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Juana Valentina is a beautiful woman that’s 24 years old. Who works in her pawn shop in Barranquilla called “La Comra Venta La Fortuna Casa comercial.” A store she inherited from her step-father Mr. Gonzalo Echenique. Upon her father’s death, she and her mother take over but it’s not long till Rosaura becomes ill. Juana Valentina is also taken care by Terezalsura, a housekeeper and friend of her mothers. Not having money, she doesn’t go to university but she is quite smart. She’s shocked when her mother reveals, that her father is a man by the name of Calixto Salguero. When her mother dies, she makes a vow. She will go and find this man, in a town called Corozal.

Its there she meets Todoelmundo, who helps her with her quest. She’s shocked to discover that Calixto is a nice man, but with a fierce wife. By the name of Dona Dona, who hates her from the start. Plus its love at first sight, when she accidently falls for her step-brother Ruben Calixto. Curiosity wins Juana Valentina over, when Don Calixto tells her. There might be more children, from the small affairs he had in one year. So she and Ruben, begins searching for them. In her travels, she brings home Juana Bautista and Juana Calidad. Ruben brings home Juana Manny, and Juana Matilde arrives by fate. Juana Valentina being very beautiful attracts a lot of attention, soon guys are after her like bees to honey. She decides she can’t be a salguero, and tells Calixto. With the love and respect she gave to her step-father she will continue being a Echenique.

She loves to borrow things without asking, she is very tough and is the only one that can battle wits with Dona Dona. She grows to love her sisters and the five learn to live with one another,in a corner mansion named the Pink house. Things turn tough when Don Calixto looses his fortune. Its the Juana’s, who come up with ideas to bring money into the house. They grow as a family and have many adventures. Juana Valentina is a natural leader, but when anger consumes her she becomes very arrogant and resentful. She goes through many mood swings, especially when evil arrives. She takes on her sisters personality, and falls for Manuel Efe. The date of Ruben’s wedding arrives, and she heads to see him. She tells Juana Bautista, that one day in another life they will be together. When he doesn’t marry, she quickly heads to pack her things. Knowing she will not hesitate to give herself too him. Dona reveals a secret, and Juana Valentina’s finally able to live and love in peace.

Her suitors are:   Octavio Portreal
Mauricio Fuentelafria
Manuel Efe Cuadrado
Juan Ruben Calixto Salguero

  • CHARACTER: Juana Valentina Echenique Salguero
    CHARACTER SIGN Aries sign of the ram
    ELEMENT: Fire
    Creative energy, adventurous and energetic. Pioneering and courageous.
    Enthusiastic and confident. Dynamic and quick witted.
    Selfish, quick tempered. Impulsive, Impatience, foolhardy and a bit of a daredevil.
    Assertiveness, instinct to act spontaneously. Aggressiveness, rashness, courage, and

Trivia: Juana Valentina kisses every man on the show.

HEIGHT: 5′ 5¾” (1.67 m)








Juana Bautista was born in Carmen De Bolivar. Her life hasn’t been easy, she is a gypsy girl who reads people’s fortune on the side of the road. Her mother Remedio taught her everything she knew. When she died, she confessed that her father was a man named Calixto. So she’s not the least surprised when Juana Valentina shows up. Its only when she’s told she might have more relations that her world get turned around. She willing goes with Juana Valentina, to meet this man name Calixto. She’s the first to call Calixto father, and they share a dance to celebrate when he gives her a salon where she can paint. She’s a very calm and relaxed individual, she’s also become aware that Juana Valentina has falling in love with their step-brother. She becomes her confidant, and counselor.

When her father looses his fortune, she accepts to stay and help out the family. She goes on her first plane ride, when she heads to Bogota with her sister and brother. When the fair comes to town, she becomes Artemis, the gifted pychic. Its there she falls in love with the wolf man. Sometimes she lets her gifts interfere with her love life. Luckily the man who loves her, loves her reserved serious side. She also becomes a back up singer, and helps her sisters when ever she can. When a fight occurs, she at a loss. Sadden she packs up her things and prepares to leave. Fate steps in and she returns, she is very distraught. When one day looking at her cards, they are all empty. When evil arrives, she take on all the personalities of her sisters learning more about them. Later she learns that the mysteries of life is so vast, that she will never learn all of its secrets. She also is interested in painting the stars, and happy when Calixto gets her a telescope. Later she decides its time to marry, and wants a low key event. Is thrilled though, when all of them decide to marry at the time.

Her suitors: Gualberto
Orlando Angulo

  • CHARACTER: Juana Bautista Cordero Salguero
    SIGN: Aquarias the Water Carrier
    ELEMENT: Air
    Friendly and humanitarian. Honest and loyal, original and inventive.
    Independent and intellectual.
    Intractable and contrary, perverse and unpredictable unemotional and









Juana Calidad was born in a church in Planeta Rica. Her mother Consolacion was the secretary for the local priest. She had an affair with Calixto, and Juana Calidad was born. The only one that knew her secret, was the priest. So a rumor was spread when Consolacion passed away, that the priest was really her father. Juana Calidad was raised by the priest and the nuns, and learned many things. When Juana Valentina arrives, and mentions her mother’s shame she faints. She is very innocent and is afraid of the outside world. Being very religious, she believes that if god wanted her too meet her father then she would accept. So she travels with Juana Valentina to Corozal to meet her father Calixto. It takes he a while, to learn to trust him and eventually shows her love. When she arrives, she discovers she has more sisters. Her faith keeps her sane, and tries to teach her sisters how to live religiously.

Being a early riser, she gets everyone up very early. Many times she cooks and does her chores without complaining. She even takes care of Terezalsura when she’s in injured. She even goes to church with Terezalsura every morning. She loves stories and poetry of Sor Juana Inez De La Cruz. Growing up the way she did, makes her act at times like a child. When Juana Valentina, wants to leave, because she can’t find work. She angrily damages Juana Bautista’s portrait of the girls. She also gets sick on purpose, so Juana Valentina can stick around. Later she mistakes brotherly love for real love, when she falls for her step-brother. Is still quite hurt when the town’s people talk badly about her, and her new family. Her father gives her an economic store, but when he looses everything. She uses her skills as an account, to takes care of the family finances. She is overjoyed when one day she gets to visit the sea. Seeing her so tormented, her sisters hatch a plan and she finds true love with the politician’s son. It works, and she being reserved surprises him with very passionate kisses. She even shocks everyone, when she is forced to becomes a back up singer. Its revealed that with make-up, she is a very beautiful women. A fight between sisters, shows that she too can get very angry. Even wanting to be the carnival queen. When evil arrives, it makes her quite rebellious and she flashes the guys in her bikini. Being with her sisters, she discovers so many new talents she never knew she had. She happily accepts Mauricio’s proposal and they marry.

Suitor: Mauricio Fuentelafria

CATCH PHRASES: Ave Purisima, Sin Pecado Concebido.
May the Saint Antonia Maria Clarice. May her saintly name be blessed.

TRIVIA: Sor Juana Inez De La Cruz Died in 1695. Was a self-taught Poet and Scholar.
there is a Book called: Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz Obra Selecta.

REAL NAME: Juana Inez De Asbaje Y Ramirez De Santilana.
She indeed was a nun of New Spain.

  • CHARACTER: Juana Calidad Salguero
    CHARACTER SIGN: Virgo the maiden
    ELEMENT: Earth
    Modesty and shy, meticulous and reliable practical and diligent. Dexterity, communication,
    ingenuity of mind, sharp intellect, fickleness or unhealthy restlessness. Excellent eye for
    detail. Adept at languages, possess a love of literature. Deep interest of history and
    statistics, Good memory for details.
    Fussy and a worrier. Overcritical and harsh, Perfectionist and conservative.

HEIGHT: 5′ 61/4 1.68M




Untitled 1JManny   JUANA MANNY






Juana Manny was born in Sahagun. Her mother is Margarita Cruz, she grew up with a lot of boy relatives. So she became a bit of a tomboy, and got fixated with a boxing match while watching tv. She then knew exactly, what she wanted to do with her life. To become the women’s national champion and get a lot of money to support her mother. Since her mother didn’t have money, she put herself through Cosmetology School through Correspondence. When she learns the truth regarding her birth, she wants to meet this man Calixto. Plus getting the inheritance, they so desperate need. She is a very tough women, and doesn’t trust Calixto at first. But grows to love him, and is also surprised that she has more siblings.

Juana Manny has a love hate relationship with Octavio Portreal. At first she makes fun of him, and then flirts a bit with him. She knows full well, that he’s been after two of her sisters. As time passes, they do become good friends and he helps her in many things. Later when he wants to marry her, she tells him they must take little steps. She admires everything about him, and there’s true love there. Then surprise her father looses his fortune, but she knows if she sticks around things will change. Juana Manny first wants to live her dreams, before settling down. She has a very quick temper, but she tells things like it is. Sometimes it does upset her sisters, but she’s not changing for anybody. Later she gets a chance to live out of her dream, but it ends up horribly. Beaten up mentally and physically, she gives up on this dream. She learns so many things about herself, and what she is capable of doing. Even surprising herself, when she goes on stage to sing. She adores her mother, and wants to see her happy. She respects the judge, and wishes them well on their engagement. Happy and content with a good forture ahead of her she decides to marry.

Her Nickname: Firecracker

Her suitors: Octavio Portreal
Miguel Tejero’s

  • CHARACTER: Juana Manny Cruz Salguero
    CHARACTER SIGN: Scorpio or eagle
    ELEMENT: Water
    Determined, forceful, Emotional and intuitive.
    Powerful and passionate. Exciting and magnetic.
    Jealous, Resentful, Compulsive and obsessive. Secretive and Obstinatem.
    Reserved, Loyal, Secretive, Firm, Proud.





Untitled 4jm   JUANA MATILDE






Juana Matidle is a happy girl, who was raised by her carpenter uncle in Santa Marta. Her mother Ana Linda worked at The Hotel Breeze of the Caribbean. She was forced to leave because she needed to support her daughter, but being a bit flighty like her daughter she never returned. Juana Matilde is a professional singer, and works with The Sonsoneros De La Sierra Band. She hopes that one day, she will become the next Gloria Estefan. She plays La Guita/Flute, and various instruments. She’s learned that in show business, one has to have a thick skin. She has a fondness for drinking rum and smoking. She also a bit childish, for when she sleeps she sucks her thumb.

When Juana Valentina goes to her, she’s shocked by not surprised. For her mother left her a note clearly stating who her father was. He was a man named Calixto. She accepts everything, even when she’s told she has more siblings. She loves to perform, and does sing all over town. She has been used to the nightlife, and gets quite annoyed when her sister wake her up so early. She’s the first of the girls, to celebrate her birthday with new siblings. She falls for a boy named Miguel, but he’s in love with her sister. She wins him over, because they have so much in common. Being so small, she gets a job as messenger when they work at the Carnival. She swears she will win the dance contest, but is the first to fall. She is also quick tempered, and fierce when she’s angry. She hates being controlled, she loves her freedom. She’s always up for a new adventure, and becomes a bit self-absorbed when she does her first concert. She learns many lessons, but never wants to have her wings clipped.
Her suitors: Octavio Portoreal
Miguel Tejeros

CATCH PHRASE: “I Don’t know, I’m just saying.” I’m just shocked.” “Umda.”

  • CHARCTER: Juana Matilde Estanea Salguero
    ELEMENT: Fish
    Imaginative, Sensitive, Compassionate and kind, Selfish and unworldly.
    Intuitive and sympathetic.
  • DARK SIDE: Escapist and Idelistic, Secretive and vague, Weak willed and easily led.















Terezalsura is the nanny/maid of the Echeniques. She became friends with Rosaura, and was hired to stick around. She eventually took care of the family, and helped raised Juana Valentina.  As a young woman, she fell in love with a mexican sailor. She met this man two times, and said too herself. If she met him one more time, she would marry him but. The third time never came, and with great sadness she never married. When Rosaura dies, she continues to accompany Juana Valentina. Even traveling with her too find her real father.

In Corozal, she becomes friends with everyone. She’s a great cook, and takes her role seriously that she becomes god mother to all the Juanas. She tries desperately to get Juana Valentina to see other guys. Telling her that her love for Ruben is wrong. It simply hurts her that her girl Juana Valentina might end up alone. Then she makes friends with Todoelmundo and learns how to do puzzles. She does get into an accident, but she’s strong and recovers. She drinks beer with lemonade, and it becomes a hit at the dolorosa that it becomes the speality of the house. She goes to church with Juana Calidad and Margarita Cruz. Never realizes that young Poncho is attracted too her. She helps and encourages the girls, to pursue many things when their spirits are broken. Always helping in their adventures, even winning a dance contest. She has a lot of patience and tries hard to fix things, when the girls start fighting. She even plays soccer, to help unite the girls. In the end she has to make a tough decision. Love or responsibility, in the end the choice doesn’t have to be made. She stays in Corozal and marries Todoelmundo.
Suitors:   Poncho Sarmiento

Nickname: Terezalsura the best dancer in Basidura Ounca.




Untitled 1calixto   DON CALIXTO SALGUERO






He is known around town as a very wealthy rich land owner. He was born in Corozal, and met and fell in love with a women from Sahagun. Being wealthy they both began converting and fixing up the town. His mother was a very beautiful and well loved women named Juana. Only his wife knows, he has a birthmark of a mustard fish on his behind. He has one son, who’s name is Ruben Calixto. Being wealthy, he sends his son to Medillin to continue his education. He wishes he could have had more children. He’s a good honest naive man at times, believing the good of man kind. He has one vice, and he loves his rum. His best friend is Judge Germias Guerra.

One day while out in his ranch, he gets hit by lighting. Taking this as a sign from god, he knows something is coming. When a girl arrives, by the name of Juana Valentina. Who knows of his hidden birthmark, he comes clean. He confesses he had affairs, while his wife was trying to get pregnant. Its there he asks Juana Valentina, to see if there’s any more kids. He’s shocked when there’s four more daughters. He accepts them and gives them his last name, but is sadden when Juana Valentina doesn’t accept. As time goes by, he grows to love them and doesn’t like it when Dona Dona insults them. He gives them gifts, but goes heavily in debt. His worst surprise is that a bug arrives and destroys his lands. He’s shocked but is overwhelmed, when his girls decide to take care of him and his family. His favorite is Juana Valentina.

Calixto enjoys being around his daughters, goes to the pink house every chance he gets. He does though make many mistakes, while trying to sell the truck. He gets conned and gets his truck stolen. He needs money, and gets tricked by his own nephew. When he has to give up the pink house, he puts his foot down. Ordering Dona to accept the girls will be living with them for a time. Calixto almost gets kicked out of town, when more strange daughters arrive in town. He tells his friend Judge Germias Guerra, how could they do this when I helped give money to everyone here. Calixto tells his son, when he saw Dona his life changed for the good. He can’t wait, till the day comes and he gets his wife back. He wants desperately for thing, to go back to normal. He even asks the Juanas, to fix their anniversary party at the club. When he gets sad news, that Juana Bautista is leaving. He tells Dona, “my heart is breaking.” So he gets Ruben to see if he can fix things. Calixto gets everything back by the end, when his lands recuperate. His daughters get engaged, but sadness over comes him. Knowing that Juana Valentina has to leave. When Ruben’s marriage fails for the second time. He is surprised that his son isn’t more affected. Later he’s surprised when Dona gets everyone together. He’s shocked to discover that Ruben, isn’t his son but happy that his wife’s love was great. Touched he takes her hands, and asks her to marry her all over again.










She is known simply as Dona Dona, a leading lady in high society living in the community of Corozal. She is very respected, but very feared as well. She has a very deep secret. Loves her son and husband, and enjoys her peaceful life. Has been planning with her future daughter in law, a beautiful most talked about wedding. That will unite two of the richest families of corozal. She’s a very strong domineering woman. She doesn’t like change, loves to sing when she’s happy. Has three maids, Martina, Delina, and Ophelia. Likes a nice clean house, and doesn’t like strangers. Likes to live an orderly life, is very respectful to people who she has known for years. She is very religious, when she’s moved by tender moments she cries. When she married, her dowry was a beautiful elegant corner Pink house.

When she finds out, that her husband had affairs resulting in five daughters. She is furious, she’s vicious and has a quick temper and tongue. Especially towards her beloved childhood friend who also had a fling with her husband. She then asks her nephew Manuel Efe, to help get rid of the five. She becomes horrified, when she learns Ruben is in love with one of them. When Calixto looses his fortune, she faints. Bedridden in fact, but swears she will overcome this and maintain her way of life. When she wants to sabotage one of the Juanas ‘s birthday party. She becomes a bit mischievous and wears a cloak. Unfortunately she burns her hands, but she does get satisfaction. When the girls get put in jail. When she learns that Calixto became in debt because of his daughters. She wants the pink house sold, so their friend Judge Germias Guerra doesn’t end up on the street. Of course Calixto counters her threat and brings all the girls to the house. Oh the humiliation, and she makes it plain that she won’t eat what they eat. Nor does she want them to cause a fuss. To learn more about her enemies, she begins snooping in the girls rooms to find out if they have any secrets to hide.

Believing the girls are somehow making money at the carnival. She heads there, she stubbornly waits in line, and faints because its too hot. So she uses her daughter-in-laws to discover who is Artemis. Any chance she gets, helps Manuel Efe by giving him secrets to destroy the girls. When she learns more Juanas show up, she knows something is up. So she decides to join the Juanas to uncover the plot. As time goes on, she suspects who Ruben is in love with. So she decides to advance the wedding date. Months seem to pass, and she threatens that she will die in December. If her son, doesn’t get married. By this point, the costs of the wedding have skyrocketed, but she still needs a dress. She orders Calixto to get money, and asks Manuel Efe to get someone to make a dress. Plus with the left over money she tries to bribe Juana Valentina, and is furious she doesn’t accept.

Fate steps in and cancels the first wedding, she faints at the church. Later she’s furious, when she discovers money and can’t keep it. It turns out the money is from an old robbery, and she gets put in jail. Its worse when she discovers, that the Juanas had been helping her all along and she’s ashamed of her behavior. She owns a miracle rosary, she inherited by her beloved grandmother and sells it to help pay the bills. Later an old acquaintance arrives, and she must act fast. So she gets a small rock, and begins to wish him away. It works, she makes it rain for a week. When its done, she gets up and sings he’s gone he’s gone. As the harvest is ready to be sold, she reminds Calixto about the deal they made. Dona knows who gets to stay, and she finalize his daughter’s lives and accepts them. Once this is done, she tells him Juana Valentina has to leave because she’s not engaged. When the girls start fighting, she’s glad but sad at the same time. When one of them decides to leave, she orders her husband to get her back.

When evil arrives, her nerves get the best of hers and she starts biting her nails. She begins taking on the girls characteristics. Calixto drags her out, and they all pray and sing. On the eve of her son’s engagement, she is heartbroken when he confesses that he’s not in love but will marry out of duty. When she hears the confessions of Juana Valentina, she decides its time to give up her secret. She gathers everyone to the house, and confesses her greatest sin. Later she accepts Calixto marriage proposal for a second time and they marry.

Her Secret is: Rubin isn’t her son, she’s can’t have any children.













Juan Rubin Calixto Salguero is a very sweet intelligent man. Went to school in Medellin, studied Business Administration. He’s been dating Maria Delia Espina for some time. Even though he’s in his twenties still lives with his parents. Has few friends in Corozal, and has an office in the center of town with his father. Has a secretary by the name of Juanita. Plus has a beloved dog named Evedo. When one day his father is almost killed, and told something more will be coming he doesn’t believe it. Then one morning he opens the door, and finds a very attractive blond there. He flirts with her, and falls more in love with her when she talks. Soon he becomes very disappointed when he discovers. That his beloved father had affairs, and this girl was his daughter. Plus even more shocked is he might have more, four more sisters. He agrees to help find his siblings, and installs them at the pink house. Hates being interrupted at work, especially when the guys start coming by asking to date Juana Valentina.

As time goes by, he accepts he can’t stop loving Juana Valentina. He’s a poet at heart and gives into that love. He kisses her, on the night of Juana Matilde’s birthday. When he realizes that he can never have her, he looses it. He starts coming home drunk, and forgetting his duties. He decides to finalize his life, and formally marry Maria Delia. When he realizes he screwed up, he tries various times to stop it but its too late. When the family looses their fortune, he reluctantly accepts the help of his sisters. He hates being maintained by his sisters, and out of foolish pride gets a job. Unfortunately he picks the wrong place, he meet an older women who become quite attracted too him. He is even forced to place a restraining order against her. Nobody knows about his love, all except Juana Bautista and Tere. Worse is one day he lets it slip, he calls Juana Valentina my love. His godfather Judge Germias Guerra overhears, and he tries desperately to deny it ever happened. He treats Maria Delia very poorly, but never apologizes. He makes a big mistake, when he sets a fight for Juana Manny and doesn’t check the contract. He love his mother, but hates it when she become too controlling. He is so sadden when his beloved dog dies, he buries him in the backyard. Believes he passed away, so his sisters could love again.

As the date of his wedding arrives, he becomes very depressed. Fate steps in, and it gets cancelled. He even wants Juana Valentina,to escape with him so they can love in peace. But backs out because he loves his parents too much. When Yolanda goes overboard, he looses control and makes a big mistake and loses Juana Valentina. What he doesn’t know,is that his cousin Manuel Efe tricked him. He grows a lot and understand, he can’t always have what he wants. He accepts his fate, and cries out of frustration. He knows no matter what, he will always love Juana Valentina in his heart. Fate saves him, for in the end his mother reveals to him the truth. He is not a salguero, he can love and marry Juana Valentina.

Suitors: Maria Delia Espina
Juana Valentina Echenique

  • CHARACTER: Ruben Calixto Tenorio Salguero
    REAL PARENTS: Francisco Guadeske and Macarea.
    CHARACTER SIGN: Sagittarius The Archer
    ELEMENT: Fire
    Optimistic and freedom loving, Jovial and good humored.
    Honest ande straightforward, Intellectual and philosophical.

Blindly Optimistic and careless. Irresponsible and superficial, Tactless and restless.





Untitled Manuelefe1   MANUEL EFE CUADRADRO






He is a very pompous and annoying Mr. Know It All. He went to Europe to study, and absorbed himself in the culture. He returned to Corozal, because he missed being a part of a family. In school he was called a greaser, or kiss ass. But thinking highly of himself, he thought he was just called the south American guy. He takes every opportunity to show off his many talents. He’s smart, but doesn’t realize that he’s not a popular fellow. When he was a child, he would often spend time with his cousin Ruben. So instead of spending time with his own family he heads to Corozal. He greets his beloved aunt and finds out what has been occurring. Its soon that he realizes, that Ruben has changed. When Todoelmundo discovers that he’s not book smart, he grabs him and tells him. “You better leave me alone.” He creates tabs all over town, uttering. “I’ll pay you back later.”

It seems his only friend is Maria Delia, to the point that he becomes god father. He helps with the wedding plans, offering his knowledgeable ideas to the naive women. He loves being rich, and knows exactly how much he will make if his father dies. When he meets Juana Valentina, he introduces himself and tells her his life story. At first he believes she is playing hard to get, until she truly rejects him. That’s when his true selfish personality comes to light. He has childish temper tantrums, and hits and grabs things. He then uses his money, and allies to inflict pain and misery to those around him. His first alley is his aunt Dona Dona, the next is Yolanda Cabrales he unites with her for they have the same goal. He has brilliant plans, but they all fall apart. So furious that he even begins, using the naive Maria Delia. He’s furious that the Juanas, insult him and humiliate him at every turn. Threatens that one day he will destroy them.

Then he learns the truth, that Ruben isn’t Calixto’s son. So with that in mind, he makes the ultimate decision. To alley himself with the devil, it works he arrives. Soon his plan on wooing Juana Valentina works, he’s engaged to Juana Valentina and the ultimate plan is almost coming. He plans on not showing up to the wedding, he wants to humiliate and cause her great pain. This never occurs, for the devil is thrown out and she goes back to normal. He’s hurt and furious once more, but one day he creates his own hell when he says. Being married to the talkative Maria Delia, would be like being in an inferno. On the day he’s suppose to pick up Maria Delia for the wedding. He sees her and is struck by her beauty, and takes her in his car and whisks her away. They go to Europe and get married there. Time passes, and they return to Corozal with gifts and explains what occurred to his family. Later he’s late to the Juanas wedding, which results him sleeping on the sofa and has no sex for a month.


AFTER: Juana Valentina

NICKNAME: Willy E. Coyote

CATCH PHRASE: Charm, Daaa.
HEIGHT: 6′ 2 3/4 1.90M






Untitled 1judge   JUDGE GERMIAS GUERRA





Retired Judge of the republic of sucre, who is still counseled every so often. He also used to help coached various soccer teams. Is a very smart man, and is friends with Calixto. Was engaged to a woman, but she unfortunately dies on the night of their wedding. So on the advice of his friends, he goes and travels around the world to forget. He lives a very quiet life, until he helps out his friend Calixto find if he has any children he left behind in his travels. He helps by finding Juana Manny, and becomes friend with her mother Margarita Cruz.

He falls head over heals in love with Juana Valentina. Even sends her flowers, and tries very hard to tell Calixto that he wants to marry her. When he does, he’s told the truth that he’s too old for her. He is shocked to hear one day, that Ruben refers to her as his love. He confronts them, and has many sleepless nights. He’s also a very generous man, and gives Calixto a loan to buy his daughters gifts. He invites Margarita Cruz to stay with him, as his guest. He begins to confide in her, his worries and troubles. They always have interesting talks, it one day that he realizes that he just wanted a last fling with youth. When Margarita comes home one day, he decides that he doesn’t want to be alone any more. So he asks her to marry him, and is happy that she accepts.


AFTER: Juana Valentina
Margarita Cruz



Untitled 2todoelmundo   TODOELMUNDO (EGIDIO REMUNDO)






He’s the encyclopedia of Corozal, he has a great memory. He’s knowledgeable about everything, but his main profession. Is that he works in delivery, at first he works using his bicycle. Then he gets a moto cart, where he transport things and people. He has some relatives that work at the hotel, so they mentioned him. So takes people all over, showing them corozal. He knows a lot of people, but has no close friends. He’s the first friend Juana Valentina makes, and with him she finds Don Calixto. He falls in love with Terezalsura, and helps her do puzzles. Being with the Juanas, brings out his fun side and he helps them out in every adventure they have. There’s a bit of a misunderstanding, when he’s blamed for the lost ball at the bingo contest. He forgive very easily because of his good nature. He slowly courts Tere, but fears rejection. Is still a bit jealous, when she mentions her old love. Helps out Ruben when he’s drugged, helps Juana Bautista become Artemis. Tries to help out Don Calixto, when he sells the truck. Even suggesting he drive with the man. Gives money so Tere can compete in a dance contest with Poncho. Goes all over town, getting the names of all the strange Juana girls. Tells everyone about the buried treasure. Becomes a soccer coach, and later informs everyone that evil has arrived. Best thing for him, is that he wins the heart of Tere. Later he joins the others and gets married.




Untitled 1mauricio   MAURICIO FUENTELAFRIA






Mauricio works as a political campaign manager, for his father Carmichael Fuentelafria. Who wants to run for State Governor. Every chance he gets, he mentions his father’s political aspirations. His mother is Adela, and she is best friends with Dona Dona. Even though he hasn’t gone to university. He’s a very respected member of society. He owns his own truck, but he still lives at home in his parent’s mansion. Sometimes he offers his father’s beach house to close friends. His best friend is Gualberto, but he does associate with guys that live in corozal. He makes fun of Octavio Portoreal, because he has to work for a living. He gets annoyed when he realizes he’s being used. He falls for Juana Valentina, and tries to use all his influences to win her over. He even tries to take her back home, in the end he helps her find her sister Juana Bautista.

He invites the Juanas to his father’s party, but has no idea what he unleashes. He’s surprised to learn that she’s Ruben’s half sister, well he wastes no time. He heads straight to Ruben, to win some points but when that doesn’t work. He tries to befriend Juana Calidad, thinking this will lead him to Juana Valentina. Instead he finds a very shy timid girl, who likes poetry. Until one day, he realizes that Juana Valentina just isn’t interested in him. On a trip to the beach, he sees Juana Calidad in a compromising way and begins to pursue her. He even memorizes an entire theater production, he even gives her beautiful cross. When he does win her over, he discovers she’s a very passionate women but like a gentleman he doesn’t discuss his relationship with the gang. He’s very supported, and helps her do what ever she wishes. Plus he gets up early, just to join her for church. He’s furious, when he thinks Manuel Efe is trying to take her away. He beams with pride, when the guys see a polished Juana Calidad on stage. He loves her so much, he almost leaves home if his parents don’t accept her. When she competes in a soccer game, he gets Octavio to make a sign for her. Love blossoms as well as luck, and his parents ask for her hand in marriage. Later the two become engaged.




Untitled Gualberto2   GUALBERTO






He’s a rich man’s son, its not known if he went to university. He still lives with his parents, doesn’t have a real job. He’s a chain smoker, and best friends with Mauricio Fuentelafria. He gets along with everyone, and hangs around the dolorosa. Falls for Juana Bautista, he tries everything to win her over. On a trip she tells him straight out, that she only likes him as a friend. Has the time of his life, when he spends days dancing with Juana Bautista. At times he’s jealous, that his friends are in serious relationship. He helps the Juanas on various occasion, even doing a theater production. He cheats and writes his words on his hands. He also helps Maurico spread the word, about his father. Gets jealous that Orlando gets Juana Bautista, and tries and fails at getting rid of him. Later he realizes he’s fine the way he is, and he joins Poncho at the dolorosa to celebrate the guys bachelor party.



Untitled 1octavio   OCTAVIO






He’s the local handyman/singer/odd jobs man. His family was rich at one point, but then they lost it all. He couldn’t go to university, and had to find a way to make a living. He’s an atheist and he likes to sing with his friend Miguel, at the local bar called LA CAFE DOLORSA. He likes to fight and argue with a rich boy Mauricio Fuentelafria. He’s a friendly hard working boy, and knows everyone in town.

He falls head over heals for Juana Valentina, but when that doesn’t work he goes after another sister Juana Matilde. He’s annoyed that women, only want to be just friends. He doesn’t get along with Juana Manny, in fact he’s a bit afraid of her but he slowly warms up too her. Its Calixto who puts them together one night, and he begins dating her. They have a lot of fun together, he’s very supportive of her and vice versa. He calls her his firecracker, and they enjoy a lot of adventures together. He also shows off all the skills, as a craftsman. He makes a podium, a cross, and banners. But mostly he loves too sing. He even sings at the Juanas concert. He is sadden when he think he’s going to lose Juana Manny. Horrified when she’s beaten up so badly at the fight. Gives Juana Manny a small trophy, saying she’s still the best. He does have a temper, and reveals that he has always hated that Mauricio had it easy. He decides he wants to get married, and is the first of the guys to purpose. In the end he has an idea of opening a Todoritmo Shop, where he hires people with different talents to work for him. Overjoyed that he will be getting married.

AFTER: Juana Valentina
Juana Matilde
Juana Manny




Untitled 1Miguel2   MIGUEL






Miguel’s father owes a warehouse, but its never mentioned what exactly he sells. We don’t even know if he went to college. He’s best friends with Octavio Portreal. He also sings at the dolorosa for fun. He falls in love with Juana Manny, but she doesn’t pay him any attention. Eventually he falls for Juana Matilde, and gets jealous. When she flirts with other guys, he’s bit flighty and forgetful at times. But he respects his elders, and tries hard to impress Juana Matilde’s uncle. He also does get angry, when he thinks people are making fun of him. He also performs at the Juanas concert. He also helps out the Juanas, when they need him in their many adventures. Eventually he gets a full time job working at his father’s warehouse. He promises in the end that he won’t clip Juana Matilde’s wings.





Untitled 1poncho   PONCHO SARMIENTO






Poncho is a nice guy, who works at his father’s bar the Dolorosa. He didn’t go to university, instead helped his father run the bar. He’s friends with everybody, and has many relatives that work all over Corozal. On his off times, he sometimes helps Octavio paint houses. He began dating quite young, but he has always been attracted to older women. He says, they don’t have any baggage. When the Juanas arrive, he falls for Tere. He even uses her drink, lemonade with beer and makes it a specialty of the bar. He’s a great dancer, and enjoys having a great time. On various occasions he helps the Juanas. Sometimes he does get annoyed, when people ask his father for using the bar for any activity. Thinking they should really ask him, for the future he will own the bar. He gets to spend a lot of time with Tere, when Todoelmundo puts them them in a dance contest. Thrilled when they win, even though he gets no money. He’s a religious boy, and
prays before going into the sea. When evil arrives, he’s the first one too see it. He gets infected, and is glad when its finally over. When he notices that Tere only has eyes for Todoelmundo, he accepts it and is happy that all of his friends are getting married.




Untitled 1lasador   LASADOR






He’s the cousin of Octavio Portoreal, very liked by the gang. Joins them every chance he gets, he also performs at the Dolorosa. Often helps the gang, on their various adventures. Doesn’t say much, just plays his Accordion.






Untitled Orlando1   ORLANDO ANGULO






He’s a very intelligent man, he’s a logic professor. You don’t know exactly where he is from, nor if he has a family. Orlando couldn’t find work in his field, so to survive takes odd jobs. In one he auditions to become a wolf man for a traveling carnival. Its there he meets Artemis, the beautiful psychic who wins his heart. He begins getting to know her, and quickly wants Juana Bautista to be a part of his life. Alas their union is short, for the fair is cancelled in corozal and he has to leave. He asks Juana Bautista, if she can join him. When she says no, he’s sad and will wait till destiny decides. He accepts it, and leaves town. Months pass and he returns, to tell them his job was over. Kids came by and took off his mask, and the whole fair was kicked out of another town. So he decided to return to her, and maybe find a job in Corozal. He finds out that Juana Bautista needs help, so he thinks up an idea to win people over. So he pretends to be a reporter, and stage a fake documentary about the Juanas.

It works and the town like the Juanas. Later he gets a job, working with the indigious people. Since he has been traveling, he inadvertently infects Juana Bautista with the indifference kiss. He’s hurt when Juana Bautista pushes him away, and almost leaves town. When she’s cured, he tells her he wants to marry her. He finds Corozal very odd, and doesn’t understand that so many strange things can happen to people. When Juana Bautista wants to become a queen of the harvest he supports her. He does show anger, only when he’s been provoked. He later gets a job teaching logic to children. He then with Juana Bautista decide, to have a small wedding and have a short honeymoon.






 Untitledmariadelia   MARIA DELIA ESPINA






She’s a very sweet innocent girl, a bit naive and very talkative. She met Rubin at a party and fell head over heals for him. Although its mentioned, she did go too university but you don’t know what she graduated. Has many friends, but you never see them. She is very wealthy women, and lives in a beautiful mansion. Her beloved father is named Rodrigo, her mother is named Ramona who is best friends with Dona Dona. Her maid is named Rosalina. She air kisses people, so she doesn’t ruin her make-up. She becomes very clingy and whinny, when she doesn’t get her way. Love planes and can’t wait till Ruben becomes a pilot. She wants a very big family, and can’t wait too get married. When her beloved father dies, on the day of her wedding. She goes into a deep state of depression, it gets worse when she begins crying crystal tears. A man named Willy from the states arrives, to study her case and eventually writes a book about her.

She gets convinced by Manuel Efe, that she should get closer to the Juanas. Since they will become her step sisters, but doesn’t understand that her personality litteraly forces people to leave the room. She highly respects Manuel Efe, and thinks him a very worldly man. She loves all his great ideas regarding her weddings. She has high praise for Gloria the dressmaker, even the man named Rodrigo who is building her engagement house. She just doesn’t realize that she’s been used by Manuel Efe, but when she finds out that Ruben. Might not get all of his inheritance, she becomes quite angry. She shows her true nature when she gets angry, when Yolanda shows up trying to steal her man. Or when she gets the indifference curse. Actually believes that Juana Valentina is her best friend. She is blinded by love, and doesn’t see how cruel and hateful Ruben treats her. By the end, evil arrives and switches things. She sees Manuel Efe, feels the ground move and wants to spend her life with him. She forgets everything and they leave together. When they return, she apologizes to the Salgueros. Later she’s late at arriving, at the Juanas’ wedding and yells at Manuel Efe.





Untitled 1margaritacruz   MARGARITA CRUZ






She’s a very religious woman, met Dona Dona when they were children. Her downfall has been is she’s not lucky in love. She marries, but her husbands die leaving her with no money. Three marriages and each a death. She is forced to live at her family home, being a servant to her brothers. When she attends a funeral, cupid strikes and she makes a fateful decision. She has a fling with Calixto Salguero Dona’s husband. It was only one night, but she become pregnant. She hides the identity from everyone. She has one daughter, by the name of Juana Manny. Her life is spent raising her daughter, and living a quiet life. When Ruben and Judge Germias Guerra arrives, she knows her secret was found out. She faints, when she comes too. She asks, Did Calixto order you to come and take away my daughter. Ruben tells her no, then he asks more questions. Margarita tells him, her daughter is a cosmetologist. Plus she boxes as a hobby.

Margarita is fearful of her daughter’s reaction, but accepts her decision. She heads to corozal, with her daughter to see Calixto and face her friend. Upon seeing him, she is shocked and utters. Your looking very old Calixto. When she sees Dona and confesses what she did. She just hopes that one day Dona will forgive her. She lives at the pink house for a while, but she finds it a bit uncomfortable because they are really young. So in talking with Judge Geremias Guerra, he suggests that she come live with him as his guest. She accepts and feels safe and protected at his home, even beginning to make herself useful. She begins cleaning up, even cooking meals for him. She goes to church with Tere and Juana Calidad. Sometimes is a bit naive, thinking that by confiding in Dona what she has discovered. That they could one day become friends once again. When her daughter is happy, she’s happy. For she gets a job working with her daughter at the salon.

Time passes and become Judge Germias Guerra’s confidant. Learning of his love for Juana Valentina, and trying to help him. Keeps the love sickness cure a secret, even though her daughter is affected. Reminds Dona of their childhood friend Carmensita Torres. Plus worries that Germias will get hurt at the soccer game. Later on, she grows to love Corozal and its Calixto. That suggests that she gets a job as a coordinator for the harvest carnival. When evil arrives, she gathers the women of Corozal to pray around the town. Its there, she finds out that Dona gave away her precious rosary and tells Calixto. Later she’s overjoyed, when Judge Germias Guerra confesses she has brought light and peace into his home. Even purposes to her, which she gladly accepts and is overjoyed. When Juana Manny accepts him, as her step father. She suggests that she and Manny, get married together to save costs.

Suitor: Calixto Salguero
Judge Germias Guerra



Untitled yolanda1   YOLANDA EX-DEL CABRALES






She’s a very beautiful women, who has the perfect life. She’s married to a rich husband, has everything she wants. Then one day her husband announces, he wants a divorce because he’s in love with another. She’s at first shocked and hurt, she even takes medication to sleep. Then she gets even, in the divorce she got the ranch and lots of money. She doesn’t want to ever get hurt again, and only has casual affairs with men. She has a major domo named Martin. When she meets Ruben, she is smitten and tries everything to get him. When she’s rejected, she becomes obsessed even following him to Corozal.

Its there she meets Manuel Efe, and knows he’s attracted to her but finds him annoying. Agrees to become allies, and they use their influences and money to mess with the Juanas. Then one night, she wins and tricks Ruben. Well she’s happy for a while until the curse hits. Then she falls apart, her cows give water. Her nails won’t stop growing, she gets hiccups. She looses her hair, and can’t pronounce certain letters. Its when she decides to confess her sins, that everything goes back to normal. She learns her lesson, and swears never to mess with love. Nor bother Juana Valentina and Ruben ever again.









1)Juana Valentina gets put in jail for putting up flyers.

2)Birthday party for Juana Matilde.

3)Charity Work for the ranch workers affected by the plague.

4)Bingo Nights.

5)Juana Valentina and Rubin head to Bogota to get funding for the plague.

6)The groups trip to covenas.

7)The arrival of the government agent.

8)Stolen campero.

9)Carnival visit where Juana Matilde’s uncle arrives in corozal.

10)The church play with Juana Calidad and Mauricio.

11)Dance contest.

12)Lots of Juanas.

13)Fake movie made.

14) Treasure hunt begins.

15)The indifference kiss.

16) Juana’s concert.

17)Juana Manny’s fight.

18)Who’s the carnival queen.

19)Soccer game.

20)Evil arrives.



-THE FUTURE-Las Juanasfuture





They move to the pink house. Ruben would have continued working with his father.  They will have one boy and one girl. Juana Valentina will have her own business, and be very successful.

Maurico’s father finally becomes senator. Mauricio continues to help him, but buys Juana Calidad a very nice home. He works and studies, and eventually graduates with a political degree. He and Juana Calidad have two sons, one becomes a priest. The other enters the family business. Juana Calidad’s clothing boutique becomes quite popular.

They move into the studio apartment. Juana Bautista becomes very famous selling her paintings about the stars. Orlando continue working as a teacher, and continues writing his books about logic. Juana Bautista has one daughter, who inherits her gifts. One boy that becomes an actor, who eventually becomes a wolf man in a show.

They move to an apartment, near where Octavio’s business opens up. Once the loan was approved, business boomed. Juana Manny ends up pregnant with two kids. She has one son that’s a boxer, one son that continues the family business. Later on her dream comes true, when she has more children. Her beauty business is a big hit, and she is very successful.

Juana Matilde leave Corozal for a time, to make it big in the states. Its very hard, but she is very determined. Miguel ends up returning home. For his father has died, and he is now the owner of the business. Juana Matilde is forced too return, then one night she forget to use birthcontrol and gets pregnant. She has one boy, but family life isn’t for her and she quickly gets bored. She becomes an alcoholic, and no matter how hard her sisters try to help her nothing works. In the end she longs for a great career, eventually she leaves Corozal. Doing exactly what her mother did to her, leaving Miguel heartbroken.

Maria Delia drives Manuel Efe crazy, but he grows to love her. They live in the house, that was being constructed when Maria Delia was engaged to Ruben. Manuel Efe realizes he will loose money if he builds his factory in Corozal. So he leaves and heads to Bogota, but there’s more bad luck follows. His business burns down, he looses his car. Worse off his father looses his entire fortune. So he returns to Corozal a broken man, and mooches off his wife.

Tere continues working with Juana Valentina, at her place of business. Even becoming a nanny to her two kids. Todoelmundo continues his business, and begins hiring more people to work for him. He becomes very successful, and eventually goes back to school. Getting his history degree, and works as a professor at the local university.


Gualberto follows Mauricio and gets a degree.
He quits smoking, and marries one of Mauricio’s relatives.

Poncho’s dad has retired, so he now owns the Dolorosa. An older women arrives in town, and falls for Poncho. He’s smitten and falls for her as well, and marries her. To his surprise she ends up pregnant, and they have two boys.

He becomes a very successful accordian player.
Making cds, even touring, sharing his music to the world. He also gets married and has kids.



    72-1 RUBIN IS 23 YEARS OLD.













MUSIC is PLAYED HERE: EPISODES 1-2/ 3-3/ 5-5/ 9-4/ 14-2/ 15-5/ 18-3
22-5/ 23-3/ 83-4/ 88-2 /90-2/ 110




Las Juanas 21-30

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bannerRuben is talking with his family in the living room. “Now then I have been talking with the banks. They are sorry for what has occurred but, we have promises made too them. That can’t be broken. Debts of course are debts.” Dona Dona tells him, “oh yeah debts they can charge their own mothers then. Where are we going to get money to pay them?” Judge Germais Guerra tells her, “well the thing is you have the land and this house already covering the cost. You have all the documents. I’ve been examining every single one of them, Calixto asked me too do so. In my opinion the banks have every right too do so.” Dona Dona repeats, “let them then charge their own mothers then. In all of our lives, we haven’t robbed a single cent from them. They are going to take away, what this family has worked all their lives doing. From the time of my parents and my mother in law.” Ruben tells them, “I tried in four of our banks.” Calixto tells him, “well what can we do. I won’t have transportation then.” Ruben tells him, “at the rate were going no. We have to save money, we still have the one car.” Dona Dona tells him, “you can’t permit what they are doing to us Ruben Calixto. Neither can Mr. Salguero.” Calixto tells them, “we are going to need a huge fresh loan.” Ruben tells him, “we won’t have the money to return it dad.” Calixto tells him, “what should we bury ourselves with those blasted animals then.” Ruben tells them, “this is what I propose. We get every single one of the agriculture, who are in the same situation as us. We all agree, when the debt is small the worry is little. But when the debt is really large, the worry goes to the banks. If we all unite they won’t embargo us. They are going to have to help us. That way we can slowly pay off the loan that they gave us.” Calixto tells him, “well I will try to talk to my friends but don’t be so confident Ruben. When the ship is sinking, every sailor goes out a different way.”

There’s someone at the door, and Calixto calls out. “Door is open.” The girls start coming in, and utter. “Good morning.” Juana Valentina goes over to Calixto. “Hello Don Calixto.” One by one, they greet him. Dona Dona looks at them all, “all of you leave my house this instant.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I am really sorry seno but. Mr. Salguero wanted us to come to a decision. We have come here to tell him what we have decided. We five are going to stay in Corozal.” Dona Dona asks, “what ever for? Your not going to get another cent from this senor, because there’s no place to get any.” Juana Matilde tells her, “look seno my father gave us the name Salguero when he was in good times. Just because he’s now in the bad times. We’re not going to abandon him because its very ugly. That is the reason, I decided to stay here.” Juana Bautista tells her, “yes senora that is why we have decided to all stay. All of us on our own, came up with that decision.” Juana Manny tells her, “we are all in this and here is where we are going to stay. To see how this ends.” Juana Calidad tells her, “that is what god has decided. He will allow us to go on ahead. You say amen.” Everyone utters, “amen.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well seno it seems your going to have to put up with us for a long while. We will be showing up continuously. But not to bother you, so don’t you worry. All of us will go on ahead, so don’t get anguished or anything of that sort. When we come around heard me.” Dona Dona angrily tells them, “I don’t want you all in my house. I don’t want you all in my house.” Juana Valentina looks seriously at Calixto, “now I went through the most devasted of the region.” Manuel Efe tells him, “we both went together I took her.”

Juana Valentina tells him, “well anyway what I witnessed is the situation of some of the workers is a sad one.” Calixto tells them, “well I will explain the situation that I’m in. We only have this house, the pink house and one car. We are going to have to give away the other one. Ruben has mentioned that this will be so. Land that is dead, and millions in debt.” Juana Matilde asks, “but there is money isn’t there?” Calixto tells her, “no no Juana Matilde the properties and the land are mortgaged. Ruben is overjoyed and watches everyone. Especially Juana Valentina, but Dona Dona catches on and eyes him very curiously. In the bank we have only one million 5000 pezos.” Juana Bautista tells him, “wait your saying your only worth one million 5000 pezos.” Calixto tells them, “everything else well the animals ate them. “Juana Calidad asks, “what will happen now?” Calixto tells them, “well your brother Ruben says we are going ahead. I’m not that sure.” Juana Manny tells him, “a lot of people depend on you you can’t quit now.” Calixto tells them, “Juana Manny at my age its quite difficult to start up again. Its very difficult for me, to get up after being hit after one round.” Juana Valentina tells him, “the workers are confident and hoping that you won’t abandon them Don Calito.” Calixto tells them, “I don’t have the value to take care of them.” Judge Germais Guerra tells him, “well this place is really going to be suffering. With all due sincerity, even though it hurts to say this. Things will go better, if you don’t stay here in Corozal.” Juana Valentina asks, “so what is going on with the plantations Ruben?” Ruben tells her, “well first off we will destroy that plague. Well we are assured if its repeated, we can destroy them. Later start from zero.” Dona Dona tells them, “lower than zero the banks won’t lose time in start charging us. This is the start of the end, I don’t know what this may be called. The bad tongues have assured me, that Corozal angels don’t fall from the sky. They are correct, only demons.” Then she storms off to her bedroom. Juana Calidad blesses herself. While Juana Valentina utters, “dear lord.” When Dona Dona is in her room she utters. “I don’t like that look in your eyes Ruben Calixto. No no I didn’t like it.”

The girls now have sat down, all except Juana Manny. Calixto is next to Judge Geremias and Ruben is next to Manuel Efe. Calixto tells them, “well now there are seven of us. Including the staff. You with Margarita Cruz and Terezalsura are seven people. If we count the family’s staff it makes it a dozen mouths we have to feed. We have to be sincere about this. One million 5000 pezos won’t feed everyone. We also will go hungry.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no Don Calixto if we split the work amongst all of us. Nobody will go hungry, I assure you. Now the one’s that will are in desperate need are the workers. They have no farms anymore.” Ruben asks, “what’s your idea?” Juana Valentina tells them, “sitting down here we aren’t doing nothing. She looks at Manuel Efe, give me your keys keys.” Manuel Efe asks, “of my car no way?” Juana Valentina tells him, “well your going to have to work then.” Juana Manny your in charge with him.” Juana Manny tells him, “ok lets go.” Juana Valentina then looks at the other girls, “now Juana Bautista go and get the other guys at the Dolorosa. You Juana Calidad, go get the politician’s son so he can help us out. For he also has a car. Then she looks at Ruben, ok and you what are you waiting for come on. Ok see you later bye.” Ruben takes her hand, and Ruben utters. “Bye dad godfather.” Judge Germias Guerra tells Calixto, “oh Calixto your daughter is still a rafaga.”


At the dolorosa, the four guys are there. Octavio tells them, “man this is bad nobody wants to spend a single cent. Just in case something worse occurs.” Gualberto asks, “how about giving me a cigarette on a loan.” Juana Matilde arrives, “hello.” The guys utters, “hello Juana Matilde and Juana Bautista.” Juana Matilde asks, “and how are you all?” Gualberto tells them, “very happy now.” Juana Matilde asks, “are you acting like bums now?” The guys utters, “oh no.” Octavio tells them, “were discussing how grave this situation is.” Juana Bautista tells them, “well you can continue talking about it while you work right?” Juana Matilde tells them, “yes that’s correct.” Juana Bautista tells them, “now come with me?” Miguel asks, “are you going deaf Miguel. Come on Juana Bautista, says we have to go now. Come on Octavio lets go.” Octavio fixes his clothes and follows her.

Over at Mauricio’s place, Juana Calidad has arrived. Mauricio asks, “and where are we going?” Juana Calidad tells him, “well since you are so very religious. You are going to fulfill every single one of your commandments.” Mauricio asks, “how will I do them all and with who?” Juana Calidad asks, “are your mother and father at home?” Mauricio tells her, “yes and?” Juana Calidad tells him, “perfect you take out your truck and I’ll talk too them.” Mauricio tells her, “hey one minute one minute. Why would you want to talk, to my mother and father for?” Juana Calidad tells him, “I need to know what they have and aren’t using. You take the truck out. Ave Maria the pure one…”

Juana Manny is with her mother, “we have decided to stay and help out doing things together. Now mom, it would have been better for us to return to Sahagun. But that wouldn’t have been good.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “well that’s good doing such a noble thing daughter. Juana Manny I am very proud of you.'” Juana Manny tells her, “I’m going to fight for my money.” Margarita Cruz asks, “ask for what thing?” Juana Manny tells her, “the inheritance. What corresponds to me for having the name Salguero.” Margarita Cruz utters, “I was saying…” Juana Manny tells her, “now mom if you want to return to Sahagun. I will understand, because the situation here will become very difficult.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “and leave you alone daughter? Plus give explanations to your uncles. No what’s best in this situation, is for me to live here. So then I don’t over extend the hospitality of Mr. Judge. Plus take care of people who do show up.” Juana Manny tells her, “mom we have to forget the beauty salon. We have to give up the location. If you don’t want to live in the judge’s house. You can come sleep with me at the pink house. Or you could return to Sahagun, there isn’t another alternative.” Margarita Cruz asks, “your getting older you don’t need me anymore. For me its really difficult to leave you Juana Manny. We have always lived together, its just been us two dear. Well talking about something else, how is Dona doing?” Juana Manny tells her, “very bruised and still has that temper of hers.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “oh the poor thing I’ve known her for years dear. I know for a fact this change, this bad luck will be very difficult for her to assimilate. I remember when we were in school. The teacher had lost our work and asked us to repeat it. Dona began to cry, and refused to do it. I had to do it, or on the contrary they would have given her a zero. For her first zero, to be so unjust would have been a hard hit. Well in the good or bad, she has always acted with a huge dignity.” Juana Manny tells her, “oh really then you really should remind her. Honks are heard, well then they have come for me. I have to go.” Margarita asks, “for you why Manny?” Juana Manny tells her, “my cheuffer. See you tonight, if I can bye.” Margarita Cruz utters, “your chauffeur?”

Outside is Manuel Efe, she tells him. “Ok I’m ready lets go now.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well I’m not going anywhere until you tell me where were are going?” Juana Manny tells him, “well the situation is simple we are going to ask for charity.” Manuel Efe stops her, and asks, “what are we asking for?” Juana Manny tells him, “charity money clothes food. What ever they can give us?” Manuel Efe tells her, “me Manuel Efe Cuadradro asking for money. Oh no your not cold.” Juana Manny tells him, “well if you don’t your going to get punched in the face. Ok lets go, hey come here did you bring your cheque book.” Manuel Efe asks, “why?” Juana Manny tells him, “well a rich man is the first one to collaborate.”

In comparo is Ruben and Juana Valentina. Juana Valentina tells him, “first you have to take care of your mother. Then dealing with the bankers, problems with the crops. Oh please Ruben your going to be busy 24 hours. Let the Juanas help you with the rest, I’m serious.” Ruben tells her, “look Juana Valentina the situation won’t get better overnight. Including this could last months. If we don’t succumb half way there.” Juana Valentina tells him, “that word isn’t in my vocabulary Ruben Salguero. Don’t you even think it, we shouldn’t be wasting any more time. I’ll start talking too…” Ruben stops her, “you know what why are you doing this?” Juana Valentina tells him, “your father is a good man. Yes he likes a womanizer and a liar. Plus a sinner but, I just want to pay back everything that he tried to do. To help out my sisters, ok come on lets get to work Ruben.” Then they get to the first house, Juana Valentina knocks. Ruben caresses her arm, and asks. “What your not staying for me?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I’m staying even though you are here.” A lady shows up at the door. “Oh Dona Ojena well I guess you have heard about Juana Valentina my sister.” Juana Valentina smiles and tells her. “Hello how are you?” Dona Ojena tells her, “oh nice to meet you hello.” Juana Valentina shakes her hand, “nice to meet you. Now we came here, because Ruben mentioned you are very charitable. Your very famous for it.” Ruben tells her, “yes Dona Ojena the thing is. We need blankets, clothes, food or medicine even toys. This is for the workers, that were left with nothing with this tragedy.” Juana Valentina tells her, “we aren’t going to leave until you give us something. Anything that you have available, even money if you can spare some.” Dona Ojena tells her, “alright it will be my pleasure. Oh come on in.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh thank you very much.” Ruben smiles and closes the door.

(It must be really hot, Ruben is sweating like crazy.)

Miguel and Poncho also have products, and are thanking people.” Miguel tells him, “oh were getting a lot.” Juana Matilde tells a lady, “now like I was saying seno Mageto all the good woman of the town. Are giving donations, and you are the last few to do some.” Miguel tells her, “well we need more clothes and blankets.” Poncho tells her, “we also need medicines and food. What ever you have? What ever your not using seno?” Juana Matilde tells her, “well if you have extra change that will be better. Plus I am giving away two free tickets, to one of my concerts.” Miguel tells her, “she’s a great singer you can’t miss it.” Poncho tells her, “you can’t miss her.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh enough with the flattery well then how will you help us? You can’t be lowered by all of your friends oh no.”

Over at the other side, Mauricio is working. While Juana Calidad tells a man, “oh a man with a pure heart in corozal. Shouldn’t stop to collaborate with us. The people who donate will be listed at this Sunday’s mass. From my part, I promise you I will say all of the 15 mysteries of San Ines de la Cruz for you. Plus this also is being sponsored by the future governor of the department. Here is his son.” Mauricio tells him, “well we are all pretty affected what has occurred to the less fortunate ones. He was the first to give his donation.” Juana Calidad tells her, “with every cent received in gods pure generosity. Well be happy for this one year, I am sure of it.” Mauricio tells him, “well you will also be put on a list of people who donate. That my father is now making.” Juana Calidad asks, “how will you help us today?” The guy tells them, “you may count on my help.” Mauricio tells them, “thank you very much.”

Over in the town square. Juana Bautista tells a group of people. “This morning I read it very clearly in this tarot. If someone doesn’t collaborate with us, the number 15 will have befallen them. Sadness melancholy and impoverishment. Just to remind you, the letters that appear on this cards also mention a great fatality will befall of those people.” Octavio tells him,”you better listen to this woman. Me Octavio Portoreal, I guarantee that I’m talking seriously.” Gualberto tells them, “well she told me today that I would have bad encounter. I left and it occurred, I met up with my future mother in law.” The men laugh, Octavio tells him. “Don’t go too far.” Juana Bautista tells them, “guys please. Now then this plague was written ladies and gentlemen. I promise you everyone, if the tarot number 7 shows up. Oh help and protection, the town of Corozal will help those that lose everything. Will have great fortune. She sits down, I ask the tarot cards to manifest your desires and wishes. What will we do now? She cuts the cards and puts them together. Senora please, the first card. The ladies and gentlemen are shocked and she yells out. This card is the number seven, ladies and gentlemen so everyone decide what you will donate.” Gualberto asks Octavio, “hey how did she do that?” Octavio utters, “I don’t know maybe she is a witch.”

Back at the house, at the dinner table. Calixto tells his friend, “the best thing is that my daughters haven’t turned their backs at me. Its take something doesn’t it?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well they have your blood Calixto Salguero.” Calixto tells him, “this has nothing to do with blood. My blood doesn’t serve me for nothing. At this moment I feel destroyed. I have nothing, I have no energy to give. This is the last battle.” Judge Germais Guerra tells him, “oh your just tired. Plus you have many years on your back. That is what you have in your favor. Its the verdict that it wasn’t your fault.” Calixto tells him, “the one that worries me is Dona. She has always been able to confront every problem. That we have had this long period we have been married. Now I see her destroyed.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “no she’s also tired. That is the difference.” Calixto tells him, “no no no judge. I assure you behind that tough exterior she’s crying. Not only because we are now ruined, but that all five of my daughters have decided to stay to help. Its just enough, for a temperament such as hers.”

In the bedroom, Margarita Cruz tells her. “Now what I purpose is this consider my help in this time of crisis. Lets forget what occurred Dona.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “forget what pretend to forget that one that is named. On behalf of my mother in law, who walks around town and fights in a boxing ring.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “what is occurring now is more serious than the past. With one ingredient, the past doesn’t have a rewind button.” Dona Dona tells her, “neither is there forgiveness. Tell me something Margarita, does Ruben treat you daughter. Plus of course the other ones?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “you know perfectly well Ruben accepted the existence of his step-sisters without consequence.” Dona Dona tells her, “like you can comprehend the topic with my son. Is one of those, that we don’t touch. We talk about the issue, but I can’t help this curiosity. Like for example, how does he treat your daughter? Or how does she treat him?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “the truth is I live in the judge’s house. I can’t see their interaction. I don’t know what type of relationships he has with them. You can tell they do have affection for one another.” Dona Dona asks, “affection? What is their affection between my son and your boxer.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “what I meant was the six of them. Well that is my impression. What is with all these questions?” Dona Dona tells her, “it comes because I can’t get this out of my head. This blasted doubt, that my son is in love with one of them. Of one of his step-sisters.”

Ruben is putting boxes on top of one another. “Now what we have here, over at the Economic store plus the beauty salon. Even Juana Bautista’s studio, we can do so much for the workers.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no fregue its nothing but its like we had a telethon. Here let me put this over here thank you.” Then they get pretty close, Juana Valentina moves away and asks. “Where is everyone?” Ruben tells her, “they all went over to the Dolorosa to celebrate all the contributions. I told them, we might show up later.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well then lets go celebrate. See if we were capable to doing all this. We can do so very much.” She checks her nails, and Ruben puts his arms around her. “Now then what is your name?” Juana Valentina tells him, “Juana Valentina Echenique and you.” Ruben tells her, “Ruben Salguero.” Then he kisses her forehead then her lips.

The next morning, Juana Valentina awakens smiling. “Hey since when do you make me breakfast in bed?” Tere tells him, “its just a juice that I just prepared.” Juana Valentina tells her, “thank you my Tere.” Tere tells her, “last night the girls and I plus the guys were at the Dolorosa. Celebrating everything that we collected. So why didn’t you go?” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh I was so very tired Tere. That’s why I preferred to just go to bed.” Tere tells her, “tired at your age?” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh I may be young but I’m not a pole. I’m going to take a shower.” Tere asks, “Ruben Salguero wasn’t there either. I wonder why?” Juana Valentina tells her, “I don’t know your going to have to ask him.”

In Juana Bautista’s room, she starts counting her money. Juana Calidad does the same, as does Juana Matilde, Juana Manny and Juana Valentina. Then the girls gather in the living room. Juana Matilde tells them, “well the truth is it seems it just not enough money.” Juana Manny tells them, “it seems we won’t be getting more either.” Juana Valentina tells them, “well from now on the one that’s taking care of the finances is you Juana Calidad.” Juana Calidad asks, “me?” Juana Valentina tells her, “your the economics of the family. Well this money, I don’t know how will have to last us until we can get more. How ever you can.” Juana Calidad tells him, “I don’t know how that is going to happen? Juana Ines de la Cruz, was able to make miracles but I can’t. I’m now going to hide these in a strong box.” Juana Valentina tells her, “see if you can make it last.” Juana Calidad tells her, “well here’s hoping.” She blesses the money and kisses it. Then takes it too her room. Juana Matilde tells her, “hey Juana Valentina last night we were waiting for you to show up with Ruben at the Dolorosa.” Juana Valentina asks, “so Ruben didn’t show up?” Juana Matilde tells her, “no he did not. I don’t know, I don’t know what happened. I became really sleepy, so I went to bed early. So did you all have a great time.” Tere tells them, “ok girls breakfast is ready.” Juana Manny tells her, “oh I’m so hungry.” Juana Bautista glances at her, and Juana Valentina asks. “Why are you looking at me that way?” Juana Bautista tells her, “the fight for your not loving him. Your not winning.” Juana Valentina just looks away.

Over at the salguero house. Dona Dona shows up at Ruben’s room. “Hey you didn’t have any breakfast.” Ruben tells her, “I had a coffee I didn’t want anything else mother.” Dona Dona tells him, “so what craziness where you up too with those yesterday. Plus your cousin.” Ruben tells her, “like they must have told you. We were all over Corozal. Asking for donations, for the less fortunate ones.” Dona Dona tells her, “you mean almost begging from what I heard.” Ruben tells her, “what ever it was it worked. Oh you’ll never image so many things that we collected.” Dona Dona tells him, “was it your idea?” Ruben tells her, “no the ideas was from my sisters.” Manuel Efe shows up, “hey Ruben the truck has come for us.” Ruben tells him, “I’m coming I’m coming.” Ruben puts on some cologne and Dona Dona asks. “I want you to set a wedding date with Maria Delia.” Ruben asks, “do we have to talk about it at this precise moment.” Dona Dona tells him, “one date so Maria Delia is relaxed me as well.” Ruben tells her, “look you told me that Maria Delia was willing to wait. Till things fixed themselves up.” Dona Dona tells him, “well the one that doesn’t want to wait is me. You compromised yourself in marriage. I would like you to fulfil your word.” Manuel Efe comes back, “come on Ruben hurry it up. Ok what ever, I’m going on ahead hey aunt.” Ruben tells her, “I’ll consider everything that you told me. Take good care of yourself.” As he’s walking away Dona Dona asks. “Ruben I am not well son. What has occurred has me very weak. I wouldn’t be able to stand another hit. Don’t give me that hit Ruben Calixto.” Ruben kisses her again and takes off. Dona Dona utters, “your getting married you are getting married.”

Now everyone is over at the pink house. Juana Valentina tells them, “ok everyone the bus is here now lets get going.” Octavio yells out, “you heard the generous boss everyone has to get too work. Hey Fuentelafria, hopefully you won’t get any blisters.” Juana Manny yells out, “hey Miguel help me out with this.” Mauricio tells him, “hey you have no fix. You better not get any blisters in your head Portoreal.” Juana Valentina tells them, “enough with the fighting guys. Now Juana Calidad, when we get there we will figure who does what alright. But your the one that’s in charge of the medicines. So pay attention to those boxes.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well with that I can help you. I know very much about the medical profession.” Juana Calidad asks, “so you know medicine as well?” Manuel Efe. tells her, “yes I took a first aid course in the french alps.” Juana Bautista tells him, “well then if that’s the case your job here is to carry this box. Don’t be useless.” Manuel Efe smiles and gets up. “Terezalsura please hand me that hat.” Tere puts it on his head and he takes off. Tere asks, “hey what about me Juana Valentina. Why can’t I go? Oh this is unjust dear.”

Juana Valentina tells her, “you still haven’t fully recovered from your injury. Who is going to take care of the house. It can’t be left alone, todoelmundo can join you. Hey todoelmundo, would you mind staying with Tere?” Todoelmundo tells her, “sure no problem I’ll stay with Tere.” Juana Matilde tells him, “now Todoelmundo your going to be left alone. So don’t take advantage. Just because Tere is alone as well.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well you know I wasn’t thinking that. I’ll have that in my mind now.” Tere tells him, “you touch me and I’ll hit you with every one of those crossword puzzles that you gave me. Do you hear me?” Todoelmundo tells her, “yes but we can start with the final ones.” Juana Matilde starts laughing, and Ruben comes back. “Now the trip is going to have to be made in two trips. Or it will do more.” Juana Calidad tells him, “well then he can’t be charging us for more. We can’t pay him another cent.” Ruben tells her, “well get this were not being charged. I talked to the owner of the bus, and he’s helping us for free.” Juana Matilde kisses him and tells him, “oh that’s great brother.” Juana Manny tells him, “well congratulations. Well then we better help out the guys or the whole day will be lost.” Everyone start working, and Juana Valentina is grabbed by Ruben. “Juana Valentina please we need to talk.” Juana Valentina tells him, “later please.” She takes off towards the bus, while Juana Bautista notices Ruben. Ruben sees Manuel Efe trying to lift up a box. All the guys stare he taps his shoulder. Manuel Efe moves, and the guys push the box outside.

Maria Delia visits Dona Dona and tells her. “They visited every house in this town. The truth is, is that nobody didn’t say no and all collaborated.” Dona Dona tells her, “I was informed of that.” Maria Delia tells her, “well before the people were very wary of them. But now they are seeing them with good eyes.” Dona Dona tells her, “I didn’t ask you here to talk about them Maria Delia.” Maria Delia tells her, “I’m sorry Dona Dona but you asked me to inform you about everything they have been up too.” Dona Dona tells her, “informed with things that I don’t know. So what did you father decide?” Maria Delia tells her, “well he decided it was best to cancel his trip. He told me that this situation aren’t meant to be spent.” Dona Dona tells her, “well then there’s no point in waiting for his return.” Maria Delia asks, “wait for what Dona Dona?” Dona Dona tells her, “so you can marry my son.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh we haven’t even set a date?” Dona Dona tells her, “well that’s exactly what I’m talking about. Talk to him and set a date.” Maria Delia tells her, “my Rubensito doesn’t have time to think of such things at this moment. Especially of a wedding.” Dona Dona asks, “do you want to marry yes or no?” Maria Delia tells her, “well yes.” Dona Dona tells her, “now do what I told you too do. Not tomorrow or the day after. Do it now.” Maria Delia tells her, “impossible Rubensito went to the ranch with the juanas. To give everything they got to the farmers.” Dona Dona asks, “you mean they are all with him?” Maria Delia tells her, “yes.” Dona Dona tells her, “now immediately go straight to the farm. Talk to Ruben Calixto. Don’t move away from him for nothing. You come back and inform me, the date of your wedding.” Maria Delia tells her, “why so much urgency Dona Dona.” Dona Dona tells her, “well I don’t want to die without seeing you two get married.” Maria Delia gets up and tries to cool her down.

