why Juana Valentina might not have to leave.” Ruben utters, “oh I really hope so father. Well it would really be sad for my sisters, that they had too separate.” Calixto tells him, “well I’ll bring up the topic later to Dona. Then we will see what occurred.” Ruben tells him, “now then father the bank contacted me. The second cheque has already been sent.” Calixto tells him, “oh that’s great. Oh good I’m going to see, if I can get an appointment to see Mr. Gonzalez. He’s a bit costly, but one of the best medics of the region.” Calixto asks, “a doctor for what your not feeling well old man?” Calixto tells him, “no my guess is its sugar in the blood. I felt a bit almost like the earth was moving. I lost my equilibrium.” Ruben utters, “umda.” Calixto tells him, “oh you don’t have too worry about a thing. I don’t think its very grave. In any case, its best that Dr. Gonzalez gives me a check up.” Ruben tells him, “father I don’t think it has nothing too do with a doctor. Oh no, the thing is my mother felt it. It was an earthquake.” Calixto asks, “earthquake? Yes I’m guessing that I felt that.”

Over at the pink house, Juana Manny is telling two guys. “You know something, if that woman wasn’t a tractor. She would have gone down on the first round. Well if you had been there, I would have had more inspiration it would have been very interesting.” Juana Calidad tells a guy, “we could go to the beach. Or a place where we can be alone, so what do you think?” The guy utters, “I’d like that.” Juana Calidad tells him, “oh you have a beautiful smile like an angel.” Juana Bautista touches a guy’s hands and tells him, “here is marked our encounter. See destiny wanted it to happen.” Juana Matilde tells one, “I would just love that you join me on my tour. But I just have too tell you, this tour is going to be a very long one. Well its a long one, I have too promote my first record. So would you care to come with?”

The guys all are gathered, and head straight to the girls. Poncho tells them, “hey if your all thinking about getting married on the same day. Well in the same days, why don’t we have one big bachelor party. We can have the reception at the dolorosa, but let me tell you I’m not going to be serving drinks for free.” Gualberto tells them, “see Poncho has returned to himself. Listen the breakfast you treated me, well I’m going to pay for it with my own money. Hey no more courtesy business.” Octavio tells him, “no listen if you want to give me courtesy breakfasts. I’d kindly receive them Poncho.” Orlando tells them, “you know guys I’m very worried over the case of Todoelmundo. Its just not normal, a man like him could forget everything just like that. Its just not logical.” Octavio tells him, “well you heard Don Calixto he says it might be amnesia.” Mauricio stops and sees the girls on the terrace. Orlando tells them, “hey I respect Don Calixto but that can’t be amnesia. Well if it was that were true, he would have forgotten all of our names.” Mauricio utters, “what the devil is that?” Poncho tells them, “listen are those the juanas and they are flirting with other guys. Or is this a vision?” Angrily Mauricio tells Juana Calidad, “this is how I wanted to find you. Ave maria purisima, he get her inside I want to talk to you. You buddy take off.” Octavio yells out, “Juana Manny you get over here.” Orlando yells out, “Juana Bautista get over here.” Miguel yells out, “Juana Matilde get over here. Juana Matilde kisses the guy, which infuriates Miguel even more. Hey no kiss, get the hell out of here guys.” Orlando pushes the guys away, “hey man you don’t know who you are messing with get out.” The guys simply laugh, and they go over to the man in the white hat. Poncho utters, “did you see their faces they are don juanas.” Gualberto tells him, “yes don juan’s.” Poncho asks, “can I tell you something?” Gualberto tells him, “is it what I’m thinking?” Poncho tells him, “man we have really saved ourselves for not being the juanas boyfriends. Man they’re a bunch of flirts.” The man with the white hat grins, and then walks away.

The girls inside, are now back too normal. Juana Bautista tells Orlando, “the truth is I don’t know what happened. We were outside, and we saw these guys. I don’t know, but before we knew it we got close to them and began talking too them.” Orlando angrily tells her, “oh how beautiful you lot see some guys. You happily go to them, and start talking too them. Without knowing why, well why did you lot do it? How could you have done that too me?” Juana Manny tells them, “hey those guys were very sympatico. So did my sisters, so what is the big deal so we talked too them without thinking.” Octavio tells her, “oh yes you weren’t thinking there’s no doubt. Oh yeah firecracker.” Mauricio tells Juana Calidad, “you did the same too me. Hey I have never ever was waiting, that you would do something like that to me. I’m so disappointed in you.” Juana Calidad tells her, “oh Mauricio forgive me I just don’t know what’s happened too me Mauricio.” Juana Manny tells Octavio, “my scary frog listen by an impulse I talked to that guy. The important part is, the one that I love is you.” Juana Bautista tells Orlando, “I you Orlando. What we did, well it was outside of logic. But I just simply can’t explain what occured. The thing that’s clear, is that I do love you.” Juana Matilde tells them, “listen guys let me tell you something. Stop putting so much mystery into this guys.” Miguel tells her, “Juana Matilde its not the first time. You didn’t let go one day, to once again throw that guy in my face.” Juana Matilde tells him, “listen Miguel in the first place do stop yelling at me. If I did see that guy, well I I thought he was attractive that’s all. Well I don’t know, I’m just saying. It was like he had come from a different world. Hey I don’t kiss anybody like this. Then the girls hug and kiss their beaus. See the only man I do love is you. See the kiss you gave me, is once again coconut and honey.”

Over at the salguero house, Maria Delia is rambling on about the honeymoon. “All that’s left is our honeymoon trip.” Calixto tells her, “hey I’ll fix that up tomorrow morning.” Ruben tells him, “no no no what passports. We’re heading to cartagena by land, we will stay only for two days. Then take a car, to santa marta that’s all.” Maria Delia angrily tells him, “listen Rubensito if only you knew how to fly a plane. We would get there and everywhere, so very easy.” Ruben angrily tells her, “listen once we marry you will stop this nonsense of me flying a plane. Is that clear?” Maria Delia begins crying, “oh Rubensito don’t get angry with me.” Calixto tells her, “well Ruben likes his feet on the ground. Hey don’t let him climb up in the heavens.” Maria Delia tells him, “well if Rubensito flies a plane. Takes care of the family ranch, well everything will be comfortable if he knew how to fly a plane.” Ruben angrily tells her, “listen Maria Delia if you want a pilot than don’t marry me. Marry my cousin then.” Dona Dona comes running in, “did you feel that earthquake. It just started shaking, didn’t you feel it.” Calixto tells them, “hey this time around I didn’t feel nothing.”

Juana Valentina is now at home with Juana Bautista. “The thing is I don’t know, if she knows or not? I just don’t know.” Juana Bautista tells her, “I just don’t know why are you saying this?” Juana Valentina tells her, “you know the questions she was asking me. If I was hiding something? Hey one doesn’t ask that question, if one doesn’t have their suspicions.” Juana Bautista tells her, “oh yes that is so true.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I just don’t know what happened. In one minute, I wanted to tell Dona Dona. Yes Ruben and I are in love, but that’s now over its in the past all of it. Fortunately I calmed myself down. I controlled myself, and then left. I left before, I talked so very much. Oh it was something ugly.” Juana Bautista tells him, “well at least your out of that older sister.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh yes oh brother dear me. Oh these things.” Juana Bautista scared looks at her, “Valentina look at this.” Juana Valentina utters, “oh dear lord what does that signify? We’re going to get another misfortune, considering now that everything is getting better.” All the cards are blank.

Tere is with the girls in the living room. “Wait you mean all of you did this? None of you even talked about doing this? None of you made an agreement?” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes Tere it was quite strange. Its like it came from inside here. Its like it was spontaneous they say.” Tere tells her, “oh dear I’m starting to get scared girl.” Juana Calidad blesses herself, “oh Terezalsura don’t say that your scaring me.” Tere tells her, “its just that its so strange. Todoelmundo forgetting everything, just like it happened over night. So quickly, then you lot acting this way going after a bunch of strangers.”

Juana Bautista checks all her cards, they are blank. Juana Valentina ask, “Juana Bautista why is this like this? Who did this?” Juana Bautista tells her, “I don’t know I don’t understand nothing Juana Valentina. Nobody touches my cards, now what’s worse is we won’t know. What’s going to happen, its now gone deaf?” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh this isn’t normal oh dear lord.”


Morning has come, and Tere is fixing everyone coffee. Juana Manny comes down, and Tere smiles. “Oh my dear Juana Manny today is your big day.” Juana Manny asks, “yes Tere hey turn around look at me. Tere asks, “alright look around.” Juana Manny twirls then asks, “so what do you think?” Tere tells her, “your divine now dear care for some coffee.” Juana Manny tells her, “yes thanks. Well I bought this over at Rosa Maria’s place. Well this was a gift from my father. They are sending him the bill. Oh Tere, do you think Octavio is going to like this?” Tere tells her, “hey Juana Manny if Octavio doesn’t like it. Well he’s blind.” Juana Manny simply laughs, then hits her arm. “Oh you and your things, thank you Tere.” Tere tells her, “I’m so happy that your happy.” Juana Manny tells her, “well thank you and thanks for the coffee. So do you like my make-up as well?” Tere tells her, “now lets see? Oh yes very beautiful, but you have to fix your hair.” Juana Manny tells her, “oh yes of course. I’m going to finish fixing myself up now. So then later it won’t be so late bye.” Tere utters, “ok my love bye. Once gone she looks upwards, oh if only my Juana Valentina was happy. It seems that won’t happen, its just impossible.”

(The shirt is missing some buttons. Unless that’s the style.)

Juana Matilde shows up, nicely dressed. “Good morning Tere.” Tere tells her, “Juana Matilde.” Juana Matilde kisses her cheek, “so how are you girl?” Tere asks, “and what are you doing up early. Already nicely dressed girl?” Juana Matilde tells her, “I don’t know I got up I just got this weird feeling. Well of fixing myself up. Its just so very weird no?” Tere tells her, “oh yes strange coming from you. Well then care for some coffee.” Juana Matilde tells her, “sure but just sit there I’ll fix it myself. Oh there’s a cup, now then Tere. I have to tell you something quite important. Now then don’t you worry, about fixing my bed or my room. I woke up early today, I cleaned my bedroom.” Tere is quite shocked.

Juana Calidad comes out of her bedroom. She’s dressed very provocative, Mauricio is quite shocked. “Girl what is all this about?” Juana Calidad simply kisses him, and asks. “So how are you?” Mauricio tells her, “very surprised. Hey Cadi did we have a meeting or something?’ Juana Calidad tells him, “no I just wanted to change my look.” Mauricio stares at her behind and utters, “change you look? Oh my life? Well you are looking quite good.” Juana Calidad tells him, “well thank you.” Mauricio tells her, “well Cadi last night I talked to my parents. Well they would like it, well that me asking for your hand. Could it be possible well next Saturday.” Juana Calidad tells him, “well then I’ll make sure that Ruben tells Dona Dona.” Mauricio asks, “Ruben? My love why not talk to her directly? Why don’t you just call her?” Juana Calidad tells him, “yes its really direct but. No I just don’t have the guts.” Mauricio tells her, “well Cadi Dona Dona was very nice to us or don’t you think so?” Juana Calidad tells him, “yes but I just don’t know how she’s going to react. Maybe she will get bothered, that I am calling her over the phone. Just so she can ask for my hand as well.” Mauricio tells her, “really.” Then Juana Calidad goes to him, and begins kissing him non-stop.

Over at the salguero house, Ruben is dressed for the wedding. Dona Dona tells him, “now then son all that’s left is that it gets ironed. Well you are at the doors of getting married. It seems weird no?” Ruben tells her, “mother I am getting married. Well like I promised you, I would and that’s final. Maria Delia will be my wife, she will give you as many grandchildren. Well as you want, but please don’t ask me for anything else. Well then what did you discuss with Juana Valentina.” Dona Dona tells him, “various topics. The only thing clear, was that she was very much in love with someone. That someone, well broke her heart. Now she doesn’t love him, her love has become loathing.” Ruben asks, “so she told you just like that clearly?” Dona Dona tells him, “no but I’m a great interpreter.”

Later that day, Ruben goes to the pink house. Tere opens the door, “oh hello Ruben.” Ruben tells her, “hello Terezalsura.” Juana Valentina yells out, “hey Terezalsura.” Ruben tells her, “I have come to talk too my sisters.” Tere tells him, “well the only one here is Juana Valentina. For Juana Manny is now, well at the fancy lunch for her hand in marriage. The others left, but I don’t know where.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well I’m on my way out. If you want, come back later tonight if you want to talk to the rest.” Ruben tells her, “fine then you tell my sisters what I want to tell them. Definitely I am getting married on the 23rd.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes we are already aware of that date. For the bride has already given us. Well thank you” Ruben tells her, “yes its a date that couldn’t be changed.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well then that’s good then.” Ruben tells her, “Juana Valentina thank you very much. Thank you very much, for suggesting to Maria Delia. That she should forgive me, and that we don’t cancel our wedding.” Juana Valentina tells him, “listen you don’t have to thank me for nothing Ruben.” Ruben tells her, “then it will be no problem that my sisters attend that ceremony.” Juana Valentina tells him, “alright and you be very happy Ruben Salguero.” They stare at one another, while Tere simply watches.

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At the club, Margarita Cruz is telling everyone. “Well if the celebration works well, the constitution of the pageant. We can have this every single year, and at this time.” Calixto tells her, “oh yes but it won’t be as opportunistic than this year. We’re going to celebrate, the resurrection of the region and the total place of the sabanas.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “you know something that plague affected lots of people. Well I really think, we should be very carefully and prepared. So that thing doesn’t happen again.” Margarita Cruz tells them, “well the government is using what occurred in corozal. Have a center of studies, to be in charge of the vigilance and control all of the agriculture problems of the entire region. Well that is what the mayor told me.” Calixto tells them, “hey I’ll wait to see it before I will believe it.” Juana Manny glances at a very nervous Octavio. “Excuse me that I’m interrupting the conversation. Well the thing is, Octavio needs to tell you something.” Octavio tells them, “well yes now all of us know why were all here.” Juana Manny tells him, “yes scary frog they know why we’re here. Just tell them good.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “dear let the poor boy say in his own words.” Octavio tells her, “thank you Dona Margarita. Well as you all know, Juana Manny have been dating for quite some time. I really do love Juana Manny, for Juana Manny I will die.”

Margarita Cruz tells him, “well let me tell you that Juana Manny loves you as well. You are properly corresponded.” Octavio tells her, “thank you senora Margarita. Well what I want to ask you, well the thing is. Well Don Calixto, Dona Margarita and Judge Geremias Guerra. Here in front of my parents, I want to ask you, for Juana Manny’s hand so she can be my wife. I promise you, I will love her so very much. I will take care of her, with me she’s going to be very happy. For the rest of her life.” Calixto tells him, “now Octavio I have known you ever since you were born. I know your an honest hardworking boy. Well there’s nothing much to say about you. Well I just desire, that your marriage is very happy. May it last a very long time.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “well I am going to talk from me and Margarita. See she’s quite emotional, well she can’t do it. Juana Manny is for Margarita, the most important person in the world. We can say her entire life, well for me its the closest that I’m going to have a child. You all know, I am the godfather of Ruben Calixto. Well I am very happy, that Juana Manny joins a good family like yours the Portoreals. Who have always lived in corazal, who have distinguished yourself as dignified.” Octavio tells him, “thank you judge that was very kind.” Margarita Cruz crying tells them, “well I with love want to say from my heart. I really do wish you lots of luck.” Octavio tells her, “thank you senora Margarita.” Margarita tells her, “but you better take care of her.” Calixto tells them, “hey now why don’t we make a toast to the occasion.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells Margarita, “now Margarita you can’t drink with alcohol for your taking pills.” Margarita tells him, “hey the devil today with the medicines salute. Yes too Octavio and Juana Manny, such a beautiful couple. Juana Manny then burst out into uncontrollable laughter. Margarita Cruz tells them, it must be the nerves. Oh the poor thing.”

At the dolorosa Todoelmundo sits down with the gang. “Now then I was over taking a package to sincelejo. You can’t image who I saw, I saw Yolanda Del Cabrales. Apparently she’s the talk of the town lately.” Juana Calidad tells them, “listen I don’t like to talk ill about people. But that woman was looking for it.” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes that’s true Juana Calidad. That strange attitude of hers please. Well please tell us this gossip.” Todoelmundo tells them, “no gossip but she’s the talk of sincelejo.” Juana Valentina asks, “now then what is everyone saying that we don’t know.” Todoelmundo tells them, “Yolanda Del Cabrales is going through a difficult moment.” Juana Valentina ask, “what do you mean? Why?” Todoelmundo tells him, “well first the cows stopped giving milk instead they are giving out water. Later she got the worst rash of hiccups, they were terrible. It hasn’t stopped in days, then her fingers nails well they continue to grow. She has to cut them every three hours. Now they say, she has become bald. Now she can’t say the letter hota instead she says mmm.” Poncho tells him, “the hota as a m. Oh no way todoelmundo your joking.” Todoelmundo tells them, “no way I’m serious.” Juana Matilde tells him, “hey don’t come here todoelmundo with your jokes and lies.” Todoelmundo tells them, “yes and why would I lie you tell me.” Juana Calidad tells him, “todoelmundo is telling the truth. I guess that god is punishing her.” Juana Bautista tells them, “she has all the characteristics of bad luck.” Tere tells them, “yes that doesn’t sound like good luck. I won’t argue with that.” Juana Bautista tells her, “all her bad luck will disappear in seven years.”

Juana Calidad tells her, “oh no Juana Bautista don’t say that. It scares me so.” Juana Bautista tells them, “now on the date of the anniversary of our father and Dona Dona. A mirror was smashed, that signifies seven years of bad luck. But what we didn’t know, was who it was going to fall upon. But its wasn’t clear, now we know its Yolanda Del Cabrales.” Juana Valentina tells her, “its just your suspicions girl.” Juana Bautista tells her, “listen all the suspicions eventually have a grain of truth Juana Valentina.” Todoelmundo tells them, “the bad luck because of one breaks a mirror. This is a superstition that’s quite strange and old. Plus it was made before, the mirrors we know were formed into ever existed.” Tere utters, “oh Todoelmundo?” Todoelmundo tells them, “the first mirrors were used by the Greeks. Egyptians, and the Hebrews. They were made out of copper and metals. Gold and bronze as well, they made them from unbreakable glass.” Tere yells out, “Todoelmundo you are at last recovering your memory.” Todoelmundo tells them, “it was also back in christ’s era. The greeks, well they created captoromancia.” Juana Matilde asks, “todoelmundo now its clear too all of us. That your once again back too normal. Now then please, you don’t have to show off to us alright. I am begging you alright.” Todoelmundo tells them, “I’m just saying what the entire world knows.” The gang laugh and cheer, Juana Matilde tells them. “Three cheers and applause for Todoelmundo.” Poncho tells them, “I’m glad he’s better.” Then the man in the white hat arrives, Mauricio asks. “Hey that guy in the white hat isn’t he a bit strange?” Juana Valentina tells them, “strange no but that man is sure attractive or no?” Miguel utters, “attractive?” Tere asks, now then why don’t we start something else. Who were all the presidents, of the republic of colombia. Of the 20th century.” Juana Bautista notices something, Todoelmundo smiles and gets ready. “Now then the presidents of the republic of colombia. Of the 20th century, lets begin with. Well then…” Orlando asks, “now then don’t fool around tell us.” Todoelmundo freaks out, “I’ve forgotten.” Gualberto utters, “how could he lose his memory again?”

Ruben is miserable in his bedroom. He plays with the string of his bowtie, and stares sadly at it. Dona Dona enters, “10 cents for your thoughts.” Ruben tells her, “mother you are trying to buy thoughts very cheaply mother.” Dona Dona tells him, “getting too know my son. It should turn out free or no? Are you worried?” Ruben tells her, “no now there’s nothing too worry about. Everything will go back the way things were.” Dona Dona tells him, “no for your going to get married soon.” Ruben tells her, “oh mother before I was also about to get married.” Dona Dona tells him, “but you don’t seem so excited about this. On the contrary, you look very dismayed.” Ruben tells her, “no I just have a doubt but the thing is once I marry Maria Delia. I will be in charge of the business aspects of the Espina’s. I won’t have time to help out my old man. Mother I do insist he must diversify. He can’t spend his entire life, working and producing off the land.” Dona Dona tells him, “yes you going to have to take some time to deal with Mr. Salguero’s business. But you will not have any worries. I mean five, your step-sisters.” Ruben tells her, “yes they aren’t going to be my problems any longer. They will be their husbands.” Dona Dona tells him, “less the oldest for she hasn’t told you. Where she’s going when she leaves corozal, because yes she must leave.” Ruben tells her, “we haven’t talk about that. I think its best that way, I just don’t want to know either.” Dona Dona tells him, “yes sometimes its best this way. That one never finds certain things out.”

Back at the dolorosa Juana Valentina remembers Ruben’s words. “If you want me married, I will be.” Juana Matilde asks, “hey don’t you think so Juana Valentina. Hey wake up girl.” Juana Valentina tells her, “Juana Matilde I didn’t hear.” Juana Matilde tells her, “I am talking here giving my opinion. We have to take Todoelmundo to the hospital. He needs a full examination on his head. Hey its impossible, that he forgets things so easily.” Poncho tells him, “listen were forcing him so let him say things nice and slow.” Juana Matilde tells him, “he just has a worm in his head.” Poncho ask, “lets go back to the history of the mirrors that were you telling us.” Miguel tells him, “yes that’s it.” Poncho tells him, “start that ball rolling again. You were talking about seven years of bad luck.” Todoelmundo tells them, “I just forgot.” Everyone start talking at once, the man in the white hat takes off. Juana Valentina tells him, “think carefully.” Todoelmundo gets back up, “the president’s of colombia are. From the back to the front are the 20th century are. Ernesto San Pizano, Cesar Gaviria Trujillio, Virgillio Barco Vargas, Belisariou Bentancur Cuartas. Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala, Victor mosquera chaux. Alfonso Lopez Michaelsen, Indalecio lievano aguirre. Misael Pastran Borrero, and Rafael Azuero Manchola. Gustavo Rojas Pinilla.” Juana Bautista tells them, “look did you take notice of something. The man arrived, Todoelmundo forgot everything. But when he left, Todoelmundo began remembering. Didn’t you see him leave?” Juana Calidad tells them, “oh virgin from the heavens. Don’t you start scaring us once again Juana Bautista.”


Mauricio tells them, “well guess who just arrived.” Juana Manny and Octavio are smiling away. Juana Manny tells them, “what can I say everything went quite well yes sir. My scary frog was more scared, than I was. Then gang laugh, she continues. Now then we’re going to get married on the 12. Well I mean if you permit us, to get married with you two.” Orlando tells them, “yes.” Juana Bautista tells them, “well too me its quite stupendous. They all begin to clap. Plus if anybody else, well wants to join us. Well they are all welcomed.” Mauricio asks, “hey brother you better tell us everything. Every little detail that occurred my brother. I’m just wondering, what your face looked like. When you had to sacrifice yourself.” Octavio tells him, “hey don’t you make fun. Soon your going to be in the same boat as I was. Oh yes everything turned out quit well. The only thing weird was, that Juana Manny had an attack of laughter.” Juana Valentina asks, “what bout of laughter?” Juana Manny tells them, “no no no well I don’t know it was strange. I began laughing, I couldn’t stop. Plus I didn’t even want to laugh. It was quite weird.” Octavio tells them, “she laughed for 11 minutes. Then she became quite serious, as if she was attending a funeral.”

Later that night, Calixto goes and visits the pink house. Juana Valentina tells him, “well hello Don Calixto how are you doing? Would you like to sit down?” Calixto tells her, “fine dear now I tried calling before. Nobody was home.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well we were all at the dolorosa with the guys. Juana Manny and Octavio arrived. Well then they began celebrating, well the asking of the hand.” Calixto asks, “so how did it go with Dona?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well fine the conversation wasn’t very long. It was about my future, and my sentimental feelings. That was that.” Calixto asks, “so what did you tell her if I may be so bold too ask?” Juana Valentina coldly tells him, “that is private and its part of my personal life.” Calixto tells her, “yes I fully understand I didn’t want too bother you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “hey its no bother father. Well the thing is, well my feelings are just mine that’s all. Its just like that.” Calixto tells her, “dear that word came out nice.” Juana Valentina asks, “which one?” Calixto tells her, “you called me father.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I think its time we both clear up a few things. Don Calixto, as you know my sisters are planning to get married. It will be on the 12th.” Calixto asks, “and what about that?” Juana Valentina tells him, “well they are going to go live with their husbands. They are going to be organized, they are going to dedicate themselves. Well in what they do want to do, well that’s thanks too you and your gifts. Then after that date, I plan on leaving.”

Calixto asks, “what do you mean your leaving?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes I plan on leaving. I am leaving corozal Don Calixto. I got too know you, and my sisters.” Calixto tells her, “you also have a brother you skipped Ruben.” Juana Valentina sadly tells him, “yes my brother. Well in any case, I have gotten too know you. Well everyone, I have been very well served. Well then, now I will be able to leave. I promise I will be in contact with you. I will call you, I will write every now and again. I just don’t want to continue living here.” Calixto tells her, “oh yes I fully understand. You had difficult days, in the moments of our crisis. You moved like nobody, now that things have fixed itself. You are leaving, I would have wished things had been differently.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well things aren’t different. But I am happy, that my sisters with Dona Dona. Well their relationship is better, it has changed. It has made me quite happy.” Calixto asks, “so you discussing what Dona has been talking with your sisters. Plus their boyfriends.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes for that and what I’m seeing. I am going to tell you, but do promise me. Don’t you dare tell this too Dona Dona. She just doesn’t know, that me and my sisters knows you heard me.” Calixto tells her, “you have my word as a father.”

That night, Dona Dona is getting ready for bed. “Now dear there are some women, that like too well have money hidden around here. They open bank accounts, well independently from their husbands. Well away from their families.” Dona Dona ask, “and where is that stupid question coming from Mr. Salguero?” Calixto tells her, “well reading what’s in this paper. It just came too me, do you have a hidden bank account.” Dona Dona tells him, “that is my business but to calm you down. I don’t have a hidden bank account. If only I did have one.” Calixto asks, “so tell me you haven’t received any inheritance someplace? That you haven’t told me about.” Dona Dona tells him, “nothing about that. Now then what is this, well interrogation. Are you planning, on getting some credit cards or something? Or getting another big loan Mr, Salguero?” Calixto tells her, “well no I’m just thinking a lot regarding our money. Well as you say, I get stupid thoughts.” Dona Dona utters, “well goodnight Mr. Salguero.” Calixto utters, “yes goodnight Dona.” He then smiles and glances at the curtains.

The next morning, Ruben ask. “My mother, well she was the one that did the miracles?” Calixto tells him, “image this but Juana Valentina saw her after the soccer game. She was putting the money, in the small box of Juana Calidad.” Ruben utters, “my mother helping out the juanas. Hey father, who understands this?” Calixto tells him, “nobody but what I don’t understand is where is she getting this money.” Ruben tells him, “my mother has been driving them crazy. Ever since they arrived here in corozal, now she’s helping them hiddenly. Well why?” Calixto tells him, “well your mother is as strange as a hand crafted horse. Don’t you commit nothing. If she wants to keep the secret. Of her being a benefactor, we’re not going to say anything else. We don’t know nothing. Now then Juana Valentina, is leaving corozal.” Ruben asks, “so you had the guts to tell her. That she had to leave town.” Calixto tells him, “no no she had already came up with that decision. Yes she left me, without having to take that bitter drink. Its a relief, but I have my heart broken. I really do love your sisters. But more so, is Juana Valentina.” Ruben tells him, “listen father I understand more than you can image.” Calixto tells him, “I just wish there was a man. Who enlightened her, who filled her up with joy. That she wanted to marry him, so she wouldn’t have to leave corozal. Well you know what Ruben, I would sell my soul to the devil. If that were to happen. Well then I’m heading over, to talk to Juana Matilde’s music teacher. Oh plus we have to check out Maria Delia’s carousel.” Ruben utters, “alright.” Calixto gets stuck, he freaks out. “Ruben Ruben my feet are like stuck. As if they are stuck in mud.” Ruben lifts it, “father what’s the problem?” Calixto utters, “what is this thing? I swear to you, well lets leave things like this. Ok bye.” He then carefully goes out the door.

Juana Valentina is crying in bed. “I told Terezalsura on that fateful day. I want to know, what is his full name. What color is his skin? What does he smell like? How tall is he, how much does he weigh? How does he dress? Is he a liberal, or a conservative. Does he suffer from known illnesses? Does he look like a doctor, a rooster, or a snake? Does he like to drink rum? Or sweet juices, or does he drink beer. Does he like beef, or pork meat? Does he go too church? Or does he pray to the demons? Does he says, his sins. Or does he lie all the time? Does he like soccer or baseball? Does he walk like he has courage. Or does he walk sideways as a lizard? That is what I told Terezalsura. I came here looking for my father. Just in case, if I cut my arm while working. I would know who’s blood ran through my veins. Oh what an idiot I was, why did I come looking for a man named Calixto. I found Ruben, my legs began to tremble. All my laughter, and eyes. Well my heart and body began to move. Even the music, the music of an accordion sounded to me like. A great singer, Juana Bautista. I came here looking for a man named Calixto. I also met my brother, Ruben. I can’t forgive him, I just can’t. I can’t forgive this love, I can’t forgive me. I am dying, I want to die. I am dying, Juana Bautista. Yes be very happy Ruben, that is what I told him. I am dying. I am indeed dying.” Juana Bautista sadly stares at her.

Calixto is with Juana Matilde, over at her music teacher. Juana Matilde excitedly asks, “is that for me?” Calixto tells her, “no its not for me.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh father. She gives him a big hug, how did you know that I wanted a guitar. Thank you father, oh professor you don’t know what occurred with my last guitar. I had to pawn it, why don’t we celebrate. I’ll sing us a song.” Her teacher tells her, “no we will begin once more from the beginning.” Sadly she puts the guitar down, and begins singing her notes. He changes the tune, and she utters. Hey that’s the way too go. But you have to put more norteno beat.” Then they jam, while Calixto takes off.

Over at the art studio, Juana Bautista is playing around with her telescope. Calixto asks, “is this what you wanted?” Juana Bautista tells him. “oh yes its perfect I just love it.” Calixto tells her, “well you can come here nights. Well too look at the stars. The astros, hey even an avaneco.” Juana Bautista tells him, “great for sometimes its hot in here.” Calixto tells her, “if you need anything else just advise me.” Juana Bautista tells him, “no father you have thought of everything. I am almost happy.” Calixto asks, “only half?” Juana Bautista tells him, “well something around here is missing. Well so I can be completely happy. While you, nor I can’t do nothing. Well with what you have given me, plus my matrimony with Orlando. I feel as if, I’m in a fairy tale world.” Calixto tells her, “well I am very happy that you two have decided on marrying.” Orlando tells him, “well when I saw Juana Bautisa for the first time. I realized she was the woman of my life. As she would say, that its written in our lives.” Calixto tells him, “I know that your an honest hardworking man. I know that you will make her very happy.” Orlando tells him, “Don Calixto I will work hard at this. Don’t you doubt it.” Calixto tells them, “this year the lord gave me five daughters. Well I just hope, that soon I will have nephews.” The two laugh, and she goes next too him. “You will have nephews, but the palm in your hands. Well it doesn’t say how many, but you will have them.” Orlando tells him, “well then sorry to interrupt but I have classes to do.” Calixto asks, “classes? But we are celebrating the harvest. The mayor announced, this is a national holiday.”

The crowd gathers for the harvest festival. Ruben tells the gang, “oh after all the anxiousness. Corozal really deserves this festival.” Miguel tells him, “oh yes of course.” Floats and bands go by. Mauricio tells them, “hey my father was also going to be making his speeches. But he decided against it.” Juana Manny tells him, “yes were lucky but in the end the mayor’s was quite long.” Manuel Elf tells him, “hey Rubencho cousin lets go dancing or have a great party.” Ruben tells him, “hey Maria Delia is coming up.” Manuel Efe tells them, “well if this festival was done in Europe. It would be an inside event, and with air conditioners. Oh man its does rain a bit here.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh man stop it that’s enough. With your talking always about Europe. We are in corozal, but yes it will rain.” Manuel Efe tells them, “still its going to rain.” Juana Matilde utters, “yes its going to rain.” Ruben tells Juana Calidad, “now then I have to tell you two. My mother said yes, and she will wait for you two on Saturday.” Juana Calidad tells Mauricio, “oh may god illuminate me. For I am very nervous, I don’t know how one is suppose to act in these situations.” Mauricio tells her, “don’t you worry about nothing. The one that is suppose to worry is me my love. For I’m the one, that’s going to ask for your hand.” Juana Bautisa and Orlando show up. Todoelmundo is there as well. “Hi everyone, how is everything? Did we miss Maria Delia?” They all utter, “no not yet.” Calixto greets everyone.

When Maria Delia does come out, she’s on a float that looks like an airplane. Manuel Efe utters, “mama mia. Then he runs towards her, he yells to the crowd. Maria Delia… stop bothering her. Hey move it, out of the way.” Juana Matilde ask, “what is she wearing?” Juana Bautista tells them, “girl she’s a pilot. You know that planes fascinate her.” Juana Matilde tells her, “but no she should have dressed differently. This festival is about the harvest? Well I’m just saying.” In the end Manuel Efe gets on board the float. Ruben tells Calixto, “hey there she comes. She waves at them, Ruben tries to make Juana Valentina jealous. He yells out, hey there bravo bravo just look at how happy she is. Hey very good Maria Delia.” Juana Valentina is also there, and simply claps.

Later the parade is over, the gang go over to get some ice cream. Juana Matilde ask, “well I want a grape flavored one.” Miguel utters, “yes make that two. Hey let Mauricio Fuentelafria pay.” Tere yells out, “hey Juana Valentina I’m heading over to the dolorosa. We are going over there to celebrate.” Poncho tells them, “hey if you want beers that is where I will be waiting for.” The guys utters, “later.” In the end Mauricio does pay, he tells them. “Hey guys don’t worry about it. Now then let me tell you a tale. Now the second year, of the harvest festival All you juanas, will participate. With say a song or dance. Well without a doubt, and all of your special abilities. The star will be Juana Calidad.” Octavio tells him, “hey politician your nothing but bla bla bla. Hey you talk, just to make your girlfriend happy. Hey the one’s that really pulled of something definite. Has been Ruben and I, we have already asked for the hand. Of our future wives, while you nothing.”

Orlando tells them, “well I have already asked for Juana Bautista’s hand.” Mauricio tells him, “your going to be the last. For just a minute, a couple of seconds ago. Ruben has just told me, the meeting is set for Saturday. For Juana Calidad’s hand in marriage, with Don Calixto and Dona Dona.” Juana Valentina tells them, “hey the first part is asking for the hand but. The second part is more important. Its getting married and the faster the better. The rest is just bla bla bla.” Manuel Efe has returned, “excuse me guys did you see me I was on that float with Maria Delia. Daaa we were magnificent superb.” Juana Valentina’s attention, is towards the guys. With the man in the white hat. Juana Valentina asks, “and where did this delicious divine guy come from? Are you seeing him?” Manuel Efe thinks she’s talking about him. He grins and glances at her. “Yes as I was saying, I was on the float with Maria Delia.” Juana Valentina tells him, “Manuel Efe not you. The man wearing the white hat.” Ruben angrily stares at her and the guy. Manuel Efe tells her, “well I’m also wearing a hat?” Juana Valentina repeats, “not you.” Manuel Efe utters, “daaa.”

Ruben very jealousy glances at the guy, and watches Juana Valentina’s reaction. Juana Bautista and the girls all take notice. One by one that guys are on alert. Octavio grabs Juana Manny, “now come with me firecracker. If you go over there, I am going to give you a knock out.” Miguel is next, “listen Juana Matilde you can say all you want. About me taking away your wings, but you not going over there. Your never going to see me ever again. Now come over here.” Mauricio tells Juana Calidad, “now you I am so very sure. If sor juana inez de la cruz was right here. In this same situation, she would stay next to her future husband. So come over here, next is Orlando. “Listen its been proven fact, that people from the exterior of town. They are quite intellectual, Juana Bautista look at me. If you even think of getting close to those guys. I will turn once again into the wolf man. I’ll take you away from here.” Ruben simply watches as Juana Valentina, smiles at the man. Not being able to do a thing. As Juana Valentina, begins walking. “Hi how are you?” Juana Bautista stops her, “don’t girl Juana Valentina. Listen I would love it if you did go to him. I’m happy that your noticing other men but. Girl he’s not the right one girl.” Juana Valentina utters, “alright see you later.” She walks by Ruben, Manuel Efe utters. “What do you mean, your going to talk later? Then he turns and takes a closer look at the man. He simply utters, Daaa.”

Over at the dolorosa, Manuel Efe tells them. “Man the problem wasn’t just this heat. But also the humitity, that is the one that kills one. I don’t know how, we have been able to live in this place. Well for so very long, well all of you. But I will I know Europe quite well. I have lived in other lands, I have lived in other stations. Knowing autumn, winter and spring time.” Juana Manny tells him, “listen if this place bothers you so very much. Then stop moving that tongue, for it tires you even more.” The group simply laugh, Octavio utters. “Hey that’s a great joke.” Mauricio tells him, “oh yeah he’s starting up with his commentary. Now then Todoelmundo, how about you give us a story. About a couple, that has been so lovey dovey.” Tere tells them, “son Todoelmundo is on vacation.” Mauricio asks, “what do you mean is he ill?” Tere tells them, “well not really a vacation. At this point, he’s not going to answer any questions. Well especially knowing, everything he doesn’t know.” Juana Matilde tells him, “yeah leave him alone.” Miguel asks, “now then Todoelmundo how are you doing anyway?” Juana Matilde asks, “come on were serious.” Todoelmundo tells her, “that I don’t know. I have tried not to think of nothing. Absolutely nothing.” Manuel Efe asks, “what you have a problem with your memory or what?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes maybe its for the best. You know something give it too me here.” The man in the white hat goes by the door. Juana Manny gets a strange vibe, she exclaims. “Everyone I want to be a nun. Yes I want to be a nun.” The gang laugh, Poncho tells him. “Hey that’s a great joke boxer.” Octavio smiling tells her, “well then finish the joke firecracker.”

Juana Calidad tells her, “with those things one doesn’t play around Juana Manny.” Juana Manny tells her, “oh hey but I’m not joking around. I am telling you seriously.” Juana Calidad tells her, “well I am also talking seriously.” Octavio tells her, “oh firecracker we are going to get married.” Juana Manny tells him, “no nuns don’t get married. I want to be a nun.”Juana Valentina tells her, “Juana Manny now leave that joke. For Juana Calidad is starting too get bothered by it. Mauricio simply places a kiss on Juana Calidad’s head. Hey really do respect.” Juana Manny tells her, “but I’m not joking around Juana Valentina. I want to be a nun.” Juana Matilde tells her, “girl you got something in your head. Maybe a bolt got loose in that brain of yours.” Juana Manny exclaims once more, “I want to be a nun.” Juana Valentina tells Poncho, “Poncho give me some alcohol or something. Maybe this girl, got heat stroke or something.” Juana Manny freaks out, “no I want to be a nun. What is wrong with everyone?” Poncho asks, “hey someone take her temperature. That is why she saying stupid things.” Juana Bautista notices the man in the white hat. Tere goes over, “Juana Manny are you feeling alright?” Once he leaves she glances at Juana Manny.

Over at the salguero house, they are having their lunch. “I didn’t have a chance to say nothing to Juana Valentina. She has decided that she will be leaving corozal. Once her sisters get married.” Dona Dona tells him, “well maybe she didn’t find anybody. Who would love and marry her.” Calixto tells her, “listen this is the feelings of Juana Valentina. They are simply private, something that she is allowed to keep for herself. Hey come over here Dona. How many years, has the pink house been in your family?” Dona Dona tells him, “you mean was until it got into the hands of your illegitimate daughters Mr. Salguero.” Calixto tells her, “Dona lets not start that again. Well just answer my question.” Dona Dona tells him, “well I don’t know. I know that I inherited it, my mother also inherited from my grandfather. Well that is many years ago why.” Calixto tells her, “well in all this time. One hasn’t even mentioned ever seeing a ghost. Or something to that effect. Its just weird that’s all.” Dona Dona asks, “what has something very strange occured. Like you say?” Calixto tells her, “well lately a lot of strange things have been going on. Items being moved, or things showing up when there was something.”

Dona Dona tells him, “listen I don’t understand nothing. For this sounds too me, like its witchcraft. If its like this, it doesn’t surprise me.” Calixto tells her, “hey enough with all your inappropriate insults. Now I want to tell you, that my daughters have nothing to do with this issues. I hope that one day they did have the property. Well too make money.” Dona Dona tells him, “I repeat I don’t understand nothing. Plus I don’t care, or not interested. What occurs to your daughters.” Calixto tells her, “they have a book which they take great detail. To make sure its up to date. Now for some strange reason, their money is mulitiplying.” Dona Dona tells him, “what’s occuring lately just doesn’t really surprise me.” Calixto tells her, “well the thing is it just show up. Its quite unexplainable, if it was someone they would be stealing the money. Rather than adding to it, don’t you think? I just don’t know, who would be interested in giving. My daughter money, anonymously.” Dona Dona quickly changes the subject. She tells him, “you know Mr. Salguero this job. Is the most thankless of jobs. In our entire world, if one doesn’t clean you notice it right away. But if one does it, nobody notices how wonderful everything looks.”

Manuel Efe shows up, “everyone Manuel Efe has arrived. Accompanied by Maria Delia, and his cousin Rubencho. Hello aunt.” Dona Dona kisses his cheek, “well hello nephew how are you. Hello Maria Delia.” Manuel Efe asks, “Don Calixo so how is it going?” Maria Delia tells them, “hey Don Calixto Dona Dona how are you both?” Ruben utters, “hello mother father.” Maria Delia tells them, “oh I’m so very tired. There’s the party tonight, plus the one tomorrow. The one tonight, its at the club.” Calixto tells her, “everything started so very well today. Oh your float was very nice, it was a complete success. Dear you should have seen her.” Maria Delia tells him, “thank you Don Calixto.” Manuel Efe tells her, “aunt you should have seen the float. It was simply beautiful.” Maria Delia tells her, “it was in the form of a plane. You know very well, how much I just love airplanes. Isn’t that right Dona Dona? Oh my Rubensito, one day your going to learn how to fly a plane right?” Ruben tells her, “Maria Delia don’t start that again.” Manuel Efe tells him, “when ever you want I’ll teach you.” Maria Delia gets all excited, “so you Manuel Efe know how to fly planes?” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes I can also fly big ones. Well what interest me now, is flying those small planes. All I have is the one plane.” Maria Delia is quite impressed. “You have your own plane?” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes how about one day we can fly by the coast of colombia. That is how people, should really see the coast of colombia.” Maria Delia so excited asks, “oh Rubensito please please can we go. Oh can you image it, flying around the coastal areas. We will be in the plane of Manuel Efe. Please say yes?”

Ruben angrily tells her, “no you know I don’t like planes. Or any machine, that has wings. I think one should just take, necessary things thats all.” Maria Delia tells him, “listen Rubensito you have to give your future wife. Some sorts of treats, please my life do take lessons.” Ruben tells her, “listen that’s enough Maria Delia. I’ll take a shower, later we can head to the club.” Calixto tells them, “I’m going to take a nap then get dressed. Now Dona, are you coming with us too the party?” Dona Dona tells him, “one party a year is enough. I already went too one, that’s enough for me.” Calixto tells them, “well then excuse me then.” Maria Delia ask, “excuse me Dona Dona. But by chance, you have something cool and refreshing to drink in the kitchen. I am so very thirsty, I am about to die.” Dona Dona tells her, “oh my dear just go into the kitchen and get something.” Maria Delia tells her, “yes thank you. Oh isn’t the servant here? Did she go out?” Dona Dona tells her, “yes she’s out now then dear Maria Delia. How about you take these over there as well?” Maria Delia glances at the cups, then utters. “Yes Dona.” Dona Dona utters, “thank you dear.”

Once she’s gone, Manuel Efe closes the doors. He tells her, “aunt I know the great love of Ruben’s life. Its Juana Valentina.” Dona Dona asks, “and what make you come to that conclusion.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well today Juana Valentina at the parade. Well she looked at another man, with such intensity. Ruben was dying out of jealousy, but it wasn’t jealousy of a brother. It was jealous looks like a man. Well a man that was in love.” Dona Dona asks, “so she looked at another man with great interest?” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes and you already asked me before. To investigate, who was my cousin in love with. To tell you, only if I was for certain. Well that is where I am now. Aunt when the juanas, were living in this house. I found Ruben and Juana Valentina alone in his bedroom. Now you tell me, when has Ruben ever locked that door. Well never, not in this history but it was on that day.” Dona Dona is furious, “wait you waited till now to tell me that. You cretin.” Manuel Efe utters, “me a cretin.” Dona Dona tells him, “yes and your useless. How could you tell me now. Well you know what, if I had a broom to hit you with. Well I don’t have one on hand.” She takes off, Manuel Efe utters. “Daaa.”

Maria Delia returns, “oh Manuel Efe please talk about your airplane. I am simply so facinated by this. I just love this topic.” Dona Dona heads straight to see Ruben. He’s just gotten out of the bathroom. “I want you to swear too me.” Ruben asks, “but what is going on. Alright yes I swear too you, I am going to get married. On the date that is set alright.” Dona Dona asks, “with Maria Delia Espina?” Ruben tells her, “yes I am going to marry Maria Delia Espina who else? Why are you so twichy?” Dona Dona tells him, “that there is another woman in your life. Another woman, that you have kept as a secret.” Ruben asks, “not again with the story of Yolanda Del Cabrales.” Dona Dona tells him, “not her but another.” Ruben repeats, “the woman the mother of my future children. Will be Maria Delia Espina.” Dona Dona tells him, “you wouldn’t lie to your mother Ruben Salguero.” Ruben tells her, “yes one doesn’t lie to one’s own mother. Your future daughter in law will be Maria Delia.”

Later that night at the dolorosa, Octavio becomes very upset. “Well she was so very happy, that I had asked for her hand in marriage. In fact, she was even talking about her wedding dress. Well all of that man.” Miguel tells him, “well if Juana Matilde begins with that topic. I’ll put myself in a monastery once and for all.” Octavio tells them, “with this all I want to do is just get myself drunk.” Poncho tells him, “listen although that I love that your drinking here at the dolorosa. Well more money will come in, but I simply can’t permit that. Listen just hope that her passion. For her to become a nun fades.” Octavio asks, “and what if it doesn’t? Yes Poncho, and if this doesn’t fade. She goes out there, and goes into a monestry. Well then what am I going too do?”

Over at the pink house, Juana Manny tells the girls. “Listen I don’t know, what’s wrong with me. Well inside I have this strong impulse to enter a convent.” Juana Calidad tells her, “oh no don’t you even think it. You might drive those nuns crazy.” Juana Matilde asks, “are you sure your feeling this way Juana Manny? Umda you all know, that everything simply slides off me. But with this, its starting to worry me.” Juana Bautista tells her, “evil is around us. I’ve been feeling it for some time.” Juana Calidad tells her, “please Juana Bautista don’t say such things. Shut your mouth, now then Juana Valentina what are you opinions on this?” Juana Valentina has stops talking, and just stands perfectly still. Juana Bautista goes close to her, she asks. “Juana Valentina Juana Valentina. We are talking too you.”

At the hotel bar, the man in the white hat is having his drink. Manuel Efe approches him and tells him, “listen now then I remember the day that you arrived. You mentioned that I had called you, but the thing is I don’t remember doing such a thing. In fact I don’t even know, what your name is. Well if you have come to help me, well its no problem. I will accept any type of help. I have no problems with anything. Now tell me, what is your name and where do you come from? The man in the white simply stares at him. Daaa tell me, did Yolanda Del Cabrales send you. Well then, well I will explain my situation sir. Well what ever your name is.” The man in the white hat simply stares at him.

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Over at the pink house, Juana Valentina has fainted. Juana Calidad tells them, “I’m going to take her pulse.” Tere utters, “oh dear lord.” Juana Matilde asks, “it was strange you almost passed out but didn’t. What did you feel? What happened?” Juana Valentina tells them, “well it was the strangest thing. I just began thinking… of nothing.” Tere tells her, “my guess is it was high levels of tension. Now its gone, which is important.” Juana Manny utters, “oh god bless the souls of the purgatory.” Juana Matilde tells her, “do me a favor Juana Manny. Forget that talk, about going to the convent right now.” Juana Calidad tells her, “you can’t do this too Octavio. Being a nun is a part of a vocation. It doesn’t show up just like that.” Juana Bautista tells them, “what occurs like this in one instance has to have a reason.” Juana Matilde utters, “yes that’s right.” Juana Manny tells them, “I am convinced I want to be a nun. Just like Juana Matilde, wants to be a singer.” Juana Matilde tells her, “its one thing being another. See like this, with you is Juana Matilde.” Then accidently Juana Bautista makes a hole in her shirt. Juana Bautista tells her, “but it was an accident. You moved suddenly I’m sorry.” Juana Matilde begins crying, “oh Juana Bautista how could you? I am utterly shocked, you see this is the last memory. That was my mothers. Oh Juana Bautista, how could you have done this.” Juana Calidad tells her, “listen here we will fix this.” Juana Matilde asks, “how?” Juana Calidad tells her, “you go and put something else on I’ll figure how to fix this.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh man but thanks nun.” Juana Manny tells them, “now the nun is me.”

Manuel Efe is at the bar, the man in the white hat simply drinks his water. “You haven’t told me, how you are going to help me. I don’t even know your name. Daaa people who are this quiet, usually makes me feel untrustworthy. Well then what ever, anybody that can help me get my vengence with the juanas. I will alley myself with the devil.” The man in the white hat gets up and leaves the bar. Then the earth shakes. Daaa, there was a bit of a tremble.”

Back at the pink house, Juana Calidad returns. “Now then the rip was pretty bad, I did what I could.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh nun is so divine how beautiful thank you.” Juana Calidad tells them, “I’ve always enjoyed making things out of needle and thread. Ever since I was a child.” Tere tells them, “remember yes she’s the one that designed the clothes for the concert for Juana Matilde.” Juana Valentina tells them, “yes everyone loved that the costumes. For they were very bright and colorful. Everyone mentioned that, and remember I had nothing to do with that. Let me make that perfectly clear.” Juana Matilde tells him, “listen throughout the concert you meddle in girl. Hey I’m just teasing you girl.” Juana Valentina utters, “oh girl.” Then Juana Calidad utters, “oh thank you sor Juana Ines De la cruz. Thank you for illuminating me, I know what I want now. Dear lord, now I know what I’m going to do in this life. A store where I can design and sell my clothes.” Tere tells her, “oh that’s a great idea.” Everyone agrees, “yes that’s a great idea.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I will support you out.” Juana Bautista tells her, “yes destiny will help you out.” Juana Manny asks, “hey you support Juana Calidad and why not me?” Juana Matilde tells her, “listen enough your getting as bad as Maria Delia. When she begins talking about her marriage plans with Ruben.” Juana Calidad asks, “how about this confections of Sor Juana Inez de la cruz. Do you like it?” Tere tells her, “no my love that’s awful.” Juana Valentina tells her, “Terezalsura come on girl with all due respect. I think that name is unsuitable, and not very commercial like.”

Juana Matilde tells them, “hey my modest opinion is. Its favorable for my sister Calidad and her small business. That she wants to make, that name isn’t favorable. Oh man is it me, that has said those words.” Tere asks, “Juana Matilde are you talking seriously?” Juana Matilde tells her, “I don’t know I ignore it. The words are coming out, without me realizing this. I just can’t control this, my person is outside of me. I talk but, its like another person is talking for me. I think I’m going through a big problem, that’s ilogical.” Juana Calidad yells out, “oh god in heaven please protect us. Juana Matilde.” Juana Valentina ask, “what is going on here?” Juana Calidad asks, “have the demons gotten control of you? Oh dear lord, I’ve heard many cases like this. The bible talks about them, the person isn’t talking but the demons that are inside. Dear lord protect us.” Juana Matilde tells her, “Juana Caliad you are a rafaga. Your thoughts cool me.” Juana Valentina begins shaking her, “Juana Matilde your talking like Judge Geremias Guerra stop it. Move her so she can react.” Juana Calidad tells her, “oh sor juana inez de la cruz have pity on her.” Juana Matilde gets back to normal, “hey enough all ready. Enough with all this crazy, and stupid remarks it shocks me.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well you were freaking us out.” Juana Matilde tells her, “I don’t know why but I’m shocked as well. I did talk differently, but now I’m cured. I don’t know, I’m just saying.” Juana Bautista tells her, “if this isn’t desire by Juana Matilde well this is really strange. Especially what we have just witnessed. I have no response to this question. What the devil is happening?” Juana Valentina tells them, “oh dear lord.”

The next morning Poncho leaves his house. “Oh mom I’m late, I really have too go. My dad is probably looking for me bye mom. Then he bumps into the man in the white hat. Sorry sir, its just I was in a bit of a hurry. No intention on hurting you, my father is probably looking for me. Well you know. The man in the white hat, then takes off. Man that man is cold frozen in fact. With this heat?”

Over at the salguero house, Todoelmundo has been put in the sewing room. Dona Dona asks, “now then Todoelmundo what’s going on with you?” Todoelmundo tells her, “well you told me if I knew anything about the italian fellows. Well I was suppose, to report back too you immedidately.” Dona Dona tells him, “oh yes yes and what’s going on with them?” Todoelmundo tells her, “on Don Franco the one that only speaks italian.” Dona Dona asks, “called but too where?” Todoelmundo tells her, “over at the hotel they had to contact Manuel Efe so he could translate. But they couldn’t find him.” Dona Dona utters, “thank god.” Todoelmundo asks, “what say you Dona Dona?” Dona Dona tells him, “oh its nothing well continue then what happened? What did you end up doing?” Todoelmundo tells him, “well we had too find a tourist that spoke italian. We found one, that wasn’t born in italy but understood the language. The man talked too Don Franco. There was a translation, the italian man was looking for Don Geovani.” Dona Dona ask, “for Geovani.” Dona Dona ask, “but why did he call there at the hotel looking for him?”

Todoelmundo tells her, “well apparently Don Geovani was heading back to corozal from Panama. He told them, he had to do something quite important here in corozal. So he could return relaxed to his country. They were almost done the movie. Don Geovani asks permission to the director. So he could be absent for a couple of days.” Dona Dona asks, “your saying a couple of days. But he hasn’t arrived right?” Todoelmundo tells her, “no he hasn’t arrived. Don Franco told them, that Don Geovani will be staying in the same hotel as before. When he arrived, he was suppose to call him as soon as possible. Don Franco is quite worried, because Don Geovani left by car to corozal. Apparently he had to cross a very savage terrain.” Dona Dona asks, “wasn’t Geovani more specific? He didn’t explain further to that Franco fellow. As to why he was returning here.” Todoelmundo tells her, “no not even Don Franco said anything.” Dona Dona tells him, “if you see Don Geovani inform me right away immediately in fact Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells her, “yes Dona Dona. Hey Dona Dona, I know its not my interest but. This curiosity is winning, what is going on with those italian guys? Why all this interest in them?” Dona Dona tells him, “you just said it todoelmundo. That isn’t your business, now remember not a word to anybody.” Todoelmundo tells her, “as you wish seno excuse me.” He leaves and Dona Dona utters, “hey now what am I suppose too do?”

(Where is Geovani, did Dona Dona’s wish for him to disappear came true?)

Todoelmundo sees Ruben, “hey Ruben hows it going? Its good that I’m seeing you.” Ruben tells him, “hey Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells him, “now then tell your future wife that I have delivered all the invitations.” Ruben tells him, “sure I will tell her. So how many were they?” Todoelmundo tells him, “well there was the one’s I delivered in corozal. Plus the one’s I put in the mail. I would say 200.” Ruben tells him, “200 Maria Delia it seems is not organizing a wedding but organizing a march instead. My cousin is the one helping out. He’s the godfather, and who knows what they are going to invent.” Todoelmundo tells him, “umda when your cousin is involved everything gets pretty complicated. Oh do you know everything, that’s going on with Yolada Del Cabrales.” Ruben tells him, “don’t even talk about that woman.” Todoelmundo tells him, “I talked to the juanas, and apparently she’s gone completely crazy.” Ruben asks, “and what is going on?” Todoelmundo tells him, “her milk company went bankrupt. She has the hiccups that won’t go away. Her nails continue to grow, and she has become bald. She can’t pronouce the h instead says m.” Ruben laughs and tells him, “hey todoelmundo you don’t know what your saying. Explain it further.” Todoelmundo tells him, “its the truth. Juana Bautista said, that the senora has seven years of bad luck. Because she had broken a mirror.”

Ruben tells him, ” todoelmundo your a serious guy. Intellectual, you believe those supersitions?” Todoelmundo tells him, “listen if you have another explination of what’s occuring with Yolanda Del Cabrales. I will stop believing it. Now that were discussing that woman, how close of friends were your cousin and Yolanda Del Cabrales.” Ruben tells him, “they weren’t friends.” Todoelmundo tells him, “no well that’s strange because. At the hotel, I would see your cousin talking too her on various occasions. Plus when she lived at the pink house, he was seen on numerous occasions coming out of that house.” Ruben ask, “are you sure?” Todoelmundo tells him, “yes really sure now changing the subject. Does your father have volumes in his library. About corozal by chance?” Ruben asks, “why?” Todoelmundo tells him, “the thing is I went to the culture building. They are remodeling everything, its a completely mess everything is in boxes. I need to do an investiagative analysis of corozal. I am really intrigued.” Ruben tells him, “todoelmundo you know what no but my father might not have those types of books. But you know who would Judge Geremias Guerra.” Todoelmundo tells Ruben, “oh yes Judge Geremias Guerra I should have thought about him. I’m going to go over there to visit him thanks Rubencho.” Ruben utters, “Yolanda Del Cabrales and Manuel Efe.”

Juana Matilde is in her room, “yes how is my my favorite kitty. Umda why am I thinking about Manuel Efe?” Juana Calidad is in her bedroom, reading her book once again. “Oh the human life, the hope the happiness of adornation. I dream and I awaken, with the thoughs of Manuel Efe. Manuel Efe? Why was I thinking about Manuel Efe?”

At the hotel Juana Matilde asks the reception. “Seno do you know where Manuel Efe Cuadradro is? Oh in the bar, thank you. Manuel Efe is having a drink, and sucking on his lollypop. Juana Matilde goes over and kisses his cheek. So how’s it going Manuel Efe?” Manuel Efe tells her, “salute I guess.” Juana Matilde tells him, “hey I’ll join you senor do you think I have all day sonny. Do me a favor, I’d like two glass of rum. Put it on Mr. Cuadradro’s tab, do you hear me?” Manuel Efe tells him, “salute is a form of saying hello. I guess you didn’t understand that.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well my love that doesn’t matter. Well I really think, the two rums are good on this occasion. To celebrate this encounter, this encounter isn’t like a encounter that’s coincidence. The truth is I was thinking about you, and decided to go looking for you.” Manuel Efe asks, “and why what?” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh its nothing special. Well sometimes one needs good company. Don’t you think?” Manuel Efe tells him, “and you think I’m a great companion?” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh Manuel Efe what are those types of questions sonny. Oh yes one can only see you, how attractive you are. How tall you are? You know about 50 languages. Your very intelligent, very important that one enjoys talking with a person. That’s so very interesting such as yourself.” Manuel Efe tells her, “oh yes I really do need that rum give it here.” Juana Matilde tells him, “hey give me mine.”

Juana Calidad arrives, “oh Manuel Efe oh ave purisima.” Manuel Efe utters, “sin pecado concebido. I was looking for you, its delicious that I found you.” Manuel Efe asks, “and what do you need or what?” Juana Calidad tells him, “oh nothing just too see you.” Manuel Efe ask, “why or what?” Juana Calidad tells him, “well nothing special. Maybe you can tell me stories, yes tell me all those european stories that you know.” Manuel Efe asks, “hey come here this isn’t one of your pranks? You two are going to do something too me?” They grab him, “no weren’t not going to do nothing.” Juana Matilde tells him, “calm down.” Juana Manny arrives, “oh hello Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe utters, “daaa.” Juana Manny asks, “hey I didn’t know I would find you lot here? Oh yes you, for I was looking for you.” Manuel Efe ask, “me? Oh no you guys, are going to put me in a trap. Yes sir, you lot want too trap me.” Juana Manny tells him, “boy what trap nothing. I just want to talk you that’s all.” The others utter, “us too.” Juana Valentina and Juana Bautista show up next. “Well hello Manuel Efe its great, that your here. Manuel Efe I want a big hug from you. I had a great urge to see you.” The man in the white hat comes around. Juana Manny tells them, “he has nice legs.” Juana Matilde asks, “now then what was that song that you were singing the last time. How did it going?” Then they sing, Manuel Efe freaks out when he sees the man in the white hat.

Over at the pink house, the guys have arrived. Octavio asks, “hey is there a convention or something here? That nobody told me about.” Todoelmundo tells him, “hi Octavio.” Mauricio tells him, “we’re waiting for our girlfriends. What don’t tell me, that I have to ask you for permission Octavio.” Octavio asks, “is Juana Manny with them?” Tere tells them, “I don’t know they all left in different directions but separately.” Octavio asks, “do you think they are going to take a long time Tere?” Miguel tells him, “well we have been waiting for over 20 minutes now.” Tere tells them, “hey if you want to wait you are in your house guys excuse me. Now then Todoelmundo, come with me excuse us.” They utter, “thanks Tere.” Octavio asks, “I wonder why they all left and where in so much hurry?” Orlando tells him, “they all probably met on the streets. Well really, they don’t have to sit here and wait for us too show up either.” Octavio tells him, “no but those strangers might still be in town. That does have me worried so.” Mauricio tells him, “hey your right about that Octavio. I wasn’t thinking about that.” Miguel tells him, “me either.”

Tere now is in the kitchen with Todoelmundo. “Once again I’m worried about the juanas Todoelmundo. Can you image Juana Manny, wants to become a nun. Juana Valentina I don’t know well she faints without wanting to faint.” Todoelmundo tells her, “yes I share your worries Terezalsura.” Tere tells him, “yes with everything that has occured to us while we have been in corozal. Well everything just makes me quite uneasy Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells him, “so do you like that?” Todoelmundo tells her, “its great and you know what. If I could see that look, in your eyes all the time. I would be the most luckest man in the world.” Tere utters, “oh Todoelmundo your such a flirt.” Todoelmundo kisses her hands and tells her, “its nice feelings.” Tere blushes and utters, “oh Todoelmundo. Now then, where are the juanas?”

Over at the hotel, the girls have surrounded Manuel Efe. They are all sharing his lollypop. They are all joking around. Juana Valentina tells them, “oh yes I wasn’t thinking that but analysing this. But just think what Manuel Efe did. He didn’t abandon his family, no sir. He stayed here in corozal, passing his difficult days staying at a hotel. Considering how expensive it is. How uncomfortable it is as well. Oh Manuel Efe you are beautiful.” Juana Calidad tells him, “plus staying here is very costly.” Manuel Efe tells them, “its the least I could have done. I had too be close to my family and my people. Just in case they needed me, plus be close to all of you.” Juana Manny tells him, “how beautiful listen Manuel Efe. Have some attention, I’m going to tell you something.” Manuel Efe tells her, “sure go ahead.” Juana Manny tells him, “well at first I thought you were such a meddler and a frog. Well in time I noticed, you were a nice person.” Manuel Efe tells them, “yes it was the least I could do.” Juana Calidad tells him, “you have a soul solider Manuel Efe.” Juana Matilde tells him, “not only a good soul Manuel Efe but also. Oh very entertaining, and very beautiful. The best I’ve ever seen in my life.” Manuel Efe tells them, “for me that’s just natural.” Juana Matilde asks, “do you want another rumsito?” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes how about all of you another rum.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well I want a pina colada.”

Juana Matilde yells out, “another rum.” Manuel Efe yells out, “how about some drinks over here. A pina colada’s and some rums.” Juana Valentina asks, “now then how about you tell us about another adventure that you had.” Juana Bautista tells him, “you know stories about strange lands. Go around the world, see different faces, speak different languages. See different cultures, and all that traveling in europe.” Juana Valentina tells him, “what experiences.” Juana Bautista tells him, “it must have been quite incredible.” Juana Valentina asks, “hey how about one question. Were you ever in china?” Manuel Efe tells them, “yes I know china but she lives next door to my house.” They burst out laughing, Juana Matilde ask. “Oh come on seriously.” Manuel Efe tells them, “no I’ve never been too china.” Juana Matilde asks, “do you know Madrid or only part of europe or all of it?” Manuel Efe tells her, “all of it europe is marvelous. You know why Corozal is better than europe?” They asks, “why?” Manuel Efe tells them, “because in the states, europe or no where. For corozal has the juanas.” Then they all congratulate him.

The man in the white hat, is standing there by the lobby. Ruben arrives, and goes to the noise. He’s shocked to see them all there. “Hello everyone.” Manuel Efe asks, “hey Ruben don’t tell me you wanted to see me as well?” Ruben tells them, “I wasn’t expecting to see you all here? Yes I do need to talk too you. Maybe its best, that you all are here present.” Juana Valentina ask, “and how are your wedding preparations going?” Ruben tells her, “why don’t you ask the godfather of the bride.” Manuel Efe tells him, “they are going quite well. Well we had to change a few things. You know Maria Delia belives, they brought bad luck. Juana Valentina then rubs the make-up off his cheek. In the end she can’t, and kisses his other side. Then plays around with his hat. Which infuriates Ruben even more so. Well you understand, with the dealth of her father.” Juana Matilde tells her, “listen you can just image how beautiful Maria Delia was. When she was in her carriage, and pilot suit. How beautiful?” Then the girls grab him, and begin kissing him. Juana Valentina tells her, “oh yes Maria Delia is the best harvest queen ever. So much deserved, and the best wife that so deserves my brother or no?” Juana Matilde tells them, “yes sir.” Manuel Efe asks, “wait a minute Rubencho care for anything to drink I’ll invite you. Its no problem.” Ruben tells him, “oh no thanks I just came by to ask you a question.” Manuel Efe asks, “sure go right ahead.” Ruben asks, “did you invite Yolanda Del Cabrales to my wedding?” Manuel Efe asks, “hey what happened to our rum and pina colada over here?” Ruben asks, “why are you not responding cousin?” Manuel Efe tells him, “I’m not in charge of the invitations that’s the bride’s jobs. Yolanda Del Cabrales, who is this Yolanda Del Cabrales. Daaa Yolanda Del Cabrales, that woman who is chasing after you.” Nina the receptionist calls him, “Ruben Ruben please Don Calixto called. Something serious has occured with Dona Dona. He wants you to urgently head home.” Ruben asks, “what happened?”

At the salguero house, Dona Dona is fighting with the doctor. “I have nothing, get that thing away from me.” The doctor tells her, “but Dona Dona I must examine you.” Dona Dona tells him, “now then I want you to tell my son and Mr. Salguero. That I have a slight fever, listen you say that. Or the one paying you is social services. I am not a member, so nobody is going to pay you.” Ruben arrives home, “father what happened?” Calixto tells him, “oh man your mother had an attack.” Ruben asks, “an attack of what?” Calixto tells him, “hey wait get back here. She’s with the doctor, she was talking to me quite calmly. When suddenly she asks, where were you. I told her, you had gone to the hotel. Then right then and there, she fainted.” Ruben asks, “she fell like that?” Calixto tells him, “yes she fell straight down like a piano. It was a good thing, Ophelia ended up helping me put her in bed. Then I ran and called the doctor, then advised you.” Ruben tells him, “well there is the doctor right now.”

Dona Dona overhears the men, talking to the doctor. Calixto asks, “what’s wrong with Dona?” She then runs and lies on her bed. Ruben goes to see her, “mother what’s wrong? How are you doing?” Dona Dona tells him, “I’m a bit weak that’s all. So where were you?” Ruben tells her, “I was at the hotel looking for Manuel Efe. My father was the one that called me. The doctor tells us, this isn’t grave but you blood tension dropped.” Dona Dona asks, “so what did you have to talk to Manuel Efe about?” Ruben tells her, “well things regarding him and me. Now don’t worry mother.” Dona Dona asks, “so did you see anybody else?” Ruben tells her, “no nobody else. I couldn’t even talk to Manuel Efe. Mother the doctor told us, you need complete bed rest. He has to put an injection in you.” Dona Dona ask, “an injection?” Ruben tells her, “yes I’ll get the pharmacist to send someone.” Once he’s gone, she yells out. “An injection, that blasted doctor.”

Over at the pink house, Todoelmundo is there with Tere. “Listen Todoelmundo, I don’t understand nothing.” Todoelmundo tells her, “my intentions aren’t that I’m saying goodbye. Well yes, he takes her hands. Its a goodbye to the life, that I have been living. I want to start another one.” Tere asks, “what are you saying to me bye?” Todoelmundo tells her, “no on the contrary look Terezalsura. I have told you, every one of my plans for the future. The big part is you, there’s nothing no feeling without you.” Tere tells him, “Juana Valentina is planning on returning to Barranquilla. I just don’t know, what else could happen.” Todoelmundo tells her, “don’t you understand me if you don’t stay here. In Corozal, my life wouldn’t have any meaning. What I want is, for you to marry me.” Tere tells him, “well I…” Todoelmundo tells her, “listen its no surprise to anybody that I am in love with you.” Tere tells him, “hey the thing is you caught me off guard and completely by surprise. Now I’m a bit nervous boy.” Todoelmundo asks, “listen why should we wait any longer for what? What is your answer? Do you want to marry me? Do you want too marry me?” Tere tells him, “that responds doesn’t come from me. It doesn’t depend on me.”

Outside Orlando asks, “well would you look at that. Are you seeing this?” All the girls are coming out of Manuel Efe’s car.” Mauricio tells him, “disagreeably so Orlando.” Miguel asks, “why is Juana Matilde acting so nice to Manuel Efe?” Octavio asks, “all of the juanas are acting that way.” Orlando asks, “what are they all doing?” Mauricio asks, “hey senoritas hey you lot are all deaf. We have been waiting, for about two hours for you all.” Juana Calidad tells him, “sorry Mauricio but we were talking with Manuel Efe.” Mauricio utters, “oh really?” Manuel Efe tells him, “look Mauricio what is going on is the charm that I have. Then they all fight for the lollipop. Nobody else has it, plus all of your plans bore them. Do understand them.” Miguel tells him, “listen the only thing I understand. Is I don’t like my girlfriends, looking at other guys in the streets. Plus spending time with another guy, now get over here Juana Matilde.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh no Miguel do me a favour. Hey don’t be this way?” Miguel tells her, “hey I can’t stand this anymore. No more.” Juana Matilde tells him, “hey he’s a bit boring. In the end Miguel has to grab her, to take her away from Manuel Efe. Hey the boring one is another.” Juana Matilde yells out, “hey don’t grab me.” Mauricio grabs Juana Calidad, “hey your coming over here with me as well.” Juana Calidad tells him, “I’m truly sorry Manuel Efe. Oh man what is up with you?”

Orlando is the next one, he grabs Juana Bautista. “Hey get over here, this is disrepsectful. You can’t be doing this.” Then its Octavio, who grabs Juana Manny. Orlando tells Juana Bautista, “I came here to be with you.” Then all you hear is complaining from the guys. Manuel Efe yells out, “now guys that’s enough. Girls don’t fight with your boyfriends. Now then please don’t worry, the only one that’s leaving is me.” All the girls scream out, “no Manuel Efe.” They all go towards him, and Manuel Efe yells out. “Girls girls calm down. Like the song says, I’ll be back. Then he and Juana Matilde sing the song. Listen I’ll be coming right back daaa.” Juana Valentina tells them, “hey I have no commitment with anybody. If you want I will join you. Now come on lets go.” Manuel Efe tells her, “hey listen I’m heading to see my aunt. To see how she’s doing, its best I go all by myself.” Juana Valentina tells him, “fine then but you are returning? You did promise me?” Manuel Efe asks, “are you sure I mean do you want me to come back here?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes I do. Now quickly you go, then you can come back quicker.” Manuel Efe tells her, “alright I’m going to say goodbye then.” He kisses her forehead, Juana Valentina utters. “Oh how beautiful.” Manuel Efe tells her, “on both cheeks, on the chin and nose. Then how about a kiss, or a bigger kiss.” As they are kissing, Tere and Todoelmundo come out. Both are extremely shocked.

Ruben is on the phone, “listen I would like to know if you know. Where Mr. Cuadradro, was going or when he will be returning? Your talking with Ruben Salguero. Do you know, if say he went with my sisters some place? With the juanas yes? Oh alright thank you. Ophelia if father asks, tell him I’m heading over to the pink house.” Ophelia simply nods.