At the ranch the group are setting up. Juana Calidad is nursing some wounds. Manuel Efe is directing people to put the things inside the building. Juana Bautista is with Lazador, giving out blankets. Juana Manny is with Gualberto getting clothes to people. Juana Valentina, Mauricio, Octavio and Juana Matilde are putting food in bags.

Juana Calidad tells a man, “now you must clean the wounds 3 times a day. With the medicine that I’m also going to give you. Now we will wrap this up, so this won’t get on exterior and won’t get infected. Hey Manuel Efe, put a bandage on this senor.” The guy goes to Manuel Efe, he looks at the wound. “Oh that looks terrible, hey Juana Calidad its best I hold the arm. You wrap it.” Juana Calidad asks, “what you don’t know how to wrap a wound?” Manuel Efe tells her, “well the thing is yes but its best we work as a team.” Juana Calidad gives him a dirty look and goes towards him.

Ruben is asking another, “hey friend pana how’s it going?” The guy tells him, “thanks for coming we really needed your help.” Ruben asks, “so has your wife and kids eaten after the disaster?” The guy tells him, “what you gave us. Well most of the markets had nothing. The wind took care of all the food. What was left was damaged.”

Juanny Manny tells her, “hey Juana Bautista the senora needs sheets.” Juana Bautista asks, “how many beds?” Juana Manny tells her, “one single one double.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well I don’t have a single but I’m going to give you two doubles.” Juana Manny tells her, “alright.”

Juana Valentina asks, “ok what next?” Juana Matilde tells her, “this bag needs flour, salt, panela. Now this bag is for four people. This will last for three days, hey we need flour Juana Valentina.” Octavio tells her, “I’ll get it.” Mauricio tells her, “no don’t worry Portoreal I’ll get it.” Juana Valentina tells them, “now don’t start fighting again.” Juana Matilde tells them, “you guys are wasting time.” Then both guys go looking for more rice.

Poncho is trying to help out, but really doesn’t know what he’s doing. He calls out for Juana Calidad. “Oh Juana Calidad could you help me out. I haven’t a clue.” At this point Manuel Efe is trying to find Juana Valentina. Then he looks up and gets some sunshine. Juana Calidad tells him, “you don’t worry for your doing a good job of it. Now the bandage has to be rolled up or it won’t work.” Poncho tells her, “oh I see.” Juana Calidad tells him, “at least you can say you learned how to bandage people outside of Corozal. Apparently even if someone studied medicine in Europe. Seemed to have had his classes done at a beauty salon.” Manuel Efe overhears her and glances her way. Poncho starts laughing, and looks over at him. Manuel Efe yells out, “oh Juana Valentina I will help you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “sure come over here help me out. I’m going to get more supplies.”

Ruben helps a young girl, “oh its quite swollen. Here sit with me for a bit. Tell your mother that she must put your legs in a warm baking soda. Oh you did that too your left leg, a couple of months ago. Well then how about we head over to the market area. Then over to the medic side to get that baking soda.” Then he kisses her cheek, and Juana Valentina smiles. “A bag for her please.” Ruben tells her, “oh that hat looks great on you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well thank you.” Ruben asks, “how about this fruit?” Juana Valentina tells him, “you have to cut it before you can eat it.” Then they stop flirting, when Maria Delia shows up. “Oh Ruben Ruben, oh Rubensito my love hello.” She goes straight towards him, and kisses him. Juana Valentina takes off. “Oh how are you oh your all sweaty.” Juana Valentina annoyed moves away, but continues to stare there way.

Judge Geremias Guerra is in his office, and utters. “Oh youth how much energy you have. Well the tranquility of the older generation. The sense and intelligence of experience. Oh no no that isn’t the right words. No those aren’t the words. Oh how too say this, he begins pacing back and forth. If you accept to be my wife. I will give you every one of my articles. That show you my code and way of life. Your youth will find in my experience. You will be able to jump without any uncertainties. No no those aren’t the words either. No they aren’t, they are not the right words. He turns and finds Margarita Cruz, packed up and ready to leave. What are you doing Margarita Cruz?” Margarita tells him, “I’m leaving judge.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “well that I can understand with your suitcases. I want to know the motive of such actions.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “Geremias I accepted your kind hospitality. Always thinking this was a temporary thing. I stayed more days than I thought. My daughter was arranging her new life. Later the possibility came to us, the opportunity to live at the salon as my new home. I was so very happy at the prospect, I wasn’t even in any hurry. I didn’t want to go to Sahagun without her. She’s the most important in my life. Now that idea of a house, has disappeared. Now I must share a room with her. In very hard circumstances, what has occur to the family Salguero. Has changed so many things, I think its best that I return to my town.”

Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “but this house is almost like its yours.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “thank you so much for your generosity. I just don’t want to misuse it. A guest is like a fish, by the third day its already smelling bad. Its been days since three days has passed.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “look Margarita the favor I’m not doing for you. But rather for me, I got used too having you here. Since you have arrived I breathe new air. Before every room was solitary, now your presense is felt in every corner.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “the worst than a guest is knowing that guest is everywhere.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “no don’t misinterpret my words. What I want to say is this, your presence here is like a blessing. I had completely forgotten, what it was like to have a companion. Ana my wife you know, died the same day as our wedding. Well my companion has always been my solitude. Well for the first time, I can talk to someone. When I’m having breakfast. When I walk around the corner, I don’t think they are ghosts. I smile even though I have had a difficult day.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “I just don’t know what too say judge?”

Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “no no you don’t have to say nothing. Here go and unpack, come with me so we can buy something at the market around the corner. We can buy a desert for tonight. I always buy the same coconut dessert, because I can’t think of another one. Well I’m taking the liberty, of asking you to select something different.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “judge I had a decision to leave. I had even thought of argument, against my decision but. The truth is I don’t know.” Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “tell me something why are you returning to Sahagun. So you can think about Juana Manny all the time. Worry if she’s sick, or if she fixed her technique in boxing. Please Margarita your presence here. Has created a better life in this house. Plus your the only one that knows my secret. You can help me out with all the doubts I have.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “your love for Juana Valentina.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “yes this profound love for that girl.” Margarita tells him, “how about sweet mame would be a delicious treat for after dinner.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “thank you very much. I intend on asking for a hand in marriage.” Margarita Cruz asks, “for me?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “oh no but for Juana Valentina.” Margarita Cruz smiles and he returns to his office.

When the gang are taking a break. Octavio start singing, Lazador start playing his accordion. Juana Matilde also sings, and Miguel plays the guitar. Ruben is still handing out boxes to people. Maria Delia makes sure he’s not alone. Juana Calidad is with Mauricio. Manuel Efe is after Juana Valentina. When Juana Valentina is in the back, Ruben goes too her. Juana Bautista glances over towards them. Then gets back to work, Ruben tells Juana Valentina. “You know what I’m thinking of.” Juana Valentina asks, “what the truth I’m afraid to know?” Ruben tells her, ” the power of nature.” Juana Valentina utters, “what?” Ruben tells her, “yes the power of the destruction of the crops. Also that you are here with me. Its like the same nature, invented all of this tragedy. For you and I, would be able to be together and close. I don’t I felt a double amount, of energy to help out the workers. With feeling you near me. Having your presence, hear your voice. See you smiling away, even love watching your movements. Even felt when you were watching me.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I am sure that later I will regret what I’m about to tell you. I’m happy that I’m not in Chinu. I’m serious, I like to know that two of us are covered under the same sky.” Ruben tells her, “sky no under a roof yes.” They both start laughing, and Maria Delia calls his name. “Oh Ruben my love, I need to talk too you.” Manuel Efe tells her, “while I also need to talk to you as well Juana Valentina.” Ruben coughs into his hands, then touches his face. “Sorry Cousin.” Manuel Efe glances at Juana Valentina and smiles some more.

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Back at the pink house, Tere tells Todoelmundo. “If I didn’t know that beer with lemon didn’t get people drunk. I would have thought you were drunk by now.” Todoelmundo tells her, “I’ve never been too drunk. Or wasted Terezalsura, I insist on staying its because I want to protect a woman’s dreams. Who I was told too protect, plus your health isn’t that great yet.” Tere asks, ” a ha what and the woman is me?” Todoelmundo tells her, “well that is what you say.” Tere tells him, “look my heath is fine. I am divinely healthy so you may leave. I will be here safe and nothing will happen too me.” Todoelmundo tells her, “no senora you go up and rest in peace. I’ll stay right here, very still where you leave me. Just like the colossus statue of rhodes in greece. One of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Just like the grand pyramids of egypt. The statue of zeus in Olympia. The temple of artemis In athens. Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, the library of Alexandra, and the triumphs of hercules. It’s what the whole world knows.” Tere tells him, “this is an idoicity.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well a lot of us think that not all of them should be on the list of the seven wonders of the world.” Tere tells him, “that is not what I’m referring too. Its an idoicity that you don’t go to your house. Hey nothing will happen to me here.” Todoelmundo tells her, “one never knows what if you become sick. You might need someone’s help.” Tere tells him, “oh man your so stubborn Todoelmundo nothing is going to happen to me. Do you hear me?” Todoelmundo tells her, “the reason I’m staying is if I leave. I will be very restless.” Tere angrily tells him, “alright already I’ve insisted and insisted. For you to go home and get some sleep. Fine then you stay and have a good night. See if you can, being so uncomfortable.” Then she heads to the kitchen to drop of the bottles. Todoelmundo utters, “todoelmundo confess yourself already. Man this woman makes my entire body flush.” He then takes another drink.

The gang have all now headed, to the main house on the ranch. Juana Valentina is alone in patio, and can’t help watch. Maria Delia flirting with Ruben. Maria Delia tells him, “its at these trying times that one needs to support their partner. The help from his woman, the help from his wife.” Ruben tells her, “look the help from a wife is a significant worry for me. I already have enough.” Maria Delia tells him, “but you asked me to marry you. I told you yes, well my parents accepted.” Ruben tells her, “ok I’m not deny it. What happened is, we weren’t prepared for this tragedy.” Maria Delia tells him, “my love this doesn’t change my love for you.” Ruben tells her, “yes I know that. Look I thank you, but you must understand all the worries that I’m going through.” Maria Delia tells him, “I understand that I am sharing this with you. Well I want to share much more with you.”

Juana Valentina turns when she hears Manul Efe come her way. “I am a serious man, educated in Europe. I come from a good family, and will have a great future. Its a world that I want you to share with me.” Juana Valentina tells him, “don’t you think your running way too fast. You hardly know me, ” Manuel Efe tells her, “I don’t need to know you further. To know you are the woman of my life.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well that I don’t know quite what too say.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well say yes. Then he kisses her hand, Ruben watches jealously. Say that your my girlfriend, look before we know it. Months will pass, and your going to want to marry me.”

Ruben angrily tells Maria Delia, “there’s one difference in dating and getting married Maria Delia.” Maria Delia tells him, “well one is the consequence of another. Well we are not boyfriend and girlfriend anymore.” Ruben utters, “no?” Maria Delia tells her, “but rather were an engaged couple. You asked formally for my hand in marriage. Soon like you said one day at your house, all this will be yours.” Maria Delia puts his hands on her butt.

Manuel Efe tells Juana Valentina, “listen to me not only is your beauty that attracts you too me. I’ve known many many beautiful women. Its your spirit, your moods. The way that you are, the air that is around you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “look everyone has problems that they must deal with. Than thinking about an engagement Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes you are correct on that point. So I’m asking you lets not be girlfriend or boyfriend.” Juana Valentina tells him, “great that’s perfect.” Manuel Efe tells her, ” great then how about we just get married once and for all?” Juana Valentina utters, “what?” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes.” Juana Valentina tells him, “hey your not running but flying man.” Manuel Efe tells her, “listen to me Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina utters, “what.” Once again he kisses her hand, and tells her. “I promise you, I promise you with me you will never want for nothing.”

Ruben continues to stare at the two, while Maria Delia hugs and kisses him. “Your mother wants us to set a date. She insists that it be as soon as possible. We can’t give her a bad moment, having her wait so very long.” Ruben tells her, “but Maria Delia now I’m a ruined man. Possibly I may never recuperate, if you marry. It will be with a poor guy.” Maria Delia tells him, “no that shouldn’t worry you. Everything that’s mine is yours. Ruben tell me the truth, is there another woman.” Ruben sadly tells her, “if I marry it will be with you Maria Delia.” Maria Delia gets quite excited and tells him, “oh that is what I wanted to hear.” She kisses him, and Juana Valentina watches. Then tells Manuel Efe, “look I appreciate that your in love with me but. I look I am going to think about it alright.” Manuel Efe utters, “sure no problem think about it as long as you want.” Juana Valentina tells him, “perfect.” Manuel Efe asks, “so how long will you be thinking about it?” Juana Valentina tells him, “as long as I want. Yes as long as I want.” Then to Manuel Efe’s surprise she kisses him. After the kiss she gets up and leaves. Ruben is furious, and pushes Maria Delia away from him. “That’s enough Maria Delia.” Maria Delia tells him, “now then when we return to Corozal. We must give your mother a response. You have all night to think about it.” Then she kisses him once more, before heading inside. They walk past a shocked Manuel Efe, Ruben angrily stares at him. Manuel Efe asks, “did you see that impacted kiss Juana Valentina gave too me?” Ruben utters, “yes.” Manuel Efe tells him, “I assure you that she will soon be my fiance. Later we will both be brother in laws.” Ruben screams, “Manuel Efe go straight to hell.” Manuel Efe utters, “what?”

Over on the other side, Ruben returns and gets grabbed by Maria Delia. Octavio and Miguel show up. “Ok ok the noise has to stop now.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh hey Miguel.” Octavio utters, “yes Miguel is here. Now there are two hammocks up in the front. Two out here on the left, and two out here on the right. The senorita may sleep by two in the bedrooms.” Juana Manny utters, “oh really that’s great for you and me at last Juana Calidad. Your not going to escape from me heard me.” The group laugh, and Juana Calidad utter. “Oh you boxer.” Mauricio asks, “hey don’t tell me the party is over now? That were going to bed, but its still pretty early.” Juana Bautista tells him, “we have to get up early so we can give out the rest of the items. Juana Valentina we’re sleeping together right?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well yes.” Maria Delia tells them, “I’ll stay with Juana Matilde.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well girl its going to be a bad night for you. For I talk in my sleep, and when I have nightmares I scream. So she’s going to have a really interesting night. Well then goodnight everyone sleep tight.” The musicians start leaving, Octavio yells out. “Night Juana Valentina.” Manuel Efe goes to Juana Valentina and touches her arm. “Juana Valentina you are so very beautiful.” Juana Valentina tells him, “we will talk tomorrow.” Then she walks away, not saying nothing to Ruben. Manuel Efe like a puppy follows her, until Ruben stops him. “Hey we’re over there.” Manuel Efe utters, “oh you are so jealous of your sisters.”

Juana Matilde returns and utters, “oh man now where did I leave it. Or who hid it from me? Hey girl why are you still here? Don’t you want to go to sleep?” Juana Calidad tells her, “I’m not sleepy plus I’ve never slept with anybody.” Juana Matilde tells her, “daa oh the same story like always. Why worry about sleeping with someone. Juana Manny is your sister.” Juana Calidad tells her, “but I’ve always slept on my own. Oh I feel so much pity.” Juana Matilde tells her, “pity of what?” Juana Calidad tells her, “pity of undressing in front of another person. I am sure once I get to sleep, Juana Manny will try to see. If I have that birthmark, and you know where it is.” Juana Matilde tells her, “come over here tell me something. Aren’t you at least bit curious, do you have it or no?” Juana Calidad tells her, “well I don’t know.” Juana Calidad tells her, “oh girl I can’t believe that you still don’t know. What you haven’t been curious to look at yourself back there.” Juana Calidad tells her, “well I haven’t had the nerve. Ever since I was a child, I was taught and told looking at yourself. Plus I have already told you that already. Looking at yourself is a sin.” Juana Matilde tells her, “ok fine then I’ll look then.” Juana Calidad tells her, “what makes you think that? She blesses herself, and utters. Oh I’m going to purgatory.” Juana Matilde tells her, “Juana Calidad you close your eyes. Lift up your skirt, and I’ll look. That’s that, we all stop having that doubt. Especially you.” Juana Calidad tells her, “no no.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh come on Juana Calidad oh come on girl. Your going to live with that uncertainty for the rest of your life.” Juana Calidad asks, “how will you do it?” Juana Matilde tells her, “you close your eyes and lift up your skirt. Then I will take a look, and that’s that.” Juana Caldiad tells her, “I won’t be able to lift up my skirt Juana Matilde.” Juana Matilde tells her, “ok fine I’ll do it then. Ok ready…” Juana Calidad utters, “no no no.” Juana Matilde tells her, “please stop it god won’t get angry at letting you know.” Juana Calidad tells her, “ok but make it quick.” Juana Matilde lifts up the skirt, Mauricio comes around the corner. He watches and then runs back inside. Juana Matilde exclaims, “its there the birthmark in the form of a fish. Just like the rest of us.” Juana Calidad gives her a hug. “So where is it?” Juana Matilde tells her, “its right here under the butt line.” Juana Calidad tells her, “don’t use those words Juana Matilde.” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes but that means that your an honorary Salguero. Look I’ll tell Juana Manny, to sleep with me and Maria Delia. Then you can have your room all too yourself. Ok see you tomorrow nun.” Juana Calidad kisses her as well, “oh see you tomorrow singer.” Juana Matilde screams out, “oh Juana Manny you don’t know what I have to tell you.” Juana Calidad touches her behind and smiles.

The next day Todoelmundo is found asleep in the living room. He jumps up, when he hears Tere screaming. She has stubbed her toe. “Oh Terezalsura oh come here.” Tere tells him, “I hit my toe but I’ll be alright. I bet you had the worse night of your life?” Todoelmundo tells her, “well no or did you just lose a bet. So how did you wake up today? Are you feeling better?” Tere tells him, “I have a bit of a headache. That I get every day, I take a pill and it passes.” Todoelmundo tells her, “I’ll go make you breakfast so you won’t leave with stomach empty.” Todoelmundo tells her, “who says I’m leaving. I’m not leaving until the Juanas show up.” Tere tells him, “oh this is so annoying at my age I have a protector. If you want to take a bath, there’s a bathroom down here with clean towels. I’ll prepare something.” Then she heads to the kitchen, while Todoelmundo watches her behind. When she’s gone he utters, “definitely this woman is making me red. I’m going to take a cold shower.”

Back at the ranch, the crew are back to helping the workers. Ruben is overseeing them bring more wounded people. While Maria Delia is a bit put off by seeing the wound. Ruben watches as Manuel Efe, takes advantage and tries to get closer to Juana Valentina. When Maria Delia sees Ruben alone, she goes to him and kisses him. Manuel Efe dabs sweat off Juana Valentina’s forehead. Then gives her a drink. Octavio sees this, tries to get a drink but Manuel Efe pulls it away from him. Ruben is furious and walks away, with Maria Delia chasing after him. Juana Matilde tells Octavio, “we need more rice and flour. Then she heads over to see Miguel, and Octavio is sadden by this. Especially when Juana Matilde, gives Miguel something to eat. Gualberto is trying to get closer to Juana Bautista. When he gets grabby with the hands, she simply extends hers. As in give me money, and I’ll tell you your future. Gualberto simply laughs. Juana Calidad is now being helped by Mauricio. He helps but stares at her butt. Octavio a bit annoyed nobody is helping him out. Goes and cuts more fruit, Juana Manny goes too him, she flirts with him but he moves away.

Night has fallen once more, and over at the Salguero house. Margarita Cruz visits Dona Dona. “I haven’t been able to get out of my mind. What you said about Ruben, being in love with one of his sisters. The more I think, the more I know that your mistaken.” Dona Dona tells her, “hopefully god will hear you. In this house there has been a lot of sins. To have another one, and such a mortal one.” Margarta Cruz tells her, “you have so much aversion to the juanas. Your seeing things that don’t exist.” Dona Dona tells her, “well not seeing is an prevention. See what occurred between you and I, look what happened. You slept with my husband.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “you made me come here just to insult me once more.” Dona Dona tells her, “I asked you to come here. So you can clean up your sin, helping me stop another one.” Margarita Cruz asks, “what do you want me too do?” Dona Dona tells her, “find out how ever you can. If my son Ruben, is interested as a man in one of those.” Dona Dona tells her, “Dona your son is enaged to be married.”

Dona Dona tells her, “those are empty promises until they are are changed into reality. Not until I see Ruben Calixto fully married to Maria Delia. Blessed holy by that priest, oh dear the worry won’t go away.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “if Ruben is indeed in love or interested in another woman. For Maria Delia it would be easy to find out.” Dona Dona tells her, “Maria Delia is a good girl. She’s a decent girl, a very kind girl who comes from a good family. But she’s a bit dumb, she’s been telling me. What the juanas has been up too, even your daughter. Well that’s as far as her intelligence goes.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “your using your son’s fiance as a spy.” Dona Dona tells her, “to be better informed. A person that isn’t prepared, will get it in the end Margarita Cruz.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “why don’t you ask Ruben straight out.” Dona Dona tells her, “I have already tried his attitude when I approach the topic. Worries me even more. Some one’s at the door. Come in.” Delia tells her, “the doctor is here to see you seno? Dona Dona tells her, “oh the killer is here yet again. Inform him I’ll be a minute.” Delia tells her, “yes seno.” Margarita Cruz asks, “are you unwell?” Dona Dona tells her, “yes Margarita I’ve been hit and kicked all over. It seems all the weaknesses, have come at me all at once. I am very tired. I confess to you right now, if I had to get out of this bed. I wouldn’t be able too, even with crutches. I’m asking you, in the name of friendship that we once back in February of 73. Help me out.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “oh your putting me in a very difficult situation. But I will try.” Dona Dona tells her, “the only thing I want too know if my son. Looks at his step-sisters only as step-sisters. And nothing more than that.”

Over at the pink house, another celebration is going on. Tere is dancing with Poncho, while Todoelmundo is trying hard not to look at her butt. Juana Matilde is dancing with Octavio, Miguel is dancing with Juana Manny. Manuel Efe, Ruben, Maria Delia and Juana Bautista are sitting down. Juana Matilde utters, “change of partners.” She goes straight to Miguel. Octavio is a bit annoyed, but dances with Juana Manny. Then Juana Matilde sings and goes to her sisters. Juana Valentina stares over at Ruben, and vice versa. Mauricio tries to flirt with Juana Calidad, then glances at Juana Valentina. Octavio tries to dance with Juana Valentina, but she utters no. Juana Calidad smiles over at Ruben. Gualberto is overjoyed at dancing with Juana Bautista. In the end Manuel Efe eating a banana, gets to dance with Juana Valentina. Maria Delia finally dances with Ruben, but he stares jealously at his cousin. You hear Dona Dona asking, “I need to know if my son. Looks at his step-sisters, only as step-sisters and nothing more than that.”

Its the next morning, and Calixto is at the office with Judge Geremias Guerra. “Its good too see you getting out of the house at least. But being here, you’re not going to resolve nothing.” Calixto tells him, “well shutting myself away nothing is done either. Look Geremias those technicians are bewildered. They don’t know what type of animal attacked. Or for that matter where it came from. Or how to eradicate them, if they ever decide to show up again if we re-seed.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “its not as if those animals are a medical disease that isn’t curable.” Calixto tells him, “its worse than an illness. With this it would kill you,and would try coming back. We don’t know if we re-seed the blasted things will return and eat all our cattle.” Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “oh compadre what are you going to do then? You can start pittying yourself, or will yourself to die. No that isn’t the Calixto Salguero that I know. The Calixto I know, puts his chest out and faces whats coming. Including accepting those five daughters that he wasn’t waiting for. Now talking about your daughters, there is a issue that I would like to discuss with you. Look…” There’s someone at the door, its Todoelmundo.

“Well hello Don Calixto, hello Judge.” Calixto tells him, “yes good day your so optimistic today Todoelmundo. Today is a good day or a bad day. So you have a message from Dona?” Todoelmundo tells him, “no I haven’t seen her today. Ruben is pretty worried, because you haven’t been answering your calls. He asked me here to check up on you.” Calixto tells him, “I stopped answering the phones. For all they want is to ask me for money. Today I don’t have a secretary. So what’s up with Ruben?” Todoelmundo tells him, “him Juana Calidad and Juana Valentina are waiting for you at your house. Go when you can.” Calixto asks, “at my house? Well what do they want?” Todoelmundo tells him, “that they didn’t tell me.”

At the house, Ruben tells Juana Valentina. “I’m not going to accept, and my father won’t accept either.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh your so very stubborn man. Look you and your father need time. Time to see that the business is getting ahead. You take charge of that, while we take care of everything else alright.” Ruben tells her, “yes meanwhile my mother shoots my father with the gun.” Juana Valentina tells him, “Dona Dona doesn’t have to find out about anything. I’m serious.” Doctor Renterea tells him, “she is recuperating but very slowly. The problem is she isn’t following instructions. She isn’t taking any drugs, its just really difficult.”

Juana Calidad walks by, with her book. Juana Valentina asks, “how are we doing?” Juana Calidda tells her, “in this house they are buying more than they need. They have a lot of food, plus at night they turn on all their lights. They are wasting a lot of electricity, look we also have to fire some employees. Well not all of them, yes this is a family with a lot of prestige it can’t be left alone. From the three girls that are here, only one may stay. The other could come by, every second week I guess she can help out. With washing the clothes and cleaning the floors.” Juana Valentina tells her, “so that is what the nuns taught you at the convent school to be so organized. Alright I will tell Don Calixto all of that. You are writing everything down?” Juana Calidad tells her, “yes plus there is one more thing. You must tell Manuel Efe, that he has to leave.” Juana Valentina tells her, “you are exaggerating Juana Calidad. How can you even think that? How will you tell him? The nephew of Dona Dona, Ruben’s cousin that he has to leave no.” Juana Calidad tells her, “look Juana Valentina the truth is he consumes. His presense here in the Salguero house, means more costs. Look I have here everything, that has to be reduced.”

Dr. Rentera tells him, “she needs to be given these injections. Every twelve hours, for one week.” Ruben asks, “so will you he giving it too her?” Dr. Rentera tells him, “no I can’t promise you this. I’ll send a nurse instead.” Juana Calidad tells her, “this cost I wasn’t counting on. Excuse me doctor, how much do you charge for every visit?” Dr. Rentera tells her, “well it is the Salguero’s about fifteen thousand.” Juana Calidad asks, “and how many times do you visit the senoria.” Dr. Rentera tells her, “every day why?” Juana Calidad tells him, “well fifteen thousand each day is a lot of money. Dr. it seems we are going to have to discuss a minimual sum excuse me one second.” Then she escorts the doctor out of the house. Ruben is quite embarrassed, and goes straight to Juana Valentina. “Juana Calidad has no right to meddle in affairs that is not her business.” Juana Valentina tells him, “one minute Ruben she’s now involved because her new job is to make sure we reduce costs. Do you know everything, that can be saved in this house. I’ll show you.” Ruben tells her, “well the one that’s in charge of the household is my mother.”

Juana Valentina tells him, “look your mother has been in charge for the rest of her life. Has been in fact throwing money away, because she has been able to do it. But not anymore, plus she is very sick Ruben. Why worry her over getting the groceries.” Ruben tells her, “don’t tell me now that your now worrying about my mother?” Juana Valentina tells him, “your mother no but you yes. Yes you have a lot of worries now, the health of your mother. The state of your father’s mental state. All of those debt collectors, that are now calling all the time. Plus the 400 pezos, taking care of the crops and the dirt. No Ruben its a big responsibility. No I’m serious, let us worry about the idiot things alright.” Ruben smiles once more, and Juana Calidad tells them. “Well now everything is set, we will pay 70 000 for the month.” Ruben utters, “only 70 000.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh come on charging fifteen thousand. Was in fact a robbery.” Juana Valentina tells him, “see I told you don’t mess with the accountant of the family. Juana Calidad tells him, “don’t hire a nurse.” Ruben tells her, “but my mother needs every twelve hours an injection.” Juana Calidad tells him, “why hire a nurse when I can do the injecting. Ok here you go and buy the injections. Try to see if you can get them for free.” Juana Valentina tells her, “hey girl who told you that they are giving the medication for free. With what will we buy them for?” Juana Calidad tells them, “well I don’t know but that is your problem.” Ruben glances over Juana Valentina.

Over at the Dolorsa, Poncho tells him. “Man last night was weird it was the first time. That the Dolorosa was complete empty at midnight. So now were closing around nine pm.” Juana Matilde tells them, “man now I’m going to have to find another job. The only thing I know how to do, is sing and plate the flute. Oh maybe I should return to Santa Marta.” The guys utters, “no what’s the point of you going to Santa Marta.” Juana Matilde tells them, “no I made a promise to remain here. Oh this situation is pretty grave, Miguel have any ideas.” Octavio tells her, “I have an idea.” Juana Matilde tells him, “no Octavio I was asking Miguel move it. Now Miguel maybe I can work at your father’s warehouse.” Miguel tells her, “he just let go two of his employees. So he wouldn’t have to pay their salaries.” Juana Matilde utters, “umda I just don’t know this shocks me. She then gets an idea and smiles, alright if you don’t get any ideas. I have one excuse, me I need to talk to my sisters bye Miguel.” Miguel utters, “bye Miguel.”

Juana Manny is at the salon with her mother. “Well asking for things for the workers turned out great. But we can’t ask money for us.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “well then what were going to have to do is close the shop. Then start selling off the equipment dear.” Juana Manny tells her, “oh mom who’s going to buy our salon equipment. When the ladies of Corozal, doesn’t want to get their hair fixed. Oh mom till yesterday, I was very optimistic but now I see things in the black.” Margarita Cruz asks, “Manny tell me something how is the situation between Calixto and Ruben?” Juana Manny utters, “the same I guess. Oh man I have to do something, but what?” Margarita Cruz asks, “but how have you noticed Ruben been these past last couple of days.” Juana Manny tells her, “worried mother Calixto has debts up to his neck. In the same boat is Ruben.” Margarita Cruz asks, “so do you talk to him a lot? What I mean is, does he confide in you telling you his worries and fears dear?” Juana Manny tells her, “look mom why don’t we stop this topic of Ruben for another day. We have to figure out a way to live, until Don Calixto recuperates. I just wonder how and when? Then she gets an idea, and smiles. Look mom I have an idea, I must discuss this with my sisters.”

Ruben visits his mother, “now you have to get twelve injections every day. Throughout one week. This will make you feel better, that is what the doctor has assured me.” Dona Dona tells him, “well then its best that they start now. Have them do it now, I want to be really healthy for your wedding day.” Ruben tells her, “its fourteen injections.” Dona Dona tells him, “even if its twenty eight. My butt’s going to look like a pin cousin. I just hope that it helps me, I am just so weak that I have to stay in this bed.” Ruben tells her, “mom the nurse is asking 3000 for each injection. Putting all those injections, well it turns out its 42 000.” Dona Dona tells him, “and what about that?” Ruben tells her, “well in the condition that were in 42 000 is very expensive.” Dona Dona tells him, “well then I won’t get the treatment.” Ruben tells her, “no mother under no motive that will happen. For you to get better, there’s no sacrifice that’s too little. So talking about sacrifices, its going to have to come from you.” Dona Dona asks, “what are you trying to tell me with that?” Ruben tells her, “there’s someone who will give you the injections without charging you.” Dona Dona tells him, “well then if we can save those cents. Well its fine with me.” Ruben tells her, “that is what I wanted to hear from you.” Ruben goes to the door, and opens it. Juana Calidad enters and starts talking. “I learned to give first aid, and injections at the convent.” Dona Dona tells him, “I’m going to strangle you Ruben Calixto.” Ruben utters, “well when you get better bye.” Dona Dona tells Juana Calidad, “and you get out. You I won’t permit you to touch me.” Juana Calidad tells her, “well if you want to get up from that bed. Your not going to have any remedy. Now don’t you worry, you’ll just see me every twelve hours.”

(That’s a nice dress Juana Calidad is wearing.)

Ruben tells Juana Valentina, “she couldn’t strangle me because she couldn’t get out of bed. Now tell me how did you manage to get that money?” Juana Valentina tells him, “Juana Calidad wouldn’t give us a cent. Those cost us 26 000, its a fortune.” Ruben asks, “so how did you do it?” Juana Valentina tells him, “we had merchandise at the economic store already paid by your father. In this circumstance it was impossible to sell. Well I exchanged a tv, for the 14 injections.” Ruben asks, “wait your telling me the pharmacist made a deal with you?” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes when I want I am very convincing. Look if a very beautiful woman smiles at you. Can open many doors. I am serious.” Ruben tells her, “what you flirted with him? Hey Juana Valentina how bold you are?” Juana Valentina tells him, “hey there one minute. If a simple flirt, gets me to save up to 42 000. I will do it, and I’m not hurting anybody. This man doesn’t feel robbed or cheated, because he has a tv. A very big one.”

Calixto shows up, and Ruben gets up. “Hey old man we’ve been waiting for you.” Juana Valentina tells her, “hi Don Calixto how are you?” Calixto tells him, “how am I. I was leaving the office, when I was stopped by the bank manager. Two blocks from that, well the loan officer.” Ruben asks, “so what did you tell them?” Calxto tells him, “well that we understood the terms that we signed with the banks. We are going to talk to them, when the moment comes. Well when that moment comes, they are going to kill us.” Juana Calidad returns and tells him, “well that’s done.” Ruben asks, “so she permitted you to do it?” Calixto asks, “so what are you talking about?” Ruben tells him, “I’ll tell you about that later but its better. That you and I don’t enter mother’s room.” Dona Dona is in her room, uttering. “Oh the humiliation yes this is a humiliation. That my recuperation has to depend on one of those. One of the illegitimate, this I won’t forgive Ruben Calixto. Well I have to accept, that the nun has a light touch. Because it didn’t hurt.”

Juana Valentina is now outside with Calixto. “Now you will accept our help, or not accept our help.” Calixto tells her, “oh I am a bit embarrassed that girls that I had abandoned for over twenty years are now supporting us. Especially me and my wife, no I can’t accept this.” Juana Valentina tells him, “but you have to accept this we are not strangers. This can be just for the two of us, for example Dona Dona has never met Terezalsura. So she can come by, and well take charge of the running of the house. I’m serious.” Ruben tells him, “so now we’re following your instructions lieutenant.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh Ruben we are on a sinking ship. On that boat, your father is the admiral. But you are its captain, that has to get us there safe and sound. Well us Juanas, the only thing we can do. Is too help row.” Calixto tells her, “well it will be very hard to save this ship Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells him, “look Don Calixto life isn’t easy.” Calixto tells him, “the tough part is to start letting go of our workers. I will be in charge of that, your job is too take away those creditors. While I will try to recuperate the land alright.” Ruben asks, “so how long do you need?” Calixto tells him, “as long as you can give me.” Ruben tells her, “see that sister well start rowing.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well Juana Calidad has informed me that we have money to last us one month.” Calixto asks, “one month?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes one month come on the lord did all of this in seven days. Why do we have to get so scared?” Calixto tells her, “well god is god.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well this is Corozal and you are all Salguero’s.” Calixto touches her hand, “I just wished that you would say that we are all Salguero’s. Well I need a rum.” Juana Valentina look over at Ruben, and tells him. “No my last name is Echenique.” Ruben tells her, “well mine isn’t.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I am very afraid Ruben. Afraid of being me.” Ruben tells her, “well I’m afraid of me as well.” He takes her hand, and both of them look at one another.

Its night time now, and the girls are at home. Juana Matilde tells them, “oh do you know how much Carlos Vives and Gloria Estefan make doing a concert. They make boat load, you can just image on the stage. Here is Juana Matilde Salguero, here from the Corozal province. Then I start dancing like this. Well when I start charging, well I’m going to make a lot of money. Well the thing is, they might not know me like them so I won’t make that much money. But we could try to see if people would pay to come see me. Well I don’t know, in something that causes attention.” Juana Manny tells her, “no no better than that get a promoter for a boxing match. For a light weight championship, you know men are men. They will all pay big money, to see two women fighting. I saw one that was on tv, the stadium was complete full. We can even negotiate a percentage. Well we can asks a bit, and we could make a lot of money.” Juana Calidad tells her, “no no first its that economic store. We need to try to go to other regions, to try too negotiate a fair bargain but we can’t charge so much. For it is going to go to transportation. Plus we have to find a way, to get rid of all that merchandise.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no we can exchange those for something else. Well like what I did, in exchanging a tv for those injections for Dona Dona. Well first we must organize ourselves. Well like everyone knows, senorita Juana Calidad. Is in charge of our finance and costs of the two houses. Any questions you must ask her alright.” Juana Manny asks, “what to buy a pair of stocking I have to ask the nun?”

Juana Bautista tells him, “yes ask the boss then the accountant first.” Juana Matilde asks, “so who’s the boss?” Juana Bautista tells her, “well the boss is Juana Valentina.” Juana Matilde tells her, “Juana Valentina she’s in charge. So Juana Valentina go and find me a great promoter immediately.” Juana Manny tells her, “yes and me a boxing promoter.” Juana Valentina tells them, “ok lets continue with the organizations please. Now Terezalsura will be helping Ruben with the running of his house. While I will be in charge of this one alright, just to let you know.” Juana Calidad tells her, “well first you must ask me what you can pay for.” Juana Manny tells her, “man this nun is now showing her claws. Everyday as the days pass.” Ruben tells her, “we must organize our top priorities. First we need to get the creditors and the bankers, to give us a long extension. Well that is my problem, correctly well secondly what do we do with the merchandise that is in that economic store. Its just a lot of money that’s there.” Juana Valentina tells him, “the third is.” Ruben tells her, “don’t interrupt me Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina utters, “excuse me like you order captain.” Ruben tells her, “oh what captain are you talking about. On this ship all of us have to help row. This is going to a long difficult hall.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well especially for you look first you have to comfort your mother. Fire two of your employees, plus you must tell Manuel Efe he has to leave Corozal. You have to take care of the snakes, and give your father time. Well I have one finger left. Oh how can I forget this, your marriage to Maria Delia.” Juana Manny asks, “are you still wanting to marry that drone.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well she’s a nice person and very beautiful but. I think she’s missing something, or has too much of something.” Juana Manny asks, “and you nun what are your thoughts?” Juana Calidad tells them, “what do I think oh what do I think. Oh its getting rather late, I must give Dona Dona her injections.” Then she runs to her room, while the others stare at one another.

At the salguero house, Margarita Cruz’s visits Dona Dona. “Well I’ve only had the chance to talk to my daughter. If your suspicious are certain, you can take away Juana Manny.” Dona Dona asks, “are you sure? Completely sure of that?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “well what they are worried about. Is figuring out how they are going to survive.” Dona Dona tells her, “well with Don Salguero they can forget that ride. Well the money isn’t there, to do what ever they want. He can’t give them gifts, so they are going to have to find a job.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “my daughter isn’t useless the other’s aren’t either. I am sure that they are going to defend themselves.” Dona Dona tells her, “I could care less about that. The only thing that I want too know. Which one of them, has my son very decisive.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “how about all five of them.” Dona Dona tells her, “what are you trying to tell me Margarita Cruz?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “well maybe he’s troubled about all of them. That is what has him so indicesive.” Dona Dona tells him, “no Margarita Cruz when a mother sees the look upon her son’s face. From what I saw in my son’s eyes. One isn’t mistaken, he is interested in one of them. More than any of the others. I am going to take it out of his heart. Even if I have to kill her.” Margarita Cruz looks at her with much concern.

bannerEPISODE 24

bannerManuel Efe and Ruben are getting ready to go out. Manuel Efe tells him, “you know today something important is going to happen to me.” Ruben tells him, “oh yes something will occur. You are going to return to Bogota. Or maybe Medellin, so what are you new plans?” Manuel Efe tells him, “that plan has now been cancelled.” Ruben asks, “your planning on staying in Corozal?” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes the opportunity for me to wait for a response.” Ruben tells him, “look cousin sorry to say this. But you can’t stay here any more. Your going to have to leave.” Manuel Efe utters, “this house?” Ruben tells him, “you saw what occured in the plantations. Our situation is more worse than you can image. In reality, from here on out. Were going to have same every single penny that costs. Well your a cost.” Manuel Efe is shocked, “Ruben you are shoving in my face that I have been privalged with economic means?” Ruben tells him, “look cousin I’m not insultng that you have money. The thing is were not in the best situation, to have a guest stay here. That’s all.” Manuel Efe tells him, “well I can’t leave now. If its necessary I’ll pay, but I can’t leave here. Now I can’t leave now.”

Ruben tells him, “look cousin I know that you are saying this with good intentions. But we don’t want charity.” Manuel Efe tells him, “no its not charity. Look you give me what ever is necesarry, and I’ll pay you just as if I’m staying at the best hotel in any part of the world.” Ruben tells him, “this isn’t a hotel its your aunt’s house. Plus she wouldn’t like it, knowing her nephew is paying to stay here. Plus she’s very sick, were not suppose to give her any emotional stress. Look its really difficult that, in the evenings we have to turn off all the lights.” Manuel Efe utters, “turn off all the lights?” Ruben tells him, “well the electricity we have to save some. Only turning on one’s we necessarily use. We can’t keep all the lights on, as if it were a christmas tree. Plus today I have to let go two of our employees, we have to save what we pay them. Plus its two mouths less to feed.” Manuel Efe tells him, “wait your just exaggerating things so I will go right.” Ruben tells him, “oh cousin I wished I did. I wish I was exaggerating.” Manuel Efe sits down, “well Ruben the thing is. When I was in Europe, what I missed the most. Was the warmth of family home, now that I finally get it in your house. Your asking me to leave.” Ruben tells him, “look cousin I know you being at home with your parents plus your sisters. Your going to find, that loving warmth of a family. I’m sorry.” As Ruben is ready to leave, Manuel Efe motions him closer. “No there’s something else, I asked Juana Valentina to marry me. She gave me time, so she can think about it. I am sure that she will say yes. I can’t pressure her, I can’t hurry her up.” Ruben asks, “you asked Juana Valentina to marry you?” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes the truth is that I love her Ruben. I love her, when she tells me yes. We will get married, I will leave I mean we will leave. Ruben at least wait a few days that’s necesary. So I can get her answer, you understand cousin?”

Poncho is with Gualberto and Miguel. Poncho tells them, “man after all this time. Mauricio and Octavio are still hoping to get Juana Valentina’s attention. Come on anybody with a sense, can tell she could care less for both of them.” Miguel tells him, “well the one that I like is Juana Manny but between the two of us I’m also scared of her. While Juana Matilde is fresh, and very happy but she’s really small.” Gualberto tells him, “well the one that I like is Juana Bautista. Well with that look of hers, I’m afraid to tell her what beautiful eyes she has.” Miguel asks, “so which one do you like?” Poncho tells him, “well I like all of them I am partial but if I was too choose. The one I do like is Terezsalsura.” The guys utters, “Terezalsura.” Gualberto tells him, “hey Terezalsura could be your mother.” Poncho tells them, “its not my fault that I like older women.” When he walks away, both guys utters, “that guy is crazy.”

Octavio and Mauricio are talking. “Now look Mauricio, Juana Valentina’s heart doesn’t beat rapidly for you nor for me. That woman is made out of ice, or she’s in love with another man.” Mauricio asks, “another man who? Is it Manuel Efe?” Octavio tells him, “that I don’t know. Over at the ranch, they were talking alone practically all the time. Or perhaps she has a boyfriend in Barranquilla.” Mauricio tells him, “if she had a boyfriend in Barranquilla he’s a complete idiot and would have come here already.” Octavio tells him, “yes your correct well what I want you to know. I have given up trying to win over Juana Valentina’s heart. I am done no more.” Mauricio tells him, “you know what I don’t know if I should believe you Portoreal.” Octavio tells him, “look I’m giving you my word. To be honest, if Juana Valentina told me I love you. I would fall down at her feet, and would become her slave the rest of my life. But that’s a dream, and I don’t want to dream anymore.” Mauricio asks, “tell me which other of the Juanas do you like?” Octavio tells him, “the singer but she hardly pays me any attention. Well the rest really don’t do a thing for me. The least one, I don’t like is the boxer. So which one do you like?” Mauricio tells him, “well to be sincere yes the one that grabs my attention is Juana Calidad.” Octavio tells him, “the nun but what did you see?” Mauricio grins and tells him, “well that she’s very intelligent and very cultured.” Octavio tells him, “but she’s the most ugly of them Maudi.” Mauricio tells him, “Octavio beauty is inside the soul.” Octavio tells him, “what that poetry has stuck on you.” Mauricio tells him, “well I just wanted to tell you. I am now abondoning every single chance, every single opportunity to win over Juana Valentina. I swear too you.” Octavio utters, “as if I believe you Fuentelafria.” Mauricio tells him, “and you do I believe you Portoreal?” Octavio tells him, “let me propose something listen to me clearly.” Mauricio tells him, “talk to me.” Octavio tells him, “you help me get Juana Matilde. I’ll help you out with Juana Calidad, what do you think?” Mauricio tells him, “deal has been made.” They then smile and shake hands.

Tere and Todoelmundo are playing a game. Todoelmundo tells her, “see the saint trinity.” Tere excitedly tells him, “one two three I have it.” Todoelmundo tells her, “no don’t have a three.” Juana Valentina walks with the girls into the living room.”Oh getting a musical promoter or a boxing promoter it takes time. Well from Juana Calidad’s financial records, we can’t afford it. In this house and the Salguero’s we need cash now.” Juana Calidad tells them, “we cut down on the electricity and water. We manage to save a lot of money.” Juana Bautista tells them, “I walked around town what’s not available is a job. On the contary lots of people have lots their jobs.” Juana Manny tells them, “well not only that. Two of the beauty salons closed down, even that not a single client came to us. My trainer will only stay one month, then he’ll head to Cartagena.” Juana Matilde goes to the two playing their game. “What’s that?” Juana Manny tells her, “its a city girl are you that flighty that you don’t know that?” Juana Matilde tells her, “listen girl the one that’s flighty is you. I was asking Todoelmundo and Terezalsura. I am shocked.” Then she sits down, the girls get closer.

Juana Valentina asks, “so what are you playing?” Todoelmundo tells them, “we are playing the local bingo to entertain ourselves.” Juana Matilde asks, “the local lotto what’s that?” Todoelmundo tells her, “well the local lotto is like the state’s lotto. Everyone puts money in, and everyone plays. If the combInation of number shows up. They win cash money, its like the modern day lotto of today. But this has been around since the olden days. The whole world knows that.” Tere tells them, “and if Todoelmundo knows it you must believe him.” Todoelmundo tells her, “that isn’t all my esteem Terezalsura. The lotto was one of the entertainment games, the great Roman imperials would play. The first lotto came about in, france 1520. In florence italy, it became a very popular game. In 1530 when the prizes turned out to be money. But the whole world knows that and that’s the truth.” Tere tells him, “its not a brain of yours on top of your head but you have an encyclopedia.” The girls laugh, then Juana Matilde utters. “Hey did you hear what Todoelmundo said. Juana Bautista asks, “and what of it?” Juana Matilde tells her, “not to see that I also think about other things.” Juana Manny tells her, “well we would have to wait a week for you to finalize it.”


Juana Matilde tells her, “well I did it. Why don’t we create a lotto? You know with those little balls? You see when my mother worked at the hotels. People would play for gifts, but this time around. Instead of toys or products. How about we give out cash.” Juana Calidad tells her, “money from where for we don’t have a dime.” Juana Matilde tells her, “umda let me get you too understand. Lets suppose we play lotto right, we find a place to do it. Lets sell 20 cards, that gives us 2000. Well the prize would be like 10 000. The other 10 000 would be for us for creating the game.” Juana Valentina smiles and tells her. “What a great idea.” Juana Manny tells her, “well that’s not a bad idea after all. Oh this girl has quite the imagination.” Juana Calidad quickly makes calculatation. Juana Bautista tells them, “the best place too do so would be the Dolorosa.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes its perfect.” Juana Calidad tells him, “well the more we sell the more money we will make.” Juana Manny tells her, “and that’s cash in effect.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well I don’t know about you all but I think this might be able to work.” Juana Valentina tells them, “well what are we waiting for lets start this lottery. Then they get their ideas in check, and head to the local printers. They all leave the house, and one by one they open their umbrellas then split up. Juana Calidad heads with Juana Bautista. Juana Matilde heads with Juana Manny. Juana Valentina heads off alone. Terezalsura goes with Todoelmundo, Tere tells him. “Now see what you did, you put that idea into their heads Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well I was only telling them what the whole world already knows.”

Ruben is talking to the banks in his office, “oh come on you must give us some consideration. Wait one moment please. Juana Valentina shows up, and he asks. What are you doing here?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I wasn’t looking for you but Don Calixto. Well I was hopeing he would helps us. We need permission from the major.” Ruben asks, “what from the major?” Juana Valentina tells him, “look finish your talk and then I’ll tell you hurry it up.” Ruben returns to the phone, ” look I’m sorry but lets argue this in person rather than on the phone. Lets all together, meet this afternoon. It will be you, the banker and me. If could also be done in your office, or maybe at the club. Ok what ever happens, I’ll advise you. Well be well.” Ruben tells her, “look if your thinking of marrying Manuel Efe or not.” Juana Valentina asks, “what of who Manuel Efe what?” Ruben tells her, “oh Manuel Efe proposed marriage and you told him you would give him time. So you would think about it.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I don’t remember none of that.” Ruben asks, “did you tell him that yes or no?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes but to get him out of my way Ruben. I just didn’t want to hurt his feelings, telling him straight out. I wasn’t interested in him in the least.” Ruben tells her, “and because of that. Manuel Efe doesn’t intend on leaving my house. Or for that matter Corozal, until you give him your answer.” Juana Valentina tells him, “fine when I can I will talk to him and that’s that.” Ruben tells her, “he is very much in love with you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “and how is it my fault?” Ruben tells her, “just like Octavio and Mauricio are. All of that is occuring because your such a flirt. I suppose that you have another man in love with you. How about that pharmacist?” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh no don’t start that. I didn’t come here to so you can act all jealous.” He grabs her and asks, “are you going to say yes or no to Manuel Efe tell me?” Juana Valentina tells him, “your cousin isn’t the man that would make me forget. When I can I will talk too him, now let me go. Your hands are burning me.” Ruben tells her, “well your also burning me. Now tell me what is this story, with you asking permission for the mayor?” Juana Valentina tells him, “its more simple for your father than you. Where is he?”

Calixto is over at Judge Geremias Guerra’s house. Calixto tells him, “comparde can you just image it. The workers with their wives and children. Not knowing where are they going to go.” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “I understand your pain but one isn’t obligated to do more than one can do. You must first deal with your issues, before you can help others.” Calixto tells him, “yes comparde you are correct on that count.” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “you know I’ve been thinking in your daughters. I wanted to ask you something. You know to comparde to comparde. Has it even passed your head, that it would be easiler to marry them off.” Calixto tells him, “you know I haven’t thought about that.” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “well every father at one point thinks about that. To get them married to good men, men that will be able to love them. Give them tranquility and respect.” Calixto tells him, “why yes yes. Now why ask that question comparde.” Judge Germias Guerra tells her, “no well I well wanted to get that idea in your head. Care for another rum?”

Over at the Dolorosa, Juana Matilde is talking with Poncho he tells her. “Now where did you guys get such a crazy idea?” Juana Matilde tells him, “crazy for nothing Poncho look if we do this lottery. It will be done right here, we would all benefit.” Poncho asks, “so what will the Dolorosa get out of this?” Juana Manny tells him, “what the house wins a lot of cliental. Do you think that’s little?” Juana Matilde tells him, “Poncho Poncho think about this. Your place is going to be full again son. Plus you could also, wait what’s it called again consume minimum. You know what that is?” Poncho tells him, “well yes of course.” Juana Matilde tells him, “ok Poncho people have to come to this site. To have the obligatory drink, son if you won’t let me sing. At least let me sing the lottery.” Poncho tells them, “I don’t know what my father is going to think about this. Look the truth is I’m going to consult him, because in the end he is going to have to decide.” Juana Manny start hitting her fists together, “Poncho do you think you will convincingly ask your father. Isn’t that right?”

Juana Bautista and Juana Calidad are at the printers. “Now were going to need about 20 cards to test this out. So in the end that would be about, 20 cards 60 cards on strong paper so the people can reuse them. Plus it can’t be too costly.” Juana Calidad tells him, “now we want big bright letter that are all green. On the top its Las Juanas Lottery, we would like it as soon as possible. Oh one more thing, we can’t pay you.” Juana Bautista tells him, “but in exchange for helping us out. You get to play for free all the time.” Juana Calidad tells her, “free no how about a percentage off. Yes every time you win, 50% off. Plus every night, I am going to pray for you 10 ave maria’s.” Juana Bautista asks, “may we come by tomorrow to pick them up?”

At the salguero house, Calixto is outraged. “Well this is all I needed, me Calixto Salguero at my age, giving my blessing to have these types of games. Well what can I do they are my daughters. Contact the mayor and I’ll talk to him.” Ruben tells him, “oh I forgot to tell you now old man the day after tomorrow. I’m going to reunite with the banker, and the agency at the club.” Calixto tells him, “very good very good now if they want to eat or drink you pay. What ever the cost.” Ruben tells him, “well why can’t they spend the money. We don’t have enough money to do such a thing.” Calitxto tells him, “one moment Ruben. One moment have a drink with them. Let them drink wine for dinner, a cognac with coffee. You sign for it, without showing your hands are trembling. As you glance at the bill, they will never see how deep in the hole we are. Or else they will see, how bigger the hole is getting.” Ruben pats his father on the back and tells him, “oh I’m glad to hear you talk in that manner. Manuel Efe shows up, oh good cousin that your here Juana Valentina is looking for you. She’s asking you too see her.” Manuel Efe utters, “really?” Ruben tells him, “yes.” Manuel Efe tells him, “da I’m going right now. Yes right now.” Then he smiles and takes off. Calixto asks, “why would she want to talk to him?” Ruben tells him, “that I don’t know I’m guessing personal issues old man.” Calixto asks, “hey there Ruben over here you don’t think. That your cousin Manuel Efe, could be a good husband for Juana Valentina?” Ruben tells him, “look dad I just can’t image. That my cousin would marry a woman, that isn’t a european.”

Juana Valentina has Manuel Efe in front of her. “Now then without turning things around and such. I must tell you that you are a kind gentleman. Very educated, very attentive you have acted really nice too me. Well with everything, but the thing is I don’t want to be your fiance Manuel Efe. I don’t want to be engaged with you, nor be your wife.” Manuel Efe asks, “may I ask why?” Juana Valentina tells him, “the thing is I don’t love you. You can’t have illusions with a woman that doesn’t love you. Or has feeling like that towards you. You can’t do that.” Manuel Efe get up and tells her, “the thing is are you in love with another man?” Juana Valentina tells him, “well that isn’t your issue.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes it is now come over here. He grabs her, listen here are you in love with another man?” Juana Valentina pushes him away, and yells out. “Are you crazy? Why did you grab me like that? In the first place, I am telling you if I am or not in love that’s my business. Not yours, it doesn’t have to matter too you. You have to know, that you don’t interest me. Is that clear?” Manuel Efe tells her, “no no what I do know is that you made fun of me. That is something, that I won’t accept nor forgive.”

By this point, the girls have all gathered and are watching their fight. Juana Valentina tells him, “lower your voice what I won’t accept. Nor take is your treatment of me just now. Your acting like you owned me already. What the hell is that? Listen you got your answer now you leave. Your leaving my house.” Manuel Efe grabs her once more, and tells her. “Oh no you come back here.” Juana Valentina yells, “stop touching me. Don’t you dare be so bold.” Manuel Efe tells her, “let me tell you something if your not mine. Your not going to be anybody else’s.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh dear lord now your the big actor talking like your in a movie. I am telling you this, before I was with you… I would perfer that my sister Juana Calidad take me to that convent. So I can become a nun.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well it will be the only way that you and your sisters. Will not go hungry.” Juana Valentina tells him, “hey your being quite ridiculous. Your acting ridiculous, respect.” Manuel Efe has tears going down his face and asks her, “what you think I’m ridiculous.” Juana Valentina tells him, “good bye.” Manuel Efe tells her, “you think it will be that easy.” Then he takes off, the girls all go near her. Juana Valentina tells her, “I didn’t want it to be like that. He acted like a spoiled boy, well the problem now is over.” Juana Bautista tells her, “don’t be so confident I’m just saying don’t be too confident of that.”

(She played with poor Manuel Efe, what else did she expect. But she has a point, no matter what a man should never treat a woman like that.)

Ruben is in his room, trying to work when Maria Delia shows up. “Now we discussed this, when we were at the ranch. We were suppose to set a date for the wedding. You haven’t set up any date Rubensito.” Ruben tells her, “look Maria Delia the thing is I have a million things I have to think about. My mother is still trying to recuperate.” Maria Delia tells him, “well what does that have to do with anything.” Ruben tells her, “well my mother is now starting to recuperate. Well when she gets better. Well we will all sit down, and discuss this topic.” Maria Delia tells him, “well the thing is…” Manuel Efe shows up, he has been drinking he enters and slams the door. The two glance his way, Ruben smiles and asks. “Hey you finally showed up cousin. We were waiting for you for dinner. Tell me is it till now that you’ve been over at the juanas.” Manuel Efe has a bottle in his hand. “You could care less where I was.” Manuel Efe grabs Ruben, “you come over here.” Maria Delia moves away, Ruben gets up. “Cousin enough.” Manuel Efe tells him, “why did you do this too me? Why did you put me against your sisters? Why did you get them to attack me?” Ruben asks, “what are you talking about?” Manuel Efe tells him. “You know perfectly well, what I am talking about. When I ask your advice, on Juana Valentina’s tastes. You made me, make that ridiculous awful dress but I made it.” Ruben tells him, “your drunk cousin.” Manuel Efe tells him, “well so what? Well so what are you going to complain to me? Or are you going, to throw me out of your house again? My aunts house.” Ruben yells out, “cousin why don’t you calm down.” Manuel Efe continues drinking and tells him, “well fine then thanks for that great advice.” Then Manuel Efe heads to his room and lies down.

Ruben tells him, “its best Maria Delia you go on home. My cousin isn’t in the best of conditions. Plus I have a ton of work I still have too do.” Maria Delia asks, “why would he say that about our sisters?” Ruben tells her, “well when a person has been drinking. You don’t him any questions, plus its best not to tell your mother. You were in my room alone.” Maria Delia kisses him and tells him, “well then hurry it up then this won’t be just your room but ours.” Ruben then kickes her out, “bye.” He goes over and looks at Manuel Efe. “Ruben Juana Valentina rejected my offer of marriage. I suppose that you knew that.” Ruben tells him, “look cousin I only knew about those problems I have to resolve.” Manuel Efe tells him, “she said I was ridiculous.” Ruben tells him, “oh really now what you and her talked about. Is none of my business.” Angrily he yells out, “she rejected me she despises me. A blasted illegitimate, she rejected Manuel Efe Cuadradro. She despises me.” Ruben tells him, “look cousin I already told you that its not my business understand that.” Manuel Efe utters, “da.” When he leaves the room, Ruben smiles.

Maria Delia heads straight to talk to Dona. “Well that in the end, Juana Valentina went against him. That he was kicked out of the house.” Dona Dona asks, “why would Ruben kicked out his own cousin? I just don’t believe it.” Maria Delia tells her, “well that is what Manuel Efe said. Plus he gave Juana Valentina a dress, and had taken advice from Rubensito.” Dona Dona tells her, “oh no what mess are you telling me Maria Delia.” Maria Delia tells her, “not me Dona Dona Manuel Efe is furious and drunk. My father always said, you must believe the words of a child and of a drunk.” Dona Dona tells her, “I will talk to my cousin. You still haven’t mentioned to me the date of your wedding.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh Dona Dona not even putting a fishhook, in his mouth. Will get Ruben to set a date, even though when we were at the ranch. He promised me when we got back we would talk too you.” Dona Dona asks, “now that your talking about the ranch. Well with which one of Don Salgueros daughter, was he with the most? Which in your opinon does he get along better?” Maria Delia tells her, “I think he gets along with everyone well. All of them get along with him. You know what, the juanas love him so very much. Well I know that you don’t like it. He loves them as well.”

The next day Tere is talking with Juana Calidad. Tere tells her, “what only twelve eggs.” Juana Calidad tells her, “two each its all we can spend for the week. Now if the lottery is a success. We will be able to eat better. Now then I have to head to Dona Dona, to give her the injections. Then head to the economic store. May god be with you.” Everyone simply utters, “thank you.” Todoelmundo is with Juana Matilde. Juana Matilde tells him, “no Todoelmundo I can’t do it I can’t learn 75 numbers.” Todoelmundo tells her, “its 75 and its pretty old.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh no there’s too much. I just won’t be able to do it.” Todoelmundo tells her, “look if you want to sing the lottery you must remember all of it. Because that is the way people here in Corozal like it.” Juana Matilde tells him, “alright then lets get started. Now be really concentrated.” Todoelmundo tells her, “22.” Juana Matilde tells him, “thats two ducks.” Todoelmundo tells her, “very good now 3.” Juana Matilde tells him, “the saintly trinity.” Todoelmundo utters, “very good number 5.” Juana Matilde tells him, “5 hearts in the chest.” Todoelmundo tells her, “that’s good but how about the 5 juanas.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh yeah we are five juanas alright its juanas then.” Todoelmundo utters, “13.” Juana Matilde tells him, “the apostles.” Todoelmundo tells her, “no everyone knows its 12.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh no in that picture there’s 13.” Todoelmundo tells her, “of course you get 13 but you don’t count jesus christ. You don’t count him as an apostle.” Juana Matilde then sits down, and Juana Bautista shows up. “Here are the cards, just look. Is everyone here?” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh they are quite beautiful. Juana Calidad went to the economic store. Juana Manny went too the dolorosa, to fix everything. While Juana Valentina is probably in her room.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well then thanks oh they are very lovely.” Todoelmundo tells her, “oh they turned out pretty good.” Juana Bautista yells out, “Juana Valentina I brought the cards girl..” Todoelmundo glances over to Juana Matilde so they can continue.

Upstairs Juana Valentina is in her room. “Now I’ve brought here the cards, but the rest will arrive later tonight.” Juana Valentina tells her, “alright but what’s left is the permission of the mayor.” Juana Bautista asks, “any news from Don Calixto?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well he said he talked to the mayor and he had to consult someone.” Juana Bautista asks, “consult who?” Juana Valentina tells her, “I don’t know nothing about politics. Now which one looks better that one or that one sincerely?” Juana Bautista asks, “what do you need them for?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well I have to wear something nice for the lottery. Look Juana Bautista lets not lie to ourselves, now the guys are going to play the lottery but they also will come to see us. A nice beautiful smiling juana will sell more cards. Rather than the girls in town, I know that from experience. When I was in charge of the pawn shop, I would do more business. If I was happy and smiling. Flirt a bit and wink, oh they fall like that.” Juana Bautista tells her, “make sure Juana Calidad doesn’t hear this. She’s liable to faint. Well I used to do the same thing, when I was on the streets working. The men would approch me and flirt with me. I would flirt and read their hands, I would tell them. What was going on in their present, and future. Then goodbye, I don’t know you sonny.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes and who told them they have to be so cute and a flirt.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well that is how there made alright.” Juana Manny shows up and tells them. “Everything is set and organized for tomorrow. We are going to move all the tables around, so more people can fit. Poncho even got more chair just in case.” Juana Valentina tells them, “man were all set all we need is premission from the mayor.” Juana Manny tells them, “you know something Poncho told me. Something very weird happened…” The girls utters, “what?” Juana Manny tells her, “well last night Manuel Efe showed up at the Dolorosa. He got really drunk last night.” Juana Valentina utters, “oh no.” Juana Bautista tells her, “its because of you.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no no you all know he wanted me to be his girlfriend. I told him no, and that’s final its over.”

Dona Dona is up and having a cup of tea. Manuel Efe is with her he’s still pretty upset. “Now then what happened to you and those Juanas. With me you can talk very sincerely nephew.” Manuel Efe tells her, “I was humilated aunt oh why would I deny it.” Dona Dona tells him, “and that is why you are so very sad.” Manuel Efe tells her, “sad no I am furious and its eating me from the inside.” Dona Dona tells him, “oh Manuel Efe it was a wretched day when those women appeared. They sepearated me from my husband. They are stealing the affection from my son. Now they have humilated my nephew. Oh what sin did I commit in this life. So god could punish me in this way. Its their fault, that in my years I was able to learn for the first time is embarssment. ” Manuel Efe tells her, “aunt my presense here in Corozal is over. I am leaving, first I’ll head to Sahagun to say goodbye to my folks. Later heading to Medellin or Bogota to any civilized european country.” Dona Dona tells him, “I found out that you and Ruben Calixto have been having some disagreements.” Manuel Efe tells her, “what happened is he is having problems. My presense here is making him uncomfortable.” Dona Dona tells him, “this is my house you may stay as long as you want.” Manuel Efe tells her, “thank you aunt but I perfer to leave.” Dona Dona tells him, “you leave with the humilation and too take away that thorn called the juanas.” Manuel Efe then smiles at his aunt.

Calixto arrives at the pink house, “alright here is the permission.” All the girls get very excited, Juana Valentina tells him. “Oh at last so was it a lot of work getting it.” Calixto tells her, “well I spoke about the citizen’s having an entertainement in these difficult times. Of worry and anxiousness. Plus I mentioned that maybe, this could be a new tradition in Corozal. That came from my ancient grandparents. I said quite a speech that Carmichael Fuentelafria would be very envious.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well father because of you we were able to save that lottery.” Juana Calidad tells him, “with this we were able to save ourselves.” Ruben tells them, “before we celebrate with the champagne. Its best to explain the conditions.” Juana Manny asks, “hey what’s going on? Does the lottery have conditions?” Calixto tells her, “it has been recognized as the Juanas Lottery. To of course all the proceeds, have to be given to the less fortunate ones. That were affected from the floods.” Juana Manny utters, “benefits to others.” Juana Matilde tells her, “that word I don’t care for nothing.” Juana Matilde tells them, “let me tell you something one time I did this benifit concert for what ever. They didn’t pay me a single cent.” Juana Valentina asks, “explain this further Mr. Calixto.” Calixto tells her, “well its simple 20% of that money will end up. In a private account at the bank, under the name of the less fortunate ones.” Juana Bautista utters, “20%.” Calixto tells them, “not counting the taxes of the game.” Juana Valentina utters, “what’s that?” Juana Calidad takes out her calculator, “20%. It seems were going to have to sell a lot more cards.” The girls are quite relieved, and Juana Matilde tells Calixto. “It seems your going to get a nice glass of rum, that’s greatly won.” Calixto tells her, “that I won’t say no too.” Juana Matilde tells him, “plus I’m going to join you.” Calixto tells them, “now protect that contract.” Juana Valentina goes over to Ruben, “now I have spoken to Manuel Efe. Well I told him my decision.” Ruben tells her, “well he told me last night.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well they told me he was seen at the Dolorosa and he was drinking. So how is he?” Ruben tells her, “he’s furious bitter he said. He’s leaving Corozal.”

(Ruben’s got a haircut, or it might be they put a lot of hairspray.)

At the dolorosa, Octavio Mauricio are talking to Poncho. Octavio tells him, “now listen here Poncho Sarmiento tell me your not lying.” Poncho tells him, “now why would I lie too you. Juana Manny was here, she was organizing everything. So I began talking too her, and I commented that Ruben’s cousin was heavily drinking. She told me, that he declared himself to Juana Valentina. She turned him down.” The two click their respected drinks, Mauricio asks, “so that is what the boxer told you.” Poncho tells him, “those were her words Mauricio.” Octavio tells him, “man that wipes me out. Well that is somewhat a relief. Here I thought that Juana Valentina, was in love with that european guy. It just left me disgusted.” Mauricio tells him, “for her to be love with that ingrate. You had me thinking about this a lot Octavio.” Octavio tells him, “unbelieveable hey there but if she’s not in love with Manuel Efe. Then who is Juana Valentina in love with.” Mauricio tells him, “your theory is very strong. She has the heart made out of ice.” Octavio tells him, “yes ice you said you would never melt Fuentelafria.” Mauricio tells him, “yes you also promised me that Portoreal salute salute.” Manuel Efe show up once more. “A cold one Poncho.” Poncho tells him, “I’ll give it too you with lemon its our specialty.”

Octavio tells Mauricio, “talking about the king of rome.” They look at one another then head his way. Mauricio tells him, “hey Manuel Efe how was your night? So were you able to sleep?” Octavio asks, “hey tell me how does it feel to be rejected by a woman. A woman that’s so beautiful and desired as is Juana Valentina. She leaves one all dry and wet. It must be really terrible Fuentelafria.” Mauricio tells him, “oh yes that must be very painful Octavio. I’ll put myself in Manuel Efe’s place. I swear too you, I wouldn’t be able to resist it.” Octavio tells him, “well I would because I am a simple man from Corozal. While Manuel Efe he’s a worldly man who was educated in europe. A textle engineer, with an imported car man that would be tough.” Mauricio tells him, “the whole town knows of your suffering and join you Manuel Efe.” Octavio tells him, “well in the market they didn’t talk about nothing else. It would be awful being sad over a lost love. But being the talk of the town poor man.” Poncho shows up and puts the beer on the table. “Excuse me, now then care to put the lemon in or shall I.” Manuel Efe angrily tells him, “you know where you can put that blasted lemon.” Then he takes off. Ocatavio tells him, “and who knows why he became so upset.” Mauricio tells him, “well I don’t know either.” Then both start laughing.

Juana Valentina is overjoyed, and waling with Ruben. “Oh tonight is the big night of the lottery. Oh how could you not go?” Ruben tells her, “well the thing is I don’t know if I can go. I have a metting with the agents from the banks. Plus those creditors, man those meeting can last hours.” Juana Valentina asks, “and those others? The others who also lost their crops. Why don’t you all get together and fix this.” Ruben tells her, “well the thing is he recommeded it but everyone wants to go at it alone. They want to save their own necks.” Juana Valentina asks, “and those agents are really tough?” Ruben tells her, “if you have the money right away no. But when you don’t and are up too your necks. Well they are as hard as rocks.” Juana Valentina asks, “so what are you going to propose then?” Ruben tells her, “we are hoping that they give us six months to wait it out at least.” Juana Valentina asks, “what is a mandetoria.” Ruben tells her, “they would give us six months for us to pay off that debt. The worse case is, we have to ask for a loan. So we can re-seed the land.” Juana Valentina tells him, “ah man do you guys at least have hope.” Ruben tells him, “well with that loan I don’t know. The old man needs time, I have to try to get it as quickly as I can. Even if I have to get on my knees, and kiss their feet.” Juana Valentina asks, “how about the dinner?” Ruben tells her, “I don’t want you there.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh come on let me join you. What will it hurt?” Ruben asks, “what ever for? What so they can see a smiling beautiful woman. What your going to once again, turn the medicine into free injections again.” Juana Valentina tells him, “Ruben Ruben no more.” Ruben asks, “what were you going to tell me Juana Valentina. While I ask for that favor, your going too flirt. Is that the way a beautiful woman works. I don’t want to you to lower yourself to that level Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells him, “calm down one minute. First of we are in the middle of the street, going to get run over. Secondly your offendng me, do me this favour.”

Ruben tells her, “well your also offending me. You using your beauty, as if it were on sale.” Juana Valentina tells him, “hey that wasn’t my intention. Look ne flirting, doesn’t go as far as. Me selling a sewing machine. Or selling cards for the lottery. Or changing medicine into something else Ruben please. Plus when I had my pawn shop, I was constantly fighting with the banks. I never once showed off my legs, or unbuttoning one of the buttons from my dress.” Ruben tells her, “look I’m sorry in my thoughts. I can’t stand any man looking at you. Please forgive me.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no you forgive me. This is what I get, for meddling in to something that shouldn’t matter too me. I was only going to join you, to help you out. Because if there’s all men there, and a woman present. There’s not going to be any fights and angry looks. If you like I could ask Juana Manny to join you. She can have this as a big reason.” Ruben laughs, “you know that isn’t such a bad idea. We can even get underway, a female boxing championship. Because the head of the bank is a woman.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh how divine why did you tell me it was a male banker. Rather than a woman banker.” Ruben tells her, “well if she’s the head of the bank. A boss and manager, it doesn’t matter to me nor my father. For us who every they are sex isn’t a factor.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I see.” Ruben tells her, “you know what I want you to go with me to the dinner.” Juana Valentina tells him, “fine I’ll go with you but let me warn you.” Ruben asks, “what?” Juana Valentina tells him, “if I need to flirt or smile at the agent I’ll use all my 32 teeth even if you don’t like it. Just telling you.” Juana Valentina smiles and starts walking home. Manuel Efe drives by, happily Juana Valentina waves too him. Manuel Efe stops by Ruben and tells him. “Why is she running, why is she spreading it around that the story of her rejecting Manuel Efe Cadradro. Is that why she was running? ” He drives off and Ruben just smiles.

Over at the Salguero house, Calixto is with Dona Dona. “Now I will hire someone, to take care of this house. While you recuperate, I want you to be healthy and strong. With me arm and arm, well if that’s possible. Then he turns off the lights, Dona Dona gets up. Look Dona for the first time in my life. I had to start using my influences, to get one favour. For the first time in my life, I have to tell you. In this house, we have to save electricity.” Then he leaves the room, Dona Dona is furious and throws her nightgown on the floor. Then throws the pillow at the wall, but instead ends up hitting Manuel Efe. Manuel Efe tells her, “aunt I have decided to take out that thorn that’s called the juanas.

bannerEPISODE 25

bannerJuana Matilde gets up and finds Juana Calidad working in the dinning room. “Hey why are you still in pyjamas and up with the chickens?” Juana Calidad asks, “oh what time is it?” Juana Matilde tells her, “its 8:30 am.” Juana Calidad tells her, “really oh god I started rechecking all the accounts of the economic store and it got really late.” Juana Matilde asks, “and how goes the store?” Juana Calidad tells her, “terrible very badly I have a ton of stock. That needs to be sold, but with everyone with no money well… Now I calculated a number, for Don Calixto and I’m able to emburse him money Don Calixto invested.” Juana Matilde tells her, “could you talk to me in a way that I could understand you thank you.” Juana Calidad smiles and tells her, “Juana Valentina manage to exchange a tv for medical injections for Dona Dona. Well I was thinking we could do the same. With the rest of the merchandise that we have.” Juana Matilda tells her, “to exhange more items for the rest of the injections.” Juana Calidad tells her, “you know when you get up early in the morning. Your more stupid.” Juana Matilde tells her, “hey don’t punish me I’m still asleep. So what is your idea?”

Juana Calidad tells her, “well if something costs more than we have. We can’t pay with money, since we don’t have any. We can buy it with merchandise. Look I was thinking, that if I talk with the butcher. We can exchange the fridge for 50, for meat that’s 50.” Juana Matilde asks, “oh yeah then where are we going to put all that meat.” Juana Calidad tells her, “why don’t you unplug that brain of yours Juana Matilde. The butcher could give us a piece of meat every day, until the quota he owes us is paid.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh now I understand. Oh that idea is a great one Juana Calidad. You know what, we can do that with the milk clothes or get more rice. A whole bunch of things.” Juana Calidad tells her, “we can also get Juana Valentina a gift.” Juana Matilde asks, “what gift for what?” Juana Calidad tells her, “Juana Valentina’s birthday is on the 27 of the month. We have to at least get her something.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh yes.” Someone’s at the door, Juana Calidad tells her. “Oh its probably Terezalsura, she must be returning from buying bananas from the store.” Then she leaves a still sleepy Juana Matilde. Juana Matilde gets up, and utters. “50 bucks is a lot of money, but I guess I could sell something.” She then hears a scream, and Juana Calidad runs to her.

The person at the door, is Mauricio Fuentelafria.” Juana Matidle goes to the door, Juana Calidad hides behind a door. Mauricio tells him, “look I swear upon my mother I didn’t touch her. I didn’t do nothing to Juana Calidad.” Juana Matilde tells him, “look calm down boy. Juana Calidad its just Mauricio. Tell me something, why are you here anyway?” Mauricio tells her, “look sorry that I caused a ruckus at my arrival.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh you don’t worry you don’t cause any problems.” Mauricio tells her, “I just wanted to drop this book off that I found in my father’s libary. Its for Juana Calidad, I wanted to give it too her personally. Well so we could talk or discuss a few poems that’s all.” Juana Matilde utters, “alright girl you heared Mauricio. Come out and accept this gift of poems from Mauricio.” Juana Calidad moves her hand around, and Juana Matilde has no choice but to go too her. Girl what’s going on with you?” Juana Calidad tells her, “Mauricio Fuentlafria is a man and I’m still in my pyjgamas.” Juana Matilde utters, “I thought it was a habit.” Juana Calidad tells her, “that doesn’t matter tell him he has to leave.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh what you have on is almost like a dress girl.” Mauricio gets closer and listens in on the conversation. All you see is your arms and your ankles.” Juana Calidad asks, “are you sure?”

Juana Matilde tells her, “yes now go receive his book then he can leave. Juana Matilde goes too him, well then Mauricio see you later.” Mauricio tells her, “oh my friend Octavio has sent a nice and kind hello your way.” Juana Matilde utters, “I’m not interested. Then she goes over to Juana Calidad, go out there.” Then she heads upstairs, so shyly Juana Calidad steps out. Unfortunately when she’s by the light. The material becomes transparent, and Mauricio sees everything.” Juana Calidad tells him, “holy mother. You must answer conceived without sin.” Mauricio is shocked and speechless. Juana Manny comes running down, “oh I have to head to the salon. Hey there politician.” Juana Calidad puts Juana Manny as a shield and grabs the book. “Oh thank you very much.” Juana Manny utters, “what’s going on? Then Juana Calidad runs to her room. Hey wake up, we need about 5000 for tonight’s lottery. She yells out, I’ll wait for everyone at the salon heard me” She takes off, but Mauricio still standing there like an idiot.

Upstairs Juana Valentina is putting on her make-up. “I’m going with Ruben, to see if they can extend the loan for more than six months.” Juana Bautista asks, “why are you going to that meeting?” Juana Valentina tells her, “so I can accompany him Juana Bautista if I take longer than I should. I want you to start the lottery without me.” Juana Bautista tells her, “your looking for opportunites to be with Ruben. When you should be avoiding them.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no I just want to meet those agents that’s all. You know that perfectly well.” Juana Bautista tells her, “Juana Valentina your love for Ruben is a misfortune its going to give you more suffering. Your stubborness of being an aries, doesn’t want to accept the reality. You think you can change things but no. No Juana Valentina, the more will you put in. The more you try to get stronger. Nothing is going to change that Ruben is your step-brother.” Juana Valentina tells her, “nothing can change the fact that I love him.” She goes towards the chair and sits down. Juana Bautista tells her, “you have already done your communion. You have your papers of nationality, and owner of your acts. Let me remind you of something sister. If there’s something, that you won’t be able to live in peace in death. Its guilt, and repentance.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I love Ruben and I’ll love him my entire life. Between him and I, nothing will occur I guarantee it.” Juana Bautista tells her, “then stay away from him. Don’t give him any advantages just because your young and a woman. Juana Valentina turns and finishes putting on her lipstick. What time is this meeting?” Juana Valentina tells her, “its at one around lunchtime I am going to tell you something. I’m going to that meeting, even if Ruben crucifies me. Strangles me with his proper hands. Even if I’m bitten all over by dogs. If I have to flirt with the banker, to extend the loan I’ll flirt.” Juana Bautista tells her, “if you didn’t do it I wouldn’t know you were born on that date. Plus that you weren’t an aries.” Juana Valentina then smiles.

Over at the salon, Margarita Cruz asks. “Tell me something Manny all of you five don’t have boyfriends? Are any of you interested in anybody including you?” Juana Manny tells her, “with everyone in this situation. Who’s going to think about falling in love mom? What we have to think about, is finding out how were going to live. Plus to help out Calixto Salguero, and make sure that fortune that inheritance doesn’t disappear like air.” Margarita Cruz asks, “is that your only worry that inheritance.” Juana Manny tells her, “hey I wasn’t looking for it they offered it too me.” The girls show up and utter, “hello.” Margarita Cruz smiles and tells them, “hello everyone.” Juana Manny tells them, “well welcome your the first and only clients to enter the Salguero beauty salon.” Then they all head over to greet Margarita Cruz.” Juana Valentina tells them, “well I’m going to go first for I have a very important meeting.” Juana Manny tells her, “alright.” Juana Calidad asks, “first for what why did we come here?” Juana Matilde tells her, “well what do you mean. We’ve come here to make ourselves beautiful.” Juana Calidad asks, “what does that mean?” Juana Manny tells her, “umda I’m going to comb your hair and make you look like a beauty queen. I’ll put on make-up so you can look like a movie star. That way the men can fall in love with you, then we can sell more cards.” Juana Calidad tells them, “paint me you know what all of four are wet.” Then she takes off, Juana Manny tells them. “See I told you she wouldn’t let me fix her up.”

Over at the Salguero house, Manuel Efe is packing his clothes. Ruben enters the room, “I have already told you you can’t stay here anymore.” Manuel Efe tells him, “don’t worry about it Ruben. I won’t cause you any costs. I’m staying in Corozal but staying in a hotel.” Ruben asks, “oh yeah but why are you staying?” Manuel Efe tells him, “look my dear cousin. I am really old enough, to live where ever I want. To do what ever I want, and give nobody any explainations.” Ruben tells him, “yes but I have every right to have a curiosity. There’s nothing for you to do here.” Manuel Efe tells him, “opportunities are everywhere.” Ruben tells him, “so you haven’t accepted the negativity of Juana Valentina. Isn’t that right?” Manuel Efe tells him, “let me tell you something your kind sisters. Doesn’t really matter too me. They don’t matter to me, is that clear too you cousin.” Ruben annoyed takes off, Manuel Efe smirks.

Over at the pink house, Juana Calidad is back to work. With the help of Todoelmundo, who’s helping her count the balls. Todoelmundo utters, “51, 52.” Juana Calidad tells him, “well Juana Matide has the right to sing because it was her idea.” Todoelmundo tells her, “yes but she still has trouble with some of the numbers. If she screw up, she’s going to cause a big mess. Number 53.” Juana Calidad tells him, “look you stand by her side just in case she needs any help.” Todoelmundo tells her, “yes its for the best. Look if there’s an egg, and money at stake. People won’t accept errors. Number 54.” There’s someone at the door, Juana Calidad utters. “Would you mind getting the door?” Todoelmundo tells her, “sure here’s 54 but 55 is missing.” At the door is Ruben, and Juana Calidad becomes quite nervous but smiles at him. Ruben kisses her cheek, “hello Juana Calidad.” Juana Calidad tells him, “oh hello Ruben.” Ruben asks, “how are you?” Juana Calidad blushing tells him, “very well thanks.” Ruben tells her, “I’ve come for Juana Valentina.” Juana Calidad tells him, “no she’s not here all of them heading to the beauty salon.” Ruben asks, “what for?” Juana Calidad tells him, “I don’t know to make them look beautiful and fix themselves up. Care to drink anything?” Ruben tells her, “oh no nothing thanks so tell me how did things go with my mother?” Juana Calidad tells him, “well she doesn’t talk to me but lets me put the injections.” Ruben touches her face, “oh your an angel they said wouldn’t fall to Corozal. Well then I’m going to look for Juana Valentina.” Todoelmundo tells him, “hey Ruben I heard that another bunch of technicians arrived.” Ruben tells him, “yes they came to figure out what type of creature attacked us.” Todoelmundo tells him, “forget those technicians just contact an old farmer. Like the whole world knows, must know everythng. Alright I will leave you that doubt.” Ruben slaps his head, “bye.” He takes off and Juana Calidad is still a bit unsettled. Todoelmundo tells her, “well then back to the beginning 54. Juana Calidad starts putting away those balls. What’s wrong are you nervous?” Juana Calidad tells him, “well I started thinking about what you said about Juana Matilde.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well I see but now we have to start again. You have mixed them up again.” Juana Calidad tells him, “oh dear one fell down.” Todoelmundo utters, “ok I’ll get it.” Juana Calidad simply smiles.

The girls are still at the salon. Juana Valentina tells him, “now girls you must smile and be friendly. If you have to flirt do it, the important matter is selling as many of these cards as possible.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “what I’m hearing is practically terrible Juana Valentina.” Juana Matilde tells her, “its not terrible or horrible seno. Its just knowing how to act. The more cards we sell, more money for the juanas.” Juana Valentina tells her, “exactly.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “but there might be men that might take advantage of you.” Juana Manny tells them, “now if that occurs send him to me. I’ll teach him a lesson.” Juana Matilde tells them, “hey looks who’s there but our little brother.” Ruben arrives and smiles at all of them. “Oh the curiosity was killing me. He looks over at Juana Bautista, you are very beautiful.” Juana Matilde utters, “hey no kiss for me?” Ruben tells her, “you get all the kisses you want.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh your look very lovely today.” Ruben kisses her and tells her, “your beautiful you guys don’t have to put on make-up. You don’t need them.” Juana Bautista tells him, “a woman comes here or goes shopping. To take away our bad thoughts, go and get our hair done.” Ruben utters, “oh really.” Margarita Cruz eyes them very carefully. Ruben asks, “and what about the guys how do we get rid of our problems.”

Juana Bautista tells him, “well looking at a very beautiful woman. Who’s nicely combed and has put on make-up.” Ruben utters, “well I have to prove if that’s true or not. Well your the first boxer that wears rollars that I’ve seen.” Juana Manny tells him, “I may be a boxer but I’m still a woman.” Ruben tells her, “that is what I’m sure of. Well then how about you, are you ready?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes see I thought we weren’t going to meet up at the club.” Ruben tells her, “well I thought I would pick you up. I headed home, but Juana Calidad told me you all were here.” Margarita Cruz asks, “so where are you going?” Ruben tells her, “to a business lunch meeting unfortunately. Well then if I don’t get back home. Wait for me at the Dolorosa you heard me. Now you know what you must do.” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes we know that already plus the guys are already working as we speak.” Juana Valentina asks, “the guys?” Juana Matilde tells her, “as a frog Octavio Portoreal wanted to help. I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity.” Juana Valentina tells them, “well bye everyone.” The girls utter, “bye.” Then Ruben affectionate touches Juana Matilde’s head. Juana Matilde utters, “bye.” Then he procedes to kiss all the juanas goodbye. Margarita Cruz gets to thinking.

Octavio is outside carrying a sign that reads. “The lottery Las Juanas, this night at the cafe La Dolorosa Cards are $1000.” Octavio tells Mauricio, “Juana Matilde asked me I just couldn’t say no.” Mauricio tells him, “man you must really like that singer. To do such a ridiculous thing, look it doesn’t take long to give them some money. Plus with this lottery, we are able to see the juanas every night.” Mauricio asks, “who will it cost?” Octavio tells him, “well Miguel and Gualberto are doing the same thing. One is at the market, while the other at the bus terminal.” Mauricio tells him, “you know I think the juanas do what ever they want with my friends.” Octavio tells him, “its a donkey that’s talking out of his ear. While I at least, am going after a beautiful one. While you, the most unattractive like you old maudi. Ha ha ha, then he starts yelling. Help out the less fortunate ones, buy one of the las juanas lottery. Its only 1000 you might strike it rich.” Mauricio utters, “oh if only you knew old man Octavio. If only you knew.” Then he blesses himself and walks off.

Ruben is with Juana Valentina at the club. “You know we really should sell our membership to this club. I wanted to mention it too my dad, but the thing is he help found this place. I’m thinking if he does this, he will be greately affected and humilated more than ever.” Juana Valentina tells him, “you know what its true what you should do is make sure your father. Well he’s very happy, and relaxed. Help him to not give up so easily. He has to do everything, that he used to do before. Well not everything that he used too do.” Ruben tells her, “just to let you know Manuel Efe has decided not to leave Corozal.” Juana Valentina asks, “what’s his reason for staying?” Ruben tells her, “maybe he hasn’t given up. Oh no the response was quite clear to your cousin. I’m not even interested in his friendship. He knows that.” They stop talking and overhear a conversation between two people.

The fellow goes,”no Juana I do love you, and I don’t want to be a bad apple.” The girl, “oh my little black man, but I do love you. Look we can’t marry, until I fix my situation.” The fellow, “oh how long do I have to wait? I don’t know. I will wait and love you forever love. I love you, I need you I want you and desire you.” The girl tells him, “oh don’t say those words. They are making me nervous.” The fellow continues, “oh why shouldn’t we say the truth. I can’t get used to seeing you whenever. I want to touch you, I want you always to be my woman.” The girl tells him, “well I want that as well but the reality is, at this time its impossible.”

Then they hear, “good afternoon.” Ruben quickly gets up as does Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina smiles at both of them and they all shake hands. “I like to present, well she’s my sister.” Juana Valentina tells them, “oh yes nice to meet you both.” The guy tells him, “I wasn’t aware you were bringing a guest.” Ruben tells him, “well we are both rowing the same boat.” Juana Valentina tells them, “alright lets all sit down please.” Juana Valentina tells the lady, “oh that’s pretty how elegant you are.” The two are polite, but rather cold too them. The waiter shows up, Ruben asks. “Care for anything?” The guy tells him, “yes a whiskey with a lot of water.” The woman utters, “no thank you.” Ruben utters, “I’ll have another whiskey how about you?” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh no thanks I’ll just finish my drink my lemonade thank you.” The guy asks, “I thought you would come with your father?” Ruben tells him, “no he’s in the fields. With various technicians that are from Monterrey, looking at the crops. So tell me how are things over there?” Ruben tells him, “like you know its terrible. Like all us agricultures in the region. Not only the Salguero’s.” The guy tells them, “yes its difficult for everyone.” Juana Valentina noticing thte tension tells them, “yes and all because of a bug that nobody knows what it is. Its not the agricultures fault.” The guy looks back at Ruben, “now Ruben lets talk about your issue.” Ruben tells them, “well we owe you lots of money. But more so the banks, plus we have another debt with Julian Guteirrez. That is why we lost all of our crops.” The guy asks, “so you sold the land before the crops were destroyed.” Ruben tells him, “yes like the other times now the money we do need to pay back Juliana Gutierrez for the land. My father has yet to pay any of his obligations. Neither with the banks or his creditors.” The guy tells him, “yes that is certain.” Ruben tells them, “the deadline expires with you two on the 27th of the month.” Juana Valentina smiling tells them, “oh that’s the date of my birthday. Well its on the 27th, I will be 24.” The guy coldly utters, “congratulation.” Ruben tells them, “there is no way we can pay you.” The guy tells them, “then we are going to have too embargo you.” Ruben utters, “your not talking seriously.” The guy tells him, “I am completely serious.” Ruben nervously glances over at Juana Valentina.

Back at the pink house, a furious Juana Matilde. Tells the three guys, “the entire morning you guys were out there. You only manage to sell three cards. Only four Miguel, what are you all useless?” Octavio tells her, “people don’t have any money Juana Matilde.” Juana Matilde tells him, “look Octavio I wasn’t talking too you but Miguel.” Octavio tells her, “but it was me you asked for help.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well you know what that’s exactly the same. You only sold four cards Miguel?” Miguel tells her, “they say they don’t have any money plus they kept asking. Oh if I put more money, what will I get as a prize? I didn’t know what too say.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well I wouldn’t know what to answer as well. Well Juana Calidad how much would someone make?” Juana Calidad tells her, “well now only 1800.” Gualberto tells them, “oh come on if the cards cost 1000 and you win 1800 that’s practically nothing. Nobody will want to buy them.” Juana Calidad tells him, “well the prize all depends on how many cards we sell. Lets say, we sell about 20 cards. The prize would be 8000 taking away the tax, we have to pay to the misfortunate.” Juana Manny tells them, “oh come on. Here we are, going to waste all this time getting fixed up. Because of these lizards, who couldn’t sell a single card.” Octavio tells her, “listen here were are doing you a favour its not an obligation.” Juana Manny pushes him, and he ends up on the couch. “Well then why are you butting in. When one does a favour, they do it right or not at all.”

Juana Bautista tells them, “no now then everyone calm down lets not start fighting. We are going to go to work, we have the rest of the afternoon.” Juana Matilde tells them, “no Juana Bautista I can’t leave. But I’ll see you all at the plaza. I have to stay here, and practice with those numbers. There’s some I still don’t know, so I’ll meet you all later at the Dolorosa. Number 18, 28, 77, and a whole bunch of other ones.” Juana Calidad asks, “what work do we have too do?” Juana Bautista tells her, “selling cards your coming with me.” Gualberto utters, “me why?” Juana Bautista tells him, “I sell cards you hold sign.” Juana Manny looks over at Miguel, “you are coming with me boxer to do the same.” Octavio smiles and looks over at Juana Matilde. “I’ll stay and help you with the numbers.” An annoyed Juana Matilde gets up and sweetly tells him, “no thank you Todoelmundo will be helping me out. For that’s why he’s here, why don’t you go with the rest and complete the task alright. Todolemundo come over here, we are going to continue with what we were doing.” Todoelmundo tells her, “alright lets start.” Juana Matilde tells him, “the number 1 is the young and more skinny. Number 2 ducks, number three is the saint of trinity. Number four is the, man see I am shocked. I don’t know number four.” Todoelmundo tells her, “oh come on you already forgot number four. Umda its the cork from the bottle girl. Sit down, concentrate please. Number four is the four points of the cardinals.” Juana Matilde tells him, “I thought it was the four capital sins.” Todoelmundo tells her, “no that’s number seven. Then he sings, its the four captial sins. Its the seven wonders of the world. Now what’s number five?” Juana Calidad tells him, “the five juanas how about six?”

At the club, they are finishing their lunch. Ruben tells them, “you won’t lose your money. The land will reproduce. Not only ours but also Juliana Gutierez. What we need is time, so we can get back to work. Then be able to pay off, the entire debt of that loan. Including every single one of the interest, or else they will embargo us. Then we won’t be able to do nothing.” The guy tells him, “Ruben we made a contract you have to fulfill it. I’m sorry but the creditors can’t lose nothing.” Ruben tells them, “neither the bank nor the box will be affected. What if we get embargoed, then what? Will you guys turn to agriculture? Will you guys live at my house?” The guy tells them, “the land and house are owned by the bank and the box.” Juana Valentina tries to change the topic, and asks. “Oh this fish is wonderful did you like it? Or how about that salsa?” Ruben continues, “well we are not going to rob a single cent.” The guy tells them, “were talking about millions of dollars.” Ruben tells him, “I know that were talking about a lot of money. On the contrary, I wouldn’t have asked you here for lunch. Juana Valentina glances his way, trying hard to calm him down. Both people stop eating and glance his way. No what I meant is, I would have invited you over to my house for dinner. So then my father would have been present.”

Juana Valentina utters, “yes that’s true.” The waitress goes over to them, “sory Ruben but you have a phone call to get.” Ruben utters, “oh do forgive me this is quite strange.” Juana Valentina now alone with the two start telling them. “Now then the land, have been in the Salguero family since. Well since the grand grand parents I image. Well I suppose they had a lot or problems, but I don’t think it was this bad. Now they weren’t the only one’s affected. It was also their workers and their families. Oh that poor Calixto, he hurts in his soul. That he had to fire a lot of people. I am sure if you guys give me time. Give me another loan, maybe things could get resolved. Well Mr. Salguero could return the jobs to his people. Then you wouldn’t be bored, fighting and looking for buyers for that land. Considering now nobody has any money. Its quite difficult for them too be sold. I am sure of that, now the first payment expires on the 27th. Its the day of my birthday, well if you give him an extention. It would be a nice present.” The guy tells her, “we are not accustomed to giving out those types of gifts senorita.” Juana Valentina stares over at the quiet woman still eating. Ruben returns, and tells them. “Oh you’ll never image who it was. My father, he told me the technicians have stopped the plague. We are going to be able to cultivate without no fear or problems. That they are going to show up again, well isn’t that great news.” Juana Valentina tells him, “that’s great news yes isn’t it.” The two people, don’t show any reaction but continue eating.

Calixto is with Judge Germias Guerra and tells him. “Man those technicians are desperate. They don’t have a clue at what to do. This plague ruined everything, they even headed to another plantation of northern Cordo.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “man those blasted animals they are like out of this world. I’m starting to think, that its an invasion from outer space. I’m starting to believe Garcia Marcus, who said that all the micro-organizes create diseases and plagues of the world came from outer space. When man finds out a way to combat them, they send another one.” Calixto tells him, “hey comparde don’t mix literature in the mix. What we know is we don’t know what too do. There is no solution to this, its just impossible. Nothing guarantees, if I re-seed the place that the plague won’t return. This isn’t a plauge but rather a curse.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “you can’t let this get you down Calixto Salguero.” Calixto tells him, “no I’m not giving up. Especially wih the attitude of my son and daughters. What infurinate me, is that an animal this size. Is destroying me, and I’m bigger than they are.” Judge Geremias tells him, “well your only one. They are many, its the same thing with democrazy and comunism. Who have a big misunderstanding. The one that wins, is the quanity not the quality.” Calixto tells him, “we are not going to get politics into this issue as well.” Judge Geremia Guerra tells him, “don’t lose hope Calixto Salguero. Look you have a wife, a son and five daughters. That are of marrying age, they are depending on your strength.”

(Fully agree on the size of a creatures, being so strong against us humans. We’re battling bed bugs and those creatures. Being so small, cause so much damage. Plus they are driving all of us crazy, and when we think we are succeeding in killing them. They come back with a vengence.)

Outside on the streets, are the girls and the guys. Octavio is with Juana Calidad, he wants to go to the group by the church. Juana Calidad doesn’t want too go, but prays then heads that way. Octavio stays put, and yells out about the lottery. Gualberto is having a great time, for he’s next to Juana Bautista. Who’s talking too everyone, when she has cash she puts it in his pocket.” Juana Manny is with Miguel, but when Juana Matilde show up. She takes him away from her, but Miguel goes after Juana Manny. Juana Calidad in the end, manages to sell some cards.

At the club, the meal is over and the two leave. Juana Valentina tells him, “man were lucky the call from your father saved this meeting.” Ruben tells her, “it was all a lie.” Juana Valentina asks, “what?” Ruben tells her, “well I made an arrangement with the waitress. That call never existed.” Juana Valentina tells him, “hey but they bought that tale.” Ruben tells her, “well hope they bought it well what they did accept. Is practically no help at all.” Juana Valentina tells him, “that witch of the bank is made like ice it seemed. I saw you trying to flirt with her.” Ruben tells her, “nothing moves that woman not even a smile.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes your right about that.” The waitress returns with the bill. Ruben signs it and tells her. “Tell our economist to add this on her list.” When Juana Valentina looks at the bill she utters. “No way this wipes me out. Apart from everything, they drank and ate without helping us out unbelievable.” Ruben finishes his drink, and Juana Valentina touches his hand. “Oh come on don’t get down Ruben. He caresses her hand, and she slowly moves it away. Everything will go well brother.” Then they stare at one another.

Calixto tells Judge Geremias Guerra. “Now from what I understand, none of them have boyfriends. Well Manuel Efe the cousin, he’s interested in Juana Valentina. Judge Germias Guerra is a bit shocked. Well the thing is I don’t know, what she thinks about that.” Judge Geremias tells him, “you know something I don’t think that Dona’s nephew is the appropriate man for Juana Valentina.” Calixto asks, “hey wait comparde why all this interest in this topic?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well I just think its what you should start thinking about Calixto. The girls are of age, and they are all standing tall. They are of age to marry, the obligation of every father. Is too take care of them, and make sure they marry proper men.” Calixto tells him, “considering I know the temperament of those girls. None of them are going to consult me, for nothing especially Juana Valentina. Ruben shows up, hey Ruben how did it go?” Ruben tells him, “I could have saved that lunch. The box only gave us 6 months trial. While the bank only 3.” Calixto utters, “only three months hey who does that viper think she is. What do they think they will get paid. Like it was magic or something.” Ruben tells him, “sorry old man I couldn’t do nothing else. I couldn’t even ask for another loan.” Calixto is furious, “we are up to our necks in water. In between the mud, they have the nerve to step on us even further. So we can drown even further down.” Ruben tells him, “father calm down we have three month its better than nothing.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “yes the time necessary to pay back the loan money for my house.” Calixto looks at Ruben, “that is going to be the first thing.” Ruben utters, “I will take notice of that.”

At the Dolorosa, Juana Valentina is meeting up with the girls. “Now then after the first game we start selling more cards. The same goes for the second and third. Make sure your sure alright.” Juana Matilde asks, “so should we start now or what?” Juana Valentina tells them, “yes were going to start.” Juana Manny tells them, “wait a minute there are a few that need to buy.” She goes over to the guys, ok 1000 guys.” Mauricio asks, “for what?” Juana Manny tells them, “what do you mean for what?” Juana Manny tells them, “so we can start playing.” Octavio tells her, “wait we helped you out and now your charging us so we can play.” Juana Manny tells them, “this isn’t free now had over the money now.” One by one the guys start paying. Juana Bautista asks, “Juana Valentina a lot of women wanted to play. But they didn’t want to come to this place, that was full of men.” Juana Valentina tells them, “well that is true.” Juana Valentina tells them, “how about we do a matinee. Just like at the movies, in the afternoons we can have the lotto for just the women.” Juana Calidad tells her, “but that would mean we would be using all our utilites.” Juana Manny comes back, “nun nun here is 4000.” Juana Calidad tells her, “very good very good. She does a calculations, and tells them. “Now Juana Matilde you can tell people the prize is. 10000.” The girls smile and Juana Matilde start the game. “Gentlemen gentlemen, the lottery of the juanas. On behalf of the less fortunate ones from the plague. Is pleased to announce that the prize for the first game is… What was it again nun?” Juana Calidad tells her, “10000 Juana Matilde.” Juana Matilde smiles and repeat, “10000. The group cheer and clap, now everyone is everyone ready we are going to start. Lazador please play something inbetween the lottery.” Todoelmundo utters, “ok lets start confessing.” Juana Matilde puts her hand in the bag. “First number is, the saint of trinity. The fat one and the skinny one. The apostles…”

At the Salguero house, Ruben sees his father eating alone. “I’m heading to the Dolorosa care to come with me father?” Calixto asks, “what for?” Ruben tells him, “today starts the first day of the juanas lottery.” Calixto tells him, “oh man I completely forgot. In any case I have to wait for the technicians.” Ruben asks, “would you like me to wait with you?” Calixto tells him, “no no son you don’t have too. The only one responsible, to fix this problem and get the crops to grow is me.” Ruben simply comforts his father, and turns when Terezalsura shows up. “Now Mr. Salguero everything is set. We just need to buy two chickens for the senora’s meal. The girls already know.” Calixto tells her, “thank you Terezalsura.” Tere tells him, “oh one more thing that I told you. Now we are going to gather,the clothes from here and the juanas. So we could do it all together at the house, that way we save water and soap.” Calixto tells him, “who would have thought at this age in life. Me saving soap, definately life is a whirlwind. Like that song says.” Terezalura asks Ruben, “so did you turn off your lights in your room?” Ruben tells her, “no I forgot.” Terezalsura tells him, “well before you go out turn it off. Remember we have to save electricity. Now I have spoken to the girls, tomorrow for breakfast you are having fried contaseno and white rice. For the evening meal, I was able to find in the back of the fridge a bunch of patagona. I hope the senora will like that.”

Calixto tells her, “yes yes I think that is what she would have ordered.” Tere tells them, “well then its time for me to leave. I’ll see you tomorrow, in the evening have a nice night.” Calixto tells her, “yes thank you.” Ruben tells her, “yes thank you Terezalsura.” Tere takes off, and Calixto tells him. “I now understand what the politicians say. To tighten one’s belt.” Ruben chuckles and tells him, “well when its your turn its your turn father. But I know we will get over this. I’m going to turn off my light in my room. Then take off bye.” Calixto stops him, “oh Ruben.” Ruben turns and asks, “yes sir.” Calixto tells him, “the future seems a bit darker.” Ruben tells him, “well every dark tunnel there’s always a light.” Calixto tells him, “I think this tunnel is going to be very long. I really do think that, the Juanas should start thinking about getting married.” Ruben coughs and asks, “what brings this about?” Calixto tells him, “well they are at the right age. Well I’m embarssed to say this but, under the circumstances. Having a husband wouldn’t be all that bad.” Ruben tells him, “its best not to even mention that topic. To get married or getting a husband. Plus its their business don’t you think?” Then he takes off.

The game continues at the Dolorosa. “The age of christ.” One guy jumps up, “I won I won.” Juana Valentina tells Juana Calidad, “go check his number and give him his prize.” Juana Matilde asks Poncho, “how about a drink please serve me a rum?” Poncho asks, “are you going to pay?” Juana Matilde utters, “no.” Poncho tells her, “I’ll give you a glass of water.” Juana Matilde utters, “man your stingy hey you’ve won a lot of money tonight because of this lotto.” Octavio utters, “umda.” Octavio sweetly tells her, “you did a great job Juana Matilde. If we created a melody with the way you say those numbers. It would be a great success, and get you a gold record.” Juana Matilde quite rudely tells him, “look all I want is have a drink of rum. Not to talk too you.” Juana Manny utters to someone, “oh come on one more lottery is 2000. That gives you two tries to win more money. Oh come on buy me two cards.” The creepy guy starts touching her leg.” Juana Manny tells him, “if you touch me once again. I’m warning you my hand is pretty strong heard me.” The guy tells her, “ok here’s the money.” Juana Manny angrily takes the money from him. “Here’s your cards.” Mauricio goes next to Juana Calidad, “it seems the lottery is a big success.” Juana Calidad tells him, “oh my god hear you here.”

Juana Calidad tells him, “oh come on don’t tell me your not going to play two more cards.” In the end he reaches for his pocket, “ok how much is it again?” Juana Calidad tells him, “2000.” Juana Bautista tells a guy, “well it seems from your birthday your lucky number is 31. Look at that I have three cards. With your lucky number is 31, thank you. She looks at another guy, how about you, when’s your birthday.” Juana Valentina is with another group, “now the deal is you buy a card or how many you want. The more I sell, the higher the prize. Plus look at you all, you all look very intelligent. Now tell me, how many do you guys want? Three cards well that’s what were talking about. Ruben enters and greet Juana Manny first. When he sees Juana Valentina flirting with the guys, he watches but doesn’t do anything. He shakes Juana Calidad’s hand. Well guys good luck and hope that you win. She sees Ruben, oh I’m glad that you came.” Ruben tells her, “give me a card.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no because if you win they are going to say it was a trap.” Ruben tells her, “life gave me a trap when I met you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well he traped us both.” Then she goes over to Juana Calidad. Juana Matilde starts the game once more. “Gentlemen gentlemen, now the game of the Juanas is please to announce. That the second game will start instantly. So please take this opportunity to buy your cards. The girls unite money is given to Juana Calidad. She whispers in her ear. The juanas lottery is pleased to announce, that for the second game. The prize money this time is 14800. Now then is everyone ready, we are going to start. Now lazador don’t forget, the enlighted one.” Then Judge Germias Guerra shows up, he waves hello and then sees. That Ruben has offered Juana Valentina a beer. They are playfully touching one another, then Ruben kisses Juana Valentina’s fingers. He’s none to please at seeing such a display.

bannerEPISODE 26

bannerDona Dona is visted by Maria Delia, who tells her what the Junas have been up too.” Dona Dona tells her, “oh dear they are now gamblers. Oh how disrespectful, plus having the last name of Mr. Salguero.” Maria Delia tells her, “its for the benefit of… Now what did they tell me, oh yes its for the less fortuate one’s. That were affected by the plaugue and the floods.” Dona Dona tells him, “them doing charity work. The mothers… I don’t believe that story. So what else did you find out?” Maria Delia tells her, “well nothing else seno.” There’s someone at the door. Dona Dona utters, “come on in.” Its Margarita Cruz, and she tells her. “Well hello Dona.” Dona Dona looks over at Maria Delia and touches her knee. “Oh your just in time Margarita Cruz. My future daughter was just leaving.” Maria Delia tells her, “its no problem I can stay a few more hours.” Dona Dona tells her, “no muchacha I must talk to the senora. I know that you have things you have to do. How about you come later tonight, so we can continue talking.” Maria Delia smiles and gives her a kiss on the cheek. She looks at Margarita Cruz, “excuse me.”

When she’s gone, Dona Dona tells her, “now close that door. Margarita Cruz sits down, and tells her. “Your suspicions are mistaken, Ruben looks at his sisters as…” Dona Dona tells her, “you mean step-sisters.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “fine step-sisters he treats them affectionally all the same way. There’s not one that gets better treatment.” Dona Dona tells her, “that I don’t believe.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “I am sure of this.” Dona Dona tells her, “your not seeing him as a mother would.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “I see him with the eyes of looking at my own daughter. Just thinking this might be the case. That my Juana Manny is desired by your son. Scares me and puts my skin like a chicken.” Dona Dona tells her, “scared you coming from a sinner like yourself.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “my love with your husband was also a betrayal. But Ruben has a mortally awful sin. Yes he’s a flirt like his father, that’s why I know that your suspicions aren’t true. I am sure, that between him and his sisters.” Dona Dona tells her, “you mean step-sisters. So how is your love affair with Judge Germias Guerra?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “I have nothing with him.”

Dona Dona tells her, “oh really he’s a single widower man living alone. Plus your living at his house, without nothing stopping you. Don’t tell me that in the evenings. You two are playing lavechena.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “the judge and I the only thing we do is talk. For a man, I once adored in those nine days. Was in fact Calixto Salguero. Then after that, I had three husbands. Believe you me, with that experience I had about sufficiant amount of time.” She gets up and is ready to storm out. When Dona Dona stops her. “Look Margarita I am sorry, its just it still hurts that you have a daughter with Calixto. It was conceived at the wake of my dear departed mother.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “well if you can’t forgive don’t do it. Then stop hitting me with that memory.” Dona Dona tells her, “on behalf of everything I don’t want you to stop watching my son. Plus watch what those senorita’s Juanas, are up too plus Ruben Calixto. Another sin, and this house tumbles down. Someone’s at the door, come on in.” Juana Calidad shows up, and tells her. “Alright Dona Dona its time for your injection. Now don’t start complaining, I’m in a bit of a hurry. Hello senora Margarita.” Dona Dona tells her, “well look then my life is full of humilations. Over and over with humiliations. Later on we will continue our conversation. With regards of you know what, just until I fully recuperate.” Margarita Cruz nods and leaves, Dona eyes Juana Calidad and touches her butt.

Over at the office, Judge Germias Guerra is visiting with Ruben. Ruben tells him, “well at least at that meeting with those technicianas. They took a long time than my father thought. Well my old man told them, that they were going to see one another and they did.” He gives Judge Geremias Guerra a rum. Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “I am in no hurry this give me the opportunity so we can talk.” Ruben tells him, “well I guess its for the mortaged on your house.” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “look we both understand this situation. I am fully confident in your father, so lets put that topic on the side. You know I love you more than a god son. Your like a son too me.” Ruben tells him, “yes of course I know that godfather.” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “well that is why I’m interested in you. Are you alright in everything?” Ruben tells him, “well yes but sometimes I do get depressed. Over the situation that were in. I am optomistic we will recuperate. We must work hard, and hold our heads up.” Judge Germias Guerra asks, “and in questions of the heart?” Ruben tells him, “with everything that is going on. Who has time to think about that?” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “well in those things one doesn’t think about. Well you just feel it, so how is your relationship with Maria Delia.” Ruben tells him, “fine we’re going.” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “you asked for her hand but you haven’t talked about the topic.”

Ruben asks, “godfather why all those questions?” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “well I’m only doing my duties as your godfather. I am just interested in my godson. So when are you gettng married?” Ruben tells him, “godfather why are we talking about this at this particular moment in time about weddings?” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “I am going to be really sincere with you Ruben. I have a very strong doubt that’s running in my head. It has perplexed me, are you in love with another woman?” Ruben laughs and tells him, “oh god father what makes you think that? Who could it be?” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “no you tell me.” Ruben tells him, “godfather if I marry it will be with Maria Delia. If I have a wife it will be her.” Judge Germias Guerra breathes a sign of relief. “Oh that relaxes me so very much.” Ruben tells him, “very good.” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “tell me something you love all your sisters right?” Ruben tells him, “yes yes of course.” Judge Germias Guerra asks, “which do you perfer most? Juana Valentina?” Ruben stares at him, utters. “She’s the oldest or no?” Judge Germias Guerra eyes him once more.

Over at the pink house, Juana Calidad tells them. “Now last night went better than the first.” Juana Valentina tells them, “well I think things are going to great tonight at the Dolorosa. I am sure of it.” Juana Matilde tells them, “well Poncho’s dad was very happy. He made a ton of money, with everyone consuming last night at the dolorosa. Oh girls I think this idea about the lottery, is better than music.” Juana Calidad tells them, “Juana Matilde I think its enough that your addicted to drinking. That now your going to get addicted to gambling.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh girl you don’t have to exaggerate. I have a drink of rum every now and then. Plus I’m not playing, just singing the numbers.” Juana Manny returns, and Juana Valentina asks. “So how did it go?” Juana Manny tells them, “oh here’s the remaing cards left. I ordered 500, but this time around we have to pay.” Juana Calidad tells her, “oh no none of that. We are paying them buy selling these cards. Plus giving him a discount letting him play.” Juana Bautista asks, “how long will we be playing the lottery?” Juana Manny tells her, “we’ve only played one night and now your asking?” Juana Matilde tells her, “well we can continue playing. Until we have people playing it. Until people can stand it.”

Juana Bautista tells them, “look we needed money urgently right but lets be sincere about this. This lottery, has a good parts and a bad part. We are playing on behalf of the less fortunate ones.” Juana Manny tells her, “but we were given permission or no.” Juana Calidad tells her, “but were also paying a tax.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes I know what your refering about. That went through my mind.” Juana Matilde tells them, “look I’m shocked what are you two talking about?” Juana Valentina tells her, “look playing this game means the less fortunate one’s are the real winners right?” Juana Matilde utters, “yes.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well we shouldn’t be but we are. Everyone starts feeling bad about this. Well that is the bad part in what were doing. I don’t know, but this is already organized. We are going too look ahead, because I’m not robbing from nobody. Plus I’m not hurting anybody. We here and the Salguero’s aren’t showing off, no girl look I’m going to the market to sell these.” Juana Bautista tells them, “well I’m heading the zone where rich people are. Were 1000 isn’t important too them.” Juana Manny tells them, “well then I’m heading to the corner of the Dolorosa. There’s alway new people.” Juana Calidad tells them, “I’ll head to the plaza to talk to more people.” Juana Matilde tells them, “well while you go out I’ll head to the dolorosa. Have a drink, and wait for the guests to help out.” Juana Manny smiles and tells her, “oh your going to see Octavio aren’t you? He gets the chills everytime he sees you.” Juana Matilde tells her, “no let him catch the chill and suffocates. For him, he doesn’t matter to me at all.” Juana Valentina tells them, “well now we better go we are running out of time. Lets hurry it up.” One by one they leave, Juana Calidad gets back Juana Matilde. “Juana Matilde Juana Matilde are we doing something bad?” Juana Matilde tells her, “I don’t know but I know one thing. I’m not moving to Santa Marta to live with my boring uncle again.” Juana Calidad utters, “this girl never knows nothing.”

Then the girls all head out, to sell the cards. Days begin to pass, and more people win money. More cards are sold, and the girls continue working. There’s also girls afternoon at the Dolorosa. Juana Calidad continues with the accounts, and checks with Juana Valentina. After Juana Manny finishes her practice, she sells cards to the guys. Juana Valentina continues to sell merchanidise to feed them. Tere continues to take care of the salguero household. The girls continue to walk around the town united and happy. They pass Manuel Efe and he’s furious.

One day Dona Dona exclaims, “this town has lost its decency and pride. There’s nothing decent, and someone has to put a stop to those senoritas. As more days pass, they are having more triumphs. Those illigitimates, no nephew, we can’t stay here with a arms crossed. While those women, are taking over Corozal.” Manuel Efe tells her, “aunt I will do everything you want. Just to take away those triumph smiles upon their faces. While I still look unfortanate, Juana Valentina must pay for what she did too me.” Dona Dona tells him, “her and all of them must pay. All must pay and be punished for being born sinners.” Manuel Efe tells her, “aunt calm down.” Dona Dona tells him, “I’ve been hearing that the lottery has gone great for them.” Manuel Efe tells her, “no no no the Dolorosa is filled every day and night with people. The lottery of the Las Juanas is now in fashion.” Dona Dona asks, “why hasn’t the mayor done anything to stop them. To stop this illegitimacy.” Manuel Efe tells her, “aunt the mayor is on their side.” Dona Dona tells him, “it seems next to impossible. Its just incredible, that the first authority we have here in this town. Is with those trappers, so they can get rich. Robbing people’s money. Wait what did I just say?” Manuel Efe tells her, “that its just incredible that the mayor was on their side. They rob from people, something like that.” Dona Dona tells him, “no nephew I said trappers.” Manuel Efe utters, “yes trappers.”

Its another day of selling for the girls. Juana Calidad is with a group, and utters. “Thank you.” Ruben shows up, and says hello. “So how are things going Juana Calidad?” Juana Calidad tells him, “oh hello Ruben how are you?” Ruben tells her, “very good but most of the time. The people perfer putting their hands in their pockes. Rather than giving out money. Well we shouldn’t complain.” Ruben tells her, “well in town people don’t talk about nothing else than the lottery. Well tell me, how are we doing economic wize.” Margarita Cruz is walking by and watches their interaction. Juana Calidad tells him, “well better than we guessed. Look at this, all of it are our gains.” Ruben tells her, “well were doing great. Then he gives her a big hug, and a kiss that Juana Calidad is shocked and nervous. Your a great economics, all of your have guts. Well you take care.” Margarita Cruz asks, “oh hi Juana Calidad how are things going around here?” Juana Calidad tells her, “bad seno no what I meant is. Very good Margarita, thank you very much.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “dear you are really red. Is something wrong?” Juana Calidad blushes and tells her, “no nothing is wrong I’m guessing. I’ve been out in the sun all morning.” Margarita Cruz asks, “are you sure about that?” Juana Calidad tells her, “your like trembling.” Juana Calidad tells her, “yes a bit I’m guessing its because of the success were having with this lottery senora.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “oh yes.” Juana Calidad goes to a lady, “seno care to buy a lottery card. Its only 1000, oh thank you.” The lady gives her money, and Margarita tells her. “Juana Calidad dear that lady gave you 1000.” Juana Calidad tells her, “yes and?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “well that is what it costs but you gave her back change.” Juana Calidad utters, “oh Margarita I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” Then she takes off, Margarita Cruz is puzzled then heads to see Dona Dona.

Dona Dona meanwhile is looking at old love letters from Calixto. “Oh too think I believed you all this time. Oh you wrote beautiful poetry, while you were romancing so many skirts out there. Who ever crossed your path.” Margarita Cruz calls her name, “Dona Dona.” Dona hides the ripped pieces of paper. Margarita Cruz comes in, and tells her. Its true its true…” Dona Dona asks, “what’s true?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “Juana Calidad and Ruben with the cards.” Dona Dona tells her, “I don’t understand a thing so take a deep breath. Relax and sit down.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “Ruben is in love with one of his step-sisters.” Dona Dona tells her, “I knew it so which one of his step-sisters is it?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “its the one selling the lottery a few minutes ago at the plaza.” Dona Dona asks, “who?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “I am so shocked and bewildered that I just can’t believe it. The one that gives you your injections Juana Calidad.” Dona Dona utters, “the nun? I never would have suspected her. She seemed so religious. So charitable, so soft with the needles. Oh she’s a dead mosquito, are you complete sure in what your saying Margarita Cruz.”

Margarita Cruz tells her, “yes I just saw them in the plaza. They didn’t know that I was watching them. They talked a bit, Ruben then gave her a hug and kissed her. Then he took off, its not the worst Dona. But it was Juana Calidad’s reaction. She stood there and stared at him, and then blushed. I approched her to take a closer look at her expression.” Dona Dona asks, “did she react badly?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “she was left blushing and acting very nervous. In fact she was trembling, when you told me that you suspected. That your son was in love with one of the Juanas. I thought you were seeing things that didn’t exist. So I have been observing him, I never noticed anything.” Dona Dona utters, “so its the nun.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “well I’m guessing since they thought nobody was looking. They were more spontanteous.” Dona Dona repeat, “the nun its just that its incredible. Well you don’t think, it was just a simple demonstration of kindness. You know between the step-sister?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “well Juana Calidad looks at her with the look of love in her eyes. I didn’t see the look upon Ruben’s face, but his acts were sufficiant enough.” Dona Dona tells her, “oh what other hit do I have to support. Just because of those apperances.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “excuse me Dona I’m going to have a drink of water. I came here running,.” She takes off, and Dona Dona utters. “They have to leave, they have to disappear from this town.”

That night, Juana Calidad tells Juana Manny. “Hey remember to ask in advance Juana Manny. She utters, if this continues well we have to find a bigger location.” Mauricio tells her, “how about Juana Manny’s gym?” Juana Calidad tells him, “hey that’s a great idea. I’ll mention it to Juana Valentina tonight. She’s the one that decides all these things.”

Todoelmundo tells Juana Matilde, “hey your doing this as if you’ve been singng the lottery all your life.” Juana Matilde tells him, “thank you Todoelmundo.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well I’m not dumb but sometimes I let my mind wander.” Octavio shows up and smiles at her. He asks Octavio, “hey there Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo utters, “hi Octavio.” Octavio asks, “hey since you know everything. Well do you know, who does the song fruit with marajon?” Todoelmundo tells her, “oh yes the whole world knows that. Its sung by, our ilustrious composer Pedro Antonio Salcedo. He also wrote Carmen Elena, Que buena esta la fiesta, El Papijon, quel de los dos. So many others, to name them all.” Octavio tries very hard to catch Juana Matilde’s attention. Octavio asks, “hey that’s a lot Todoelmundo. Hey there Juana Matilde, your doing a great job on singing the numbers for this lottery.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well thank you.” She tries to take off, but Octavio stops her. “What say I buy you a drink?” Juana Matilde very annoyed utters, “listen Octavio haven’t you noticed. I’m working, and I can’t drink. Plus I need to ask Juana Calidad, how much is the next game.” Octavio tells her, “but you haven’t finished any cards…” Todoelmundo tells him, “you know what the whole world knows. Is that Juana Matilde isn’t interested in you in the least.” Octavio asks, “what does the whole world know that?” Todoelmundo tells him, “me daa.”

Juana Valentina is trying to sell more cards to some guys. “What do you mean you don’t want to buy anymore? Listen to this, in five minutes the lottery is going to start. You could win double that amount.” The guy utters, “hey there precicious how about I pay for your services.” Octavio tells him, “hey there…” Juana Valentina tells him, “that doesn’t matter here you go.” Manuel Efe arrives, and gets tangled in the entrance way beads. In the end he has to get help by Juana Manny, annoyed he goes straight to the bar. Then bumps into Juana Matilde, then throws a fruit at the lamp. “I want eight cards.” Everyone glances his way, he boldly stares at Juana Valentina.

At the Salguero house, Ruben is working in his room. Calixto arrives and enters, “hey dad I’ve been waiting for you. Its pretty late.” Calixto tells him, “sorry but things too more longer than I thought.” Ruben tells him, “yes a lot godfather was waiting for you for a while. He just left.” Calixto tells him, “oh yes I must call him to appologize. I was at the doctors.” Ruben touches his father’s face, “the doctors are you alright?” Calixto tells him, “I am fine but the last tests of investigations. Well it showed this…” He points to his face, and Ruben become very concerned. “Hey what’s those scares on your face, explain it too me.” Calixto tells him, “oh its nothing serious just a few drops went on my face. We were putting them on the crops, to combat the infestation. This is the result, it stings a bit but the doctor gave me some power for the itch.” Ruben asks, “what was the effect on those bugs?” Calixto tells him, “non what so ever.” Ruben asks, “what do you mean nothing? Nothing no result, not even a bite.” Calixto tells him, “if they laugh they would be laughing. Not with the liquids but of us. All our efforts have resulted non effected. It just make me furious, for we are once again starting at zero.” Ruben tells him, “soon we will be able to get out of black. You will see.” Calixto tells him, “I wish I had your optimisim but.” Ruben tells him, “just relax we will find a way to resolve this. That you won’t have a single doubt.” Calixto tells him, “well I hope I’m still alive to see it goodnight.” Ruben tells him, “see you tomorrow.”

Over at the Dolorosa, Manuel Efe stunt has caused a bit of a uproar. Everyone watches as he puts his cards on the table. Juana Valentina asks, “Manuel Efe are you sure you will be able to play all these cards?” Manuel Efe tells her, “well of course I can. I’ve played at the best tables in Monte Carlo, Venice and Cannes.” The guys over hear this, and burst out laughing. Juana Valentina tells him, “well good luck.” Manuel Efe tells her, “I would like to talk to you the thing is. I would like to revive our friendship.” Juana Valentina tells him, “look the game is about to start.” She takes off Juana Manny and Juana Calidad watch him. Juana Manny tells her, “its a shame that Manuel Efe is so annoying.” Juana Calidad tells her, “its because he has all that education from Europe. I think he’s a nice person.” Juana Manny asks, “so you like him? But you can’t deny he is attractive.” Juana Calidad tells her, “shut your mouth not in that way Juana Manny.” Juana Calidad takes her place next to the cash machine. Over at the stage, Juana Matilde tells Juana Bautista. “Man I just don’t understand. After the fight he had with Juana Valentina, and too show up here?” Manuel Efe simply asks for a whiskey.

Juana Bautista tells her, “its a public place in this lottery we can’t deny anyone access to play.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well lets see if he enjoys playing this lottery. Hey there Todoelmundo we are going to start.” Todoelmundo tells her, “alright.” Juana Matilde utters, “ladies and gentlemen. The lottery of the juanas, annouces the price for this game is 24000.” Everyone claps, and cheers. Well then lets begin, everyone has their cards. Don’t be left without one, now then lets start. Saint of Trinity, Las Juanas, The apostles, the two ducks, the swans, the eluminated.” Manuel Efe yells out, “wait one second.” Juana Matilde angrily asks, “what’s wrong Manuel Efe?” Manuel Efe tells her, “you are going too fast.” Juana Matilde tells her, “hey that’s not my problem people want to play.” Manuel Efe tells her, “there’s a number I don’t get what is the swan number.” Octavio tells them, “did you hear that he doesn’t know the swan number?” Miguel tells them, “well he wasn’t born in this region.” Gaulberto tells them, “it seems he was born out of the country.” Octavio asks, “hey where did he say he played before?” Mauricio tells him, ” well in various casinos in europe but you can tell. In europe they don’t play the lottery.” Coldy Manuel Efe stares ahead, everyone starts laughing at him. Octavio tells them, “I think those eight cards are too much for him.” Juana Valentina puts a stop too it, and yells out. “Alright everyone that’s enough. Enough with the jokes, Juana Matilde continue the lottery.” Juana Matilde tells him, “now nobody get left behind. The next on is the capitals.” Manuel looks upwards hiding his fury.

The next day, Juana Valentina visit Ruben at his office. “Hey when did this occur?” Juana Valentina tells him, “last night the poor guy. Everyone made fun of him, Manuel Efe just enjoys people making fun of him its unbeliveable.” Ruben tells her, “I just don’t understand why he would want to stay in Corozal. You already killed his hope, I don’t know why he would want to stay. You don’t think he wants to continue dreaming.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh don’t start with the same thing again. Please man.. I came here for you to give me the receipts I have to pay. Then have to put up with your jealousy, so where are they?” Ruben tells him, “how can I not be jealous. Plus I can’t stand that my sisters are maintaining us.” Juana Valentina tells him, “look come over here. Look you and I we made a contract. We’re not going to argue about this. Your suppose to get the money, so the plantation can grow once again. We are in charge, of making money for our every day expenses. Its as simple as that.” Ruben tells her, “well at least you’re able to do what you set out too do. I can’t do it with mine.” Juana Valentina tells him, “we’re talking about a lot of money and that’s difficult. I am sure, that you shouldn’t put yourself down like that. Work for that goal, I am certain of it Ruben. Now then what I haven’t told you.” Ruben asks, “what?”

Juana Valentina tells him, “well I managed too sell our fridge in exchange for meat with the butcher. You know the one that was in the economic store.” Ruben smiles and asks, “so you negotiated.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes I’m getting as good as Juana Calidad. Well I exchanged the fridge, and were going to be able to have meat for some time.” Ruben asks, “are you talking seriously?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes I’m talking seriously. Now what I’m going to do next is exchange the stove for some milk. Well then your father, will be able to pay off all the merchandise. Since we can’t sell anything, at least this way we can get more money.” Ruben asks, “why didn’t I think of that.” Juana Valentina careess his head and face. “Its because you have more important things in your head.” Ruben touches her hand, “I have you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no you don’t have me. You can never have me.” Ruben tells her, “oh Valentina my love.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh Ruben please why don’t you get married already. That way I will think finally, we can never have nothing.” Then he kisses her forehead, and they part ways. When Calixto enters, he smiles at seeing her. “Oh hello how are you doing?” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh hello I just came by to pay off things.” Calixto tells her, “well last night I was thinking. Things have been going around in my head. We must immediately take care of urgent financial matters.” Ruben tells him, “yes ah oh yes the mortagaed of Judge Geremias Guerra. We’re talking about hundreds of dollars.” Calixto tells him, ” I think well I’m been thinking. That money well maybe, your future father in law may load us the money.” Ruben asks, “what?” Calixto tells him, “well since were going to be family I don’t see the harm.” Juana Valentina simply stares at the two men.

Over at the Salguero house. Manuel Efe visits with Dona Dona. He tells her, “I must confess aunt I never would have imaged. That so many people played the lottery, it was full.” Dona Dona asks, “so were you able to talk too them?” Manuel Efe tells her, “I spoke to Juana Valentina but only a few words.” Dona Dona tells him, “they must leave Corozal. The only way too do so, is ruining their business. The mayor won’t revolk the permission, or else the people would go on top of him.” Manuel Efe grins, and tells her, “aunt I have an idea.” Dona Dona asks, “may I know what it is?” Manuel Efe tells her, “I will pay humilation with humiliation.”

Over at the pink house, Juana Valentina gives the girls milk. Juana Manny tells them, “so you liked it?” Juana Matilde is checking the balls, someone’s at the door its Manuel Efe. Manuel Efe enters, “hello hello hello.” They utter, “hello.” Manuel Efe asks, “is everyone alright?” Juana Valentina asks, “Manuel Efe how are you?” Manuel Efe tells her, “Juana Valentina how are you doing?” Juana Manny whispers, “I wonder what’s he’s doing here?” Juana Bautista tells her, “I see dark clouds ahead.” Manuel Efe tells her, “I brought you these well I wanted to appolgize. Over the incident that occured in this house. That last time, well I must recognize I didn’t act to my stature.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I’m glad that you accepted it for you were quite aggressive. Thank you and I forgive you. I’ll be right back.” Manuel Efe tells them, “I congratulate you all on the lottery’s success. What a success, yes quite the success.” The girls simply utter, “thank you.” Manuel Efe asks, “so your preparing everything for tonight?” Juana Matilde utters, “yes tonight I won’t be playing with eight cards. No more eight cards.”

Juana Manny tells him, “little boy this time it will be 10.” Manuel Efe repeats, “no I won’t play eight cards anymore. The thing is I wanted to help out. That’s why I asked for eight cards, well then later I realized I couldn’t play eight cards.” Juana Valentina returns, “thank you again Manuel Efe I’ll put them in water.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well truthfully I wanted to bring you the lily pad. Its a flower that best describes you.” Juana Valentina utters, “I see.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well you can only get them in Champs Elysees its in france.” Juana Manny tells Juana Calidad, “well I finished sewing.” Juana Calidad tells her, “well lets see how it looks? I never saw a boxer sewing.” Juana Calidad tells her, “well it seems to me you did this with your gloves on.” Juana Manny tells her, “well I didn’t have a bunch of nuns that taught me to sew and embrodery. Doing it all l for charity.” Juana Calidad asks, “give me the needle.” Manuel Efe gets too close to Juana Manny, “I’m going to do this in my room excuse me.” Then Juana Calidad takes off to her bedroom. Juana Valentina is helping Juana Matilde, “eight.” Juana Matilde yells out, “hey ouch.” Manuel Efe helps Juana Valentina up, and tells her. “Well I just wanted to appologize, well what occured last time.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes I’m also sorry for what occured. We both said things we shouldn’t have said.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well I am satisfied with just your friendship. Well what I meant, all of your friendships.”

Juana Matilde utters, “54 oh good I’m done. I’ve counted them all and they are complete. Oh Juana Valentina the milk is delcious. You know what you should go to france. For our dear Juana Valentina.” Manuel Efe eyes the bag, then takes a deep breath. Juana Valentina asks, “and what else?” Manuel Efe asks, “how about you get me something to drink.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh how shameful and uneducated of me. What would you like? With or without sugar?” Manuel Efe tells her, “without sugar I’m a bit big.” Then she leaves, he’s now left alone with Juana Bautista whose still reading her cards. Manuel Efe gets close to the bag. Then he hears a noise, he jumps. Juana Bautista utters, “man this is incredible once again this card.” Manuel Efe takes another opportunity, and retrieves two balls and puts them in his pocket. Then smiles when Juana Valentina returns, “here you go.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes this is quite delicious. He glances at his watch, oh I must get going. Now then I’ll see you all at the lottery. Now if you need anything, don’t hestiate to contact me.” Juana Valentina tells him, “sure no problem relax.” Manuel Efe tells Juana Bautista, “well see you tonight Juana Bautista.” Juana Valentina tells her, “Juana Bautista Manuel Efe is saying goodbye to you.” Juana Bautista turns and utters, “oh yes sorry I didn’t hear you good bye.” Juana Valentina takes his glass, and he takes off.