Over at the pink house, the guys are still furious. Orlanda is following Juana Bautista, he asks. “Listen here, what was this grand desire to go see Manuel Efe? What is that? There’s no logic?” Juana Bautista tells him, “yes I know that Orlando but the thing is. I just can’t explain it. I was walking to the plaza, then without thinking I headed to the hotel. I wanted to talk to Manuel Efe, to talk to him boy.” Orlando sarcastically tells her, “oh just like that you wanted to see and talk to Manuel Efe. Oh what is the enchantment, and love for that guy?”

Juana Manny comes down with Octavio. “Listen you have always hated Manuel Efe, what’s up now?” Juana Manny tells him, “well now its different he seems like a different guy. He’s a nice guy.” Octavio utters, “nice guy? Now your going to tell me, that you like that european man?” Juana Manny tells him, “hey what are you talking about I am going to marry you.” Octavio asks, “and your desire to be a nun?” Juana Manny tells him, “I don’t want to be a nun anymore. I’m going to tell you something. I am going to be good friends with Manuel Efe sonny.” Octavio tells her, “listen firecracker forgive but let me tell you something. Your case is medical.”

Juana Matilde tells Miguel, “understand me Miguel please.” Miguel tells her, “but the thing is your the one that was included in that prank against Manuel Efe in covenas. Hey that joke wasn’t a soft one, it was pretty bad. Now you love, adore, and see him in high esteem.” Juana Matilde tells him, “listen I don’t like love or adore him. Yes I see him in high esteem, he’s a nice guy now so what. Yes now I feel guilty for what I did. That stupid bad prank, poor Manuel Efe he’s a person that’s a great person and that’s final.” Miguel sarcastically repeats, “oh that Manuel Efe he’s a person that’s a great person. That blased european guy, all this time. Stop acting this way.” Juana Matilde tells him, “hey he didn’t deserve this I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

Mauricio tells her, “listen I know you have always had a nice relationship with Manuel Efe but now. What is all this great sympathy for him, your going way too far oh no Juana Calidad.” Juana Calidad tells him, “listen Mauricio why are you acting like this. But I do love you.” Mauricio tells her, “oh yes you do love me but lately your becoming quite chumming with Manuel Efe.”

Tere is with Juana Valentina, “listen Juana Valentina lately all of you have been acting quite strange. All five of you, have this great attraction and enchantment in regards with Manuel Efe. Yes my love, this is quite strange.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes and I’m praying that I continue feeling this way. Its the only thing that has helped me, getting Ruben out of my head.” Tere tells her, “I just don’t know Juana Valentina. Image this Juana Valentina, when you arrived in corozal. You met Manuel Efe, you pushed him away don’t you remember. Then too my surprise I see you making out with him. Not that I’m reproaching you, on the contrary. I guess I’m pretty surprised girl.” Juana Valentina tells her, “the only thing clear Terezalsura one can’t fight one little bit. This new attraction to Manuel Efe. Truthfully I don’t know, how this is going too end. For now I am quite relaxed, its like a bucket of cold water. Falling like a huge waterfall, into a empty revine.”

Juana Matilde tells Ruben, “listen I don’t know. He just joined us here, he told us that he had something too do. He mentioned, he would be coming by later tonight. Isn’t that right Juana Bautista? Yes that is what he said.” Ruben tells her, “listen I’m going to stay right here instead of looking for him all over town.” Juana Manny runs in, “hey I have an idea. What do you say we all fix Manuel Efe a great punch. He’s going to love it.” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes it will facinate him. But it has to be with rum, here I’m giving you this. Please lets stop fighting. The girls all run into the kitchen. Hey Miguel, I’m giving this too you. I love you I love you, hey wait Juana Manny.” Ruben asks, “Juana Bautista what did Manuel Efe give you all. That you are all so enthusiastic?” Juana Bautisa tells her, “my cards don’t have any explinations but there must be one.”

Judge Geremias Guerra is with Margarita Cruz, and Todoelmundo. “Lately there has been a lot of strange things going on. Well then where are we going to start?” Todoelmundo tells him, “well then lets begin with reference to earthquakes Judge.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “what earthquakes no. I recall in the 57, there was a big earthquake.” Todoelmundo tells him, “its not that look. What if we discuss halley’s commet. It signifies the arrival of the magician. It comes every 75 years. In the visit of 1910 it brought ice. In 1986 it brought the vacination of accession and la vatimento. The next visit is in another 75 years, so 2062 hey some of us won’t be here to see that.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “Todoelmundo you remembered.” Todoelmundo tells her, “oh yes once again I know what everyone knows judge.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “then its best we find out what’s going on before you lose your memory again.” Todoelmuno tells him, “now then let check different years that total 26.” Judge Geremias Guerra ask, “for example?” Todoelmundo tells her, “how about 1982.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well it says here they were numerous earthquakes. In the month of august.” Todoelmundo asks, “what else happened in august?”

(Problems translating acession and la vatimento. But tons of info about Halley’s comet.)

Judge Geremias Guerra is looking over his book. “At that time, it was reported in august that no cattle gave birth that year.” Todoelmundo tells him, “no calfs were born? How about we try no 1979.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “there were earthquakes not in august but in april.” Todoelmundo asks, “what else happened in april?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well apparently it didn’t rain. Plus it was reported, that there was approximately 145 cases of infedlities that were proven.” Todoelmundo tells him, “I have it there’s only one thing the devil is among us.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “Todoelmundo enough with the stupid remark.”

Over at the pink house, the girls are making punch. Juana Matilde tells him, “alright you can try it out. The important part is that Manuel Efe likes this.” Juana Valentina asks, “hey what’s going on?” Miguel tells him, “hey don’t you think you’ve gone too far with the rum?” Juana Matilde tells him, “listen sonny I only put one bottle. That’s just a little.” Miguel tells him, “I think you need more eggs.” Juana Valentina tastes it, “oh for Manuel Efe yes its delicious.” Miguel tells him, “great he’s going to end up super drunk.” Juana Valentina utters, “a ha.” Ruben utters, “hello.” Juana Valentina asks, “and what’s with the visit?” Ruben tells her, “there was a conversation that was put on hold with my cousin.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well then go look for him.” Ruben tells her, “it seems its easier to find him here than any place else.” Juana Valentina tells him, “listen what ever you have to talk too him about. You can talk to him, outside of my house.” Ruben tells her, “this isn’t your house. This place is also my sisters.” Juana Valentina tells him, “listen at the hotel you mentioned Yolanda Del Cabrales. If that is the topic of conversation with Manuel Efe. Well that doesn’t matter too me. Hey don’t use my sisters, or of course me. Now then we’re almost done, now how about the music.” Juana Matilde tells them, “I got a new one.” Octavio angrily tells them, “hey what for that annoying european guy is going to show up.” Juana Manny angrily tells him, “then Octavio do me a favor and don’t talk badly about Manuel Efe.”

Manuel Efe is at the hotel, “hey nina the keys. Hey if by any chance Ruben Salguero, shows up asking for me. For him, even if I’m here I am not here. I mean I could be in the pool, or at the bar, or in the restaurant, or in the room. But if Ruben Salguero comes here, asking for me. Exclusively for Ruben Salguero I’m not here. Whether I’m here or not. Do you understand me nina?” Nina tells him, “yes I guess.” Manuel Efe utters, “daaa oh these people from the tropics. Don’t understand nothing daaa.” The man in the white hat stares at him, Manuel Efe freaks out and runs off.

Over at the judge’s office, he tells Calixto. “There’s no logical explination even though Todoelmundo has an theory. Well since everything is ilogical one has to become ilogical. That’s why we called you.” Calixto tells him, “well yes but what is the theory?” Margarita Cruz tells him, “todoelmundo believes that the devil is in corozal. Can you believe that?” Calixto yells out, “what? Listen todoelmundo, other than loosing your memory. You’re losing your mind, going crazy?” Todoelmundo tells him, “listen Don Calixto all I know is. What is written in these books, in 1780. In that year corozal was designated a real colony.” Calixto tells him, “well apparently Todoelmundo you got your memory back.” Todoelmundo tells him, “well Don Calixto sometimes yes sometimes no. Its like the devil is upon us.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “no more with that todoelmundo your making me very nervous.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well for me the theory is well proven. That is exactly what were going too do. We must confirm it, no matter how absurd it sounds. Now then where are we starting todoelmundo?” Todoelmundo tells him, “then we should start at 1779 four and seven.”

Calixto asks, “well what does that mean?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well we look in that year. That mean the answer, there has is be fully explained alone.” Calixto tells them, “fine then lets start looking then in 1779.” Todoelmundo asks, “so were they’re any earthquakes that year Don Calixto?” Calixto tells him, “yes there were. Apparently they were earthquakes all in march. They constructing a church. Saint Ursula, was underconstruction. Which by when the earthquake shook it fell to pieces. The priest Anselmo Lugo, exorcised the church, he proclamed it was because of the devil.” Margarita Cruz becomes quite scared, “oh dear lord that’s left is it starts shaking. Then the house starts shaking. Oh dear lord Geremias.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “this has no reason. There’s no logical explination.” Calixto tells them, “everyone calm down.” Todoelmundo tells him, “Don Calixto have you heard about magician metero.” Calixto asks, “the magician that appartenly shows up on the 76 years. In conjuction with the halley’s comet.” Todoelmundo asks, “what since he shows up on the 76. What if its the same, with the arrival of the devil. That he shows up, on odd days that total 26.” Calixto tells him, “listen your resolution in this is completely ilogical.” Judge Geremias Guerra comforts Margarita Cruz.

Over at the pink house, the girls are all waiting for Manuel Efe too show up. The guys meanwhile, find this very unpleasing. Juana Valentina tells them, “now I left the door open so some nice air enters so don’t close it.” Manuel Efe shows up, “Manuel Efe has arrived.” The girls get all excited. Octavio yells out, “here comes the fresh.” Manuel Efe tells them, “I am here. Juana Valentina kisses his lips, oh my beautiful my life how are you doing? Then all the girls kiss him, and hug him. Manuel Efe tells them, now I couldn’t find a good white wine. So I brought a nice german wine that seems to sound good.” Mauricio sarcastically tells them, “see that guys the german wine sounds good too him.” Manuel Efe tells them, “listen the best thing for a meal is cocovan.” Juana Matilde asks, “how does one say that cocovan?” Manuel Efe repeats, “cocovan.” We are going to need a chicken, how about three or four chickens.” Orlando tells him, “listen man Manuel Efe we don’t want any cocovan.” Manuel Efe tells them, “hey don’t worry I’m used to cooking for a lot of people. In europe, or it could have been asia.”

Ruben returns, “well then Ruben has arrived.” Manuel Efe tells him, “daaa well hello cousin. You know the saying, when one eats many can eat. Hey its no problem, Terezalsura come on lets check out that chicken.” Tere utters, “sure son.” Ruben stops him by grabbing him, “no we are going too talk. I need to talk to you cousin.” Juana Valentina tells him, “Ruben release him I already told you not here. Listen you can talk anywhere, at your house, at the hotel. On the street where ever, but here no do me this favor.” Manuel Efe tells him, “hey Rubencho how about we have breakfast at the hotel. We can talk calmly, hey about about we talk say 10:30.” Ruben tells him, “listen I’m not going to wait till tomorrow. We are going to talk outside.” The girls start screaming, “no.” Juana Calidad tells him, “no why don’t you talk in the kitchen. No violence, because violence is a sin.” Manuel Efe tells him, “sure yes no violence. Look you go on ahead, while I leave the bottle here.” Ruben grabs the bottle, and puts it on the table. “Fine then lets go now.” Juana Valentina tells them, “I told you here no.” Ruben tells her, “you heard your sister we are going to talk in the kitchen.” Manuel Efe tells him, “sure lets go and talk in the kitchen. Hey here nothing has happened. I’ll go and see, if we have the chicken. Don’t you worry, no violence. Hey I know karate, I can destroy you.” Ruben simply stares at him.

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Ruben arrives in the kitchen and closes the door. He angrily asks, “now then how is Yolanda Del Cabrales doing?” Manuel Efe tells him, “daaa let me tell you since that night of passion. With that woman, you can’t stop thinking about her. Your becoming a bit obsessed, and you know something your almost at the point of getting married.” Ruben tells him, “do you want me to put my hands on you?” Manuel Efe tells him, “listen violence is a sin just like Juana Caliad said. Plus on the other hand, let me warn you that when I was in the university. I was the boxing champion jr, plus took every form of karate there is.” Ruben tells him, “listen cousin just tell me the truth did you or didn’t you. Know Yolanda Del Cabrales, more than your telling me?” Manuel Efe tells him, “hey what did I tell you. What did I tell you? What was it?” Ruben tells him, “oh cousin stop lying and being a faker already. You were seen on various occasions, at the hotel talking too one another. Plus you were also, coming around here at this pink house visting her.”

In the diningroom, the guys try to get the girls to leave the house. Mauricio tells them, “now then girls why don’t we all head to the dolorosa?” They all yell out, “no Mauricio no.” Juana Matilde tells him, “hey we want to play here.” Juana Calidad tells him, “no we should wait what if Manuel Efe wants to go with us?” Mauricio utters, “girls your losing your mind.” As they continue to fight, Juana Valentina heads to the kitchen.

Back in the kitchen, Ruben tells him. “Stop denying it cousin, so how far did your friendship with her go?” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes Rubencho I did flirt with her. Plus yes once, I did come here to see her, right here in this pink house. Hey she’s so very beautiful, I thought I could have a fling with her. But she didn’t want me, she only had eyes for you. So I told her, hey why don’t you forget him. Stop thinking about him, for the only love of Ruben is Juana Valentina.” Ruben tells him, “what stupid idea is that?” Manuel Efe tells him, “listen its not a stupid idea and you know that full well. Well the fortunate thing is, Juana Valentina doesn’t think about you anymore. Well she has now, her beautiful eyes upon me. Well the way things should be. That has you going crazy, listen Rubencho you two can’t because she’s your sister.” Ruben tells him, “enough already just confess it all Manuel Efe. You and Yolanda set up the trap that I fell in.” Manuel Efe tells him, “the truth is the only one that knows about your love for Juana Valentina. Is Yolanda Del Cabrales, me I’m just a simply tomb Rubencho. But can you image, what aunt Dona would do if she found out. Daaa it would be terrible, but don’t you worry. You can count on my silence, its no problem.” Ruben tells him, “listen you can hold onto that silence. For everything, that you have said isn’t true.”

Manuel Efe tells him, “now Rubencho I have been watching you. Remember that famous day of the festival, daaa you should have seen your face. When you saw Juana Valentina staring at that man. Well what about that day, I arrived and you and Juana Valentina were locked up in your bedroom. Now what were you two doing? Playing chinese games or what? No Rubencho no, you can’t lie too me. In love with your sister, and having to marry Maria Delia. Oh how difficult, what a moment. Yes what a moment, daaa you don’t know how I feel for you Rubencho. Now talking frankly with you, with Yolanda Del Cabrales that woman is fine. I really wanted to, have an affair with her but… She didn’t even give me the time. Well apart from Juana Valentina, I’m sorry but don’t you worry I won’t say nothing. You can count on me, you can count on my silence as always Rubencho.” Ruben grabs him, “shut up Manuel Efe enough.” Manuel Efe asks, “what are you going to hit me? Why just because, I kissed Juana Valentina. Because she responded, to my kiss with love? Is that why your going to hit me?” Ruben releases him, “your lying.” Manuel Efe yells out, “there is no lie no lie. Hey if you want ask, Todoelmundo and Terezalsura they saw me kissing her. We were kissing, Ruben you are my cousin. I really do appreciate you, between you and Juana Valentina it just can’t be. Its better for the both of you. Listen its now over and thats that. You are siblings, daaa. Oh this door, Rubencho are you going to stay for dinner. To each the chicken, I’ll be making it two ways. Al vino, and caparra sauce.”

Back in the living room, Mauricio asks, “hey girl why won’t you let me play.” Ruben furious leaves the house, they girls yell out his name. “Hey Ruben?” Octavio asks, “hey I wonder what happened?” Juana Matilde tells him, “they were probably talking about something very serious. You don’t have to be rude.” Octavio utters, “fine fine.” Juana Manny sees Manuel Efe with his arms around Juana Valentina’s waist. “Hey what happened?” Manuel Efe with a grin, tells them. “Hey don’t worry about it, we will discuss this later.”

Over at the judges house, Calixto tells them. “Hey they stopped being coincidences many years ago. Ever since corozal was released from the regitment. All the years details value 26, it hasn’t stopped the earthquakes. Coincidently there has been, a lot of strange things going on.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “yes in 1979 Father Anselmo Lugo, talked about the presence of the devil. In 1989 another spaniored priest Joaquin Lama said the same thing.” Margarita Cruz asks, “and what happened then in 1989?” Calixto tells him, “well we still had earthquakes. All the children couldn’t talk, and all the men became impotent.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “apparently Joaquin Lama states he also tried exorcism. But it was useless.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “but man in this year there has been no misfortunes. The only thing different, is that Todoelmundo has his memory coming and going nothing else.” Todoelmundo tells her, “listen Margarita Carmichael Fuentelafria who has been trying for years to become governer. Decides to cancel his future plans for his campaigns. Juana Calidad practically, took off all her clothes in front of the guys. Juana Manny tells everyone, she wants to become a nun.” Margarita Cruz yells out, “your talking about my daughter?” Todoelmundo tells them, “all of Juana Bautista’s tarots cards are now blank. Juana Matilde one night, begins talking like a well known professor.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “the flighty Juana Matilde?” Todoelmundo tells them, “that is what Terezalsura told me judge. Plus lately all the juanas, have a huge interest in Manuel Efe Cuadradro. Juana Valentina is having a romance with him.” Calixto utters, “Juana Valentina with Manuel Efe?” Todoelmundo tells him, “listen Don Calixto it might not be misfortunes too you but. With the phenomenun of el nino, which is such a violet storm. So powerful of the entire era, its a sign that there is a a benevolent entity here.” Calixto asks, “wait a minute now then what are we going to do then?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “apparently in the chronicals every time this has occured. Nobody could do absolutley nothing.” Todoelmundo tells them, “well the only consolation is this is repeated in 2079.” Calixto tells him, “hey what an consolation prize Todoelmundo.”

The girls are all together, in Juana Valentina’s bedroom. Juana Matilde tells them, “you know something I just want to say. That today Manuel Efe was really sympatico. Don’t you think?” Juana Bautista tells them, “yes all his tales regarding europe are very interesting.” Juana Matilde tells them, “oh yes really.” Juana Calidad tells them, “I just pray to god that we have misjudged him so very badly.” Tere tells them, “no girl he’s still as annoying as ever girls. I just don’t understand, why you all would change your opions regarding him so very quickly.”Juana Bautista tells her, “well before Tere we were looking at him with other eyes. We didn’t see how generous and gentlemen like he really is.” Juana Manny tells them, “plus he’s really attractive.” Juana Valentina tells them, “yes he was quite divine.” Juana Matilde tells them, “yes that is true attractive as sin. He’s attractive, intelligent, admirable, funny. Listen he’s the perfect man. I don’t know, what all of you are thinking. For me today I have spent the best day of my life. Because I was with Manuel Efe.” Juana Calidad tells them, “we have to identify one thing. Considering everything we have done too him. He’s always been firm, and ready to help us out. With everything that we have needed.” They all utter, “yes that’s true.” Juana Manny tells them, “remember the bad prank we pulled on him in covenas.” Everyone utters, “oh yes that was bad.” Juana Valentina utters, “how embarssing.” Juana Manny tells them, “see he forgave us while others they could have gotten their revenge.” They utter, “yes.” Juana Bautista asks, “but its strange this feeling that he has awaken in us. Yes its strange, I still don’t fully understand this. Absolutely nothing.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh no girl I am going to ask you one thing. Don’t explain things, for all four of us I mean five. Don’t understand, what your trying too tell us. I’m just telling you simply, Manuel Efe is a person that makes us feel very comfortable. Manuel Efe likes us five juanas, and that’s that.” They utter, “yes.” Juana Matilde tells them, “now then I’m going to bed so goodnight everyone.” One by one the girls leave, “goodnight.” Tere tells them, “girls goodnight get some rest.” Juana Valentina yells out, “goodnight girls.” Juana Calidad tells her, “ave maria purisima.”

Tere ask, “Juana Valentina I want to ask you something. I’m very happy with your relationship with Manuel Efe but. Well when did you fall in love with him?” Juana Valentina tells her, “now then let me tell you. I have a special attraction to Manuel Efe. A very strange feeling, I hadn’t have felt. I can’t asure you, that its not love.” Tere tells her, “oh my love I surely hope so. The truth is I’m very happy, that you can finally get Ruben out of your head. That your in love with him, so you can take Ruben out of your head girl.” Juana Valentina tells her, “listen I’m never going to fall out of love with Ruben never. Even if I can’t, or even if that relationship can’t be. I know I will never stop loving him. Why should I deny it to myself, at least tonight it will be. The first night, that I’m going to be relaxed. In thinking about him, hopefully he never again enters my head again. Well then, I’m going to bed once and for all. Well goodnight.’ Tere simply utters, “goodnight.”

The next morning, Calixto tells Ruben everything. “Now that the theory of Todoelmundo. But Judge Geremias Guerra, Margarita Cruz and I. Well we have found out a few things, we really do think that’s the truth.” Ruben utters, “the devil oh old man.” Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “and why not? In this town so many things occur, just like in a soap opera. Listen the magician comet appears every 76 years. That plague that almost destoryed us, the day the light went out, that non-stop rain. The crystal tears of Maria Delia, the indifferent kiss. Well why don’t you see, that maybe the devil could be visiting us every year on that specific date.” Ruben tells him, “but godfather yes here has occured many strange things. But in regards to the devil, hey that’s too much man.” Calixto asks, “where are you going?” Ruben tells him, “I’m heading to sincelejo to talk to Yolanda Del Cabrales.” Calixto tells him, “but your going to marry Maria Delia. Your still after that woman.” Ruben tells him, “father I have never been behind that woman. Listen she’s the only proof, if there really is a devil amongst our mists. Is my cousin Manuel Efe.” Calixto yells out, “Ruben get back in here.” Ruben gets outside, and sees Todoelmundo.

Ruben asks, “Todoelmundo are you really busy? I really need to get to sincelejo right away. Its just going to be a one stop thing. Then we return alright?” Todoelmundo tells him, “sure get in I’ll charge by the hour.” Ruben tells him, “sure.” Todoelmundo asks, “hey did your father tell you what we uncovered in our investigation?” Ruben tells him, “listen I don’t have to time to think about this. Now please lets go.” Todoelmundo tells him, “but its in the chronicals of corozal Ruben.” Ruben tells him, “listen Todoelmundo I don’t care to listen too all your fantasy that you’re thinking up.” Todoelmundo then sees the man in the white hat. He notices he’s walking straight ahead, the people are walking backwards. He freaks, “hey Ruben did you notice something weird going on?” Ruben tells him, “no now lets go already.” Todoelmundo asks, “where are we going again?” Angrily Ruben yells out, “sincelejo sincelejo.” Todoelmundo nervously starts quickly his motor-bike. “Oh dear lord.”

Over at the pink house, changes are afoot. Tere brings clean clothes to Juana Calidad. Her room is a pigsty. “Juana Calidad?” Then she hears singing coming from the bathroom. “Hey Juana Matilde, do you need towels dear?” Juana Calidad yells out, “is not Juana Matilde but Juana Calidad.” She continues singing, Tere simply drops the towels on the floor. Over in Juana Matilde’s room, her room is spotless. Juana Matilde is praying, “blessed is his saintly name.” Tere is speechless. Outside Juana Bautista tells Juana Valentina. “I’ve been trying to analyze what is going on here. I just can’t find an answer, everything is still white. There’s no answer.” Juana Valentina ask, “what questions were you asking?” Juana Bautista tells her, “anything girl. I needed to understand, well why all of us have this sudden interest in Manuel Efe. Don’t you think so? I still love Orlando but, well inside I just fell a whole bunch of feelings that I just don’t understand.” Juana Valentina tells her, “exactly that is exactly what’s going on with me. In fact the same, well in my case a relief. My high esteem for Manuel Efe, has soften the pain of my love for Ruben. Well that is good then.” Juana Bautista ask, “I hope it doesn’t disappear.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no it never will but I’m going to tell you something. I’m really thinking, about this seriously, I’m telling you this. I’m considering having a serious engangement with Manuel Efe. Officially we are dating.” Juana Bautista ask, “but girl are you serious?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well the thing is I am quite bored of all of this. Its just unjust, I am still quite young. I am pretty tired, having this long face. Doing nothing for this sadness.” Juana Manny comes out very professional like. “Bye girls.” They look at her, and utter. “What bye.” Miguel show up, “hi Miguel your looking quite handsome today. I’ve never really looked at you. Listen if you stop being interested in my sister. Well don’t forget about me, well bye.” She kisses him, and takes off. Juana Valentina asks, “was that Juana Manny?” Juana Bautista tells her, “yes that was Juana Manny girl.” The man with the white hat, takes his hat off. Juana Manny utters, “thank you sir. Man its pretty cold, or is it that man made me cold. Or maybe its just getting cold.”

Over at the judge’s house, he and Calixto continue talking. “Comparde its boiling hot today.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “listen Calixto I’ve talked to the preacher. I asked him to call the bishop, to try to convince him that he should come here. Well to have a singing mass, well he asked me for an explination. So I had to tell him, he acted like a patacoya. He said they were all supersitious nonsense. Don’t invent things, to scare people. He denied completely, to call the honorable bishop.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “see that comparde that without solid proof of some sort. We can’t prove that the devil is in corozal. Nobody is going to believe us. Not even the priest.” Calixto tells him, “you are correct judge. In fact I also mentioned, the issue with Ruben. He didn’t believe me either, in fact he almost started complaining. Hey the situation is really hard to believe, I can’t go to the mayor. Inform him Mr. Mayor I regret too inform you, that the devil has arrived in corozal. We must do something in that regard. He’s liabel to throw me down the first flight of stairs, but that only has one floor.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “what so now we cross our arms. To wait for a misfortune to hits us again?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “yes its that unfortunate but that is what occured in the past. Only a big misfortune, would make the mayor believe. To this town and the region.” Juana Manny arrives, “hello father hi mother hi future father.” Margarita Cruz utters, “hey is this my daughter.” Juana Manny tells her, “of course its me hey are you guys feeling cold lately.” She then enters the house.

Over at the dolorosa, Poncho is cold and his father fixes him a hot coffee.” Poncho tells him, “I don’t know what this is. Its this blasted cold, it just won’t go away.” The town drunk is also affected. Octavio ask, “hey are you sure you just don’t have a fever? You know, when one has a fever one gets the chill.” Poncho tells him, “its not a fever my mother already took my temperature everwhere. Its this coldness it just won’t go away.” Octavio asks, “maybe you ate something that making you sick? Or had a bad drink?” Poncho tells him, “listen here we don’t serve bad liquor here. Plus regarding food, I’ve eating the same foods isn’t that right dad.” Mr. Sarmiento utters, “yes.” Poncho tells him, “food from everyday another one.” Octavio ask, “other than the cold what else are you feeling?” Poncho tells him, “nothing else I even got some blood work and urine samples done. Everything is simply normal.” Octavio tells him, “oh man no more Poncho.” Then the band plays orchestra music. Poncho ask, “hey has lasador and the band gone crazy.”

Over at the pink house, Juana Valentina tells Juana Bautista. “Yes Juana Bautista Manuel Efe with me. Well he has been very kind towards me. He’s been quite attentive too me, he’s always had his details and such. I really think yes, that’s the solution or no? Accept him, and get married too him. I don’t want to continue suffering over Ruben. I’m really tired of that, I just don’t want to die. Seeing him getting married, at the altar with Maria Delia.” Juana Bautista starts freaking out, and acting like Juana Matilde. “Oh girl oh no just two days ago, you were crying over Ruben. Well what is the word, impossible. Now you want to marry Manuel Efe? Manuel Efe is like very funny, sympatico with him. I feel great being with him really chevede. Well you well, I don’t know I’m just saying. How can you think, of getting married to him. Well over night like?” Juana Valentina simply utters, “what?”

Over in sincelejo, Ruben barges into Yolanda Del Cabrales’s office. Her secretary tells her, “sorry senora but I couldn’t stop the senor.” Ruben tells her, “the one that couldn’t detain me the one leaving is you. May I talk with the senora?” The secretary leaves and closes the door. Yolanda asks, “what Ruben Calixto are you surprised to see me this way?” Ruben tells her, “I overheard you had some serious illness but they are quite dramatic.” Yolanda tells him, “well as soon as I got too know you. These problems showed up everywhere.” Ruben tells her, “hey its none of my problem your the one that went looking for them. I assure you.” Yolanda tells him, “che the day that you rejected me was the day that my life changed. Now then why did you show up here.” Ruben tells her, “I came to ask you for the truth. Confess that you and my cousin, set up a trap that was for Juana Valentina as well.” Yolanda tells him, “man your still wanting to have a romance with that Juana Valentina girl still. The Juana Valentina, that one I can’t pronounce the mota.” Ruben tells her, “yes I know that Juana Valentina.” Yolanda tells him, “it simply can’t be I thought you were less of a brute. I thought your head was stronger than the heart. Yes you are young, but don’t mulitply doing stupid things.” Ruben tells her, “that is all that I needed. You too judge me, well you know what. I could care less, what your thinking. Now tell me, what did you win with all of this.” Yolanda tells him, “you know something look you showed. That I am not the idiot you thought I was. I would once again do the same thing all over again. Once again hire you, to look at your face. Be happy that you two aren’t together.”

Ruben asks, “is that all? The vulger excuse of a disgusting vengence Yolanda. Hey really back track your decision, if you really told the truth. You would really feel more better.” Yolanda tells him, “listen if the truth is that all of your problems are with Juana Valentina. Its for the better, I never want to see you ever in my life. Now get up right now.” Ruben tells her, “Yolanda I don’t know. How your life was, with your ex-husband. Well what I have seen, you have never known true love. You’ve never felt this emptyness in the stomach. For this hope, to see the person that you love. Never have you become obsessed, with seeing a smile or a look. Of someone that you love? You’ve never felt this uncontrollable desire. To hug and caress, the one person that you do love? To grab their hands, and transmit everything that one feels.” Yolanda ask, “and when did you become a poet ache.” Ruben tells her, “you would understand this if you had ever loved Yolanda.” Tell the truth, its the most dignified part of a human being. That is love, to celebrate that strenth thats in the earth. That motor that makes one more noble. That makes us no good things, and not do bad things or hateful.” Yolanda tells him, “fine leave leave once and for all. Now then I just hope, to never see you here in sincelejo.” Ruben tells her, “I should be happy that your paying for everything that you made me suffer Yolanda. But its not like this, I also want to loathe you but I simply can’t. Goodbye Yolanda.” Yolanda utters, “ache.”

Over at the pink house, the pink house has turned upside down. Juana Bautista is now Juana Manny. Juana Matilde is now Juana Calidad. Juana Calidad is now Juana Matilde. While Juana Valentina, is now Juana Bautista. “Girls we must stay calm. If we just analysis this situation, we can find the cause of what’s going on. What is occuring, destiny has already written it. It can’t be change, although we can understand them.” Juana Matilde tells her, “no no Juana Valentina may god have pity upon us. You are talking like Juana Bautista. Oh saint astokio bendito, please do help us out.” Juana Calidad tells them, “well the thing is I don’t know but I’m just saying. Its really nothing, well what’s going on with us is a bit chevede. A bit fun well I don’t know I’m just saying.” Tere tells them, “umda what’s going on why are you lot talking this way.” Juana Calidad tells them, “I think everyone should be a bit calm. More tranquil, more fresh like me then you will see. Then all of that, will not be so important too you all.” Juana Bautista tells her, “your talking like Juana Calidad and you know what I’m ready too beat you up. You have to react no fregue.” Tere tells them, “things in this house have gone backwards.” Juana Manny returns home, “oh girls are you all cold.” Juana Matilde tells her, “sor juana inez de la cruz. What is going on with you Juana Manny? Come over here and sit down.” Juana Manny tells them, “I’m so very cold it must be the coldest its ever been here.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no girl on the contrary its the hotest day of the month. Definantely destiny is in fact, playing games with us.” Someone is at the door, Juana Manny asks. “Anybody have a hot water bottle, that they can lend me? Or how about interior wear like longjohns.” Juana Bautista tells her, “what you need to do is go out there. Go for a long run, so it can heat up your system.” Juana Manny tells them, “with this cold forget about it. Hey why are you talking like me?” Juana Bautista utters, “hey I don’t know.”

Todoelmundo and Ruben have retured. “Hi girls how’s it going?” Everyone utters, “hello.” Juana Matilde tells them, “your suppose to response sin pecado concebido.” Ruben ask, “Juana Manny what’s wrong with you?” Juana Manny tells him, “I’m freezing.” Juana Matilde tells him, “the lord and the virgins hope that nothing is really bad Ruben. I think that Juana Manny is ill. Saint Astokio Bendita, and saint antonia maria clarice. Help that Juana Manny gets better.” Todoelmundo asks Ruben, “see now you know that maybe our theory has merits.” Tere utters, “what are we going to do?” Ruben asks, “Juana Manny are you sure your not sick?” Juana Manny tells him, “my mother took my temperature and I don’t have a fever. We even called the pharmacy, to see if I can take something. We called and they said, we had the wrong number. To instead go to a pharmacy in covejas, or something to that effect.” Juana Bautista ask, “and your mother allowed them to talk to her in that way. Hey if that happened to me, well I would show them who they were messing with girl. They have to respect us those unfortunate pharmacist.” Juana Calidad tells her, “hey Juana Bautista do me a favor. No sir, we have to take things quite calmly. No we can’t allow us, to be stepped on no sir. Well without violence, are you listening to me alright. No violence.”

Juana Valentina tells them, “now everyone calm down.” Ruben tells Tere, “Terezalsura is this all a joke right?” Tere tells him, “no no they woke up this morning like this. All their personalities were switched Ruben.” Todoelmundo tells them, “see nothing else would surprise me.” Tere tells them, “its their personalities Ruben they exchange them in a matter of minutes. You do understand me? They then begin talking, like another one no sir.” Juana Valentina tells them, “I’m going to prepare lemonade for everyone.” Juana Manny ask, “hey prepare something hot for me.” Juana Valentina tells her, “hey Juana Manny your a scorpion, Your suppose to dominate your emotions. For they are in your best astrology position.” Tere asks, “and how do you know about symbols and astrology?” Juana Valentina tells her, “me well I’m guessing hanging around with Juana Bautista. But I’m just saying, I don’t know well really this is kind of fun very cheverde. To get too know that really, well I really think that people. Well one gets to know more about them. I don’t know, I’m just saying excuse me.” Juana Matilde in tears asks, “virgin of the heavens did she talk or did I?” Juana Manny tells them, “enough were going to stop this stupid game. I don’t know exactly, what’s going on with us. We are going to force ourselves, to be the same juanas as before. This is become brown to black no sir.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh saint astokio bendita was that our oldest sister. Or was that Juana Manny?” Ruben tells them, “hey I’m going into the kitchen. So I can talk, and help Juana Valentina.” Juana Bautista tells him, “no Ruben.”

In the kitchen Ruben asks, “Juana Valentina I’m going to ask you a question.” Juana Valentina tells him, “you know what? I would love it, if you left me in peace. It would be better, for everyone or no?” Ruben asks, “did you or not kiss Manuel Efe?” Juana Valentina tells him, “hey that’s none of your business no sir. No no you get married, and I’m going to start a new life. Its like for the honest justice or no.” Ruben asks, “enough Juana Valentina stop talking like Juana Matilde. Just tell me did you kiss Manuel Efe yes or no?” Juana Valentina tells him, “it seems too me that the words are coming out all by themselves. Well I don’t know, I’m just saying. Fine I’m going to tell you the truth, hey don’t bother me leave in in peace. I am shocked, I don’t like it. Well to cut off my liberty, I’m just saying but yes. Manuel Efe kissed me and I returned it. Happy now?” Ruben asks, “so you did kiss Manuel Efe then.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I’m going to tell you something straight out. I don’t know, but I’m considering seriously. The question that Manuel Efe asked me. Maybe I’m just saying, well then he won’t be just your cousin. But hey now how does it go. Brother in law.” Juana Bautista shows up, “now then what is the deal between the two of you. Hey I want to know, when are you going to understand. That love between you two. Is nothing but impossible, its not suppose to happen. Or do I have too hit you two, so you two can fully understand. No me fregue.”