Then she quite annoyed looks over at Juana Bautista. “Don’t tell me its another salamander?” Juana Bautista tells her, “no now its six its appeared six times. Its bad if it comes after the swords. That means our good fortune isn’t going to last very long. If it shows up fifth times, we must prepare for something. Its going to be really bad, that’s coming to us Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina asks, “wait one minute.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well you will see.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well then go ahead then.” Juana Bautista turns the cards, Juana Valentina utters. “Swords what?” Juan Bautista tells her, “that I don’t know. Its like a very strong bad energy was around us. Like an air that just appeared then disappeared.”

Over at Salguero house, Dona is talking with Juana Calidad. “So you learned how to give needles at the convent? What they didn’t teach you is morality? Juana Calidad blesses herself, you can do that a million time and god won’t forgive you. Because you have a sin that your carrying.” Juana Calidad tells her, “I have nothing to do with that it happened a long time ago. It was between my mother and Don Calixto.” Dona Dona tells her, “you are acting like an idiot. You pretend very quickly, but you will try to attract prohibited men.” Juana Calidad tells her, “I don’t understand what your trying to tell me?” Dona Dona asks, “how many priests lost their collars because of you in that convent. Juana Calidad blesses herself once more. I will premit you to put that needle into me. My health won’t pay for your sins. I just hope that you don’t inject me with your inmorality. Juana Calidad simply puts the needle really hard into her. Dona Dona screams, Ouch!” Juana Calidad feels guilty, then tells her. “Oh we have to reinject you, the needle didn’t go through.” Dona Dona tells her, “yeah right pinch pinch me all you want. Those pinches don’t hurt me, I’ve had harder ones given too me. You can’t see them, they are worse. Like they are knife wounds. Juana Calidad eyes Dona Dona, then takes her tray away and leaves. I wonder if what Margarita Cruz said was true. What does Ruben Calixto see in her? She’s a bit ugly.”

Outside Juana Calidad tells Ruben. “I don’t mean to alarm you, but I think your mother is sick in the head.” Ruben asks, “what do you mean what happened?” Juana Calidad tells him, “well I don’t know when I went in there to put the injection. All she kept on talking about is how mortally sinful I was. She treated me as if I were a sinner. Oh Saint Anotonia Maria Clarice, you don’t think that she’s hallucinating? Well at least hopefully it won’t be against me.” Ruben tells her, “well you know that my mother hasn’t been able. To forgive you I mean our father, for having five daughters. Ruben touches her chin. While she was trying to get pregnant. That’s why she’s treating you all as sinners.” Juana Calidad looks at him with love in her eyes. “Well the thing is today was different. Its the first time, well I made a mistake while injecting people. Well then I better run towards the lottery bye.” Then she bumps into the table then leaves.

Ruben goes to see his mother, “so how are you doing today?” Dona Dona tells him, “find someone else to give me the injections.” Ruben tells her, “oh come on mother the stick isn’t being put with spoons. Juana Calidad does a good job, and she’s not charging us. You know we have to maximize the cost.” Dona Dona tells him, “I don’t want that ilegitimate nor none of them in my house.” Ruben tells her, “I don’t want to give you a bad moment. Well with regards to that mother, I can’t do nothing. If you want I can learn, I can get Juana Calidad to teach me.” Dona Dona tells him, “oh yeah to spend more time with her.” Ruben utters, “mother what are you referring about?” Dona Dona tells him, “Ruben Calixto I want you to set your wedding date.”

There’s someone at the door, its Maria Delia. “Excuse me oh hello Rubensito.” Ruben kisses her and asks, “how are you?” Maria Delia tells him, “I’m fine oh Dona I brought you some fruit to make you feel better.” Dona Dona tells her, “oh thank you daughter. Oh you came just in time, Ruben Calixto and I were talking about setting a date for the wedding.” Maria Delia tells them, “well I’m ready when ever you say.” Ruben tells them, “well I don’t think its the best time to do so. Nor talk about this right now.” Dona asks, “then when? So when is the appropriate time according to you?” Ruben tells her, “well I have had a lot of economical problems mother.” Maria Delia tells him, “well once we get married your problems will disappear Rubensito. Well things will stay the same, the difference is I will be by your side taking care of you. Give you support and lost of love.” Ruben tells her, “Maria Delia what’s wrong is a wedding is very costly. We are in no condition to run with them.” Maria Delia tells him, “well that’s no problem the cost of the wedding are the responsible of the bride.” Ruben tells her, “well its not only that. The man of the house must take charge. You know to buy the bread regularly for his.” Maria Delia tells him, “oh those words are so very beautiful.” Dona Dona tells him, “beautiful nothing stop being so exaspearting and decide already. Why don’t you pick a date son? Do it now, here between the two of you. You know two date perspectively.” Ruben tells her, “oh I just remembered I have a meeting at the club. Oh bye mother, bye Maria Delia.”

At the dolorosa, Manuel Efe is in the bathroom. Octavio tells him, “hey there Manuel Efe the lottery is about to start. You playing this time around?” Manuel Efe tells him, “oh yes I am playing.” Octavio tells him, “with not that many cards it takes your eyes out. How about trying seven instead.” Manuel Efe tells him, “with one it will be enough that I will assure you.” Then Octavio dries his hand on his jacket and takes off. Manuel Efe takes out the balls and enters one of the stalls. Favor Apuntes Bien, (Do us a favor and point well.) Yes that is exactly what I am going to do.” He puts the two balls into the wastebasket and smiles.

bannerEPISODE 27

bannerThe girls are in full selling mode, and go to each table. Ruben arrives and greets everyone. “Hello.” Juana Valentina asks, “and what brings you here?” Ruben tells her, “I came to control my well, my sisters business.” Ruben asks, “Juana Calidad can I play or is it a problem?” Juana Valentina tells him, “you know very well no. If you win, they are going to think were tricking them. Don’t even try it.” Ruben tells her, “well then I’m going to ask the economist if I can have a beer then?’ Juana Valentina tells him, “well alright you may have a drink.” Ruben smiles and she heads to the rest of the girls. Juana Matilde announces, “well everyone I just want to tell you. That I am now going to start the game. Manuel Efe comes out and simply smiles.

Dona Dona is trying to read when Calixto shows up. “Well it seems that someone forgot where his bedroom is. You don’t sleep here anymore.” Calixto tells him, “Dona don’t be so hard. You know what’s natural and that’s enough. Sufficiant enough, at this time we should be united. To deal with this situation. I can’t face forward without your help.” Dona Dona tells him, “well it seems to me that your sins are coming out of your pores Mr. Salguero. Well that is why you got those marks on your face.” Calixto tells her, “its a liquid that fell on me. It was suppose to exterminate the plague and it didn’t.” Dona Dona tells him, “well if that’s everything. You may leave now, for I’m going to sleep I’m really tired.” Calixto tells her, “well you know what I’m also tired. I am tired of everything. Well I feel without something from you. I won’t be able to take another step.” Dona Dona tells him, “well its been twenty something years you did a lot without me. I’m guessing you still have the strength.” Calixto tells her, “Dona I don’t want to worry you but. This situation is quite grave, nothing seems to control those creatures. While the plague doesn’t get under control. I can’t re-seed the crops.”

Dona Dona tells him, “that plague didn’t come about through those insects but rather from those… Those women those illigitaments, it seems they opened all the doors to all the misfortunes.” Calixto tells her, “Dona we are so full of debts. There’s no way of paying them, Ruben is doing all he can but were running out of solutions. I am getting pretty desperate, I thought what if the Espina well were the solution. But when I approched Ruben, in asking his future father in law for a loan. He told me it wasn’t convienate, he might think the worst. First of he might think, we are taking advantage of the situation. You know between him and Maria Delia. I just don’t know how and when. I will be able to repay back that loan.” Dona Dona asks, “you mean a loan from the Espina?” Calixto tells her, “yes and you can tell me I shouldn’t have even thought about it.” Dona Dona tells him, “at last your head is clearing Mr. Salguero. Its a great idea, that bad part is the Espina isn’t nothing from us. But if they, Ruben and Maria Delia got married. Then another rooster would crow, then it would be a different story because then he would be his father in law. Not with a nice man, that has nothing to do with us.” Calixto tells her, “well setting a date is between Ruben and Maria Delia.” Dona Dona tells him, “its ours like a father of Ruben Calixto. We must find what’s better for our son. Its now time, that he set up his own family. That will give him a family and an emotional stability, the loan is secondary but. Well it would be beneficial.” Calixto asks, “and Maria Delia?” Dona Dona tells him, “the faster they get married the better it will be for them. Well that is what he told me, and our duty is we should do something in that respect.” Calixto tells her, “yes you have a point. He touches her hand, “oh its nice to have a dialogue with you once again. Oh the burden is less heavy.” Dona Dona tells him, “well you may now go. I’m going to bed, I’m pretty tired.” So in the end Calixto gets up and leaves the room.

At the dolorosa there’s now women and men playing together. Juana Matilde yells out, “the golden one.” A girl utters, “hey I won the lottery.” Octavio tells Ruben, “man I have the worst luck I haven’t gotten a single number.” Ruben asks, “have you been playing a lot?” Octavio tells him, “hey the money isn’t for throwing it away. I’ve played I guess eight times since the lottery started.” Ruben asks, “tell me something how does the Juanas manage to control. To make sure nobody plays the same card.” Octavio tells him, “well they mark them. See it says second game.” Juana Matilde goes to them, “hey there Miguel hey you. You haven’t given me any kisses today. She kisses Ruben and goes away, as Octavio is going near her. Ruben just laughs at him, hey Poncho come over here. How about giving me a free drink, my throat is pretty dry.” Poncho tells her, “oh what a sin how about a rum?” Juana Matilde tells him, “sure I like that.” Juana Calidad him, “Juana Matilde its not right that your drinking so much.” Juana Matilde tells him, “so how are we doing today?” Juana Calidad her, “very good very good Juana Matilde. Plus I’ve been cutting it in half, so I can give Juana Valentina a nice present.” Ruben goes over to Manuel Efe, “hey cousin I didn’t think I would find you here. I heard the last time you played, things didn’t go very well.”

Manuel Efe tells him, “oh yes I know where that story came from. What happened was your sisters are very gossipy. Juana Manny give me a card.” Juana Manny tells him, “hey you learned your limit.” She gives him the card, and laughs. Juana Bautista tells Ruben, “the lottery is still going strong. Plus they are selling more than when we first started. Can you believe it? I am so happy.” Ruben kisses her and tells her, “oh that’s great.” Ruben takes Juana Valentina aside, “Juana Valentina lets do this right here and now. Lets get this over with, lets give one another a kiss please.” Juana Valentina asks, “are you serious Ruben.” Ruben tells her, “no but its what I would most like to happen in this world.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well first we have to go to a doctor. So we can change our blood.” Then she goes on stage, Manuel Efe approches a guy. “You know its strange, in these two games there not saying the numbers 1 nor 33. You have it in your card over here and there. Did you come play yesterday?” The guy tells him, “no isn’t it curious plus yesterday those numbers didn’t show up either. Its like it doesn’t exist in that bag. I think there should be a revision, before the game starts. Just in case later, a bunch of misunderstandings. You do understand me.” The guy nods, its just a doubt that I have.” Then he slowly heads towards the stage. Todoelmundo asks, “ok are we ready.” Juana Matilde tells him, “yes we are. Alright everyone senora and senores. We are going to start the game.” The guy yells out, “one moment I’m asking you not to start.” Juana Matilde tells him, “hey there dude take it easy. I know you are having a drink, and bought one of the cards.”

The guy asks, “I recommend you revise all those ball before the game starts. The numbers 1 the old and the young.. Plus 33 the age of christ hasn’t shown up. I demand that you show all the balls to us.” Everyone starts talking at once, Juana Valentina utters. “Please everyone calm down.” Todoelmundo asks, “is all of them here.” Juana Matilde tells him, “yes I counted every single one of them before I left the house. They are all complete.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well it seems that we have to show that guy. Or were going to have a riot here.” Juana Valentina tells her, “we are going to do what the senor asks. Now if anybody is douting us, we are here to prove you are mistaken.” Juana Matilde tells him, “we want to prove your doubts are unfounded.” Then one by one Juana Matilde with the help of Todoelmundo. Start putting the balls in there slots. Juana Bautista, Juana Manny, Tere and Juana Valentina are together.” Tere tells them, “you know I have a really bad feeling about this.” Juana Valentina tells her, “you shouldn’t.” Tere tells her, “no I don’t like this I don’t like this one single bit.” Juana Bautista tells them, “I don’t like it either.” Juana Manny tells them, “look the singer checks them every single night before we head over here.” Ruben comforts them all, “now relax and don’t worry. Plus he hasn’t won nothing, look its nothing but intrigue.” Juana Valentina tells them, “yes that’s correct.” Manuel Efe approches them, “is there bit of a problem.” Juana Valentina tells him, “none what so ever.” Manuel Efe tells them, “oh I was a bit worried.” Juana Matilde starts getting worried, and looks at the bag over and over. “Oh Todoelmundo, there’s no more balls.” The guy yells out, “see I told you the young one and the age of christ is missing. The same numbers, that were missing in that last game. Where I could have won, see I told you.” Another guy screams, “they trapped us its a scam.” The guys try to calm everyone down, but it doesn’t help. In the end Ruben grabs Juana Valentina. Gualberto grabs Juana Bautista. Octavio grabs Juana Matilde. Poncho grabs Tere’s hand. Mauricio grabs Juana Calidad. Miguel grabs Juana Manny.

A very happy Manuel Efe goes to see Dona Dona. “Oh you should have seen the spectacle. The only thing that was missing, was you to be present. Oh it was quite the spectacle, people started a riot when they realize that two balls were missing. There was a revolution, just like they were storming the bastille in france. Bottles started flying, chairs were flying it was incredible.” Dona Dona asks, “you sure that they didn’t suspect you.” Manuel Efe tells her, “of course not aunt in fact I was just one that came to their defense. The next one was Ruben.” Dona Dona asks, “my son was there.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes.” Dona Dona asks, “well which one of them.” Manuel Efe asks, “what do you mean which one of them? All of them, it was fortunate or else things would have gotten worse. Oh Aunt they had to leave running, they were going to kill them. Both of them start laughing, well that’s why I came. So I can tell you what new occured. Oh they drank the bad water, oh the juanas had a bad time.” Dona Dona tells him, “yes Manuel Efe they deserved it. Nobody every insults a Cuadradro like you or me. Can continue having airs of triumph for their life.” Manuel Efe tells her, “oh aunt it was a spectacular dignified of balcony seats. Oh why deny it, my pride is now at rest. Now from here on out, I will be able to sleep in peace. Let me tell you, its been days since I’ve slept.” Dona Dona tells him, “yes its like how everyone should sleep.” Manuel Efe utters, “yes that’s true.” Dona Dona tells him, “I won’t be getting any not until those women leave Corozal. Plus out of my mind.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well aunt the business is now ruined. Well after it has occured, nobody in this town will give them a job. No matter, how Salguero they are.”

At the pink house, the house is in an uproar. Juana Valentina asks, “Juana Matilde are you sure all the balls were complete.” Juana Matilde tells them, “yes I’m sure one by one Juana Valentina. You all saw me counting them, all of the balls were counted.” Juana Manny tells her, “well at the Dolorosa there were two missing. So where are they?” Juana Matilde tells them, “well that I don’t know.” Juana Valentina tells her, “come here do me a favour concentrate. For once in your life think very careful. Remember every single step that you took, before we started playing now take your time.” Juana Matilde thinks a moment and tells her, “I finished counting the balls. I left the house with Juana Manny, we didn’t stop for nothing isn’t that right.” Juana Manny tells them, “for nothing.” Juana Matilde continues, “at arrived at the Dolorosa. I began organizing the lottery for the night.” Juana Valentina asks, “and then?” Juana Matilde tells them, “then I handed the bag over to Todoelmundo.” Everyone simply stares at him, “I don’t like those looks for nothing. If you suspect that I had anything to do with it say it clearly too me.” Tere tells him, “look after Juana Matilde touched those balls. You were the one carrying the balls.” Todoelmundo tells them, “but I wasn’t the one responsible for their disappearance.” Todoelmundo tells them, “the entire world of corozal knows that I am a trustworthy person. Never ever would I ever do such a travesty. Especially to you juanas and especially towards you.” He looks over at Tere. Juana Bautista goes over too him, and tells him. “Now before we began the game, did nobody ever get near that table?” Todoelmundo tells them, “not that I remember.” Juana Calidad her, “well how ever it happened this is terrible. Juana Valentina what happens now?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well after what occured its dead. The worse it, great now once again the entire town will be against us.”

Calixto is now at the dolorosa. “Now then you have known me all your lives. I have never ever not gone back on my word. Now on behalf of that world, I guarantee to you all that my daughters. Are not involved with this trap.” The guy who started the fight tells him, “well there were two balls missing.” Calixto tells them, “that I know I know its not my daughters fault.” The guy asks, “well then who did it then?” Calixto tells him, “well I have already talked to the authorites and they are going to do an investigation. They are going to find the guilty party. I was talking with the mayor, the permission to play lottery has been cancelled. No more playing the lottery, but I am going to guarantee senors. That my daughters are not involved in this issue. They are not trappers.” The guy asks, “what if it were them? Or how about just one of them?” Calixto tells him, “well then I’m going to cut off my tongue. Well if they didn’t do it, well your the one that’s going to be at fault.” Calixto tells them, “please I’m asking you all to just calm down. Confide in my words, and leave this under the authority of the police.” Everyone starts leaving the bar. Some of the guys utter, “they robbed us.” Ruben yells out, “robbed you of what?” The guys start arguing as well. Octavio yells out, “hey you over here.” Calixto tells Ruben, “now calm down. Hey Poncho give me a rum.” A guy utters, “see you later Octavio.” Ruben asks him, “hey there Octavio were you here the entire night?” Octavio tells him, “yes Ruben well if your going to ask me… I’m taking off right now.” Ruben asks, “no what I was going to say is did you see anything suspicious. Or someone who was up on the stage?” Octavio tells him, “well I wasn’t paying any attention. Well among the game, and the exchange of cards. Anybody could have gotten up here.” Calixto tells Poncho, “well it seems to me that someone stole those balls for some reason. The one that did it, had to have done it out of spite. Or done it to get back at my daughters. Well he did it alright, I want to ask who the hell is that miserable guy.” Poncho asks, “my question is who’s going to pay for all this damage.” Ruben sits down and simply covers his face.

The next morning, the girls are having breakfast. “Man I’m telling you the balls were complete. I counted them one by one before leaving.” Juana Manny tells her, “enough Juana Matilde that’s enough. They were stolen or they got lost. At any case its the same thing, the business is over.” Juana Bautista tells them, “I figured something like that would occur.” Juana Matilde asks, “what is there something the four of us don’t know.” Juana Bautista tells her, “no but six showed up four times. Then the swords card showed up, well that said. It was misfortune, the game wasn’t going to last very long.” Juana Calidad her, “oh Juana Bautista your not going to start with the witchcraft again.” Juana Valentina tells her, “enough we have to go ahead from this. Well I’m heading now to the milk store. To see if I can exchange the stove, for more milk. Or see if that milk man wants to do business with us. Considering what occured last night.” Juana Manny tells her, “do you want me to go with you. Just in case then I can do this. To try to convince him.” Juana Valentina tells them, “I’m going to see if I can do this the nice way. Oh dear lord, hopefully this will go well. Girls at least eat something.” Juana Calidad them, “you know what’s worse about this. Now we can’t celebrate Juana Valentina’s birthday. Were going to have to save every single cent.” Juana Matilde tells them, “well its the first birthday that were spending with Juana Valentina. Where we are all together, we have to celebrate her birthday. I just think its unjust, the thing is its because of her that were here.” Juana Bautista asks, “well how much money do we have to sustain both houses?” Juana Calidad her, “I better not tell you or else you’ll get scared.”

As Juana Valentina is walking around town. She hears, “your a theif. You all leave town, you leave Corozal. Your a bunch of theives, stop stealing. All of you get out of this town. Hey Valentina its best that you leave.” Juana Valentina starts getting scared, and starts walking faster.

Over at the salguero house, Calixto stops Ruben from leaving. “Ruben are you going to go see your sisters?” Ruben tells him, “yes before going to the bank yes. Then I’m heading off to San selejo to see if the banks, will help us out over there. We will see what we can do.” Calixto tells him, “wait come over here. Your mother and I want to talk to you about something.” Ruben smiling utters, “you two what is it?” Ruben gets so excited at seeing his mother. Dona Dona simply tells him, “sit down we need to talk to you.” Ruben tells them, “I remember when I was younger and you would get me in here. Then punish me for something in chorus. For a childhood thing I had done. Definately something good is happening. For the two of you to be in cahoots. Well that means good winds are coming into town. Hopefully they will enter here, because out there bad winds are coming.” Calixto tells him, “well Ruben we are worried over you. For your present and your future.” Ruben tells him, “oh that sounds good.” Ruben tells him, “the one’s that are bad are you two. For example mother, you are still pretty sick. Well you father are pretty depressed.” Dona Dona tells him, “god had a reason when he created man and woman Ruben Calixto.” Ruben now understands, what they are going to talk to him about. He utters, “ahhh now I know where your going. Look instead of talking about that, why don’t we talk about us. Lets take this opportunity, its been so long since we’ve been like this like family.” Dona Dona tells him, “I’m glad that you find family matters so important. Now is the time, for you to start thinking of creating your own.” Ruben’s smile disappears, “oh come mother once again with that issue.”

Calixto tells him, “Ruben we want you to feel better. Well both of us are relaxed as well.” Dona Dona tells him, “Maria Delia is a good girl. She loves you so very much, but one day she will get tired of waiting.” Ruben tells him, “oh yes that’s true. Plus she’s from a well beloved family and prestigious of the region.” Calixto tells him, “and you asked for Maria Delia’s hand in marriage.” Dona Dona tells him, “plus if you join that family you will have the economic means. Without risking well making a bad move.” Ruben asks, “wait you mean asking for a loan. Isn’t that what you wanted old man? Is that why you wanted me to marry her?” Calixto tells him, “one moment Ruben one moment. What we want is for you to have your own family. We want to have that opportunity to get to know our grandson.” Dona Dona tells him, “the more time that you take. It will get worse son, look if you don’t want to do it for your own good. Well do it for us.” Calixto tells him, “you’ve already taken the most difficult part. Well now that the family has accepted. All you have to do is just set a date. All we want is a date, that’s all we want.” Ruben tells him, “fine I’ll talk to Maria Delia.” Dona Dona tells him, “well do it right here with a cold head. She gives him a small calender. Then you can comunicate it to Maria Delia. That way you two can be sure of everything. I know that she will be overwhelmed with glee, and accept anything that you say.” Ruben tells him, “alright mother you set everything with her. What ever you decide, I will accept.” Dona Dona and Calixto smile, while Ruben sadly gives back the calender. Then he simply stares at the ground.

Over at the dolorosa, Poncho is serving his clients. Juana Manny and Juana Matilde show up. Juana Manny tells him, “Poncho I am so sorry for what occured last night.” Poncho tells them, “I know it wasn’t your fault. I’m also sure you didn’t set any trap.” Juana Matilde tells him, “look Poncho the thing is we still don’t know what occured. I counted those balls one by one, before I left the house.” Juana Manny tells her, “no that’s enough.” Octavio tells them, “the town is talking about nothing else. Now they don’t talk in front of us, since they know wer would put them in their place. Its a shame that the natural talents, of a woman like Juana Matilde. Well nobody ever sang the lottery quite like her.” Mauricio asks, “so how is the mood amongst your sisters.” Juana Manny tells him, “down like us but the one most affected is Juana Calidad. She’s the one that’s in charge of our finances. Now that she’s a nun, she’s been praying non stop to which ever saint there is.” Juana Matilde tells them, “and the lottery was going so well for all of us.” Mauricio tells them, “well I’m going now I have things to do. I’ll see you all later this evening. I have important things to do bye Gualberto.” He then runs off. Juana Manny asks Poncho, “hey what in the end did you father say?” Poncho tells them, “he’s still with his mouth open. This is the first time, since the Dolorosa has been open that there’s been a fight like last night. Since its inaugruation, back well its been 37 years.” Juana Matilde goes over to Miguel, “oh Miguel what did you father have to say?” Miguel tells her, “my father didn’t say anything why?” Juana Matilde tells him, “well I just don’t want him to think that we Juanas are a bunch of trappers.”

Maria Delia goes to visit Dona Dona. Who’s smiling away as she puts on her make-up. “Oh Dona you look quite well today.” Dona Dona tells her, “well its the injections and the great news. I’m so happy, that you have returned so quickly upon my calling you Maria Delia.” Maria Delia tells her, “I am well prepared. I have everything prepared to tell you, over that scandal with the lottery.” Dona Dona tells her, “no no its not that I want to talk to you about. Its about you and Ruben Calixto.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh Ruben Calixto there’s no way to change his mind Dona Dona. Everytime I bring up the wedding, he starts up with a million of excuses.” Dona Dona smiling away tells her, “oh Ruben Calixto would like us to set the date.” Maria Delia asks, “what date?” Dona Dona tells her, “oh dear were talking about your wedding plans.” Maria Delia utters, “no it can’t be. She gets up, Rubensito wants us to set the date of our wedding. That is what he said right? Oh dear lord in heaven thank you. Oh Dona Dona. She gives Dona two kisses on her cheek. Oh thank you very much, oh dear I am so very happy. Oh no…” Dona Dona asks, “why does this surprise you so very much?” Dona Dona asks, “why does this surprise you so very much. Its what you were waiting for.” Maria Delia tells her, “well he’s been repeating a million times. That he doesn’t have the time to think of such matters now.”

Dona Dona tells her, “well at last he understood. That he has nothing to do with this. We are going to prepare everything, every single detail of that wedding. Wait right there.” Maria Delia excitedly utters, “I’m going to get married I’m going to get married.” Dona Dona picks up the calender, “now then which month would you prefer.” Maria Delia looks at it and starts pacing, “oh I’ve never set up a wedding before. Oh you know, oh Dona Dona I am very nervous. I am so very happy. Oh dear lord well lets see. I already made a list of invited guests. I’ve already set up small dinner gatherings. Oh dear lord this will take a lot of time. I have to get the dress, the gifts, well then lets see lets see. How about in three months? Is that good enough?” Dona Dona tells her, “oh girl we are two plus your mother will also help out. Lets do this in two months, that should be enough time to give everyone the appropriate time to RSVP.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh I’m going to get married in two months Dona Dona. Oh this is all like a dream.”

Juana Calidad is at the church, “dear lord let me act like I should. Iluminate me, what should I do now Saint Antonia Maria Clairce.” Mauricio tells her, “don’t lose that hope.” She turns very scared and then turns back, when she realizes its Mauricio. Mauricio tells her, “I came because your sisters told me you were very down with what occured last night.” Juana Calidad tells him, “yes and I’m very worried. Everything was going so well, how could this have happened. I had even parted money, so we could celebrate Juana Valentina’s birthday. Its in two days.” Mauricio tells her, “and well if you manage to make it what’s the worry.” Juana Calidad tells him, “were going to use that money for other things. What most hurts me, well thanks to her we are all here. Juana Valentina is the one that most needs to celebrate. Well now, there’s no point.” Mauricio asks, “well then who’s stopping you?” Juana Calidad asks, “what I don’t understand.” Mauricio tells her, “well money isn’t an obstacle for you all to celebrate Juana Valentina’s birthday. We just have to think about something, that doesn’t cost us nothing.” Juana Calidad smiles and tells him, “yes you are correct. Oh yes something will make us think of something.” Mauricio tells him, “yes you will think of something.” Juana Calidad tells him, “but here no. Oh dear lord may this not be a sin.” Mauricio tells him, “in thinking of something nice to do like your sisters’s birthday. Isn’t a sin.” Juana Caldad tells him, “I’m not referring to that but for us talking here in church in the house of the lord.” Mauricio tells her, “no I don’t think so. Don’t think about that.” Juana Calidad tells him, “in any case lets do a prayer for the saint monk. Ok in the name of the father son and holy spirit.” Then both start praying.

Juana Valentina is still walking, when Ruben shows up in his truck. Ruben gets out of his truck, “hey why are you running away from me.” Juana Valentina in tears tells him, “oh I have things to do Ruben leave me alone.” He grabs her, and asks. “Why are you crying?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I’m crying because I’m furious. In this blasted town, all the people are yelling terrible things. That I’m a theif, I’m a scam artist. What more haven’t they said. The milk man who I wanted to exchange the stove with. Told me he doesn’t deal with delinquents. Oh you leave I’m like ready to kill someone. Just leave me alone.” Ruben grabs her and tells her, “now calm down. Now remember something, we are in the same boat understand. Now what do you think happened, with that blasted ball.” Juana Valetina tells him, “I don’t know we don’t know. But the person that must have robbed it. Well excuse me for saying this but, has to detest us more than your mother.” Ruben utters, “I see.” Ruben tells her, “I must tell you something before someone goes to you with the story. My mother and father, told me they wanted to talk to me. I should have been warned, but its been so long. Since they have been united in something.”

Juana Valentina asks, “what is it about?” Ruben tells her, “well the conversation is my parents want me to set up a date for the wedding with Maria Delia. I just couldn’t stop it, I told my mother that she had to be in charge of this.” Juana Valentina tells him, “its best this way. Well this convinces me, that you can’t be mine.” Ruben tells her, “but I don’t want to marry Maria Delia. The only woman that I love is you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “but you can’t love me. Nor me you, even though I love you. I just can’t.” Ruben tells her, “well its can’t be happening but it is.” Juana Valentina tells him, “but you asked Maria Delia to marry you?” Ruben tells her, “well because I’m an stupid idiot I was just anguished. Look I told my mother, that she was in charge of everything. All the preparations for the wedding, because I was just tired of hearing that stupid topic. Look if they set up a date, well I’ll think of something to stop it.” Juana Valentina tells him, “till what till we both stop being brother and sister. I am dying just dying. Just thinking that you are going to get married, but its the best thing that could have happened to us. Well for both of us.” He caresses her face, and both sadly look at one another.

Over at the pink house, Margarita Cruz vists the girls. Juana Manny tells her, “oh mom the people were furious. I wanted to defend myself, and they wouldn’t let me.” Octavio tells her, “we have to run out of the place.” Juana Manny tells him, “oh yes that’s what you perfer to do best is run you scary frog.” Tere tells them, “well first we must thank Ruben and the other boys for helping us out. Its Octavio Miguel Mauricio Gualberto Ruben and Todoelmundo. That they manage to get us out of that riot.” Margarita Cruz is shocked, and utters. “Oh dear lord what occurances. What could have created things to occur like that?” Juana Matilde tells her, “well that’s what we don’t know. I counted the balls one by one before leaving here.” Juana Manny repeats, “yes one by one you have been repeated that non stop Juana I don’t know. Plus I want to know, what are you all looking for so much.” Juana Matilde tells her, “what do you think those blasted balls. You miguel come with me, and help me out.” Octavio asks, “and me would you like me to help you out?” Juana Matilde tells him, “what are you deaf or something I said Miguel.” Juana Bautista tells her, “there’s no point they will show up eventually. The mayor has cancelled the lottery, so nows there’s no point there’s nothing more too do.” Juana Matilde tells her, “you know something Juana Bautista. What ever the blasted mayor, did or not do is not of my business. I will contine looking for them.” Juana Calidad and Mauricio arrive, “Ave Maria purisima.” They utter, conceived without sin.” Miguel tells them, “you are all so very united sisters in the world.” Octavio asks, “and Mauri how are you doing?” Mauricio tells him, “I am very well. How is everyone?”

Juana Matilde is on the floor, “what do you think? Were going…” Mauricio tells them, “I came to inform you of my solidarity. In these difficult moments you are all going through.” Octavio tells him, “oh the politician is talking.” Juana Calidad tells them, “well its getting pretty hot I’m going to make some lemonade.” Mauricio tells her, “I’ll join you.” Juana Manny playfully tells them, “oh how cute a nun with a politician. Oh what a combination.” Margarita Cruz asks, “what are you trying to say with that daughter?” Juana Manny tells her, “oh mother what planet are you living in. Mauricio likes Juana Calidad.” Juana Bautista tells her, “oh don’t start rumors Juana Manny.” Juana Manny tells them, “you can all be blind but not me. Just like the scary frog is interested in Juana Matilde.” Juana Matilde tells her, “hey Juana Manny don’t get me involved with Octavio alright.” Octavio tells her, “yes and don’t mess with me as well. It might start a gossip.” Juana Manny punches his stomach and tells him, “well I’m not blind.” Octavio is bent over in pain, while she laughs. Juana Bautista utters, “stop that.” Juana Valentina angrily returns with Ruben. Juana Bautista asks, “so what news does the older sister bring?” Juana Valentina tells them, “now I want you all to know at once. We have more enemies more than we had when those ladies put that poster up.” Ruben announces, “from here on out none of you will be leaving the house alone. They will have to be accompanied by one of the guys. It start today alright.” Margarita Cruz asks, “was it that serious?” Ruben tells her, ” yes senora you must be careful.” Juana Calidad and Mauricio return with the juice. Juana Calidad tells Mauricio, “now Mauricio you better be careful you don’t drop that.”

Mauricio tells her, “well don’t worry about it Juana Calidad I’ll be careful.” Juana Calidad smiles at Ruben, “oh hello Ruben.” Ruben utters, “oh hello Juana Calidad. I didn’t know you were here, I would have made you a glass of lemonade.” Ruben tells her, “oh don’t worry about it I’m on my way out. I have to head to Sincelejo, to do some banking business. Guys come here I must talk to you all. Mauricio gives Juana Calidad the drinks. Now guys I want you all to be sincere, are you with the juanas yes or no?” Mauricio tells him, “well of course Ruben.” Octavio tells him, “well of course Rubencho.” Miguel tells him, “well of course were with them.” Ruben asks, “what about Lazador and Gualberto. What about the rest of the combo?” Mauricio tells him, “well on behalf of Gualberto I put my hand on the fire for him.” Miguel tells him, “well I will put it for Poncho.” Octavio tells him, “well both hands for Lasador and his combo Ruben.” Ruben tells them, “now then if any of the Juanas or Terezalsura. Have to go out, me or one of you must accompany them. Its too protect them.” Juana Manny glances at the girls, Juana Valentina tells him. “Its not that drastic Ruben.” Ruben tells them, “yes its a lot because I won’t permit. Well the woman I … I mean the women that I love disrespects them.” Octavio utters, “yes senor.” Then Todoelmundo arrives, “may I come in.” Tere tells him, “well of course Todoelmundo your always welcomed.” Todoelmundo tells them, “excuse me well this is for you.” Tere asks, “what’s this for?” Todoelmundo tells her, “its the first edition of the royal queen spanish language dictionary. It was inugraanted by spain, for its five hundred anniversary of the discovery of america. You’ll be able to do the puzzles, I can’t continue helping you.”

Juana Bautista stops him, “Todoelmundo how many times does the word sorry appear in the bible?” Todoelmundo tells her, “not much than you think. But the name traitor Judas appears sporadically like the whole world knows. Appears seven times in the new testement. Todoelmundo doesn’t appear.” Juana Matilde tells him, “it doesn’t appear so you have to help locate those stupid balls.” Juana Valentina tells him, “Todoelmundo what were trying to tell you is this. Well if you thought, that we thought it was you were really sorry. I’m going on my knees and everything. I am sorry, what do you say?” Juana Bautista tells him, “you know that Terezalsura will take out her eyes. Trying to do those cross puzzles, you can’t leave her alone.” Juana Calidad tells him, “Todoelmundo I am asking you on behalf of the saint antonia Maria Clairce.” Todoelmundo tells him, “well the spanish saint that was born in 1807 died in 1870. Confessor of the queen elizabeth the second. Who founded like the whole world knows, of the congragation of missonary work of the sons of holy mother of maria. They are known as Claritanoes.” Octavio tells him, “the town wouldn’t be the same without you Todoelmundo. Where does all that information get stored?” Miguel tells him, “well what they didn’t give him in height they gave him in brains.” Mauricio tells him, “well here in town there could a university and have the only professor by the name of Todoelmundo.”

Ruben tells him, “here we need men to take care of the juanas and Terezalsura. Well you were the one that was missing. The whole worlds respects you Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells him, “well nobody will talk badly about them in my presense.” Juana Valentina tells him, “plus you were the first person that we met when Tere and I arrived. Do you remember? We became fast friends Todoelmundo. Now we are surrounded by enemies, if you fight with us. We lose your friendship, it will be a hard blow to us. I’m telling you from the bottom of my heart. Well mine is a broken heart. Well what do you say?” Todoelmundo tells her, “I want one thing very clear. The bastard who stole that ball, will have to deal with me.” Everyone cheers and hugs Todoelmundo.” Ruben tells Juana Valentina, “how can I not adore you Juana Valentina?” Juana Valentina tells him, “well how can I not stop loving you Ruben Calixto.” Margarita Cruz watches them closely. Juana Valentina turns and faces everyone. I want to tell you something. Well on behalf of my sisters and brother. Well they could have hit us, or put us against the wall. We are going ahead, yes were going to go on ahead me fregue.” Everyone starts clapping and going, “woo hoo.” Juana Matilde utters, “that’s my sister.” Juana Bautista tells her, “the ram doesn’t let himself be taking down. He fights and hits with a lot of energy, but he doesn’t wait for something to fall from the sky. The success from the sky, no for nothing. The lottery for the daughter of tuesday, signifies that’s part of your past. The past is to throw it away, and throw it away in the wastebasket. Everyone cheers and claps. Well daughter of aries are you thinking about something we can do?” Juana Valentina tells her, “no not yet but I know amongst us five we wil think of something else. Because we won’t be left this way.” Ruben tells them, “well then I have to go or else I will be late for my meeting. Guys I’m leaving the Juanas in your care.” The guys one by one utter, “you don’t have to worry about things.”

Juana Matilde gets up, “Ruben Salguero you are forgetting something. You can’t leave the house, without giving me a goodbye kiss.” Ruben tells her, “yes and everyone else.” Then one by one he kisses them, Juana Bautista utters. “Not too much with another Ruben.” Margarita Cruz watches him quite closely. Ruben goes to Juana Valentina, “if I arrived late tonight I call you.” He then takes off, but Juana Valentina follows him. “Bye he utters.” Then running from the corner is Maria Delia. She gives him a big kiss, and hug. “Oh my love, oh hello Juana Valentina. Oh how are you oh I’m so happy.” Ruben asks, “and what is happening Maria Delia?” Maria Delia tells him, “oh were going to be very happy. Soon this bad situation will pass, you will be able to take your pilot test. I’ll buy a plane, and we could travel all over the place. Accompanied by our children.” Ruben asks, “and flying a plane is one of your wishes from the genie of the lamp.” Maria Delia tells him, “well yes now you will get your happy ending in two months.” Ruben asks, “what I don’t understand.” Maria Delia tells him, “yes you see your mother and I have decided. That were getting married in two months.” Ruben glances over at Juana Valentina, who starts walking away. “Oh that’s too soon.” Maria Delia tells him, “no that’s the perfect chance to set everything up in time. We are going to have a party, that the whole town of Corozal will remember for all time.” Ruben tells her, “well its not because of the preparations. You must think about me, I can’t get married relaxed knowing that there so many problems yet to be resolved.” Maria Delia tells him, “but the honeymoon will only be one week. Well you can let those problems disappear for eight days. When we return, those problems will be resolved in our home very quickly. You are so very intelligent Rubensito.”

Ruben tells her, “no how can I explain this too you. Well what least interests me, well its the one week for our honeymoon that’s the truth. I’m just worried about my mood my state of mind. To be able to dedicate myself in us, but with all the problems I have in my head I just can’t do it.” Maria Delia tells him, “oh I understand your doing it for me.” Ruben tells her, “yes that’s it exactly. Yes that’s it.” Maria Delia tells him, “ok then tell me when would it work for you?” Ruben tells her, “how about one year?” Maria Delia tells him, “what one year I had planned on having a son by then. Rubensito forget that.” Ruben tells her, “well how about ten months?” Maria Delia angrily tells him, “why did you ask me to marry you if you don’t want to marry me Ruben Salguero.” Ruben tells him, “no its not that well the loans from the banks. Expires in six months, well I have three months left. I can’t leave things like this, I won’t be relaxed to dedicate all my time too the preperations of my wedding.” Maria Delia tells him, “fine then in three months we will get married. Once you fix that situation with the loan. The next one we will face together.” Ruben tells her, “Maria Delia you don’t have nothing to do with that. So don’t worry about it ok.” Maria Delia tells him, “you can’t do this to your mother Ruben. You tricked her, you told her that we two could pick the date of our wedding. Now you changing things. Ruben continues to stare over at Juana Valentina. When she realizes this, that you were talking just to talk. She might go into shock or something. She’s going to get really bad. At this point Juana Valentina enters the house, Ruben very sadly watches her. So what do you have to say? Well say something.” Ruben tells her, “fine in three months.” She jumps for joy and gives him a big hug.

bannerEPISODE 28

bannerNight has fallen when Ruben returns home. Alone in the living room is Calixto. “Son I’ve been waiting for you. So how did things go in Sincelejo?” Ruben tells him, “terrible they heard my tale and they told me. That we had a contract with the state here, and they aren’t going to do absolutely nothing.” Calixto tells him, “another loan against the house and the lands?” Ruben tells him, “well I wanted to proposed that but I am a complete failure old man.” Calixto tells him, “oh don’t say such a thing Ruben. You manage to give us a bit of breathing room with the banks.” Ruben tells him, “well I promised you I would give you more time. Plus with three months, its practically nothing.” Calixto tells him, “the floods have stopped. I know right next to the plantation we will be able to re-seed. You deserve a rum son, you always told me one should have their heads held high. One shouldn’t feel destroyed, especially you. Didn’t you say in a dark tunnel, there’s always a light.” Ruben tells him, “well it seems ours is burnt out old man. I took the opportunity to start looking for work.” Calixto asks, “work in what?” Ruben tells him, “administrator well that is what I know what to do. I talked to two ranchers, I dropped off a resume.” Calixto tells him, “now that I need you here your leaving. So you can work for someone else.” Ruben tells him, “old man lets be sincere. We have no money, and were practically living on and depending on thanks to the juanas. They now have no means to sustain themseleves or maintain us. So I have to work with anything, get a proper salery. Then put a candle for god, and the second one to the devil so you can get back your lands. Ruben finishes his drink and utters. Goodbye old man.” Calixto utters, “no blasted plauge will destroy me mother no.” Ruben goes to his bedroom, and looks out the window.

Juana Valentina is downstairs in the dining room. Juana Bautista comes down and sees her. “Oh your having a hot chocolate? Oh I’ll wash it.” Juana Valentina tells her, “you don’t have too.” Juana Bautista tells her, “its not to do that but to discover why are you like this? Your are sad because of love, I knew it had nothing to do with the lottery. You wouldn’t betray your sign. Aries don’t fall apart over a incident. Love is distinctive, you are a ram. Even though you give the world so much importance that surrounds you. Love is your existance. Juana Valentina you can confide in me.” Juana Valentina in tears tells her, “I am fine seriously.” Juana Bautista asks, “is it because of Ruben?” Juana Valentina tells her, “he’s getting married I know that its good for the both of us. Juana Bautista I know, but its not easy to support that idea.” Juana Bautista tells her, “sometimes one assimlates the trials of destiny but they are very complex. Yes you are correct, marrage is the best thing that could happen.”

The next morning, Maria Delia and Dona Dona are making a list. “The four brother of Prete, we must invite them dear.” Maria Delia tells her, “yes Dona I think that’s correct.” Dona Dona tells her, “even though they live in Santa Marta. We can’t let them be left out. Oh and the Ducars and the Marcus. Even if they have to come from Barranquilla.” Someone’s at the door and Ophelia gets it and leaves the mail on the table. “Ophelia who was that?” Ophelia tells her, “its a envelope for Don Calixto from the Dolorosa.” Dona Dona tells her, “give it over here I’ll open it.” Maria Delia asks, “how about Don Regar Ramiero and his wife?” Dona Dona asks, “who?” Maria Delia repeats, “Don Regar Ramiero and his wife?” Dona Dona tells her, “yes yes. Then she screams, when she sees the note. This is what I needed. Oh dear they comit a crime of fraud and my husand has to pay for it. Oh this is height of improprity.” Maria Delia quickly goes over to her just in case she passes out. She helps her sit down, “oh dear what’s wrong?” Dona Dona tells her, “what wrong is those ungrateful ilegitimates for their behaviour. Provoked the destruction that night, at the dolorosa. That old man Sarmiento, has now sent Mr. Salguero the bill.” Maria Delia uttes, “oh breath calmly oh she needs something to drink.” Ophelia quickly runs to get her something to drink. Dona takes a deep breath and utters. “Dear I’m fine please sit down. No thinking about this clearly, Mr. Salguero deserves this and so much more. So she can take note of his greatest sins. Oh what much poisons me, that those sassy illegitimates that they can’t confront for themselves. The consequences of her actions.” Ophelia returns with the water. The senoritas Salguero, recognize your handwritting?” Maria Delia tells her, “no why.” Dona Dona tells her, “well then write this down. Juana Valentina what every her last name is.” Maria Delia tells her, “its Echenique.” Dona Dona tells her, “go out and who ever you find out there. Give him a few cents, and tell him to drop it off at the pink house. You go get out. In the end poor Ophelia has to return to the kitchen with the water. Maria Delia stares at her, then Dona Dona utters. Well write already.”

Over at that pink house, Mauricio is with the three guys. “Now then guys we must help celebrate Juana Valentina’s brithday. Well at least she deserves a nice party.” Octavio tells him, “oh yes that sounds good. You put the rum, I’ll bring the music.” Mauricio tells him, “hey one minute what’s this I put the rum and you the music. The music is free too you, while the rum costs.” Miguel tells him, “just ask your father for a box a rum that he uses for his campaign to buy his votes.” Octavio tells him, “oh that sounds good Miguel.” Mauricio tells him, “listen here Miguel hey be very careful what you say about my father.” Gualberto tells him, “now guys why don’t we have the party at the club.” Maurico tells him, “what is your head hot or something. You know very well, the only one’s members are you and I. We would end up paying for the entire party, no sir.” Octavio tells him, “well that nun will be utterly grateful. That ugly one has the politican going quite crazy.” The guys start laughing, Mauricio tells him. “Oh the ugly one at least talks to me, while the singer doesn’t even spit in your direction. Oh god is very great see.” Then the others guys start laughing. The girls come out, and Juana Matilde asks. “Hey what are you guys doing out here?” Octavio tells her, “we are your honorary guards.” Juana Manny tells him, “oh we don’t need any guards when they have me.” Mauricio tells him, “look we made a promise to Ruben. That we wouldn’t leave you alone, walking all over town.”

Juana Matilde tells him, “oh really lets see. What could possibly happen here in this town? Oh why are you guys so worried about?” Then a whole group of people go towards the pink house. One of them yells out, “enough why don’t you guys go back to work. Instead of being with those shameless women. Don’t you dare show your faces too us, you bunch of trappers.” Octavio tells him, “hey you better watch what your saying. Nobody insults my friends in front of me.” A guy tells him, “its not an insult its the truth.” Another guy utters, “where’s our money?” Mauricio tells him, “hey you fatso you better appoligize to these ladies.” The guy screams out, “they are a bunch of trappers.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh yeah do you think were going to hide. As if were going to take that. Let me tell you something, I counted those balls…” Juana Manny tells them, “one by one before leaving this house. Oh you be quiet Juana Matilde, what you think your such a macho man.” She approches them, and Mauricio holds her back. Juana Calidad grabs her, “Juana Manny don’t get involved.” Miguel goes in front of her and tells her, “no its us between them Juana Manny.” Juana Matilde grabs Miguel, “no your not fighting let Octavio fight.” Octavio asks, “hey why does he not have to fight while I have too?” Juana Matilde tells him, “because yes.” The guy screams out, “they are at fault they are the iligimates of Salguero. What you think nothing will happen to them?” Juana Manny is grabbed once more by Juana Calidad. Mauricio tells her, “listen to Juana Calidad please go right in and call the police.” Juana Calidad tells him, “why call the police when we have you all to defend us.” Then she pushes Gualberto forward, Gualberto utters. “Well then should we.” Octavio utters, “well then its our turn then.” The guys step out and a fight begins. Punches are given, the only one excited is Juana Manny. Mauricio is fighting the fat one, Miguel is fighting another one. Octavio gets thrown on the ground.

Over at Judge Germias Guerra’s house, Calixto shows up. “Oh I came to see you since your the godfather of Ruben. I wanted you to be the first to find out the news.” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “I am very happy for my godson. I wish him a long and happy married life. Full of happiness.” Calixto tells him, “oh yes thank you he will appreciate it.” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “well this deserves a rum.” Calixto tells him, “well if you say so. Oh you’ve been so fortunate to have a woman be by your side. To be without a partner in this life, sometimes is a chord that’s unsupportable.” Calixto tells him, “yes I’m guessing so. Oh comparede haven’t you been able to recuperate over the loss of Anita.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well no comparede Anita will always remain in my heart forever. Well I must confess lately I feel a new kind of energy. A desire that makes me get up in the morning. A strength that I had lost many years ago. Its all thanks to a woman.” Calixto asks, “well judge congratulations. Oh this is a grand news.” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “her youth and happiness. Invites me to continue my cordial life. With the sense of being a young lawyer, doing his first legal defence.” Calixto tells him, “oh yes I understand I’m going to tell you. That Margarita Cruz is a grand woman.” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “comparede you haven’t understood what I’ve been saying.” Calixto looks at the paper, “hey what’s this about? Oh I’m going to say, I believe in coincidences. I must go judge, we will continue talking later.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “but we haven’t finished our conversation.” Calixto tells him, “I must talk to Ruben about something I’m robbing this newspaper. See you later comparede.” Judge Geremias Guerra utters, “but I must talk to you. Dam it the entire family is a rafaga.”

Over at the pink house Juana Valentina arrives. The guys are being taken care of by the girls. Juana Calidad tells her, “oh Juana Valentina the people out there acting very badly.” Juana Matilde tells her, “you should have seen Miguel. He shut the mouths of all those people.” Octavio tells her, “yeah right as if Miguel was the only one that defended you all.” Juana Manny tells him, “oh it would have been easy. It you needed someone helping you out you scary frog.” Juana Valentina asks, “hey what were you all thinking? What us to be trapped here? Or for us to live in this house, like it was jail. No were not going to give them any satisfaction. Neither of the two, oh do it slowly.” Todoelmundo and Juana Bautista show up. “Hey what happened here? Is this a hospital?” Juana Matilde tells him, “well some men were insulting us in the street and Miguel had to start fighting with all of them.” Octavio so annoyed tells them, “are you hearing that its as if Miguel did everything. We all fought.” Juana Calidad tells them, “no senor all of them did but there was so many out there.” Juana Manny tells them, “if I had been able to fight them it would have gone better.” Juana Valentina asks, “where is Terezalsura?”

Todoelmundo tells her, “oh she’s over at Don Calixto’s house preparing dinner. I found Juana Bautista and bumped into her.” Juana Valentina asks, “so did anything happen to you on the streets?” Todoelmundo tells her, “a few women yelled at me but nothing major happened. I hardly paid them any attention, a boy give them to me to give too you.” Juana Valentina sees the note, and exclaims. “Juana Calidad another bill to add to your costs.” Juana Calidad asks, “what is it?” Juana Valentina tells her, “the bill for the Dolorosa for everything that was damaged.” Everyone exclaims, “what?” Juana Manny asks, “what is that?” Juana Valentina tells them, “well here it is.” Mauricio asks, “so Poncho Sarmiento actually had the nerve to send you the bill. Oh how classless of him.” Juana Valentina tells him, “its not his fault his father probably wrote it.” Miguel tells him, “well that’s just greedy because the lottery gave him a lot of money.” Juana Matilde tells them, “yes that’s true.” Juana Calidad asks, “so how much is it?” Juana Valentina tells them, “its 250 000.” The group utter, “250 000.” Juana Calidad blesses herself, “oh dear lord.” Juana Matilde tells them, “well he shouldn’t have charged us because he won’t get a single dime from us. Were not at fault, plus I counted those balls one by one.” In unison they utter, “one by one before leaving the house.” Juana Matilde tells them, “oh yes I knew you all were going to do that.” Then they all begin to laugh.

Ruben is on the phone, telling someone. “We don’t have that money, we can’t pay what we owe you. Its as simple as that. You’ve also been a agriculture guy, and understand what were facing. Its very difficult, look all I’m asking is. We wait for the next harvest, we will pay the loan and I’ll give you a percentage of our business what do you say? Exactly if you want we can discuss this later this afternoon. We can have lunch over at the club, for me it won’t be a problem. Ok see you this afternoon. Great there goes the next crop.” Calixto arrives and tells him, “man the lord sent me a lighting strike. Which brought forth my daughter, now we can say that the apparition of the holy mother has appeared.” Ruben asks, “what are you referring about father?” Calixto tells him, “the administrator of agriculture. Has to help its agriculture community victims, because there’s just too many of us that were affected.” Ruben tells him, “well your friends took out their hands when you asked them for it. So we had to try to negotiate with the bank and our creditors.” Calixto tells him, “yes that I know but that’s not important. Well if we could possibly give out, our problems out of our administrative district. Into the compas that’s educated, well that way we could possibly get financial help from the government.” Ruben tells him, “well that would mean that we would have to go to Bogota.” Calixto tells him, “no you will go to Bogota. I can’t go, you know the altitude… But in any case, your not going to travel alone.” Ruben asks, “oh really then who would you like me too go with?” Calixto tells him, “read this and then you can say that the virgin appeared to us.” Ruben glances at the article, and looks back at his father.


Dona Dona is visited by Margarita Cruz. “I’m glad that your feeling better Dona.” Dona Dona tells her, “yes but I can’t leave the house but I’m glad that I’m able to walk again around my house. It comforts me at least.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “to make you feel better I was mistaken thinking that Ruben was in love with Juana Calidad.” Dona Dona asks, “what do you mean?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “I was at the pink house well it was then. That Juana Calidad and the boy Fuentlafria showed up.” Dona Dona asks, “and?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “she was very happy as was he. When Ruben arrived, neither of them flinched.” Dona Dona asks, “are you sure Margarita?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “absolutely sure Dona in fact my own daughter made a comment. Saying that there was a couple, regarding the politician liked the nun. I’m sorry if I lead you to believe things that were false. I just misinterpreted what occured in that plaza. I am firmly convinced that between Juana Calidad and Ruben. Its a love between two siblings nothing else.” Dona Dona tells her, “you mean step-siblings. Well which one of the sisters is my son in love with then. The look I saw didn’t lie to me.” Margarita tells her, “what I do know its not Juana Calidad.” Dona Dona asks, “do you suspect anybody else? Well speak up, and talk.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “I want to make sure.” Dona Dona tells her, “oh no don’t leave me like this Margarita. Do you suspect one of the step-sisters yes or no?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “I think its best that I confirm my suspicious. I will continue my observations and tell you something that’s definate.” Dona Dona simply rolls her eyes.

Out in the streets is Maria Delia, who bumps into Manuel Efe. “Hey Maria Delia would you like me to take you any where?” Maria Delia tells him, “no Manuel Efe thank you for asking I am going to the seamstress. To order my wedding dress, I don’t want to get it done last minute.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well congratulations.” Maria Delia utters, “thank you.” Manuel Efe tells her, “Aunt Dona told me everything.” Maria Delia tells him, “let me tell you Ruben is taking home a very wonderful woman. What ever you want help in for this wedding. Don’t hesitate to ask.” Maria Delia tells him, “now that you mention it. If your not in a hurry, I would love it if you came with me to the semstresss. Well my mother couldn’t accompany me, and I feel a bit insecure. Well you know so much about fashion.” Manuel Efe tells her, “I don’t know fashion but material. Well for fashion you need good taste. Well me I have a lot of it, tell me something do you know what the Juanas are up too lately.” Maria Delia tells him, “I haven’t gone to visit them. Especially now since the entire town is against them. With that scandal with the lottery.” Manuel Efe utters, “poor things.” Maria Delia tells him,”well let me tell you they deserved it.” Maria Delia tells him, “so that means they are trappers?” Manuel Efe tells her, “it seems everything indicates yes. I think the best thing they should do. Is for someone to tell them they must be from Corozal.” Maria Delia tells him, “yes no.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well then get in.” Maria Delia utters, “sure.” Then he drives her to the seamstress.

At the pink house, Juana Valentina is walking with Tere. While Juana Bautista is dusting. Tere tells her, “my love don’t ask me to continue helping out the Salguero’s. Dona Dona is getting ready to get up, and she’s liable to see me.” Juana Valentina tells her, “the thing is Dona Dona doesn’t know that Juana Calidad. Is now in charge of the houses finances Tere. Can you just image if that senora starts doing it again. She’s going to start wasting money like before. Its going to be a mess again.” Tere tells her, “no dear in that mess I don’t want to get myself involved in. I am going to start getting out of there. Plus I don’t want to know anymore.” Juana Valentina tells her, “fine calm down its done. I’ll talk to Don Calixto, but I don’t like this.” Tere goes to get the door. Juana Bautista tells her, “look we must all find jobs because we won’t last the month.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well here in Corozal we aren’t going to find jobs.” Calixto arrives with Ruben, “my daughters hello how are you?” Juana Valentina utters, “hello Don Calixto how are things?” Calixto tells her, “fine fine.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well I’m glad that both of you came today. I wanted to talk to you about something.” Calixto tells her, “first of I want to ask you for a favor. A very important favor, the thing is tomorrow Ruben has to travel to Bogota, I want you to travel with him.” Juana Valentina utters, “me?” Tere glances at her, Juana Bautista looks very conserned. While Ruben grins and stares at Juana Valentina. She sits down, then asks. “Travel with Ruben but what for?”

Ruben tells her, “well with this situation our only hope is to talk to the agriculture adminstration. In this process try to help every agriculturer here in this region to lost everything.” Juana Valentina asks, “but what do I have to do with anything?” Ruben tells her, “well your last name is Echenique.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I just don’t understand.” Calixto tells her, “well the situation is like this. It seems one of the vice president of the agriculture board. Well he has that last name, well I’m thinking. Well since its not a common name, well he must be a relative of yours.” Juana Valentina utters, “yes Alrero Echenique well he’s my uncle. I mean the brother of the man that raised me. Well the thing is I hardly know him.” Calixto tells her, “well they say its harder to catch a lobster in a river than a public figure in Bogota. An important man that will receive Ruben and I. Well were a bunch of strangers. I don’t think he would deny meeting a relative.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well in this case the name Echenique serves quite well.” Calixto tells her, “well Juana Valentina I’m a bit embarssed.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh don’t be no I didn’t say that too offend you. I assure you.” She gives him back the newspaper. Well what can I tell you.” Tere touches her finger to her mouth. Well how is this situation.” Calixto tells her, “well if we are able to get the administrator takes into account our case. To a devision in the government called compas, well its possible that the center municipal governement. Will be interested in us so we could recuperate.”

Juana Valentina utters, “I see so you would like me to try to set up a meeting with Alrero Echenique. To explain the situation.” Calixto tells her, “exactly.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I see well we will head to Bogota.” Both Tere and Juana Bautista jump up and utter, “I’ll go with you.” Calixto tells them, “no one moment one moment please. A trip for four is costly, its quite expensive.” Juana Bautista tells Tere, “don’t worry Tere I’ll go with them. Plus who knows maybe Mr. Echenique well he might be a man that like his palms read.” Calixto tells them, “well then the three of you will travel. Now then we can order the tickets, and pay with credit. I’ll also ask your mother’s brother if he can loan us his apartment.” Tere tells him, “no no maybe its better a hotel.” Calixto tells her, “Terezalsura a hotel is quite expensive. Well the trip is for tomorrow.” Juana Bautista tells him, “tomorrow no for tomorrow is Juana Valentina’s birthday.” Juana Valentina glances over at Juana Bautista.

Over at the Dolorosa, Poncho is cleaning the bathroom. Octavio and Miguel are talking to him. “Oh could you do something rotten like that. By giving them the bill for that night. Plus we wanted this place, to be the place to celebrate Juana Valentina’s birthday party.” Poncho tells him, “I didn’t send it but my father did.” Miguel tells him, “well you could have convinced him not to do it.” Poncho tells him, “Miguel its only 250 000 do you think that this situation. Is the time to throw away, that kind of money away.” Octavio tells him, “when the juana lottery was working the Dolorosa made a good profit.” Poncho tells him, “well yes it was a great business but was ruined because they did it.” Miguel asks, “so you think that the Juanas are responsible?” Poncho tells him, “no but my guess is they didn’t take into account the counting of the balls.” Octavio tells him, “ok lets get back to the party.” Poncho tells him, “look I told you I can’t close the Dolorosa on a friday night.” Miguel tells him, “well then you don’t have to close it.” Poncho tells him, “look if I allow entrance to the Juanas. Well another riot will get started.” Octavio asks, “hey wait why are you cleaning. Didn’t you have a girl that cleaned here?” Poncho enters the stall, and tells him. “As you can see in today’s situation the stick could keep the spoon. We had to let her go, to save the salery.” He drops he papers on the ground. The two balls roll away. Octavio asks. “What is that? Oh look its the two balls that went missing. The young one and the age of christ.” Miguel and Poncho look at the balls then back at one another.

Over at the pink house, Manuel Efe shows up and sits down. Juana Matilde is stuck being with him. “Oh I’m so sorry for what you all are going through. I am quite worried over your situation.” Juana Matilde checks her cds, and tells him. “Thank you Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe tells her, “oh that scandal was quite huge. The people won’t stop talking about that.” Juana Matilde tells him, “yes I guess so.” Manuel Efe tells her, “Don Calixto’s situation I know oh too well. Well that’s also very grave.” Juana Matidle tells him, “we are seeing if we can fix that.” Manuel Efe gets up and tells her, “Juana Matilde well one or all of you. Plan on leaving Corozal.” Juana Matilde tells him, “no we haven’t thought about that Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe changes the subject, “oh there’s the photo I took the day of your birthday.” Juana Matilde tells him, “yes well there were only two that weren’t unfocused.” Manuel Efe asks, “where are your sisters?” Juana Matilde tells him, “well Juana Manny is out in the patio doing exercises. Juana Calidad and Juana Bautista I don’t know. Juana Valentina is fixing her suitcase.” Manuel Efe asks, “so that means she’s leaving?” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh Manuel Efe Juana Valentina and Ruben are travelling to Bogota. To do my father a favour, Juana Valentina will be coming back. She’s only staying for a couple of days.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well if they like I can take them on my plane.” Juana Matilde asks, “you have a plane.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes well its my families. I took a course before going to europe. But I really learned to fly was in Paris France. Well we just have to go to Sahagun, then head to Bogota.”

Upstairs Juana Bautista tells Juana Valentina. “Man destiny is playing games with you two.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I don’t know what I did for it to treat me like that. Well everytime I try to leave, something detains me. What ever thing, oh when I work at getting more strength. To pull away from Ruben, to stay away from him. Something happens and unites us even further oh no. Soon I’m just going to say, alright destiny.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well that’s why I’m going with you. I am warning you, I am sticking by you like glue. I’m going to like your shadow.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well your afraid of my failure of responsibility.” Juana Bautista tells her, “I’m afraid of you youth. Plus the manliness of Ruben. His eyes can’t help to see you as his woman.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes as mine can’t see him as a man.” Juana Bautista tells her, “oh girl stop staring at one another before both of you get burnt.” Juana Matilde screams out, “hey you two someone’s out there in the patio. Hey hurry it up.” Juana Valentina utters, “now what else is happening?” Juana Matilde screams, “everyone come quickly you won’t guess what occured.” Tere asks, “what what happened?”

Juana Calidad races in, “so what happened?” Juana Matilde tells them, “wait till they tell you. Everyone start talking at once, look if you don’t shut up I won’t tell you. They all are quiet, I have a surprise for you.” They asks, “what?” Juana Matilde tells them, “you will never guess.” All of them start complaining, “oh come on tell us.” She shows them, “the two balls that went missing. Everyone is excited all except Manuel Efe. Oh Miguel brought them too me.” She gives him a big hug, Octavio tells them. “Hey there wait one minute. He parts Juana Matilde and Miguel. The one that found them, was Poncho Sarmiento. I decided to bring them over here.” Juana Valentina asks, “so where did you find them? Well tell me already?” Octavio tells them, “well they were in the men’s bathroom at the Dolorsa. They were put in the dirty waste basket.” Todoelmundo tells them, “now what the whole world knows. At the Dolorosa, the only people who enter those bathrooms are the men. When there’s women there, well he takes them to his house. The girls all agree, Todoelmundo continues. Well then that means one thing, the one who threw the balls there at the Dolorosa. Was in fact a man.” Tere tells him, “yes senor you are correct on that point.” Then everyone stares at him, Todoelmundo asks. “Why are you looking at me that way? What you now think again that I robbed the balls?” They all utter, “no man.” Then all talk at once, Manuel Efe simply fakes a smile.

Over at Ruben’s office, he’s visited by Judge Geremias Guerra. “Man you must now believe in miracles. The vice president of agriculture, turns out to be Juana Valentina’s uncle. The brother of her step father.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well that is why she’s travelling with you.” Ruben tells him, “well if I travel with Juana Valentina. Mr. Echenique will be glad to receive us, instead of me travelling alone.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well then its best that I travel with you as well.” Ruben tells him, “oh you don’t have to worry about it.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well I’m a lawyer I can start arguing with his lawyer. Mr. Echenique will be able to understand us.” Ruben asks, “how do you know he’s a lawyer?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “oh please god son one and one equals two. He’s from Barnquilla and he has a really high post. I’ll go with you.” Ruben tells him, “no godfather don’t worry if I manage to talk to Mr. Echenique. I swear it I guarantee you, I will tell him to help us out in any form.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well I’m not putting your skills believe in your capacities. But between us lawyers, we can understand things.” Ruben tells him, “well if Mr. Echenique doesn’t understand well then he doesn’t want to understand.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “look Ruben I want to talk man to man.” Ruben tells him, “well of course godfather.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well when you were younger we talked like a god father to a godson.” Ruben tells him, “well go ahead what do you want to tell me.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “look what I have to tell you isn’t easy. I want you to comprehend, and put yourself in my place. Don’t get angery with me, in various occasions I’ve tried to talk to your father about this. There’s always something that stops me.” Ruben asks, “so what your trying to say godfather is well it has something to do with me?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well look what’s occuring at this moment is…” The phone rings and Ruben tells him. “Sorry I must get that.” Ruben’s secretary tells him, “Ruben Juana Valentina is on the phone. She says its urgent.” Ruben tells him, “sorry godfather. What’s going on Juana Valentina? Your going to do what?”

At the pink house, Juana Valentina tells him, “yes were having a meeting over at the Dolorosa. We have contacted the major, the priest, and including the cat. I tried contacting your father, but can’t reach him. Apparently he’s at the ranch, so I need you to replace him. Me fregue we aren’t going to pay the price for something we didn’t do. Now you want us to be quiet, were not going to be steped on sonny.” Ruben tells her, “I don’t know what your referring about Juana Valentina. Please don’t do anything crazy. Wait for me at your house, then we can talk.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no this furry won’t be delayed Ruben. The juanas salguero’s aren’t trappers. That is what the whole town of Corozal has to know. Oh karaba.” Ruben tells her, “please Juana Valentina don’t do anything until we talked. Please I begging you, I’m begging you my love. Judge Geremias Guerra face lights up. No I’ll go to the house, then we can talk alright.” Juana Valentina tells him, “your sisters aren’t trappers Ruben. The only one that makes traps, is the same one that gave me and that agriculture man the same last name.” She then hangs up. Ruben starts yelling, “Juana Valentina Juana Valentina.” At the house, Juana Valentina repeats. “I love you I love you I love you.”

Ruben quickly puts his things away, Judge Geremias Guerra gets up. “Hey you called her your love.” Ruben tells him, “what at who?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “you know at who.” Ruben tells him, “oh godfather but that’s just a way of saying things.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “godson that’s not a way to say things.” Ruben tells him, “yes I always say that to the juanas.” Judge Geremias Guera tells him, “no that’s not true. I knew it, I knew it wasn’t an irony of my suspicions. Isn’t that right?” Ruben asks, “suspcisious of what godfather?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “the love you have for Juana Valentina is greater than brother and sisters.” Ruben tells him, “you are mistaken judge.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well maybe the proof is cirumstancial. But the testimal thats principal is that you called her my love.” Ruben tells him, “sorry godfather but I really have to get going towards the cafe.” Then he takes off, with Judge Geremias Guerra watching him.

Over at the Dolorosa, the guys start arriving in droves. Then one by one the place starts filling up. Poncho tells his father, “dad get ready bring up a bunch of boxes of a rum and beer. We’re going to get busy in a few minutes heard me.” He then helps people sit down.

The girls meanwhile walk through the plaza. Juana Matilde tells them, “see I knew it or my name isn’t Juana Matilde Salguero. You know what’s going on? I counted those balls one by one.” They girls united utter, “one by one.” Juana Matilde tells them, “well your all eating papaja now.” Manuel Efe stops Juana Valentina, “Juana Valentina I just want to tell you. That since this terrible incident, I’ve always been on your side. Well on your part.” Juana Valentina pats his shoulder, “yes yes and thank you.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well I also want to tell you my feelings for you. My love for you hasn’t stopped.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well that topic has officially been cancelled and you know it.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes but by you but not me. Look what’s going on Juana Valentina. I swore that you would be mine.” Then the guys shows up with Lazador playing his acordian.” Everyone starts hugging one another and Tere starts dancing. Juana Valentina tells him, “oh just look at my sisters it like they are having a party.” She’s going to run to them, but Manuel Efe stops her. “Well it will be a party, if at least well you accept my friendship. Juana Valentina I want to ask, why what’s wrong with me?” Juana Valentina tells him, “what’s going on is look you are a nice guy. A very kind and sweet guy, a nice gentleman very friendly guy. Very educated, intelligent, but sometimes you are. Well your very annoying Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe gets angry again, then Juana Valentina joins the crew. Manuel Efe stays behind and hits the post.”

Inside the Dolorosa, the girls and guys stand on top of the stage. Manuel Efe enters and looks around. Juana Valentina tells them, “Mr. Mayor, Mr. Inspector, councel members, Senor priest. Gentelmen, well I can’t say dames because were the only one’s here. Ruben shows up with Judge Geremias Guerra. Well we are here in front of you, four Juanas with the last name Salguero. Plus one more named Echenique and that’s me. I wanted to unite everyone here, to comunicate. That the two balls that were missing, well the ones that were used for the lottery have reappeared.” The guy asks, “well so what?” Juana Matilde asks, “what do you mean so what? What do you mean so what? We weren’t the one’s that hid those balls.” Juana Calidad tells them, “we aren’t trappers.” The guy tells them, “its all a story by you guys you bunch of theives.” The girls utter, “we’re not theives.” Juana Manny screams, “please don’t you dare say that.” Ruben yells out, “one moment one moment. They have every right to defend themselves. Well let them talk.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “be quiet as the judge here in Corozal. Well the accused show their arguements, so they can defend themselves from their accusers. So everyone be quiet.”

Juana Valentina tells them, “one minute Poncho where did you find those balls?” Poncho tells them, “they were found in the men’s bathroom. They were in the basket with the dirty papers. I will swear it to the courts if necessary.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “you are swearing it against the law.” Poncho tells him, “well isn’t that the same thing.” Octavio tells them, “I was also a witness.” Miguel tells them, “I was also there I’m also a witness.” The guy tells them, “well so what they could have dropped it in there.” Juana Bautista tells them, “let me remind you gentlemen. Only the men are allowed in the men’s bathrooms at the Dolorosa.” Poncho tells them, “as everyone knows no women comes to the Dolorosa. If they do come, I let them into my house.” Mauricio tells them, “plus Poncho Sarmiento would never allow any lady or senorita to enter those bathrooms.” The girls utters, “yes sir.” Juana Manny angrily tells them, “the one that stole those balls was a man. They robbed it to get back at us.” Juana Bautista tells them, “that’s true but we don’t know who did it. We don’t know, but we want to find out. Who entered that bathroom that night.”

bannerEPISODE 29

bannerThe guy tells them, “everyone entered that’s here.” Manuel Efe starts slowly walking out of the Dolorosa. Juana Valentin tells them, “I am sure of one thing well if one of us entered that bathroom that night. One of you had to have seen us. Well then talk start talking, say something see everyone’s quiet.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “everyone one moment as a lawyer there’s a big doubt here. That can say the Juanas aren’t guilty.” Ruben tells him, “they have already been declared judge without even listening to them.” The guy tells them, “thats their story so they can continue playing that lottery.” Everyone start complaining at once to the guy. “Hey buddy what’s your problem?” Juana Valentina tells him, “everyone let me talk. Everyone listen you you are disrespecting us. Who told you we were going to continue with the game? Nobody, here the senor mayor has cancelled the permission. We have no intention of having it given back just too let you know.” Juana Bautista tells him, “the only thing that interest us is to make things quite clearly. We are not con-artists or trappers.” Juana Calidad him, “we are no theives as well ave maria purisima.” Everyone utters, “conceived without sin.” Juana Matilde tells them, “you have no right to insult us in the streets.”

Juana Manny shows off her fists and tells them, “a be careful to those that do you better be careful.” Juana Valentina tells them, “one thing one thing that I want to tell you all. We are going to try to forget this issue. Oh but poor is the guy, that bastard who did this too us. Even if its one of you.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “I am convinced that the Juanas are innocent. I feel that this case is now going to be closed.” Maurico tells them, “yes judge in the name of my father the future governer of the department of sucre propose the same thing.” The only one that claps is Gualberto, all he utters is.”Bravo bravo.” Octavio tells him, “hey there Fuentelafria. This isn’t the moment or the time, to do political campaigns for your father. Don’t be shameless.” Ruben tells them, “well then we are going to finish this once and for all. I hope all of you feel bad and shamefully.” Juana Matilde tells him, “wait one minute Ruben. It was you that told us to check those balls right?” The guy tells her, “yeah its me.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well then why didn’t you said something in the first game.” The guy tells him, “well a guy approched me and told me that the number 1 and 33 hadn’t shown up all night.” Juana Valentina asks, “well who then?” The guy looks around, “it was someone who was playing.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well look closely.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well one of you must have done it.” The guy tells them, “I don’t see him around here.” Maurico tells him, “well look closer.”

Meanwhile Manuel Efe walks briskly through the plaza. Maria Delia sees him, “oh Manuel Efe oh how are you?” Manuel Efe tells her, “well the thing is its Juana Valentina’s birthday tomorrow. I was going to buy her a gift.” Maria Delia tells him, “really that’s weird they didn’t invite me to the party. At Juana Matilde’s yes, even though I couldn’t go.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well the situation isn’t for parties.” Maria Delia tells him, “well why don’t I buy a gift as well.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well its up too you.” Maria Delia tells him, “no no you know what. Why don’t I go with you. So you can give me an idea to buy her. Something very beautiful, but not too costly.” Manuel Efe tells her, “you should ask Ruben since he is your boyfriend and Juana Valentina’s brother.” Maria Delia grabs his arms and tells him, “oh my poor Rubensito is so busy taking care of his father’s problems. He doesn’t have time for nothing. You know what, I’ll go with you.”

Later that night, Calixto is with Judge Germias Guerra. “Well it seems my daughters, have at last taken away any doubt in this town. I just wished the real guilty party would have shown up. To take away any doubt.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “I see that’s pretty difficult that night at the cafe it was full of people. Look I was talking with Ruben. He mentioned the trip to Bogota, plus that motive.” Calixto tells him, “well you know judge if one doesn’t knock one doesn’t enter. Well we are just trying to get the government to help us out.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well I also know that Juana Valentina is joining him.” Calixto tells him, “well you know why?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “yes yes but I don’t think its very convenient.” Calixto tells him, “Look it might be a good sign, that Juana Valentina’s step-uncle. Is under the charge of the adminstrative of agriculture. It might be for our advantage.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well he might be a relative of hers. Its just not prudent, you shouldn’t use your daughter in that way. Plus the man might see things different, and instead of helping the situation it might get worse.” Calixto tells him, “no comparede its important that this man Mr. Echenique is a relative.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well then let me accompany them instead. I already told Ruben, between lawyers we understand one another.” Calixto tells him, “well its greatly appreciated comparde. Well no I don’t want my son to think, that I don’t trust him enough.” Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “so when is this trip?” Calixto tells him, “its on sunday the tickets have already been bought. They will be staying at Dona’s brother’s apartment.” Judge Geremias Guerra utters, “they are staying in an apartment?” Calixto tells him, “we can save on that hotel. Oh come over here, judge if you talk to the Dona. Don’t mention that Juana Valentina will be accompaning my son. Because war world three might start.” Ophelia shows up, “Don Calixto Dona Dona needs you.” Calixto utters, “me what’s this about? Oh the situation, is getting better excuse me judge I’ll be right back.”

Tere is talking with Juana Valentina the next morning. Juana Valentina tells Tere, “oh we won’t be alone Juana Bautista will be next too us.” Tere tells her, “oh no I just don’t like this one bit. Your putting yourself in a very difficult position. Or are you going to promise me, that your legs don’t tremble like they did when you two met?” Juana Valentina tells her, “Ruben is going to get married to Maria Delia. That should at least relax you.” Tere tells her, “I don’t care about Maria Delia tranquility but your well being understand my life.” Juana Valentina tells her, “come here give me your hands. We are going to Bogota, I will try how I can to get that interview with my step-father’s brother. We are coming straight back, don’t be an idiot. She kisses her cheek , don’t worry.” Tere tells her, “in any case I want Juana Calidad to teach me the rosario of Sor Iinez de la cruz. All fifteen of them, and I’ll pray every day and single night until you come back.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well at least find the time to sleep. Oh no these clothes won’t do, all my clothes are for a hot climate not cold. Juana Bautista is in the same boat.” Tere asks, “so what will you two do my dear.” Juana Valentina tells her, “were going to be pretty cold what else.” Juana Manny comes in the room, “oh you have some boring visitors.” Juana Valentina asks, “who?” Juana Manny tells her, “annoying Manuel Efe and our future sister in-law.” Juana Valentina utters, “Maria Delia?” Juana Manny tells her, “yes and why are they looking for me?” Juana Manny grabs her hand, “come on they are in the living room now come on.” Juana Valentina utters, “oh dear lord.” Tere tells them, “well I’m coming too.”

Downstairs in the dinning room, Juana Matilde is tasting the cake. Manuel Efe tells her, “don’t put your finger in the cake.” Juana Valentina sees them, “well hello.” Manuel Efe tells Juana Valentina, “happy birthday Juana Valentina. As he’s about to kiss her, she moves away. Now don’t think we were going to pass a day, that’s your birthday without doing nothing. Come over here, Maria Delia say hello to Juana Valentina.” Maria Delia tells her, “well hello and happy birthday Juana Valentina. Look what I brought you, this is a pudding with vanilla and fruit. See its marked and everything.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well its lovely thank you. Here Tere.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well here is french wine for just the occasion.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh no Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe tells her, “now don’t push away the gift that I’m giving you with lots of love.” The box goes from one person to the next. Maria Delia tells her, “well I had prepared some appetizers that I will bring you tonight. Well thank you, and have a happy birthday.” Juana Valentina tells them, “you shouldn’t have bothered doing this truthfully.” Juana Matilde tells them, “Juana Valentina if we now have the means to celebrate your birthday. Well then why not excuse me.” Manuel Efe utters, “be careful with the bottles they are. Oh you look very lovely Juana Valentina. Its her birthday and you can’t even tell.”

Juana Calidad is over at Ruben’s office, she tells Calixto. “I calculate the cost of the tickets. But were in a tough situation Don Calixto.” Calixto tells her, “you write everything. Well now we know when things get better, who will do the accounting.” Juana Calidad shyly tells them, “oh I don’t know those things.” Calixto tells her, “well you do the books better than the accountants in this book.” Ruben tells him, “here let me see.” Calixto tells them, “things aren’t good very bad not to say they are good.” Ruben tells him, “I’m going to have to get an job there’s no other alternative.” Calixto tells him, “well at least wait till you return from your trip from Bogota. Wait to find out what happens. Hey Ruben sell compero.” Ruben tells him, “but you need it to travel back and forth from the plantation.” Calixto tells him, “well I can take the bus. I can walk to the plantation on foot. I don’t have arthritis, and can walk perfectly normal. Plus I need the exercise, sell it now.” Ruben asks, “what if mother starts leaving the house then what?” Calixto tells him, “well call a taxi we need the money for compero now. Well at least we can save the gas money.” Ruben utters, “I guess that’s true.” Calixto then asks, “Juana Calidad do you have a boyfriend?” Juana Calidad becomes quite nervous. “Oh no sir, oh dear lord how could you think such a thing.” Calisto asks, “why the question isn’t a bad one.” Juana Calidad looks at Ruben, “well the situation isn’t the right one to even think of such a thing. Ave Maria purisima.” Then she takes off running, but has to come back to pick up her book. You must answer conceived without sin.” Then she takes off again, Ruben simply utters. “Conceived without sin.” Then looks at his father, Calixto asks. “Did I say something wrong?” Ruben asks, “why did you ask about a boyfriend?” Calixto tells him, “it come about after a talk with your godfather. Well the idea has been ringing in my head. Well your sisters are of age for marriage. Why lie to ourselves, a good marriage will fix the situation for all of them. Like comparede Guerra tells me, a father with a daughter has to worry about. That the daughter marries well. In my case its five, even though Juana Valentina doesn’t want my last name of Salguero.” Ruben tells him, “I don’t think that none of the juanas are thinking about getting married. Especially Juana Valentina.”

Later that night, the Juanas are all gathered in the livingroom. Margarita Cruz and Todoelmundo are there. Juana Matilde asks, “so how many Juanas are out there.” Todoelmundo tells them, “well then there’s more Juanas out there. There’s crazy Juana, Juana of ark, Juana Nebara, and Juana Ines Delbar.” Juana Calidad tells him, “you mised one and that’s Juana Inez de la cruz.” The girls utters, “see you missed one.” Todoelmundo tells them, “the real name of Juana De la Cruz is Juana Ines De Asbaje and born in December 12, 1648 in San Miguel Nepantla mexico. Well the whole world knows that.” Everyone starts cheering, then Juana Manny asks. “Tell me something when was George Foremen champion?” Todoelmundo tells her, “well first its george.” Juana Manny playfully utters, “ok george foreman.” Todoelmundo tells them, “he was champion in 1973 he lost his title in october 74. Everyone knows that the fight was in Zaire. It was shown on tv, and I saw it.” Then they start chanting, “Todoelmundo Todoelmundo.” Juana Valentina tells them, “now that we are here. Why don’t we enter a contest with Todoelmundo so we can win some money.” Juana Matilde tells them, “well I’m going to have a song contest first. Oh you’ll see, I have one for you. Who sings this song, that starts like this. Oh man how does it go again.” Everyone starts complaing, Juana Manny utters. “There goes I don’t know. Well lets continue until Juana I don’t know remembers.” Someone’s at the door, Tere tells them. “I’ll get the door.” Juana Bautista tells them, “why doesn’t the nun ask something. How many books of the new testement are there?” Todoelmundo tells them, “oh come on your asking the children’t garden game. The book are five and the cards are twenty two. The entire world knows that Juana Bautista.” They start cheering once more then the band shows up. One by one Juana Valentina thanks the guys for coming. Then she starts dancing with Todoelmundo, no matter how much Manuel Efe insists.

Over at the Salguero house, Dona Dona asks. “Now what is the motive of your trip?” Ruben tells her, “to asks the agriculture minister to help us out.” Dona Dona laughs and tells him, “oh help oh dear lord it will be included in our misfortune. That we are at the mercy of the local administration. We might as well just die.” Ruben tells her, “look mother hope is the last chance we have to lose.” Dona Dona tells him, “the government can go with my hope under my skirt Ruben Calixto. Mr. Salguero every month would give me money. You know for household expenses, or to buy personal items. He hasn’t done so.” Ruben tells her, “well we haven’t wanted you to worry about those things. Don’t worry about the house, but worry about your health.” Dona Dona tells him, “well then I’m going to need some pantyhose and shoes. Some creams, and other things.” Ruben tells her, “well then just give me a list of what you want. I’ll get you what your missing. The doctor doesn’t want you to leave the house just yet.” Dona Dona tells him, “but Ruben Calixto I’m feeling much better now. I don’t see why I can’t just get into comparo, and be taken to where I want to go. Then be brought back in compero.” Ruben tells her, “well why don’t we just follow the doctors orders. Well I better go, do you need anything before I go.”

Ruben glances at himself in the mirror, Dona Dona asks. “So where are you going at this time?” Ruben tells her, “well I have a meeting to go too and they’re waiting for me there. I am running a bit late.” Dona Dona asks, “your step-sisters with that lottery ended up being trappers no.” Ruben tells her, “it seems you know everything that’s going on in Corozal don’t you.” Dona Dona tells him, “I am aware of many things that you don’t know about. Even things you don’t know about, I do notice.” Ruben tells her, “well regarding the Juanas that’s been cleared already. That happened because someone, wanted to get back at them for something.” Dona Dona utters, “you don’t say?” Ruben tells her, “truthfully it seems a man set everything up it wasn’t them.” Calixto tells him, “did they find out who it was?” Ruben tells her, “no its probably we will never know. The lottery of the Juanas is over, but they didn’t commit any crime.” Dona Dona asks, “so when are they leaving?” Ruben tells her, “why should they go?” Dona Dona tells him, “well their business is now over. You can’t pretend that your father continues maintaining them. When Mr. Salguero has already given them enough. Like their lives for example.” Ruben tells her, “well my sisters.” Dona Dona tells him, “they are your step-sisters.” Ruben tells her, “fine my step-sisters know full well the situation. They know how things are going. They aren’t asking my father or me nothing.” Dona Dona tells him, “like saint thomas you will see it to believe it Ruben Calixto. Plus don’t think of inviting them to your wedding. Even if they are still in Corozal.”

At the party, Juana Valentina is blowing out the candles from her small cake.” Annoyed Octavio tells Mauricio, “man that european guy he won this time. He even bought french wine, and we brought nothing. We’re going to look really cheap my friend Maudi.” Mauricio tells him, “you are for I brought something for her. In my car there’s a box full of rum as a gift. How is your eye old Octavio.” Octavio tells him, “your wretched man just like that european guy Fuentlafria.” Manuel Efe starts a speech, “lets make a toast for Juana Valentina. For those that have never drank french wine, well this is very fruity and well go well with the pudding. Very good Juana Valentina, may you always be such a beautiful woman. Like you are now, may you have so many more birthdays. Like we say in italy, salute.” Everyone utters, “salute.” Ruben arrives, and tells them. “Like we say here in Corozal happy birthday.” As he’s about to kiss Juana Valentina, Maria Delia runs to him and kisses him instead.” Juana Matilde tells them, “hey there Ruben and Maria Delia leave him alone so he can walk dear. Now my dear Rubensito, stay near the birthday girl and give her a kiss. Ruben does so, then Maria Delia grabs him once more. She gets pushed aside by Juana Matilde. Hey leave him soon he will be all yours.” Then Manuel Efe tries to get close once again to Juana Valentina.

Octavio then takes Juana Matilde to the side. “Please may we have a moment in private please.” Juana Matilde utters, “need help with the pudding.” Miguel tells her, “I’ll help you out.” Mauricio stops Juana Calidad and tells her, “Juana Calidad may I talk to you later I mean in private.” Juana Calidad tells him, “well I must do something in my room. Then she runs off, and Juana Manny goes after her. “Hey hey where are you going?” Ruben finally has Juana Valentina by his side. “Juana Valentina I need to see you in private. Yes we must talk Juana Valentina.” She simply looks at him. Juana Calidad goes to her room, and Juana Manny asks. “What’s wrong why did you come here?” Juana Calidad tells her, “its just I feel something bad is going to happen tonight. I got the chills and a slight cold coming on. Maybe its best I go to bed.” Juana Manny tells her, “oh no none of that nun. Today is Juana Valentina’s birthday, we must be with her.” Juana Calidad tells her, “there’s so many people out there. They won’t notice I’m missing.” Juana Manny tells her, “no we are all needed out there. Now come on and move it.” Juana Calidad starts praying, “oh dear lord don’t leave me tonight please.” She blesses herself and Juana Manny tells her. “Well come on you.” Judge Geremias Guerra arrives with chocolates. “Happy birthday Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh thank you judge what a beautiful gesture. She gives him a kiss, oh it almost falls.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “its a simple gift but given with so much love.” Juana Valentina tells him, “the gift is that you came. Well thank you very much, here’s another kiss well then go right in alright Margarita.” Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “do you think she knows its from the heart?” Margarita Cruz tells him, “well not right away but later when she reads the card. Come on inside judge come on in.”

Calixto arrives and goes to Juana Valentina, “well then I brought you some photos of my family. So then you can know where you come from. Well here’s a photo I wanted you to see. Here’s your grandmother, the one that your named after.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh is that her oh Don Calixto. Oh that’s such a surprise, thank you. She kisses him and then takes the presents, go right on in and enjoy.” Everyone is gathered around, and they greet him. “Hello Don Calixto.” Manuel Efe still being annoying, tries to get Juana Valentina’s attention. Calixto tells them, “well let the party continue.” Octavio tells him, “now Todoelmundo I bet you can’t answer this question. What is the purus?” Todoelmundo tells him, “the purus is a river that’s in our beloved continent of south america. It starts in peru, goes through Brazil. Going through the amazon, with 3 million kilometers.” Tere tells them, “well nobody wins over Todoelmundo.” Juana Valentina tells them, “lets dance I’m going tell you all something. What you may not know, is that Terezalsura is really named Teresa. She got the name Terezalsura, because she dances with such joy. Show them, come on show them.” Poncho tells him, “hey Lasador play something so Tere will dance.” Then the table gets moved, and the dancing begins. Maria Delia starts giving out appetizers, “oh they are quite delicious. I know that because this is my present to Juana Valentina.” Calixto asks, “did you make them?” Maria Delia tells them, “no I had them made.” Calixto utters, “so Adela made them.” Maria Delia kisses Ruben’s cheek then walks away. Calixto utters, “oh what a dear sweet girl.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “oh comparde she’s the best wife my godson could have.” Calixto tells him, “see I’ve told him. Oh I wished that the wedding was tomorrow.” Everyone goes over to Maria Delia to eat. Manuel Efe is dancing funny with Tere. When he turns she isn’t there, but she does come back with a appetizer.

Octavio is acting pretty weird, and when Juana Matilde is alone he asks her. “Juana Matilde I have something important to tell you.” Juana Matilde tells him, “does it have to be now Octavio? Well the thing is they need me..” Juana Matilde tells him, “alright talk.” Octavio asks, “well the thing is I just don’t know where to start.” Juana Matilde tells him, “come on Octavio.” Octavio asks, “well the first time you all arrived in Corozal. I thought five angels had fallen from the sky.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well thank you.” Octavio tells him, “well truthfully the one that I was interested in was Juana Valentina. She is quite beautiful, and she’s always in a great mood. Her way of being just facinated me.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well shouldn’t you be saying this to proper Juana Valentina.” Octavio tells her, “yes I would have but if I had the same feelings which I don’t. The thing is Juana Matilde, I’ve gotten to know you and I’m in love with you. Its just not that, well the way that you sing. Well you do it all the time, your freshness your happiness. Juana Matilde I know that we can make an incredible couple.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh really.” Octavio tells her, “you like me think life should be enjoyed. Why shouldn’t it be with by two then alone. What I wanted to tell you. I want our song to be more solid, stable and strong.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well the thing is Octavio. Well I thank you for thinking about me in that nice manner. Well the thing is I’m not ready. For me marriage is something that’s really far away.” Octavio tells her, “well I wasn’t thinking of marriage. I meant not now, I meant we could start dating.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh Octavio well your a nice guy but not for me. Plus boy, oh I just like you as a friend that’s all.” Juana Manny shows up, “hey aren’t you going to sing something Juana Matilde.” Juana Matilde utters, “yes I’m on my way I’m on my way.” Juana Manny asks, “sorry am I interrupting something?” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh no girl you see Octavio just declaired himself too me. I have answered his question, isn’t that right excuse me.” Juana Manny asks, “so what did that singer respond with?” Octavio sits down and tells her, “oh what they all seem to say. I like you just as a friend.” Juana Manny sweetly tells him, “well then you should have tried to convince her with your left hook. He smiles a bit, and tells her. Come on don’t be down tonight. How about helping me, find the spoons in the kitchen you scary frog.”

In another side of the party, Ruben is talking with Maria Delia. “Oh and what else did your mother say?” Maria Delia tells him, “she said what ever you say. Oh your going to love the dress I picked out. Manuel Efe help me choose the model.” Ruben annoyed utters, “oh how kind my cousin is.” Then he stares over and watches Manuel Efe, once again flirt with Juana Valentina in the dinning room. “Juana Valentina may I touch your hand for a minute. Just to tell you what I need to tell you and that’s all.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I already told you didn’t I.” Judge Geremias Guerra goes to them. He grabs her hand anyway, “what I just wanted to say is that I’m happy getting to spend the time with you. On this being such a special day for you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes I’m also very happy. To of course be with everyone isn’t that right judge.” She also touches his hand, he kisses her. “Oh your are enchanting Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh thank you again for coming.” Manuel Efe stares at the judge, and Margarita Cruz calls for the judge. Both men then release Juana Valentina. “Judge a minute please.” Juana Valentina asks, “hey Manuel Efe what’s up with that look?” Reluctantly Judge moves away, Manuel Efe continues. “Not only would I like you, to spend more time with me at this moment. But spend my entire days spent being by your side. I know that you don’t love me. Maybe you just need to get to know me better. You will realize that I am the perfect man for you. Juana Valentina, the only thing that I’m asking when you change your opinion. Just tell me.” Juana Valentina tells him, “that is never going to happen. That won’t happen you know that perfectly. I have already told you, I like you just as a friend alright.”

Maria Delia tells Ruben, “oh when you have the time you can take a look at the guest list. That your mother and I are working on. Maybe you want to invite someone, that we haven’t thought of.” Ruben tells her, “well then I think you know everyone. He gets up and goes over to the two. Hey cousin, how about letting Juana Valentina the birthday girl be with the rest of the guests.” Maria Delia asks, “Juana Valentina hasn’t Manuel Efe told you. That he has helped me choose the model for the wedding dress.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no he hasn’t mentioned that too me.” Maria Delia tells her, “you know something I never thought that arranging a marriage was so very complicated.” Juana Valentina utters, “really.” Maria Delia puts Ruben’s hands around her waist. “Well its the dress, the list of guests. The list of gifts, the picking of the church. The flower arrangements, oh Juana Valentina its just spectacular. But I’m not complaining, the veil its going to be very beautiful. I just want you to know, when its your turn to prepare your own wedding.” Juana Valentina tells her, “that moment will never come.” Manuel Efe tells her, “that I won’t believe. A woman like you, living the rest of your life as a saint no. No that simply can’t be, to lose such a beauty. Can you just image it cousin no?” Ruben fakes a smile, “oh no.” Maria Delia tells her, “well when you find a man like Rubensito. I assure you, you will change your mind.” Then she preceeds to kiss him. Juana Valentina tells them, “if you excuse me I must talk to my sister for a moment.” Manuel Efe gets up and look at the two. “Oh what a couple.” Maria Delia tells him, “oh thank you.” Then Manuel Efe once again goes after Juana Valentina.

Juana Bautista is with Calixto, “now father these five wrinkles here are your daughters. Here is marked down your difficult times. The future is going to be very clear. The worst hasn’t come yet. When you over come this, only peace and tranquility will be yours.” Calixto tells her, “oh thank god.” Juana Bautista continues, “well there is a event in your life that’s very important. Its like its at the end of the movie.” Ruben tells her, “well hopefully what you say comes true. The day of misfortune will pass. Then you will get a nice gift Juana Bautista.” Juana Bautista tells him, “well if that were the case I’ll give you a big kiss.” Margarita Cruz watches them quite closely. Calixto tells her, “well then how about you Ruben its your turn.” Ruben tells them, “oh no no fine.” In the end he takes a seat, and Juana Bautista reads his palm.”Oh what a life that’s waiting for you Ruben Salguero. Let me tell you destiny, it has put a whole lot of obstacles in your way. Life has a change in store for you for the future. Don’t fight it, for you shouldn’t try to get out of it. In love going forwards is a blessing for you. But every bad step, might create a tragedy Ruben. Think with your head, guide with your head not with your heart. Now think with your head, not with your instincts. Go ahead, don’t look back don’t forget that what is is. The past exists you can’t change it.” He continues to glance at Juana Valentina.” Juana Matilde utters, “I don’t understand that thing.”

Time passes at the party, and Juana Matilde is now sitting outside with Miguel. Miguel sings a song, while Juana Matilde plays the guitar. “Where did that song come from?” Miguel tells her, “well I wrote it.” Juana Matilde utters, “you did it?” Miguel tells her, “well I find when the night is fallen you get inspired. Plus I work on the chorus, and some parts you can put something very strong but nice words. So think about that.” Juana Matilde tells him, “wow I didn’t know that you wrote as well. I only thought that you boxed that’s all. I didn’t think that you composed beautiful music as well.” Miguel tells her, “oh yes I do it in my free times.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well then lets see if I learned it. Do I start with the second cord.” Miguel tells her, “yes. Then they both start singing, oh that sounded beautiful.” Juana Matilde asks, “why sing a song about old friends. Rather than sing about women?” Miguel tells her, “which woman?” Juana Matilde tells him, “well should you know that. Well why can’t it be one of the juanas or no. Well I’m just saying, well maybe there’s one that interests you. Or she’s interested in you.” Miguel tells her, “well I must confess that between the two of us. Well yes, I like one of your sister a bit.” Juana Matilde asks, “just a bit oh don’t be so shy Miguel. Why don’t you just tell her, look I know if she finds out she will be very happy.” Miguel tells her, “well I’m a bit afraid.” Juana Matilde asks, “afraid of what?” Miguel tells her, “well I’m afraid if I tell her she’s liable to hit me.” Juana Matilde asks, “hit you what makes you think that. Well the thing I don’t understand.” Miguel tells her, “well the thing is Juana Manny is very impulsive that I’m afraid to declare myself to her. She’s liable to knock me out.” Juana Matilde is very sad at this, she looks away. She utters, “oh like you did just to me.”

Juana Valentina has managed to escape from Manuel Efe. She heads to the kitchen, and is followed by Ruben. “Juana Valentina I must talk to you.” Juana Valentina utters, “tell me but I’m not surprised over what you said. What’s up?” Ruben tells her, “my god father is starting to suspect something.” Juana Valentina asks, “suspect what?” Ruben tells her, “between us well the feeling I have for you.” Juana Valentina asks, “how does he know that?” Ruben tells her, “because he told me. He overheard the conversation, we had over the telephone. Well he overheard me saying my love.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh dear.” Ruben tells her, “I said it without thinking. I denied everything, but he didn’t believe me. He’s now trying to figure out his suspicions the doubts that he has.” Juana Valentina asks, “so he’s going to tell your father? Worse to your mother Ruben.” Ruben tells her, “no I doubt it. Plus we won’t give him any doubts.” Juana Valentina utters, “oh dear lord.” Ruben tells her, “you know what’s the problem you and I talk with our eyes. We might show them, the thing is I can’t help looking at you any other way Juana Valentina.”

Juana Valentina tells him, “me either. She then walks away, no sonny no I’m not going to Bogota or anywhere with you. I just can’t.” Ruben asks, “what do you mean you won’t go?” Juana Valentina tells him, “no I just can’t.” Ruben tells her, “when we need that Echenique name now more than ever. Plus if you don’t travel, well neither will I. No we can’t put everyone in danger. Just because we love one another.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I fell in love with you. Not knowing you would never be mine. My head now understands Ruben, but my heart doesn’t want to accept. I just can’t continue trying, I’m living very anguished. I live in fear, I don’t think I can contain myself any further.” Ruben utters, “oh my love.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh don’t say that too me. Well when you tell me those things. I feel like I’m buring inside, I want to hug you. Never let you go ever, you know full well I have to let you go. Then he tries to kiss her, Juana Valentina moves away and tells him. What are you doing, what if someone comes here. We are going to Bogota, only because its indespensable. Plus Juana Bautista is coming with us. When we return, we will never see one another ever again. Not until your wedding Ruben. You and I are letting this situation, come out of our hands, ” Ruben tells her, “look the truth is I wouldn’t be able to support it Juana Valentina.”

Juana Valentina tells him, “well neither will I plus I don’t want too.” Ruben asks, “well then why?” Juana Valentina tells him, “we don’t have another option. We can’t stop fighting with reality Ruben, we just can’t. If I could fight or try to win you, I would but I don’t even have that opportunity.”

Mauricio is now outside with Juana Calidad. “Oh sometimes poetry is expressed when other means is impossible to do.” She’s ready to go back inside, but he stops her. “Well poety doesn’t express it all.” Juana Calidad tells him, “yes it does well thats its advantage.” Mauricio tells her, ” well then why did I write a poem this afternoon. Then rip it up, you tell me.” Juana Calidad tells him, “I knew that you wrote letters for songs but ignored that you were a poet.” Mauricio tells her, “oh no I’m not. Well I tried today in a verse, to tell you something but I failed.” Juana Calidad asks, “you wanted to tell me something? In poetry?” Mauricio tells her, “Juana Calidad your the only woman that has seen in me something so sincere. Not only am I the future governor of the department’s son. Well you know Mauricio Fuentlafria from the inside, but I want you to know him even further.” Juana Calidad asks, “what do you mean?” Mauricio tells her, “what I desire to tell you is. Well when I’m with you, well I feel something very special don’t you. I feel that I can live, with the poetry and the songs romantic. Don’t you feel something similar? Look what I wanted to tell you, is that I want our friendship to become something more. Juana Calidad Salguero, would you like to be my girlfriend.” Juana Calidad burst out crying and runs to her room. Juana Valentina sees this and asks, “what happened? What did you do Mauricio?” Mauricio a bit confused tells her, “I didn’t do nothing.”

Inside Juana Calidad’s bedroom, she’s crying on her bed. Juana Valentina goes to her, “dear Juana Calidad your scaring me what’s wrong?” Juana Calidad tells her, “oh its for Mauricio.” Juana Valentina asks, “what did he do too you? What did he say too you? Tell me what happened?” Juana Calidad tells her, “he asked me to be his girlfriend.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh Juana Calidad please there’s nothing wrong with that dear. Let me tell you, this might not be the first time this kind of thing will happen too you. We women must learn how to control situations like this. You can’t be this way, oh come down.” Juana Calidad utters, “oh its not because of Mauricio oh its for my sin.” Juana Valentina tells her, “Juana Calidad no. Just because you were raised by nuns is still affecting you. Just because Mauricio is in love with you, doesn’t mean that its wrong. Your not sinning, on the contrary it just means we have great taste.” Juana Calidad gets up and tells her, “but I am in love.” Juana Valentina gives her a big hug, “oh congratulations you don’t have to be that way. If love is corresponded well its a blessing. Its not a sin, don’t be an idiot.” Juana Calidad tells her, “well in my case my love is a sin.” Juana Valentina caresses her hair, “well then why is your case different than any of ours. Explain it too me, why is your love a sin.” Juan Calidad utters, “well its…” Juana Valentina asks, “now come on tell me. ” Juana Calidad in tears tells her, “well I’m in love. I’m in love with our brother Ruben.” Juana Valentina is shocked, but gives her a big hug.

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bannerJuana Valentina tells her, “oh no dear Juana Calidad that’s not true. Juana Calidad tell me its not the truth. It’s just not true.” Juana Calidad in tears tells her, “oh if it were only true Juana Valentina. Juana Valentina I have been praying so very much. Been doing my blessings, and trying so very hard to get rid of these feelings. Oh dear no no no.” Juana Valentina calmly tells her, “dear please calm down. Look I think its best, I get rid of our guests.” Juana Calidad tells her, “no please don’t but its your birthday. I don’t want you to cancel it on my account.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no don’t worry about it its getting late anyway. We are all pretty tired, look why don’t you go to bed and get some sleep. Now don’t get anguished we will talk later. When I’m fully out of this surprise alright. You just relax.” She hugs Juana Calidad again, and Juana Calidad continues crying. Juana Valentina closes the door and utters. “I wasn’t expecting this oh dear lord.” Inside Juana Calidad cries out, “forgive me Juana Inez De La Cruz. Please forgive me Saint Antonia Maria Clarice. Please do forgive me, forgive me forgive me.”

The next morning Calixto and Ruben have breakfast. Calixto tells him, “you know things are going better with your mother. Its been three times now, that she’s wanted to see me. But sometimes I think it wasn’t happening. Oh you should have heard her complaining, because I told her I went to the Juanas last night.” Ruben tells him, “Manuel Efe knows about the trip to Bogota.” Calixto tells him, “I didn’t think you would tell him.” Ruben tells him, “he knows that I’m travelling with Juana Valentina and Juana Bautista. He even in fact offered, to take us on his plane.” Calixto asks, “and you accepted his offer?” Ruben tells him, “me having too put up with my cousin for three days straight. Oh no I’m not that crazy. Plus I wouldn’t even ride in a plane that he’s driving. Oh no, but what worries me is this. My mother finds out about this trip.” Calixto tells him, “no don’t worry when I leave here. Before heading to the plantation, I’ll stop by that hotel. I’ll tell him not too do it. But why in the world would Manuel Efe still want to stay in Corozal. Do you know?” Ruben tells him, “I’m guessing he hasn’t given up. In wanting to win Juana Valentina over.” Calixto tells him, “and Juana Valentina can’t even stand him. Well in the end love is stubborn.” Ruben tells him, “well Manuel Efe is stubborn as a mule.” Calixto tells him, “you know they wouldn’t make such a bad couple.” Ruben asks, “who?” Calxito tells him, “Manuel Efe and Juana Valentina.” Ruben tells him, “oh old man don’t talk about stupid things alright.” Calixto tells him, “well your cousin is a stable guy. He’s rich and very educated, well its not worth anything. If Juana Valentina doesn’t care much about him. Well she really should think about getting married. Her and her sisters.” Ruben furious tells him, “why is it lately you and my mother are constantly thinking about marriage.”

Over at the pink house, the girls are having breakfast in the kitchen. Juana Manny tells them, “girls she says she’s not hungry and has a headache.That’s why she’s not coming for breakfast.” Juana Matidle tells them, “well that’s strange she’s must be really sick. For she’s always the one that wakes up early.” Juana Bautista tells them, “maybe who she needs to see is a doctor.” Juana Valentina tells them, “no this has nothing to do with doctors. I think its best that all of you know, what’s wrong with Juana Calidad. Plus it has something to do with all of us. She’s going to need all of our help.” Juana Matilde tells her, “now you made me awaken. What’s wrong with Juana Calidad?” Juana Valentina tells them, “last night Maurcio Fuentelafria declaired himself to her.” Juana Manny starts laughing, “what?” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes.” Juana Manny utters, “oh no is that why she’s in bed. Oh that nun is such a case.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh yes girl last night Octavio Portoreal declaired himself to me. Well I slept like an seal.” Juana Valentina tells her, “listen last night Mauricio Fuentelafria asked her if she wanted to be his girlfriend. She told me that she’s in love with Ruben.” The girls utter, “what?” Juana Valentina tells them, “like you heard me.” Juana Bautista asks, “so she confessed it too you?” Juana Valentina tells her, “last night as you can image I hardly slept a wink last night.” Juana Manny tells her, “look Ruben is great looking but he’s our brother. There’s nothing suppose to happen there.” Juana Matilde tells them, “oh yes girl what a complicated situation. Especially for a woman like Juana Calidad.” Juana Bautista tells them, “it would be complicated if it were any of us. She glances over at Juana Valentina. Well hopefully her religion helps her out. For I don’t know how we are going to be able to help her out.” Juana Valentina tells them, “girls please Juana Calidad would die if she knew you all know. Now all be quiet, all be careful.”

Juana Calidad is in bed when she hears knocking. Its Juana Matilde bringing her a juice. “Juana Calidad I’ve brought you a juice, and asprin for your headache. Girl maybe you have your period.” Juana Calidad tells her, “you always have to say ugly things.” Juana Matilde tells her, “you don’t have to be so angry Juana Calidad. All us women go through the same thing. Look at me, when I get my period. I have this huge pain in my waist. I just can’t stand it.” Juana Calidad tells her, “I don’t want to talk about that. Umda oh what a disallusion I got yesterday. Would you like me to tell you? Octavio Portoreal asked me to be his girlfriend. I told him no, and you know why because I like Miguel. You know what’s worse in this, he told me he likes Juana Manny not me. I just don’t understand life, why does it have to complicate our lives so very much. Juana Calidad are you listening to me?” Juana Calidad asks, “so what are you planning on doing?” Juana Matilde tells her, “nothing I don’t know put warm compresses near my heart. Find someone else to fall in love with. They say a nail takes another nail. Why can’t a love take out another love. Don’t you think? Well there’s your drink and pills. I hope that you feel better quickly, the house doesn’t run well if your not doing any of the accounts.”

Juana Valentina is back in bed, “oh you can image how I felt. I am in love with our brother Ruben. She told me, it was like the earth opened up and swallowed me. My head started spinning, I just didn’t know what to say too her. I still don’t know what too tell her.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well your the most logical person that will be able to understand her. Able to help Juana Calidad, but the worst person to give her advice.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I know that. Oh why did this have to happen to her? Plus why did she have to tell me? Do you think I should tell Ruben?” Juana Bautista tells her, “what so he can try to disallusion her? No I just don’t know exactly, what to tell you. In Juana Calidad’s situation, the medicine might be worse than the sickness.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh but this is her first love. One never forgets their first love Juana Bautista. You understand the significance of this.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well it would hurt more. If it were her last love, like its happening with you. Are you worried over the suffering of Juana Calidad? You must also worry about yours Juana Valentina?”

Dona Dona is now up and dressed. Margarita Cruz comes for a visit. “Well hello Dona.” Dona Dona tells her, “well hello you seem like tired. I guess you had a long night, just like Ruben and Mr. Salguero.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “well your lucky I was at that party. I bring you news, its about Ruben and one of his sisters.” Dona Dona tells her, “you mean step-sisters. Well talk already.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “Ruben is in love with one of his sisters.” Dona Dona repeats, “oh come on they are his step-sisters. That isn’t anything new, I just need to know which one of them.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “well Juana Bautista the expert in the tarot and reading tobaco. Reading the palms.” Dona Dona utters, “the witch my son is in love with a witch. Oh dear lord, she grabs her chest. Hand me that water over there please.” She drinks it up, Margarita Cruz tells her. “Don’ take this too hard.” Dona Dona tells her, “oh now your going to tell me how to drink this water.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “I am refering to the act. You must take this calmly and with serenity. You can’t stop your recuperation.” Dona Dona gets up and goes to the table, “oh dear a witch. Oh she must have done a spell, for my son to fall in love with her. Margarita are you sure this time around.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “if I wasn’t I wouldn’t have come to tell you. I’ve started suspecting it when I descarded Juana Calidad. I haven’t wanted to say anything until I was completely sure of how I was going to tell you.” Dona Dona tells her, “oh I don’t know what’s worse a nun or a witch.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “well I’ve been observing this past couple of days. Yes Ruben is different with Juana Bautista. Yesterday when she was reading his palm, well she began telling him. That was almost in code, like only both of them would understand. Well I understood what was going on.” Dona Donas tells her, “Ruben Calixto having his palms read. Its all that I needed.”

Calixto arrives at his office, and tells his secretary. “Thank you Juanita. Well the floods at last have resided. Those technicians of leca told me, that finally they are going to control that plague.” Ruben tells him, “at last old man some good news for a change.” Calxito tells him, “Ruben we just need time. Yes time and money, to prepare the land. Re-seed and then harvest.” Ruben tells him, “and our only hope is the government.” Calixto tells him, “we must be really bad that we are relying on the government. While you are in Bogota, I’ll talk to the banks and those creditors to see if this good news. Will at last melt their hearts.” Ruben tells him, “well don’t have too much illusions. The other day at that lunch meeting, I invented a call from you. Telling me, that the plague was now under control. It just went by them.” Calixto tells him, “well it doesn’t matter I’ll give it a try. I just want to give you an embarssement, well both of us to have to go and talk to your father in law. After you get married.” Ruben tells him, “well we will see how occurs in Bogota. What did you talk to Manuel Efe?” Calixto tells him, “yes and he promised me he wouldn’t say nothing to Dona. About this trip.” Ruben tells him, “well hope that he goes through with it.” Calixto tells him, “well I respect have esteem for your cousin. Well if a fly, buzzing around me I will kill it.” Ruben starts laughing, “you Manuel Efe?” Calixto tells him, “well I told him if he mentioned this to Dona. I would personally tell him, well that he was in love with Juana Valentina. You know very well, he doesn’t want to go against his aunt.” Ruben laughing tells him, “oh your a bit ahead of yourself this time around.” Calixto tells him, “well I’m doing it more for her than him. Well she’s still weak, I just don’t want her to give her any suffer. That will once again weaken her. You know very well, anything relating to the Juanas. Is a bad moment for your mother.”

Poncho comes by and tells them. “Well then I just came by, to thank you for inviting me last night. But I have some news to give you from my father.” Juana Manny tells him, “oh yes Juana Calidad is still trying to figure out the gift your father gave us.” Poncho tells her, “well that is exactly what I wanted to discuss with you.” Juana Valentina tells her, “look Poncho don’t you worry about that. We know perfectly that it wasn’t your idea. Well we know that this is business, and your father had to act this way. So relax and go ahead and talk.” Poncho tells them, “well my father wanted to appolgize. He told me to tell you, to just forget about the bill.” Juana Calidad happily tells him, “well then its forgotten then.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no one minute please I want to know why did he change his mind so very quickly?” Poncho tells her, “well the main reason was that I was the one. That found the two balls in the bathroom. It was at the Dolorosa, that you were tricked as well all of us. They wanted to set up a tramp, its just not justified that you all were punished over that.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well that’s so true. Yes your father Poncho is very generous. Plus the lottery was a great business deal for the dolorosa that we made. Well since that meeting, well we made a lot of money. We were able to contribute that to the fixing of the place, and replacing things that were damaged.” Juana Bautista tells him, “oh please tell your father that he is a very sensable man.”

The next to visit is Judge Geremias Guerra. Everyone greets him, “hello judge.” Judge Germias Guerra tells them, “well hello everyone now I hope that I’m not troubling you. But I wanted to know the two that are travelling to Bogota. How are you going to be dressed? Well I just wanted to tell you that Bogota is a pretty cold place. Juana Bautista asks, “don’t tell me you have clothes in those two bags. That will protect us from the cold?” Judge Germias Guerra tells them, “well I feel a bit uncomfortable Juana Bautista. Well you can’t dress like that in Bogota, well here’s is fine because of the heat of Corozal. You’ll liable to have a pulmarnary.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well let me tell you judge. If that’s clothes that you just bought, I’m sorry but we can’t accept it heard me.” Judge Germias Guerra tells her, “well there is my embarssment Juana Valentina. Well the clothes I have here, well they are my late wifes clothes. That I have saved, well she was from the cold climate. She brought them over here, when she arrived to Corozal well to marry me. She thought she would need them, if she would be travelling back to visit her family. Well back in the day, well she never got the chance to wear them. Now she didn’t just leave these things, but she was also a queen of the sudan in her club for seven straight years in a row. Well she participated in every single contest of every year. She even brought costumes, now I also want to exclaim. That I disapprove of this trip, for personal reasons. Plus I’m also embarssed in giving these too you. But you can’t arrive there in Bogota, and catch a cold.”

Juana Valentina goes to him and gives him a kiss on the forehead. “Oh judge your so divine, thank you so very much. Well then lets start seeing them.” The girls go crazy and ooh and ahh the old fashion 60s clothing. Juana Valentina tells them, “girls now let me see them.” Tere tells him, “sorry for putting my spoon into this but. These clothes are a bit, well they have been hidden for a time.” Judge Germias Guerra tells her, “well they are all together.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well what the whole world knows is this style is coming back isn’t that right Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well everyone knows that I like to dress like myself.” Juana Valentina tries a dress out, and Tere asks. “Hey let me see you.” Poncho tells her, “now that’s a nice dress.” Juana Valentina does a turn, and almost hits the judge. “Oh sorry judge, tell me something do you like this? Its like you chose this color for me.” Then they look at Judge Geremias Guerra, and he gets teary eyed. He tells her, “its like looking at my late wife.” The girls then start taking off the clothes. Juana Valentina tells him, “oh judge don’t be that way. Oh just relax.” Then she gives him a hug.

Over at the Salguero house, Dona Dona is taking her pills. Ruben shows up, “oh hi mother I just need your blessing so everything will go well.” Dona Dona tells him, “and I’m going to give it too you. Well I’m warning you, don’t give yourself that much hope. The government doesn’t care about our problems.” Ruben tells her, “well mother it doesn’t help but to give it a try.” Dona Dona tells him, “only an act of witchery would result in you finding the solutions in Bogota.” Ruben tells her, “what do you mean mother? What now you believe in witches?” Dona Dona tells him, “they are some out there son. Some of them do spells that are very risky.” Ruben tells her, “well then promise me your going to continue taking your drugs. Now do it exactly.” Dona Dona tells him, “well of course I’m going to try to do the impossible to get better. I’ve had enough of taking those injections, oh its a big torture every time I’ve given them. Ruben kisses Dona and then she gets up. Oh Ruben Calixto here is the list you asked me to make. Now it doesn’t have to be given to me today. You can do that when you get back.” Ruben asks, “all of this? Well then take care.” He kisses her once more and then he leaves. Dona Dona utters, “oh yes its a spell he’s bewitched. That’s disgraceful woman, that’s the only explaination she bewitched him.”

Over at the pink house, Juana Matilde asks. “So definately your taking these two dresses?” Juana Valentina tells her, “no I’m not going to put those on now. I would die of heat Juana Matilde oh just look at that material.” Juana Manny tells her, “but if you arrive like that your going to die over that cold.” Juana Valentina tells them, “well I’ve never been on a plane I suppose there’s a bathroom. When we arrive, we will change clothes and that’s that.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well then you can put these in the bag where the shoes will be put.” Juana Calidad gives her an envelope. “Ok all we can spare is 40 000 for your expensives there for each of you. If you have expenses in Bogota.” Juana Valentina utters, “what 40 000?” Juana Calidad tells her, “yes that’s all I can spare. It should be enough.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh Juana Calidad don’t be so cheap.” Juana Calidad tells them, “yes I know that’s little money but you have to stretch it I can’t give you anymore.” Juana Valentina tells her, “don’t worry we will work with this.” Tere tells them, “well then hurry it up Ruben has arrived.” Juana Valentina asks, “anybody seen my shoes?” Ruben asks, “everyone ready? Oh Juana Calidad, Juana Calidad this is for you.” Timidly she turns and Tere tells her. “Now dear accept that envelope, hurry the plane will leave without them.” Juana Calidad goes to him, “now then this is a list of things my mother wants. We can talk about this when I return.” Juana Calidad grabs the sheet and goes next to Juana Valentina. Tere and Ruben stare at her oddly, then goodbye’s are said. Juana Manny tells them, “well I’ll join you outside.” Juana Calidad simply hugs the pillow and sits down.

Over at the Salguero Manuel Efe is talking with Dona Dona. Dona Dona tells him, “Manuel Efe is there anyway that you can be blamed for what occured?” Manuel Efe tells her, “none what so ever aunt. It was just pure luck that those balls were discovered. They don’t know who put them there, the balls don’t talk aunt.” Dona Dona tells him, “with me you can stop your ironies. Tell me why didn’t you, just take those blasted balls with you.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well the truth is how was I too know. Someone would put there hands, in that dirty basket with all the paper. One more thing aunt, nobody won’t consider me. For they trust me, I repeat they trust me. From the moment of the incident, I was on the juanas side. Never against them, aunt I didn’t come here for that. You and I haven’t really talked.” Dona Dona tells him, “what do you mean we haven’t talked. What do you think were doing right now?” Manuel Efe tells her, “we’ve never truly talked but Ruben Calixto went to Bogota.” Dona Dona tells him, “I already know that before you even mentioned it.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well he didn’t go by himself he went with two of his sisters. Well half-sisters, Juana Valentina and Juana Bautista.” Dona Dona comes out of her room, she’s screaming. “Don Salguero, Ruben Calixto. She asks Martina, where is Mr. Salguero.” Martina tells her, “he went to the plantation.” Dona Dona asks, “where is my son?” Martina tells her, “he left Dona.” Dona Dona yells out, “well then you go as well get back to work.” Manuel Efe brings her back to her room, and tells her. “Look you can’t let people know that I told you about this trip aunt. If the Juanas find out, they will lose confidence in me. At this point it doesn’t help us one single bit.” Dona Dona tells him, “how in the hell would I find out then?” Manuel Efe tells her, “well the guys know and Todoelmundo. Judge Guerra knows, probably also Maria Delia.” Dona Dona tells him, “you mean that idiot and she didn’t tell me nothing. Oh my future wife, doesn’t fall from that papaja tree. Well she has now fallen, look Ruben Calixto was going to Bogota. To talk to the administrator of something. But why did he take those two girls?” Manuel Efe tells her, “well aunt I really don’t know why? Well the thing is they travelled, they travelled.”

On the plane arriving, is the three coming down the stairs. The two girls are very uncomfortable, for the shoes are too small for them both. Ruben in fact has to help Juana Valentina come down the stairs.


Octavio talks with Miguel as he’s going to work. “Now then my question is this. What’s up with the Juanas?” Miguel asks, “what?” Octavio tells him, “they aren’t that flirty. They have no boyfriends too speak of. Well other than us going after them, that we know of.” Miguel tells him, “in their situation do you really think. That they have the time to think about having boyfriends?” Octavio asks, “do you think that’s why?” Miguel tells him, “I’m guessing.”

Gualberto goes to pick up Mauricio, “well last night we spoke and then she ran into her room. She never came out the rest of the night.” Gualberto asks, “so what was her responce when you asked her?” Mauricio tells him, “well I asked her she began to cry and ran inside.” Gualberto tells him, “well that’s pretty weird well you don’t know that your dating?” Mauricio tells him, “well no but I’m guessing yes.” Gualberto tells him, “well she didn’t say no either.” Mauricio tells him, “now you understand why I’m so unsettled Gualberto.” Gualberto tells him, “what unsettling is why did you pick the nun? She’s the ugliest, when you were after Juana Valentina I understood but with the nun?” Mauricio tells him, “oh Gualberto Gualberto her beauty is on the inside.”


The three head to an apartment building. Juana Bautista tells them, “man I thought Bogota was big but not this big.” Juana Valentina asks, “is it here Ruben?” Ruben tells her, “well the keys are with the porter.” Juana Bautista tells him, “well I’ll go check.” Ruben tells her, “alright.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh my poor feet. Apparently the widow foot was really small. Oh these shoes are killing me.” Juana Bautista asks, “Ruben what’s your uncle’s name?” Ruben tells her, “Miguel Cuadradro.” Then the cab takes off, and Juana Valentina tells Ruben. “Well were here.” Ruben smiling tells him, “yes were here.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh don’t look at me that way your going to make me tremble.” Ruben tells her, “well I tremble without the need of you looking at me.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh thank god that Juana Bautista is here to accompany us. I have voluntary strength don’t you think, I don’t but not that much.” Ruben caresses her cheek, and tells her. “Considering its you, I have none.” Juana Bautista returns and tells her, “I have the keys.” Ruben takes the lugage and the keys. Juana Valentina tells them, “oh my poor feet. I probably have a blister already.” Juana Bautista tells her, “now don’t start by putting more wood in that fire. You will be torched like joan of arc.” Juana Valentina utters, “oh girl.” Juana Bautista tells her, “I’m telling you the truth.”


The girls are sitting in the livingroom. Juana Manny asks, “hey where’s the nun?” Juana Matilde tells her, “she’s at the economic store. She’s trying to do business with the milk man. Exchanging a stove or something like that. Oh girl I’ve been thinking about her all morning I am very worried.” Juana Manny tells her, “well so am I I’m still in shock mode. A girl so religious like that, that’s afraid to even look at herself in the mirror. Ends up falling in love with her step-brother. No that’s for crazy people.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh but poor thing. She’s now suffering, that you can tell in her face.” Juana Manny asks, “well what are we going to do? Remember were not suppose to know about her problem.” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes that’s right. You know what I think happened Juana Manny. She spent her entire life in that convent, she never had a relationship with a boy. Well now that she’s having one, well she thinks she’s in love. But in reality its not love, do you understand me?” Juana Manny starts laughing and tells her, “at last the singer is landing on the planet earth.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh funny but thank you.” Juana Manny seriously tells her, “well you might have a reason.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well obviously the only problem is that won’t stop her suffering. Oh girl between us we can figure out, who else she can fall in love with.” Juana Manny tells her, “well that’s like in the movies mission impossible.” Juana Matilde tells her, “its not that hard Mauricio Fuentelafria asked her to be his girlfriend.” Juana Manny tells her, “oh come on for that nun the word girlfriend is like another word from the devil no.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well then I don’t know.” Juana Manny tells her, “well I’m going to take a shower.” Juana Matidle tells her, “well its about time girl. Juana Manny playfully puts up her fists, as does Juana Matilde. Hey I can also hit you. The phone rings and she gets it. “Yes tell me.”


Juana Valentina is on the phone, “hey its me Juana Valentina hello do you hear me? Yes were fine, everything went great. I’m calling to tell you that we arrived here. Well nothing for today but tomorrow yes. First thing I’ll start looking for my uncle. I mean my step-father’s brother. Well my mother’s husband step-brother. No we don’t know, how long were going to be here. Oh I hope it won’t be long, I just want to return to Corozal. The climate is cold, and the clothes itch. Plus the widows shoes are killing me, because they are so small. I’m serious, so how is Juana Calidad? Oh please look all of you take care of yourself. Plus take care of her, and I’ll call you to tell you when we are returning. You all behave yourselves, well kisses bye.” Ruben kisses her head and walks away. Then Juana Valentina goes to see Juana Bautista. Juana Bautista tells her, “hey there Juana Valentina did you see that bathroom. It has a bathtub.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh yes I saw that well then what are we going to do. For there’s just one bed?” Juana Bautista tells her, “there’s nothing to do. We sleep on this bed, and Ruben sleeps on the couch.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh poor thing well that doesn’t matter.” Juana Bautista asks, “so what does the sisters have to say?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well I talked to Juana Matilde who said hello. It seems Juana Calidad is doing terrible. She is very sad and you know why.” Juana Bautista tells her, “yes.” Ruben tells them, “well then there’s nothing the kitchen. We are going to have to buy something for us too eat. For now and for breakfast, so who goes with me?” Juana Bautista tells him, “I’ll go with you. You fix everything here alright.” Juana Valentina utters, “yes.” Juana Bautista tells Ruben, “you know where your going to be sleeping tonight.” Ruben tells her, “oh on the sofa or the foot of the bed?” Juana Bautista tells him, “you can get comfortable with the sofa.” Juana Valentina tells them, “bring me something delcious.” Ruben tells her, “ok and would you please take out my clothes and hang them. That way tomorow they aren’t that wrinkled.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes of course.” Ruben utters, “thank you.” Juana Valentina flirts a bit, then opens his suitcase. She begins taking out the clothes, and smells it. “It smells like a man. Well its not my fault it smells like a man.”


Dona Dona has been pacing back and forth all day. When Calixto arrives, he asks. “Hey why are all the lights turned on?” Dona Dona tells him, “well hello my esteem Mr. Salguero. You are the one I’ve been waiting for all day.” Calixto tells her, “you know Dona we have to save costs. We can’t leave the ulities on.” He’s ready to turn it off, when Dona Dona tells him. “Leave them like that. I want to see your face clearly, when you answer me one question. What’s this that my son travelled not alone. But badly accompanied?”

Over at the pink house, Juana Calidad tells them.”Oh the milk man made us a deal. He will get our stove, in exchange for milk.” Juana Manny tells her, “oh yes now he’s making the deal now that he knows were not trappers.” Juana Calidad tells her, “no were not going to fight with him Juana Manny. Plus that will save us some money daily. What I didn’t count is this list, its from Ruben. The things Dona Dona wanted.” Juana Matilde tells her, “let me see that? Two pairs of shoes, eight pairs of pantyhose, one manteja, one sumbre. Shampoo, conditioner, various creams and lotions.” Juanna Manny tells them, “what did this woman go crazy or what? Where are we going to get the money to buy all of this. Look tell her she can go frege herself.” Juana Caldidad tells them, “its things that she needs and we promised father that she wouldn’t go without anything.” Juana Matilde tells her, “eight pairs of pantyhoses what for 100 legs girlfriend.” Juana Manny tells her, “why does she need two pairs of shoes? I bet you she has about a dozen.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well what I don’t understand is why does she need eighteen creams.” Juana Calidad tells them, “well how am I suppose to know. I’ve never in my life put nothing on my face. Well a promise is a promise, and we won’t fail Mr. Calixto.”

Over at the Salguero house, Calixto has explained the situation. “Its as simple as that Dona.” Dona Dona tells him, “its nothing simple my son is getting too close to those illigitamates. That I don’t like one single bit.” Calixto tells her, “they are his sisters.” Dona Dona tells him, “they are his step-sisters. Hey enough with repeating it too me. You shouldn’t have allowed those women, to accompany my son.” Calixto tells her, “I didn’t permit nothing Dona. Juana Valentina decided to accompany her brother, because I asked her as a favour. Not because she wanted too.” Dona Dona tells him, “well I suppose the witch is going with them?” Calixto tells her, “Juana Bautista wanted to accompany her sister.” Dona Dona tells him, “yeah right accompany her sister. Oh what a beautiful sister that witch turned out too be.” Calixto tells her, “don’t call her that Dona.” Dona Dona tells him, “when are you going to open your eyes Mr. Salguero. I am warning you of something, if in this house a mortal sin occurs. You are going to be the one at fault. I am also going to tell you something. Over there, you can rot in hell.”


Juana Valentina is awake, Ruben is fast asleep. Juana Valentina utters, “oh that pizza didn’t fill me up one single bit. Aren’t you hungry? Oh aren’t you hearing me? Oh man she’s pretty fast asleep. Juana Valentina goes to the kitchen, and has a bite of her bread. She then covers him up and watches Ruben sleep. Then she has a fantasy, that he awakens and they begin making out. The fantasy ends when Juana Bautista, touches her shoulder. I was hungry and went to the kitchen.” Juana Bautista tells her, “you will make up an excuse or will invent something.” Sadly Juana Valentina tells her, “oh I’m dying of love for him Juana Bautista?” Juana Bautista tells her, “while I am very worried and scared about you.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh I just can’t stand this. I can’t stand the idea, that he’s going to get married. I say that its best for the both of us. Its the right solution but I just can’t stand it. I swore too him, that once we got back. We wouldn’t spend any time together, until after his wedding. I won’t be able to support it, no I won’t be able to support it. What can I do to stop loving him? What?” Juana Bautista tells her, “if I had the remedy against love it would be against life. Well then its best that we get back to sleep. Come on girl, lets get back to sleep.” Then she closes the door.

The next morning, Juana Valentina is yelling at someone over the phone. Ruben shows up he’s shaving himself and hearing the conversation. “Dam it, blasted it. Look my name is Juana Valentina Echenique. I am waiting to talk to my uncle Alrero Echenique. I am just arriving from Barranquilla, and need to talk to him thank you.” Ruben asks, “what’s going on?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I’m trying to talk to his secretary. Hey Ruben why are coming out here, your practically naked.” Ruben utters, “I’m not naked well at least I’m covered with a towel. Oh what do you think I take a shower with a suit and tie.” The he laughs, and Juana Valentina tells him. “Now go back in there. Yes hello Mr. Alrero, how are you doing? I’m Juana Valentina the daughter of Gonzalo do you remember me? Yes I’m your neice, yes how are you? Thank you yes, look I am just passing through Bogota. I would like to talk to you, personaly yes. Yes what ever time you tell me. Yes Mr. Echenique. What ever time you want uncle, perfect that’s great. I’ll show up there, at that time. Yes thank you so very much Mr. Alrero. Ok uncle, yes thank you uncle see you later uncle. Then she hangs up and runs to the bathroom. Hey Ruben, he remembered me. He’s going to be waiting for us, at three this afternoon. Oh the virgin did us a miracle.” Ruben then picks her up and twirls her around. Then his towel falls off, Ruben move away from me. Do it now, your towel fell off.” He picks it up and goes straight into the bathroom. Juana Valentina simply covers her mouth. Juana Bautista asks, “hey what happened girl?”


Manuel Efe has a visit with Calixto. “Let me tell you uncle, that my intentions regarding Juana Valentina are sincere. In fact I even proposed marriage too her. Although she rejected me, well I’m hoping that she changed her mind. Leaving me with at least some hope that she will accept me. Now the question is mine, if I want to formally start a relationship with Juana Valentina. Why would I want to meddle, or help that my aunt and her are distant. What ever for?” Calixto asks, “well then who the hell would tell Dona about that trip?” Manuel Efe tells him, “that I don’t know. The only one’s that knew about the trip, were you and I. The juanas and Ruben, you don’t have to tell me anymore.” Calito tells him, “well why would Judge Geremias Guerra tells her? Or could it have been those guys? Well they were at that party, but still why would they go all the way to talk to her.” He then hits the table, Manuel Efe tells him. “I insist that I want to have a formal relationship with Juana Valentina. I want to marry Juana Valentina, why would I put my aunt who’s her enemy and put them together. Why?” Calixto so confused utters, “well this is just a big mystery. Its like that blasted plague, or those missing balls. All these mysteries I don’t like.” Manuel Efe asks, “what your now blaming me for that appearance of that plague? Are you also blaming me for those missing balls?” Calixto tells him, “well of course not son. I haven’t said that either.” Manuel Efe tells him, “well it seems like it too me. Uncle I adore the juanas, I am always attentive around them. I don’t want nothing to happen too them. The day of the scandal at the lottery, I was the first to fight with seven guys. To help take them out of there, to be sure nothing happened too them. Uncle for me to be against the juanas. Is going against Juana Valentina. Its going against my feelings. Oh its just so strange this coming from you.” Calixto gets up, “look Manuel Efe do forgive me. For thinking such thoughts.”