Manuel Efe is in his hotel room. He has cucumbers in his eyes. “Daaa oh man its Juana Valentina, man this woman. Is obessed with me, she’s following me everywhere. Oh well I was going to go her house, I have no choice but to greet her like this. Well then. He then heads to the door. Is it you my bunny rabbit?” Yolanda angrily replies, “what bunny or what you open this door. I am Yolanda ex-del Cabrales now open this door.” Manuel Efe tells her, “sure ok come on in.” Yolanda asks, “now what did you say to Ruben Calixto Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe tells her, “jolly when we talked and you told me what had occured. Well I never imaged this, oh poor jolly.” Yolanda tells him, “hey respond to my question why did you talk about us to your cousin.” Manuel Efe asks, “what of what jolly? Yolanda hits him with her purse, ouch.” Yolanda repeats, “what did tell him?” Manuel Efe tells her, “I didn’t tell her nothing. I told him, we had seen one another a couple of times nothing else.” Yolanda tells him, “Manuel Efe you have betrayed me.” Manuel Efe tells her, “no no I didn’t just calm yourself. Jolly we are not going to go anywhere. Please calm down.” Yolanda tells him, “no I don’t want to calm myself. What I want you to explain too me, is why and how did Ruben Calixto figure out. That we confabulated against him?” Manuel Efe tells her, “jolly let me explain too you please. Apparently someone saw me, talking to you at the hotel. Someone saw me entering the pink house, when you lived there. I told Rubencho basically, that I wanted to have a small adventure with you. Nothing more than that, I told him. That you wanted nothing too do with me. Always with Rubencho, always with him. That’s why I always envied him, well everything that is occuring with you. All your misfortunes, your becoming bald and everything. But let me tell you, jolly you still do stop traffic. She hits him with her purse. He just utters, daaa.”

At the pink house, Juana Valentina tells them. “You know I’m going to change into something else. Before Manuel Efe arrives, well I’m like a little unjoyful. Anway excuse me.” She then heads upstairs, Ruben asks. “Tere how long has this been going on?” Tere tells him, “since this morning.” Ruben asks, “has this ever happened before really?” Tere tells him, “well yes all of them could suprise me. But I knew who they were, because of their unique personalities.” Juana Calidad comes out of her bedroom. She’s dressed like Juana Bautista. “So they left?” They utter, “yes.” Juana Caldid tells them, “well then excuse me.” Ruben asks, “Terezalsura you sure they didn’t eat anything strange. Or maybe took a medicine?” Todoelmundo tells him, “hey there’s only one reason.” Ruben tells him, “listen man not that again. You and my father, with that absurd idea. If you continue with this, that you two have gone crazy.” Tere asks, “what idea?” Todoelmundo tells her, “the devil is among us.” Tere tells him, “oh no not with that Todoelmundo. Please don’t say that, its starting to scare me.” She then blesses herself.

At the hotel, Manuel Efe is now lying down very confident like. Yolanda utters, “you and Juana Valentina?” Manuel Efe tells her, “exactly Jolly. She realized she couldn’t stop despressing me. Well thanks really too you. If Juana Valentina hadn’t seen you with Ruben. In that pink house, if she hadn’t received such a hard hit. They would have left together.” Yolanada asks, “so that is when she held onto too you?” Manuel Efe tells her, “exactly jolly at first she played hard to get. But later she fell like the rest.” Yolanda asks, “so that means if Ruben Calixto and I had there been something. Like she think there was, Juana Valentina and Ruben Calixto would have left together.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes you really created a miracle jolly. Yes that is the truth. Let me tell you something, that love between the two of them. Yolanda sits down and remembers Ruben’s words. Jolly don’t tell me that you became deaf as well?” Yolanda tells her, “of course not now what were you telling me.” Manuel Efe tells her, “I was going to call room service do you care to eat anything?” Yolanda tells him, “no thanks no Manuel Efe. Ruben Calixto, should be thanking me that I saved him from an ilicit love.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well yes then that I am going to be in charge of his little sister.” Yolanda tells him, “you know something.” Manuel Efe tells her, “tell me?” Yolanda tells him, “I’m going too think some things through in my head. See you later.” Manuel Efe tells her, “jolly be careful in leaving so nobody can see you ok.” She then takes off.

At the dolorosa, the gang are there. Octavio tells them, “only two of you are very cold. Maybe you ate something, that was quite distinctive from the rest. Or maybe drank something that made you sick.” Poncho asks, “Juana Manny do you feel as if the cold penetrates your bones?” Juana Manny tells him, “yes that is it exactly.” Juana Bautista tells them, “look you two have a fight and then that will be over.” Orlando asks, “what my life is that what you read in the cards?” Juana Bautista tells him, “what cards no way listen. These two are a bunch of lazies boy. You can tell from far away, yes they both need the dicipline of a boxer.” Orlando asks, “why are you talking like Juana Manny my love?” Juana Calidad tells him, “its logic and typical she has the same characteristics of Juana Manny sign.” Mauricio tells her, “why are you talking like that?” Orlando tells him, “she’s talking like Juana Bautista.” Juana Matilde tells them, “no I know exactly what’s going on here. When the virgin de fatima showed up to those children. He told them clearly, they had to pray with a rosario. Plus tell the world that everyone had too pray. Nobody has done so, the way it should be. That’s why we are going to pray right now. Come over here now.” Miguel tells her, “Juana Matilde stop this and calm down.” Juana Matilde tells him, “in the name of the father son and the holy spirit.” Miguel asks, “are you feeling alright?” Juana Matilde tells him, “no I feel terrible Miguel. I don’t know the rosario, Juana Calidad please give me a lesson please.” Juana Bautista tells her, “we don’t have to worry. Everything has a time, what ever it is will be.” Mauricio nervously laughs and tells them, “now then girls you had us going and very worried. Hey that was a great joke, how chevede. That’s enough alright.” Juana Bautista angrily gets up, “so you think were joking. That were a bunch of clowns Fuentelafria?” Orlando tells her, “my love calm down.” Juana Bautista yells out, “well no.” Octavio tells her, “enough which ever juana you are. This occurs a few times but, the politician is correct. Enough with the jokes.” Juana Manny gets up and tells them all. “Hey one minute, one single minute no sir. This isn’t a joke, when we pulled that bad prank on poor Manuel Efe. Over in covena, at Mauricio Fuentelafria’s house. I won’t permit my sisters to do that again, with all you guys no sir. Poncho do you have, a hot water bottle around there.”

Back at the pink house, Tere tells them. “I don’t like you talking that way Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells them, “listen Tere earthquakes are around because there is the presence of the devil. It occured in 1979.” Ruben tells him, “everything has a logical explination.” Todoelmundo tells him, “listen Ruben everything in corzal is ilogical. Ilogical was when, all the rain fell down then one day a bright sun shone.” Ruben tells him, “well that was a meterological event we are used too. It was just a cyclone with rain, it arrived and left.” Todelmundo tells him, “yes but when the women suffered from the indifference kiss. Was that also a meterological event.” Ruben tells him, “that’s a sickness like every other one.” Tere tells her, “from that sickeness no Ruben Salguero.” Todoelmundo asks, “well then explain too me those strange lights that appeared all over town. All that buried treasure, even in the one in your backyard of your house.” Ruben tells him, “fine science hasn’t touched that. But I’m sure that a logical explination will be found for that. Because now we know, why there’s a rainbow after it rains. But before the indians thought, it was a manifestation of god.” Tere tells him, “what Ruben is saying has some sense in it.” Todoelmundo tells them, “what has sense has no sense. How can you explain the saint ursula church. It has fallen seven times, or how can you explain that the children couldn’t talk. The men became impotent in one month. Or how can you explain, in april not a single drop of water dropped down. Plus that has been proven, there were numerous accounts of infidedility.” Ruben asks, “when was this?” Todoelmundo tells him, “when in 1979 its one of digits that appear. That calculate 26, that is when devil takes over corozal. The earthquakes stop when he leaves.” Tere tells him, “now then enough talk with the devil please. Oh please or else he might show right here.” Then the earth begins going, Todoelmundo utters. “Dear lord, dear lord.” Tere yells out, “hey forget me man. I’m taking off todoelmundo, he won’t mess with me.” Todoelmundo ask, “see these earthquake prove the devil is among us.”

Over at the hotel, Nina is on the phone. “Hello no I don’t understand.” Manuel Efe tells her, “hey nina here’s my keys.” Nina ask, “exuse me but you speak italian right.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes.” Nina tells him, “well he’s an italian fellow I don’t understand nothing.” Manuel Efe tells him, “hello Franco how’s it going? How is the film going? The movie, I only heard that you had all left. Daaa, Geovani in Corozal? No he’s still in panama, a message for my cousin Ruben. Daaa I don’t understand what your trying to tell me. What is he saying? What I don’t understand? Who is this Francesco? Yes, I will tell Geovani when he arrives yes. My cousin Ruben, is the son of a man named Francisco daaa.”

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At the salguero house, Ruben is trying to work. But Manuel Efe is there bothering him. “Listen to me clearly I’m breaking all ties with you.” Manuel Efe tells him, “you can’t Rubencho for your my cousin we share the same blood. Daaa plus if you want to harm me. You would be hurting as well Juana Valentina.” Ruben tells him, “are you threatening me? Starting a rumor, that you yourself have invented.” Manuel Efe tells him, “hey I’m not inventing nothing. You very well know this Rubencho anyways. Fortunately that is now over, your going to marry Maria Delia. Let me tell you Rubencho, my relationship with Juana Valentina. Is going like hot cakes, more and more better. Its consolidating its forming.” Ruben tells him, “great this is all that I needed. Not only are you my cousin, but soon you would be my brother in law?” Manuel Efe tells him, “oh that would be my greatest dream.” Ruben angrily tells him, “listen here Manuel Efe. The fight stops when Calixto shows up. Hello father, are you planning on going out?” Manuel Efe tells him, “uncle if you want I will take you anywhere you want. My european car is outside.” Calixto tells him, “well thank you nephew. I perfer to walk a bit, then I can get sleepy and can sleep.” Manuel Efe tells him, “listen come with me back to the hotel. We have some rum, and then you can walk back here and go to bed rested. I also have to go to the hotel, to deal with those italian guys.” Calixto asks, “what italians?” Manuel Efe tells him, “you know those guys with the movie.” Calixto tells him, “oh yes.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes those italians Geovani Franco Francisco. Listen the thing is Francisco well he’s… When he doesn’t see the two move, or be shocked by that name. He tries a different approch. Well he forgot something at the hotel. You see I’m the only one, that speaks italian at that hotel. I am like a translator, you do understand me.” Calixto tells him, “fine fine I will accept your invitation. I’ll be waiting so then lets go. See you son.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes uncle lets go.” Ruben tells him, “Manuel Efe greetings to your accomplice Geovani fellow.” Manuel Efe tells him, “Rubencho listen with Geovani that was only and exclusively work related. I was just a translator, nothing else.” Calixto yells out, “come on Manuel Efe I’m waiting come on lets go.” Manuel Efe utters, “I’m coming uncle Calixto nothing not even a flinch. Reflect Manuel reflect.”

Over at the hotel bar, Calixto tells him. “A lot of strange things occur her in corozal. Other worldy at times.” Manuel Efe asks, “well I want to discuss this italians. To come all this way just to make a movie. Let me tell you uncle, corozal is pretty far away from italy.” Calixto tells him, “oh italy is so far away. What I’m referring too, its just extraordinary things. How about that indifference kiss. There’s a case.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes of course two times.” Calixto tells him, “yes two times this indifference kiss has occured. The first time it happened in sahagun nephew. Now the theory of Todoelmundo, is that this has occured six times.” Manuel Efe asks, “so these italian fellows have come by six times?” Calixto tells him, “no nephew the demon.” The man in the white hat appears, Manuel Efe utters. “The demon the devil uncle yes?” Calixto tells him, “yes that is the theory that todoelmundo has come up with. Its a bit confusing to say.” Manuel Efe asks, “yes do tell me what the theory of todoelmundo is or what?” Calixto tells him, “he thinks that every time one of these earthquakes come about. Well its the sign of the devil. So many extraordinary things can occur. Well that is what Todoelmundo has said. Manuel Efe tries to hide, but the man in the white hat has taken off. Now then nephew its late, and I’m going to bed. Hopefully the todoelmundo’s theory, makes me get too sleep. Goodnight and thank you nephew.” Manuel Efe then remembers, the talk Geovani had with the juanas. “I’ve been in corozal, one time before about 23 years ago.” Manuel Efe utters, “yes 23 years ago. I now understand so many questions. Oh yes of course, but who is this Francisco?”

The next morning, Manuel Efe visits the pink house. Juana Valentina is dressed like Juana Matilde. “I’ve brought for you, these delicious almonds chaket you don’t know how difficult it was for me to get you this. They are quite fine, and are all for you. So perfect such as you are.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh thank you so very much Manuel Efe. Well they are like, well I don’t know. A very nice gesture, oh come over here so I can give you a nice kiss. Sonny you are so very beautiful. Now then lets see how delicious they are.” Manuel Efe asks, “why are you wearing this?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I just don’t know my sisters and I. Well we are, how to explain this switched.” Manuel Efe tells her, “you mean like switched papers? What are you trying too tell me?” Juana Valentina tells him, “well I don’t know. The thing is every one of us, is like one another. But I’m not well you understand me right? I don’t think we should worry about it. But you know I think, its really chevede you know.” Manuel Efe tells her, “but thing is I don’t know but your like Juana Matilde. Well in everything.” Juana Valentina tells him, “still I am Juana Valentina or isn’t that important Manuel Efe?” Manuel Efe tells her, “oh yes of course. Yes that’s important my rabbit.”

Juana Valentina tells him, “oh man I really was missing you. With you I pass the days very chevede.” Manuel Efe tells her, “you know something I’m fulfilling a dream that I just don’t want to get up from ever.” Juana Valentina tells him, “now then Manuel Efe please do me a favour. There’s something, that I do want to tell you. Well the thing is, I don’t know. I have been thinking so very much, well I really think that. We should clear things up.” Manuel Efe asks, “and what is it all about or what?Just talk talk.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well alright I’m going to tell you. I have been talking with Ruben. Well I heard something, well that made me think. Well the thing is, I am not worried for a bit. Well I like things to be very clear. Well I don’t know, I’m just saying.” Manuel Efe asks, “about what?” Juana Valentina tells him, “look Manuel Efe. I did see you, I mean heard you say Manuel Efe. You were talking with Ruben, when you told him. Well that we were in love, and you know what that was a complete lie. Its a lie, you are mistaken Manuel Efe. Yes you are very mistaken sonny, so do me a favour.” Manuel Efe tells her, “oh yes yes of course.” Manuel Efe asks, “so did that bother you a lot?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes it did. Well it just shocked me, its just not true. Ruben and I, there’s nothing distinctive between us. We do have a relationship but were siblings.” Manuel Efe tells her, “oh yes very normal. Daaa how could I ever think there was something between the two of you. You know for you two, to have more than that. Plus considering your blood siblings and all. Its just impossible.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes totally impossible. Yes yes its impossible.”

Over at the judge’s house, the four are still doing some research. Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “listen we are in 1987 and everything is still good.” Todoelmundo tells him, “what interests us in 1989 judge.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “hey I’m almost there Todoelmundo. Have some patience, it says here. Every friday around three in the afternoon. The ladies from the christo religious society. They walked the principal roads saying the rosario. With a gold incense burner, that mysteriously disappeared. In one unfortunately fire, they also say well nothing else.” Calixto asks, “wait a minute comparde what do you mean nothing? Let me see, oh my its blank.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “listen I consult these books all the time. I never noticed that a whole page was erased.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “listen it might just be a coincidence.” Calixto tells her, “no there is much too much coincidence. We needed that missing page.” Judge Geremias Guerra looks at another book. “Oh here’s is something, wait a moment. Yes 1988 a interesting case in corozal. A man tried to sue a company, called san bario compania. Because he had papers stating, that there was a fraud in the company. They were never able to prove the case was true.” Margarita Cruz asks, “and what does that have too do with anything?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, ” I remember I read these pages. A couple of months ago, when I was working on that case.” Calixto tells him, “yes on a job you were showing me. So durning that time, you needed to see these pages from 1988 they weren’t blank.” Todoelmundo tells him, “san bario compania. S.m.s.h it was houses in monterey. They were businesses, that made circular dates and calenders. It was made up of several people of the population. Man I remembered, what the whole world knows Don Calixto.” Calixto tells him, “great man before you forget so what happened in 1988?” The earth begins to shake once more and Todoelmundo once again looses his memory. Margarita Cruz tells him, “oh dear lord.” Todoelmundo utters, “man I forgot again what occured in 1988 Don Calixto.” Judge Geremias Guerra utters, “umda.”

Back at the pink house, Manuel Efe is still with Juana Valentina. “You know something, I would do anything for you. Including on our honeymoon, we could even go to europe. If you want you, we could also take all your sisters. For me there’s simply no problems. You know as long as I can see that your happy. I will do anything.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh Manuel Efe I’m shocked oh man I just don’t have an answer too give you.” Manuel Efe tells her, “you don’t have to answer absolutely nothing. Listen think about it, then you can tell me alright. For I know the answer will be a afirmative.”

Juana Bautista shows up dressed up like Juana Calidad. “Saint antonia maria clairce.” Manuel Efe utters, “daaa.” Juana Bautista tells them, “you must answer blessed her saintly name.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes bless her saintly name.” Juana Bautista tells her, “Juana Valentina the lord knows. If you had been at the dolorosa, you would have had a pleasant time.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well us being here. We had a great time didn’t we Manuel Efe?” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes we did.” Juana Bautista tells them, “I say thank you to sor juanas inez de la cruz. That he heard my prayers, thank you for arriving Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes and why are you talking like that Juana Bautista?” Juana Valentina tells him, “man your as twisted and confused as Juana Matilde. Didn’t I already tell you. You know all about my sisters.” Manuel Efe tells her, “oh yes yes. All of your cables were twisted. But I didn’t think things, were very grave daaa.”

Juana Valentina tells Juana Manny, “hi.” Juana Manny tells him, “here has it been cold?” They all utter, “no.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no here girl.” Juana Bautista tells them, “I have been thinking this is a sign of something. If Juana Bautista reads the cards. We might find very interesting things in this destiny.” Juana Bautista tells her, “no way Juana Manny no I don’t play with demon things.” She then heads to the kitchen. Juana Valentina tells them, “umda just relax girl.” Manuel Efe utters, “daaa man this is for someone to go crazy.” Juana Manny ask, “are you nicely attended Manuel Efe?” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes.” Juana Manny asks, “do you care for a hot chocolate. Or a hot coffee please, it sure is cold around here.” Manuel Efe utters, “sure that’s nice.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I want one too.”

She then leaves and Mauricio and Juana Calidad come by. Juana Calidad punches Manuel Efe. “Hi there Manuel Efe, how’s it going?” Manuel Efe tells them, “what I’m hearing and seeing is really pathetic.” Mauricio tells him, “well you better get used too this european man. For this is quite serious, its no joke. Listen Cadi I’m going to pray, to your sor juanas inez de la cruz. So you can once again be the same. I am very tired of this.” Juana Valentina ask, “what’s tomorrow?” Juana Calidad tells her, “man your as flighty as Juana Matilde. Hey I just want to beat you up to react. For tomorrow Mauricio is going to ask for my hand.” She hits Manuel Efe one more time before taking off. Juana Valentina starts freaking out. “It just that, it just shocks me.” Juana Matilde shows up, “now calm down Juana Valentina enough already. Having that tempertantrum in front of Manuel Efe. Doesn’t it give you pity?”

Over at the salguero house, Ruben tells Maria Delia. “You know I think, your the only bride in town. That has had so many bachelorette parties.” Maria Delia tells him, “and the one’s that are missing. Carlotica Valderrama, Marujita Visbal, Gloria Revero.” Ruben tells her, “I think we should postpone the wedding. So you can go to all those bridal showers.” Maria Delia tells him, “oh no Rubensito don’t even say that as a joke Rubensito. Or else the devil will show up and he will ruin them.” Manuel Efe shows up, “Manuel Efe has arrived.” Ruben utters, “if it isn’t the king of rome.” Manuel Efe utters, “oh hello goddaughter.” Maria Delia tells him, “hello how have you been?” Manuel Efe utters, “Rubencho my cousin. My aunt Dona.” Dona Dona tells him, “hello nephew how are you?” Manuel Efe tells them, “its great seeing all of you.” Maria Delia tells him, “Manuel Efe nice to see you godfather. So how is your plane?” Manuel Efe tells her, “waiting to when ever you two want to go flying. Well go anywhere.” Ruben tells him, “well then your going to be left waiting.” Dona Dona tells him, “well in that plane of yours you should take me to Barranquilla. So I can buy that dress for the wedding. The date is so close, and you nephew nothing.” Manuel Efe tells her, “aunt you don’t even have to say it. We can go later if you want, we take that plane all the way to Barranquila.” Ruben tells her, “listen mother I wouldn’t permit you to go anywhere. If I know the plane is piloted by my cousin. Your really crazy.” Maria Delia tells him, “well count me in to go with you on that trip Dona Dona.” Ruben tells her, “yes and I’ll point you down that I’m taking you home. So come on say goodbye, we’re going. Bye mom, see you later.” Maria Delia goes to Dona Dona, and air kisses her. “Well then Dona Dona, thank you for everything.” Dona Dona tells her, “yes dear bye.” Maria Delia utters, “bye godfather.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes bye Maria Delia. Don’t forget in the shower, one has to comply.” Maria Delia tells him, “oh thanks for reminding me bye godfather.” Ruben yells out, “I’m leaving Maria Delia.” Maria Delia utters, “oh my love bye all.”

Manuel Efe tells Dona, “aunt I was talking with some italian men.” Dona Dona gets quite nervous, “italian men? So which one’s.” Manuel Efe tells her, “one that came from Barranquilla. He was selling some italian clothes from italy. Oh they were very beautiful.” Dona Dona gives a sigh of relief. “Hey you shouldn’t worry yourself so much nephew.” Manuel Efe asks, “why did you get that way? Or what?” Dona Dona ask, “what ever do you mean?”Manuel Efe tells her, “well I mean your just quite nervous. Your face changed as well, you began sweating and your hands trembled.” Dona Dona tells him, “the thing is european clothes are quite expensive Manuel Efe. One shouldn’t put so much emphesis on a dress. I mean one can easily buy it here.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes of course.” Dona Dona gets up, “oh this girl Ophelia is there more tea?” Manuel Efe utters, “you’ve been caught aunt. Daaa who would even have thought?”

Manuel Efe returns to his hotel suite. He throws everything on the table, “reflect Manuel Efe reflect. You must reflect right now, for you don’t have anybody you can reflects with. Think, Ruben is the son of my aunt Dona. Plus from a italian man, by the name of Francisco. Daaa hey what a fling my aunt must have had. Oh what a pity what a moment, daaa it only signifies one thing. He has a tempertantrum. That Juana Valentina and Ruben aren’t siblings. Well you know what, that isn’t important. For my aunt Dona, isn’t going to be talking too anybody. About that fling she had no way. The only thing she bothers my uncle Calixto with is. With those five sins of his iligitimates. Oh but her, yes she’s going to keep quiet. But I can’t be so sure of this, this doubt is right there. Attentive, now first solution. Ruben marries Maria Delia as fast as possible. Secondly Juana Valentina marries me, as soon as possible. That’s that.”

Juana Valentina is having breakfast the next day. “Please sor juanas inez de la cruz please enlighten me. So I can tells Manuel Efe the right response.” Juana Manny tells her, “yes too me Manuel Efe seems like a great person. Well I think, I don’t know I’m just saying. That he could be a good husband too you. Well I’m just saying.” Juana Valentina tells them, “oh I’m going to take things calmly. I have time to think about this. I know that the virgin will tell me, what I am suppose to do so there.” Juana Calidad tells them, “you know something last night. I was so very worried, over getting asked for my hand but. Well today, I began to think and I understood. That is Mauricio Fuentelafria is for me. Everything will go well, the one with the last word is destiny.” Juana Bautista tells her, “very good nun very good. Well what one should do, is put one’s breasts out in this situation. If someone interferes, well then break his face. Then that’s that.” Juana Manny tells them, “I couldn’t sleep at all last night because of this cold. Well I’m just saying, my room should have an heater. Well that will be a solution for me. Well I don’t know, but I’m just saying.” Juana Bautista tells her, “a heater in corozal. You’ve gone complete crazy Juana Manny. See this is what were going too do. We will wait a couple of days, hopefully you will recover. If no were taking you too the hospital. So a doctor can exam you. What ever demon has possesed you. Image you?” Juana Manny tells them, “no I just don’t think that’s a great solution. See with Poncho they didn’t find nothing. Its just that I’m pretty cold.” The phone rings, Tere angrily tells them. “You know what, you are all crazy and driving me crazy as well.” They all utter, “yeah right.” Juana Matilde tells them, “just answer the phone.” Tere utters, “oh hello Don Calixto.” Juana Valentina tells them, “we must pray that this goes away soon. That our personalites return to us, for I have never heard the case of a saint. That this occured too, oh no.” Tere tells them, “that was Don Calixto and he’s coming here. To get all of you, so he can show off the salon to Juana Manny.”

At the salguero house, Calixto tells Dona. “Listen Margarita Cruz is organizing a group of ladies. To do a rosario on friday, at three in the plaza.” Dona Dona tells him, “even with that she won’t be cleaning her sin.” Calixto tells her, “she asked me to invite you. Well I mentioned to her, about the gold monteseno rosario with the fine cross on it. That you inherited from you grandmother. She thinks its a good idea, well that you take it.” Dona Dona tells him, “first of all Mr. Salguero. She doesn’t have to bring messages through you. Plus I have no intention to reunite myself. To pray with a sinner, using my gold rosario that I inherited from my grandmother.” Ruben asks, “hey aren’t we going?” Calixto tells him, “sure were going.” Ruben utters, “bye mother.” Calixto tells her, “I should be returning around lunchtime. Look Dona, for helping out my daughter.” He kisses her, and she utters. “Yeah yeah yeah.”

Over at the pink house, the girls are dressed. Juana Valentina utters, “saint astokio bendita, sor juana inez de la cruz. Mother of mine, that is in the heaven’s above. Please iluminate me, for me to be able to make a decision. Hey and why am I thinking, well of getting married to Manuel Efe. Why is this, when I do love Ruben. No I can’t forgive him lord. For he did me wrong, but I do love him. Well then how can I think, of even marrying Manuel Efe Cuadradro. But that Ruben he did it too me with that Yolanda woman. Then he shows up with his scary frog face. Asking me to forgive him. He has guts that bastard, no well the best thing for everyone is. Well that Ruben marries Maria Delia. Yes that shocks me, but yes that is for the best. Well I don’t know, but I’m just saying. Well what if I do marry Manuel Efe? What would happen? Well yes it might be so, could it be?”

(Awesome acting.)

Juana Manny and the girls go to the new beauty salon. “Oh father this is so beautiful. I think its better than the last one. I’m just saying.” Calixto tells her, “you can say I have more experience than before. Plus your mother helped me out, in picking out the location.” Juana Manny tells her, “in fact in this place one has a feeling. Well of coming here to live or no?” The girls utter, “yes that is true.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh Juana Manny you must bless god for this. This is the best present, that you have ever received.”

Juana Bautista tells her, “this is great use this opportunity to fix up Juana Calidad for her big dinner.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no its best that Juana Calidad goes the way god brought her into this world. Because if god wanted her to be distinctive. She would have been created another way or no. I’m just saying.” Juana Bautista tells her, “hey don’t invent Juana Valentina. God also made hair sylists, and manicurists. Every one of them, that fixes us up. I am just saying. You should also get fixed up.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh no that doesn’t go with me.” Juana Calidad tells them, “I will allow anything that you wish to do too me. For what is meant to be, will be. For that is how things are written.” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes yes its written but if Mauricio Fuentelafria grabs you. Well I’ll be the first one that will hit him. Whoop whoop.” Juana Bautista tells them, “now then girls lets all get fixed up.” Juana Manny tells them, “alright I will fix all of you.” Juana Valentina tells them, “me no sor juana inez de la cruz never fixed herself up.”

Calixto touches his forehead, Margarita Cruz glances at Ruben. Ruben tells them, “I warned you old man. This exchange of personalities, is more grave than I thought.” Calixto tells them, “no everything is more grave than Todoelmundo has mentioned. Your mother doesn’t want to take part. With the ladies that Margarita is organzing.”Margarita Cruz tells them, “that doesn’t surprise me not for once.” Calixto tells them, “well the thing is I was interested and hoping. That she would use the gold montesno rosario, with the fine cross on it. Apparently that rosaries, well it has mystical miraculous properties. That is what your mother has told me.” Ruben tells him, “yes mother has mentioned that before. When I was a child, apparently that rosario helped my grandmother when she had arthritis. She told me my grandmother, would wrap it around her hand four times on the right hand. She wore it for six months, seven days a week and she was cured. Never again did she feel that pain.” Calixto tells him, “but you should really convince your mother. Help all those women who joined Margarita. If not she can lend the rosario. So we can use it when they join at the plaza.” Ruben tells them, “your still insisting its the devil. Enough change the topic already, I’ve had enough of it. Bye girls.” Juana Manny tells them, “hey wait right here we need someone really important. Oh father thank you, your so divine. I just don’t know how to say this, but I’m really very happy.”

Calixto tells them, “I just like seeing that all of you are so very happy.” Juana Manny tells him, “your so divine. My gift for your weddings, well be doing the make-up and hair for free. It will be the best of gifts.” The girls all utter, “thank you.” Juana Manny utters, “oh I’m shocked well this included the older sister. Well I don’t know, I’m just saying. That she has decided, to accept Manuel Efe’s marriage purposal.” Margarita Cruz glances at at very angrily Ruben. Calixto asks, “come over here so your saying that Manuel Efe purposed marriage too you Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes Don Calixto the saints are witnessed that I’m telling you the truth.” Calixto tells her, “yes he’s asked you on various occasions.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well this time its distinctive. This time around, he told me trasparently with his soul. I noticed it Don Calixto its a yes. I really do think, that Manuel Efe is really close to god.” Calixto asks, “come over here so what did you tell him?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I told him I was going to think it over. But I’m really considering telling him yes. I really do think that Manuel Efe has really changed so very much. I think that god iluminated him, I think he’s going to be a good husband for me.” Ruben is furious, but doesn’t say a word.

Todoelmundo visit the judge. “Listen I went over to various professors in their own homes. Get this all their books, well they were missing various pages. Especially when it was suppose to say, that mentioned the year 1988. Nothing could be found, even if you referenced that year. In fact the profesors didn’t even realize. How that date was erased from their memories. Especially when it deals with that year.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “yes I also had the same problem. I went to every law library, and I couldn’t find anything regarding that year. Nothing to shed clue to what is going on.” Todoelmundo tells him, “listen if we don’t do something about this. The devil is going to take full control here.”

Juana Caliad and Mauricio, are heading towards the salguero house. Mauricio ask, “do you really love me Juana Calidad?” Juana Calidad tells him, “yes I do Mauricio it has been written. That we are meant for one another.” Mauricio tells her, “the thing is lately you are very strange. You notice other men, sometimes you talk like your sisters. Well this has me very confused. I don’t know what too think.” Juana Calidad tells him, “feeling aren’t governed by reason. If it were so, it would be so easy for some people. The important thing is, what you feel for me. You don’t have too reason with it, do what your heart dictates you too do.” Mauricio tells her, “you know something I believe in you. That is why I believe you. Even if you talk like Juana Bautista, I just don’t care. For on the day that we marry, you will make me the happiest man in corozal. In fact the entire world.” Juana Calidad tells him, “well then lets do what we came too do. Come on go on in, its there your going to ask for my hand.” Calixto comes out, “Juana Calidad your future in-laws want to talk to you. Later on the formal part begins. Then you are going to ask, for my daughter’s hand in marriage. Well then, lets go in.” The earth starts shaking, Mauricio utters. “I’m so nervous I feel the earth shake. Lord please help me out.”

At the dolorosa Orlando is talking with Todoelmundo. “Living here in corozal, I have come to one conclusion. Logic doesn’t exist, hey its not easy for me to accept this. Well I have spent my entire life, teaching otherwise. I have been lying to my students, the worst is I’ve been lying to myself.” Octavio tells him, “just great the professor has an extistentialism problem. Here I thought that you had the hope. That you would shed light, on the strange behaviors of our girlfriends but no. Now I’m left with just the hopes.” Orlando tells him, “how can I explain things for I am going crazy.” Todoelmundo tells them, “I do know what’s going on. I have a theory, but everyone will think I’ve gone crazy.” They utter, “no Todoelmundo we won’t.” Juana Manny show up, “oh guys its cold hey Poncho give me a rum please.” Orlando utters, “she’s acting like Juana Matilde.” Juana Manny tells them, “I came by so I can take my scary frog. Over to see my new beauty salon. The salon is beautiful, well I don’t know but I am just saying. Sure your going to like it.” Octavio tells her, “oh my firecracker I wanted to see you like always my firecracker. Hey at least hit me ok.” Juana Manny tells him, “why am I going to do that. Listen why be like that, life is meant to be lived freely and without any problems. Well I don’t know, I’m just saying. Well yes I want my boyfriend, to be the first to see my beauty salon. That my father gave me, or no? I already told Juana Calidad. Well the first person, that’s going to get a haircut will be you. Well that’s what I believe.” Octavio tells her, “well at least you like all that cosmotology stuff.” Juana Manny gives him a hug and a kiss. “Oh my little scary frog, oh that’s strange. When I kissed you the cold disappeared.”

Over at the pink house, Juana Bautista is talking with Juana Valentina. “So are you really thinking about getting married to Manuel Efe?” Juana Valentina tells her, “I don’t swear for that’s a sin. Well I really do like Manuel Efe, I feel now a special attraction too him. Before it was just impossible too see. Well god knows, how he does things Juana Bautista. He does know, well its even surprising me that I’m always thinking about Manuel Efe instead of Ruben. Even though his name is still in my heart. I don’t want to condemn myself anymore with that. I know that Ruben will be marrying Maria Delia. I am not going to stop this or interfere.” Juana Bautista ask, “yes thats true. So when are you going to give Manuel Efe your answer. When will we see?” Juana Valentina tells her, “very soon but for now I’m praying to sor juanas inez de la cruz. So she can iluminate me, so then I can take the appropriate decision.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well girl hope its done quickly. Well then you can organize the wedding with us. Then we can all get married on the 12th.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh soon I will be as organize as you all.”

Juana Calidad returns, and Juana Bautisa asks. “So how did it go?’ Juana Valentina tells her, “well with that glowing smile. The virgin heard my prayers, things went well for you right?” Juana Matilde tells them, “the nun has been very misterious. She hasn’t wanted to tell us nothing. Man all I want too do, is punch her for her to react.” Juana Bautista utters, “calm down Juana Matilde.” Juana Caldiad tells her, “soon I will be Juana Calidad Salguero de Fuentelafria.”

Over at the pink house, Dona Dona is cleaning up the table with Ophelia.” Manuel Efe arrives, “Manuel Efe has arrived.” Dona Dona tells him, “how are you nephew?” Manuel Efe tells her, “daaa it seems there was an important dinner. Which I wasn’t invited?” Dona Dona tells him, “the Fuentelafria came by to ask for the hand of Juana Calidad.” Manuel Efe ask, “so they came by here to ask you for her hand as well?” Dona Dona tells him, “hey they insisted.” Manuel Efe tells her, “aunt you have changed so much with the juanas. Not only do you stand them, now your like the subsitute mother.” Dona Dona tells him, “nephew don’t say stupid things.” Manuel Efe tells her, “listen if you are defeated well me no. My vengence is going well, I just don’t know how, I’m going to get them out of corozal. Well in regards of Juana Valentina aunt, my vengence is going extremely well. I have asked her to marry me, she will respond yes.” Dona Dona ask, “what?” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes aunt and when I have her out of corazal. When I have her in my hands, there she’s going to pay every single one of those humilations. That she did towards me, and let me tell you there was a lot. Plus all of her sisters as well. Then you will see aunt. Yes then you will see a finished vengence.” Dona Dona asks, “you purposed marriage the oldest of the iligitimates.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes and why should that surprise you. You knew those were my plans.” Dona Dona tells him, “well what does suprise me is that the iligitimate oldest. Has even noticed you as a future husband.” Manuel Efe asks, “and why not let me tell you. She told me she was going to think about it. Its now just a formality, for she’s crazy for me.” Dona Dona is with Manuel Efe. “Now listen if she says yes, then let it be once and for all.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes to relax everyone.” Dona Dona tells him, “no nothing about tranquility. Well the thing is… Then Dona starts acting like Juana Matilde. Well the thing is, she’s going to be now related to a Cuadradro. Well I don’t know, I’m just saying. It just shocks me, I’m just saying.” Manuel Efe simply looks twice at her.

Tere is walking home, from the grocery store. When a guy runs into her, the man in the white hat sees this. She yells, “boy don’t you see what your doing sonny? The man in the white hat, helps pick up her belongings. He touches her hand, umda oh thank you sir. You are so very kind. He taps his hat and walks away. Then Tere gets the shivers, oh man that man is so very handsome. But he’s as cold as Juana Manny.”

Calixto tells Dona that night, as they are getting ready for bed. “Well everything is going quie well. Dona I don’t know how to thank you, for what your doing for Juana Calidad and me.” Dona Dona tells him, “well I know how?” Calixto tells her, “fine then do me the favor make sure the older one leaves corozal.” Calixto tells her, “yes Dona she’s planning on leaving so just relax.” Dona Dona tells him, “or get her married.” Calixto utters, “married? Well with who, she doesn’t even have a boyfriend.” Dona Dona tells him, “officially no but in the name of my nephew. Manuel Efe Cuadradro, I would like to officially ask, for the hand of your oldest daughter.” Calixto is shocked, “Dona what wait repeat that again.” Dona Dona tells him, “to add your now becoming deaf. Yes in the name of my nephew. I am formally asking for her hand in marriage.” Calixto tells her, “but Dona ever since I can remember. You have been against, my oldest daughter Juana Valentina ever since she has arrived in corozal. Now you want her, to be a part of your family through the direct line of marriage.” Dona Dona tells him, “well at least the name Cuadradro cleans your iligitimate daughters name. I’m now leaving this curiosity Mr. Salguero.” Calixto utters, “yes the devil is indeed in corozal.”

Juana Valentina has now become Juana Calidad. “Why are you saying, that its best that I marry Manuel Efe Tere.” Tere is now in bed, for now she’s now sick with the cold. She tells her, “well I haven’t commented it too you. The thing is Todoelmundo, has asked me to marry him.” Juana Valentina tells her, “levitated up to the sky. Thank you lord, oh he made it so that all the marriages would arrive at the same time Tere. So when are you getting married?” Tere tells her, “listen Juana Valentina do me a favor and stop talking like you sister. Plus Juana Valentina, I don’t know about getting married Juana Valentina. I just don’t want too leave you alone daugher. I know you far too well, that you wouldn’t want to live with me and Todoelmundo.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh blessed are you Terezalsura. Stop thinking about yourself, think about you and your future. I am going to be happy and overjoyed, you and my sisters organized. Well maybe in the end, I will organize myself.” Tere tells herm, “oh my daughter I just hope that Manuel Efe. Is the man that’s going to take Ruben Salguero, out of your heart my love. But I’m going to give you your last advice Juana Valentina. Don’t marry for spite girl, your going to regret it for the rest of your life girl.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I would have felt spite if Ruben had rejected me but. The lord wanted us to be siblings. That is how he wanted it, we had an opportunity to be together on this earth. Maybe in the celistial glory, we will be able to be together.” Tere utters, “oh in the glory at least daughter.”

Ruben is in bed, when Calixto goes to see him. “My mother said what?” Calixto tells him, “just like I’m doing it. She asked formally the hand of Juana Valentina, for Manuel Efe.” Ruben utters, “man the devil is in corozal.” Calixto tells him, “well that is what I said. First she is repulsed by her, because she is my daughter. Now she’s willing to accept her, as a member of her family. I just don’t know.” Ruben tells him, “Juana Valentina can’t marry Manuel Efe.” Calixto tells him, “well yes she can marry him. Its just that there’s nothing stopping her. Well what’s more suprising is, is this change of attitude of your mother and Juana Valentina.” Ruben tells him, “but father it just can’t be. Manuel Efe isn’t the husband for her.” Calixto tells him, “well you can’t exaggerate either. Ruben the man is a good catch, he has his money. He has his lively hood, well apparently he does love her so. Well it would do be good, that I see all my five daughters married. Well the thing is that’s driving me, to lose my hair is that your mother. Well she’s always thinking like this, well is a big deal with now cleaning the iligitimacy with the originalty of a good one.” Dona Dona has come out of her room, and sits and listens to the conversation. Ruben tells her, “father if Juana Valentina is thinking about marrying Manuel Efe. It might be enough, if she finds out that my mother is in agreement with this. She might decide well to deny this. I know what she’s thinking, well how she feels regarding my mother. If Juana Valentina says yes, my mother says no. Vice-versa in the decisions, then fortunately Juana Valentina will be saved and won’t have to get married to Manuel Efe my cousin.”

Calixto tells him, “listen your talking as if. Getting married to Manuel Efe, is like getting married to the…” Ruben finishes, “the devil is that what you were going to say? Father its more worse than that.” Dona Dona utters, “man he’s stubborn.” Ruben tells him, “no no father Manuel Efe doesn’t deserve a woman like Juana Valentina.” Dona Dona utters, “but you do deserve her.” Ruben tells him, “I’m going to be sincere with you. I am going to try to talk to Juana Valentina. I am going to try to stop this marriage.” Dona Dona utters, “but your going to marry Maria Delia.” Ruben tells him, “it won’t be easy for me to meddle. When Juana Valentina realizes, that my mother is in full agreement. Manuel Efe is out of the plan.” Calixto tells him, “Ruben your talking in another dimension.” Ruben tells him, “but father Manuel Efe is trapping my… My step-sister to marry him, he can deny it but he went out with Yolanda Del Cabrales. They set up the trap, so then Juana Valentina would think. Well so then everyone would find out, that I had an intimate relationship with her with Yolanda.” Calixto tells him, “your trying to tell me that Manuel Efe allied herself with that senora? So he can damage your wedding to Maria Delia? No that can’t be.” Ruben tells him, “it wasn’t too damage my wedding to Maria Delia. But old man, just forget it.”

The next morning, the guys are visiting the pink house. They are all very concerned, Orlando tells them. “Now you all know, I became interested in Juana Bautista because she was such a serious girl. You all know that, when you all thought up all that with Manuel Efe. Knew you couldn’t count on her, because she would destory that plan of yours. I just don’t think she’s joking around, well like you say with her sisters. This is quite a serious matter man.” Mauricio asks, “now then what logical explination are you saying. Well in regards how the juanas are behaving.” Orlando tells him, “I have already told you. The only explination there is, is that its illogical.” Octavio tells them, “I want to marry Juana Manny. But I can’t marry a woman, that is five different women at the same time. I just can’t.” Mauricio tells them, “you have a point they couldn’t have gone crazy. I guess now were going to find out.” Juana Manny calls out, “hey scary frog.” Octavio tells her, “how are you feeling today my firecracker?” Juana Manny tells him, “oh I’m still pretty cold I might have given it to Terezalsura.” Octavio kisses her, and then Juana Manny tells him. “Hey the cold is gone, I’m not cold anymore.” Mauricio asks, “really?” Orlando tells her, “well that’s great then.” Octavio tells her, “hey my firecracker your not talking like one of your sisters. So that means your getting fixed.” Juana Manny then tells him, “oh its coming back. Oh I don’t know, I’m just saying that in corozal its pretty cold.” Octavio tells them, “it was all an illusion thinking that things were getting better.”

Dona Dona shows up, “its a surprise that all of you are not having a party.” Juana Manny utters, “ave maria purisima.” Dona Dona tells her, “sin pecado concebido. Are your sisters here?” Juana Manny tells her, “yes senora we are all here.” Dona Dona tells her, “I don’t care to talk to you all. Inform the oldest, I need to talk to her right now.” Juana Manny tells her, “bless saint antonia maria clarice. Your suppose to say, may her name be blessed.” Dona Dona asks, “isn’t that one the boxer?” Octavio tells her, “well the thing is… I should say is Dona Dona. She has quit boxing, to become just a aesthetics you know beauty.” Mauricio asks, “yes Dona Dona would you care to sit down. Here’s a chair for you.” Dona Dona ask, “what are you the owner of the house now?” Miguel tells Orlando, “Dona Dona here in this house. Man in this town, a lot of strange things are occuring. In fact the strangest things in the world.” Orlando tells him, “well that’s what everyone has been saying. Everything that occurs here in ilogicial.”

Juana Valentina is putting lotion on her legs. “Wait Dona Dona is here? So what does she want?” Juana Manny tells her, “she wants to talk to you.” Juana Valentina asks, “to talk to me about what?” Juana Manny tells her, “do you really think she would explain things too me? Oh saintly lord, not a another problem.” Juana Valentina asks, “are all the guys downstairs?” Juana Manny tells her, “yes all of them.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well then tell her she has to come up then. If she wants to talk, she has to come up here.”

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Manuel Efe visits the salguero house the next day. “So is my aunt Dona going to be taking long?” Ruben tells him, “you saved me a trip to the hotel. Manuel Efe I need to talk to you cousin.” Manuel Efe tells him, “once again talking about your ex-boss. Man she left you completely obsessed.” Ruben tells him, “we are not going to talk about Yolanda Del Cabrales. We are going to discuss my sister Juana Valentina. You purposed marriage too her.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes I know that it hurt you. It must have hurt you so very much. Since you are in love with her, and you can’t deny it. That love between the two of you is impossible. We are talking about your sister.” Ruben tells him, “listen that supposed love is something that you invented.” Manuel Efe tells him, “fine then I believe you. Well then, why are you so jealous.” Ruben tells him, “its not jealousy its just that I am very worried about Juana Valentina. The same worry I have for all of my sisters. You aren’t going to make Juana Valentina happy.” Manuel Efe asks, “and why not? But why not? Listen for Juana Valentina I’m going to make a castle. Her my big bunny, that beautiful woman she will be my queen. Only her alone.” Ruben tells him, “you don’t love her. If you loved her, you wouldn’t have had to blackmail her. In supporting her, and the rest of my sisters. In exchange for a matrimony.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes its a purpose very decent. What occured it was badly interpreted by all.” Ruben tells him, “cousin one marries for love. One hopes, that a person one marries does it also for love. One marries because, one feels they can’t live. If that person isn’t with them. They love them so very much. One marries because, of that need. To continue breathing.” Manuel Efe tells him, “oh what phrases Rubencho yes what phrases. Listen is that why, your marrying Maria Delia?” Ruben angrily stares at him.

Over at the pink house Juana Valentina tells Dona Dona. “I swear too you I didn’t tell lies. There’s no point in doing so.” Dona Dona tells her, “you told me you weren’t in love. Now your engaged to my nephew.” Juana Valentina tells him, “listen when I saw you that day. Manuel Efe too me was indifferent. The next thing I knew, I became interested in him. That is what occured.” Dona Dona tells her, “so that means you just fell like that. Its quite difficult too believe.” Juana Valentina tells her, “listen Dona Dona everything that deals with love is difficult to believe. Or you don’t know, listen I have yet to inform your nephew my answer.” Dona Dona asks, “and what are you going to tell my nephew.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I don’t know the answer is already written. Even though neither of us know it senora. Nothing we do will change it, so don’t waste your time.” Dona Dona tells her, “listen for your own good and that of everyone. Its best your decision is a negative one. You nobody, wants you here in corozal. If you don’t know already, Mr. Salguero was suppose to tell you that you had to go. But you advanced yourself, by telling him that you had planned on leaving. The faster you leave the better, well in regards to my nephew. Forget about him, don’t even dream about being his wife. Manuel Efe is a Cuadradro, while your name isn’t even yours. Neither his parents or me, would authorize that matrimony. Never would we permit an iligitimate like yourself. Is a part of our family, regarding my nephew umda. Forget about the interest of love from him. He prefers european women, french girls, italian girl. European girls is what my newphew likes while you…” Juana Valentina tells her, “wait a minute the one that has everything is me. Its my decision if I want, or don’t want to marry your nephew. Now you better do me a favour respect me. Nothing that you do, or say will affect me do you hear me. Dona Dona Cuadradro, who knows maybe we will have the same last name. What do you think of that?” Dona Dona tells her, “don’t have illusions. You might hear from Mr. Salguero say, that I fully agree that Manuel Efe marries you. Well Mr. Salguero, takes himself his own way. Never will a Cuadradro, marry a Echenique.” Then she storms out of the room. Outside she utters, “man if I have been mistaken well with Ruben. I’ve really put my foot it in up to my neck.”

Juana Matilde is praying, “oh heavens hold souls in purgatory.” Dona Dona tells her, “soon they will have their pardon.” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes that is what your suppose to say.” Dona Dona looks at everyone then leaves the house. The house is left in an up roar, everyone talks all at once. “Hey what did she talk to Juana Valentina about?” Juana Valentina full of spite comes downstairs, “now then all of you are getting married on the 12th. Well then, I will also be the fifth for I am marrying Manuel Efe.”

Back at the salguero house, Calixto is talking with Ruben. “Listen if Juana Valentina wants to marry. Well we can’t stop her, its her decision. Well then she can marry him then she’s in full liberty too do so.” Ruben asks, “but father why Manuel Efe?” Calixto tells him, “listen Ruben you are…” Dona Dona returns home singing. “Son Mr. Salguero.” Calixto utters, “Dona?” Dona Dona tells him, “Mr. Salguero I need to tell you a few words.” Then she sings too her room, Calixto utters. “Everytime your mother sings, or she wants to tell me something. I don’t like it one single bit. I’ll go see what she wants.” Ruben goes to his room.

Calixto goes to see Dona in her room. “Dona what is it that you want to tell me?” Dona Dona tells him, “what’s going on is this. I am pulling back, what I told you last night. Never ever, will I permit my nephew. To marry your iligitimate daughter.” Calixto yells out, “but you yourself asked me last night on behalf of Manuel Efe.” Dona Dona tells him, “I must have been drunk. That is all Mr. Salguero.” Calixto tells her, “this is all because of the devil.” Dona Dona asks, “what devil are you talking about?” Calixto tells him, “the main guy the one with horns and tail. Listen one day, you tell me something, the next day you change your mind. Just like what occured with Carmichael Fuentelafria. Even the personality switch of my daughters. That is what I’m talking about. Man corazal has become hell.” He takes off and Dona Dona utters, “yes now Mr. Salguero has gone crazy.”

Over at the dolorsa, Juana Calidad is singing very badly on stage. The guys join her, but look away at the spectacle. The girls smile and cheer her on.

Back at the pink house, Tere is crying. “Please tell me what’s going on Todoelmundo?” Todoelmundo tells him, “you already know and don’t like me talking about it.” Tere tells him, “oh I’m so very nervous. The juanas are changing personalities, me and Juana Manny are cold. Even though outside the temperature continues to rise. You are forgetting everything.” Todoelmundo gives her a hug and a kiss. “Just relax relax.” Tere tells him, “todoelmundo my cold has gone away. Oh shoot it came back, and I’m trembling once again.” Todoelmundo tells her, “here drink this.”

Back at the dolorosa, the song is over. People clap too be polite. Juana Calidad tells them, “well I don’t know I’m just saying. Yes now I do understand you, Juana Matilde. Well singing is like, well how can I say this. Its quite chevede.” Juana Matilde angrily tells her, “listen Juana Calidad you have ruined that song.” Juana Manny tells them, “well you know what I think that we are a very good united group. Well I really think we are, partying too much and forgetting to pray.” Juana Matilde tells them, “yes that is so true.” Juana Manny tells them, “yes we should pray right now of our good intentions.” Octavio yells out, “what good intentions enough. Juana Manny stop acting like the nun. Your not the nun, well not even the nun is the nun. Enough the pot has now exploded.”

Back at the pink house, Todoelmundo gives Tere another hot coffee. “You know I don’t think, that the european fellow is right for Juana Valentina.” Tere tells him, “listen that is her decision todoelmundo but if she does marry him. Well I will marry you.” Todoelmundo excitedly ask, “so does that mean you have decided to marry me?” Tere tells him, “yes.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well that is the best news I’ve had in my entire life Terezalsura. But man it can’t be using Juana Valentina.” Tere tells him, “I am going to be sincere Todoelmundo. Yes for me I really do like to be your wife. I love what you have to say, when were having a meal. Breakfast, plus when we go to bed.” They hug and she’s warm again. He scares her, when he screams. “I remember, I remember.” Tere tells him, “now what did you remember? Your getting as bad as the juanas. What is your personality changing as well?” Todoelmundo tells him, “no Tere I remembered 1988 the priest. The children, the matrimony everything I love you so very much Terezalsura.” He kisses her and runs out of the house.

At the dolorosa everyone is fighting, the couples and the customers. The man in the white hat arrives and watches everyone. Poncho tells them, “things aren’t going to end well Juana Valentina. Someone has too do something.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes I know that.”

Todoelmundo has run over to Judge’s house. Geremias Guerra’s goes to the door, and then Margarita Cruz. Margarita Cruz asks, “who could it be?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “lets see.” Todoelmundo runs in, “listen in 1988 there was an earthquake. There was ice and snow. The father Julio decided to marry every single pair that loved one another. He would give them his blessing. They didn’t have to go to marriage counseling, they didn’t have to pay. No paperwork needed, they didn’t even have to dress up that day. They were all married in the plaza, and there was a beautiful sunshine. There was a 1 254 pairs, plus in october 1 254 babies were born.” Margarita Cruz simply smiles and yells out, “you remembered Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells them, “yes it was like in one second a light shone in my head.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “but something so very important doesn’t show up in the records. Listen so many marriages like that, one doesn’t forget that.” Todoelmundo tells them, “it seems that someone doesn’t want nobody to find out.”

Juana Valentina puts a fight to a stop, she screams. “Girls its time we go home. I don’t want this fight to end badly.” Manuel Efe show up and she goes and hugs him. “Oh my Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe tells her, “how’s my beautiful doll doing? Now where is that music, its coming from my heart. Drinks for everyone.” Orlando utters, “oh mr. playboy.” All the girls have now surrounded him. Miguel tells the guys, “something strange is going on.” Mauricio yells out, “Poncho enough nothing from me. I’ll have nothing from Manuel Efe.” Miguel tells him, “hey neither do I nothing from Manuel Efe Cuadradro.” Octavio tells him, “yeah the same goes from me no rum.” Orlando tells him, “the same goes for me now Juana Bautista come over here with me. I need to talk too you alone my love. We are going to do this tomorrow ok. See you then bye.” Juana Bautista tells him, “fine then bye.” Miguel gets Juana Matilde, “get over here we have to talk alone. We are also going to do it tomorrow heard me bye.” Juana Matilde tells him, “fine then go quickly.” Mauricio tells Juana Calidad, “now your going to pay me some attention. Hey we need to explain a few things alone.” Octavio tells Juana Manny, “by firecracker tomorrow I’m going to pick you up at the beauty salon.” We have so much to clear up my firecracker.” Then he kisses her, and she responds like Juana Calidad grabbing him and kissing him. Leaving him breathless. Juana Manny tells him, “hey scary frog my cold is gone.” Poncho sees her taking off her sweater, “hey Juana Manny your cold is gone well tell me the formula I’m going crazy here.” Then she screams, and the earthquake shakes the bar. Everyone runs out of the dolorosa. The girls left are grabbing Manuel Efe, but he’s screaming. “Please let me get out of here.”

Calixto is with Judge Geremias Guerra. “In 1 254 kids, father julio. without knowing it. Created a huge explosion in population demographic.” Todoelmundo tells them, “well Terezalsura stopped being cold. Well when she felt, the presense of love. Plus I remembered everything, when I felt love turn my skin into goosebumps.” Calixto tells them, “it seems there’s something in common with well against the malignant forces. Well it could be love.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well I fully agree with my comparde.” Margarita Cruz tells them, “I am saying yes we must do something.” Calixto tells them, “listen we have to do it discret for nobody is going to believe us.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “and yes where are we going to get all 1 254 people that want to get married.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “well in 1988 people obey the priest. Well considering how conventional the earth is today. There’s no priest that powerful, apart from his holyness pope. But the pope doesn’t have the time to come to corozal.” Calixto tells them, “we must think of something. Love doesn’t have to mean necessarily matrimony. Love is love, its a feeling that makes mountain moves. Florish the deserts, well taking one’s hand is an act of love. Kiss a child is an act of love. You know I don’t think we need, 1 254 to marry to have love.” Margarita Cruz asks, “well then what do you recomend?” Calixto tells them, “how about a big act of love. Something quite popular, we have to think of a pretext. If the people knew exactly, what we were doing. That we are trying to eliminate the demon. They are going to laugh in our faces.” Margarita Cruz tells them, “listen why don’t we do it at three. With the march of the ladies of the religious society.” Calixto tells her, “exactly for the march of the rosario is a march to show love towards god.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “I just hope that the devil doesn’t find out what we’re doing.” Then the earthquake hits, thunder and lighting is heard. Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “the devil has found us out Margarita.” The man in the white hat blows very hard. Moving everything all over the place.

The next morning, Todoelmundo gets up. “First I’m going to the Terezalsura at the pink house. Then I do the route of the market, well then towards the stadium. Its about 80 houses, yes Don Calixto its a big act of love. He tries starting his motor-cycle, hey come on motor-cycle. Your always a firecracker to starts now come on. The man in the white hat tries to stop him. Hey don’t fail me now, when I did you most of all. It has gas, come on motorcycle I need you really badly today. Umda fine then if you don’t want to help me. Then that’s it, umda. Hey kids did you hear, there’s a march of love. Come on I’ll inform everyone, hi Don Silvina. You who have six kids, do you know about the march of love?”

Judge Geremias Guerra and Calixto are walking and talking. Judge Germias Guerra asks, “now then comparde how are we going to do this preparation.” Calixto tells him, “don’t make it sound like a battle comparde. We are going to go ahead, you and I. Todoelmundo and Margarita Cruz. We are going to get the ball rolling, we have to do it word by mouth. Its the best thing that exists till now.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “I just hope this is effective.” The man in the white hat, points to the ground and the two are stuck. Calixto tells him, “we have to know that our asumptions are correct.” Judge Geremias Guerra ask, “hey why aren’t we advancing?” Calixto yells out, “relax relax enough we both know where this is coming from.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “yes I also know comparde.” Calixto yells out, “hi Ignacio Alicia. You who have been married for 36 years. Do you know about the march of love?”

Manuel Efe tells Juana Valentina. “Yes I’ve heard about the march of love. That’s something that people just invent. People of the tropics, do that so they won’t have too work. Just to waste time, just like those pagents.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well I want too go with you Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe tells him, “there’s sugar donkey etc. Hey what did you say?” Juana Valentina tells him, “umda I want to go with you.” Manuel Efe ask, “to the march of love.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes the march of love daaa. Yes let me tell you, how smart that fellow is to invent such a thing. The march of love, we are going to go together my rabbit.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes its quite logical. If I’m going to be your woman, we should go together.” Manuel Efe ask, “what are you trying to say?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I am going to marry you.” Manuel Efe tells her, “you don’t know what this moment means too me. You just can’t image it.” Then he kisses her. Its the best moment, the happiest of my love. Your not pulling my leg right?” Juana Valentina tells him, “no I don’t play those bad jokes. Considering this is so very serious.” Manuel Efe asks, “and when is that blessed day?” Juana Valentina tells him, “on the 12th around lunchtime. That date and time, I will be your wife.”

Maria Delia shows up, at the pink house with Ruben. “Oh my I feel so bad, for before I used to visit them so very often. Lately with so many things, that I’ve had too do. I have them quite abandoned oh no.” Manuel Efe leaves the house, “daaa finally it happened. Now here comes the sweet delicious vengence. You don’t know, what’s waiting for you Juana Valentina Echenque. You just can’t image it, Rubencho and Maria Delia. Daaa what a great pleasure to see you two. At such a procise moment, Maria Delia I want you to be my godmother. Rubencho you are too be my godfather.” Ruben asks, “of what?” Manuel Efe tells them, “of what I am going to marry Juana Valentina next month on the 12th. With the rest of the juanas, well how is your eye. Well say something.” Ruben is in shock, Maria Delia goes to him and gives him a hug. “Oh Manuel Efe congratulations.”

Margarita Cruz goes to the salguero house. She talks to Dona, “now then the march of love. Is at the same time as the march of the rosarios, for the ladies of religious society.” Dona Dona asks, “what the devil is the march of love?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “it will be at three on friday. We would like it if you accompanied us.” Dona Dona tells her, “oh Margarita I pray in church or in my room. When I do it I don’t like to exhibit myself.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “it has nothing too do with showing off Dona. We are just trying to recover an old tradition. Its said, that years ago the ladies of corozal. They would take their rosarios, to pray in the plaza. Plus go around the priniciples ares of town.” Dona Dona tells her, “apparently they don’t have nothing important to do.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “I’m listening to you and don’t believe it. Your not the same Dona Cuadradro, that was educated with the fundamental catholic upbringing. Yes its true we were young girls. But I have it very clear, when we would play at your house. Your grandmother always had her gold rosario of monteseno. She would repeat, those mysterious religiously. You prayed along with her girl.” Dona Dona smiles and tells her, “oh those were the days. But those were different times Margarita. Now I am not for those things. I am almost at the doors, of Ruben Calixto’s wedding.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “but it would be a great example for the youth of today. Your always saying, you worry about the morality of corozal. Well it might be a great opportunity to do so.” Then the earth begins to shake again. Dona Dona uttes, “man when will this trembling stop already. Margarita I have to confess something, I don’t have the gold rosario of monteso that my grandmother gave me. I pawned it.”

Margarita Cruz tells her, “but you loved that rosario Dona.” Dona Dona tells her, “its the best live memory of have of my grandmother. But yes I pawned it.” Margarita Cruz ask, “was the situation that bad?” Dona Dona tells her, “it was a few months ago it was when everything was finally passing. I didn’t do it for the money, but it was the principle that I personally had to fulfill.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “I just don’t understand?” Dona Dona tells her, “I can tell you because this is important too you. You must promise me you will never tell anybody.” Margarita Cruz asks, “why all the mystery?” Dona Dona tells her, “well you were the one. That told me that the daughters of my husband. Were supporting my house, during those anguished days. Well I just couldn’t keep relaxed after this Margarita Cruz.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “so that means you pawn it out of generosity?” Dona Dona tells her, “I know when too be thankful.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “so you were the reason they would mysteriously find money. At the pink house, all the juanas were quite intrigued.” Dona Dona tells her, “I just hope I don’t regret confinding in you Margarita Cruz. Well then I’ll see, if we can get some juice. Oh man its getting pretty hot, oh girl Ophelia.” She leaves and Margarita Cruz utters, “your still the same Dona Cuadradro that I knew. You pretend to be hard on the outside, but on the inside you are the same girl that studied with me.”

Over at the pink house, Ruben is really depressed. Maria Delia sits with Juana Valentina. “Care for a sweet french almond, now then lets talk about the dress. I suggest you get it made Juana Valentina. I spend days going through, every single one of these shops. I didn’t like a single model that I liked. Senora Gloria is a great dress maker. Just say how you like the dress. She makes it like she has read your mind girl.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh my god bless you Maria Delia. Thank you for your great suggestions. Well I just think, that getting married is quite costly.” Maria Delia asks, “well why are you talking like this like Juana Calidad.” Ruben tells her, “Maria Delia later I will explain. Well then since my sisters, haven’t returned we are leaving. Sarcastically he tells her, Juana Valentina I wish you so much happiness with my cousin. Your going to know, so much about europe.” Maria Delia tells her, “we’re going to be the godfather’s of the wedding. We hope you and Manuel Efe decided this.” Ruben tells her, “oh yes and I hope that you have children soon. I’m just dying to have nieces and nephews.” He kisses Maria Delia, and Juana Valentina tells him. “Thank you so very much for your kind wishes Ruben. I too wish you the same thing. I hope you build a nice home, for the glory of the lord.” They stare at one another before he takes off.

Over at the art studio, Juana Bautista tells Orlando. “A march of love, doesn’t it sound very chevede. Hey come over here, who’s idea was that walk anyways.” Orlando tells her, “well I don’t know but apparently its your father, Judge Geremias Guerra, and Todoelmundo. They are a part of the organizers.” Juana Bautista ask, “and what do you have to say about this? Well I think I don’t know, but it sounds delicious. We are going together.” Orlando tells her, “yes my love thats why I’m here to invite you.” Then they hear lighting, “what was that? Listen boy if it starts raining, nobody is going to go to that march of love.”

Over at the dolorosa, Calixto shows up. Poncho tells him, “hi Don Calixto what a rain storm.” Calixto tells him, “first its a blazing heat then its the rain that drowns one. Then suddenly it starts to rain. Well if it wasn’t what I know, one would say there’s no explination.” Poncho tells him, “yes and there’s no explination why I am still very cold. Its just unjust.” Calixto tells him, “hey have a rum and give me one as well.” Poncho tells him, “rum, hot chocolate, hot chicken stew. I get absolutely nothing, this coldness will never go away. I’m just saying, this is an act of the devil Calixto.” Calixto tells him, “yes you have said it.” The man in the white hat, continues to destroy the area with the wind and rain.

Over at the beauty salon. Octavio and Juana Manny are together. “So when are you going to have a grand opening for the salon?” Juana Manny tells him, “on monday that’s why I’m cleaning up here. Everything is almost ready, how about helping me broom ok.” Octavio tells him, “I perfered it when you asked me to do everything but hits.” Juana Manny asks, “what is that noise?” Octavio tells her, “it seems to me its a windstorm.” Juana Manny tells him, “a windstorm nobody is going to go to that love march.”

Over at the church Juana Matilde tells Miguel. “You know what I think, that’s a sin.” Miguel asks, “what is a sin Juana Matilde its that march of love.” Juana Matilde tells him, “I just think it has a name of libertene well Miguel no.” Miguel tells her, “but your father is one of the organizers with that I’m telling you everything.” Juana Matilde tells him, “fine us two will go Miguel. Well may god forgive me, if I’m doing this badly.” Miguel tells him, “oh saint antonia clarice should be so very happy as I am.” Juana Matilde tells him, “your suppose to say sor juana inez de la cruz. Or saint antonia maria clarice.” Miguel kisses her cheek, “thank you.” Juana Matilde tells him, “don’t give me kisses Miguel. Especially now that were at church.” The church door slams shut. She gets on her knees, “please saint astokio bendita. Miguel we have been locked up here.”

The man in the white hat, is sitting down when Mauricio and Juana Calidad come running by. Juana Calidad tells him, “instead of a march it should have been a marathon.” Mauricio tells her, “not everyone is physically fit my love.” Juana Calidad tells him, “you mean we have it Mauricio. Yes you really do need to do more exercising.” Mauricio asks, “do me a favour Cadi. Tell me yes or no, we are going to that march. Or else I’m going to fall down here, in sheer exhuastion.” Juana Calidad tells him, “man your lazy no fregue. Fine then we can go to that march of love. I’m warning you of something, we are going to walk it completely. Now come on, lets go go go. One two three.” Mauricio falls in a hole and yells out, “oh mother…” Juana Calidad utters, “Mauricio you better not be playing around. Or else I’m going to hit you in the mouth. Mauricio Mauricio.”

Over at the pink house, Todoelmundo is talking too them both. Tere tells him, “its not that original?” Juana Valentina tells her, “I don’t know why I’m going to deny it. Plus I think, that the planets are in correct alignment. For a favorable event such as this. Yes of course Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo holds Tere’s hand, “now I want to hear a response coming from you.” Tere tells him, “yes Todoelmundo alright. I am going. I just hope that it gets rid of this blasted cold that I have.” Todoelmundo tells her, “the idea is that it removes everything. He then kisses her, oh I almost forgot. Now then I found this, at the front door. Its a bit wet and the address is terribly written.” Juana Valentina tells them, “I get a feeling that this letter has travelled many oceans and locations. Before coming to this house. Hey its says Terezalsura, just look at it.” Tere opens it and gets very excited, “its from my mexican sailor. Look look its from my mexican sailor Juana Valentina.” Todoelmundo becomes very sad upon hearing this.

The man in the white hat looks around the plaza. Everyone is wearing jackets and long sweaters. By the church, the clouds move all over the place.

Over at the dolorosa the guys are talking. Todoelmundo sadly enters and sits down. They ask, “hey todoelmundo what’s up?” Mauricio asks, “now tell me how goes the march of love?” Todoelmundo tells them, “it hasn’t been easy all obstacles apparently show up. So did the juanas decide to go?” They utter, “yes.” Todoelmundo tells them, “Juana Valentina also decided to go. Regarding Terezalsura I just don’t know. First she said she was going, now she said she wasn’t. Then she said she wasn’t going.”

Over at the pink house, the girls are all together. Tere is overjoyed at seeing her long awaited letter. Juana Bautista tells her, “so we heard your going to marry Manuel Efe. Is it definate?” Juana Valentina tells her, “definantely afirmative. In fact I have already told Manuel Efe, the yes and everything. So decisively I have already told Ruben and Maria Delia.” Juana Calidad goes over too her, “oh daaa man let me give you a big hug and a hearty congratulations. I feel like I have won the boxing champion of the world.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well I feel like well I don’t know. I am very happy, that well we are all going to get married together. Man its quite chevede.”Juana Bautista tells them, “well thaks to sor Juana Ines de la cruz. To wish everyone a very happy union.” Juana Manny tells them, “its just incredible that you are going to get married to Manuel Efe. To think we couldn’t stand him, in fact destiny will never stop surprising us.” Tere tells them, “come on Juana Bautista how about reading my cards. I just want to know what’s going to happen with my mexican sailor. Can you just image all of us, getting married at the same time.” Juana Matilde tells her, “hey wait one minute Terezalsura what are you thinking or no. What mexican sailor, you have too think quite clearly about this Tere. You were going to marry Todoelmundo. Yes right now, you must be very impacted receiving that long awaited letter. That finally arrived at this late period of your life girl. But no sir, you have too think clearly. This doesn’t mean, your in love or anything else.”

Tere smiles and tells them, “listen I’m just thinking of all the moments I spent with that mexican sailor. Well I don’t know, I see me on a boat with him. Seeing the sun drowing into the sea, when it becomes darker.” Juana Calidad tells her, “oh Terezalsura I’ve never heard you talk this way before. It seems they hit your head. Do you want me to hit you again, so you can be like you were.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well the thing is I don’t know. I’m just saying seriously, that you can’t do this too Todoelmundo. Well I don’t know, but I’m just saying.” Tere tells them, “well the thing is I don’t know what’s happening with me. Todoelmundo is becoming really annoying. I don’t like him anymore. Plus I don’t want to go too that blasted march of love.” Juana Matilde tells her, “no senora your going to go. Your going how ever your going. The march of love, was created by Todoelmundo. Girl that’s a low blow for todoelmundo. Yes so do me this favor.” Juana Bautista tells her, “give this sacrifice to the lord.” Juana Valentina tells her, “listen Tere stop being a wet blanket. I am shocked with you, look all of us are going. Its going to be quite chevede, yes we’re all going right? Come on girl lets go.” Tere tells her, “fine then I’ll go but only for you guys nobody else.”

Over at the salguero house, Calixto is overjoyed. “Don’t you see what this signifies Ruben.” Ruben tells him, “yes Juana Valentina is going to marry my cousin.” Calixto tells him, “no she’s not leaving corozal. I want to get on my knees, to thank the heavens. Well Manuel Efe isn’t the best son in law, I would have chosen. She chose it, and she wanted it this way. Well the issue is your mother.” Ruben asks, “my mother? But didn’t she already ask her hand for my cousin.” Calixto tells him, “well that was in the past. She has changed her mind. I’m telling you the devil has his hands in all of this.” Ruben asks, “wait a minute did you tell Juana Valentina. That my mother was against this.” Calixto tells him, “no I didn’t have the chance.” Ruben asks, “so did you talk to Manuel Efe?” Calixto tells him, “no.”

Manuel Efe arrives, “Manuel Efe has arrived well with a dress.” Calixto shakes his hand, “hey I just heard the news with you and Juana Valentina. I like it very much.” Manuel Efe tells him, “thanks uncle I mean father in law.” Calixto tells him, “the problem is your aunt.” Dona Dona shows up, “hi nephew of what?” Manuel Efe tells her, “now then first things first. This is the dress aunt, I found for the wedding of Ruben. Truth is I found it in corozal, I talked to the owner. He says, if you don’t like it you can go back and chose another. Another thing If it needs fixing, well you can do it right here in corozal. Not in barranquilla with those italian men.” Dona Dona tells him, “I have to accept that yes this is a lovely dress.” Calixto grabs him, “now then nephew tell her after the dress.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes yes aunt. Large or small words, I am getting married to Juana Valentina Echeinque.” Dona Dona glances at a still, very annoyed and angry Ruben. Dona Dona tells them, “I am tired and exhausted. I feel like I feel. She sits down, I am tired of fighting always in the end come out loosing. You are hurting me so very much nephew, but you know what do what ever you want. But all I am asking is, take her away from corozal.” Dona Dona asks, “and when are you getting married.” Manuel Efe tells her, “on the 12th just like the rest of the juanas.” Dona Dona asks, “can you stop this?” Manuel Efe tells her, “not anymore.” Dona Dona tells him, “fine marry that iligitimate girl. Don’t count on my blessing.” Manuel Efe tells him, “hey Rubencho Rubencho you are going to be the godfather of the wedding. Just like I asked, and you said you would do it. Don’t you worry, I am going to take good care of your sister.”