The three are together in an office waiting. Juana Valentina asks, “hey I wonder how long it will be that were stuck sitting here?” Ruben tells her, “he’s a very important administrator you have to respect him. Plus you have to wait for him.” Juana Valentina utters, “no I can’t stand these shoes. She proceeds to take them off, oh I wonder what’s biting me?” Ruben asks, “you don’t think there bed bugs?” Juana Bautista tells him, “well they are really big.” Juana Valentina tells them, “oh man do they ever bite.” Juana Bautista then tells her, “oh here he comes.” In the end Ruben gets up, “oh hello sir.” While Juana Bautista tries to help Juana Valentina put back her shoes. Then Juana Valentina shakes his hand, “oh hello I’m Juana Valentina. Well he’s a good friend of mine, Ruben Salguero. She is Ruben’s sister.” Juana Bautista tells him, “yes Juana Bautista Salguero.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh its been years since we’ve last seen one another.” She’s smiling and Juana Bautista, moves the shoe closer to them.




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The Juanas is a wonderfully produced telenovela. Made in Colombia back in 1997.

By writers Bernardo Romero Pereiro and Juanita Samper.

DocumentfinalthoughtsYSBLFtest_html_8c0d834EPISODE 11

Judge Geremias Guerra is in his office, talking with Margarita Cruz. “Listen justice will win over, all those who seek harm Margarita. Those gossipers can talk all they want. For soon those girls, will be legally Calixto’s daughters.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “judge the talk will continue. They may stop talking about them, but they will continue to point in their direction.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “but the Juanas will have a name that defends them.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “in the eyes of everyone but they will always be illegitimate.” Judge Geremias tells her, “legally no.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “legally doesn’t change things.” Judge Geremias tells her, “oh Margarita Cruz you talk like one of my colleagues.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “listen those girls including mine. They aren’t illicit.” Someone’s at the door, Judge Geremias utters. “Who could it be? I’m coming.” Dona Dona arrives, “good afternoon move out of the way judge you will get no excuse me judge. You I was looking for, you made me a promise. I’m here to complain, you have to go through with that promise.” Margarita Cruz asks, “what promise are you talking about?” Dona Dona tells her, “you promised that your daughter would never carry the name Salguero. But today this afternoon all of those girls. Including yours, will take that name. All four of them.” Margarita tells her, “but they are all legally Calixto’s daughters but that doesn’t mean.”

Dona Dona tells her, “well that was the rock that was missing from that cement wall. The one that you built with your lies Margarita Cruz. The last arrow that you had to put in me.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “Margarita Cruz is not at fault here Dona.” Dona Dona tells him, “oh no what the poor thing was blind. Deaf and mute, and paralyzed. When Calixto Salguero put his eyes on her isn’t that right. That honey was put in by my husband, that’s what you would say.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “please Dona.” Dona Dona tells her, “after your illegitimate gets the name Salguero. We will be united, will we be called sisters from here on out?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “Dona please.” Dona Dona angrily asks, “what am I going to have to deal with you living at my house?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “never the decision to take that name. Is Juana Manny not mine.” Dona Dona sarcastically tells her, “oh what authority do you have with your daughter Margarita Cruz. I see you always do what you are told. What they suggest to you, you don’t say no to nothing right.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “you are offending me Dona.” Dona Dona tells her, “well what would you call what you did to me. Friendship, I will tell you exactly what its called. Grievance, invective, insult. Can’t I make a demand against her judge?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “well if you had an obligation yes but in this case no. The only one that can is Margarita.” Dona Dona tells her, “on top of everything ha ha its all that I needed Judge. Margarita Cruz my childhood chum. Who I played games with, who I went to school with. Will now threaten legal action against me. Just because I don’t have sufficient proof, with her and Calixto Salguero. Ha your daughter, will have that disgraced last name.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “like I repeat and told you. If there was a promise, that now doesn’t apply to me.”

Over at the pink house, Calixto comes by. Calixto tells them, “look I’ve come by today to take all of you to the court house.” Juana Valentina tells him, “why so we won’t get attacked on the way there.” Calixto tells her, “well Juana Valentina that’s not it at all.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh come on Don Calixto. I will calm everyone down.” Calixto tells her, “wait now what will you do now? He takes her hand, so definitely you won’t change your mind?” Juana Valentina tells him, “well no even though the truth is that Echenique was never my favorite last name. I’d rather continue having it, than accept yours.” Ruben arrives, and overhears their conversation.” Calixto tells her, “with or without Echenique your my daughter.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh if only the circumstances were so very different. Well no, look I’ll inform the rest. Hey Ruben Juana Manny is in the backyard patio Ruben. You can tell her yourself.” Juana Valentina takes off, and Calixto stares at Ruben. “Well and you seem very worried.” Ruben tells him, “everything worries me ever since this story began old man. I’ll go get Juana Manny.”

Juana Valentina visits Juana Calidad, “now Don Calixto is waiting for you in the living room. So he can take you to the notary, so hurry it up.” Juana Calidad asks, “so you aren’t going?” Juana Valentina tells her, “you know my decision Juana Calidad.” Sadly Juana Calidad tells her, “so that means were not sisters?” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh don’t be an idiot. Look being sisters nobody can take that away. Just to let you know alright, now hurry they are waiting for you it gives me pity.” Juana Calidad tells her, “Juana Valentina you know what hurts me the most having the name Salguero. That Ruben is our brother.” Juana Valentina is shocked by her words, and asks. “Why would you say that?” Juana Calidad tells her, “oh I don’t know but Ruben is such a special man. Such a good person, well very beautiful. Well the good or worse I mean, I’m not afraid of him anymore.” Juana Valentina gives her a big hug, and tells her. “Well then, hurry it up for Don Calixto is waiting for you. I’ll see you soon.” She smiles and leaves, Juana Calidad smiles as well.

Juana Valentina then vists Juana Matilde. Juana Matilde is trying to fix her room, “oh no you look better when its over there.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no Don Calixto Salguero and Ruben are waiting for you. So all of you can head to the notary.” Juana Matilde asks, “oh is it time now?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well the appointment is for four so its best you get ready.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well don’t I look good like this?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well if you look good then that’s fine with me.” Juana Matilde tells her, “come here Juana Valentina. Why do we have to go with Calixto Salguero and Ruben. Why we can go by ourselves?” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes I guess so but Calixto Salguero wants to show the judge solidarity with all of you.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh yeah as if that will help us with anything. Do you really think that the kind women of Corozal. Will welcome us here and say hello to us, just because we have the name Salguero. Or if he joins us at the notary or what?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well no I guess.” Juana Matilde tells her, “see I told you.” Juana Valentina asks, “does it really matter that the good women here of Corozal. Comes by to say hello to you and everything?” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh girlfriend that just simply falls off my back.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well then?” Juana Matilde tells her, “well I’m just saying why don’t we just go all by ourselves. Than being accompanied…” Juana Valentina tells her, “look fix yourself up or not its up too you. They are waiting downstairs.” Juana Matilde then asks, “Juana Valentina have you seen where I put my shoes?” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh no lost them again.” Juana Matilde utters, “yes.” Juana Valentina tells her, “look please girl find them before four Juana Matilde.” Juana Matilde utters, “I can never find anything.”

Juana Manny is on the back porch hitting a punching bag. Ruben shows up, and tells her. “We will be leaving in fifteen minutes. So we won’t be late for the meeting.” Juana Manny tells him, “I’m ready.” Ruben tells her, “what your going like that?” Ruben tells her, “hey whats wrong with what I’m wearing.” Juana Manny tells him, “well yes this isn’t a big ceremony nor is it a tournament.” Juana Manny angrily tells him, “what is your father embarrassed to see me like this. Well he should have thought of that twenty-three years ago.” Ruben tells her, “Juana Manny my father is above those insults. Enough with the ironies alright, look I just want you to look beautiful. Just like the rest of your sisters well then hurry it up.” Juana Manny asks, “Ruben wait your saying I’m beautiful?” Ruben tells her, “yes and hurry it up.” As he’s walking away, Juana Manny utters. “Blasted man, having that great guy a brother of mine. What a great waste.”

Juana Valentina goes and visits Juana Bautista. She’s putting up her bed curtains. Juana Bautista tells her, “the respectable people are against us. I went for a walk this morning, you should have seen the looks they were giving me. It was like they were insulting me.” Juana Valentina asks, “but does it bother you very much.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well no its there problem not mine. Plus they have every right, to think what ever they want. Just as long as they don’t meddle in my life. Well then what will I wear for this important occasion.” Juana Valentina tells her, “Juana Bautista tell me something. Do you ever regret that I was able to find you?” Juana Bautista tells her, “well like I said that women under my sign nothing surprises me.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes but this has now changed your life.” Juana Bautista tells her, “yes I suppose then I think. What would have happened, if I hadn’t have met you all. Would it have changed?” Juana Valentina tells her, “we Aquarius accept what’s going on around us. Until of course another truck of dreams pass by.” Juana Valentina asks, “well then what about me?” Juana Bautista tells her, “you are like the rainbow if you follow it. You get to the pot of gold, because you only believe in reality. As a child you would hit your head often.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh I was always full of scraps and wounds all over my head.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well you would always get hit. It was just undoutable, you know what’s worse. Your sign is never pulled back, even though there’s a big storm right in front of you. Including those of the heart, that just worries me. Oh you do worry me so Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well then hurry it up. Mr. Salguero won’t like it if he has to wait long. So don’t take long.” Juana Bautista stares very sadly at her as she walks away.

(I love those curtains.)

Downstairs, Ruben and Calixto are alarmed. When they receive news, regarding Dona Dona from Todoelmundo.” Calixto yells out, “Dona Dona had an attack?” Todoelmundo tells him, “yes over at Judge Geremias Guerra’s house. She completely passed out.” Ruben asks, “well then is she still over at my godfather’s place?” Todoelmundo tells him, “no they took her home once the doctor saw her. He told them, she was in perfect health but she was furious.” Calixto asks, “come over here so does that mean she asked you to get me?” Todoelmundo tells him, “oh no Don Calixto she began spouting off insults that this talker won’t repeat. No she didn’t want me to get you.” Calixto looks over at Ruben, “alright then you take the girls to the notary. I’m heading home to see Dona, I need to talk to her. I’m going to put a chair by her side, and finalize this once and for all.” Ruben tells him, “no old man big confrontations alright. Don’t make me chose, between the two of you understand.” Todoelmundo tells him, “Don Calixto in your house there’s a vistor that just arrived.” Calixto tells him, “it better not be someone from town. Manifesting his indignation.” Todoelmundo tells him, “oh no this visitor is a young guy. I’ve never seen him before.” Ruben tells him, “hey Todoelmundo you know everyone here. That means he doesn’t come from here.” Todoelmundo tells him, “exactly Ruben the young guy isn’t from Corozal.” Ruben utters, “so where is he from then? Oh wait, he gets up. Oh old man, are you sure that there’s only five?” Calixto annoyed simply puts on his hat and leaves. Todoelmundo goes with him.

Over at the Salguero house. A staff is bringing them juice, Dona Dona sits intently listening to her young guest. “Now I spent a month in Bogata, getting used to the climate here once again. He gets his drink and utters. Thank you, well then I spent another month in Cartagena. Then one extra week in Sahagun.” Dona Dona tells him, “oh your mother and my brother must be overjoyed with happiness Manuel Efe. So tell me how long were abroad?” Manuel Efe tells her, “in coming here about six years. So lets say in total is eight. Eight wonderful years in Europe aunt.” Dona Dona tells him, “eight really.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes eight so are you planning on staying?” Manuel Efe tells her, “oh aunt do you think my father worked so hard. So I can study in europe, so I can bury myself in a small town of Sahagun.” Dona Dona tells him, “oh don’t badmouth the small towns my nephew.” Manuel Efe tells her, “badmouth now what is a great textile merchant engineer like myself. Who graduated in France at the top of his class, with a specialty from Italy. Going to a small town like Sahagun nothing.” Dona Dona tells him, “well then where are you going to settle down then?” Manuel Efe tells her, “well the important thing is find a nice place. Where I can continue my career, to make a nice fortune with that career. Well talk to me about you all, how is Ruben aunt? How is my uncle Calixto the family how is everyone?” Dona Dona tells him, “well Ruben is like the sun so very wonderful that boy and son. Well in regards to my husband, I better just bite my tongue.” Manuel Efe asks, “what’s wrong with him?” Dona Dona tells him, “oh what’s not happening Manuelito. Oh what doesn’t happen.” Manuel Efe tells her, “I don’t like that tone for nothing auntie.” Dona Dona tells him, “oh will you like it even more when you find out. All the wretched things that have occured.” Manuel Efe tells her, “all the misfortunes are they more?” Dona Dona tells him, “there are five to be exact. Five misfortunes, they are named Juanas.” Manuel Efe utters, “five?”

Calixto arrives, and sees him.”Oh just look at this tall fellow. If it isn’t my nephew Manuel Efe Cuadradro in person.” Manuel Efe tells him, “in the flesh uncle.” They gives one another a big hug, Calixto smiling asks. “Well how are you? Your looking good. So when did you arrive?” Manuel Efe tells him, “in the country about 10 weeks. One week in Sahugun, in Corozal for approximately 33 minutes and 25 seconds.” Calixto tells him, “oh you look good a bit skinny though but you grew.” Manuel Efe tells him, “I’m a bit taller oh man Ruben is going to be overjoyed to see you.” Manuel Efe tells him, “thank you uncle.” Calixto tells him, “well then sit down so have you been served good. Did you have a lemonade? Well then Dona how are you feeling?” Dona Dona tells him, “inform Mr. Salguero I will never feel good thanks to him.” Todoelmundo begins to talk, “she’s not feeling well Don Calixto.” Dona Dona tells him, “apparently the doctor told me. Its a matter of lipothymy, but it might get worse and take me to my grave. To of course satisfy Mr. Salguero.” Todoelmundo tells him, “well she say the doctor…” Calixto tells Todoelmundo, “stop transmitting already. He looks over at Manuel Efe, I’m sorry that you had to arrive at such a difficult period in our lives. I bet that Dona has already mentioned her version of events.” Dona Dona tells him, “no I haven’t said a word but my tongue itches.” As todoelmundo is about to talk, Manuel Efe stop him. “Ok now one of you explain what is going on?” Calixto tells him, “sooner or later you will find out but for now. I must talk to your aunt, lets go to your bedroom.” Dona Dona tells him, “never will I share those four walls with Mr. Salguero ever again.” Todoelmundo tells him, “never…” Calixto angrily tells him, “enough already I am your husband and owner of this house.” Dona Dona tells him, “the only condition of Don Salguero is of being a macho breeder.” Manuel Efe tells them, “I’m insisiting I’m asking someone to explain what is happening here.” Dona Dona tells him, “what’s going on is this besides Ruben being his son. He has five more daughters.” Manuel Efe smiling tells her, “oh what great joy this has fallen on this house. You two have been busy, oh aunt congratulations.” Dona Dona angrily tells him, “congratulations bull those five daughters. Are his they are not mine.” Then she storms to her room. Calixto utters, “Dona Dona.” Manuel Efe, simply stares at him.

Over at the pink house, the girls comes out one by one. Ruben simply laughs, as they all come out and pose for him. “Oh Juana Matilde how festive. Oh don’t get me started on you Juana Bautista. See Juana Manny what did I tell you. Juana Calidad shyly comes out, oh all of you are so very beautiful. Ah where is Juana Valentina?” Juana Bautista tells him, “she is staying her last name will remain Echenique.” Ruben tells her, “well then there’s nothing more to say well then lets go.” Juana Manny asks, “wasn’t Mr. Calixto going to come with us?” Ruben tells her, “well he said the had to do something urgently at the house. He will meet us at the notary.” Then they hear people yelling, “you shameless lot, you bastards, you abusers. Hey you leave Corozal, you don’t belong here. Here sin doesn’t live, get out.” Juana Calidad gets very scared, “no we better go back in the house.” Juana Bautista grabs her and stops her from entering. Juana Manny angrily screams, “come here and say it too my face.” Juana Matilde yells out, “go ahead yell at us we are dogs.” Then a group come by, “hey get out of town. You are all abusers, and bold women. Get out, go back to your hole and get out.” Juana Valentina has come out, and screams. “Enough already.” Juana Calidad tells her, “lets wait till they calm down lets go back inside.”

Ruben angrily tells them, “no we aren’t returning to that house. We are not even going inside campero, fine then if they stop us. We are going on foot then.” People start coming out of their houses, and are on balconies all yelling out. “You women without sin.” Ruben watches over them, as one by one they begin walking to their destinations. Ruben tells Juana Valentina, “they aren’t going to step over us no way.” Juana Valentina smiles, then they see a bunch of people yelling. They hold hands, and raise their heads high. Then Ruben begins greeting everyone, “well hello Dona nice to see you. Oh hello I see that your well.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh you are all very lovely senorias.” The people stop chanting, the girls walk through and then stop and wave at them. Then they hug and see more people waiting at the notary for them. Ruben has had enough, of everyone following them. “Ok enough go home all of you. Well then girls we have arrived, lets enter.” All the girls enter, Juana Valentina smiles at them but stops at the door. Ruben asks, “what your not coming in?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I’m not entering.” Ruben tells her, “well me neither then.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I can’t stand you being by my side.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well I can’t stand you being near me either.” Then both sadly stare at one another.

Back at Salguero house, Dona Dona is wiping away tears. Calixto show up, and tells her. “Oh no the senora is going to listen to her husband. I know what you did, you wrote that letter. Then talked to that preacher. Plus everyone else, and created this into a bigger scandal. So the Juanas paid you back using the very same coin, but in the end they made you look good. Yes on behalf of this state you are a saint. In the end your circumstances haven’t changed. You should be helping those poor girls. Carry the name Salguero with high esteem.” Dona Dona fixes her hair, and looks at herself. “Oh this husband of yours Dona is a impertinent man.” Calixto tells her, “Dona we are husband and wife and my greatest desire. Is to remain like this till death us do part. I miss you Dona, I miss your presense in bed when I go to bed. I miss your commentaries when I read the news. I miss your hands on my forehead. Just to check to see if I have a fever or not. Or for that matter a cold. I even miss hearing the sound of your nightgown in the evening. When I arrive at night, I miss that you worry about me. Telling me what I’m suppose to wear. Or what drinks I should drink. What am I suppose to wear, so my skin doesn’t go dry. Or giving me something, so my hair doesn’t fall off. I miss you Dona, I miss you so very much. Well then I must go to the notary. To give affirmation to declare four Juanas my daughters. But that doesn’t change a thing, for I feel something for you. Come on Dona don’t abandon me, if you abandoned me I would rather die. If I die it would be like, I would be abandoning myself. It would mean this life we’ve lived, would be turned to bitterness. All these 30 years of happiness that you have given me. From the day forth, I was overjoyed that you accepted to be my wife. Till the day you discovered the cruel reality. I won’t regret nothing, regretting things wouldn’t change life. For I do love you. Things aren’t going to change. Oh Don in the end, that is everything that I wanted to tell you.” Dona has tears going down her face. Before returning, I’ll head to the church. It will be strange, but I want to ask god. That its still not too late.” He tries to touch her and stops. Then he takes off. Dona Dona simply looks away.

Ruben arrives late, to find the house in darkness. He turns when he hears, “oh no where is that punch cousin.” Ruben smiles, “Manuel Efe the handsome one.” Manuel Efe tells him, “oh Ruben the newsman. Then they play around and hug. Ruben tells him, “well just look at you that trip to Europe did wonders to you.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes but you to Medellin didn’t work out well. You look worn out and old.” Ruben tells him, “a donkey talking out of his ears. Oh what elegance, what does this mean tell me.” Manuel Efe tells him, “the latest fashion just touch this fabric and feel it.” Ruben tells him, “I see silk well then did you head to Sahagun.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes I came from there.” Ruben tells him, “so they didn’t mention nothing about your new look.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes and let me tell you all those girls were falling at my feet. Let me tell you that a lot of those women. We’re talking about me marrying their daughters. Well then and you are you married yet?” Ruben tells him, “as you can see I’m not chained up so when did you show up.” Manuel Efe tells him, “I arrived today in the middle of the drama between your father and aunt Dona.” Ruben tells him, “sit down I guess you have discovered everything.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes now the thing is your mother told me her version. Your father half of the version. I’ve been waiting to hear, what you have to say about the entire situation. Before that now who wins. Now I want a lemon and mineral water. Ok after all these years, how do you end up with five sisters.”

Over at the pink house, Calixto is overjoyed. “Now then nows the time. Juana Matilde Salguero Estanea. Juana Bautista Salguero Cordero. Juana Calidad Salguero Galante. Juana Manny Salguero Cruz. I just wanted to tell you all. That after twenty-four years, in front of god well starting today. Written in law, you are all my daughters.” Juana Matilde tells him, “thank you father.” Then he begins kissing each one, “thank you all for making me so very happy. Well then salute salute.” Juana Valentina is quite sad about her situation. Judge Geremias Guerra has been serving them drinks. Calixto asks, “well then Juana Valentina you won’t toast to your sister.” Juana Valentina gets up and smiles. “Well of course I will. Thank you Judge.” Calxito tells him, “so godfather you may make a speech.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well will it be a formal speech of friendship. This is coming from the truth.” Calixto tells him, “oh you always talk so well.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well then out of friendship I’m telling you. I share this good fortune that surrounds you. I’d like to inform all of you this isn’t an easy thing. Well you know all this, I know one thing, you are all illegitamate. You may always get my help if you need it. Well then I toast for you all.” Calixto tells them, “salute and they click glasses.” Juana Calidad doesn’t drink, Juana Bautista tells her. “God drank wine, it was sacred.” Juana Manny puts the glass, and makes poor Juana Calidad drink. “Oh come on finish it.” Calixto smiles and tells her, “its not a sin to drink.” Then all laugh.

Back at the house, Manuel Efe tells Ruben. “Oh I don’t want to be in your pants. To split your big inheritance.” Ruben tells him, “look there’s no way to avoid it cousin. Plus I can’t do it, they are like his children like I am. Father has already fixed things, I am his true inheritor. But they also have every right.” Manuel Efe tells him, “oh yes the just and true Ruben doesn’t go against this. Your going to die poor cousin.” Ruben tells him, “but very happy.” Manuel Efe tells him, “what are you telling me that you are liking your step-sisters?” Ruben tells him, “yes I have started carrying for them. One more than others, but I won’t push them away. They are all so distinctive, with their different personalities. Their tempers, they’re way of thinking of being. The way they think, all of them are good and have good feelings.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes of course at first as they get a hold of that inheritance.” Ruben tells him, “you know what I don’t think so.” Manuel Efe tells him, “Ruben Don Calixto has a lot of money. Lots of money, and the deaf talks. I repeat I wouldn’t like to be in your pants.” Ruben asks, “so how long will you be staying?” Manuel Efe tells him, “a couple of day I have to then head off to Sahagun. To say goodbye to the folks, then I’m heading to Medellin. Then to Bogota, to make contacts. Then decide where to stay.” Ruben tells him, “well I suggest Medellin even though its a bit stuffy.” Manuel Efe tells him, “look what ever is the best place to start my profession. That’s where I’m staying, now Dona has given me the room next to yours is that a problem.” Ruben tells him, “of course not.” Manuel Efe tells him, “well then I’m heading off to bed.” Ruben tells him, “well I’m hungry I’ll see what’s left around here.” Manuel Efe tells him, “well then see you tomorrow.”

(Considering the house is so big. Why didn’t he get his own room?)

Ruben tells him, “see you tomorrow. Dona Dona shows up, and sees him. He kisses her and tells her. “Oh mom I thought you were asleep.” Dona Dona tells him, “now a days I don’t fall quickly to bed. So did your father give his name to the sinners?” Ruben tells her, “yes four of them. They are now his daughters.” Dona Dona tells him, “oh may god forgive him but I don’t think so. Wait you said four, well aren’t they’re five.” Ruben tells her, “well one didn’t want to accept.” Dona Dona tells him, “let me guess which one of them it is. Margarita’s daughter no, the loathsome one that was first no. The one that’s half a nun?” Ruben tells her, “the loathsome one that was first. The older one, Juana Valentina.” Dona Dona tells him, “but she was the one that started all of this mess.” Ruben tells him, “even if you don’t think so. She said she didn’t want to know nothing about my father. Neither the last name, neither his fortune.” Dona Dona tells him, “oh I don’t buy that story. She’s up too something, oh what’s her name again?” Ruben utters, “Juana Valentina. He goes to get another drink, and sadly utters her name once more. Juana Valentina is her name.” Dona Dona asks, “why are you sad when you say her name?” Ruben tells her, “no its not that. What’s sad is that you and my father. Aren’t sleeping in the same bed.” He kisses her and goes to bed, Dona simply looks away.

The next morning Juana Valentina brings Tere her breakfast. “Now remember what the doctor said. Take it easy, and not do any chores. Don’t think of washing a plate, your to do absolutely nothing. You have to continue resting and taking your medication.” Tere tells her, “oh I feel so useless I feel like a slob. I want to get up and do something. First and foremost leave Corozal.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I already told you. When you are fine and out of danger we are leaving.” Juana Calidad screams, “well you all better come down and have breakfast. Come down before it gets cold Juana Valentina.” Tere asks, “so is the nun in charge of the kitchen or what?” Juana Valentina tells her, “she offered plus the others don’t cook.” Tere tells her, “oh there she will stay. For the rest will take advantage of her. Oh Juana Valentina I’ve been thinking. I wonder how the house is over there. You know and the store.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes I was thinking the same thing. I’m going over to Barranquilla, to check on the business. Plus the house, then I’ll come straight back.” Tere asks, “when will you leave?” Juana Valentina tells her, “today so then I can return tonight.” Juana Calidad screams, “the food is getting cold.” Juana Valentina utters, “oh dear now then I’ll finish cleaning this later. The cook is a bit impatient.”

Juana Valentina passes by Juana Matilde who’s singing away. She opens the door, “lets go get some breakfast.” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes well I haven’t been able to find a pair of shoes. I’ve found a green, yellow and brown pair. So I haven’t been able to finish dresssing.” Juana Valentina tells her, “how could you make a mess in such short a time.” Juana Matilde tells her, “what mess I don’t see any. I know exactly where everything is.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh yes that’s why you were able to find. Only one pair of green, yellow and brown shoes.” Then both start laughing, Juana Valentina tells her. “Continue singing.” She does and finds her shoes.

Over in Juana Bautista’s room, she has her cards out and is concentrating. Juana Valentina tells her, “Juana Calidad is calling us its time for breakfast.” Juana Bautista tells her, “yes I heard.” Juana Valentina asks, “what’s wrong?” Juana Bautista tells her, “I don’t like what I see in the cards. For the third time, I see a salamander next to the devil.” Juana Valentina asks, “and what does that mean?” Juana Bautista tells her, “what is occurring shouldn’t be occurring yet. There are things at work here, that are beyond our control.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh girl things have already happened and that’s that.” Juana Bautista tells her, “I wasn’t thinking about me when I was doing the cards. I was thinking about you Juana Valentina. The three times I was thinking about you.” Juana Calidad yells out, “now if you find it cold your still going to eat it.” Juana Valentina tells her, “we better go eat.” Juana Calidad repeats, “the food is getting cold.”

Then she sets the table and sings. They all clap when she’s done. She utters, “poems from San Juana Ines de la Cruz.” Juana Manny tells her, “its not from her its San I didn’t understand a thing Juana Calidad.” Juana Calidad tells her, “oh its because you are hard headed boxer.” Juana Valentina tells them, “now then lets eat.” Juana Calidad tells them, “no we will thank god for this meal first. Father son and holy spirit amen. Lord thank you so very much for this meal. Please continue to protect everyone, especially those who can’t afford to eat. Thank you lord, father son and the holy spirit.” Juana Manny tells him, “now then nun may we eat now.” Juana Valentina tells them, “I am heading off to Barranquilla.” Juana Manny asks, “why?” Juana Valentina tells them, “I’m going to make sure the house and business is in order. Well one never knowns.” Juana Calidad asks, “but you will be returning right?” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes for a bit but not for very long. Just till the doctor says, when Terezalsura can travel.” Juana Manny tells him, “look keep Tere here we will take care of her. Just until the doctor releases her.” Juana Valentina tells her, “are your crazy that’s too much work.” Juana Manny tells her, “oh come on for the nun its a pleasure taking care of the sick.” Juana Calidad tells her, “again with calling me a nun. You hungry boxer.” Juana Bautista seriously tells Juana Valentina. “You shouldn’t travel Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells her, “why not?” Juana Bautista tells her, “well I don’t like seeing a salamander next to a devil.” Juana Calidad blesses herself, and they continue eating.

Over at Judge Geremias Guerra, he talks with Todoelmundo. “Now this is for senora matilde. Pick up some flowers that will be in a basket. She is preparing them for me, put this card next to it. Then take the basket to the pink house. Personally take it to Juana Valentina.” Todoelmundo asks, “why is that judge?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “its a kind attention todoelmundo.” He opens it, “wait this is anonymous it only say. With great affection and love, but its not signed.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “here just do your job as the messenger. Here you go now stop wasting time. Oh wait come over here, one warning. Make sure she doesn’t find out its from me is that clear. Is that clear todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells him, “sure its clear judge have a nice day.”

Todoemundo heads over to Octavio who’s fixing his bike. Octavio tells Miguel, “I haven’t been able to approch Ruben Salguero. Every time I do, he send me to do stuff. Or take things to the pink house.” Miguel tells him, “just forget that the Juanas Octavio. Don Calixto has legallized all of them. You can’t even reach a salgureo, even if she’s a natural daughter.” Octavio asks, “well why not? My last name is good like anybody elses. Hey just because my father’s business went sour. I was stuck having to work for a living. Doesn’t mean, that I’m little than say a Fuentelafria for example.” Miguel tells him, “you know how these things work Octavio. A father like Calixto Salguero only wants the best for his daughters.” Octavio utters, “well I’m good.” Todoelmundo show up, “hey Octavio is my bike fixed?” Octavio tells him, “yes everything is fixed. You can go a few more kilometers more Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells him, “well then lets see.” Octavio sees the flowers, “oh hey whose that from?” Todoelmundo tells him, “its for one of the Juanas that lives at the pink house. Its for Juana Valentina, but I can’t say who’s it from.” Octavio utters, “oh Juana Valentina.” Then he pushes Miguel over to distract Todoelmundo. He reads the note, and puts on his name.” Miguel asks, “hey Todoelmundo I bet you a box of beer. Who invented the bicycle?” Todoelmundo tells him, “well the history of the bicycle. Various people helped make it, it began with three metal wheels. James Starley invented the modern bicycle in 1869. Now I can’t continue talking about bicycles. I am in quite the hurry.” Todoelmundo tells him, “now it seems you did a great job. I’ll pay you after I have tried it alright.” Octavio tells him, “you can pay me later. Ok you better go and deliver that object.” Todoelmundo tells him, “Miguel you owe me a box of beer. Next time don’t ask me things that the whole world knows bye. I hope this doesn’t fall.” Octavio tells him, “you better not get lost. Go straight to the pink house.” Todoelmundo simply waves.

bannerEPISODE 12

bannerGualberto and Mauricio are walking along the main avenue of Corozal. Gualberto tells him, “I have news buddy, there was a basket of the fruits & flowers. All ready so Todoelmundo could take it too Juana Valentina.” Mauricio asks, “well who ordered it? Well who is sending it?” Gualberto tells him, “well I thought you were doing it. Now apparently not.” Mauricio tells him, “could it be Octavio Portoreal?” Gualberto tells him, “oh no this arrangement was quite expensive.” Mauricio tells him, “well look at that we will see now who bought it. Man look at my good fortune.” Mauricio tells him, “hey there Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells him, “oh Fuentelafria.” Mauricio tells him, “I have a bet with Gualberto that you can break.” Todoelmundo tells him, “not today I’m in a hurry.” Gualberto goes to him, and distracts him. As Mauricio goes to look at the flowers. “Now I was saying, the sierra nevada de Santa Marta. Is bigger than Tolima. Mauricio tells me I am mistaken, what do you say Todoelmundo?”

Todoelmundo tells him, “it seems politicians don’t know nothing about geography. Tolima is about, 5000 in height. The highest point of Santa Marta Sierra Nevada. Is about 5 800. Plus the one highest would be the Sierra Nevada. But with snow, its still a few inches from Tolima. But with the elevation Sierra Nevada wins.” Mauricio by this point, takes out Octavio’s card. Puts his business one.” Gualberto tells him, “I guess that’s what the whole world knows right Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells him, “oh yes everyone except the politicianas. At that high altitude there are no votes. So that doesn’t interest them. Anymore question?” Gualberto tells him, “oh no that means I won the bet. Thank you Todoelmundo.” Mauricio tells him, “well thank you so very much Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells him, “I am going to give you a suggestion Fuentelafria. Never bet on information, without consulting the whole world. The two laugh, he’s about to take off. Mauricio takes his hat, hey give me back my hat.” Todoelmundo then takes off, Mauricio tells Gualberto. “Unbelievable that arrangement was from that wretched Portoreal.” Gualberto tells him, “no way it can’t be. This cost a fortune.” Mauricio tells him, “it doesn’t matter if he’s trying to act like he’s a wealthy man. What can one do brother, the winner wins it all in the end.”

Ruben goes to the pink house. “What do you mean she left? How long?” Juana Matilde tells her, “about 10 minutes or so. She was going to the plaza, to see if someone would take her there. She was going to try to come back tonight. Or will arrive tomorrow morning.” Ruben tells her, “what a shame my father planned on talking to each one of you. Separately and her as well, now the results are she’s leaving.” Juana Matilde tells him, “she decided this morning. Plus you know that Juana Valentina is like that.” Ruben tells her, “yes I know where are all your sisters.” Juana Matilde tells him, “Juana Manny and Juana Bautista are at the market. Juana Calidad is washing up. I’m stuck with the boring job of cleaning. Well then what does your father, I mean our father want to tell us.” Ruben tells her, “the truth is there are his things. Oh tell me, how does it feel having a new last name?” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh you do like to bother me Ruben. I don’t know, I tried signing and it will take me a while Juana Matilde Salguero. Oh Ruben you dirtied my floor, I just finished mopping now I have to do it again. If you like you can come in, get a drink and sit down.” Ruben simply laughs, and Todoelmundo shows up. “Oh no Juana Matilde thanks for asking but. Its been a while, since I’ve been at the office. I really should go, now the old man will be waiting for you. Late this afternoon head over to Judge Geremias Guerra. I’ll give you the address. Now if you have to take a taxi, don’t worry about the charge he will pay for it.” Juana Matilde tells him, “thank you Ruben so I’ll see you later tonight. You can drink a rum with me.” Ruben kisses her, “alright.” Juana Matilde tells him, “next time your going to help me finish mopping.”

Todoelmundo tells Ruben, “hey there Ruben Salguero.” Ruben tells him, “hey there Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells him, “do you by chance have a piece of paper to give me.” Ruben tells him, “sure here you go its no problem. Why do you need it?” Todoelmundo tells him, “oh it seems a card is lost I need to write the address.” Todoelmundo tells him, “thanks that’s what I needed.” Ruben asks, “so tell me what commentaries have you heard about the Juanas?” Todoelmundo tells him, “for the Juanas well everyone is silent. From the outside, but from the inside I don’t know so I can’t assure you nothing.” Ruben tells him, “well things will stay the same until the topic changes. Well then see you around Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells him, “bye. As he’s picking the flowers, he utters. Hey its annoymous, so it doesn’t really matter who sent it hello.” Juana Matilde returns, “oh hi Todoelmundo what’s that?” Todoelmundo tells her, “its a gift for Juana Valentina.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well she’s not here but I will take it in.” Todoelmundo tells her, “be careful its quite heavy.” Juana Matilde tells him, “would you mind finishing mopping the entrance. Please while I put this inside thanks.” Todoelmundo then looks around.

Over at the taxi center, Juana Valentina is arguing over price with the taxi driver. “Wait I’m not going to pay that much. Besides Barranquilla is only a few hours away from here. Look I’m not going to cheap you come on. Ok I’ll give you then, fifty no ok fine no deal that’s too much.” Manuel Efe has finished getting his shoes shine and goes towards her. “Cesar I will fix this oh hello senorita. May I help you with anything? My name is Manuel Efe Cuadradro. I repeat may I help you in any way? I’m just passing through Corozal. I’m going past Barranquilla, I just came by to eat something and get some rest. Without being forward, I overheard your conversation with the taxi driver. That is why I offered to help you. Would you like me to help you?” Juana Valentina begins to move away from him. Then tells him, “no sir thank you Mr.” Manuel Efe tells her, “my last name is Cuadradro. First is Manuel Efe. Cuadradro. Its been about eight years since I’ve been here. I was visiting Europe.” Juana Valentina tells him, “so that means you weren’t born here in Corozal.” Manuel Efe tells her, “oh no I was born in Sahagun. My family lives there, here I have a few relatives. I heard you need to get too Barranquilla. Would you like me to take you there?” Juana Valentina tells him, “well no thank you.” Manuel Efe tells her, “if you like we can go inside the church.” Juana Valentina asks, “why the church?”

Manuel Efe tells her, “well I would go in there. To tell every saint including the virgin saint. Even Jesus Christ if you wanted, I am a good man. You won’t be in danger, in fact you would be a lot safer with me than the taxi driver. I only want to mention I an athesist.” Juana Valentina smiles and tells him, “oh what a beautiful smile you have. You are like a song or a dream.” Juana Valentina annoyed tells him, “oh you do talk a lot sir.” Manuel Efe tells her, “the word salamera. Is from salam arabia, it signifies a greeting.” Juana Valentina looks over at the drivers and yells out. “Look sir I am in a bit of a hurry.” Manuel Efe shows his wallet to her, and she asks. “What is this?” Manuel Efe tells her, “I’m showing you that I am a good person. As you can see here is my passport, my nationality, certification from the police. Credit cards international and local ones. This is my car.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh nice car.” Manuel Efe tells her, “its a beautiful car.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes very lovely your car.” Manuel Efe tells her, “I even have the property card. Here is the security card for it as well. Plus I also have here, there it is. A small charm that my mother gave me. Its a polish saint, its suppose to protect me from badness. Plus I also have a copy sheet blessed by the pope. Especially for you, I even went to complain to the vatican about it.” Juana Valentina tells him, “really serious.”

Manuel Efe tells her, “yes I went to Rome the Vatican. Here is the most important.” Juana Valentina asks, “what is it?” Manuel Efe tells her, “here I have a recommendation from the business sector. He and my father are close friends.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh really very close.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well I have everything right here. The only thing missing is my birth records. Plus my graduation title, I am a engineer textile merchant. I graduated from a university technical school from Paris.” Juana Valentina tells him, “Paris that is in Europe.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes thats correct in Europe. You just don’t believe me, my good man over here.” Juana Valentina exhausted from his talking utters. “Now what?” Manuel Efe tells a guy, “you know who I am right?” The guy tells him, “yes I’ve known you since you were thirteen years old. You come here for vacations in corozal.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes that is what he told me.” Manuel Efe. tells her, “yes I’m here on vacation.” Manuel Efe tells him, “thank you friend. Well then does that value more than this?” Juana Valentina tells her, “so much so yes truly so much more.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well then that means you will give me the pleasure of taking you to Barranquilla.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well let me remind you of one thing.” Manuel Efe asks, “well then what is it?” Juana Valentina tells him, “you carry all of that but I have a gun in my purse. Because a girl can never tell.” Manuel Efe smiles, and then she gets in his car.

(That joke reminds me of a Dolly Parton’s story. She says, when she first visted NYC she was almost attacked. The guy had a very small gun, she burst out laughing and took out a larger one from her purse. The guy freaked out and ran off.)

Over at the offices of Ruben, he gets a visitor. Mauricio tells him, “listen my intentions are serious.” Ruben tells him, “I don’t care if you are serious you hardly known Juana Valentina.” Mauricio tells him, “its like I’ve known her for the rest of my life. I swear too you.” Ruben tells him, “well then why are you talking to me?” Mauricio tells him, “well I’m asking permission to you know get to know her. You know flirt with her, and court her.” Ruben becomes very anger, “what you want me to give you permission. Why are you asking me this?” Mauricio tells him, “well you are her brother.” Ruben tells him, “step-brother.” Mauricio tells him, “its the same thing. You are the male of the family. Well I thought the best, and honest way to do this. Was to come here to talk too you.” Ruben tells him, “I am going to tell you something. Juana Valentina isn’t a teenager. She’s a prim and proper woman. Secondly I don’t have any authority over here. I can’t tell her, oh Mauricio Fuentelafria is a friend of mine. He is the son of the future governer of this state. I would like it, if you would go out with him.” Mauricio tells him, “I’m not asking you to say it like that. All I want is for you, to just give me authorization to visit her. I just want you to approve this.” Ruben tells him, “you know what do what ever you want. It will be up to her, if you wants to date you or not is that clear.” Mauricio grins, and tells him. “So that means your not bothered that I go and visit Juana Valentina. Also to court her, I have every good intention of course.” Ruben tells him, “I am not her father nor her chaperon. Is that clear too you?” Mauricio smiling tells him, “perfectly well Ruben. Thank you for the confidence.” Ruben quite annoyed tells him, “say hello to your household from my part.” Mauricio tells him, “very well. He leaves and smiles and shakes the secretaries hand. Thanks a lot for this.” She tells him, “take care no problem bye.”

Then Octavio shows up and he’s all dressed up. He thanks the secretary, for letting him use the bathroom. He then sits back down. Ruben then hears the buzz, “yes.” His secretary tells him, “now the bank papers still haven’t arrived. The banker is still in a meeting.” Ruben tells her, “well that’s doesn’t interest me. Well then call every five minutes, to see if you can talk to someone.” She tells him, “oh here is Portoreal he says he needs to talk to you.” Ruben utters, “Octavio why?” She tells him, “he says he wants to talk to you about a personal matter.” Ruben tells her, “well tell him he can come in. Ok come on in, I can only give you five minutes. He laughs, oh what is this new look of yours. Do you have to go someplace fancy?” Octavio tells him, “hey this is an office you must dress well. I would be dressed differently, if I were working in the streets or at the cafe.” Ruben tells him, “your dressed like your going to ask for a loan. This isn’t a bank.” Octavio tells him, “well I didn’t come here to ask for a loan. I came to ask for authorization. May I sit down.” Ruben smiles and tells him, “sure.” He sits down, “well then how is your father and mother?” Ruben tells him, “you came here to ask about my family that’s all.” Octavio tells him, “well yes well I’ve come here to talk about one of your sisters.” Ruben takes a deep breath, “well then which one?” Octavio tells him, “Juana Valentina.”

Calixto is visting Judge Geremias Guerra. “the one that hurts me is Juana Valentina I need to enter her heart in a way. She is very stubborn and has a lot of pride.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well none of the other. You see all five, aren’t all sweet and nice Calixto. Since that letter the towns women wrote. They don’t know whether to hate them or respect them.” Calixto tells him, “oh yes I heard the entire story. I have quite the daughters, they don’t get wrinkled taking a hot shower. Ruben my son is also good, in front of all those women who were friends of his mother. He put his face in all of this, like the sin was his he defended them. Its very good isn’t it.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “I really don’t know what to say godfather. You see the lord didn’t grant me children. So I don’t know how far, the love of a child is to a father. Or for that fact rage.”

A knock at the door alerts them. Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “well then what do I do now? It must be then, I’m not waiting for anybody else.” Calixto tells him, “I need to talk to them one by one but separately. I want you to distract them, show them the gardens or around the house. Or the iguana, but I must speak to them privately. I don’t want them to come to me all together. I get a bit nervous.” Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “what are you planning on doing Calixto Salguero?” Calixto tells him, “I’m going to sin once more.” Judge Geremias Guerra utters, “another one?” Calixto tells him, “oh your not of age Calixto.” Calixto tells him, “well this one is a kind one. I just don’t want to lose any of them. Go and open that door.” Juana Bautista then show up, “hello judge.” Judge Geremias Gurra smiles at them. Then Juana Bautista goes over and kisses her father. He tells her, “oh daughter how are you?” Juana Bautista tells him, “I’m fine father.” Juana Manny is next, then Juana Matilde. “Hey how’s it going Judge. Juana Matilde gives Calixto a big hug, oh hi that’s nice father.” Juana Calidad is next, “may the saint antonia marie clarice.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “her saintly name be blessed.” Calixto kisses her forehead and she sits down. “So where is Juana Valentina. Why didn’t Juana Valentina come?”

Juana Valentina is in the car. Manuel Efe continues talking her ear off. “Anyway when I told my father I wanted to go. To Europe to study at one of those universities. Then when I told him, I wanted to become an engineer. He put out his chest with pride, then I told him. I wanted to become a textile merchant, he looked at me like I was a different person.” Juana Valentina asks, “why was that?” Manuel Efe tells her, “well he thought I would be a painter designing flowers and birds and such. Can you image it, he told me one day. That being a designer or a stylist, was for women or gay men. Look you know what I had to do. I had to take him to a textile factory. Being a textile engineer is a serious job.” Juana Valentina just laughs, and tells him. “Yes yes of course really.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well now talk more you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh no I’m not really that interesting. No you tell me more about yourself. Or your travels around Europe. I like France.” Manuel Efe tells her, “I loved France the only problem I had. Was going to those washrooms.” Juana Valentina asks, “what do you mean?” Manuel Efe tells her, “well where I was studying. I had to share it with ten guys. I was used to having my own room, my own things. Having my own bath and shower. Not sharing a bathroom, I was with several africans and sudacas.” Juana Valentina asks, “what is that?” Manuel Efe tells her, “a sudaca is what american’s call us over there.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh I see.” Manuel Efe tells her, “I never really liked the word. It sounds like sweat.”

Ruben goes over to see Tere. He helps her sit in the living room. “Now Tere since the girls are visiting my father over at my godfather. Juana Valentina heading out to Barranquilla. I got worried about you. I didn’t want you to be here all by yourself.” Tere tells him, “oh sonny thank you for worrying about me. But it wasn’t necessary, the doctor told me. I could walk around the house and all.” Ruben tells her, “well then how are you doing. How is the treatment?” Tere tells him, “oh very good say the doctors everything is going quite well. The thing is I am bored being locked up here. Just sitting here and laying in bed oh no.” Ruben tells her, “yes you have to have a lot of patience. Especially with a hit that you received. You must take care of yourself, well has Juana Valentina called by chance over here.” Tere tells him, “no she hasn’t and you know what I’m a bit worried. She knows very well she has to call me.” Ruben tells her, “yes I have been worried as well. Well maybe she went with someone. You know someone, she can confide in but you know Juana Valentina. She doesn’t listen to reason.” Tere tells him, “yes your telling me.” Ruben tells her, “well then are you all settle nicely here. You don’t need anything, or your not missing anything?”

Tere tells him, “oh no no we have what’s necessary.” Ruben asks, “so have you received a lot of vistors?” Tere asks, “why?” Ruben tells her, “well the thing is my sisters have caused a whirlwind. Here in Corozal, and well everyone wants to meet them. Well I’m talking about the guys in town. Well they haven’t stopped talking about them. Well I’m saying, very nice things they are very respected. Well there saying, who is the most beautiful. The most sympatica, well you know those guys. There’s Octavio Portoreal, and Mauricio Fuentelafria. The politicians son, they will take the opportunity to come by to visit them. Especially coming over to see Juana Valentina.” Tere tells him, “well it seems that it bothers you a bit.” Ruben laughing tells her, “oh no of course not on the contrary. Oh no it makes me very happy, that the young people get together. That they get together with my sisters. That they also worry about them, well these two guys. Mauricio and Octavio are good people, they come from good families. Just like Miguel and Gualberto, they are guys with good intentions. Well the thing is they have been rumored to date a lot of women. They are there, or over there you know what youth does to them.”

Tere tells him, “now the one’s that have been here they aren’t those types of boys.” Ruben tells her, “oh no no no they are fulfilled men. Straight and proper men, in fact they are now thinking of getting married. The thing is, they are now thinking. Of creating a family and such.” Tere tells him, “yes just like you.” Ruben tells her, “oh me no I haven’t thought of that idea. Well I’ve dated a lot, but I don’t have that intention. Well then Terezalsura, you haven’t answered my question. Well have those guys, Octavio and Mauricio shown up here. To you know visit with the Juanas?” Tere asks him, “what is your curiosity Ruben Salguero?” Ruben tells her, “well the thing is I now have five sisters. Like angels falling from the sky. The logical part is I worry about them all.” Tere tells him, “yes they are all blood sisters. Sisters non the less, listen here Ruben Salguero. There are chains in this life, that can be changed for weaker ones. But the lazos of blood are there till death. So stop bothering Juana Valentina?” Ruben tells her, “well why are you telling me that.” Tere tells him, “you understand me. Like I understand myself.” Ruben tells her, “well then I better go.” Tere tells him, “look Ruben love is a garden. You water it so the flowers will grow. If you don’t water it, it will die. Do you understand me Ruben? If you don’t water it, it will die.” Ruben tells her, “yes senora goodbye.” Tere uttes, “yes bye.”

Juana Bautista tells Calixto, “now my profession is divination. I learned everything from my mother, ever since I learned to walk. She learned it from her grandmother. I can read the smoke from the cigar ash. Reading card, and looking at the bottom of chocolate cups. Interpretening dreams, know all about astrolgy and zodiac signs. But what I enjoy doing so much, is painting.” Calixto asks, “you enjoy painting?” Juana Bautista tells him, “yes painting I enjoy mixing colors. Creating something from a blank canvas.” Calixto asks, “now where did that profession show up?” Juana Bautista tells him, “looking at the rainbow in the sea. Then seeing how the sun goes down upon the sea as well. Nothing is more beautiful than that. I promised myself one day I would copy it. Well since that dream is still impossible, I won’t die.” Calixto asks, “have you taken courses and such?” Juana Bautista tells him, “in Carmen de Bolivar?” Calixto tells her, “I guess it was pretty tough. Well then you like to paint.” Juana Bautista tells him, “yes even though I had to live my life telling people’s fortunes.” Calixto asks, “do you really believe what you do? I mean the divination of telling the future.” Juana Bautista looks at his hands, and tells him. “I see here your five daughters.” Calixto asks, “where?” Juana Bautista tells him, “just over here. I see that your going to get married again.” Calixto tells her, “me?” Juana Bautista tells him, “well that is what I see. When I looked at your palm of your hand.” Calixto tells her, “its probably just dirty. Well then lets go back to your, well what would you think if I say gave you. Your proper art studio, you know have someone give you classes.” Juana Bautista tells him, “oh it would be a miracle.” Calixto tells her, “that miracle is quite easy. I think your dream can come true, if you stay in Corozal.”


Manuel Efe stops by a local roadside restaurant. Manuel Efe quickly gets off, hoping to open the door for Juana Valentina. Instead she doesn’t wait, but gets out herself. Then he runs to the chair, and begins cleaning a seat and hopes she sits down. But Juana Valentina in the end takes the opposite chair. As she’s sitting down, he glances at her butt. Juana Valentina tells him, “I have to go and make sure my business is going alright. I have to then return to Corozal with strength.” Manuel Efe tells her, “is the reason also family?” Juana Valentina tells him, “you could say I have to close a part of my life. And you where are you heading off too next?” Manuel Efe tells her, “I have to go to Medillin. Later to Bogota, but I have too return to corozal.” Juana Valentina tells him, “why I thought you said you were just passing through?” Manuel Efe tells her, “well first I will drop you off. You are a very beautiful woman in this region. I can’t leave you here, its just very dangerous.” Manuel Efe motions the owner, “yes sir what is it you would like to ask?” Manuel Efe tells him, “two glasses of tamarind juice. Guarantee that the ice was put in boiling water. That the water being used, is a new bottle that hasn’t been previously opened. Plus those tamarind aren’t with pesticide.” The guy utters, “yes of course sir. I’ll be right back.” Juana Valentina simply smiles, Manuel Efe motions her closer. “I really do think its best that we dine in Barranquilla. The cleanliness of this place, is much to be desired.” Juana Valentina smiles and tells him, “your correct.”


Calixto is now with Juana Matilde, “oh father I don’t care about those things. You see I play by ear, and those notes of music on the sheets. Are like bugs that I just don’t understand. But when the music begins, its like I know the entire song. Its like the notes come out of me like memory.” Calixto asks, “wait a minute so what you want to do with your life deals with music? Isn’t there nothing else that you want too do?” Juana Matilde tells him, “well father there hasn’t been another profession in this world. That has brough me so much entertainment. So much joy, and gives me money. Well sometimes San Haciento and San Bernardo the wind. Sometimes isn’t very kind, and sometimes doesn’t pay much. Nor one becomes famous, but father I swear too you. One day Juana Matilde Salguero, will be rich and famous you are going too see.” Calixto asks, “oh what makes you so sure?” Juana Matilde tells him, “I think when one wants something. One day it will arrive, don’t you think?” Calixto tells her, “you are so very confident.” Juana Matilde simply laughs, “and the other thing I am going to look for my mother. I want to also asks, why did she leave me over at my carpenter uncle’s place. A man that says he likes to sing, but has no idea about music.” Calixto tells her, “well tell me something apart from the force. Well what else do you need? To get what you want?” Juana Matilde tells him, “well lets see one does need a great group. A great set of equipment. Plus a great representative, who will one if your doing well or not. If people like you or not. If you stick or don’t stick. Plus a few other things, money. But you know something father, my real true dream. Is too sing with great people, I want people to hear me playing my flute. I want them to say, that I am a great singer. Who is a great entertainer, plus say I am another great. Like for example, Celia Cruz or for that matter Gloria Estefan. Do you think that one day, I could possible do that?” Calixto tells her, “I don’t know that but what I can assure you of. Sometimes dreams must be given a bit of a push.” Juana Matilde simply looks at him oddly.

Next up is Juana Calidad, who simply utters. “Are you talking seriously?” Calixto tells her, “well yes you see at the covent. I was told that were in charge of taking care. Well of the chickens, cows and give food to the pigs. Well I thought that if you wanted, you can have your own farm. You can take care of your proper animals.” Juana Calidad tells him, “oh how boring Don Calixto.” Calixto utters, “what?” Juana Calidad tells him, “well when I was at the convent I had too do it. I would have loved to take care of economic store. The thing is Mother Superior never allowed me too it.” Calixto asks, “an economic store?” Juana Calidad tells him, “well yes I could take care of accounts. I can buy products and sell them cheaply. I would sell them, without cheating people out of anything. Not like those big grocery chains do. Look Don Calixto an economic store. Very well handled, is a very good business. Its a blessing for our clients, they can buy things half off. Well look in places like this, we have tons of poor people. So having an economic store is very advantageous of us.” Calixto tells her, “and here I thought you were interested in writing and reading poetry. Here you want to be an accountant.” Juana Calidad tells him, “well that’s really is nothing strange. Image this Sor Juana Ines de la cruz. She was an accountant at the saint geronimo convent till the day of her death. Do you think that being an accountant, and a poetry had something too do with it? Well who knows, maybe yes. Well if one has to write a poem, one must count the syllables.” Calixto tells her, “well then if that’s the case alright then. You are going to get an economic store. In your free time, you can write all the poetry that you want.” Juana Calidad so emotional goes over too him. “Oh father thank you very much. My god the saints bless you. She then screams out, Juana Manny its your turn. Returns and kisses his cheek once more. Juana Manny, Juana Manny.” Calixto utters, “an economic store?”

Juana Manny utters, “I’m coming and now then. What do the three wise men have more me? Calixto tells her, “girl the three wise men have passed Juana Manny. I just want you to tell your father. What can I do for you? ” Juana Calidad tells him, “well then I would like too know. How much of your inheritance will be mine. So then I can continue on in my life.” Calixto tells her, “hey one minute. What is this with organizing your life? I surely hope, that you take your mother into account.” Juana Manny tells him, “yes always and I’ve been doing so without your help. We haven’t eaten meat everyday, but we never went without food. Plus without fail, I graduated as a beautician. With taking care of the ladies of Sahagun, we have manage to live on. Also I would fix their skin. Now that you have arrived, the fight now begins. But my mother will always remain with me. Here or anywhere, my mother will always be with me. Do you hear me?” Calixto asks, “so you would like to open up a beauty salon. Its now called a unisex, the idea isn’t a bad one.” Juana Manny tells him, “listen the only reason I studied being a beautician. Was that the other field of electronics, or being a typist. Well they were the only two, that arrived as a correspondence course over in Sahagun. But I don’t intend on spending the rest of my life fixing wrinkles. No sir.” Calixto tells her, “well I have never heard of a boxing ring. With a beauty salon, that was incorporated. Well then, I guess there can be a first time. Now then listen too me, I was at the gymnasium. Where you were training, they say your left hook needs a lot of work. Your going to have to practice more. Hit more in the gut and the belly. Plus your leg works need work.” Juana Manny simply smiles.


The two arrive, and Juana Valentina gets out to check out her place. While Manuel Efe sits and waits in the car. Juana Valentina returns, “oh man I was robbed.” Manuel Efe uttes, “what?” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh they took everything. All the stuff in my home, plus all the merchandise of the business. They took everything, can you image they took even the light fixtures.” Manuel Efe tells her, “oh the uncertainty. In europe this wouldn’t happen.”

Over at the pink house, Juana Manny is with her mother. “Now the offer from Calixto Salguero is worth the pity. With this inheritance, all our worries are gone.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “but that signifies that were going to have to stay in Corozal.” Juana Manny tells her, “well it better than staying in Sahagun. By now, my uncles would have learned what has occured with us. They wouldn’t like it.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “oh Manny understand my situation. Everyone here knows well they know. Well that I was one of the loves of Calixto.” Juana Manny tells her, “well so what nobody can take that away. So you know what who cares. Look what we can do is get a big house. We can open a beauty salon right here. You can stay and live there very relaxed and independent like.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “oh just relaxed just like that. What your asking is next to impossible dear.” Juana Manny tells her, “oh mom.” Someone arrives, its Juana Valentina. “Oh hello Juana Manny, hello Dona Margarita. How are you?” Juana Manny asks, “we thought you would be returning yesterday. So how did it go?” Juana Valentina weakly smiles and tells her. “Everything is fine.” Juana Manny asks, “so how is everything over in Barranquilla?” Juana Valentina tells her, “everything is in order where is everyone.” Juana Manny tells her, “they are in Juana Bautista’s place.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well then I’m going to say hello then excuse me.” Margarita Cruz tells her, “go ahead.” Juana Manny knows somethings up but tells her. “Bye.”

Juana Valentina is about to go see Juana Bautista, and stops and heads to her room instead. She shuts the door, and sits down covering her face. Tere tells her, “oh thank god my dear that you have returned. I was praying to make sure everything turned out well on that trip.” Juana Valentina tells her, “there was a big reason that I didn’t return yesterday Terezalsura. Oh they took everything.” Tere asks, “who are they?” Juana Valentina tells her, “we were robbed.” Tere utters, “what?” Juana Valentina tells her, “they took everything Tere not leaving a single needle.” Tere sits down, “oh dear lord of pergatory. Oh Juana Valentina, please tell me that your joking.” Juana Valentina in tears tells her, “oh if only I was I talked to our neighbors. Apparently these fools, knew my mothers name and mine. They said that since my mother died, that I had decided to change houses. They stole everything, our furniture our merchandise everything. Not even leaving the pot you used to make us rice.” Tere asks, “did you make a complaint with the police.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes I went to the police but its been over twenty days now. They are not going to find a single thing. Oh dear lord, we have what we brought with us. Plus the few amount we have in the bank. So I just returned the house, and paid all our debts. That’s why I didn’t return yesterday. Oh no Tere, oh I never want to return to Barranquilla never. We have no place to live. We don’t even have money, to start the business again. Oh dam it, destiny really has it in for me.” Tere asks, “so that means we have no choice but to stay here and live in Corozal.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no we can’t.” Tere asks, “now what?” Juana Valentina tells her, “you don’t have to worry. We will figure something out, there’s always darkness in those tunnels. But at the far end, there is a light. Don’t you worry.” A knock is heard and Juana Bautista enters. “Oh may I come in, Juana Manny told us you had arrived. So how was your trip?” Juana Valentina asks, “what did you read in my cards at breakfast? You told me, that you saw someting.” Juana Bautista tells her, “the number 33 next to the devil. It said what was to happen will happen. Things superior would have control.” Juana Valentina tells her, “Juana Bautista I am going to get you to read my cards every day.”

Over at the salguero house, Ruben is having breakfast. Manuel Efe is staring off into space. Ruben tells him, “it was pretty strange of you to just disappear like that yesterday. You didn’t mention nothing to nobody.” Manuel Efe tells him, “fortune took me to the exact place. At the precise moment, I met her.” Ruben asks, “oh really well who did you meet?” Manuel Efe tells him, “a woman that has bewitched me. Its curious it didn’t happen to me, in France and Italy with any women. I came here and met the woman of my life.” Ruben tells him, “oh cousins that just ironic. You traveled all of the world, and you met the woman of your life right here in Corozal.” Manuel Efe tells him, “they said in Corozals the angels didn’t fall. Oh this one fell with a body of a woman, a woman made out of flesh and blood Ruben. Oh you can’t even image the meat.” Ruben tells him, “she must be quite divine.” Manuel Efe continues his story, “I saw her she was at the plaza arguing with a taxi driver. Fighting over the fare price, to there and back. So I offered to take her. She accepted, oh Ruben it was the best ride of my life. Listen even surpassing my ride from Bardon to Lyon. Or the one I took from Venice to Rome. I like her a lot, and I know that she liked me as well. She laughed and listened intently to my stories. She looked at me with such tenderness. When she found out about her tragedy, I was there to help her out.” Ruben utters, “oh how beautiful.” Manuel Efe continues, “when I told her we should stay one more day. She said she agreed, and didn’t push my arms away.”

Ruben laughs and tells him, “you know what cousin I don’t know. If you are a great engineer textile merchant, but what you learned in europe was how to pick up girls. In less than a day, and not die in the intent.” Manuel Efe utters, “that is true.” Ruben asks, “so this new victim is she from Corozal?” Ruben utters, “really so what is her name?” Manuel Efe utters, “wait I don’t know. Yesterday we were like practically together. I forgot to ask her her name.” Ruben starts laughing, “oh come on cousin tell me that didn’t happen.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes well we went to Barranquilla and returned from Barranquilla. I don’t know her name.” Ruben smile disappears, “wait Barranquilla.” Manuel Efe utters, “yes Barranquilla.” Ruben asks, “wait and describe her to me. If she’s from Corozal I might know her.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes thats true now wait she is a beautiful natural woman. She has large dark eyes, they are beautiful and radiant. Beautiful full red lips like roses. Oh Ruben that body that’s divine, clear skin its something that you can’t image. Oh long legs that seem to go on forever. She’s a goddess, I’ve decided to stay in Corozal. Just so I can get to know her and marry her. Ruben is almost bursting with anger. So the description that I said, does it ring a bell do you know her?” Ruben coughs and tells him, “if only it weren’t true. Yes it seems your mentioning one of my step-sisters. The older one your talking about is Juana Valentina.” Manuel Efe utters, “Juana Valentina.”

The girls are now together, having breakfast with Juana Valentina. Juana Calidad asks, “well then Juana Valentina what are you going to do now?” Juana Valentina tells her, “the truth is if I said what I was going to do. That would be a lie, to start a business like this. Well I need a lot of money. I just don’t have any.” Juana Manny tells her, “yes but your father does. Look if he is going to take care of all of us. Then he must take care of you as well.” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes Juana Manny has every reason Juana Valentina. Plus Don Calixto’s offering, its not like your asking for a favour.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I don’t want his help Juana Matilde.” Juana Bautista tells her, “that was before now you do.” Juana Valentina tells her, “whether I need it or not I don’t want it.” Juana Calidad tells her, “then accepting his offer was a bad thing then?” Juana Valentina tells her, “no you had every reason to accept it Juana Calidad. Look Mr. Salguero, wanted to do something nice for his daughters. I know from him, its a great satisfaction that you all have accepted.” Juana Bautista tells her, “yes all of us except you.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well that was a decision I made before. I saw his face, its not his fault that a bunch of robbers stole everything. I am asking you all a favour. You all take care of Terezalsura, I will find a place so I can set up.” Juana Manny asks, “what your going back to Barranquilla?” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh no never for what occured to me. Barranquilla is a bad burden.” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes Terezalsura can count on us. I think its best you stay here.” Juana Manny utters, “yes.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no its not the best thing Juana Matilde believe me.”

bannerEPISODE 13

bannerJuana Valentina leaves the table. Juana Calidad asks, “are we going to let her go so easily.” Juana Manny tells her, “with the face she has on she will still leave even if we wrap her up.” Juana Matilde tells them, “maybe we can convince her to take Don Calixto’s money. Can you image arriving in a town. With one hand stretched out, the other in the back.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well her sign is aries.” Juana Manny tells her, “what your now going to start with your tale.” Juana Calidad tells her, “what does that mean?” Juana Bautista tells her, “aries feel secure when they have a floor a base. If that collapses, so does her soul. If an aries woman doesn’t allow a man, to open that door for her. Or for example, pushes a chair for her to sit. She will never accept an offer of money.” Juana Calidad tells her, “we have to let her leave.” Juana Valentina starts walking around in their patio. She then notices the flowers, “hey who brought these flowers?” Juana Matilde tells her, “its for you Todoelmundo brought it over its for you.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh its very beautiful.” Juana Valentina asks, “does it have a card are you sure its not for everyone?” Juana Matilde tells her, “look Todoelmundo said it was for you. That’s why we haven’t touched it. Juana Valentina sees Ruben’s card and starts thinking. So when have you decided to go?” Juana Valentina tells her, “the problems we have must be looked straight in the face right. I’m leaving tomorrow.” Juana Matilde tells her, “but my birthday is coming up in a few days. Its on the twenty-seven.” Juana Valentina utters, “and?” Juana Matilde tells her, “well this is going to be a strange birthday. I am going to celebrate having a father, four sisters and brother. Come on give me this as a present for my birthday ok.” Juana Valentina asks, “what present?” Juana Matilde tells her, “stay till the 28th girl so we can get a photo taken as a group of four sisters.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I don’t know Juana Matilde.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh come on its the first birthday I’ve had that were all together. Oh come on its only a couple of days girl.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well no well yes alright only till the 28th alright. I’ll leave on the 29th then.” They hug, and everyone in the kitchen is jumping for joy.

Working on a building is Octavio. To keep him company, is his accordian playing friend Lasador. Mauricio show up and tells him, “I’m warning you Octavio. I have full authority from Ruben Salguero to go out with his sister Juana Valentina.” Octavio tells him, “your lying to me Mauricio.” Mauricio tells him, “no I’m giving you my word. Plus Don Calixto sees my union, with his daughter a good match.” Octavio tells him, “oh your mouth is full of it. You know something, last night Don Calixto was at the cafe. We had a few drinks, and we talked for hours about Juana Valentina. You know what he said.” Mauricio asks, “what did he say?” Octavio tells him, “he told me he wanted his daughters to marry good decent hard working men. He would be furious if one of them married, a clown at the circus. A sailor or a politician.” Mauricio just laughs, “oh no now its you who has the mouth full of it. Do you hear me?” Octavio tells him, “if you don’t believe me ask Miguel or Poncho they were there present.” Mauricio tells him, “your lying to me Octavio.” Octavio tells him, “look I’m not lying to you plus go ahead and ask him yourself.” Then proceeds to push Mauricio into the car. Why because Juana Valentina is getting closer. Look I just saw him talking to Miguel’s father. Go ask him yourself, what Calixto Salguero said last night. You better go now for they are leaving. When he’s gone, Octavio tells Lasador. Hey get up, play something romantic look who’s coming by. Octavio tells her, oh seeing you brightens up someone’s day. How are you Juana Valentina?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I’m fine and you.” Octavio tells her, “happy that I was able to work where you would be walking by. Very nice arrangement.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh yes its quite a lovely gift.” Octavio tells her, “well I’m glad that you like it. Its something quite special.” Juana Valentina tells him, “but its quite heavy. Look are you really really busy?” Octavio takes the arrangement, “oh no not at all. For you I’ll help you out.” Juana Valentina tells him, “ok would you mind carrying it for me. Helping me out, alright lets go.” Octavio tells Lasador, “ok enough playing around stay and make sure nobody steals my ladder.”

Over at the Salguero house, Manuel Efe continues talking about Juana Valentina’s virtues. Driving Ruben completely crazy. “Oh that woman has me bewitched. I haven’t been able to think about nothing else, in fact last night I even dreamed about her.” Ruben angrily tells him, “yes and she’s my step-sister and your my cousin.” Manuel Efe tells him, “well you two are related but I’m from the Cuadradro side. I am the nephew of Dona Dona. Juana Valentina is only the daughter of Don Calixto. Who was with another woman, so there is no relation. None at all, look I want you to help me. Introduce me properly, let me get to know her better. Your the bridge between her and me.” Ruben tells her, “what bridge are you talking about?” Manuel Efe tells him, “the bridge of communication. To get to know her.” Ruben tells him, “but your just passing by Corozal. No you shouldn’t be wasting your time. You should go to Bogota or Medellin. Over there is your future not here.” Manuel Efe tells him, “your are talking to Manuel Efe Cuadradro your cousin. I don’t need money to live. Plus the profession that I chose, there is so much demand that I can have the luxery of waiting. For a woman like Juana Valentina. Oh cousin a woman like that, one must give the time to wait.” Ruben gives him a dirty look and gets up. “You what to have some advice Manuel Efe. Think with a cold head, alright.” He then goes to the door, when someone knocks. Juana Valentina is waiting for him, and tells him. “Well thank you so very much for the kind gift. But it was a bad idea, well here you go. Next time remember there are five of us bye. Thank you Octavio.” Ruben stares at her, then over to Octavio who simply touches his chin.

Mauricio is furious, “I’m going to get that idiot Octavio Portoreal for lying to me. Unbelievable me believing his story. I should get a life sentence for being an idiot. He notices the girls are walking around town. My what good fortune of mine, I never believed in miracles but the Virgin of concepcion would send me four of them. Well hello everyone.” They all utter, “hello Mauricio.” Mauricio asks, “what may I do for you all?” Juana Manny tells him, “well we are looking for a place that sells things for a party. You know streamers and hats and such.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well a pudding that has candles. You see since my mother left, my uncle the carpenter. When it was my birthday, would get me a pudding cake. He would put candles all around it. This time around its a very occasion.” Juana Calidad tells him, “well on the 27th its Juana Matilde’s birthday. We would like to have a nice party for her.” Mauricio tells him, “you’ve come to the right person. You see my mother, makes the big pudding of all of Corozal. Plus I know a place, where they have everything that you need. I will take you under one condition.” Juana Calidad asks, “what is it?” Mauricio tells her, “well that I am invited to that party.” Juana Bautista tells him, “first let me see your right hand.” Mauricio utters, “my right hand.” Juana Bautista tells him, “I see here that your a very generous man. You are going to give as Juana Matilde a gift. Your going to buy everything that this party needs. Including that pudding, well thank you very much.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh that you so very much.” Mauricio utters, “me?” Juana Matilde kisses his cheek, “oh your so very beautiful.” Then all proceed to get in his truck.

Over at Ruben’s office, he arrives but unfortunately for him Manuel Efe has followed him. Manuel Efe tells him, “I just can’t show up to her house. To try to woo Juan Valentina, its the worse thing one can do to get a woman.” Ruben angrily tells him, “that’s enough Manuel Efe you are acting like a hot teenager. Just leave Juana Valentina alone, and leave me in peace. I have so much work too do.” Manuel Efe tells him, “but I’m not asking you for something out of the ordinary. Or something that you can’t do. Look what you can do, is take me to your sisters house. Just present me formally as your cousin. Everything else is on my account.” Ruben tells her, “alright but what is everything that you are going to put in your account.” Manuel Efe tells him, “to win the love of Juana Valentina of course. Or does she have a boyfriend?” Ruben tells him, “no no she doesn’t have one but. Here in Corozal she has two sutors.” Manuel Efe utters, “oh really?” Ruben tells him, “you might remember them. The first is Mauricio Fuentelafria, the son of the future governer of sucre. The second is Octavio Portoreal.” Manuel Efe tells him, “the two can go and leave it doesn’t concern me. What will those two boys do against me. Absolutely nothing, I am a worldy man. I have studied in Europe, you help me with Juana Valentina. I assure you in less than you know it, I will be more than your cousin. But we would be brothers in law.” Ruben once again gives him a dirty look.

Over at the building Octavio has goen back to work. He doesn’t get much work done, for Miguel has paid him a visit. “Oh you’ll never guess Mauricio paid a lot of money. Over at the party store, he bought confetti, hats, streamers etc. Apparently the owner said, that they were celebrating one of the Juana’s birthday.” Octavio utters, “shit that blasted politician. Like they say those who have money run the world.” Miguel tells him, “here you are working away its best you forget the Juanas and find a Corozal girl.” Lasador tells him, “yes that’s right.” Octavio asks, “wait listen a birthday party?” Miguel tells him, “yes but I don’t know who’s birthday its for.” Octavio tells him, “well the time and place we can find out. Hey Lasador?” Lasador asks, “yes tell me.” Octavio asks, “how many happy birthday songs do you know?” Lasador tells him, “well cousin none actually.” Octavio tells him, “well your going to have to learn a few bars or make up something.” Lasador tells him, “no problem old man.” Miguel asks, “what are you thinking about doing now?” Octavio tells them, “well every party needs music right well then. Well I’m going to bring her, the best lazador band. Plus the singing voice of Octavio Portoreal. Well if the singer of the Juanas wants to sing. Well she will have playing alongside her the best accordian player in the world.” Lasador tells him, “you don’t doubt that cousin.” Octavio tells him, “you know what I’m thinking. That the best thing to do, to get near Juana Valentina. Is of course be friends with her sisters not face to face.”

Tere is having her tea with Todoelmundo. ”Now the whole world knows, there are more than 206 bones in the human body. The most painful is the knee, and to heal it is by putting pressure on the alteries. But if you see a bruise, the best thing to put on is ice. Everyone knows that, its the best anti-inflammatory.” Tere tells him, “my knee isn’t swollen.” Todoelmundo tells her, “but you’ve been in bed for a long time. But one must take precaution Terezalsura. Look one must take care of the quads and tendons. Then he proceeds to touch her knee, she taps it away. Well anyway the best is cycling or boating. Anyway the whole world knows that.” Tere tells him, “what don’t you know Todoelmundo?” Todoelmundo tells her, “all I know is what the whole world knows. Plus things the world ignores, its just that clear.” Juana Valentina arrives, “hi Tere hi Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells her, “oh Juana Valentina your the one that I needed.” Juana Valentina asks, “why is that?” Todoelmundo tells her, “I bring you a message from Dona Dona Salguero. Or I mean Dona Cuadradro, since she doesn’t want to use the Salguero name.” Juana Valentina tells him, “a reason for Dona Salguero to talk to me. You must be mistaken Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells her, “no I’m not mistaken everyone knows I am Dona Dona’s talker. I might know what the world knows, but the words coming from my mouth are hers. Dona Dona wants to talk to you. She is waiting for you at her house, exactly at five p.m. Not before not after, exactly at five pm in the afternoon. Should I tell her, that you will be there?” Juana Valentina doesn’t say a word.

Todoelmundo is now at the Salugero house. Dona Dona utters, “so that means she will be coming.” Todoelmundo tells her, “yes just like you asked at five pm sharp.” Dona Dona asks, “she didn’t ask any questions?” Todoelmundo tells her, “she only asked one question why did you want to see her?” Dona Dona asks, “what did you tell her?” Todoelmundo tells her, “that I didn’t know. Its true for I don’t know.” Dona Dona tells him, “well then you may go.” Todoelmundo tells her, “do you care for anything else Dona Dona?” Dona Dona tells him, “yes one more thing. Go to the plaza, pay close attention. If you see Calixto’s car, or Ruben’s leaving his office. Call me immediately. When I mean immedidately, its immedidately. Do you hear me?” Todoelmundo asks, “where does Don Calixto usually drive by Dona Dona?” Dona Dona tells him, “well from the north from Barranquilla or Cartagena.” Todoelmundo asks, “from a business?” Dona Dona tells him, “I don’t care and you stop being so curious. Well then hurry it up and go quickly.” Todoelmundo tells her, “excuse me Dona Dona.” Once he’s gone she starts calling, “Martina Martina where are you girl?” Martina utters, “yes Dona.” Dona Dona tells her, “I want you to stay by the door and open the door to who ever show up. The person should show up, when the clock tower of the chuch rings five pm sharp. Take her to my room, but don’t ask any questions. Later I am not going to see anybody. Do you understand?” Martina tells her, “yes Dona.” Dona Dona tells her, “for nobody.” Martina goes to the door and looks outside.

At the office, Ruben is ready to leave. Manuel Efe is still around, “listen cousin I am very busy. I don’t have time, to hear you and your interests for my step-sister.” Manuel Efe tells him, “all I want is you to take me and introduce me. Thats all you have to do, the rest I take care of myself.” Ruben tells him, “man cousin your like so annoying today. Don’t you understand, I have no time I am very busy.” Manuel Efe tells him, “daa what are you one of those brothers. That are very jealous, that don’t want their sisters to get married. All I’m asking is ten minutes Ruben.” Ruben tells him, “yes like you said she was enchanted by you. She practically fell in your arms. So you don’t need me to present you formally.” Then Ruben gets in comparo, Manuel Efe utters. “Well that is true. Well in any case Ruben Ruben.” Ruben drives off.

Todoelmundo places himself near a corner. “Yes this is good I can see everything from here. From Ruben’s office to the road from Barranquilla. This is the first time, I’m being paid to do absolutely nothing.” Manuel Efe takes a lollypop off a vendor, “hey I owe you.” The guy tells him, “you owe me eight.” Manuel Efe tells him, “fine I owe you eight. Hey how’s it going Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells him, “good young Manuel Efe. Hey wait what are you doing around these parts? Trying to recognize the town?” Manuel Efe tells him, “no I’m coming from seeing Ruben at his office.” Todoelmundo asks, “so he’s in there?” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes he just left a few minutes ago.” Todoelmundo utters, “oh dam.” Then he runs off taking his bike with him. Manuel Efe yells out, “hey do you know where…”

Juana Valentina arrives on time, “come with me senorita.” Martina knocks on the door, and Dona Dona figets a bit then utters. “Come in, Martina remember I am here for nobody. Please close the door. It seems your very punctual.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes I don’t like people to be kept waiting. Nor for me to waste my time, well then what do you need me for?” Dona Dona tells her, “someone left this behind in my house. I’ve been asking all my guests these past couple of days. Who it may belong too, nobody knows. I thought it might be yours, well I don’t like to have other people’s belongings. Even one’s that take away one’s own husbands. I want to give it back to that person.” Juana Valentina tells her, ”that isn’t mine well I wonder if its not yours. Why didn’t you just give it to Todoelmundo.” Dona Dona tells her, “its all I needed for you to tell me what actions I should take. Considering I have to put up with you lot coming into my territory.” Juana Valentina tells her, “you don’t have to worry about that it won’t be for very long. If that is everything.” Dona Dona tells her, “that’s not all this could be one of the bast… One of your sisters that came by.”

Juana Valentina tells her, “that doesn’t belong to any of Juanas senora.” Dona Dona tells her, “your illigitamate of your sisters. That by signing a piece of paper, could push away their sin.” Juana Valentina tells her, “look the sinner is your husband. That hurts you more than us.” Dona Dona tells her, “they now have the name Salguero. As you know without that collar, a man doesn’t become a preacher. The last name doesn’t make the person. Well what happens now, you lot have stolen my pink house. Pretending you all are dames of society, so Calixto can take care of you. Or take all the money that he has, then you all will disappear. Oh dear god in heaven, well that is what is going to happen. You will leave him in ruins.” Juana Valentina tells her, “look I’m not talking about on behalf of the rest. I am not interested in becoming a Salguero. That name I can put under my skirt. Listen my name if Juana Valentina Echenique. Thanks to a man that treated me like a daughter. Even though he knew, I didn’t have his blood. That blasted pink house, I could care less about it.” Dona Dona tells her, “don’t you dare be rude to me.” Juana Valentina tells her, “Corozal is a burden that inheritance it just doesn’t matter to me. For I don’t need it, my mother and my father. I mean Mr. Echenique they taught me to work and to take care of myself. I won’t be staying, nor taking any money. I won’t accept that name, whether or not its a gift. You don’t have to worry about me senora. Look on the twenty-seven one of us has a birthday. After that its the twenty-eighth, and you know what I don’t want to remember nothing.” Dona Dona tells her, “wait.”

Meanwhile Todoelmundo is on top of his bike, trying to call Dona Dona. “What do you mean she’s not there, she told me to call her to advise her. Now I can’t tell you, this is for your boss. What do you mean she’s for nobody. Listen here tell her, this is todoelmundo. Give her the phone.” Martina simply hangs up the phone. Todoelmundo simply looks at his watch and touches his hat.

Dona Dona is now walking around Juana Valentina. “Listen you all must leave Corozal.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I don’t talk for the rest senora.” Dona Dona tells her, “but your the oldest well if they rest respect you. Then they will take your advice and leave.” Juana Valentina tells her, “to stay or to go its there decision. Or on their own they make the decision. Its been a while since they’ve been little girls. They know exactly what works for them.” Dona Dona tells her, “I want you all to leave.” Juana Valentina tells her, “man that’s your problem senora.” Dona Dona tells her, “wait.” Juana Valentina tells her, “again listen we have talked all that we needed.” Dona Dona tells her, “I am telling you to wait. Dona Dona takes a deep breath, then goes to her drawer. Here take it and open it. Open it I’m telling you. Juana Valentina finds money inside. In every one of these envelopes, is about the same amount. Its for every one of your sisters, that decides to leave town. One of these envelopes could be yours. Is that clear too you.” Juana Valentina repeats, what Dona Dona once told her. “Listen here, I don’t want you to talk to me informally I don’t know.” Dona Dona tells her, “in these envelopes is money that you in your life have never seen.” Juana Valentina tells her, “one day if I ever decide to sell myself. You will never have the money to buy me.” Then angrily she walks out, Dona Dona utters, “wait.” Outside the door is Ruben arriving, Dona quickly hides the envelope. Ruben asks, “well then what are you doing here?” Juana Valentina utters, “me well I came by to invite you and your father on friday the twenty-seven. Its at nine in the evening, and you better bring a present for its Juana Matilde’s birthday party.” Dona Dona tells her, “yes to make that party do it at night time. Do it at the cemetary, like the witches that all of you are. So you shouldn’t be afraid to celebrate in public a bad birth.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes senora don’t you worry about it. If the party is at the cementary. You are cordially invited heared me.” Juana Valentina takes off, Ruben looks at his mother. “Oh what a tongue you have, is that the only reason she came by?” Dona Dona tells her, “yes and what nerve.” Then she goes to her room, Ruben goes out and tries to find Juana Valentina.

She’s going down the stairs he yells out. “Juana Valentina is the invitation true?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes its at the house we are going to celebrate Juana Matilde’s birthday.” Ruben asks, “I don’t think you came all this way to invite us to that party.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well then ask your mother.” Ruben stops her, “wait one minute tell me the truth. Why did you come?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I already told you what I needed to say Ruben.” Ruben asks, “well then tell me something how did things go in Barranquilla?” Juana Valentina tells him, “how do you know I went to Barranquilla.” Ruben tells her, “I know the person who took you. Fine the man you were so delighted to be around. The man who you threw yourself in his arms.” Juana Valentina utters, “me?” Ruben jealously asks, “what is going on with you Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina asks, “what is going on with me what?” Ruben tells her, “its like you’ve turned water into honey. All the flies want to drown themselves in you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “look what are you talking about?” Ruben tells her, “you and all the men that know you. With your charms you dominate every one of them.” Juana Valentina utters, “what? Look talk clearly, so we can understand one another. What are you talking about Ruben?”

Ruben tells her, “Mauricio Fuentelafria wants to court you. Octavio Portoreal then comes by telling me the same tale. The gentleman that took you to Barranquilla. Who became so enchanted by you, told me he wants to see you again. Look pitty for you but… Juana Valentina by now has started smiling. Your name shouldn’t be Juana Valentina. Oh cane of sugar, or rum of coconut. Juana Valentina starts laughing, oh besides all that your laughing?” Juana Valentina tells him, “of course I’m laughing about this stupid business.” Dona Dona tells her, “plus my own cousin wants to marry you.” Ruben tells her, “look its not a stupid thing. What’s going on is your a flirt.” Juana Valentina utters, “me a flirt?” Ruben tells her, “yes you.” Juana Valentina tells her, “you better be very careful what you say Ruben. Do me a favour and respect me.” Ruben tells her, “listen here I am repeating it.” Juana Valentina tells her, “so what if I am a flirt do I need your permission to flirt. Oh no sonny I don’t need it.” Ruben tell her, “look the thing is I can’t stand any man coming to me. Telling me that they want to date you. In fact its like having me kill someone and eating them.” By this point, poor todolemundo is running towards them. “Oh man Ruben Salguero your here on time.” Ruben asks, “to arrive for what?” Todoelmundo tells him, “well I’m asking if you’ve just arrived here. Or have you been here for a while?” Ruben asks, “wait arriving here what are you talking about?” Todoelmundo tells him, “listen here there are four questions without answers. Well yours is one of them. Well excuse me, for I need to enter and find out if I still have a job.” When he’s gone they talk once again. Ruben tells her, “look I’m sorry to butt into your life. I’m very sorry.” Juana Valentina tells him, “what I don’t forgive is that you appeared in it.” Then he watches sadly as she takes off.

Back at the pink house, the girls are playing with the party favors. Juana Calidad tells them, “its a shame we didn’t find more of these.” Juana Matilde and Juana Manny start playing around with a balloon. Juana Matilde tells them, “oh man its like were setting up for a childs party.” Juana Manny tells her, “well its exactly the right one for your the baby of the family.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh really and soon the old lady of the group will arrive.” Juana Bautista asks, “who will be in charge of the meal?” Juana Matilde tells them, “it will be the nun.” Juana Calidad utters, “nun your aunt hey its not my turn I cooked yesterday. Let Juana Matilde cook.” Juana Matilde tells her, “fine if you want to eat dog food that with great pleasure I will serve it too you all.” Someone is at the door, Juana Bautista utters. “We have a guest.” To their surprise its Maria Delia Espina. She smiles at all of them. “Oh hello girls I was walking by and came to say hello how are you all? We saw one another at Carmichael Fuentelafria’s party. I don’t think you remember me. I am Maria Delia Espina, I am Ruben Salguero’s fiance. You could say I am your future step-sister.” The girls looks at one another and Juana Matilde laughs.

Juana Valentina tells a printer. “Yes please write this down including the comas. Now you know, Juana Calidad Salguero Galante. Juana Manny Salguero Cruz, Juana Bautista Salguero Cordero. Plus Juana Valentina Echenique. Corginally invites everyone, on Friday the 27th of February. At nine o’clock at the pink house. There will be a grand party, for the birthday of Juana Matilde Salguero Estanea. This is signed Las Juanas, also make sure. You make some invitations, one more favour. Please asks, Todoelmundo to put those flyeres all over town. Just like you did when he posted those good madams flyers. Just like your wife, well get too work. If you don’t you can’t charge me. I’ll wait right here.”

The girls have all sat down, and listening to Maria Delia. “Oh I don’t know how many times I’ve told Rubensito. Please get your flyers licence. He just hasn’t wanted to listen.” Juana Bautista asks, “flying an airplane? Well what ever for?” Maria Delia tells her, “girlfriend its the only thing that Rubensito needs to be perfect. Is to become a pilot of an airplane.” Juana Calidad asks, “so when will you two get married?” Maria Delia tells her, “well the date hasn’t been set but its already been approved by both our families.” Juana Manny asks, “yes and has it been approved by the boyfriend? You see it seems on Ruben’s face, well he’s not ready for marriage.” Maria Delia tells her, “well my Rubensito is very discrete. He doesn’t like talking about our personal and intimate matters. But everything is almost set, we even have the places were going for our honeymoon. We are going to travel all over the coast. From Rio to Barranquilla.” Juana Calidad tells her, “well when we were together at the plantation. He never mentioned once his marriage plans.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well no he just mentioned you were like half his girlfriend.” Maria Delia sadly utters, “half a girlfriend.”

Juana Matilde tells her, “well that is what he told us.” Juana Bautista tells her, “its because Ruben is quite discrete.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh yes truly.” Juana Bautista asks, “so will you be staying to live in Corozal?” Maria Delia tellls her, “well truthfully Ruben has his business here. He has his family here, as do I.” Juana Calidad tells her, “yes and we are here the step-sisters.” Juana Manny tells her, “you mean future one doesn’t know what the beast has in store.” Juana Valentina arrives, “hey I’m here.” Maria Delia goes to her giving her a big hug and kiss. “Oh Juana Valentina. How are you, you do remember me. I am sure of it.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well of course I do so how have you been?” Maria Delia tells her, “very good.” Juana Valentina asks, “and this kind visit?” Maria Delia tells her, “well since Rubensito esteems you all so very well. Well with Don Calixto, we shouldn’t even talk. Soon we will all be family, so I thought I’d come here. To present myself, to put myself in your desposition. Just in case you might need me.” Juana Valentina smiling tells her, “oh thank you very much. Your so beautiful.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh yes she is.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well thank you again Maria Delia. Well since your here, here you go.” Maria Delia asks, “what is this?” Juana Valentina tells her, “its an invitation.” Juana Matilde gives her a look, “Juana Valentina.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh how lovely.” Maria Delia reads the invitation, “oh how very wonderful.” Juana Valentina tells them, “the more the merryment.” Maria Delia asks, “what did you say?” Juana Valentina tells her, “it says right there you are cordially invited. Say you will be coming.” Maria Delia tells her, “I’d just love to come.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well don’t forget the gift heared me.” Maria Delia tells her, “well of course you are so divine thank you.” Everyone looks at everyone, then Juana Bautista mouths. “Why invite her?”

Maria Delia then goes straight to see Dona Dona. Dona Dona asks, “your trying to tell me that Mauricio Fuentelafria paid for all the party supplies.” Maria Delia tells her, “yes that’s correct in fact he spent over a hundred pezos. Only junk for children’s birthday party.” Dona Dona tells her, “its probably just half. Gossips always multiple the amount. But whats impossible and incredible to believe is, a strong Fuentelafria. Would be mixed in, with those bastards well in the end. In every family there is a black sheep. Well in my case in this family there are none, we are the exception. Apparently the black sheep turned out to be my husband. The macho goat, so tell me have you been invited.” Maria Delia tells her, “yes cordially Juana Valentina personaly invited me.” Dona Dona tells her, “in them being cordially don’t believe it. They are all a bunch of sponges, its worse than being evil. Maria Delia you better not go, I would personally feel like its a personal attack.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh I’d never do anything like that Dona Dona.” Dona Dona tells her, “27th of February tell me something Delia. Is there a full moon that date?” Maria Delia tells her, “no seno.” Dona Dona tells her, “good I mean bad for the Juanas. You see at the end of the month. The electricians don’t get their pay.” Maria Delia utters, “what?” Dona Dona tells her, “no before anything call the mayor.” Maria Delia utters, “the mayor?” Dona Dona laughing tells her, “yes.”

Over at the pink house, Juana Valentina Juana Bautista and Juana Calidad are fixing the table. Juana Matilde and Juana Manny, are picking up the music for the party.” Someone is at the door, Juana Matilde tells them. “Hey listen to that, it seems the one knocking is the owner of the house.” Juana Manny tells her, “Juana Calidad run and get the door like your in the convent.” Juana Calidad yells out, “your mother.” The girls laugh, Juana Matilde asks. “Well dinner smells good, what did the nun make?” Juana Valentina tells her, “go get the tray of food.” Annoyed Juana Matilde utters, “oh its always me get this or that.” Juana Calidad comes running in, “oh Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina asks, “what’s going on?” Juana Calidad tells her, “the police, some federal looking people, plus lawyers are here. They are here to arrest you?” Juana Valentina utters, “what me for what?” The other utters, “why what ever for?”

Calixto and Judge Geremias Guerra arrive. Dona Dona is singing again in her room. Judge Geremias Guerra utters, “my skelton hurts, my shank hurts. Including my last name hurts. I don’t mean to say this but, my entire motherland hurts.” Calixto tells him, “but this was very fruitful. Everything we wanted to do was done.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “correction friend of mine you did everything that you planned on doing. I was your legal representative, and witness to your every desire.” Calixto pours them both a rum, and tells him. “You said it godfather, when your tired you sound like an old principle judge. Here you want a drink of rum?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “I’ll except that drink. Hey your wife is singing, I didn’t know Dona could sing.” Calixto tells him, “she has begun to sing. She still doesn’t talk to me though, now then godfather. Lets look at that inventory.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “we’ve been doing that inventory ever since we stopped and ate that calimari. That was in that rice fish soup.” Calixto tells him, “yes I know but I want everything perfect. Revise your papers judge.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “alright lets see as you can see everything is signed and duplicated. Nothing is missing, but it will cost you a fortune.” Calixto tells him, “that doesn’t matter I’ll pay double that amount. If only Juana Valentina was on this list. Oh I wonder why is she singing?” Judge Geremias asks, “what your rafaga daughter also sings?” Calixto tells him, “no no I was referring to Dona. She sang like that the day after we were married.” Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “so did you make peace with her body and soul?” Calixto tells him, “no from my part yes. From hers no, she doesn’t want to twist her arms.” Inside the bedroom, Dona Dona is in her pjamas. She smiles and utters, “oh lets see if you like bars senorita Echenique. Then she starts taking the pins from her hair and continues singing.

Over at the police station, Juana Valentina and Juana Bautista are sitting. The police chief starts his questioning. “Now tell me this, did you or not have this document printed today. At senor Cabrera print shop?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes like those great dames of the town did.” The police chief asks, “respond with a yes or a no.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes.” The police chief asks, “did you have this document printed today?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes but I didn’t print the one the ladies of the town did.” The police chief asks, “just respond with a yes or no. Did you ask this, to be plastered all over the streets of Corozal orders from you.” Juana Valentina utters, “yes but sir the same places where the ladies of the town posted that other flyer.” The police chief tells them, “look we are not talking about the ladies of the town.” Juana Valentina asks, “well I am talking about it.” The police chief tells her, “do you not know by putting this up. Well you committed a crime.” Juana Bautista asks, “what is the crime and penalty.” The police chief tells her, “what are you her lawyer?” Juana Bautista tells him, “no I’m more important than that I am her sister.” Juana Valentina tells him, “look lets stop wasting time. Am I being arrested or may I leave.” The police chief tells her, “you are being arrested.” Juana Bautista asks, “what motive?” The police chief tells her, “for using illegally a public place. For going against the laws of this town. You just confessed your crime.” Juana Valentina becomes furious, “hey if I’m being arrested. Why didn’t you arrest those fine ladies of Corozal. When they put out those flyes, now tell me.” The police chief tells her, “well I’m also arresting you for insulting the police. I am going to give you a week stay in jail. Well then guys put her inside.”

Back in the pink house, Juana Calidad asks. “Oh what if they put her in jail?” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh come on girl just because she ask to print up a flyer. No please this will get fixed it will be no problem.” Tere tells her, “oh dear an hour and a half has passed they still aren’t here.” Juana Manny tells them, “I am getting a bad vibe I think its because of those fine dames of this town. The same one that printed those flyers.” They all jump when Juana Bautista arrives, and Tere utters. “Oh they are here, oh where’s my girl?” Juana Bautista utters, “she was locked up in jail. The police chief ordered her to stay there, for seven days in the cell. I’m going to get my things.” Juana Matilde asks, “your things what ever for?” Juana Bautista tells her, “if she’s in jail they will have to arrest me as well.” Juana Calidad tells her, “well if she goes to jail well I shall go as well. Don’t you think.” Juana Matilde looks over at Juana Manny. “Well if she gets put in jail, why don’t we go in as well.” Juana Manny utters, “yes that’s right.” Tere utters, “hey what about me I’m going in jail too.”

bannerEPISODE 14

bannerOctavio and his group, finish singing at the Dolorosa. As they step down, they see Ruben drinking with Manuel Efe. Manuel Efe tells him, “I know exactly what to give Juana Valentina. Well I thought it should be something that has to do with me.” Ruben tells him, “listen cousin Juana Valentina isn’t a woman that one gives gifts too.” Manuel Efe tells him, “hey come on there isn’t a woman from Galelio to Rome. That doesn’t like receiving a gift. Plus its a special design made by Manuel Efe Cuardradro.” Ruben utters, “what?” Manuel Efe tells him, “I brought with me some great material from Europe. You can’t image what it is, well the thing is. One of those materials, I want to make Juana Valentina a gift. That’s where I need your help.” Ruben tells him, “look cousin don’t get me in the middle of this. I am not her stylist.” Manuel Efe tells him, “cousin how could you not know your sisters style. Come on help me out.” Ruben tells him, “you’ve gone completely crazy or what.” Manuel Efe tells him, “crazy in love cousin. You can’t even image what that woman has done for me. Its like she has me under a spell, I can hardly sleep.”

Octavio tells the two, “oh man that cousin of Ruben. He was annoying as a teenager, now worse as a man. Did you see how he greeted us? Like we were chickens, that he had to tend too. While he was the rooster, that fights.” Miguel asks, “who cares about Rubens’s Salguero cousin. Now then continue talking about your plan.” Octavio tells him, “well like I was saying. Over at the plaza, there are signs all over town announcing Juana Matilde’s party. While Lazadro and his combo, and the great singer Octavio Portoreal. Will be singing for her.” Then they high five them.

Manuel Efe utters, “oh are you sure?” Ruben with a grin utters, “yes sure cousin Juana Valentina likes those old fashion elegant dresses. You know the one’s the beauty pagents wear.” You know the style make sure it has a lot of ruffles.” Manuel Efe asks, “well then she likes evening wear?” Ruben utters, “sure yes.” Manuel Efe tells him, “you know what I always thought that Juana Valentina was a sincere girl cousin.” Ruben tells him, “well she doesn’t have money to buy a dress like that. Well a couple of days ago, she was looking at a magazine. She saw it and told me she like that same dress. Alright if you don’t want to, just buy one of the dresses that Dona Carmesa sells.” Manuel Efe tells him, “oh no for nothing well the thing is I never imaged Juana Valentina wearing a dress like that. Da women are very strange cousin.” Ruben simply grins with pleasure. He tells him, “yes strange that’s true.” Manuel Efe utters, “they do give us big surprises. Want another cold one.” Ruben utters, “sure cousin. Once he takes off, Ruben utters. Man what Juana Valentina, will do once she sees that dress. She’s liable to make you swallow that dress.”

Mauricio and Gualberto come running in. “Hey Rueben Ruben you can’t image it, but your sister Juana Valentina is in jail.” Ruben loudly asks, “what did you say Fuentelafria?” Mauricio repeats, “your sister Juana Valentina is in jail.”


Over at the jail house, the police chief tells the girls. “She’s in jail for going against the laws of the city.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh really are you trying to say. Just because she had posted those posters over town. She has to be put in jail.” The police chief tells her, “yes its a crime she has to go to jail.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well you also have to put me in jail as well. I also ordered them, to put those papers up. I confess under oath.” Juana Calidad tells him, “I am also confessing she does as well.” Juana Manny tells him, “yes we are all delinquents.” The police chief tells them, “hey stop making more of a mess. I have the guilty party already.” Juana Bautista tells him, “well if she did a crime. We are all guilty as well, we all should be put in jail too.” Juana Manny tells him, “what do you administrate the law any way you want or what?” Juana Matilde tells him, “well stop playing a donkey and put us all in jail.” They all extend their hands.

Todoelmundo visits Tere, and utters. “Oh Juana Valentina in jail.” Tere tells him, “can you image this plus the other four. Decided they are going to be put in jail as well. Just to join her in there.” Todoelmundo asks, “but why was she put in jail? What did she do?” Tere tells him, “apparently she had some flyers put out. Just to announce Juana Matilde’s birthday.” Todoelmundo utters, “oh girl I am in trouble.” Tere asks, “what why?” Todoelmundo tells her, “well the one that won the 5200 was me for I put those flyers out.” Tere yells out, ” you?” Todoelmundo tells her, “come on a job is a job. As well is a contract Terezalsura.” Tere tells him, “well since you posted those flyers. You should be in that jail cell not my girl.” Todoelmundo utters, “exactly.”

In jail, Juana Calidad is reading a poem from her book. Juana Manny is shadow boxing, Juana Bautista is reading her cards. Juana Matilde is playing her guita flute. Juana Valentina looks at them all and smiles.

Outside the jail cells, Ruben is arguing with the police chief. “Listen my father is best friends with the mayor. Juana Valentina is his daughter, so let her go.” The police chief tells him, “you may be Calixto Salguero’s son but you don’t give me orders. Those girls are all delinquents, and will stay in jail until they are sentenced.” Manuel Efe stops him, “police chief I’m thinking we can make some kind of good arrangement. Do you understand?” The police chief simply utters, “do tell so you young man are trying to bribe me with money?” Manuel Efe tells him, “well of course not I would never do such a thing.” Ruben asks, “so giving you a bribe is a crime right?” The police chief tells him, “its a very grave one in fact. I can put that young man, in jail till he rots.” Ruben tells him, “well then to release Juana Valentina I’m giving you 20000.” The police chief utters, “Ruben Salguero.” Ruben tells him, “alright 40000 and your my witness. That I am trying to bribe him.” The police chief tells him, “are you crazy?” Ruben utters, “alright make it 50000 then.” Manuel Efe stops him, and simply asks. “How many jail cells are here?” The police chief’s assistant tells him, “there’s just one.” Manuel Efe tells him, “alright lets round the number to 100000.” Ruben tells him, “hey wait cousin the only one that will bribe the police chief will be me.” Manuel Efe tells him, “but Ruben if you go cousin I will go as well. Come on police chief its my final offer. Its now up to you?” Then the group of guys show up. Octavio tells him, “we are all here to confess we also put those flyers up.” Mauricio uttres, “yes its a crime against such beauty. In the name of my father, all the guilty parties should be punished. I must also be punished, for I am also an accomplice. I also paid for having those flyers up.” The police chief utters, “you as well?” Then the group all start talking as one.

Inside Juana Valentina utters, “man what is going on what does this signify? What’s going on?” The the entire group get put in jail. A party begins, and the guys check out the girls. One by one they get a hug from the girls. Ruben smiles over at Juana Valentina. She just can’t belive this and starts laughing. Outside the police chief utters, “I should have never followed the orders of Dona Dona. The next to show up is Tere and Todoelmundo. “Now what?” Todoelmundo tells him, “well Tere and I are here to confess to a crime.” The police chief utters, “another two.”

Over at the Salguero house, Calixto and Judge Geremias Guerra continue talking. Calixto tells him, “oh to get forgiveness from Dona Dona. Would be like, telling the river to change directions.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “do what ever its going to turn out the same. Well one is the same as 50.” Calixto tells him, “come here godfather do you think. By saturday we still might have time.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well if there’s money time will be by our side. Oh godfather have a good night.” Calixto tells him, “thank you godfather. Thank you for everything.” Dona Dona continues singing, Calixto utters. “Oh why the devil is she still singing.”

Back at the jail, Juana Calidad is boring everyone with her poetry. When she’s done, Juana Valentina gives her a big hug. Then the music starts again and the dancing continues. Juana Matilde wants to dance with Miguel, but he wants to dance with Juana Manny. In the end she ends up dancing with Poncho. Mauricio follows Juana Calidad. Juana Valentina is stuck dancing with Manuel Efe. While she stares over at Ruben. Ruben is dancing with Juana Manny, but staring at Juana Valentina. Then Juana Valentina starts a conga line, she quickly goes to Ruben. Ruben happily follows her, but a very concern Juana Bautista watches and tries to part them. Juana Calidad won’t let Mauricio touch her. Then poor Juana Calidad dances all by herself. Tere gets up and watches the two dancing. Then once again the group dances with one another. Juana Matilde then starts singing the title song. Then Juana Manny ask Manuel Efe to dance. He stares over at Juana Valentina. Juana Matilde continues to dance with Poncho.

Outside the police chief is trying to cool down. His clerk tells him, “sir but the neighbors are here and are complaing about the noise. If you don’t stop it they will fire you sir. What do we do?” Inside the jail, Gualberto tries to flirt with Juana Bautista. While Mauricio tries to get Juana Calidad to dance but she continues to nod no. So he takes a drink from the bottle, and gives it the rest of his crew. Then Octavio dances with Juana Manny. One of the guard tries to stop the party but can’t. Outside one of the guys screams, “hey shut up oh police chief what are we going to do?” The police chief tells him, “cancel those charges send them all home. Then he goes home himself, inside someone has brought liquor and the party continues. Ruben whispers to Juana Valentina, “I hope that they keep us in here for our entire lives. I am going to announce you for the rest of your life. Plus I will announce myself, so I will in here with you as well.”

(They say a man who can dance well, is a fantastic lover. Well good for Octavio’s real wife, she’s a lucky girl.)

The next day Maria Delia visits Dona Dona crying. “Oh it was horrible, all the guys put themselves in jail with them. They had a huge party in there, the worst part was even my Rubensito was in there as well Dona Dona.” Dona Dona asks, “what they were all set free?” Maria Delia tells her, “the police chief had no choice. The neighbors had had enough with all that noise.” Dona Dona asks, “and why are you crying?” Dona Dona tells her, “how could I not cry knowing my poor Rubensito. Spent the entire night under those bar cells.” Dona Dona tells her, “yes because he’s a traitor. He got that because he betrayed me.” Maria Delia utters, “betrayed you? Was it you that caused them to put Juana Valentina in jail?” Dona Dona tells her, “oh girl why would you think such things. Oh no it will be like lowering myself to their level. I am way on top of those senorita. Well tell me how did they behave, when you went to visit them.” Dona Dona tells her, “they were very kind too me?” Dona Dona tells her, “it was probably pure hyprocrocies. Those one’s don’t have education, nor they won’t show any kindness.” Maria Delia tells her, “Dona Dona kindness and education don’t have nothing to do with anything.” Dona Dona tells her, “yes they do anyway are they still going to have a party?” Maria Delia tells her, “I image so for all those flyers are still all over corozal.”

Dona Dona angrily tells her, “who do those arrivals think they are. They can’t show up, and put any flyer up that they want. Nothing will occur to them, Delia I want you to notify everyone. That Dona Cuadradro will not speak to anybody, if they go to that party. None of them will erase the sins of their mothers. Not even a party, well then go out there first and see if Todoelmundo is there.” Maria Delia tells her, “yes seno.” Dona Dona tells her, “wait Delia keep me up to date with everything that is occuring alright.” Maria Delia then kisses the air and tells her, “yes of course Dona.” Once she leaves, Todoelmundo shows up. Todoelmundo utters, “good morning Dona.” Dona Dona tells him, “you didn’t fulfill your end of the deal.” Todoelmundo tells her, “which part seno.” Dona Dona tells him, “in notifying when Ruben Calixto was going to show up. He caught me talking with that Juana Valentina. You didn’t advise me.” Todoelmundo tells her, “you told me to watch him at his office. When I tried I called you, but your employee told me you weren’t available.” Dona Dona tells him, “well didn’t you tell her it was you?” Todoelmundo tells her, “yes I told her I was todoelmundo and to let me pass she said no.” Dona Dona tells him, “I don’t know what’s worse. Those who never follow orders, or those that follow the exact orders. Come over here Todoelmundo. I need you to go to the electric company. Get me that fellow, that came by to fix the kitchen.”

Todoelmundo tells her, “you mean Pedro Martinez.” Dona Dona tells him, “yes tell him I want to talk to him. He could make some money for me by doing me a favor. Its on Friday the 27th.” Todoelmundo asks, “couldn’t I do that favour?” Dona Dona tells him, “no sorry Todoelmundo you can’t even reach the light bulb.” Todoelmundo gives her a dirty look, then Calixto shows up. “Well good morning.” Todoelmundo tells him, “morning Don Calixto.” Calixto asks, “I came here Dona to invite you to come walk with me in the gardens. Like we used to do in the past, before everything changed.” Dona Dona utters, “oh wretched man talker.” Todoelmundo tells her, “yes tell Mr. Salguero everything has changed. It wasn’t my fault. Those walks he can do all by himself.” Todoelmundo utters, “Don Calixto she won’t go.” Calixto tells her, “Dona its fine if you don’t want to talk to me don’t. But I will just enjoy that you are walking by my side. To have your presense next to mine. To hear your footsteps, hear the rocks that you step. Oh come on Dona.”

Dona Dona tells him, “inform Mr. Salguero that he should have thought of that. Twenty-five years ago, thought before he embarssed the family. Making illegtimate his five sins.” Todoelmundo tells him, “well you should have…” Calixto tells him, “yeah yeah I heard. Dona I understand this has been quite painful. But you can’t continue this attitude, the remainder of your days.” Dona Dona tells him, “well inform him that he will have to put up with this. I have to put up with all the fronts of embarrassments. That his bastard daughters do, including that party that they want to celebrate. To show off their existance.” Calixto tells her, “they are not doing it for that. Understand they are young, this is the first time that they are together for one of their birthdays.” Dona Dona tells him, “don’t you dare defend them.” Calixto tells him, “yes I will for they are my daughter. It has been twenty-five years, that I have been without them. I am going to support them.” Dona Dona tells her, “the only thing that I needed was that Mr. Salugero attends that party. It will be my misfortune.” Calixto tells her, “no Dona don’t take it like that. This is a personal matter, its not against you.” Dona Dona tells him, “tell that seno that the only noise he will here in that garden. Will be coming from his own feet, later on he will have to carry Margarita flowers.” Then she takes off, Todoelmundo is about to tell him something. Calixto utters, “oh from you nothing.” Todoelmundo tells him, “hey you won’t let me work for nothing.” Then he takes off, Calixto sadly sits on the bed.

The girls have been dropped off, and Juana Valentina tells Manuel Efe. Much to the disappointment of Ruben who’s in his truck. “Don’t tell me you though being in jail would be boring?” Manuel Efe tells her, “with you I would remain in jail for life.” Juana Valentina tells him, “is that a promise? Now don’t get bent out of shape, if the cops come around. I’ll be waiting for your on Friday.” Manuel Efe utters, “Friday?” Juana Valentina tells him, “well first I have to look at my appointment book.” Ruben tells him, “oh come on cousin hey hurry it up I have to go to work.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes I know just go ahead calmly.” Ruben tells him, “oh no hey brother I won’t abandon you. I must be solidarity with you so start walking.” Juana Valentina just smiles, and Manuel Efe tells her. “Valentina I am going, but I will always have you in my memory. He touches Juana Valentina’s hand, and kisses it. Oh your hands are quite lovely.” Ruben goes over and grabs him. “Hey come on cousin, its time we left.” Manuel Efe leaves in a daze, Ruben utters. “Yes quite lovely. Oh look at you, your like a cat looking at some birds.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well its the first time that someone kisses my hand.” Ruben utters, “oh your now dazzled.”

Juana Valentina tells him, “well when a woman has her hand kissed. You only see that in the movies. Or for that matter on tv.” Manuel Efe tells him, “hey cousin weren’t you in a hurry?” Ruben tells him, “yes I’ll attend to you later. I’m coming wait look those flyers that are on the street. Was it another revenge against my mother.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no I just wanted her to know that the party wasn’t at the cemetary. Just like she wanted, so will you be coming?” Ruben asks, “do you want me to come?” Juana Valentina tells him, “only if you want to come. I suppose all of them want you there.” Ruben asks, “and you?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes just to say goodbye to you. Seriously tomorrow is the party, I’m leaving the next day. This time around there is nothing stopping me Ruben.” Ruben utters, “nothing?” Juana Valentina tells him, “nothing.” Ruben sadly asks, “so where are you going?” Juana Valentina tells him, “where ever the wind blows.” Ruben tells her, “what if the wind pushes you my way.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well then we will both fall. My mother made me a good roman catholic girl.” Manuel Efe utters, “hey will you keep me waiting here all day or what?” Ruben utters, “man this guy is tiring.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no tiring he’s just a charming fellow. Why are you becoming my conscience, your there at every step I take. Here you are complaining about suitors. The new one turns out to be your cousin.”

Ruben jealously utters, “what are you saying now that your now interested in him?” Then they see Todoelmundo, a great big of gust of dirt has fallen on him. Juana Valentina utters, “hey Todoelmundo?” Ruben asks, “Todoelmundo what happened to you? Where are you coming from, to be covered in all that powder?” Todoelmundo tells him, “you just won’t believe it Ruben Salguero. Neither you Juana Valentina, I had to get a person from old Rio street. That place had absolutely no water anywhere, not even in a drum. There wasn’t even any wind at all, then this huge gust of wind brought up a dust storm. Just see what it did too me.” Ruben tells him, “that’s weird for over here there hasn’t been any wind.” Todoelmundo utters, “plus this has made me very intrigued. I began thinking up words, 78 in total that are in the Dictionary Britanica of languages. I had a problem, you know what I forgot seven.” Then he takes off, Manuel Efe brushes off some dirt on his face. Juana Valentina tells him, “bye well then see you tomorrow. Well if you come to the party.” Ruben tells her, “well I am going to look at every watch in Corozal. Hoping that tomorrow never comes.” Juana Valentina tells him, “see you tomorrow Ruben see you tomorrow Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe tells him, “oh come on Ruben we are wasting time. I need to find a dress maker, hey there Octavio I owe you for this snack. Put it on my tab?” Ruben tells him, “well hold on or else you might lose your life.” Then he drives off.

Juana Matilde visits Juana Bautista. “Hey are you asleep yet, or can we talk.” Juana Bautista tells her, “sure come on in.” Juana Matilde tells her, “its about Juana Valentina.” Juana Bautista asks, “what about her?” Juana Matilde tells her, “well we don’t want her to leave. Considering she doesn’t know, where she’s going and has no money.” Juana Bautista tells her, “we must respect the decisions of other people. Its there decisions.” Juana Matilde tells her, “I know but I just don’t think its fair. Well considering we all met here, and are getting to know one another. We are all being benefactored by our father. We all owe it too her.” Juana Bautista tells her, “it seems everything goes off you but I notice you are very worried.” Juana Matilde tells her, “not worried I know that everyone has to do what ever with their lives. Like I don’t ask for permission to move one foot then the next. Juana Valentina has ever right, but I just don’t know.” Juana Bautista tells her, “for her to stay here. Is very difficult than going believe me.” Juana Matilde tells her, “but she has no where to go Juana Bautista. She has no money.” Juana Bautista tells her, “now don’t even think of gathering money for her. The stain of money will be coming from the Salguero.” Juana Matilde tells her, “it has nothing to do with money. The thing is I would like her to stay.” Juana Bautista asks, “but why?” Juana Matilde tells her, “last night when we were all in jail. We were a family, well that I’ve never had. I would look at her and then you then everyone else. It was like we were bees to honey. It was us against the world, united for any cause. We are las Juanas, if someone was against us. I would hit them, like I was Juana Manny. I don’t like being bossed around, I don’t like being told what I have to do. I don’t like to depend on others. For me I was always the most important. You know why, because I didn’t know the word sister. Do you understand? Crying she utters, well if one wants to leave oh Juana Bautista.” Juana Bautista asks, “who were you talking too tonight? With the sea like a good pisces, yes don’t get used to eating your own tears. You might drown yourself.” Juana Matilde tells her, “don’t tell me things I don’t understand. The only thing that I do know. I just want that Juana Valentina stays.”

Juana Calidad knocks on Juana Manny’s door. “Are you sleepy, or is it possible I can come in so we could talk?” Juana Manny tells her, “oh what is with all the mystery nun?” Juana Calidad tells her, “I’ve been thinking Juana Manny.” Juana Manny tells her, “well its the only thing that your good for. Those fish sticks you made, were worse than Juana Matilde makes. It was like eating prison food.” Juana Calidad tells her, “enough with the jokes I want to talk about something serious its about Juana Valentina.” Juana Manny tells her, “what about?” Juana Calidad tells her, “look she’s leaving. I don’t want her walking the streets looking for work. Having a sick person Terezalsura by her side.” Juana Manny tells her, “hey don’t talk to me about that. Go and talk to her.” Juana Calidad tells her, “you heard her she doesn’t want to stay.” Juana Manny tells her, “well what do you want me to do about it?” Juana Calidad tells her, “you alone nothing. What we do we must do do it.” Juana Manny asks, “do what with what?” Juana Calidad tells her, “you are hard headed you boxer. For her to stay.” Juana Manny utters, “I see.”

Tere is starting to pack, “well then will you be taking this one?” Juana Valentina tells her, “no I’m only taking what we brought with us.” Tere tells her, “yes I understand but what a shame.” Juana Valentina tells her, “you know what I’ll be right back.” Tere tells him, “where are you going? Being in that jail cell, made me feel clustrophobic. I’m going for a walk or something. Don’t join me?” Tere asks, “where are you going? Who are you going with?” Juana Valentina tells her, “enough its like your my own consciousness.” Tere tells him, “look don’t say that too me your mother left me alive for a reason. I just don’t want you near Ruben Salguero.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no.” Tere asks, “do you swear it?” Juana Valentina tells her, “what is going on with you Terezalsura. Fine then if you don’t believe me, lets both go for that walk then.” Tere starts crying, “don’t be that way with me. I’m just here, to take care of you and love you.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh I’m sorry Tere. I promise by ten I’ll be in bed. I won’t be long.” She then kisses her, and Juana Valentina goes outside on the porch. Then she remembers the song, that she heard when she was with Ruben. She then starts crying.

The next day, Octavio gets a haircut. “Oh out of the five they are all quite beautiful but Juana Valentina is the one I crown so very beautiful Miguel.” Miguel tells him, “well I like the small one that sings.” Octavio tells him, “yes she’s very lovely.” Octavio tells him, “well I like the boxer but none of them can compare to Juana Valentina.” Miguel tells him, “well I like the boxer one as well. But I wouldn’t want her given to me as a painting. She seems quite dangerous, like a bee stung. Fine then I like the singer one.” Octavio tells him, “yes don’t forget remember what I told you. We must be close to one of the sisters. Before getting next to Juana Valentina. So don’t get jealous, if you see me talking to Juana Matilde.”

Outside of the barber shop, is Mauricio and Gualberto. “Now it seems to me Juana Valentina, really likes Juana Calidad most among her sisters. She will be the bridge, that will lead me to the heart of Juana Valentina my brother.” Gualberto tells him, “well the one that I like is the one that plays with the cards. She is rather strange, strange but she is quite beautiful.” Mauricio tells him, ” yes I suppose but nothing compares with the oldest one. Hey at the party, if anybody asks. If I am the lover of poetry tell them yes. Or religious tell them yes.” Gualberto tells him, “you religious you hardly go to chuch.” Mauricio tells him, “oh brother everything has a beginning. My old man Gualberto everyone has it. He enters the salon, and utters. Well look at this, Portoreal. Having his hair cut done, by someone who isn’t his mother.” Octavio tells him, “well look who arrived the son of the future governer of the department of sucre. Hey what a poor state that deparment will be.” Mauricio tells him, “you know what nothing will fix your look. Now get out of that chair, for I have an important party to attend too tonight.” Octavio tells him, “well I am going as well. I have also been invited so don’t you forget it.” Then they all start arguing, Miguel stops them. Miguel tells him, “we have all been invited so don’t start fighting. For we will all be there, we all need to get fixed up.” Gualberto tells him, “well your last I go after Mauricio.” Mauricio tells him, “hey this is always my time isn’t it doncho. Alright get up from that chair so I may sit down.” Octavio tells him, “what just because the future governer’s son says so? Hey your not the boss of the state, the town, the street. Hey your not the boss of anything, now get in that car of yours. Go to another barber shop, if you in such of a hurry. I am going to finish getting my hair done then Miguel will be next.” Mauricio utters, “oh really.” Then all start fighting once more. Manuel Efe shows up and sits down. “Now then Doncho, I’d like a shampoo and a nice french cut. I would like my beard trimmed, but both sides have to be equal. I’d also like a nice face massage. You can take all the time you want. I am not in a hurry.” The guys simply stop fighting and stare at him. Octavio simply curses.

Dona Dona is talking with Pedro Martinez the electrician. “Pedro Martinez I want you to cut the electricity at the pink house. You see the house is mine, and I just don’t want to continue paying the electric bill. I’m thinking do it around ten, cut the electricity. Now with the money for the electricity I will pay you. Oh its just nothing big, that you must do son. Tonight at ten, cut the electricity at the pink house. Then go for a beer someplace, listen here. The one giving the order is Dona Salguero de Cuadradro. I am asking as a favor.” In the end Pedro decides against it, “excuse me senora.” Dona is annoyed, Todoelmundo comes by. Todoelmundo tells her, “what happened with Pedro Martinez?” Dona Dona tells him, “whats wrong man this world is changing. Apparently he’s an honest man. Alright I’m going to need you tonight.” Todoelmundo tells her, “I’m not available I’m going to an event excuse me seno.” He takes off, she utters. “Well then yes, I also have an engagement tonight.”


Over at the pink house, the girls are fixing the party packages. Juana Calidad tells them, “now I’m thinking when the guest arrive. We can hand them one hat and one noise maker.” Juana Matilde is putting up the streamers. “Hey is this too high?” Juana Manny tells her, “its too high make it dip.” Juana Valentina arrives with a lot of balloons. “Ok everyone why don’t we serve the empanadas around ten. Then around 12 we give them rice with chicken. One more thing that I was going to ask. Please make sure the guys don’t drink so much. It will be a boring night, if the guys are dancing drunk.” Juana Calidad tells her, “I’ll make sure of that.” Then Juana Valentina and Tere go to one corner. Juana Matilde goes over to Juana Calidad and Juana Manny. They start whispering, Juana Valentina asks. “Hey what’s going on?” They utter, “nothing.”

bannerEPISODE 15

That night the guys, wait in the livingroom for the girls. Mauricio looks at the three guys, Poncho Miguel and Octavio. “Hey you three wearing ties, you all look like bartenders for a party. You should have just gone to the Dolorosa, for that is the scene where you all belong.” Poncho tells him, “oh really.” Octavio tells him, “well you should have stayed in jail before you become a politician.” Tere comes out, and tells them. “Hey you would mind getting the door. The girls are still getting ready, go ahead.” In the end Poncho gets the door. Margarita Cruz tells him, “well good evening.” Poncho tells them, “hey hello Seno, Judge how are you? Look the Juanas are still getting ready. They should be coming down any minute.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “oh thank you.” Calixto is next, “hello Don Calixto how are you?” Calixto smiles and tells him, “hey how are you Poncho I’m fine. Everything looks good.” In the livingroom everyone greets one another. Judge Geremias Gurra asks, “hey where is Ruben?” Calixto tells them, “he will be coming when he stops fighting with his mother. Where are my daughters?” In unisons they utters, “they are still getting ready.” Mauricio tells him, “oh come on have a seat everyone.”

At the Salguero house, Dona Dona is taking off her jewelry. Ruben tells her, “oh come on open this door you can’t stay locked up there forever.” Dona Dona tells him, “I can’t make you follow my orders since you are already over age. What you are going to do, I think its a big betrayal.” Ruben tells her, “please mom open this door so we can talk about this.” Dona Dona tells him, “I’m not going to open that door or talk too you. Plus don’t get upset, if I stop talking to you tomorrow and have you talking through my talker. Go and don’t you dare bother looking back. I am warning you Ruben Calixto. If something bad happens in this house. In Corozal or in this entire region, its all because of your father’s sins. Plus you disappointing stance son.” Ruben then leaves. Dona Dona utters, “I just hope all of this helps with my plans. What I have in mind, I wonder if these boots fit?”

Outside Manuel Efe is having a coffee, he utters. “Thank you.” To one of the maids, and she leaves. Ruben asks, “well you’ve decided not to go to the party hey cousin?” Manuel Efe tells him, “well yes.” Ruben tells him, “so you’ve decided not to go?” Manuel Efe tells him, “I’m going?” Ruben asks, “and…” Manuel Efe tells him, “well I called ahead mentioning I might stop by. You know highting their interest. I’m going to be fashionable late, so they won’t see my real interest.” Ruben asks, “explain all that mess cousin.” Manuel Efe tells him, “listen Ruben people should know that the presense of Manuel Efe Cuadradro. To any party or event is a grand event. One among many isn’t my style. They’re are rules of etiquettes that you don’t know. Considering you were born in this small town. Well a worldly man such as myself, I know it perfectly.” Ruben tells him, “listen hear cousin enough with putting on airs around here. This isn’t europe.” Manuel Efe tells him, “with you I’m not putting on anything. Not airs or being an euopean. You are my confesser, you are my confidente. Come over here, did you see how I left her.” Ruben asks, “who? Manuel Efe tells him, “Juana Valentina when I kissed her hand. She was quite facinated. You know what’s happening, its called charm. Like a worldly man such as myself. Could kill or drive any women crazy. Especially a girl born in the coast.” Ruben tells him, “well then congratulations.” Manuel Efe tells him, “thank you.” Ruben tells him, “well I don’t like to keep people waiting. If you want to continue talking, go and talk to your aunt.” Manuel Efe uttes, “well my aunt is your mother.” Ruben tells him, “thats why you should talk to her.”

At the pink house, Judge Geremias Guerra tells them. “Oh when the jail was filled with the five Juanas. These guys here, Tere and Todoelmundo. Ruben and Manuel Efe, man what a big whirlwind at that police station. The police chief had no choice, but to set them all free.” Calixto smiling tells them, “oh those daughters of mine are quite the troublemakers. They are liable to drive a saint crazy.” Tere and Margarita Cruz come down. Tere tells them, “ok everyone the birthday girl is coming down with her four sisters.” One by one the girls come down.” Judge Geremias Gurra tells Calixto, “and they said that angels didn’t fall from the sky. Oh I think god made a mistake Calixto.” One by one the girls greet everyone, especially their father. Calixto tells him, “well the thing is god wanted to grant me a big wish. By sending all these lovely girls.” Juana Valentina kisses Judge Geremias Guerra. He is beaming with happiness. Juana Calidad is blessing everyone, “May the saint antonia Maria Clarice bless you.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “may her saintly name be blessed.” Calixto tells the group, “well then go ahead and congratulate the birthday girl.” One by one they congratulate Juana Matilde and give her gifts. Mauricio tells Gualberto. “Ok remember I like poetry and being religious.” Gualberto tells him, “yes poetry and religious.” Ruben arrives, Tere points to Juana Matilde. But Ruben’s eyes are on Juana Valentina. Who’s fixing a streamer. “Oh dear lord from the skies you drop Juana Valentina.” Tere sternly tells him, “don’t you dare say things like that its blasphemy. Do you hear me?” Juana Valentina smiles and utters, “well hello how are you? You came.” Ruben simply smiles her way.

Manuel Efe is fixing himself a drink. He’s at the house, singing and drinking. Dona Dona sees him getting ready. When he’s gone, she comes out of her room. Dona Dona picks up her things, “I knew this cap that aunt Dolabrola gave me would come in handy one day. Its over fourty years old, oh Dona.” As she’s about to leave, Delia comes out sees her. Freaks out, and smashes her dishes. “Its a ghost its a ghost.” She breaks a tray and runs off. Dona Dona utters, “if we’re starting like that its going pretty bad.” She then takes off.

At the party, Juana Matilde starts asking. “Guys are you enjoying yourself.” Ruben sits down, wanting to talk to Juana Valentina. Instead Judge Geremias goes over too him. “Hey talk about business with your father.” Ruben tells him, “sure go ahead with my father.” In the end he has no choice, and moves away from Juana Valentina. Manuel Efe arrives, to his surprise nobody greets him. They simply don’t acknowledge him, so he begins to cough then utters. “Good evening.” Juana Valentina simply passes him, and goes to the radio and turns it off. She sees him and utters, “oh are you having a good time?” Manuel Efe utters, “yes lots.” Juana Valentina then claps, “everyone lets give the gifts now.” Calixto tells Manuel Efe, “now on this festive event your going to be the first to give my youngest daughter her gift.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes of course thank you uncle. I’m going to sit down first.” As he’s about to sit down, Tere utters. “Oh that’s for the sick one exuse me.” The guys chuckle, Manuel Efe gives them dirty looks, then he moves away. Todoelmundo yells out, “hey move I can’t see.” While Ruben tells him, “cousin the line is back there to give gifts.” Manuel Efe has no choice, but to go to the back of the line.” Octavio tries to push him, Juana Valentina tells him. “Don’t do that to the poor guy.” Poncho tells him, “hey your forgetting your hat.” Juana Valentina tells them, “ok from the jail friends first.”

Octavio tells her, “me first well the group from the Dolorosa. Well except Mauricio Fuentelafria who think he’s from a high family. Well Lasador and his combo, and me. Well we brought for you some music. We hope that you like it.” Juana Matilde kisses the guys cheek. But utters, “thank you Miguel.” Calixto tells her, “we will fill the house with music.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh Celia Cruz I’m dying.” Mauricio is next, “get out of the way Octavio. Now then from me and the future governer of the deparment of sucer.” Judge Geremias Gurra tells him, “hey if your going to use this to promote your father’s compaign. Well no is the answer, Mauricio Fuentelafria.” Octavio utters, “yes get him out of here.” Mauricio continues, “now will you let me continue?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well without that.” Mauricio tells him, “thank you well like I was saying in the name of my father, myself and my mother Adela. Bring it out.” Out comes a cake in shape of a piano.” Octavio tells him, “hey the politician’s son is useful for one thing.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh beautiful.”

Juana Valentina utters, “give the man a hand.” Calixto tells him, “thank you son.” Mauricio tells him, “well since you need something to listen to those cds. Well here is a compact disk. So you can go all over town listening to music.” Gualberto utters, “great present great present cheers everyone.” As everyone cheers, Octavio asks. “Hey who told that frog that we were going to give her music?” Gualberto utters, “I didn’t tell him nothing.” So the guys start ganging up on him. Ruben looks at the group, “hey your not going to start a fight here are you?” Juana Matilde asks, “what now?” Juana Valentina tells her, “the gifts from the sisters. So who’s first?” Juana Calidad tells her, “me now Juana Matilde I made this for you one night. Thanks to the sisters who taught me how to sew. I hope you like it.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh Miguel look a beautiful bag its my favorite color thank you Juana Calidad.” She goes to say thank you, instead utters. “So when ones are the one’s we eat?”

Juana Calidad tells her, “its the ones marked red there are six of them. Well thank you.” Juana Manny tells her, “well this gift is from me and my mother. Its for exercising, because you need to work out.” Juana Matilde utters, “are you telling me I’m fat. Well thank you anyway. Then she whispers, now the empanas are in the kitchen. There are six of them, with a red mark on it.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I’m next now here you go. Ta da, and gives her a necklace.” Juana Matilde tells her, “but Juana Valentina you can’t go buying things…” Juana Valentina tells her, “it was my mothers. Now Juana Bautista told me your sign is a diamond, who better to wear this but you. Oh it looks divine on her.” Tere tells her, “well these are the earrings that go with them.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh Terezalsura its just too much for me.” Tere tells her, “its not real if you think they were I would be living in a palace.” Juana Bautista tells her, “you already have beauty and intelligence. What more do you need, well all I had was a paper and pen. Here you go.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well they say wripping paper is good luck.” Its a picture of the Juanas.” They all hug one another, Juana Calidad utters. “Oh I want to see it again. Its very beautiful Juana Bautista, if only we could be together forever.” Juana Matilde takes Juana Bautista aside. “So will you join us?” Juana Bautista tells her, “oh no girl I don’t want to risk a collective tragedy.” Juana Matilde utters, “da….”

Manuel Efe is next, he tells her. “Now even though we have just met. I wanted to give you this simple gift. Its a large bottle of french perfume, the guys simply laugh. This is one of the best, they do value their fragrances.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “something that size must cost a fortune.” Manuel Efe tells her, “it doesn’t matter friendships is in the middle. This is for you.” Juana Valentina utters, “everyone applause.” Juana Matilde smiles and utters, “thank you Manuel Efe. This will last me my entire twenty-three years. To share around.” Calixto tells him, “thank you son she will have that till she’s fifty.” Next is Todoelmundo, “now I didn’t know what to get but I thought this would be appropriate. Here is the money, I received for putting those flyers all over town. That is my present.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh thank you Todoelmundo.” Juana Matilde tells him, “I thank you and will receive it. But I want you to have this back. You know why Todoelmundo, I want you to put a big sign out from saying thank you.” Then gives him a big hug, Todoelmundo tells them. “I’ll save the money, just in case I need it. I wanted to say something very important. That the whole world knows. In this municipality, created in 1730. That situated 09 grade, 19 minutes, 4 seconds due north. 75 grade, 17 minutes, 45 second meters. Above the sea, the places that have the municpals of Canta Gayu. Cayu de Palma. Don Alonso, Caye de Mamoso. El Roble, El setio. La Janaya, La Tina, Cato Nuevo. Las Pina, Las Pilatas, and San Francisco. They said, no angel ever landed. But I don’t know what happened. But here five landed.” Then gets hugs from everyone.

Everyone cheers, Poncho asks. “Hey Todoelmundo man where do you come up with these things?” Todoelmundo tells him, “oh Poncho Sarmiento. I just know what the whole world knows. All except you.” Ruben tells them, “its now my turn.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh my little brother.” Ruben tells her, “now Juana Matilde this bracelet belonged to our grandmother Juana. Now its pure gold, its the best gold in the world. Well this belonged to father’s mother. I mean our father’s mother. I think its best, that everyone gets something from the family. I mean every single sister that is here.” Everyone utters, “great gift.” Calixto gets very emotional, Judge Geremias Guerra tells Calixto. “Now your not going to start crying are you. Then I might as well give you a rum.” Calixto tells him, “ok you bring it over here.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “I’m going to give my gift to the girl. Its a little present with kindness for you.” Juana Matilde tellls him, “thank you so very much Geremias Guerra you are so kind.” Calixto tells her, “now my gift too you will be given the day after tomorrow.” Juana Matilde tells him, “it doesn’t matter for the gift that you give us. Is that your here with all of us.” Everyone utters, “bravo Don Calixto.” Then Octavio utters, “someone go get more rum.” Manuel Efe smiles and tries hard to flirt with Juana Valentina, but her eyes are only for Ruben.

Outside the house, Dona Dona gets near the house. A drunk guy walks by. “Oh holy shit my god its a devil.” Dona Dona utters, “what you idiot you go home. You sleep it off you blasted drunk. Oh at least he didn’t recognize me. Well here they are all, listen to that noise. I see my son, my husband. My nephew, and even Judge Geremias Guerra are all in there. Oh Dona you at your age here, and in this mess. They will see, they will see that this party will come to an end. You will see what Dona will do.”