Todoelmundo runs in, “Don Calixto Don Calixto.” Calixto asks, “what’s going on now?” Todoelmundo tells him, “on the same day of the march of love. Well Julio Iglesias will be perfoming, in the main principal plaza.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “plus the secretary of arts they are going to quickly go today. To start fixing up the plaza for such an event.” Calixto tells them, “we must go to the mayor.” Todoelmundo tells him, “more so Don Calixto. In all of the calenders, there’s no mention of friday. Just see, they totally skip fridays. See monday tuesday wednesday thursday saturday sunday. Friday was the day of the march of love.” Then the earth begins to shake, Manuel Efe yells out. “Daaa its trembling once more.” Ruben goes over and hugs his mother.” Calixto tells them, “forget that they contracted Julio Iglesias. They want to fix the streeets. No this simply can’t be.” Dona Dona tells them, “dear saint Mr. Salguero. What are you trying to tell us?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “the devil doesn’t stay still comparde.” A sheet blows inside the house. Manuel Efe utters, “daaa Don Calixto a piece of paper has entered the house and there’s something on it.” Calixto reads it: “When things go badly, or when you hear things go bad. When your road is fresh, all you have to do is climb those moutains. When you have less too see, or lots too pay. Instead smile instead of crying, when the pain overtakes you. When you can’t suffer anymore, you should rest but no. Don’t stop resisting, behind every doubt. Behind every shadow, one must see the triumph instead of the failures that you feared. Don’t doubt your ignorance, the good might be so very close than you thought. You are playing at a distance, fight for everything. Before you have to suffer, when everything is worse. One must continue insisting.” Todoelmundo tells them, “the one that wrote that is kipling.” Ruben and Calixto utter, “what?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “hey that sounds like your daughters.” Calixto tells them, “listen that devil could be smarter than me. But you know what, I’m smarter and older.” Enough then forget it, all of you outside.”

(Rudyard Kipling was a well known writer. He was born Joseph Rudyard Kipling december 30, 1865 in Bombay India. He was also a poet, and journalist.)

Todoelmundo is ready to leave, when he’s stopped by Judge Geremias Guerra. Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “he means the whole world has to come outside now.” Calixto tells him, “you understood me well. You go get Maria Delia. You go and get Juana Valentina and the girls.” Manuel Efe tells him, “you know what uncle no thanks. Calixto grabs him by the ear, ouch my ears.” Calixto pushes him out the door, “now you go get the guys. We are going to do this march today. Now dear go and put on your walking shoes. Dear what are you waiting for?” Dona Dona simply glances at him. Calixto tells the judge, “listen inform everyone that the march that was suppose to be on friday. Has been changed to right now. Now go ahead comparde. Dear come on go, change your shoes.”

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Todoelmundo heads to the dolorosa. Octavio tells him, “hey wasn’t that march of love on friday?” Todoelmundo tells them, “we can’t do it on friday for various reason. They’re is no fridays this month.” The guys start complaining, Todoelmundo tells them, “hey don’t believe me just check your calenders.” Poncho gets very annoyed, “dad how about that calender over there.” Todoelmundo tells them, “a lot of strange things are happening here.” Poncho tells them, “there’s no fridays I ate the friday.” Todoelmundo tells him, “see check it out.” Poncho utters, “wednesday thursday wait where’s friday. What happened?” The guys look at the calender, “oh man your right no fridays.” Poncho tells him, “just great the dolorosa is screwed.” Mauricio asks, “why?” Poncho tells him, “on fridays that’s the days we start charging people’s their tabs. Damn were not going to open, so were not getting paid.” Todoelmundo tells him, “enough of that talk. First things first, all of you go and advise the girls. I have to go to another location to inform the people.” Mauricio tells him, “sure.” Miguel asks, “would you like us to take charge of Terezalsura?” Todoelmundo tells him, “I’ll take charge of her well even though. Terezalsura has other interest.” Then all the guys head out.

Octavio arrives at the pink house and picks up Juana Manny. Juana Manny forgets her sign and goes back inside. Mauricio enters and picks up Juana Calidad. Orlando is next and picks up Juana Bautista. Juana Manny and Octavio, then take off to the plaza. Miguel runs in and picks up Juana Matilde. Orlando and Juana Bautista take off. Manuel Efe arrives, checks his car then enters the house. “Where is my bunny rabbit?” Miguel tries to kiss Juana Matilde, she simply pushes him aside. In the end they both leave together.

Inside Manuel Efe tells Juana Valentina, “you know these earthquakes. Its just the earth is moving around, the land still hasn’t stabalized in this territory. Well not because, of well you know who. Well like my uncle Calixto says its the devil.” Juana Valentina hits him he utters, “daaa.” Tere continues staring at her letter. Juana Valentina ask, “and why has the date been changed?” Manuel Efe tells her, “friday’s don’t show up on any calenders. Julio Iglesias will be performing in the plaza. They are closing the streets to fix it.” Tere uttes, “Julio Iglesias in corozal. Oh man its a miracle, not signs from the devil.” Juana Valentina hits him he howl in pain. “Well then if Don Calixto, says its important. Well then lets go then, now come on Tere.” Tere tells her, “Juana Valentina I am not going. Please understand me, hey one minute Juana Valentina. Hey just see, what the mexican sailor sent me. Its just strange that the moment without thinking. Well it just shows up, what if he does and I’m not here. So no, I’m not going.” Juana Valentina tells her, “hey I don’t know I’m just saying. You shouldn’t be doing this too Todoelmundo. Well I don’t know, I’m just saying.” In the end Manuel Efe leaves with Juana Valentina. “Hey you have something in your eyes.” Then he kisses her, she utters. “This shocks me.” He picks her up, and puts her in his car. “Daaa.” Todoelmundo is sad, when Tere doesn’t want to go with him. But in the end Tere changes her mind. Then all go to the march.

At the march Calixto tells Judge Geremias Guerra. “Man were fighting with everything we got comparde. Hopefully this turns out well.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “yes and love triumphs comparde.” Maria Delia shows up with Ruben. Maria Delia greets Dona Dona. Then Juana Valentina and Ruben’s eyes lock. She looks away, Manuel Efe kisses her hand. The man in the white hat watches them. Dona Dona tells Calixto, “I am with you Mr. Salguero?” Calixto tells her, “thank you Dona. He kisses her hand, and away they go. I am going to begin the march of love.” Lighting hits a tree, the group scream. Calixto yells out, “we are not going to fall back with what ever occurs. We will show him, that love conquers all. Everyone grab each other’s hand. The pairs glasp hands, and they all look around. Hurry everyone hold hands, lets go now.” Manuel Efe sees the man in the white hat, he utters. “Daaa.” Juana Valentina tells him, “you know something maybe Todoelmundo is correct about these things. Come on these things, that occuring are signs of the demon now come on lets go.” Manuel Efe utters, “who?” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh come on already I am shocked.” The band starts up, and they begin to march. “Don’t stop what ever happenes.” The man in the white hat, puts a wall of fire between them. Tere yells out. “That’s the man that made me cold.” Calixto yells out, “no fear come on lets go now. Love conquers all, come on lets go.” Dona Dona tells him, “Calixto I can’t go on. I am very thirsty.” Calixto asks, “anybody have water. What do you mean there’s no more water.” Ruben tells him, “all the bottles of water are gone. Look they have vanished, all the taps no water comes out.” Calixto yells out, “is there no water juice anything.”

Juana Bautisa tells Orlando, “I’m staring to get scared. May sor juana inez de la cruz protect us.” Orlando tells him, “my love relax everything will pass.” They kiss, and she tells them. “His kiss tasted like drinking juice of tammageno. I’m not thirsty anymore.” Orlando tells them, “everyone kiss your girlfriends.” Calixto yells out, “everyone kiss someone. Dona I’m going to kiss you.” Dona Dona tells him, “I’m not going to kiss you in front of all these people. In the end he kisses her cheek. She utters, “its like apple cider remember when we were dating.” Calixto yells out, “everyone kiss someone. Aunts, uncles, parents, brothers, sisters.” The gang kiss their pairs, Maria Delia kisses Ruben. Juana Valentin sees this, and returns Manuel Efe’s kiss. Tere gets kisses by Todoelmundo and Poncho. Then the man in the whte hat slowly disappears. Calixto yells out, “get the hell out of here. We have won, we have won. Juana Matilde sing sing sing.” Juana Matilde tells him, “no I don’t want too I’m scared.” Calixto screams, “sing sing.”

Then Juana Matilde sings a song. Everyone begins joining in, and they all stand by the church. The girls now are all hugging one another. The man in the white hat continues, and in the end he’s gone. Calixto yells out, “he’s gone gone gone.” All the girls are now back too normal.

Juana Calidad tellls them, “thank you so vey much sor juana inez de la cruz. Saint astokio bendita, saint maria antonia clarice.” Mauricio stares at her happily and tells her, “Juana Calidad my Juana Calidad is the same as before. My dear heart nun.” Juana Manny tells her, “enough with the sermons you nun. Oh when are you going to change?” Octavio looks at her and happily tells Juana Manny, “don’t you ever neither do you my firecracker. Oh I’m so happy, that you have been re-lit.”

Juana Bautista tells Orlando, “it seems every personality that was apart from their senses. Well have all gotten back together once more. Even though on certain days, are astrological signs might coincide we might change. The astro in the end have the last word.” Orlando tells her, “its logic Juana Bautista pure logic. You are correct in everything my life. He kisses her, yes you are correct on everything my love.” He then hugs her once more.

Juana Valentina tells Manuel Efe, “this is so marvelous. Oh dear lord thank you so very much.” Manuel Efe continues to kiss her hand. It feels like a special energy went through my body. Didn’t it feel that way for you?” Manuel Efe utters, “yes yes yes.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes once again I can breathe. Once again I am myself once more.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes I feel the same energy. Oh what beautiful hands.” Juana Valentina pulls away from him, “do forgive me alright bye.” Manuel Efe sadly watches her leave.

Juana Matilde tells Miguel, “you know something. Well I don’t know, I’m just saying. All this is like so true, well I don’t know I’m just saying.” Miguel happily tells them, “there is my Juana Matilde once again as flighty and indecisive as ever.”

Tere tells Todoelmundo, “I’m not cold anymore. I’m hot and I do love you so very much. I don’t know why, I put so much balls on that letter. From the mexican sailor.” Todoelmundo tells her, “yes that is what I wanted to hear Terezalsura. Don Calixto I think we did it.”

Calixto tells the judge. “We did it didn’t we judge. Now come back here Dona.” Dona Dona simply goes home. Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “this has been the most difficult of cases in my career. As a municipality judge. I really think we need a congratulative drink.” Calixto smiles when he sees his girls hugging one another. Ruben pulls away from Maria Delia and watches Juana Valentina.

Juana Valentina tells Juana Bautista, “you know what saddens me about all of this. Is that love does conquer all.” I am no longer in love with Manuel Efe. Including the devil, but when it has something to do with blood one can’t do nothing.” Then both glance at Ruben, then they hug once more..

The gang once again heads to the dolorosa. Juana Matilde and the guys sing once more. The couples sing and make out. Juana Matilde tells Poncho, “hey man I’m really thirsty with that walk. I need a rum.” Miguel tells her, “oh you did a great job my little Gloria Estefan.” Poncho tells them, “hey rum for everyone for Poncho Sarmiento has been cured. So rum for everyone.” Everyone cheers, and high fives Poncho.

Over at the salguero house, Judge Geremias Guerra tells him. “Listen we have to write this down, in the journals and chronicals of corozal. So the future generation can fight the badness.” Calixto tells them, “well with love comparde but one could use the rosario for so much more.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “now on saturday were holding a rosario meeting. Over in aeora, than in perten. So what do you have to say about this?” Dona Dona tells her, “listen Margarita I have already told you don’t count on me. When I pray I do it in private.” Calixto tells her, “hey that’s a great idea to show off your gold rosario from monteseno with the fine cross on it. That you inherited it from your grandmother.” Dona Dona tells him, “I just don’t want nobody to rob it. The devil probably left corozal, but there is still one or another robbers out there. Oh girl Ophelia, what happened with the water. Hey how about giving some lemonade as well.” Dona Dona then heads to see Ophelia.

Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “definately in this city it seems like a dozen.” Calixto asks, “why do you say this comparde?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well the radio station contacted Bogota to inform about the news. Of our triumph, and you know what the radio guy said. That we were a bunch of liars, we in corazal were like this. A bunch of liars and fakers.” The guys then laugh, Calixto tells them. “What I think, is that all the corozal people should head to the capital. So we can try to get rid of all there demons. That are probably all over the place.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “listen Calixto we need to talk. Now I promised something, but I just can’t hold back. Its concerning your woman’s, gold rosario well she pawned it.” Calixto utters, “what?” Margarita Cruz tells him, “yes yes she pawned it but it was a sign out of love.”

Back at the dolorosa, Poncho tells them. “Now lets give a special hand, this is for the five juanas and Terezalsura. Well on the 12th, they are going to make happy four corozal friends of mine. A fellow from Barranquilla, and one european fellow.” The group kiss their partners, but Juana Valentina doesn’t want nothing to do with Manuel Efe. “Juana Valentina I do love you. Oh yes your going to make me very happy.” Juana Valentina utters, “enough already.” She rubs the tears from her eyes. While Manuel Efe makes a speech, “‘I’m taking this opportunity to talk about my honeymoon with my rabbit. Juana Valentina my Juana Valentina. This is the case, we will arrive in Madrid. From Madrid were going to Paris, in Paris were going to see the Effel Tower. We’re going the arc de triomphe, well its not small but a pretty big one. Later were going to the city of the boats.” Juana Valentina tells them, “Manuel Efe enough.” Manuel Efe tells them, “well then we will continue later.” Juana Valentina tells them, “well I want to really congratulate all of you. On the day of your matrimony oh yes.” They utter, “thank you.” Juana Valentina looks over at Ruben and Maria Delia. “You Ruben and you Maria Delia, from the bottom of my heart. Can you please, be so very happy truthfully.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh thank you so very much. That was so very beautiful.” Maria Delia then kisses Ruben.

Later at the salguero house, Calixto stops Ruben from entering the house. “I now know all the mysteries.” Ruben tells him, “father what’s going on? You’re not going to start that again?” Calixto tells him, “no wait a minute as the old saying says. Hold onto your broach, I’m going to take away your ladder. Do you know in the end, what happened with the gold rosario of monteseno. With the fine cross on it, of your mothers but its at the pawn shop.” Ruben asks, “well how did it end up over there?” Calixto tells him, “she took it there herself.” Ruben asks, “what why did she need money or something like that.” Calixto tells him, “no it wasn’t for her. Well you remember the mysterious amont of money. That would show up in the small box of Juana Calidad. It managed to save us, in those last months of the worse crisis. Well that was your mother, she herself told Margarita Cruz. She decided even though it was an obligation. She had to tell me.” Ruben tells him, “man in corozal impossible things happen. That’s the worst impossible one father.” Calixto tells him, “well Margarita didn’t give me details but. I really do think, that it was like this. Margarita one day, told your mother. That the juanas were supporting us, in the worst days of the crisis. Your mother was so moved, and so regretful for the way she behaved with them. From the first day they arrived, she processed this to vindicate herself. Just like I’m telling you.” Ruben asks, “how did mother enter the pink house?” Calixto tells him, “your mother must have a spare copy key.” Ruben tells him, “now I understand the strange attitude that was my mothers. With my sisters, for in one moment she accepted that all of them get married.” Calixto tells him, “plus she didn’t put a fuss when her nephew wanted to marry Juana Valentina.” Ruben utters, “yes.” Calixto tells him, “oh women are so very mysterious but your mother wins the national world wide prize.”

Juana Valentina leads Manuel Efe to the kitchen. Manuel Efe sweetly tells her, “one kiss for daddy now then my bunny rabbit. What would you like me, to help you in here?” Juana Valentina tells him, “now then to make everything quite clear. Come over here, I don’t love you.” Manuel Efe asks, “what are you saying my love?” Juana Valentina tells him, “exactly that I am not your love. Well the thing is, you are not my love.” Manuel Efe is shocked and asked, “but we were going to get married?” Juana Valentina tells him, “no I can’t do something that bad too you Manuel Efe. How can I marry you, when I don’t love you. You tell me, what ?” Manuel Efe asks, “are you despising me?” Juana Valentina tells him, “listen you just don’t understand. No I’m not, the thing is I know your a great person. Your a man that has a lot of qualities, in fact I am certain that in a couple of days your going to introduce me. Well too a woman, who is very beautiful and she will make you very happy. I do know this.” Manuel Efe asks, “but what did I do wrong. You were so very happy?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I don’t know I’m thinking that when all of my sisters and I. We’re acting so very strange, taking each other’s personalities. We began to feel some sort of affection for you Manuel Efe. Now that things have gotten back together. Everything is back to normal.”

Manuel Efe tells her, “this is like your pulling my leg.” Juana Valentina tells him, “its not possible but don’t even mention him. I know at this moment you fell bad, you are feeling so much pain but. Its really better for us all, its really is. In a couple of days, that wound will heal. You will be fine.” Manuel Efe asks, “your in love with another man.” Juana Valentina tells him, “listen I’m not in love with you. That is the important reason, now lets not turn this situation around please. Look we can still be friends, only that friends only.” Once she leaves Manuel Efe is livid and furious. “Everything is back to normal. We can once again be friends once more. Oh man you once again, humiliated me Juana Valentina. Again you humilated me, well fine that doesn’t matter. For tomorrow your grand love gets married. Your going to cry blood, and I will enjoy watching you cry those tears. Oh daaa I will still have time, to see you pay for everything. One by one, everything that you have done to me.”

Over at the salguero house, Dona Dona gets Ruben to try out his frock once more. Ruben is very miserable. “Oh good it still fits, tomorrow it will be the last time your going to to put it on. Oh your going to look so very handsome tomorrow. My Ruben Calxto.” Ruben takes the frock off, “if you say so.” Dona Dona asks, “so you don’t want to marry Maria Delia right?” Ruben tells her, “mother how many times have I told you. I am going to marry Maria Delia.” Dona Dona tells him, “yes you’re going to get married. But you just don’t want too right?” Ruben tells her, “Maria Delia will be your daughter in law. The mother of your grandchildren.” Dona Dona asks, “are you in love?” Ruben tells her, “when I’m with her I feel like I’m in a different dimension. Where limits don’t exist, the impossibles. I feel I can once again conquer the world. I don’t need to know how to fly. For my soul is among the stars. I see everything from above. A small insect, is the most marvelous of creatures mother. A child is a blessing from god. One ray of sun, keeps me warm. A raindrop takes away all my anguishes. I just see her in everything big or small. Do you understand mother, she’s the reason I live. I have completed my vital task, for I got to know her. We breath the same air, we laugh together. We touch faces, I hear her voice. I look into her eyes, I get nervous and I also hear her heart. I have already finished my task mother. There is nothing more I can do. I have lived, the most important part of my life in this world. From this day forth, I just have the sound of her laughter. Its the only thing, that accompanies me when I am all by myself. Well without her always, I will always be alone. Always mother.” Tears flow down Dona Dona’s face she tells him. “Oh Ruben Calixto.” Ruben tells her, “I will live just remembering her. I will have her by my side. Even it its just in my imagination. I will invent conversations with her. I will read her things, I will see her different expressions on her face. I will say to her words of love, on her lips.” He can’t stop anymore and cries. When I have a son, I will pray to god. That he can’t permit, one that can’t love someone they aren’t suppose to love.” Dona Dona asks, “its not Maria Delia?” Ruben tells her, “no but she’s the one that I’m going to marry.”

Juana Valentina is now dressed for bed. When Juana Bautista visits her, she asks. “So what are you going to do in your life?” Juana Valentina tells her, “I wish that I knew the answer to that question but I don’t. But the one thing I do know, is that I don’t regret what I told Manuel Efe. Its just wouldn’t be the point, staying with him when I can’t even suppport him.” Juana Bautisa tells her, “I’m guesing it was that strange feeling that we went through. Well one couldn’t even explain, the strange and explicite way we were all attracted to him.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I really do feel sorry for him. Yes he’s annoying and arrogant but. I think his intentions from the inside are good.”

At the dolorsa, Todoelmundo tells them. “Lets talk about cain.” Octavio tells him, “enough Todoelmundo we are going to stop you there. Or else your going to start teaching us classes all night.” Manuel Efe is still sad and is drinking.”Orlando tells him, “well if he’s once again normal. That means for now, because in corozal a lost of strange things occur without a word of notice.” Miguel tells him, “don’t be a spoilsport.” Poncho tells them, “well I don’t care if there’s that indifference kiss once more. That lighting that hit Don Calixto. It hurt him just a bit, what is more damaging is. When their evil badness behind everything.” Miguel tells him, “see now that this is over. We have stopped seeing, that strange man that walked all over the place. May he never return.” Octavio tells him, “don’t even mention his name or else he will think your calling him.” Miguel tells him, “well Juana Matilde thought he was very attractive.” Poncho tells them, “not only Juana Matilde well what about the other girls. They looked at him, and they were starstruck. Well yes the guy wasn’t ugly.” The guys make fun of him, “your not turning the other way?” Poncho tells them, “no wonder Poncho doesn’t get any women.” Poncho angrily hits him, “I’m going to hit you over the head. You know very well, I like older women.” Octavio tells him, “fine fine older women. Now then what happens now, what will happen to our lives.” Mauricio tells him, “this is what’s going to happen Rubencho will get married tomorrow. Then it will be a matter of days, before all of us are getting married. All of us with a juana, and Todoelmundo with Terezalsura.” Gualberto tells him, “yes and you might as well say goodbye to the good life guys.” Octavio tells them, “life guys and they said that corozal angels didn’t come down. One day without knowing, one appeared around here. Everything then changed, we are all almost in the front of that church and soon at the altar.” Poncho tells him, “Octavio to me it sounds silly for him and I we are still single. We are going to enjoy our liberty man. All the women we are going to pick up. Hey guys don’t be jealous, doesn’t it make you jealous european man?” Miguel asks, “what did we offend you in what we were talking about?” Manuel Efe angrily tells them, “hey all of you go where we all know. Or far away than that.” He takes off, while Poncho tells him. “Hey man stop crying.” Octavio asks, “hey what happened to Manuel Efe he’s like. A man that’s the devil has his soul.” Everyone tells him, to shut up.

Over at the salguero house, Calixto is with his family. “Oh man all the earthquakes have disappeared. Here I thought Todoelmundo was joking around, but sooner than later. I began to be convinced, that his theory was correct. Fortunately everything has gone back to normal. Yes who would have thought, what would have happened on the day of your wedding Ruben.” Manuel Efe shows up, “Manuel Efe has arrived.” Ruben utters, “oh say it ain’t so.” Calixto tells him, “hey soon he’s going to be your brother in law so you have to be nice too him.” Calixto goes too him, “hello nephew.” Manuel Efe tells him, “oh hello uncle.” Manuel Efe asks, “before I went to the hotel to sleep. I came by to see, if you need anything for tomorrow.” Dona Dona tells him, “thank you nephew but everything is ready. You know what I was thinking, that with some alternations. You too could also wear Ruben Calixto’s frock. For that terrible day of your wedding, when you marry that older iligitimate girl. It has a lot to pull up, if you want.” Manuel Efe gets a rum for himself, he tells her. “That won’t be necessary.” Dona Dona ask, “what you don’t want to use my son’s frock?” Manuel Efe tells them, “exactly.” Ruben ask, “so where are you getting yours from europe?” Manuel Efe tells them, “I won’t be using any frock or no suit from europe. For I am no longer getting married.” Ruben asks, “repeat it.” Dona Dona utters, “what?” Manuel Efe tells them, “I am not going to get married too Juana Valentina Echineque but your going to marry Maria Delia Espina.” Dona Dona asks, “what are you saying nephew?” Manuel Efe tells them, “don’t let me repeat myself.”

Calixto ask, “what happened did you repent?” Manuel Efe tells them, ” no but she did. She told me, she didn’t want me to be her husband.” Calixto utters, “but this simply can’t be.” Manuel Efe tells them, “yes it can and I have made so many plans. Well for her and for our future. She didn’t even care, for what anyway uncle it doesn’t matter anymore uncle. That is life?” Dona Dona ask, “but what happened? What exactly did she tell you?” Manuel Efe tells her, “enough I told you I am not getting married its over. You what, you should be very happy. I mean since tomorrow you are getting married daaa.” Dona Dona tells him, “but wait Manuel Efe. He finishes his drink and takes off. Who understands that daughter of yours Mr. Salguero? She gets up in the morning, saying yes and that she’s so in love. Now she’s saying no, forgive me Mr. Salguero this isn’t serious.” Calixto tells her, “well it seemed like that too me. Unless it was the cause of the …” Dona Dona tells him, “don’t you dare even speak his name.” Calixto tells them, “well I really do feel for Manuel Efe. I also feel for me, you have won dear. You have won, my daughter is going to leave corozal.” Dona Dona tells them, “hopefully she will repent as well?” Ruben asks, “you want her to marry mother?” Dona Dona tells him, “well no no I just don’t like to see my nephew that way. Then she goes to her bedroom. While that oldest girl isn’t married, or not close to here. The danger is still close, that is who Ruben truly loves.”

Judge Geremias Guerra is at home, and tells Margarita Cruz. “I have been lucky, to have been surrounded by many people who care for me. Calixto, Ruben, the juanas, even Dona now you. Life has completed me.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “because you have completed life.” The phone rings, Judge Geremias Guerra gets it. “Yes this is Judge Geremias Guerra municipal judge. Hi comparde how are you doing? Yes I am here, still surprised over the rosario business with Dona. So how are you doing, very good yes its close too me. I will do it at first light, I’m getting ready early. Just in case there’s something to do. Yes its nothing comparde, but a relief quite a blessing he’s no longer here. Well goodnight comparde. Oh Margarita Calixto has a great idea.”

Over at the pink house, Juana Valentina is with Tere. Tere tells her, “it just breaks my heart to see you crying this way Juana Valentina. Its always like this, when ever nobody would give candy. Oh when you would lose at something daughter. I would give anything, as long as this pain was my own Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh Tere nothing will ever get rid of this pain.” Tere tells her, “if only Dona Rosario hadn’t told you on that date. That Mr. Echenique wasn’t your father by blood.” Juana Valentina tells her, “why bother regretting what occured. Tomorrow is going to be the same day, but I can’t do nothing. I can’t stop this from occuring. Don’t you know what that signifies, do you understand my impotence. Ruben gets married tomorrow, I just can’t do nothing Tere.” Tere tells her, “see nothing stopped you I even warned you. Don’t fall in love with that senor.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I just want I just want. That I lived in one of those places. That the night, seems to last for months.” Tere asks, “but why dear? To extend your pain, is that what you want?” Juana Valentina tells her, “I don’t want him to get married Tere. I just don’t want him to get married. Its like they are ripping out my heart. Why do I want to live, without a heart.”

Ruben is walking outside towards the front gates. In the dark, he freaks out and hits the fence. He goes to the gate. “These tears weren’t for you, I just wouldn’t care to cry. Its just without you, I can’t live. I will never forget you, Juana Valentina Echineque. He slams the gate, Juana Valentina Salguero.” He then falls to the ground crying.

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The next morning Juana Valentina is up. “Morning has come, there’s only a few hours left.” Juana Bautisa tells her, “all of us have awakened. Why don’t you come down, and have a coffee.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I don’t want too. Today is the day Juana Bautista.” Juana Bautisa tells him, “yes today is the day and also the day of your salvation.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I’m still furious over what Ruben did too me. With that witch Yolanda Del Cabrales woman. But that doesn’t mean, that I have stopped loving him a single bit.” Juana Bautista tells her, “I know that maybe its for the best. That in a little while, you will love him little by little. Then before you know it, you have stopped loving him.” Juana Valentina tells her, “why does the sun have to rise every single day. Dear lord, why can’t I stop time. What is the reason, last night I had to take the batteries out of the clock. So I wouldn’t see the minutes pass, I was going crazy. Tick tack tick tack.” Juana Bautista tells her, “girl no more.” Juana Valentina tells her, “all night it was tick tock tick tock.” Juana Bautista tells her, “leave that girl.” Juana Valentina tells her, “go downstairs and get something to eat. Or else our sisters, will get supicous. They are then, going to want an explination. What am I going to tell them?”

Ruben awakens he glances at the phone. “Juana Valentina call me, and tell me not to get married. Please Juana Valentina, tell me.”

Maria Delia is talking to her mother Ramona. “Now then first to enter the church are the godparents. Next is godfather and me, then all the rest. I had hoped that the juanas were going to be at the reception. But Dona Dona relented, and said they could only attend the wedding. Mother we have to tell the musicians, that please play the wedding march slowly. I want to enter the church very slowly heared me.” Ramona tells her, “that has already been done dear.” Maria Delia tells her, “don’t forget to call the club. Make sure the wine, Manuel Efe recommended arrived.” Ramona tells her, “I already called it has arrived.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh dear me how anguished I am. Man its only six am, sometimes you really do want time to go quickly. Well it never does.”

Dona Dona is still very affected by Ruben’s words. She finishes her tea, and Calixto enters the room. Calixto tells her, “on the night of our wedding Dona. I thought it was endless, I counted every second. I began to think what would our married life be. What I would feel, every morning I would wake up. Seeing you lying next too me. I spend all night dreaming awake. You want me to tell you something Dona. What was waiting for me later, was something more incredible. Than what I dreamt that night.” Dona Dona tells him, “32 years have passed. 32 and I don’t know the time.” Calixto tells her, “when I wake up in the mornings. I am thankful that I knew love, for I feel love for my children. Love for my friends, for my job. But for you Dona, I feel an over whelming love. Well it doesn’t matter, sometimes. Well sometimes, I think your the motor that keeps me going. The reason for my life is you. See that even now, I feel my heart still beating fast for you. When you are near me.” Dona Dona tells him, “only words Mr. Salguero.” He then caresses her face.

Ruben is staring at the phone, he almost screams. “Juana Valentina what are you waiting for. One single word from you, there won’t be a wedding.”

Juana Valentina is at home, staring at the phone. As she’s about to dial, Tere stops her. “No Juana Valentina don’t. Please dear, on the love that Don Calixto Salguero had for your mother. Please don’t do it.” Juana Valentina asks, “how did you feel when you said goodbye to your mexican sailor?” Tere tells her, “my love its two different things. Two different loves, the love you feel for Ruben. Yes its very big and important, but its impossible. Between me and my mexican sailor. All we would have is sadness, but between us the only thing. Stopping our love, was the sea not our blood.” Juana Valentina then hangs up the phone, and runs back to her room.

Manuel Efe is in his room, he calls Yolanda. “Yes jolly five hours is left. In five hours, Ruben will be married. It will be there when Juana Valentina Echenique will cry blood tears. She once again humiliated me, but it doesn’t matter. Ruben who cares about him, Ruben is going to marry Maria Delia Espina. Can you just image marrying Maria Delia Espina. That woman who talks non-stop up to her elbows. Yes yes, ha ha ha. To live with that, it would be like living in an inferno daaa. That word escaped, yes yes yes. Yes jolly what we have to do now is, get our vengence on the juanas. Especially Juana Valentina, well then the best thing that I have thought up. Yolanda Del Cabrales has hung up. Jolly jolly, jolly you bald woman.”

Judge Geremias Guerra arrives at the salguero house. Calixto asks, “hello comparde anything bad happened?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “no oh here you go Calixto. I’ve brought this for you. Here is the receipt as well.” Calixto tells him, “they give you this like nothing. You don’t even have to prove anything.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “oh my arguements were convincing. I told the man, if he didn’t give it too me. I would put him in jail as a con-man and theif. Image giving only 2000 than what that is valued.” Calixto tells him, “shh I’ll write you a cheque comparde.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “give it too me on Monday. What am I going to do, this weekend with a cheque.” Calixto tells him, ” perfect comparde.” Ruben ask, “so what are you talking about?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “your father will explain it too you later. Now then see you all at the church. Alright I’m going to get changed, anything you need I’ll be at home.” Calixto tells him, “thank you comparde.” Ruben tells him, “thank you godfather bye. So dad what’s that?”

Calixto tells him, “you’ll see. Oh Dona would you mind coming here for a moment.” Dona Dona tells him, “I heard the judge’s voice. I won’t come out there, I am unpresentable.” Calixto tells him, “but the judge left already come as you are.” Ruben ask, “come on tell me.” Dona Dona asks, “now then what’s going on?” Calixto tells her, “the judge gave me something that’s for you.” Dona Dona ask, “what is it?” Calixto tells her, “open it.” Dona Dona has too hold herself from crying, “well where did you get it?” Calixto tells her, “where it shouldn’t have been.” Dona Dona ask, “why are you putting yourself in my things.” Calixto tells her, “dear your putting yourself in mine. Well forgive me dear, Dona you don’t know how much. Everything you have done for me. I appreciate it dearly.” He hugs and kisses her. Dona Dona tells him, “I pawned it. For I needed that money, so I could buy somethings for myself. In this house, there was no money. I am accustomed to fine things. my perfumes, my soaps, my creams. So I gave myself that gift.” Then she leaves, and the two simply watch as she goes to her bedroom. Calixto tells him, “now listen she better not find out. How we found out everything, or else she’s going to kill Margarita Cruz.” Ruben simply hugs his father. Dona Dona burst out crying in her bedroom. “Oh Calixto Salguero how could you have been such a flirt.”

Over at the pink house, Mauricio arrives and talks to Juana Calidad. “Now then Cadi I’m going to be pick you up at eleven thirty. Now make sure all your sisters are ready. Especially Juana Matilde.” Juana Calidad tells him, “now don’t you worry Juana Manny is fixing her up right now.” Mauricio tells her, “now do me one more favor. Now don’t make yourself so pretty. Your getting a lot of attention from many guys. That really shocks me. Juana Calidad laughs, and he tells her. Now my love, see you later.” Juana Calidad tells him, “bye hey aren’t you forgetting something?” Mauricio grins and tells her, “oh yes.” This time its him, that grabs her and kisses her. Until she’s the breathless one. When he’s gone, she utters. “Oh Mauricio Fuentelafria.”

Over at Maria Delia’s place. She’s getting her hair done, while Ramona has her tea. “Oh mother, its a shame father wasn’t here with us. Even though from heaven, he’s sending us his blessings. He always said that my Rubensito was a great boy. Ouch girl.” Ramona tells her, “yes that’s true.” Maria Delia tells her, “now then lets not discuss anymore sad things. After the wedding, we are coming back here, so I can change hear me.” Ramona tells her, “everything is ready.” Maria Delia tells her, “I would love to stay long at the reception. But from here to barranquilla, its a long way. I always said, that Rubensito should learn how to fly. Then we wouldn’t be having this problem.”

Over at the pink house, Juana Valentina is still in her room. Tere shows up and tells her. “Juana Valentina my love you will never guess who’s downstairs. None other than Yolanda Del Cabrales, can you believe this.” Juana Valentina utters, “Yolanda Del Cabrales?” Tere tells her, “I am terrorized in seeing her. Remember everything that Todoelmundo told us. Well its all true, you see when she said who she was. I hardly recognized her.” Juana Valentina asks, “what is she doing here?”Tere tells her, “she told me that she needed to talk to all of you.” Juana Valentina angrily tells her, “no tell her to leave here. To get out of here, for I don’t want to see her. With me and my sisters, there’s absolutely nothing to talk about. Tell her to leave, tell her to leave.” Tere tells her, “wait a minute the thing is that is what I told her. She said no, and she planted herself like a tree. She said she won’t leave, until she tells you exactly why she came here for.” Juana Valentina tells her, “fine then tell her I’ll talk to her but alone. Not in front of my sisters.” Tere tells her, “well what for. They all found out, so you can just image.”

Juana Valentina comes down, “girls go upstairs to your bedrooms. I’m going to be talking with her.” Juana Manny tells her, “oh no I want to hear what she has too say. Get over here right now.” Juana Matilde tells her, “get over here Juana Manny. Listen girl we all want to hear her responses. Look she’s wearing gloves, and this hat. Before she had her hair up to here.” Juana Valentina tells them, “enough all of you I’ll talk to her. Then I’ll tell you everything alright.” Yolanda tells her, “Juana Valentina I want everyone to hear this.” Tere tells them, “remember what todoelmundo told us she can’t prounce the h.” Yolanda tells them, “yes that is one of my illness I can’t pronouce the h.” Juana Manny burst out laughing, Juana Matilde tells her. “Oh Juana Manny.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well what ever you have to tell us. Well it doesn’t interest us. In absolute, so you don’t have to waste your time. All of your history with Ruben, or what ever. My sisters aren’t interested, we have a busy day today.” Yolanda asks, “Ruben marries today right?” Juana Bautista tells her, “yes Ruben marries today.” Juana Valentina tells her, “we won’t permit you to stop this wedding from occuring.” Yolanda tells them, “I have no intention too interrupt Ruben Salguero’s wedding. Well I think maybe I should. May I…” They utter, “sure go ahead.” Everyone fights to get a seat. Yolanda tells them, “Ruben Calixto came to see me in sincelejo.” Juana Matilde ask, “where?” Juana Bautista tells her, “she said sincelejo.” Yolanda tells them, “Ruben talked while I listened. Well with what he told me, I at last realized that love isn’t a game.” Juana Matilde tells her, “please seno talk clearer so we can understand you.” Juana Bautista tells her, “she said love isn’t a game.” Juana Valentina tells her, “girl please.” Yolanda tells them, “I have come here to ask for forgiveness. Yes I am sorry, especially too you Juana Valentina.”

(Now the h is basically J in english.)

Tere utters, “the h you can pronouce the h?” Juana Matilde asks, “say that again.” Yolanda smiles, “Juana Valentina yes I said it.” Juana Calidad tellls them, “its because of the d… Its because that man has left here.” Juana Bautista asks, “I’d like to know when did these illness start.” Yolanda tells her, “well I don’t remember clearly. Well I remember it was after I left here, and about the time of Dona Dona’s party.” Juana Bautista tells her, “the broken mirror you ended up being the recipient of a broken mirror.” Juana Valentina remembers the fateful night. Yolanda ask, “wait your telling me my nails won’t stop growing. My cows don’t give milk but water. I lost my hair, what for a broken mirror my dear.” Juana Bautista tells her, “no senora but because of your actions.” Yolanda tells her, “hey no more hiccups. I lied to harm people, in fact I lied so I can hurt you Juana Valentina. I am referring what occured with Ruben Calixto, its all a lie. I made it all up, its true I was interested in him as man. There was never love, well he rejected me I became very prideful. I wanted too loathe all of you, I wanted to hurt you all. But between Ruben Calixto and me. Well there was nothing. In fact Ruben Calixto, well he never touched me. Nor did touch him but, I did try to touch him but nothing. There was just one kiss, it wasn’t for desire nor love.”

Juana Manny gets up angrily, “so you spread the rumor that you two slept with one another. That you were leaving town so overjoyed, after what you did. My brother suffered, you know what. I gave up boxing but with this woman.” As she’s ready to attack, the girls hold her back. “Juana Manny.” Juana Valentina tells them, “that’s enough. Juana Bautista tries to calm herself down. Knowing what this is going to imply. Why are you coming here telling us everything? Or not before for example.” Yolanda tells them, “well I’ve never known what one feels. Well this regretfulness, this sin, you know bad things were done. I was very regretful. Truthfully I am very sorry, very sorry. Hey my nails stopped growing.” Juana Calidad utters, “oh virgin de purgatory.” Juana Bautista tells her, “you don’t have to call on her. This isn’t something to be scared of. On the contrary.” Juana Matilde tells them, “now then before you say anything more Juana Bautista. I am mixed up twisted in something. You must explain to me, something that’s in my head please. Well what you are pretending, to tell all of us is what? Well between you and my brother Ruben. Nothing happened, its just my curiosity.”

Yolanda tells her, “well nothing happened I inventing everything. My ally was Manuel Efe.” They all utter, “what?” Yolanda tells them, “yes you see Manuel Efe lied to Ruben so he can come to this pink house. Telling him the italian fellow was waiting for him. We both knew that the italian fellow was with you all in the dolorosa. Well since I told everyone, that I had left corozal. Ruben innocently fell.” Juana Matilde tells her, “Miguel always told me behind that european guy there was something strange.” Yolanda tells her, “I must tell you everything. That night when Ruben arrived here, I locked him up here. I hid the keys, and tried to seduce him. He didn’t response, nothing happened. Meanwhile Manuel Efe took charge, making sure someone came here to discover us together. What that person saw, well wasn’t true.” Juana Manny angrily utters, “I’m going to break her face.” Tears flow down Juana Valentina’s face. Tere utters, “dear lord.” Juana Calidad tells her, “your a very bad lady.” Juana Manny tells them, “yes I’m going to break that Manuel Efe’s face that bastard.” Everyone utters, “yes.” Yolanda continues, “we all conspired to hurt everyone of you. Plus too destroy a love.” Juana Valentina tells them, “now girls please let me talk to her for a minute alone please.” Juana Bautista tells them, “now then girls as our older sister is saying. Everyone go upstairs.” Juana Manny yells out, “no I want to hear everything.” Tere tells them, “no up you go all of you. Besides you must all get ready.” Juana Calidad in tears tells them, “here I trusted Manuel Efe.” Juana Bautista tells them, “enough everyone get upstairs.” Juana Matilde tells them, “well I don’t know.”

Tere follows then Juana Valentina and Yolanda are alone. Juana Valentina asks, “but why Yolanda?” Yolanda tells her, “we became allies it was natural. We wanted to hurt you, nothing else. I wanted to rob Ruben Calixto. Manuel Efe he did it because, he was angry and wanted revenge. It was because you kept on rejecting him. Look Juana Valentina. If love unites, so does loathing. But you know something, me at this point of my life. I envied someone like you, who could love the way you do. Well in your case, even too suffer for love. I know that today Ruben Calixto is getting married today. I believe, well I’m sorry that your feeling this pain. In fact I shouldn’t have told you nothing. You should really continue despising him. Well I need your forgiveness, to continue living.”

Later Juana Valentina goes too her bedroom. “I’m going to kill him, I’m going to kill him.” Juana Bautista tells her, “relax and calm down.” Juana Valentina tells her, “how can I relax. They united Juana Bautista, to bring pain to all of us. They united in everything, not only am I going to kill him. He’s going to be dead.” Juana Bautista tells her, “how ever it happened they did you a favor.” Juana Valentina asks, “what favor? Didn’t you see what they did to me Juana Bautista? They made me reject and despise Ruben. Oh dear lord.” Juana Bautista tells her, “Ruben is getting married and you can’t stop that.”Juana Valentina tells her, “don’t you realize something.”

Juana Matilde interrupts them, “girls girls can I ask you something. Do you think this dress is divine?” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes divine.” Juana Matilde then ask, “now then which shoes.” Each of them pick another shoe. Juana Valentina tells her, “listen it doesn’t matter.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well I like the shiny ones they make the outift better.” Juana Valentina tells her, “dear it doesn’t matter. Now hurry it up, or else your going to be late.” Juana Matilde tells them, “fine I’m going to put this one on. But girls can you believe it, terrible of Manuel Efe and Yolanda Del Cabrales. Let me tell you, I am still pretty shocked. I don’t know what you lot are thinking. Me personally I’m just saying well its terrible. I’m just saying.” Juana Valentina simply utters, “ok now hurry and finish getting dressed.”

Juana Bautista tells her, “listen Juana Valentina pay back Manuel Efe later.” Juana Valentina tells her, “when no I must now go and ask Ruben for forgiveness. Before he gets married, Juana Bautista I doubted him. Don’t you understand?” Juana Bautista tells her, “your going to let Ruben get married you must understand.”

Juana Manny is the next to interrupt. “Listen do you want me, to do your hair now or later?” Juana Bautista tells her, “Juana Valentina won’t be going to the church.” Juana Manny asks, “and why not?” Juana Bautista tells her, “because Dona Dona is going too be there. So she can’t go, and doesn’t want too go.” Juana Manny tells her, “oh yes I understand. But can you believe what that Cabrales woman and Manuel Efe did. You should have allowed me to put my hands on her girls.” Juana Bautista tells her, “girl listen she came to ask for our forgiveness. Now its over Juana Manny.” Juana Manny tells her, “well wouldn’t it have been better. Well with one big punch already.” Then she takes off.

Juana Valentina tells her, “I am going to that church. I am going to ask him for forgiveness. I will talk to Ruben and that’s final.” Juana Bautista tells her, “listen the love between the two of you has caused you all a lot of damage. Never will you be Ruben Salguero’s. He will never be yours, now enough let him accept that you pushed him away. Girl do it for you and for him.”

The next to interrupt is Juana Calidad. “Oh thank you for the conviction and repentance. Yes one has to accept that, when one asks for forgiveness. Oh dear lord, please forgive Yolanda Del Cabrales. Just like we have forgiven her, but that woman resulted in being a bad lady or no?” Juana Valentina asks, “and what about that liar Manuel Efe?”Juana Calidad tells them, “you know I never would have imaged that. That Manuel Efe would want to hurt us, and his proper cousin Ruben. At any case I am going to pray for him. Hopefully he realizes his errors, and asks for forgiveness like Yolanda Del Cabrales. But I’m telling you one thing. That payment we owe him, well sor juana inez de la cruz can pay him back oh yes.” She then heads to her room. Juana Bautista tells her, “older sister please save your brother from your love.”

Over at the salguero house, Manuel Efe has returned. “Listen uncle everything is all organized and synchronized. When you leave to go to the church. I’ll go get the bride, then I will take her to the church to give her away to the groom at the altar. It will be at 12 sharp.” Calixto tells him, “listen and remember you must get there before us. We live practically close to that church.” Manuel Efe tells him, “oh yes your correct on that point uncle. Oh yes and women do like too take their time fixing themselves up. Alright I’ll pick her up around 11:30 then.” Calixto tells him, “well that could good. You know something nephew. It must take a lot of work, to accept the last decisions of Juana Valentina.” Manuel Efe tells him, “its nothing. It will pass, women are weather vanes uncle. One day they say yes, the other day no. Another day they respond one thing, the next day another. Well that is how they go through life.” Calixto tells him, “yes yes but in any case I really do feel bad about this. Here I was dreaming on the 12th, seeing all five of my daughters entering that church going to get married.” Manuel Efe tells him, “well there’s a lot of time that has to pass before then uncle.” Calixto tells him, “sorry nephew I didn’t want to put you down. Don’t have too much hope.” Manuel Efe tells him, “that reminds me of a phrase from Arjone. The hope is the last thing, that goes missing. Calixto shakes his head and goes to change. When he’s gone Manuel Efe utters, daaa today your beloved gets married. When he’s getting married, your going to cry. Oh yes your going to cry, Juana Valentina Echieneque daaa.” He then takes off.

Dona Dona is coming out of her room. She sees Calixto, “Mr. Salguero shower and change or else the day will go away.” Calixto utters, “yes yes.” Dona Dona then sees Ruben coming out miserably out of his bedroom. Ruben tells her, “hello mother.” Dona Dona tells him, “umda son the outfit looks precious on you. Yes you should get married every day.” Ruben tells her, “yes I should lie every single day.” Dona Dona tells him, “oh son your confession has me extremely affected.” Ruben tells her, “just forget all about it mother. Well what time is it?” Dona Dona tells him, “its almost 10. Now son why don’t you take off the jacket. Then you won’t be so hot.” Ruben tells her, “no it doesn’t matter at lunchtime it will be quite hot anyways. Care too drink anything?” Dona Dona tells him, “no son thank you.” As she’s about to say something she stops. Ruben tells her, “as my father says. A rumsito is something one needs sometimes. In the good and bad times.” Dona Dona ask, “and its a bad day for you yes?” Ruben tells her, “I promised that I was going to marry Maria Delia. I am going to marry her, I promise to make her very happy.” Dona Dona asks, “and you son? Are you going to be happy as well?” Ruben tells her, “the process is from the inside mother. This process is mine, not yours.”

The girls are almost ready, Juana Manny is fixing up Juana Calidad. Juana Matilde tells her, “now then I’m ready so how are we going to get there?” Juana Calidad tells them, “Mauricio is going to be picking us up. The boys will be waiting for us at the church.” Juana Matilde tells her, “but come on not all of us are going to fit in Mauricio’s car.” Juana Manny tells her, “we will for Juana Valentina and Terezalsura aren’t coming.” Juana Matilde asks, “what do you mean? Tere I can understand, but Juana Valentina. Not go to our little brother’s wedding it just can’t be.” Juana Manny tells her, “what’s going on is she doesn’t want to see Dona Dona.” Juana Calidad asks, “but I don’t understand. Why would she accept us, but is still against Juana Valentina.” Juana Manny tells her, “hey girl if you want to ask that senora then go ahead and ask. Now then girl your ready.” Juana Calidad tells them, “oh there is Mauricio.”

(I thought only the bride could wear white.)

Juana Bautista is talking with Juana Valentina. Both are ready to go out. “I am going to go Juana Bautista. I’ll hide out in the chorus, or which ever part I can find. Nobody will know that I’m there, so don’t you worry. But I am going.” Juana Bautista tells her, “Juana Valentina girl why are you doing this?” Juana Valentina tells her, “the guilt of a sin has too be pain till the end. Alright so don’t you worry, now then when the priest asks. If anybody apposes this wedding, please speak now or forever hold your peace. Well I will stay quiet, and not scream out no. But yes I am going there Juana Bautista. But if I see that Manuel Efe, he’s dead do you hear me.”

Maria Delia is all ready to go. She is talking sweetly to her mother. “Now then Manuel Efe asked me, that if we wanted he could taking us straight to barranquilla in his plane. But Rubensito said no, refused him straight out.” Ramona asks, “but why dear? The trip would be shorter and more comfortable.” Maria Delia tells her, “well I don’t know mother.” The stylists tells her, “please do stand still.” Maria Delia whins, “oh I’m just so nervous. In the end, I just couldn’t convince Rubensito in any way. I find that its more wonderful, leaving in a plane than being on the road. Don’t you think so mother?” Ramona tells her, “yes of course dear.” Maria Delia tells her, “but let me tell you something. When we return from our honeymoon. I am going to insist that he buys a plane.” Manuel Efe arrives, “the godfather has arrived. Oh hello seno how are you doing?” Maria Delia uttes, “but its too early.” Manuel Efe tells her, “daaa now what does the most beautiful bride in the world have to say today.” Maria Delia ask, “but godfather aren’t you a bit early don’t you think?” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes of course but its best that we go early. Just in case, well something goes badly.” Ramona ask, “would you care to drink anything? Manuel Efe tells her, “yes seno thank you. Outside there’s an inferno out there.” Maria Delia utters, “thank you gloria.” Manuel Efe tells her, “Maria Delia Maria Delia. My dear if the princess carolina of monaco, would have seen you. She would have died of pure envy and jealous.” Maria Delia looks deep into his eyes, he looks into hers. Then she utters, “Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe utters, “Maria Delia. Then the earth begins to shake. Well I don’t know, what is going on. But I feel I’m shaking all over. Absolutely everything.” Maria Delia smiles and tells him, “me as well.”

At the church everyone has taken their places. Calixto tells Dona Dona, “oh with this heat and us wearing these clothes.” Dona Dona tells him, “its better in here than the inferno that’s outside.” Calixto smiles at seeing his friends. “Oh comparde how’s it going?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well hello comparde, Dona, godson.” Dona Dona tells her, “oh Margarita you look quite elegant.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “thank you hello Dona Calixto Ruben.” Judge Geremias Guerra ask, “and when is the bride going to arrive.” Calixto tells him, “Manuel Efe is going to bring her in his famous little european car. Plus as the godfather, he will be giving her away as well.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “may god protect him that poor saintly man.” Dona Dona tells her, “oh yes the poor man who died at a bad time. Or else we wouldn’t have to do this cursed thing once again.” Calixto asks, “your calling the day of your son’s wedding cursed?” Dona Dona tells him, “well the thing is it was a curse to once again prepare everything for a second time. Now then I’m going to sit down, I can’t stand these feet of mine. See you later.” Judge Geremias Guerra ask, “now then do we also stand here and wait. Or should we also sit down and wait as well?” Calixto tells them, “its best that we endure this heat inside rather than that inferno outside.”

Juana Caliad and Mauricio arrive, “ave maria purisima.” Calixto utters, “hello daugher how are you today?” Mauricio shakes their hands, “Don Calixto Ruben.” Juana Calidad tells him, “oh Ruben may the good lord bring you much happiness and joy.” Ruben kisses her, and tells her. “Thank you for your best wishes and good intentions Juana Calidad.” Mauricio tells him, “on behalf of me and my family. Congratualtions and may god protect you. Be very happy with Maria Delia. Don Calixto congratulations.” Calixto tells them, “yes thank you.” Juana Calidad tells them, “well then excuse me.” Calixto tells them, “over there is more refreshing.” Mauricio utters, “thank you.”

Next to arrive is Miguel and Juana Matilde. “Hey look who’s here, but none other than my little brother. Your so very handsome and beautiful today. Umda this does shock me really, oh I’m really jealous of Maria Delia.” Miguel tells her, “how could you even say that Juana Matilde.” Juana Matilde tells him, “hey but its the truth. This man could be my brother or what ever. But one can’t deny, he’s a nice fine stamp. Hey Ruben if you weren’t my brother, hey he’d be your brother in law. Ha ha ha.” Calixto utters, “oh this crazy daughter of mine.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh father it was a joke aren’t you hearing me. Now then Ruben, be very happy in your marriage. But you better be careful, and not forget your sisters. Do you hear me?” Ruben tells her, “believe me I will never forget you all.” Juana Matilde whins, “oh so divine and your getting married.” Then she greats her father, Miguel tells him. “Well then Rubencho I’m saying it, your soon to be my brother in law.” Juana Matilde utters, “you just had to say it didn’t you.”

Next to arrive is Octavio and Juana Manny. Juana Manny hits Gualberto, “hi guys hi judge hi mother.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “oh daughter that dress is so very beautiful. Hi little brother, are you ready to sacrifice yourself.” Margarita Cruz utters, “oh nena he’s getting married. Your saying its a sacrifice.” Juana Manny tells her, “oh mom its just a way of saying things.” Octavio tells him, “hey Rubencho just wait on the 12th. Your going to have four more sacrificed guys.” Juana Manny hits him with her purse. “Hey watch what you say scary frog.” Octavio tells her, “hey you started it. Well then Rubencho, I am just saying. I congratulate you, and wish you the very best in this world. You do understand right?” Ruben tells him, “thanks Octavio.” Octavio utters, “hey Don Calixto.” Calixto utters, “oh your such a guy.” Juana Manny then greets her father. “Hi father how do I look.” Calixto tells her, “beautiful as always. They then head over with the others. Calixto tells the judge, now then comparde. How about we go inside, I can’t stand these feet of mine.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “sure lets go.” Ruben tells them, “I’ll stay right here there’s a nice breeze coming in.”

Next to arrive is Orlando and Juana Bautista. “Hey Rubencho its your day today. Its a good thing your not getting married on the 12th with us. We wouldn’t be able to see the logic, that this wedding entails. Anyway, congratulations Rubencho.” Ruben tells him, “thanks wolf man.” Orlando tells him, “yes have a happy life.” Juana Bautista tells him, “may the future give you peace little brother.” Ruben tells her, “you more than anybody knows what’s waiting for me in the future. Juana Bautista where is Juana Valentina? Is she coming?” Juana Bautista tells him, “you do understand that its best that she didn’t come. Its normal.” Ruben tells her, “tell her I never lied too her. Yes I’m getting married, but loving her.” Juana Bautista tells him, “I am not going to tell her that. She kisses him, then tells him. Come on let me accompany you to the altar.” As they walk away, Juana Bautista glances back to make sure Juana Valentina isn’t there.

Poncho, Lasador and Gualberto enter plus the other guests. Juana Valentina does arrive and heads straight upstairs. Juana Bautista asks, “what’s wrong?” Ruben has stopped walking and tells her, “oh I feel… oh its nothing.” Juana Bautista looks around and goes next to Orlando.

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Back at the house, Tere is cooking. Todoelmundo is with her, and he asks. “Tell me something why didn’t you go too the wedding? Even out of curiosity?” Tere tells him, “weddings make me cry Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well I hope not all of them.” Tere tells him, “well no no not all of them. Well when the bride enters that church, in that white dress the wedding march starts. I just get all emotional, it touches my heart then I start crying. That’s why I decided to stay here, so I could start making dinner.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well I would love to have joined you but. Dona Ramona asked me, to go pick up some arranged flowers at the flower shop. I’m suppose to take them to the club. Its for the reception party, I’ll take it and come straight back here.” Todoelmundo ask, “so your not going to the church?” Todoelmundo tells her, “no I perfer to come back here to help you prepare the meal. He kisses her, ok I’ll be right back.” Tere tells him, “now be careful don’t speed back or else you might get into an accident.” Todoelmundo tells her, “no relax I’ll come back safe and sound.” He leaves and Tere utters. “Oh girl why did you go to that church. For your suffering, you will always continue suffering.”

At the church, Juana Valentina watches them. Dona Dona glances at everyone. Juana Bautista tells Orlando, “I’ll be right back.” Dona Dona sees her leaving, “now then I’m going to head outside to get a drink. Inside here, its like as hot as hell.” Calixto tells her, “dear do stop mentioning that’s person’s name. You know, the one that we know.” Judge Geremias Guerra asks Ruben over. “Godson come over here, son you look so calm and yet you have too wait 15 more minutes. Right now Maria Delia should be leaving the house.” Ruben tells them, “and Manuel Efe who’s car never fails him.” Judge Geremias Guerra ask, “what did you say?” Ruben tells him, “oh that Manuel Efe is a very punctual man. They should be leaving the house right now.”

Juana Bautista sits next to Juana Valentina. “You shouldn’t have come. Girl your continue too suffer, its going to get worse.” Dona Dona overhears their conversation. Juana Valentina tells her, “if you had arrived home I would have been dead. I don’t know what sin, I committed because I was born. For god to punish me in this fashion. How is it my fault, that I fell in love with him from the first moment that I saw him. You tell me? I didn’t know he was my brother Juana Bautista. He just appeared, I didn’t know he existed. When I found out, we had the same blood. It was just too late, I was already loving him. How can I not still love him, I will never in my life stop loving him never. Do you hear me, never. If I had been water, I would have been a cloud already. Ruben was the wind, we would then become a river. I would go into Ruben like the sea, we would then be grind together. Then rise once more to become tears. But no we are both human beings, a man and a woman. I am his sister, he is my brother. No magician can cut those cords, this chains that seperates us no. I do love him Juana Bautista. Like the wind loves the air. The river loves the sea. The tillage loves the hole.” Juana Bautista tells her, “don’t continue older sister.” Juana Valentina tells her, “he had nothing to do with Yolanda Del Cabrales because he loved me. I didn’t believe him. He is going to marry Maria Delia, in any moment now. Loving me, and I didn’t believe him. I know where he is standing, there at this very moment. I know he’s saying, my name under his breath. I know that now, he can’t hear me say I love you. I love him, I love him, I love him.”

Juana Bautista utters, “oh Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes Juana Valentina I don’t feel brave. I want to die, I want to die. I do want to just die. For I want and care to die. If I don’t, I’m going to continue living but dead inside. I don’t think, I would be able to do this. I don’t think I continue suffering, I just can’t do it. I just can’t take this anymore. I can’t take this anymore, I just hope and beg that in the next life. There’s no memory of this, in the next life. In the next life one doesn’t die. I will spend my eternity, continue loving Ruben Salguero. I can’t do this anymore.” This breaks Dona Dona’s heart, she begins going down the stairs. As she’s walking back to her chair. She almost faints, and Margarita Cruz holds her up. “Are you feeling alright?” Dona Dona tells her, “oh it must just be the heat.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “the bride should be arriving any moment now.” Dona Dona tells her, “yes its time to take one’s place.” She goes to Ruben and sits down. Calixto asks, “so did you find something too drink?” Dona Dona tells him, “yes sea water that tastes like tears.” Ruben looks up and Todoelmundo drives towards the church.

He runs in and yells out, “the bride has left. She has left, but who knows where she went off too? Everyone gets up and looks over at Todoelmundo. She’s no longer at the house, she left this note. Maria Delia’s mother, hasn’t stopped crying. I’m saying she’s like the ocean, I’m not exaggerating. She couldn’t make it here, and asked me to come here to give this letter too you.” Don Calixto reads the note, “Ruben Calixto forgive me Ruben. Don’t wait for me. Don’t look for me, I have discovered love and I can’t marry you. Goodbye from Maria Delia Espina Conseno. 23 4087 of corozal.” Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “anything else comparde?” Calixto tells him, “nothing else comparde for a second time this wedding has been cancelled.” Dona Dona faints, everyone screams. Ruben goes on his knees to pray. Juana Bautisa glances at a very happy Juana Valentina. Calixto ask, “now guys carry her to the cars. Careful be careful of her arms.”

Juana Valentina runs home so very happy. Juana Bautista tells her, “Juana Valentina you must leave corozal this very minute.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes I know that.” Juana Bautista tells her, “Ruben is free so are you. Nothing is stopping from you two too fall.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes I know.” Juana Bautista tells her, “but this can’t be Juana Valentina. Yes you didn’t have to support the pain at hearing him say. I Ruben accept Maria Delia Espina as my wife. Now your going to leave relaxed, that your going to always be his. Please you must leave right now.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes I know that I know.” Juana Bautista tells her, “right now today.” Juana Valentina hugs and kisses her and tells her. “Yes I do know that.” She happily jumps up and down, “yes I know yes I know.”

Over at the salguero house, Ruben hides his pleasure as he’s changing. Calixto sadly tells him, “son I don’t know exactly what to say.” Ruben tells him, “there’s nothing too say. Maria Delia thought clearly and realized, she just wasn’t that in love with me. That is everything.” He smiles and looks away. Calixto asks, “what do you mean that’s everything. No that’s not everything, I just called Maria Delia’s mother. The poor woman hasn’t stopped crying. She just can’t explain what exactly happened. She said she dressed Maria Delia in her wedding dress. She was so very happy that girl. Then she knew she had left a note written on the table. Plus the crystal tear necklace.” Ruben tells him, “listen last minute she pulled herself back. She decided to leave with her hidden love.” Calixto tells him, “hey Ruben don’t say that. There’s no hidden love, we all knew that once Maria Delia stopped crying her crystal tears. All she thought of, was all her preparations for the wedding. The reception and the invitations, she was so very busy. When did she have the time, to have a hidden love.” Ruben tells him, “oh father lets not ask anymore explinations. Lets just accept the reality.” Calixto asks, “Ruben what’s wrong with you? Its the second time, you have been dumped at the altar. Here you are so very fresh?” Ruben tells him, “old man like Juana Calidad says. It’s what god wants.”

Inside the bedroom, Margarita Cruz is with Dona Dona. “Dona what occured is very painful. But you know more, about those consequences.” Dona Dona tells him, “the consequences are is that my son is still single.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “yes that is it exactly. You know very well what I’m refering too.” Dona Dona tells her, “no Margarita Cruz you just don’t know. No you don’t know Margarita, I’m sorry that I’m leaving you alone. Its just that, I really need to medidate.” Margarita Cruz asks, “are you going to church?” Dona Dona tells her, “no over to the sewing room. I must medidate and make one decision, but if I ask god he might scold me.”

Back at the pink house, Juana Valentina is packing her belongings. She tells Tere, “I’m happy so very happy and overjoyed. I feel as if the sun is shining upon just me, but Juana Bautista is correct I can’t say here. Because if I do stay here, I will see Ruben. If I see him looking at me, his beautiful eyes shining. I will want him to touch me, and everything will disappear. The blood of Calixto Salguero, that runs through our veins. Of Dona Dona, the priest, even the complete town.” Tere tells her, “oh girl.” Juana Valentina tells her, “girl no I’m a woman. Ruben is a man, step-brother or no he’s a man. The only reason I will not fall, is that I must leave right now.” Tere tells her, “I am going with you Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no how can you even think of it. You have todoelmundo, I won’t permit you sacrificing yourself for me.” Tere tells her, “no I won’t permit you leaving on your own daughter.” Juana Valentina smiles and tells her, “but I’m not leaving alone. I am not leaving alone, I’m taking with me the love of Ruben. I’m taking it with me, I will be able to do everything. I will be able to walk, Tere you know what hurts the most. The thing that hurts, most of about all of this. That I doubted him, not believing me when he told me that nothing had occured. With him and that Yolanda Del Cabrales, but well love is like this. Love is the enemy of doubt. I let myself be carried by the ultimate one. Now then I’m leaving, with the pain thats in my soul. All of it but, love is also sacrifice Tere. Yes love is sacrifice, I can’t let Ruben confronts. His parents, his sisters, his friends. Or the entire town, I just can’t do this. Well the love that we feel, we both feel it him and me. One thing is too feel, the other is too accept. I know that nobody accepts nothing. Not even you, who loves me so very much isn’t that right.” Tere tells her, “you can’t even image it.”

Juana Valentina tells her, “I know if I stayed here it would be an inferno. Yes but being far away, it will be a life of. Regret and all of that. Regrets, what if Dona Dona died of pity. Don Calixto couldn’t lift his head. My sisters and their husbands, would have to leave town. For my embarssment, or no I’ve thought about everything. I’ve analysed everything, and thought when I was up in the chorus room in that church. In one minute, I just wanted to run when I saw him. Run into his arms, telling him. I am yours Ruben and you are mine. Oh could you even image it.” Tere tells her, “just thinking about it scares me so my daughter.” Juana Valentina tells her, “at least thinking that he was mine and I was his. I realized well no, it just can’t be. But that is why, I really must leave Tere. If I see Ruben smiling, I start smiling well then I will give myself too him Tere. I will give myself too him, without any doubts. Without regrets, without fear no I will give myself too him. Here, and at his house. In his mother’s room, in the center plaza. Where ever, I am liable to give myself too him Terezalsura. Tere is utterly shocked, that is why I am leaving. Oh I can’t even what might occur.” Tere tells her, “ok I’ll help you pack my love.”

Over at the salguero house, Dona Dona stares at the picture of Francisco. “If you were in heaven, you could have at least given me a suggestion Francisco. Oh you were such a flirt, and playboy. I think your going to spend a long time in purgatory. A suggestion, the only one you can ask for a suggestion. Is you Dona, she nods and yells out. Ophelia girl come over here. Go get me Todoelmundo. No matter where he is, tell him its not urgent but he must come. Advise him, he might lose his trip.” Ophelia uttes, “alright.” Dona Dona utters, “here you were trying to buy time Dona. The only thing you don’t have, well is time. That isn’t what you have.”

In Ruben’s bedroom, he’s putting on some cologne. Calixto ask, “so are you going to go see your sisters?” Ruben tells him, “you see they weren’t there outside that church. So I don’t know, what they must be thinking. Alright see you later father.” Calixto stops him, “Ruben come over here. Juana Valentina wasn’t at the church right?” Ruben tells him, “no father he wasn’t so I’ll see you later.” Calixto tells him, “neither was Manuel Efe.” Ruben tells him, “well that is what has me quite worried.” Calixto asks, “yes and why does it worry you so.” Ruben tells him, “well he’s such a puctual man and for him not to show up at the church early. Well it has me worried, ok father bye. We will continue talking later.” Calixto stops him, “Ruben.”

Judge Geremias Guerra arrives and grabs him. Taking him over to the living room. “Oh I’m glad that I found you, oh when you left what a whirlwind that church was. We really didn’t get a chance too talk. I am stunned.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “we both are.” Ruben utters, “as I am.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “Maria Delia’s mother is putting out a demand. But the thing is, she doesn’t know who the devil to sue.” Calixto tells him, “remember don’t mention you know who.” Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “now then Ruben give me all the details. Anything you might have, give me all your suspicions and your assumptions.” Ruben asks, “godfather can’t we do it later?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “no no Maria Delia’s mother has put out a formal bulletin. For the disappearance of her daughter. The police are going to interrogate you.”

Over at the pink house, the girls are sitting by the dinning room. Juana Bautista tells them, “our older sister has to leave the house and corozal.” Juana Manny asks, “wait a minute what are you saying?” Juana Bautista tells her, “she is leaving today Juana Manny.” The girls all utter, “what do you mean she’s leaving just like that?” Juana Bautista tells her, “I am going to tell you.” Juana Calidad asks, “but what?” Juana Bautista tells them, “I am asking and begging you don’t try to stop her. I am not going into explinations. I am asking you do not detain her. She has very powerful reason, why she has too do this.”

Upstairs Juana Valentina tells her. “Now then Tere, I am heading back to Barranquilla. Please don’t tell anybody, absolutely nobody. Not even my sisters, for they can let it slip. They might tell Ruben, do you hear me.” Tere asks, “what I don’t understand Juana Valentina. What are you going to do in Barranquilla? Just tell me.” Juana Valentina tells her, “now you know you don’t ever have to worry about me. For I’m not going to die of hunger. Now I will call you, when I get myself fixed up. But please, Terezalsura what’s more important don’t tell anybody. Don’t let this slip.” Tere tells her, “no I won’t tell anybody. I just don’t like you leaving alone Juana Valentina. This just scares me, what happens if something happens too you you tell me. Now why don’t we do this, ask Todoelmundo too take you back to Barranquilla.” Juana Valentina ask, “him taking me all the way to Barranquilla in his little motor-cycle Tere. You are absurd and crazy.” Tere tells her, “don’t ask that sacrifice to your future husband don’t be an idiot.” Tere tells her, “I just don’t know Juana Valentina I just don’t know.” Juana Valentina ask, “then what do you want then? For me to stay here, that I don’t care if the priest condemns me.” Tere tells her, “no no no girl I’ll help you close your suitcase.” Juana Valentina tells her, “alright I’ll take one last look around here.”

Over at the salguero house, the police are getting Ruben’s statement. “That is all that I know, well plus that the bride left the note on her bed. Then she disappeared, well then if that’s everything.” Judge Geremias Guerra stops him, “no wait the thing is the detective needs to know. Who do you suspect, might have Maria Delia Espina Canseno. Well could have run away with?” Ruben tells him, “I just don’t know godfather. I don’t suspect anybody, now then I must…” Margarita Cruz tells him, “wait son you had to have an idea who she must have been seeing or no?” Ruben tells her, “no Margarita no what so ever. I don’t know if she ever saw another man. Well then if that’s everything.” The detective asks, “now then when was the last time you saw her?” Ruben tells him, “oh dear lord last night. I took her home, she didn’t allow me too enter. She was afraid I was going to see the wedding dress. You know its bad luck, to see the bride wearing the dress. Before the day of the wedding. Well then if that’s all.”

The mayor arrives, “good afternoon.” Ruben utters, “oh man.” The mayor utters, “good afternoon too you all. Well I am first authority of corozal, I am here to give my condolences. To the family Salguero.” Calixto tells him, “thank you.” The mayor tells him, “well for this painful which has touched us profoundly. I am giving you a big hug Ruben.” Ruben utters, “oh thanks.” Margarita Cruz sees todoelmundo, and tells the men. “Excuse me, now then come with me.” Calixto tells him, “we appreciate this kind gesture.” Ruben ask, “but nobody has died mayor.” The mayor him, “hey we just don’t know that. This has yet to be proven.” Ruben tells him, “well you all prove it I’m leaving.” The mayor tells him, “wait wait you can’t leave. The muncipal committee, are coming to give you their condolences.”

Dona Dona tells Todoelmundo, “go to the pink house. Wait don’t go. Yes go to the pink house, forget it.” Todoelmundo asks, “so I lost a trip?” Dona Dona tells him, “yes you lost it.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well then excuse me.” Dona Dona tells him, “no wait they won they won. Go to the pink house, bring me all the juanas.” Todoelmundo tells her, “not all of them will fit on my bike.” Dona Dona tells him, “bring them by two or three. You bring me all of them. Tell them its a life or death decision. Yes its a issue of life or death, for Juana Valentina Salguero.” Todoelmundo tells her, “excuse me.” Margarita Cruz asks, “Dona you don’t want to tell me what’s wrong with you?” Dona Dona tells her, “if you were able to wait 25 years. You can wait a half an hour more.”

Over at the pink house, Juana Valentina is with the girls. “One day I will be able to tell you all the truth, but now is not the right moment. I love you all so very much, every single one of you. Everyone of you do you hear me. I really do wish you all, so much happiness in the world.” Juana Matilde crying tells her, “oh Juana Valentina your not even going to be at our own weddings.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I’m sorry but I just can’t. No I can’t I must get going, its the truth.” Tere tells her, “well right now right now girl.” Juana Matilde tells her, “I am shocked.” Juana Calidad tells her, “wait a minute.” Juana Bautista ask, “where are you going Juana Calidad.” Tere tells her, “oh dear lord.” Juana Matilde crying tells her, “don’t leave Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina is trying hard to stop her tears from flowing. “Juana Matilde please I really must get going. You have Miguel.” Juana Matilde tells her, “but we will all miss you.” Juana Calidad returns, “Juana Valentina this is for you a cross of sor juana inez de la cruz. You take this, so you can be protected.” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes put it on Juana Calidad.” Once its on, she hugs Juana Calidad. Tere tells her, “put it on we should be going now.” Juana Valentina tells her, “alright Tere give me a minute. Thank you. Now when I arrive, well I will call to tell you I am fine ok.” Tere tells them, “yes she will now then lets go.” Juana Matilde stops her, “listen you wait right here if she leaves punch her. She returns with her favorite kitty. Look this cat, my uncle made for me. So he could alway accompany me, where ever I was going too go. Take it with you, so it can accompany you. So you can remember me. Remember I’m the youngest sister.”

(I love that wooden kitty.)

Tere repeats, “ok now lets go.” Juana Valentina hugs her and tells her, “no I don’t need nothing to remind me of you.” Juana Matilde tells her, “what do you mean no.” Juana Manny tells her, “wait Tere let me give her my gift.” Tere utters, “umda its going to be late.” Juana Matilde tells her, “no enough stop reminding her she has to leave. Don’t you see, we are going to miss her.” Juana Manny tells her, “now this you gave to me on my first fight. You keep this, use it whenever you are going to do exercises. Its my favorite.” Juana Valentina gives her a hug as well. “Now then I should get going. Oh I can’t stop crying.” Tere tells her, “alright now lets get going.” Juana Matilde grabs her as does Juana Calidad. “Juana Valentina don’t leave me.” Juana Valentina tells her, “now you two please. Behave yourselves.” Juana Manny tells her, “now call when you arrive there. Do you hear me.” Tere yells out, “now come on we have to leave now.” Juana Valentina then hugs Juana Bautista.” Tere tells them, “ok lets go.”

Todoelmundo shows up, “wait I don’t know where your going but. You can’t go.” Juana Matilde and Juana Manny ask, “what happened Todoelmundo?”

Over at the salguero house, Dona Dona is shocked. The livingroom, is full of people. “What is going on here, why are they all here?” Ruben tells her, “they all want to give their condolences. First it was the mayor, and the entire municipal committiee. Now its the society ladies of corozal.” Dona Dona tells him, “what the devil are all of them doing here?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “don’t mention that word.” Ruben tells her, “they are here to give their condolences. But in the end, they are only here to gossip. Mother I’m taking off.” Dona Dona tells him, “you aren’t going anywhere. Now we’re going to get rid of all these people. Help me Margarita, and you are going to wait for me in my room.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “alright.”

Back at the pink house, the girls have sat back down. Juana Matilde asks, “is that what she said.” Todoelmundo tells her, “exact words this is a life and death decision for Juana Valentina Salguero.” Juana Valentina tells her, “salguero?” Juana Manny tells her, “but she’s a Echenique.” Juana Matilde tells him, “yes that’s so true.” Todoelmundo tells her, “but that is exactly what she said.” Tere tells him, “listen I’m sorry for Dona Dona but my girl must leave right now.” Juana Calidad tells her, “listen this life and death situation sounds quite grave.” Tere tells them, “dear lord girl if my girl stays its quite grave.” Everyone then starts talking all at once. Juana Matilde tells them, “Juana Calidad has a point. No Terezalsura don’t take her anywhere. Hey man Todoelmundo, tell her who owns this house.” Tere tells her, “no we have to leave.” Juana Calidad tells him, “hey look at this house. This is Dona Dona’s house, we have to listen too her.” Juana Valentina ask, “now what?” Juana Bautista tells her, “now what? I guess you are going, to have to go through with your instincts? Use your instincts.”

In the end all the girls, are now over at the salguero’s house. Juana Manny asks, “now what mother what is going on?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “I am also quite intrigued as well.” Juana Matilde tells her, “listen Dona Margarita its just that I feel very strange almost nervous like.” Juana Calidad tells her, “I’m now getting scared Dona Margarita.” Margarita Cruz tells them, “now girls calm down.” Juana Manny tells them, “she’s coming.” Dona Dona asks, “where are the other two?” Juana Valentina arrives with Juana Bautista. “Good afternoon Dona.” Dona Dona tells her, “now then Margarita do me a favour double lock the house. I don’t want any interruptions.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “yes Dona.” Juana Valentina ask, “this sounds to be like a locked down seno?” Dona Dona tells her, “yes it is but its more for not being interrupted. I asked to close those doors, so I don’t go out running. Ruben Calixto, Judge Guerra, Calixto you may all come out now.” Ruben glances at Juana Valentina.

Dona Dona tells them, “now then lets all sit down. Dona Dona asks, why are you smiling?” Juana Bautista tells her, “I’m smiling for the fortune of destiny is fantasy. You are of course judge are a taurus?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “yes.” Juana Bautista asks, “you undoubtly seno a leo?” Dona Dona tells her, “yes.” Juana Bautista tells them, “curiosly all of us are sitting almost exactly in line with the zodiac. In accordance with our signs.”

Dona Dona gets up, “now then I’m going to talk and don’t want any interrupts. If one says one word, before I am finished. I’ll leave you as a rooster with a espinoza. Or like capone, this fight was won bye love. Your’s Ruben Calixto, and yours Juana Valentina. The two simply glance at her then one another. Now the issue went like this. It was many years ago, I had married Calixto and was on my quest to find out why I couldn’t get pregnant. As you all know, I practically traveled around the world. I thought it might have been Mr. Salguero. But in the end it was me, because Mr. Salguero created all of you.” Calixto tells her, “listen Dona.” Dona Dona tells him, “remember the rooster capone Mr. Salguero. When we returned to corozal, by body didn’t want to give any children. No doctor, or witch doctor. No saint, or sea water nor miracles. I wanted to die, for I knew how much you desired a son. My love for you was so great. I needed to show you this by having a son, how much I did love you. It was a need that went out of my soul Calixto. It was so profoundly in my soul, its where love grew. I couldn’t, my soul craved it but my body wasn’t up too it. Then one day, a bunch of italian fellows arrived.”

Dona Dona moves around the room. “Just like gypsys, they came to make a movie. They hired the ranch, to film a scene for their movie. I meet them, because I was living on that ranch. Those italian’s would come every half a day. They came from Barranquilla too work. One was named Geovani Lateto, the other was a very handsome man a famous italian actor. His name was Francisco Guadeske. He was very handsome, very charming. So beautiful as my son.” Calixto gets up and utters, “Dona?” Dona Dona then sits back down and tells him, “remember the rooster capone. Then your beloved grandmother juana, worried that her new daughter in law. Well she was sterile, suggested that I called for a woman named Macarea. She was very beautiful, but more importantly. She was known as a medician women, who was great with herbs and such. She said my mother in law that Macarea was the cure to my problems. Yes she was the cure and solution. She locked me up for fourty days, I ate only different broaths. Rice with different herbs and spices. I would bathe in a special iron cualdron. With the waters of a river, using a special rock. Calixto would visit me every seven days. Macarea would then escort him out, but after those forty days nothing happened. Macarea met Francisco Guadeske, the man that gave you his seed.” Ruben utters, “mother?”

Dona Dona goes to him and tells him, “remember the rooster. You are identical too him, his life stamp. She then goes over to Calixto. I so loved you so very much. I felt so guilty Calixto, you wanted a son so I gave you one. Dona Dona glances at Juana Valentina. But as you know very well, Juana Valentina. A father isn’t just a man, that gives birth too one. But raises you as well. She then sits back down. Well in the end, Macarea she got pregant. That bastard of Francisco, when the movie was over he just up and left her. He had promised to take her back to europe. He promised her matrimony, he promised her gold and everything else. But that bastard flew away. He only showed up 25 years later, to give his son a letter. Plus attacted was a photo of his, that Geovani Loteto brought with him.” Juana Valentina excited asks, “so seno does that mean?” Dona Dona tells her, “remember the rooster goes for you as well. Now then on the day Francisco died. He asked his friend Geovani Loteto, to promise him to tell you the truth.”

Dona grabs Calixto’s hand and holds him tight. “Well I just couldn’t permit it, that Juan Ruben Calixto. Would be taken away from us. For he is the bond of our love. Our son of our youth, the son of our middle age. Plus our son of our old age Mr. Calixto Salguero. My proof of love for you. My only definate proof of my love.” Calixto a bit confused asks, “so it was I who couldn’t conceive?” Dona Dona touches his face and tells him, “no you made five children just look at them. Five daughters, from five women that loved you. I love you so very much, I was the only one that couldn’t. She gets back up and continues. Calixto was away on business, for about eight months. I spent days on that ranch cursing my existance. I was ready to tell my husband, well that we should end our marriage because I couldn’t conceive. For him to find another, so he could get a child. I would end up returning to sahagun. Dona Dona goes back to Ruben and touches his hands. Seven months and half, with the italian men gone. You were born, Macarea four days later passed away of a high septic fever. But before she died, she looked into my eyes. She grabed my hand with strength, she looked at me and told me. Dona Dona I am leaving you my son. Take care of him, like he was your own son. He is the son made out of love, not of urges. That is what she said, she then died with her eyes open. As if she was begging me to keep this promise. Since then I have considered you my son.

Dona Dona once again goes to Calixto and sits down. “When you returned from your trip. My love grew, I put him into your arms I baptised you Juan. In honor of your grandmother. With a spindle of rice, and painted on the birthmark of a small mustard fish. Because your father, yes your father. He’s a good honest hardworking man. Collaborated that this was true, that you were his son. I am sorry that I couldn’t nurse you, for you see I was empty. I am sorry, I couldn’t give you birth forgive me. I couldn’t nurse you, please forgive me. My insides were empty, please forgive me. I just didn’t want to lose you. Please forgive me. She glances at Ruben. You are my son Ruben, I love you as such. You will always be my son, even if you don’t want to call me mother tomorrow. This truth would have never been found out. I fought with all my strength, that this wouldn’t be found out. Love won me over, you won me over Juana Valentina. Your love for my son won me over. You as well Ruben, for the love you had for Juana Valentina. I knew a mother, always knows these things. There is no blood that unites you two. You are free to love one another, well what ever happens from this day out. Neither of you are siblings from no part what so ever.”

The girls are all balling their eyes out, Juana Valentina goes on her knees over to Dona Dona. “Thank you seno Dona thank you.” Dona Dona gets up and daps the tears away and tells her. “Dear you don’t have to go on your knees. Now get up, the one that has too go on her knees is me.” She then hugs Juana Valentina, as she continues to cry.

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Dona Dona takes Margarita’s hand, “see Margarita everyone has a hidden secret. Well then everything has been told, and now that’s that. There’s just no more words to say Mr. Salguero.” Calixto coughs and dabs tears from his eyes then he tells her. “I think I need a rum.” Dona Dona tells him, “yes serve me one as well. For I really need one.” Juana Matilde crying tells her, “I will also join you. Well of me, it seems to me quite hard.”

Juana Bautista is now hugging Juana Valentina. With love in her eyes for her son, Dona Dona goes towards Ruben. Ruben tells her, “I love you mother. I love you mother.” Dona Dona gives him a big hug. “Oh son give me your hand. She puts it on Juana Valentina’s, now then please do forgive me if you can. Just as I have forgiven Mr. Salguero. Then she goes over to Calixto, Calixto I am so very tired so very tired.” Calixto holds Dona Dona and tells her, “now then forget about being tired we have to unite the bed. I want to marry you again.” Dona Dona ask, “what?” Calixto tells him, “I want to repeat at the altar how much I do love you. I will love you my entire life. More so than ever, my soul love. My Dona Cuadradro.” Dona Dona hugs him even tighter. Juana Calidad blesses herself. Margarita Cruz hugs Juana Manny. While Juana Valentina hugs Ruben.

The days quickly pass, at the music salon. Juana Matilde is doing her la la la’s with her professor. “Wait your telling me, that Ruben and Juana Valentina? What they are not what? What that Dona Dona is what Juana Matilde? Wait one more minute, Dona Dona what?” Juana Matilde tells him, “hey professor one minute. I’m in class, your not suppose to interrupt. Listen you asked me three questions, that I can’t answer just yet. Listen I’ll finish the class, and tell you what occured.”

At the pink house, Mauricio laughs. “What do you mean they are not friends. Oh come on, both of them are Don Calixto’s siblings.”Juana Calidad tells him, “just let me explain too you how this all came about. Now then, Dona began to tell us…”

At the art studio, Orlando tells her. “The senora had this story hidden for all this time?” Juana Bautisa tells him, “yes all these years.” Orlando ask, “well how did it all come about?” Juana Bautista tells him, “well she told all us and Juana Valentina…” Orlando asks, “so what did Ruben say? What did Don Calixto say?” Juana Bautisa utters, “well Ruben and Don Calixto. Listen professors, are supose to listen but you aren’t.” Orlando tells her, “well then tell me then.” Juana Bautista smiles and tells him, “ok let me tell you.” Orlando tells her, “well do it quickly.”

At the beauty salon, Octavio utters. “Rubencho isn’t the son of Dona Dona nor Don Calixto. No those are your lies Juana Manny.” Juana Manny tells him, “well Dona Dona was moved by the love of Juana Valentina had for Ruben. She decided to tell the truth.” Octavio yells out, “Ruben and Juana Valentina in love? Oh no now your imagination, went flying by my firecracker forgive me.” Juana Manny tells him, “listen you let me talk. I must tell you everything. So just let me talk ok.”

Over at Juana Valentina and Ruben’s place. They are together, hugging and kissing each other. Ruben tells her, “they said that in corozal angels didn’t fall. Now then what is your name?” Juana Valentina tells him, “Juana Valentina Echenique and yours?” Ruben tells her, “Ruben Salguero without your blood but with the same last name.” Juana Valentina ask, “and who’s playing?” Ruben tells her, “its the sound of an accordion.” Juana Valentina ask, “and what do those notes from the accordion say?” Ruben tells her, “I love you. I love you like I’ve never loved another in my entire life. They kiss, the notes from the accordion never are mistaken.” Juana Valentina tells him, “it does sound very beautiful. Its very nice knowing that someone, knows how to play an instrument. A guitar, the clarinet, the flute. It does sound very beautiful, it seems they put their own souls to make it sound like that. Well if I decided to play an instrument, it would sound horrible. I’m serious, yes they do put their soul into every note. Please touch me, touch me like a note from a guitar. A clarinet touch me. He touches her body, and she calls out his name. Ruben.” Ruben tells her, “Juana Valentina without a same blood nor the last name.” She laughs, and then they kiss.

(Isn’t there a song, that has those lyrics. Touch me like a guitar or something?)

Over at the pink house, Todoelmundo is reading a printed flyer. “Calixto Salguero Tenorio and Dona Cuadradro de Salguero. Inform everyone in this town that. Juana Valentina Echeinque and Juan Ruben Calixto Saluguero. Are children from different fathers and mothers. For this reason, their relationship thus has no sinful conotations. They will be permitted to marry. The senora and senor De Salguero. Do now want any hidden agendas, with this situation.” Tere ask, “hidden agendas what to write something like that?” Todoelmundo tells her, “Dona Dona told me that word by word. That is what I had made up. Well then let me continue, bad commentary and unintentional rumors. Neither sinful rumors, signed by a judge and notary written by Calixto Salguero and Dona Cuadradro De Salguero. Etc, etc, etc.” Tere asks, “so you had to put it all over town right?” Todoelmundo tells her, “yes in fact she paid me 50 for each one that I put up.”

In the salguero bedroom, the bed has been put back together. Calixto asks, “but Dona why did you do it?” Dona Dona tells him, “I just didn’t want to hear any bad rumors or bad gossip all over town.”Calixto tells her, “well just look at this isn’t it really too much?” Dona Dona tells her, “listen people only believe what’s writtened. If someone is hidden something, well then its not published. Why do you think the politicians, are so careful. With what they are saying. Or what is written in the newspapers. Now then people can think, what ever they want. But they better not come into this house. With the gossip, that Ruben and Juana Valentina have incenturous loves. Oh no sir ree.” Calixto kisses her, “oh your the grandest of them all Dona. Hey when did this love begin with this two kids?” Dona Dona tells him, “Valentina and Ruben? I’m guessing it was that first time that they met. Oh how they suffered, and it was all of my fault.” Calixto tells her, “no it was our fault Dona our fault.” Dona Dona tells her, “no Calixto even though you have five sins. I am more guilty, I held on so tight trying to keep this secret, I was very much mistaken. Why because, I was just so afraid that I was going to lose you.” Calixto hugs her once more, “come over here so you decided to lie to me. Saying that you didn’t love me.” Dona Dona tells him, “but your five daughters hurt me so very much Calixto. Just put yourself in my place, it was that they reminded me. Well of my painful curse, that my body couldn’t plant your seed.” Calixto tells her, “oh Dona Dona Dona. So you had planned on dying with that secret?” Dona Dona tells him, “well yes I wouldn’t give you the chance of not loving me.” Calixto tells her, “so you took the risk?” Dona Dona tells him, “yes for me to go too my grave with this secret. I would have left with a really big regret.” They then hug once another.

The guys are at the dolorsa drinking it up. Octavio sings a song about meeting the juanas, and how it changed all of their lives.Don Calixto and Dona Dona, plus Margarita Cruz and Judge Geremias Guerra. Are going around the town, the men buy the ladies cotton candy. They are all very much in love.

(Love Cotton Candy.)

While the girls are also over town, singing and eating cotton candy. Then they all meet up at the dolorosa. Miguel sings to Juana Matilde, they then dance. While Tere then sings to Todoelmundo, then they kiss.

Days pass and Maria Delia returns to corozal. She heads straight to see the salguero’s. “Maria Delia has arrived. Daaa isn’t anybody here? Maria Delia has arrived.” Dona Dona and Calixto come out of their room. They both utter, “Maria Delia?” Maria Delia tells them, “oh I was so ashamed and embarssed returning to corozal. I didn’t want to face you all, but I told myself I just had too do it. For you all were so very good towards me. You were all so respectful and generous. Well with that reason alone, you deserved an explanation.” Manuel Efe enters as well, “I have arrived.” Dona Dona and Calixto utter, “Manuel Efe?” Manuel Efe utters, “me.” Maria Delia coldly tells him, “Manuelefito the gifts we brought for them from europe.” Manuel Efe tells her, “oh yes of course. I forgot them, they are in the car in the back seat.” Maria Delia tells him, “now what are you waiting for to bring them here my life?” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes my Maria Dalieta.” He leaves the house, and she tells them. “Oh he’s an adorable man, but he’s a bit slow to think. Now hurry it up Manuel Efe.” He simply utters, “yes yes.” Maria Delia ask, “is Ruben around? Well him most of all, needs to listen too my explanation.” Calixto tells her, “well Ruben isn’t here. Yes and we all deserve a great explination.” Manuel Efe returns, “now then here are your gifts. We bought them well on, well on our…” Dona Dona tells them, “in europe.” Manuel Efe tells them, “yes on our trip on our honeymoon.” They both utter, “honeymoon?” Maria Delia tells them, “well Manuelifeto and I are wife and husband.” Manuel Efe tells her, “its suppose to be said husband and wife.” Maria Delia tells him, “well that is what you think my life. So when will Ruben be returning.”

Juana Valentina and Ruben, are making out at the dolorosa. Tere sings them another song. The girls are dancing around with their partners. Gualberto is sad but high fives Poncho.

Back at the salguero house, Maria Delia begins her tale. “Well then on that fateful day. I was dressed to go to the church. Manuel Efe had picked me up.” Manuel Efe start talking, “yes remember that is what we in the end decided on doing. I was going to pick up Maria Delia.” Maria Delia shuts him up, “don’t interrupt me Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe utters, “yes dear.” Maria Delia tells them, “well I looked at him he looked at me. We looked at one another, then we daaa. It was like a lighting struck, love was there. He was in front of me, I fully understood I didn’t know what love was. So that is why I couldn’t marry Ruben.” Manuel Efe angrily stares at her. Calixto asks, “so you just flew?” Manuel Efe tells them, “well literaly did. From Maria Delita’s house, we headed straight to the airport. We took my plan and began flying.” Maria Delia tells them, “yes we then flew atop of the clouds. The blue sky all around us, oh it was so very marvelous. That is why, I always was insisting that Rubensito bought a plane.” Manuel Efe gives her a drink. “Hey try it, its just like you like it. Now then try some.” Maria Delia tells him, “thank you my lovesito.”

Dona Dona tells them, “well what you are telling us is a story like no other. Its just so surprising, I have known Manuel Efe ever since he was a child. But for you to notice him, on the very day of your wedding.” Manuel Efe tells her, “it was like a arrow aunt. That is why the symbol of love is a cupid. That little cupid shooting his little arrow.” Maria Delia tells him, “Manuelfito.” Manuel Efe utters, “sorry.” Maria Delia tells him, “remember what we discussed. You go on and on, you become quite annoying.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes my dear Maria Delia.” Maria Delia tells him, “here take this its too cold. Now then I don’t regret escaping with Manuelifeto. We are very happy, isn’t that right my life.” Manuel Efe tells her, “oh yes my Maria Delita.” Maria Delia tells them, “we go on the plane three times a month.” Calixto asks, “now wait so your mother was in accordance with what you did. Did she at least see you two take off?” Maria Delia tells him, “no way Don Calixto for absoltuely nothing. Nobody noticed, when we both escaped. Nobody found out nothing, all I had time was. Was too leave a small note explaining things. Of our situation, oh daaa. Oh wait now thinking clearly, yes there was someone. It was a tall handsome man, he was dressed all in white.”

Juana Valentina and Ruben return. “Hey everyone were getting married on the 12th.” Juana Valentina asks, “hey where is everybody. They then see Manuel Efe. Manuel Efe?” Ruben utters, “Maria Delia?” Manuel Efe gets up, “come into my arms cousin. Or maybe I’ll go too yours. Daaa permit me to greet you Juana Valentina.” Ruben asks, “what are you two doing here. So where were you two?” Maria Delia tells him, “well we have come by well to explain things. To ask you for forgiveness.” Manuel Efe laughing tells them, “are love was like a rafaga. Daaa yes as soon as I saw her dressed as a bride. It was like an avalanche.” Maria Delia grabs his hand, “dear sometimes you do go on and on with your talking. Even when you talk in french, nobody understand you.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes you are right dear. Do forgive me.” Maria Delia tells them, “well what occured is hey wait. What did you say, when you entered this house?” Ruben repeats, “we’re getting married on the 12th.” Juana Valentina tells them, “yes on the same day as all of my sisters. Tere and Todoelmundo, hey what do you think? Hey good idea right?” Dona Dona happily tells them, “yes the same day as Margarita Cruz with the judge.” Calixto tells her, “plus the same day as us were also getting remarried.” Juana Valentina tells them, “that’s great.” Manuel Efe and Maria Delia are very confused and simply utter. “What?” Manuel Efe asks, “with your permission I’m going to ask one single question. What do you mean both of you, are going to get married? Or did that affair, with that italian fellow come out?” Dona Dona tells him, “your aunt nothing. I can tell you a short tale, or a longer one. Like someone said, in any case its a story of love.” She stretches her hands and happily stares at her love ones.

Over in sincelejo Yolanda is back to normal. Manuel Efe has gone over to see her. “Well let me tell you regarding Juana Valentina and Ruben is such a story. Let me tell you, well really at this stage of my life I really don’t care.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well me either I’m now a married man.” Yolanda asks, “you got married Manuel Efe? So who was victim?” Manuel Efe asks, “do you believe in the devil jolly?” Yolanda tells him, “well no.” Manuel Efe tells her, “then your not going to believe what I’m going to tell you.” Yolanda tells him, “now come over here for you have me quite intrigued. Hey I’m not going to do nothing too you.” Manuel Efe tells her, “what occured is this. Everyone thought that the devil had left corozal. But he was still there, in fact that bastard was waiting for me. He recalls that day, when he went to pick up Maria Delia. He put her in the car, and tells her. Give the groom a kiss. I looked up and there he was. Listen if you say, who you say you are. Leave me, go from this challenge. I will marry her, but I’m not going to give you my soul. Daaa, then I got in that car and drove away.” Yolanda tells him, “oh come on a man as cultured as you. Raised in the exterior, believes you made a deal with the devil? Oh don’t even think that.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well in this tropical place I learned. To expect the unexpected, well then and you what? The last time I talked too you, well you were pretty bad. Bald, your nails didn’t stop growing. The cows gave water, you couldn’t pronouce the h. Plus you had that uncontrollable hiccups. Yes you were really bad, I am repeating well not to say nothing else.”

Yolanda tells him, “don’t even remind me. It makes me quite sick. You know what, I think that being regretful and asking for forgiveness Manuel Efe. Well I think that by doing so, I was able to release seven years of bad luck. Lesson was learned.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well very good then I better go. My wife is waiting for me, well goodbye jolly.” Yolanda tells him, “hey do me a favour tell Juana Valentina and Ruben Calixto. I really do wish them, the best happiness in the world. Yes from the heart.” Manuel Efe asks, “you?” Yolanda tells him, “yes me well yes.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well then goodbye.” Yolanda tells him, “be good.” Manuel Efe tells her, “none of our plans worked eh?” Yolanda tells him, “not one of our willy coyote plans came true.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes but at least we had a delicious time.” Yolanda tells him, “yes.” Manuel Efe tells her, “my plans were brillant. But not one worked.” Yolanda tells him, “yes we can discuss that later. But you know what I’m thinking.” Manuel Efe asks, “what?” Yolanda tells him, “we were fighting against love and that fight. Nobody wins it.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes that is true.” Yolanda tells him, “ok be well bye. Once he’s gone she utters. Man was that a great lesson Juana Valentina.”

Over at the pink house, Juana Valentina tells the girls her story. “Oh you can’t even image, you just can’t image how much I suffered. Well because I loved him so, to see him everything. But I also suffered, for I didn’t want you to find out. The only one’s that knew, was Juana Bautista and Tere. Oh thank god that has passed.” Tere tells them, “let me tell you it was horrible.” Juana Calidad takes her hand and tells her, “Juana Valentina it terrorized me thinking how much you must have suffered. Well when I told you I was in love with Ruben.” Juana Valentina tells her, “the truth is I was worried about you Juana Calidad. I didn’t want you to go through, what I had been going through. It was just horrible, well you all know.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well I understand why Juana Valentina didn’t tell us. For it was just terrible, just image it without knowing it. Well in the end they we thought they were half siblings. Well all of those things, umda to fight an impossible love. Worse than fighting Robusta Coronada, oh no boxer.” Juana Manny tells her, “I wouldn’t have wanted to be in my older sister’s place. Yes that is the truth.” Juana Bautisa tells them, “you know something I am going to give up reading my cards forever.” Juana Valentina asks, “and why not?” Juana Bautista tells them, “because they never wanted to tell me the truth.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes those blasted cards.” Juana Matilde tells her, “hey you never read those cards for me.” They she hugs Juana Valentina, and Juana Bautista tells her. “Thank you for looking for me Juana Valentina.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh how divine.” Juana Calidad tells her, “I’m saying the same thing.” Juana Manny pats her leg, “you know we all love you.” Then they all hug Juana Valentina. Juana Valentina tells them, “oh my sisters how much I do love you all.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh how divine.” Juana Calidad utters, “bless the heavens.” Tere happily tells them, “now then girls lets forget the past. We are going to think in that future. The date of our matrimony, is almost upon us.” Then they all clap.

More songs follow, and the girls walking around the town. The mayor tells his assistant. “On sunday I will have a committe meeting. It will be held in the plaza, I will explain to the town how important that people vote. What it means to be a democrate. How the center government has us in its grip. It will be like this, the town of corozal.” The assistant tells him, “mayor you have to reschedule the meeting.” The mayor asks, “and why?” His assistant tells him, “well because the juanas are getting married. Nobody is going to go too your speech.” The mayor utters, “umda.”

Octavio and the guys also walk through town.

Over at the dolorosa, Poncho and Lasador. Are hearing two guys fight. A guy tells another. “I am going to sue you because you have lied too me. For going against my family honour. Its going to be on sunday. The day after that, your going to jail.” Poncho tells him, “hey no sorry to interfere but Don Otereo. Hey can’t we have the demand, the following sunday. The juanas are getting married on sunday.”

Over at the front, some police men are going to do a raid. One of the says, “fine we will do it on sunday.” Another tells him, “commander we can’t. For on sunday for the juanas are getting married. There will be no police in the stations.” The guy says, “oh yes the Juanas are getting married yes that’s true.”

The group then all kiss, beside the water fountain and dance around.

Later Dona Dona and Ruben are together in her bedroom. Ruben is looking at a picture of his father. Both are teary-eyed, Dona Dona asks. “Are you ever going to forgive me son?” Ruben tells her, “oh mother I have already forgiven you. He hugs her, and asks. Well how was my mother?” Dona Dona tells him, “very beautiful. While your father, you don’t have to mention it. She really did love him so very much.” Ruben tells her, “in the letter it says that he also loved her. But he never returned for her.” Dona Dona tells him, “its something that I will never be able to thank him. For all these years, or no I would have lost you.” Ruben tells her, “well neither of them exist. What is important now, is that I always had you and father.” She then hugs him once more. Dona Dona tells him, “oh son now you have Juana Valentina.” Ruben tells her, “yes I will always have her. All I am waiting for, is for the priest to say. I pronounce you husband and wife.” Dona Dona tells him, “oh Ruben Calixto. Don’t be a spoilsport son, you already went to church two times already. The third time you’ll win.” They laugh and hug once more.

Calixto and Ruben arrive home talking amongst themselves. Dona Dona tells him, “son you know very well the groom has too be at the church first. Now hurry and get dressed.” Ruben tells her, “ok mother I’ll go change.” Calixto asks, “Mr. Salguero aren’t you going to join me at the church?” Calixto tells her, “yes I’m entering that church with you. So don’t you forget it. I am also the father of the groom. The godfather of the Judge Guerra, plus the groom myself.” Maria Delia and Manuel Efe show up complaining. “I have told you that scarf doesn’t suit you. Now go back and change it. Go and put on a scarf.” Manuel Efe tells her, “Maria Delita this is the latest that they are wearing in europe.” Maria Delia tells him, “but my life we are not in europe we are in corozal. Oh Dona how are you doing? It seems were going, to have to come back. For Manuel Efeito has to put on a tie. Without it he looks like a corancho.” Manuel Efe tells her, “Maria Delita Maria Delita wearing this scarf is very chic.” Maria Delia yells out, “he you better go and change into a tie. Or the devil, with you.” Manuel Efe gets freaked out, “dear why would you say such a thing.” Maria Delia tells him, “its just an expression.” Manuel Efe yells out, “daaa.” He runs out of the house. Dona Dona tells her, “he left as if the devil was chasing him.” Maria Delia yells out, “Manuel Efe wait for me. Maybe that is what’s wrong with him. Now then Dona Dona, see you later at the church. Now you get back here Manuel Efe. I am talking too you, you better wait right there.” Dona Dona shakes her head and utters, “poor Manuel Efe.”

Outside the crowd has arrived, they see Dona and Calixto getting into an old car. They all clap.

The guys are at the church, Octavio nerviously asks. “Do you think they are going to arrive? Or will it occur like the last two weddings of Maria Delia? First time this guy here, come here to inform us the father of the bride had died. The next time was, that Maria Delia had flew away.” Todoelmundo tells him, “well considering I’m right here. I won’t be reappearing.” Everyone follows Dona Dona and Calixto to the church. Everyone is cheering them on, Calixto utters. “Thank you thank you.” Dona Dona kisses him.

Poncho tells them, “Judge Geremias Guerra and Margarita Cruz have alrrived. They are also the bride and groom.” Ruben is with them as well. Dona and Calixto arrive and enter the church. “Now Dona, if that lighting hadn’t of hit me. We wouldn’t have been celebrating this union. So blessed it that lighting bolt.” Dona Dona tells him, “well if it wasn’t for that lighting. Our lives would have been very relaxed and peaceful Mr. Salguero.” Calixto tells her, “yes but very boring. Now Dona so have you forgive me?” Dona Dona tells him, “yes five against one. You still owe me, four Calixto. Calixto listen, maybe the formula is different. When we got married. So what does one say now?” Calixto tells her, “now Dona don’t you worry. For when the priest asks, if you want to be my wife, for the rest of your life. Just say yes, and nothing else.” Dona Dona ask, “nothing else alright.” Calixto tells him, “oh there’s the carpenter.” Dona Dona tells him, “the uncle yes.” Everyone takes their places.

(I wonder if the people of the church. Are part of the crew, or lucky people who won the lottery to attend the last filming of the show.)

Then the brides arrive, one by one they are wearing the same dress. The only difference is the head dress, and carrying different bouquets. Dona Dona utters, “and they said that in corozal angels didn’t fall from the sky. The guys basically run to their gals. Hey that’s not correct, the grooms have to wait at the altar. The father takes the brides.” Margarita Cruz asks, “and then who takes us then?” She then laughs, Judge Geremias Guerra tells her. “Apart from that, there are eight brides and that’s not usual. Apart what has occured, these last couple of months. Is nothing but unusual.”

(What happened to all those people, that were there before in the pews.)

Manuel Efe and Maria Delia, are stuck on route. For their car has broken down. Manuel Efe reads the french section of the manuel. “Disk player, I need something that will talk about the motor.” Maria Delia tells him, “oh dear Manuelfito hurry it up with that motor. We’re missing the ceremony.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well my european car is very delicate. Well I left it at the mechanic shop in corozal, to touch it. But you know, I don’t know what he did too it Maria Delita.” Maria Delia yells out, “you are useless. I am going to tell you something, if I arrive late to this wedding. Your sleeping on the sofa.” Manuel Efe utters, “daaa.” Then he heads towards the back and gets a wrench. Maria Delia also tells him, “plus you won’t get what you like for one month. Plus every morning, your going to make me breakfast very early. Listen here I am going to fire that girl. Are you listening too me. Listen everyone is at the wedding, while me Maria Delia Espina because your stupid european car broke down. Isn’t at that wedding oh dear lord.”

Over at the church, Judge Geremias Guerra tells Margarita, “for now and forever Margarita Cruz. Even though forever could be close.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “after I saw you being a judge at that soccer game. That future is far away for you Geremias, for you have a lot of energy still.”

Todoelmundo tells Tere, “for now and forever Terezalsura. With all of my love.” Tere tells him, “yes with all my love as well todoelmundo. Oh Todoelmundo why did you bring that bench?” Todoelmundo tells her, “umda Terezalsura I couldn’t look so short amongst everyone. Plus this bench, will help us in a lot of ocassions.” Tere utters, “Todoelmundo.”

Calixto tells Dona, “32 years of marriage till now for now and forever.” Dona Dona tells him, “if I could have given you a son. I wouldn’t have cared, carrying it in nine months. Or painfully giving birth.” Calixto tells her, “why do we need another child when we have six. Plus we have us two.”

Miguel tells Juana Matilde, “for now and forever Juana Matilde Salguero.” Juana Matilde tells him, “yes for now and forever Miguel Tejeros. Only if you never cut my wings. You know something you put on wings, and we can always fly everywhere together forever.”

Orlando tells Juana Bautista, “we met underneath a tent of a fair Juana Bautista. Now look how things turned out, look where we ended up stopping.” Juana Bautista tells him, “for love does everything. Don’t forget that jesus was born, in a manger for love.”

Octavio tells Juana Manny, “remember that tomorrow I have to go to the bank for that loan. So I can open that store.” Juana Manny tells him, “yes but you can leave it for the next week. Your first obligation, is for me to have a son.” Octavio asks, “what?” Juana Manny tells him, “yes sonny and it will be seven more. I’ve never had siblings growing up. I want them all to play games together. Like cat and mouse.”

Mauricio tells Juana Calidad, “for now and forever Juana Calidad Salguero.” Juana Calidad tells him, “yes for now and forever Mauricio Fuentelafria. Then she begins kissing him, she stops. Sorry I guess, that is after the blessing right?”

Ruben tells Juana Valentina, “for now and forever Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells him, “since yesterday today and forever eternally. Yes being with you Ruben, I learned that eternity does exist. Yes sir well you know what, I’m never going to tell you that I love you. Well I love you isn’t sufficiant enough. To say how much I really do love you.” Ruben lifts the veil, and starts kissing her.

Before the priest knows it, all the couples are kissing. The priest tells them, “everyone stop kissing. I’m asking you all, do you want too be husband and wife yes or no?” They all yell out, “yes.” The priest tells them, “I declare you all husbands and wives.” Everyone hugs and claps, Calixto yells out. “Hey Lasador play music on your accordian for in here its not a sin.”

Pictures are taken of the couples. Then a group shot of the entire cast.





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