Inside the house, the cake is moved away. Juana Valentina tells them, “alright everyone its time to dance and enjoy yourself.” All the guys go straight to Juana Valentina. Judge Geremias Guerra pushes them away and asks. “May I dance with you?” Juana Valentina tells him, “sure you come over here Tere you come dance with the Judge. Dance judge, now guys come on pick a partner. The judge gets turned around, and Tere gets up and starts dancing. Juana Valentina yells out, come on guys everyone dance.” Poncho is directed to dance with Margarita Cruz. Gualberto dances with Juana Manny. At first he doesn’t want too, Juana Manny tells him. “Listen here if you go and touch the bottom of my waist. Well then your going to get punched five times.” Juana Valentina just laughs, she looks over at Mauricio and Octavio. “Care to dance?” Mauricio pushes over Octavio, “oh yes with you all night.” Octavio pushes him over, and tells her. “Oh its been days since I’ve danced.” Juana Valentina puts to the two guys together. “Sure there you go now don’t lose the rhythem. The two guys look at one and release quickly. Oh come on it was a joke.” Ruben smiling goes over to Juana Valentina. “What say you and I well you permit me.” Juana Bautista sees them and interrupts, “Ruben how about you dance with me.” Manuel Efe goes over to Juana Valentina. “Now being in Europe, hasn’t stopped me from losing my swing. I’d like to dance with you.”

Juana Valentina utters, “sure then goes over to Juana Matilde. I’d like you to dance with Manuel Efe.” Juana Matilde gives her a dirty look, then utters. “You know what thanks, but I’m going to pick up all these presents and take them upstairs.” Juana Valentina then asks Juana Calidad. “Come on Juana Calidad dance with him.” Juana Calidad tells her, “no I have to get… Yes I have to get the earrings.” Juana Matilde utters, “check the empanadas.” Juana Calidad utters, “oh man the empanadas.” Then she runs to the kitchen. Manuel Efe tells her, “see you couldn’t escape now come over here with me.” As they are dancing he pops another balloon with his hats. Calixto utters, “hey this fellow will be taking down all these decorations.” Manuel Efe utters, “hey are we going to dance or what? I need to concentrate.” Calixto goes over to Todoelmundo. “Now Todoelmundo tell me something?” Todoelmundo tells him, “what is it Don Calixto?” Don Calixto asks, “how long has dancing been around Corozal?” Todoelmundo tells him, “well 483 years before christ Don Calixto.” Calixto tells him, “well how do you know for certain.” Todoelmundo tells him, “I’m guessing Don Calixto because that’s an impossible question to answer.” Juana Valentina is being enterained by Manuel Efe. She burst out laughing, Octavio and Mauricio watch jealously. Ruben can’t stop staring at Juana Valentina. Juana Bautista tells him, “listen Ruben when a man dances with me. He has to stare at me, even if its my brother.” Ruben tells her, “I’m sorry Juana Bautista its just that I was distracted with the music.” In the end he twirls her, then continues staring at Juana Valentina. While she watches him as well.

Dona Dona heads to the backdoor. She almost falls on something, and makes a bunch of noises. “Now relax, I am going to ruin this party. How do I do this, oh no Dona your not going to stop. Your not walking back home, with your tail between your legs oh no.” She finds the electricity switch and goes into her tool bag. Taking out big pilars.

In the kitchen Juana Matilde asks. “Hey do you think this will work?” Juana Calidad tells her, “don’t you worry confide in me.” Juana Matilde tells her, “I do trust you for I trust everybody. Well I’m just saying, I am very worried. Well then its gods will now, how does that saying go. With Dona Clarice?” Juana Calidad tells her, “well then eat oh its quite delicious.” Juana Matilde tells her, “it tastes like celantro parsley.” Juana Calidad tells her, “yes I put a lot of herbs in this.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well then salute for the Juanas. Later its Juana Manny’s turn. Oh it turned out quite delicious. They hear music, and she utters. We better hurry and eat this, for we have to return inside. Ok lets go.” Octavio stops the party, “hey wait one moment now then this is the second part of my gift. This live presentation of the best band in the region. Lasador and his combo, thank you. Now they are not only here to entertain us. They are here also, to join Juana Matilde if she likes to sing us a song.” Juana Matilde utters, “me?” Then everyone cheer, “sing sing.” Juana Matilde tells them, “fine fine I will sing but now is the time to eat delicious empanadas. They are quite delicious.” Juana Calidad goes over to Juana Manny. “Ours are in the kitchen.” The music continues, Ruben and the group of guys. Goes over to dance with Juana Valentina. He tells them, “now I made a promise to dance with every single one of my sisters. Well then its Juana Valentina who’s next.” The guys are quite annoyed and go back and sit down. Tere goes over to Manuel Efe, “hey you are very alone. I’m going to teach you a great dance. If only I can take this blasted thing off.” Manuel Efe tells her, “if you like I can take this off for I took a first aid program.” Mauricio tries to coax Juana Calidad to dance. He even gets on his knees. Calixto puts Juana Manny next to Octavio, and they start dancing. The music sings and sings.

Outside Dona has open the panel, she utters. “Dam now which one do I do? Alright two it is.” Before she knows it, electricity goes right through her. Inside everyone stops dancing, its this point that Ruben kisses Juana Valentina. The one that notices is Juana Bautista, when the kiss is stopped Ruben moves away from her. The electricity is on fire, inside all of them are quiet. Candles are lit, Juana Valentina is sitting and is in peace. Ruben returns, “now it seems the old electrical panal blew it took out the entire block.” Manuel Efe asks, “so when will they fix it?” Ruben tells them, “well cousin it seems it won’t be fixed till tomorrow.” Manuel Efe utters, “oh the differences of europe. In any small town, this problem is fixed in a matter of minutes.” Laughing Ruben tells him, “well if you want we can contact that small town in europe. Hello hi europe the thing is the lights went out. We can’t find the juanas house. Could you come all this way, to fix an electricity problem.” Everyone starts laughing, Calixto utters. “Don’ let him have the last word nephew.” Manuel Efe tells him, “you know you and your small minded provincial mind. Oh what a sense of culture isn’t that right uncle.” Octavio utters, “hey good work Ruben.” Calixto utters, “hey calm down nephew these are how things work here.” Then Manuel Efe chuckles, Todoelmundo tells them. “It seems the party is over, we can’t see one another’s faces. The rice with chicken can’t be warmed up. Plus the ice is gone for the drinks.” Octavio tells him, “you must confide in your friends more Todoelmundo. Here I have brought, every single candle that was in the house that I could find.” Poncho tells them, “well I brought with me from the Dolorosa things we were going to serve for breakfast tomorrow. So we can at least eat something, instead of the rice and chicken.” Gualberto tells him, “well I woke up my brother the comunist and we brought all the ice we will need.” Juana Matilde tells them, “alright put everything in the kitchen. Lets organize ourselves.” Octavio tells him, “see one must trust in friends Todoelmundo. Only if they are not politicians son, now then help organize this so we can continue the party.”

Over at the Salguero house, Dona Dona has arrived. She’s in bed shaking, Martina asks. “Dona Dona is anything wrong?” Dona Dona utters, “go to bed.” Martina utters, “are you sick?” Dona Dona utters, “early tomorrow morning look for Maria Delia Espina. Tell her to come see me. Now that’s enough, and go to sleep.” Martina utters, “yes seno.” Then Dona Dona utters, “what a horrible current of electricity.” It looks like she has burned her hands.

Over at the pink house, the party continues. The candles are lit on the cake, and the music is playing. Juana Matilde tells them, “now then quiet it seems we are missing some candles. Six and 1/2 to be procise, he put them on please.” Octavio tells them, “ok Lasador we need some birthday music.” Now during this entire party, Manuel Efe is taking pictures. Octavio and the group begin singing. Ruben continues to grin and look over at Juana Valentina. The candles are blown out, Calixto utters. “I would like to hear my daughter sing. I want to hear nice local songs, not one that are for parties. That Octavio Portoreal sings.” Octavio tells him, “sorry Don Calixto but I sing various other songs as well.” Calixto utters, “yes it is quite limited. That is why sometimes you sing songs, that Mauricio Fuentelafria writes. Which sometimes are pretty tacky.” Mauricio tells him, “listen here my songs are like pure poetry.” Calixto tells him, “we will see about that. Well sing already.” The cake is moved out of the way, then Juana Matilde starts singing. Don Calixto is so very proud of his daughter that he’s smiling away. Juana Valentina is clapping away, when Ruben grabs her and takes her aside. “Look Juana Valentina, please stay.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no we should be separated. You on your side, me on another. Something big separates us, its just so very big in this life goodbye.” Ruben sadly utters, “goodbye.” Juana Bautista overhears them, then goes after Juana Valentina. He then grabs a bottle of rum.

The next day, Dona Dona is trying to have her coffee. But she can lift up the cup. “God wanted to punish Calixto. Well instead he punished me, now see how he left me.” Maria Delia is there, and asks. “How could this have happened Dona Dona?” Dona Dona tells her, “I was asleep then I heard a big bang. I awoke in that procise moment, I saw an angel leaving through that window. In the room it smelled like something was burning. I was completely burnt.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh an angel that was burning left out the window of this bedroom.” Dona Dona tells her, “yes like a spark of fire. I’m guessing it came for Calixto. To repeat that lighting that struck him. But he found me. Maria Delia gets up and goes to the window. Its just not fair I’m paying for the sinner. Well then what did you find out, about the party last night.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh it lasted till morning.” Dona Dona utters, “till morning?” Maria Delia tells her, “yes.” Dona Dona asks, “how did they do it without lights.” Maria Delia asks, “what last night the lights went out?” From my side of the house no.” Dona Dona tells her, “they are all bad witches. They might have done something in the darkness. I need to know what occured Maria Delia.” Maria Delia asks, “what of what Dona?”

Its morning, and the house is cleaned up. Juana Calidad has even set the table for breakfast. She begins to call the girls. “Juana Manny Juana Bautista Juana Valentina Juana Matilde. Oh I hope this will work. Juana Valentina Juana Manny Juana Matilde Juana Bautista breakfast.” They slowly make their way downstairs. Juana Matilde utters, “enough already stop screaming. I don’t understand, how you can wake up after the party we had last night. Cleaning the house and making breakfast.” Juana Calidad tells her, “at the convent we were taught to rise with the birds.” Juana Manny tells her, “you mean the owls. I don’t think you slept nun.” Juana Calidad tells them, “well after I finished making breakfast. I waited a couple of hours, before waking you all up. I was hoping the lights would return but nothing. So all you get to eat, is all cold. Juana Manny anything?” Juana Manny tells her, “nothing.” Juana Calidad asks, “and you?” Juana Matilde utters, “me what oh no nothing.” Juana Manny tells her, “what do you mean nothing. You know last night with the empanadas. Do you feel anything?” Juana Matilde straightens up and looks at Juana Calidad.

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bannerJuana Matilde tells her, “oh the empanadas nothing I even ate two.” Juana Bautista sees Juana Valentina and shushes them. Juana Calidad tells her, “we have to eat everything cold because the electricity hasn’t returned.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh I’m so sleepy.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh it was the most beautiful birthday that I have ever had. I just hope that my uncle the carpenter forgives me. Oh regarding my uncle the carpenter, I completely forgot to call him telling him I’m alright. Da he must think I’m like my mother. My mother left one day, and we haven’t seen her since.” Juana Manny tells her, “hey hand me…” Juana Calidad tells her, “no none of that yet we must pray first. Thanking god for this breakfast, even though its cold.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh man not again.” Juana Calidad tells her, “yes and it must be done every morning. In the name of Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit Amen.” Instead of praying, the girls continue staring at one another. All asking, “anything.” They mouth, “no nothing.” When Juana Calidad finishes, they utter. “Amen.” Juana Manny asks, “oh come on Juana Valentina are you still going to leave?” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes Terezalsura is packing our things in a suitcase already. We are leaving at lunchtime.” Juana Matilde tells her, “Don Calixto told us tomorrow is a special day for all of us. Why don’t you stay till tomorrow?” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh come on I’ve been trying to leave Corozal. As soon as I arrived Juana Matilde. This time it has to happen.”

Juana Bautista tells her, “I hope this time it works even though it hurts me. I am afraid of your heart, every since I learned. Your sun and venus in your sign.” Juana Manny tells her, “enough with your weird symbols. Oh its so tiring.” Juana Bautista tells her, “alright already.” Then Juana Manny gets sick, “oh dear lord excuse me.” She runs to the bathroom, and Juana Valentina tells them. “Hey what happened with her?” Next is Juana Calidad, “I don’t know maybe it was… Oh Saint Antonia Maria Clarice. Luckily we have two bathrooms.” Juana Valentina utters, “oh not you as well explain to me what’s going on?” Juana Calidad yells out, “Juana Matilde we only have two bathrooms.” Juana Valentina asks, “oh what is going on now?” Juana Matilde tells her, “great we only have two bathrooms. I’m starting to get worried.” Juana Valentina gets up, and utters. “I’m going to see how Juana Manny is doing? Juana Manny how are you doing?” Juana Manny screams out, “oh Juana Valentina I just feel terrible.” Juana Matilde begins to get sick, “oh dear it has come now. Oh get out of the way, Juana Manny get out of there. I have to go now, Juana Manny Juana Manny open the door.”

Juana Valetina looks over at a calm Juana Bautista. Juana Valentina utters, “oh man another one. Juana Calidad are you alright?” Juana Calidad tells her, “oh don’t talk to me now I can’t stand this.” Juana Matilde runs towards her. “Juana Calidad hurry hurry Juana Manny is in the other bathroom.” Juana Valentina asks, “what is up with you three?” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh Juana Valentina I think it must be something that we ate. Oh Juana Calidad my stomach hurts.” Juana Valentina heads back downstairs. “Oh they don’t look good, I’m going to get the doctor.” Juana Bautista tells her, “it’s stomach problems. It might have been something that they ate.” Juana Valentina tells her, “that is what they say but what if its something more serious. That is what has me so worried.” Juana Bautista tells her, “what worries me is what occured last night.”Juana Valentina tells her, “nothing happened last night. The light turned off, but unfortunately everything went well.” Juana Bautista tells her, “I saw when Ruben kissed you.” Juana Valentina tells her, “you saw wrong.” Juana Bautista tells her, “it was an electrical kiss I know what I saw. It wasn’t a brother kissing his sister goodbye. Juana Valentina there are wars one isn’t called a coward.” Juana Valentina tells her, “that is why I have too leave Corozal. I must leave here, but a part of me hopes something occurs so I can stay.” Juana Bautista tells her, “what so you can suffer.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I just don’t want to feel like I’m dying when I leave Juana Bautista. I’m going to see how they are doing, I’ll check on Juana Manny.” Juana Bautista utters, “um da. I should have locked up the nun, the boxer, and the singer.”

Manuel Efe arrives and sees Juana Valentina. “Oh Juana Valentina last night was a great party. I just wanted to tell you, dancing with you in that livingroom. Inside that pink house, I felt I was dancing in the gardens of the palace of Versailles.” Juana Valentina tells him, “look I don’t have time to listen to your stories. I am in a hurry… Oh where are the keys too your car?” Manuel Efe tells her, “they are in the car. Do you want me to take you someplace?” Juana Valentina enters and utters. “No thanks.” Manuel Efe tells her, “I could take you anywhere. To the ends of the world Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I’m not going that far.” Manuel Efe asks, “Juana Valentina this is a special car do you know how to drive?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I am learning just ask Ruben Salgaro.” She takes off, and Manuel Efe is left screaming her name. Then he utters, “what just learning?”

Over at the Dolorosa, Ruben is completely wasted. Octavio tells him, “well well Mauricio I noticed last night. That Juana Valentina didn’t even look at you.” Mauricio tells him, “well she wasn’t looking at you either.” Mauricio tells him, “we must accept that woman is ice.” Octavio tells him, “yes but ice burns as well Maudi. I’ve decided something, I just wanted to mention it. Friend to friend, I am going to forget Juana Valentina.” Poncho doesn’t believe him, “oh yeah.” He leaves, Octavio tells Mauricio. “I’m serious.” Mauricio tells him, “well I was going to communicate the same thing. Friend to friend, I am going to do what you are doing I’m going to try to forget her.” Octavio asks, “word.” Mauricio utters, “word.” Octavio clicks his beer bottle, “yes. You know what I’m thinking Maudi. That Juana Valentina is in love. The question is who?” Mauricio asks, “you don’t think its Ruben’s cousin? But last night, they did dance together a lot.” Octavio tells him, “oh that stooge? Oh it was so, what a delusion of a woman.” Mauricio tells him, “yes Octavio what a delusion.”

Poncho glances at his father, he motions to Ruben. “Hey Ruben aren’t you going to sleep? It’s almost ten in the morning?” Ruben tells him, “I have to go to work.” Poncho tells him, “but you’ve been drinking since that party ended. We opened the Dolorosa, and you were our first customer. Well this has never happened with you.” Ruben tells him, “look Poncho don’t mess in my things. Give me another rum.” Poncho tells him, “Rubencho if your mother finds out were serving you rum at ten in the morning. She will close the business.” Ruben so angry, over turns the table. He yells out, “then close it then look Poncho a man is allowed to have a rum when ever he feels like it. A man has every right to sleep when he wants too. Do you understand? I have every right.” Poncho tells him, “yes yes your right calm down.” Mauricio and Octavio go over to him. Ruben turns, “and what is your father well? Is his campaign going well? Your Dona Adela is she fine?” Mauricio tells him, “calm down Ruben.” Ruben then heads over to Octavio, “and you is your family well? Business going well.” Octavio tells him, “well yes everything is going well.” Ruben utters, “I am so very happy everything is going alright.” Poncho tells him, “its best you go.” Ruben utters, “well my father is fine. Dona Dona is well as well. Well my sisters, are fine. My sisters all have the same blood. Yes we all have the same blood, four of them are named Salguero. We all had a great time at the party. Everything was very good, you know the only thing that isn’t good. He laughs, everything is fine. Everything is fine.” He throws a chair and leaves the bar. Octavio asks, “what the hell happened to Rubencho?” Poncho tells him, “I don’t know I just hope the liquor hasn’t been drugged.”

(Ha ha the green shirt turned blue.)

Outside Todoelmundo is covered in dirt just like before. He sees Ruben, “oh Ruben Salguero man you’re not going to understand this. I was doing a delivery over at Corehemento Atena. There was no wind, not even blowing a leaf. Then going past Gato Nuevo, man this gust of dirt like a hurrican went by. Just look what it did too me.” Ruben asks, “how many stars are up in the universe.” Todoelmundo tells him, “there’s so many one can’t count Ruben. I would say millions stars. I just wonder, why in Gato Nuevo there was wind and not in Atena?” Ruben then asks, “well how many grains of sands are there in every beach on this planet?” Todoelmundo tells him, “every beach on this planet? I would say more than the stars in the universe. Nobody has been able to prove it. You can ask anybody in this world, you wouldn’t find a response.” Ruben tells him, “one more question. How many people are living on the planet?” Todoelmundo notices he’s drunk, and tells him. “More people than stars up in heaven. Plus the sands in the deserts. Approximately 6.93 billion human beings on this planet since 1990. Well count 90 more for years. I would say, hey you know the number.” Ruben utters, “um da all those people. I had to find the one person that I shouldn’t.” Juana Valentina drives by, nearly running over Ruben. Who falls on Todoelmundo’s bike, he screams. “Juana Valentina.” Ruben then goes after her. Todoelmundo throws down his hat, “man and who is going to pay for fixing my bike.”

Juana Valentina shows up at the doctors, and when she can’t find one. Goes back into the car, Ruben show up and tries to stop the car. “Oh Juana Valentina, Juana Valentina, Juana Valentina.” She yells out, “I can’t talk.” Then he ends up on the ground watching as the car takes off again. Juana Valentina grabs the doctor’s bag, and the poor doctor has no choice but to get in the car. Ruben has managed to arrive at the pink house. Ruben goes right in front of car, she slams on the breaks. Juana Valentina screams, “what are crazy. What the hell are you doing? Putting yourself in front Ruben, what’s wrong?” A suffering Ruben is now on the ground. He screams, “just kill me already with one shot. I am more dead than alive.” Juana Valentina just hugs him. Inside the house, Juana Manny Juana Calidad are in one room. “Oh you nun what did you feed us you crazy?” Juana Calidad tells her, “just some herbs leaves that the kids would eat. At the Maria Caldistances school, when they had exams. The kids didn’t study, and they needed a medical excuse to stay at home. Oh what a indigestion.” Juana Manny tells her, “just a simple indigestion. All this stomach twisting, and pain you call a simple indigestion?” Juana Matilde is furious, “listen here Juana Calidad I trusted you. I am dying from this pain, I hate this what was in those empanadas tell me?”

Juana Calidad tells them, “it was just small herbs leafs you take for the stomach.” Juana Matilde tells her, “maybe you went too far?” Juana Calidad utters, “maybe?” Juana Manny tells her, “what aren’t you sure?” Juana Calidad tells her, “well the kids at school took two leaves. So I calculated, twenty to each of us.” They utter, “what!” Juana Bautista runs in, “are you guys alright?” Juana Manny tells her, “no I just feel worse.” Juana Matilde tells her, “those blasted leaves that the nun gave us was like opening a fire hydrant. Plus I’m dying of this fever.” Juana Bautista touches Juana Matilde’s forehead. “What Juana Calidad, you said this wasn’t dangerous.” Juana Caldidad tells her, “look it was just small leaves that the kids from Maria Caldistanes school took. When they didn’t study for an exam. Well it worked or not? Is Juana Valentina still leaving? Look its logical, she won’t leave her three sick sisters.” Juana Valentina screams, “where are you girls?” Juana Bautista heads over and comforts Juana Calidad. Juana Valentina asks, “are you feeling any better?” Juana Manny tells her, “I felt fine when I fought my first match.” Juana Matilde tells her, “I think its something we ate last night.” Juana Valentina tells her, “alright the doctor is downstairs and will be checking each of you. Now quickly…” Juana Manny tells her, “oh no no no he will have to wait too see me.” Then she runs to the bathroom, Juana Matilde utters. “Oh no me too.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well then go run.” Juana Matilde utters, “we only have two bathrooms Juana Calidad.” Juana Valentina utters, “oh dear lord.”

Judge Geremias Guerra and Margarita Cruz, are talking in the living room. “I have all my family in Sahagun. I recognize every single corner. Juana Manny has a reason, my brothers wouldn’t understand.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “with Calixto’s gift you and Juana Manny don’t have to worry about nothing. Just stay here in Corozal.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “I don’t know how to thank your hospitality.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “you can thank me by staying here in my home. Plus listening with a lot of patiences, my view and my opinions.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “but of course it gives me great pleasure in talking with you judge. For twenty-three years I made the decisions. Now I have to accept my daughters.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “that is the way things go. We take care of them when they are young. As we age they take care of us.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “in our youth no I couldn’t say a single thing to my father. Without expecting being given a lecture. Kids now aren’t like they were before.”

Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “no they are not Margarita. You wouldn’t believe at my age, but lately I wake up in the morning. I wake up with a sense of hope and passion for living. With one solid proposition, see but see a young woman. That has made me feel, like I was in my better days.” Margarita Cruz smiling asks, “are you that in love Judge?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “with you I can be sincere Margarita.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “well of course you can.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “well once again I have these feelings. My heart beats very rapidly, I’m not talking about a heart attack. My pulse trembles, I am without breath I know that even with her presense of that young girl. I know that it might sound ridiculous. At my age, and nearly at my golden years. I have found a new lease on life.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “listen Judge I assure you nothing sounds ridiculous. In things regarding love, nothing is impossible. Or else I wouldn’t have risk my life, over Calixto Salguero in one single night. Even though it lasted only one hour. Just relax.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “oh thank you so very much for your comprehension. The memory of that young girl, joining me in companionship. I see her name printed as the evening sky begins to fall. I feel like I’m floating, in the aroma of the flowers.” Margarita Cruz asks, “who is this woman to awaken so much emotions. Oh come on Judge Guerra I know how to keep a secret. Calixto’s secret I kept for twenty-three years. Now who is she? Have I met the woman?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “yes the only Juana that hasn’t wanted to accept the last name Salguero. Juana Valentina.” Margarita Cruz simply utters, “Juana Valentina?”

Over at the pink house, Juana Bautista and Juana Valentina are sitting with the doctor. Juana Valentina asks, “what do they have doctor?” The doctor tells her, “it seems they were intoxicated its the symptons that have me worried.” Juana Bautista asks, “for example?” The doctor tells them, “well there pupils are dilated. Their ankels are swollen.” Juana Valentina asks, “but tell me something is it quite grave?” The doctor tells her, “well every sickness is grave if one doesn’t take care of them. Now what they must do is be hydrated, and I’m going to prescribe this medication for all of them. I’ll come by tonight, to see if they are feeling better.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well doctor thank you very much. If you like I can drive you back?” The doctor tells her, “no thanks with you at the wheel. I’d rather walk, even though the clinic might be in San Celijo.” Juana Bautista simply smiles, Juana Valentina utters. “Alright now this is everything?” The doctor tells her, “now the first forty-eight hours are really important. You must take care of them, and don’t leave them alone.” Juana Valentina tells him, “thank you oh dear lord. She looks over at Juana Bautista, taking care of three sick people. Oh no I’m not going to leave you alone.” Juana Bautista tells her, “it seems your life is like a snake that eats his own tail.”

Mauricio is at the campaign offices, but he’s not studying politics. He’s reading the five mysterious of Juana Ines de la Cruz. Gualberto arrives and is stunned, hearing relgious textures coming out of his friend’s mouth. “Now the first miracle was in San Gabriel. Who saw the Virgin Maria. The second is the pain of Jesus on Mount de los Bolivas. Our father, Virgin Maria…” Gualberto utters, “hey what happened too you?” Mauricio tells him, ” Gualberto asks, “what you went crazy.” Mauricio tells him, “you know what I have something very clear in my mind. Juana Valentina cares so much about her sister Juana Calidad. She is very timid.” Gualberto utters, “so?’ Mauricio tells him, “so I have a great idea there is a celebration of the aurora. With intention my father. Will begin his campaign to Conception, and San Beneto. Or who ever saint. Well since Juana Calidad was born in a convent. I will ask if she can help me with setting up the ceremony. This of course will touch Juana Valentina so very much. There is no woman that will act indifferent, from a man that is so very spiritual. Juana Calidad will be the bridge to get too her. I will win her love.” Gualberto tells him, “wait a minute you told Octavio Portoreal that you weren’t going to go after Juana Valentina. You had decided to forget all together Juana Valentina.” Mauricio tells him, “in war my friend one must point the enemy to another direction. That ceremony will get me very close.” Gualberto tells him, “oh no wonder you are studying those mysteries so everything will turn out well.” Mauricio tells him, “well I am studying it because I will be the one that will present it. I can’t pretend to be a saint, if I’m not properly ready.” Gualberto simply laughs, “oh if I recall man in school you never were a religious guy.” Mauricio tells him, “look there is a better motive for me to learn 25 mysteries. I am doing this all for Juana Valentina. I will do what ever is needed, now leave me I am going to continue studying.” Gualberto tells him, “definantely Fuentelafria you’ve gone completely bonkers.”

Over at Octavio’s business, he’s with Miguel. Octavio tells him, “listen old Miguel any of the sisters will be touched with seeing this. Especially Juana Valentina.” Miguel tells him, “well weren’t you and Mauricio going to stop thinking about that woman.” Octavio tells him, “fighting for a woman there are no promises old Miguel. Do you think its the right sister?” Miguel tells him, “well I continue to like the one that sings.” Octavio tells him, “that girl doesn’t even look my way. You saw at the party, I gave her a great song with Lazador and his combo. Not once did she thank me. What’s left, we have the witch, the nun and the boxer. I don’t know what will be the best qualified.” Miguel tells him, “look I still think you should just stick with a Corozal girl. Forget all about Juana Valentina.” Octavio tells him, “oh every since I saw her. When she appeared in Corozal. I can’t stop thinking about her old Miguel. I’m telling you and repeating it, ” to get me near Juana Valentina I will do what ever.”

Over at the pink house, the girls are now in the livingroom. Juana Calidad is asleep next to Juana Valentina. Juana Matilde is sitting by the dinning area. They have a guest, Juana Valentina tells Maria Delia. “Oh what happened, we waited all night for you what happened?” Maria Delia tells her, “oh my father is travelling I had to help my mother with the suitcases. So how did the party go?” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh it was great it lasted all night. Not finishing till morning, the only problem we had was that the lights went out. But as Juana Bautista says, destiny knows what he’s doing. Everything was great without lights.” Juana Calidad tells her, “well the guys helped us a lot and the party ended in the morning.” Maria Delia tells them, “well I was so worried that Rubensito was all alone. So did he have a great time?” Juana Valentina utters, “Ruben?’ Juana Bautista tells her, “oh he did he great job acting like a big brother. He probably missed you so much, you know a boy doesn’t go to parties with his girlfriend. But he did have a good time.” Juana Valentina gives her a dirty look. Juana Matilde tells them, “you know what was the best thing of that party. Was this time I celebrated with four sisters and one brother.” Juana Calidad tells her, “four sisters one brother and a father.”

Maria Delia tells her, “oh I don’t know how you all lived all this time. Without a father, mine will leave in ten days. He will be travelling for two months. Oh I won’t be able to stand it, oh how much I will miss him.” Juana Manny tells her, “really if that is the case why don’t you ask. If he can take you, to you know breathe different airs.” Maria Delia tells her, “I just couldn’t convince him girls. I would just love it, to accompany him on that plane. My bet is that in my past life, I must have been a pilot. I just love planes, when I was a little girl. I would read about my prince charming, and he would be flying a plane.” Juana Calidad utters, “oh dear lord not again.” She takes off, the next is Juana Matilde. “Don’t even mention it, because oh man I have it stuck to me again.” She heads running upstairs. Juana Manny utters, “oh man I have to go to the patio one.” Maria Delia asks, “what is going on?” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh they ate something that made them sick. I must prepare more suedo. Now Maria Delia you stick around, this is your home.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh thank you very much Juana Valentina. When she walks away, she utters. Oh how horrible.” Then she motions Juana Bautista to get rid of her. Then she goes to the kitchen. Juana Bautista tells her, “well then Maria Delia thank you so very much for your interest. Well hurry and get married.” Maria Delia tells her, “when Rubensito says so.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well hopefully he will do it soon girlfriend. I will be very relaxed, well you will be more relaxed for your family as well.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh yes of course.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well then you take care.” Maria Delia tells her, “well thank you Juana Bautista.” Juana Bautista utters, “goodbye.”

Over at Judge Germias’s place. Calixto is talking with Judge Geremias Guerra. “Well then tomorrow is the day, that I will be able to surprise all my daughters.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “well it will march on. We have managed to do our goal.” Ruben is there nursing his hangover. Calixto tells him, “Ruben I tried to explain things to your mother to try to find the right words. It was next to impossible, like today she hasn’t wanted to leave her bedroom. Not even to yell at me, for going to that party.” Calixto tells him, “Ruben are you listening to me?” Ruben tells him, “yes old man I am listening. What do you want to tell me?” Calixto tells him, “that you are not listening to me. What is wrong with you son?” Ruben tells him, “well last night I had a few rums and you know it didn’t do me well at all. All day I’ve been a bit indisposed. So what did you wanted to tell me.” Calixto tells him, “well your sisters will have to occupy themselves in something. So they don’t go around doing nothing. Now Juana Bautista told me, she loves to paint. You saw the picture she gave to Juana Matilde. Juana Matilde will have everything she needs to sing.”

Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “I have already spoken to Father Sarmiento. Well Juana Matilde can sing every weekend at the Dolorosa.” Calixto tells them, “well then Juana Calidad loves business. She mentioned a very interesting project. Soon Corozal will have a economic store. She will be in charge.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “we already got the location and they words. Juana Calidad economic store, is being painted on. Considering it will only be the only economical store in town.” Calxito tells them, “now Margarita you and Juana Manny will have your beauty salon.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “now in the back of that store. Will be where your sister will train her boxing. So she can become the first woman champion. Your father already got a personal trainer from Monterea. To come help her box.” Calixto asks, “so what is your opinion?” Ruben tells him, “old man mother will scream her head out. That will be heard at Cabo a oveja.” Margarita asks, “what is Juana Valentina going to do?” Calixto tells her, “she won’t accept nothing from me. Starting with my last name.” Ruben utters, “she left already.” Judge Geremias Guerra utters, “she left? Where?” Ruben tells him, “yes godfather she left Corozal and forever.” Calixto asks, “are you sure? She never told me nothing.”

Ruben tells him, “well she told me she told me she was leaving around noon.” Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “what just like that? With nothing?” Sadly Ruben utters, “yes godfather just like that.” Judge Geremias Guerra sadly utters, “oh that woman is a rafaga. Well then lets have a rum.” Calixto asks, “it does hurt that she left.” Ruben tells him, “well of course you know because of the rest of the Juanas. Well the thing is they got used to being together. You know when they needed one another.” Calixto tells them, “she was the first to arrive and the first to leave. Where ever she goes, she will always be the first. It was written in her personality.” Ruben tells him, “the first yes the only one.” Calixto utters, “the only one?” Ruben tells him, “yes the only one that didn’t want to accept nothing from you old man. You know what talk to my mother, mention the gifts you will give to all the Juanas. Before I know it, I’m going to be stuck putting a mattress between the two of you.” Calixto tells him, “in the end these presents are a bit costly. I want you to know, that I have become indebted.” Ruben utters, “what?” Calixto tells him, “I didn’t want to touch the family money. Your mother or yours, well compadre here Judge Geremias Guerra. Is giving me his house.” Ruben smiling tells him, “what to live?” Calixto tells him, “to sell it and use the money. Yes my compadre here is now indebted with the banks. I am indebted with my compadre. I promise I will pay him back.” Ruben tells him, “father have you gone crazy or what? You godfather, have you gone crazy as well?” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “well then both of us are going to go crazy. Doing this deed, come on drink up. Care for one Margarita?” Margarita Cruz utters, “yes and make mine a double.”

Juana Valentina goes to see Juana Calidad who’s in bed. “Oh thank you may the saint Antonia Maria Clarice protect you sister. Plus Juana Inez de la Cruz. All of the twelve saints, and virgins what will I do without you.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well I’m going to wake you up around eleven so you can take your medicine. Rest a bit.” Juana Calidad utters, “alright. Alone she utters, oh mom how could those kids stand these herbs.” Then she runs to the bathroom.

Juana Manny is shadow boxing. “Oh these pains, I’m going to melt you crazy. Oh its my fault for following that nuns advice.” Juana Valentina enters, “what are you still doing up Juana Manny?” Juana Manny tells her, “oh resting hurts me more. Plus it seems it moves around left to the right.” Juana Valentina tells her, “drink this suedo does it really hurt that much? I’m still wondering what made you this way. Was it those empanadas.” Juana Manny tells her, “I’m guessing it was that rice with chicken.” Juana Valentina tells her, “what rice with chicken remember we couldn’t even heat that up. Oh girl what was it, I’m thinking it was that breakfast from the Dolorosa. No then why didn’t we all get sick then? Its just pretty strange.” Juana Manny tells her, “well I ate the rice with chicken. It was just a bit but I ate.” Juana Valentina asks, “well then what about the others? Did they eat as well?” Juana Manny tells her, “yes I guess so.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well I’ll check it out now finish your suedo.” Juana Manny tells her, “sure ok.”

Over at Juana Matilde’s room, she’s complaining and touching her stomach. Juana Valentina tells her, “here have some suedo.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh no more suedo Juana Valentina. Its now coming out of my ears girl.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well your going to have to drink it. Drink drink up or you will dehydrate Juana Matilde. Now drink slowly but finish it up, at eleven you take the other medicine. Now don’t worry get some rest, I will wake you up. Now try to get some rest.” She kisses her forehead, and Juana Matilde tells her. “You were suppose to leave today, we ruin your plans.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh you know how Juana Bautista says. We don’t know what destiny has planned for us. Don’t you worry if I stayed, left or will be going. What’s important is that you all get better.” Juana Matilde utters, “I swear when I get better I’m going to put that nun in the first river that I find.” Juana Valentina asks, “what do you mean its Juana Calidad’s fault? The problem was you guys ate the rice with chicken. Why are you angry at her?”

Juana Matilde tells her, “Juana Valentina all of this was a trap. You see Juana Calidad prepared special empanadas. You see at that convent, and the kids didn’t want to do there exams. They would take these herbs, to make them sick. The problem was we were suppose to just take two leaves. But Juana Calidad put fourty.” Juana Valentina is furious. “Tell me right now what are you talking about? Juana Matilde tells her, “we just didn’t want you to leave Juana Valentina. Juana Calidad, Juana Manny and I. We didn’t know what too do, until that nun had the bright idea to make empanadas with herbs. Well we ate it.” Juana Valentina asks, “explain this to me Juana Matilde. Do it very slowly and carefully?” Juana Matilde asks, “do you want an explaination?’ Juana Valentina tells her, “yes I do.” Juana Matilde tells her, ” well the explaination is that we love you so very much Juana Valentina. The explaination is that we didn’t know the word sister. The explination was we didn’t want you to leave Juana Valentina. The biggest explaination, when the five Juanas go walking down that street. Even if it was going to jail, people stopped and moved out of the way. If you want another explaination, your going to have to wait till I return from that bathroom. Did you hear me, I’m coming through.”

Juana Valentina screams out, “Juana Matilde you get back here. She then goes downstairs and finds Juana Bautista glancing at her cigar ash. Juana Bautista did you know about this?” Juana Bautista tells her, “I know many things what is it that interests you. Is it your past present or future? That hasn’t occured yet.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I am not talking about your witchly projects. Or your divinations and such, I am talking to you seriously. Did you know what our sisters did?” Juana Bautista tells her, “I didn’t participate in nothing.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh just look at those shameless girls. Wait what you didn’t participate? Wait that means you knew about this. Oh this is a form of disrespect, what are all of you against me? They made all of this up, so I wouldn’t leave Corozal? Here you were, telling me Juana Valentina go go its better for you. While the others were doing this, so I wouldn’t leave. What is this? You tell me…” Juana Bautista tells her, “but you on the other hand was hoping something would happen.” Juana Valentina tells her, “Terezalsura I want you to finish packing those bags we are leaving right now. Here I was believing their story, like a big idiot and you were the first one. The first one oh how beautiful.” Juana Bautista smokes her cigar, and doesn’t say a word. The girls all come down, and they all sit down. So you all were sick eh?” She grabs them, they all go screaming. “No don’t touch me.” Juana Matilde tells her, “don’t I might have to run to the bathroom.” Juana Valentina tells them, “right now I’m going to take away that sickness.” They hear Ruben yelling her name, “Juana Valentina Juana Valentina.”

Outside Ruben continues to scream, Manuel Efe shows up. “Oh thank god its in great condition.” Ruben tells him, “do you think I care about that cousin. Juana Valentina…” Manuel Efe tells him, “oh there’s a scratch on the door. Oh I also am going to have to check the motor. Feel it its hot.” Ruben tells him, “why don’t you go and get that car fixed in Europe alright. Juana Valentina…” When she comes out, Ruben is overjoyed once more. “Hey what the hell is your problem? Screaming my name like that in the middle of the night. What’s wrong with you?” Ruben smiling utters, “you didn’t go?” Juana Valentina tells him, “the one’s leaving is you two. In there we are resolving important things. I don’t want any interruptions.” Ruben tells her, “Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina asks, “what is going on?” Manuel Efe utters, “what did you do too my car?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I just drove it. Isn’t the cars for that? Look you take your car, nothing happened too it. The keys are inside.” Ruben ask, “wait wait.” Juana Valentina tells them, “the one that will wait is you. You are going to wait at your house, I am very busy please stop bothering me. Oh man.” Then both watch her go back inside. Ruben turns and looks at Manuel Efe, “you heard her take your car and leave someplace else.” Manuel Efe tells him, “she told you you had to go home.” Ruben utters, “oh really me leave no she meant you. Hey cousin you are going to take me home. Your going to take me home, tell me cousin.” Manuel Efe tells him, “what happened to you. It seems you gained a mother, and they took away your girlfriend. Hey watch the jacket, its french. Then they hear someone singing, what Ruben what’s up?” Ruben utters, “no questions well then come on lets fight now.” Manuel Efe tells him, “fine but I always win.” Ruben tells him, “maybe tonight luck is on my side. So who will will or not? Then they play their game, ok lets see who wins. Then they hit and both hug, ok cousin get some rest.” Manuel Efe utters, “thank you.” Ruben tells him, “you have a beautiful car.” Manuel Efe utters, “yes thank you Ruben.” Ruben tells him, “lots of metal hey take care of that car and take it back to Europe cousin.” Then laughing he takes off, while Manuel curiously watches him leave.

bannerEPISODE 17

bannerThe girls are now sitting in the living room quite calmly. Juana Valentina asks, “why did you do this?” Juana Matilde tells her, “we did this so you wouldn’t leave Juana Valentina. We followed the advise of the nun. We got sick, that is everything.” Juana Calidad crying tells her, “you had to open your big mouth. That is what I get for confinding in artists.” Juana Manny tells her, “enough with the crying nobody is going to kill you. I went along with the nuns plan well I also wanted you to stay.” Juana Valentina tells them, “you had no right to keep me here. Plus all of you lying to me, making me a complete idiot. You have absolutely no right.” Juana Bautista tells her, “we have no excuses. Apart only because of the love we feel for you. You are an aries with the moon half and in your house in the forth. It represents your the leader of this household. You must understand this.” Juana Valentina tells them, “you know what I don’t understand none of this. At this time, I should be very far away from here.” Juana Matilde tells her, ” well that is why I told you Juana Valentina. So you could leave without feeling this obligation.” Juana Calidad utters, “your a snitch.”

Juana Manny tells her, “oh shut up you nun.” Juana Bautista tells her, “Juana Matilde has every reason. You shouldn’t feel any obligations towards us.” Juana Valentina walks towards the kitchen. Juana Matilde tells them, “Juanas the fifth one is leaving.” Juana Calidad tells her, “yes because it all your fault Juana Matilde.” Juana Bautista tells them, “Aries don’t know the word vengence or revenge. If they leave they will tell us.” Juana Valentina returns with their medication. “Now girls its eleven, here are your medicine all of you take one each. Take it and drink. I am going to get you more suedo.” Juana Bautista tells her, “Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina utters, “yes guest?” Juana Bautista shows her the picture of all of them. “You are in the center.” Juana Valentina simply utters something. Then as she heads to the kitchen stops. Juana Matilde goes too her, “Juana Valentina you come back here immediately.” Juana Valentina utters, “excuse me?” Juana Matilde tells her, “no excuse me nothing come over here. Does you making our suedo, mean you have forgiven us?” Juana Valentina tells them, “everything is fine. She she taps her head, she holllers. “Ouch but thanks.” Then all of them go in for a group hug. Then Juana Bautista asks Juana Matilde what’s wrong. “I can’t wait my stomach hurts.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well then go ahead and run for it.” Next is Juana Manny, “you have to go to the patio nun.” Juana Calidad yells out, “no I can’t I get so embarssed. I just don’t have the choice.” Once she takes off, the two start laughing. Juana Valentina utters, “oh that girl is crazy.”

Juana Valentina tells her, “one can’t fight against destiny right?” Juana Bautista tells her, “there is only one way. One has to find a way to hide, or rip a page in our book. When we find something we don’t like.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh its quite difficult.” Juana Bautista tells her, “oh you are going find it get more difficult as the time will pass Juana Valentina. The first important part, is to take it from here and from here Ruben Salguero.” Then she heads to bed, while Juana Valentina simply shakes her head.

Judge Geremias Guerra is with Margarita Cruz. They are checking out the salon, “now this isn’t that big but I think its efficiant enough to take care of the senora’s in town.” Margarita Cruz all excited asks, “at what time did you two set all of this up.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “we had to move quickly. For Calixto is an impatient man. So what do you think Margarita.” Margarita Cruz with a smile tells him, “I am now thinking of never going back to Sahagun senor judge. I image that you had a very sad night.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “yes the news of Juana Valentina leaving hit me quite hard. I haven’t been able to recuperate.” Margarita Cruz asks, “tell me something judge. Did you have lots of illusions?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “lets not talk further Margarita about this case. Would you like to revise all the equipment?” Margarita Cruz tells him, “I’ll go call Juana Manny.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “no no no she will be coming once she receives the rest of the present.”

Calixto is with Juana Manny and they are at the gym. Juana Manny utters, “is this all mine?” Calixto tells her, “well not quite but you can come any 24 hours.” Juana Manny tells him, “I have to show Juana Calidad so she can know where is paradise.” Calixto tells her, “I have a surprise I have also gotten you a trainer. He has come personally from Monterea.” Juana Manny utters, “oh my god its Happy Iora.” Calixto tells him, “please Happy come here.” Juana Manny smiling shakes his hand. “Oh Happy Iora what a nice suprise. I am Juana Manny.” Happy asks, “so the person I have to help train couldn’t make it?” Calixto tells him, “its her.” Juana Manny gets angery and tells Calixto. “Man is this guy blind or what? Maybe he’s not a good trainer?” Happy utters, “a woman?” Juana Manny tells him, “yes and I am more capable than a man. I will even show you in the ring.” Calixto tells her, “ok calm down.” Juana Manny asks, “so when do we start the classes? Oh dear ouch, is there a bathroom near by.”

Over at the salguero house, Ruben is talking with his mother. “What a lighting bolt hit you? He repeats a lighting rod hit you mom?” Dona Dona tells him, “it hit Mr. Salguero I don’t see why not he will not hit me.” Ruben asks, “well how did it happen where were you?” Dona Dona tells him, “well I was in bed. The lighting came through the window. He was probably looking for your father, it hit his side of the bed where he sleeps. As you can see if burned me.” Ruben tells her, “sorry mom but its quite difficult to believe.” Dona Dona tells him, “what my being hit by lighting you don’t believe. But you believe Mr. Salguero? Oh that hurts me so very much Ruben Calixto. Well if it wasn’t a lighting bolt, how can you explain this.” Ruben sees her hands, and uttes. “Oh mom this is quite grave, I’m going for a doctor.” Dona Dona tells him, “no doctor better than a doctor bring a priest. To exorcise this house, clean the sins of the father. Plus the betrayals of the son. No he will get his own punishment. I don’t want to discuss this any further, it reminds me of everything that was tragic. Well son sit down, sit down. We will now discuss Maria Delia.” Ruben asks, “what’s up with Maria Delia?”

Dona Dona tells him, “Maria Delia can’t wait for the rest of her life. I would like to see that you are organized in life. Having your own home.” Ruben tells her, “oh mom there is a long time for that.” Dona Dona tells him, “Maria Delia is a grand girl she comes from a great family. She will be the perfect wife for your children. Now her father is going on a trip, but before he goes I want you to go talk to him. You are to go to him, and ask for her hand formally.” Ruben tells him, “listen mom I don’t feel that I’m properly ready yet. To ask a woman for her hand in marriage. Is a very important step, and one you can’t get out of so very easily.” Dona Dona asks, “what do you want to get out of this? You must show Maria Delia’s parents, that you are interested in their daughter. Tell them that you have a good head on your shoulders. Well your not fooling them by dating their daughter.” Ruben asks, “tell me something? How come now one day after, why are you insisting so very much. In me getting married.” Dona Dona tells him, “well with the lighting bolt that hit me. I thought to myself, life can go just like that. At any moment, if I die I would have loved to have met my grandchildren.” Ruben hugs his mother, “oh mom don’t you worry you will get to know each one. I promise it will be an even dozen. I have to go, take care of yourself.” Dona Dona tells him, “Ruben Calixto is there another one.” Ruben looks away then utters, “what?” Dona Dona asks, “well what I’m saying is. Is there another woman, that you’re interested in that isn’t Maria Delia?” Ruben tells her, “if I get married it will be with her.” Then he takes off.

Juana Matilde is the next to get her present. Calixto tells her, “well then this is professor Richard your music teacher.” Juana Matilde tells him, “hello I’m Matilde Salguero your last name.” Richard tells her, “its Hotsing.” Calixto tells her, “the professor is from germany. He has agreed to stay in Corozal to help you with your talent.” Richardo tells her, “now I need to know if you are going to learn if you have strict discipline.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well I don’t know about you but I never go out of my principles.” Richard tells her, “oh that is very good.” Juana Matilde jokingly tells him, “yes my principals are doing what I want at any time I want.” Richard tells her, “music is learned with great discipline. Other things come in time.” Juana Matilde utters, “yes sir oh you have a great sound system. May I going to learn this?” Richardo tells her, “well this won’t work. If this, he touches her throat. Doesn’t work well, now then we will begin with this.” Juana Matilde gets annoyed and tells Calixto. “Dad I don’t think this old guy, knows the difference. Between cumba and rock and roll.” Calixto tells her, “look they say he’s the best and recommended from Barranquilla.” Richardo tells her, “now we will start with the scales. Lets see how you do.” Juana Matilde gets stomach pains. “Oh dear me…” Richardo asks, “don’t you know the scales?” Juana Matilde tells him, “well yes but can we learn the scales later. Could you lend me your bathroom.” Juana Matilde utters, “thank you.” She runs off, Richardo starts playing and Calixto doesn’t know what has gotten into his daughters.

Over at the pink house, Juana Valentina is visted by Manuel Efe. He has brought photos that he shot the night of the birthday party. Juana Valentina tells him, “oh thank you for bringing these.” Manuel Efe tells her, “oh I’m so glad that you like them. I took them with the best camera that just came out in the market. Auto-focus and fragment intelligence. I really do think and expert has to take pictures.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh yes and your an expert.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well of course I took a extensive course in Paris. I am a engineer textile merchant, and I knew nothing about photography. That can’t be.” Juana Valentina utters, “oh just look at this is that really me?” Manuel Efe asks, “are we alone?” Juana Valentina utters, “what?” Manuel Efe repeats, “are we alone.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well the girls went to receive the gifts from their father. We are not alone, Tere and Todoelmundo are in the kitchen.” Manuel Efe tells her, “I’m asking if we are alone here.” Juana Valentina smiles and tells him, “yes we were.” Ruben shows up, and he’s none too pleased that his cousin is there. Manuel Efe turns around, “hey at the house they told me you were at the office.” Ruben tells him, “I’m coming from there I need to talk to you Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells him, “with me? Well… They both glance at Manuel Efe. Say what you have to say. Well then we will wait till my sisters arrive. So they can see these pictures alright. Care to drink anything?” Manuel Efe all flirty tells her, “what ever comes from your hands is welcomed.” Ruben is ready to punch him, and she asks. “Well and what do you care to drink?” Ruben tells her, “no thanks I pass.” Juana Valentina asks, “are you sure?” Ruben tells him, “sure.” Manuel Efe tells her, “I’ll come with you to the kitchen.” Ruben tells him, “cousin Manuel Efe sit down. We will talk a bit. They both stare as she heads off. Hey cousin enough already.” Manuel Efe tells him, “man you are quite jealous with your sister.”

Juana Calidad is taken to her store by Judge Geremias Guerra. “Well your father mentioned this is what you wanted.” Juana Calidad tells him, “oh I’m going to be a merchant just like Juana Ines de la Cruz. Is there a storage room back there?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “there are two rooms available just in case you need them.” Juana Calidad gets all excited, she checks them out. “No its not enough, we have to find out if the next building is available.” Judge Geremias Guerra utters, “the next house?” Juana Calidad tells him, “what isn’t this efficiant enough?” Juana Calidad tells him, “well later on no Judge. I want this Economic store the best in Corozal. The poor will be able to buy things at reasonable prices. Bless Saint Antonia Maria Clarice. Juana Valentina will be overjoyed when I tell her.” Judge Geremias Guerra utters, “Juana Valentina when are you going to tell her?” Juana Calidad tells him, “when I get home.” Judge Geremias Guerra utters, “at home? Juana Valentina is still at the pink house? So that means she didn’t leave Corozal?” Juana Calidad tells him, “no she isn’t going or leaving Mr. Judge. Can you image this all five Juanas of us living here. Plus I have my economic store, oh dear lord. Its the best day of my life.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “as well as mine my girl mine as well. Look you check everything, and I’ll see you later tonight.” Juana Calidad utters, “oh dear me Mr. Judge this place is very beautiful but does it have a bathroom?” Then she runs to the back of the room.

Juana Bautista is shown a very nice studio apartment. Calixto tells her, “well I didn’t know what a painters studio is suppose to look like. So my comparde Judge Geremias Guerra, and I went to the library. We checked out some books, and we created this. Do you like this? In the pictures, they always had big windows. It was then I remembered my friend Jose Luis. He’s an old painter that’s now retired. So I rented this place, now I bought all of that at a local paint shop. Is there anything missing?” Juana Bautista utters, “all that is left is music.” Calixto asks, “music?” Juana Bautista tells him, “it doesn’t matter I will put the music.” Then she dances with her father, she gives him a big hug. “Thank you.” Calixto tells her, “thank to you for you were the first to call me father.” Juana Bautista tells him, “well thank you father.” Then they dance some more.

Dona Dona gets a visit from Margarita Cruz. She utters, “Mr. Salguero gave them what?” Margarita Cruz tells him, “we are going to work in a salon. Plus behind the salon, there’s a gym so Juana Manny can train. I thought that you knew, that’s why I came to thank you.” Dona Dona tells her, “well no no I didn’t know. Now that I know, I wished that lightening bolt would have parted me in two parts.” Dona Dona asks, “and why would he perfer your daughter than the rest? Why only with you, what he is trying to catch your eye again?” Margarita Cruz angrily tells her, “Juana Manny isn’t less of his daughters. Everyone got what they wanted, the only one who didn’t get anything. Was Juana Valentina who left Corozal. With regards to me, he’s not trying to catch my eye. Me Margarita Cruz was in the past, now there doesn’t exists another woman. For the only woman that Calixto wants and loves is you.” Dona Dona asks, “now I am going to ask you some questions. What is this that the others, got what they wanted? What did he give them?” Margarita Cruz tells her, “an economic store. An art studio, and a music teacher who brought his own piano. If you want to know more details, go and ask him Dona.” Then she storms out, Dona Dona utters alone. “What is this, the only woman that exisit is me. She then goes to the window, she yells out. But he had five that bastard.” Then she glances at her hands.

At the pink house everyone is there. Juana Valentina tells them, “that first night we had champane nor rum like at the party. Now I think its appropriate, that we have something refreshing. Especially with this heat, so we can celebrate. Juana Calidad made it.” Judge Geremia Guerra glances at her, and utters. “Oh thank you.” Juana Manny asks, “what is this?” Juana Valentina tells her, “its has half water.” Juana Calidad tells Juana Matilde. “You shouldn’t drink so much.” Juana Matilde utters, “listen I won’t continue drinking less Juana Calidad.” Manuel Efe tells Ruben, “well I perfer to toast with champagne no thank you.” Juana Valentina insists and he takes a glass. Juana Valentina then utters, “one for you Ruben.” Ruben take it and utters, “thank you.” Calixto then makes a speech. “Well then, in this pink house, there are four promises still too make. This picture of Las Juanas, is going to be in color. A very beautiful color, the first song that you sing in New York. Is a Bolero, and will be dedicated to me. Your first match in your devision you have to win it. I am going to be in that corner rooting for you. What can I say, the first sale you make will be for me. What more can I say, getting me a bag of rice. I’ll listen as you hagle with your brother. Congratulations to everyone.” Then one by one, go over to Calixto giving him a big hug. “Thank you father.” Then Calixto sadly looks over at Juana Valentina. She smiles and tells him, “well in the name of my sisters I thank you Mr. Calixto salute.” She clicks everyone’s glasses, Manuel Efe utters. “Juana Valentina Juana Valentina salute.” She smiles and clicks his glass. Ruben tells them, “now then since all of you will be staying. We should get that mural fix, come with me Juana Valentina. I’ll show you.” Juana Valentina utters, “what moisture leak?” Ruben repeats, “its a leak.” Calixto tells them, “yes get it fixed right away.” They both leave, Juana Calidad talks to the girls. Judge Geremias Guerra sadly watches her leave.

Once they get to the other room, Juana Valentina glances up. While Ruben stares at her, “I’m guessing a tube broke or something.” As she leans to looks at it, he smells her hair. Juana Valentina utters, “well I don’t see nothing.” Ruben asks, “now what Juana Valentina?” She finally understands his message, and utters. “I don’t know, look god will decide. Or maybe the devil.”

Its now the next day, and its breakfast. Todoelmundo tells Calixto, “please tell me something that has me quite troubled Don Calixto.” Calixto tells him, “that’s rich you asking anybody for answers. What is it the end of the world Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells him, “I surely hope not Don Calixto. I had to go to Ruda Veja, it was as dry as the desert. It was so bad it blew dust all over the place. But that’s not all, just like I told Ruben. I even went to the Tinas to pick up something. There was absolutely no breeze. When I arrived at Gato Neuvo, the wind blew like it was a hurricane. Do you understand that?” Calixto tells him, “yes it is quite strange. Yes but we all know nature has his temperaments.” Dona Dona tells him, “yes and the lord has his ways to punish the sinners of the world.” Ruben asks, “now then old man have you decided to buy Gute Guteriez’s lands.” Calixto asks, “what do you think about the price?” Ruben tells him, “it is quite negotiable even though were talking about a lot of money.” Calixto tells him, “yes Gute has good lands. I would love to buy it if we can.” Dona Dona asks, “and how will we buy it. Since Mr. Salguero spent all his money on big gifts.” Todoelmundo asks, “is that a message?” Dona Dona tells him, “oh no just making a commentary.”

Ruben tells him, “well Gute wants to negotiates the prices. If you give me your authority, I will start the proceedings.” Calixto tells him, “sure go ahead oh I wonder what’s wrong with your cousin. He hasn’t come to eat.” Ruben tells him, “I don’t know when I left early this morning. He was still asleep.” Dona Dona takes a deep breath and asks. “Mr. Salguero.” Calixto is so surprised he utters, “are you talking to me?” Dona Dona tells him, “yes I don’t call my son senor.” Todoelmundo ask, “do you want to transmit that?” Dona Dona ignores his question. “Wait you still haven’t answered my questions regarding those gifts.” Calixto tells her, “well I have tried to give you an explination. But you hadn’t wanted to listen to me. You don’t even want to talk to me or hear me.” Dona Dona tells Todoelmundo, “you may leave now.” Todoelmundo asks, “what I’m not your talker anymore?”

Dona Dona tells him, “well if I need you I will look for you.” Todoelmundo gets up and tells her, “well then I’ll come by tomorrow to pick up the monthly money. Goodbye Ruben, Don Calixto.” Once he leaves, Calixto simply stares at her. “Now then before we start anything. Don’t start dreaming, let me clear things. I won’t accept, I will never accept those illigimate girls. If I am able to make them disappear from Corozal. I will do it, I will continue sleeping alone. We are going to talk face to face, only on necessary moments. There will be no trips through the garden. I won’t be joining you at your social gatherings. Is that clear too you?” Calixto sadly replies, “oh very clear. Wait come over here, what happened to your eyebrows and your hands? Why are you wearing gloves? I don’t think you haven’t worn gloves, since the wedding of Judge Geremias Guerra.” She smiles and utters, “you remember.” Calixto tells her, “I remember every moment of our thirty-two years of marriage. I think day by day.” She gets a bit emotional, Ruben is smiling. Then she asks, “well then I’m still waiting for an explination. What is all these gifts?” Ruben tells them, “well then I’m going to find Gute Gutierrez.” Dona Dona tells him, “you are going when you finish eating.” Ruben tells them, “you two need privacy to talk. I’m in the way, now I’m going to take off bye mom.” Dona Dona asks, “what is it with those gifts? Where did you get the money for them?”

Then you see the girls, Juana Manny is with her trainer Happy. Juana Valentina goes to see her, then she heads to see Juana Matilde. Who’s singing with her teacher. Then she helps out Juana Calidad prepare her store. Juana Bautista who’s painting, stops and they chat. “Oh just look at this view oh you look very happy, like the others I suppose.” Juana Bautista tells her, “I’ll say an eight if I wasn’t a aquarias I wouldn’t have the thoughs running in my head. I would think that I’m dreaming. Well maybe its that way.” Juana Valentina tells her, “the bad things about dreams you always have to wake up.” Juana Bautista tells her, “I needed to talk too you Juana Bautista. The thing is I was thinking, well since we have decided to stay here. We should you know get more organized.” Juana Bautista tells her, “oh yes there it is your Aries spirit. The one that orders in the house. The big boss, “well then what are you thinking about?” Juana Valentina tells him, “now Juana Manny Juana Calidad and Juana Matilde are working. We are still not making money yet? Plus we can’t think, that our sisters are going to maintain us financially. It would be pretty bad.” Juana Bautista tells her, “you know I never thought of that.” Juana Valentina tells her, “that house has a lot of costs. Lots of everything, its just that I don’t want to continue to maintain on Mr. Salguero. I think we can work value for ourselves or no.” Juana Bautista asks, “is that an order from the big sister.” Juana Valentina tells her, “take it like what ever manner you like. But I’m serious, yes serious we must talk all five of us. Money always gets in the middle, it becomes the enemy of love every single time.” Juana Bautista tells her, “yes your are correct on that. We will talk about that. So tell me how is that heart?” Juana Valentina tells her, “it beats.” Juana Bautista tells her, “you know perfectly well what I’m talking about.” Juana Valentina tells her, “Ruben yes I love him but I can’t love him. Its just as simple as that, or complicated like that. If only I had met him a day before, a day before knowing he was my father’s son. Its like writting your name on the sea. Juana Bautista don’t ask me to do that, I’m not the sea.” Juana Bautista asks, “well then what?” Juana Valentina tells her, ” I am going to fight against this love. Or else I will die in the intent.”

At the pink house, Manuel Efe proudly bring his creation to the house. He finds Tere there and shows her his gift. “Now then this is for Juana Valentina.” Tere utters, “Juana Valentina my girl?” Manuel Efe asks, “Terezalsura do you think she will like it?” Tere tells him, “well I don’t know about that.” Manuel Efe tells her, “do you think it might be too elegant for the town of Corozal.” Tere tells him, “yes that’s it.” Manuel Efe tells him, “really you think so?” Mauricio arrives and yells. “May I come in?” Tere yells out, “come on in.” Mauricio asks, “what is that?” Manuel Efe tells him, “what do you think it is a suit?” “Tere tells him, “well this is a dress that Manuel Efe had designed for Juana Valentina. Well then what do you want?” Mauricio tells her, “well I’m here to see Juana Calidad. I need to ask her for a special favour Terezalsura.” Tere tells him, “well she’s at the economic store.” Mauricio utters, “where?” Octavio arrives, “hey seno.” Tere tells him, “come on in here son.” Octavio sees Mauricio and tells him, “hey you stop working for your father’s campaign? Your hardly doing anything lately Fuentelafria. Hey what is that?” Manuel Efe tells them, “its a ball gown.” Octavio utters, “what kind of a dress is that?”

Tere tells him, “Manuel Efe made it as a gift for Juana Valentina. You what are you doing here?” Octavio tells her, “I wanted to ask Juana Bautista a favour?” Tere tells him, “oh she’s at the painting salon.” Octavio utters, “what paint place?” Todoelmundo yells, “may I come in?” Tere yells, “come on in.” Manuel Efe utters, “great another one going to ask about the dress?” Tere utters, “come on in Todoelmundo. Then he enters and is covered in dirt once more. Hey man why are you like that?” Todoelmundo tells them, “there is no simple solution to this. Its pretty weird I was crossing the main plaza, and there was hit a huge gust of wind. Then I walked over to the market plaza, and it was raining like anything.” Mauricio tells him, “no no that is impossible Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells him, “then why am I like this. I got covered in the storm, you know what this is starting to scare the living… What is that?” Tere is starting to laugh, when Juana Valentina arrives finding the door open. “Hey what’s going on guys? Hey what’s with the costume, is there a carnival coming up? What’s wrong?” Manuel Efe a bit surprised tells her, “yes this is a dress I created when I was studying engineer textile up in italy. I created this, and supervised the sewing.” Juana Valentina utters, “oh I see.”

Tere is laughing, and Manuel Efe continues. “Well this is my first encounter with fashion. I don’t know fashion, but I know being a texile engineer. I design the fabric, don’t know nothing about fashion. Well the thing is, this is a gift for you.” The guys start laughing again, Juana Valentina utters. “For me that, where do you want me to wear that? You guys shhh.” Manuel Efe utters, “well I don’t know I shouldn’t really be designing fashion. Is it that horrible?” Juana Valentina tells him, “well no its very beautiful. Well I’m thinking a lot of people will like that. The thing is its not my style, I perfer simple things.” Manuel Efe tells her, “I knew it but I followed other’s advice and that’s where I went wrong.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well then that doesn’t matter. The intent is what’s important, its a dress that had a lot of work.” Manuel Efe tells her, “you can’t image it.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh thank you anyway for thinking about me. Oh your going to get a big hug and kiss Manuel Efe.” Todoelmundo sneezes, and Tere grabs his hand. “Come over here, I’ll clean you up.” When they leave, Juan Valentina looks at the two guys. “Well then you two?”

Mauricio pushes Octavio aside, “you see tomorrow in the plaza there is a celebration. Its called the rosary of the aurora, well since Juana Calidad is very religious. I am going to do the praying, well I would like Juana Calidad to help me out.” Octavio tells him, “you praying Fuentelafria. You don’t even know the lords prayer.” Mauricio tells him, “shut up. Look tomorrow is the prayer service, I wanted Juana Calidad’s help to remember them. Well I also would like all of her sisters, plus Terezalsura to be present at the rosary.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh that’s sounds nice at what time is it?” Mauricio tells her, “its at five thirty in the morning.” Juana Valentina tells him, “at five what well yes we will be there. Don’t you worry about it, oh Mauricio thank you very much in thinking about Juana Calidad. I know she will be very happy, when she finds out about this. The Rosary of the Aurora.” Mauricio tells her, “thank you Juana Valentina. Now I’m going to the economic store, to talk to your sister. Now where about is that?” Juana Valentina tells him, “well now you know where the plaza is well its like around a corner. You know that building that has a lot of businesses. It in fact near La Dolorosa.” Mauricio tells her, “alright I know where it is now. Alright I’ll see you at five thirty am by the doors of the chuch.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh yes of course.” Octavio simply laughs, for he has an idea. Mauricio tells Octavio, “hey your not invited because your an atheist.” Juana Valentina tells him, “bye.”

Once he takes off, she looks over at Octavio. “You why did you come here?” Octavio tells her, “to see if you had moisture issues?” Juana Valentina asks, “why ask that?” Octavio tells her, “Don Calixto asked me.” Juana Valentina utters, “really?” Octavio tells her, “well since the house has been empty for such a long period of time. He wanted the house checked, tomake sure there wasn’t any moistures. If there was, to fix it may I check around. ” Juana Valentina tells him, “sure go ahead. Now just go ahead.” Octavio heads straight upstairs, while Juana Valentina. Goes and sits down, and asks Manuel Efe to join her. “Manuel Efe come over here, I wanted to talk to you about something. I want you to sit right next to me. You see I am quite intrigued, tell me something you said you asked for suggestions. Who did you ask, to help make that dress?” Manuel Efe tells her, “my dear kind cousin Ruben.” Juana Valentina smiles and utters, “ah Ruben.”

Octavio goes into each of the bedroom. He begins changes each of the girls clocks.

Manuel Efe asks Juana Valentina, “tell me something why did you decide to stay here?” Juana Valentina tells him, “me well I got tired and decided to stop fighting with destiny. That kept me leaving Corozal, so when are you leaving?” Manuel Efe tells her, “me I’m in no hurry at all. Well now more than ever, in fact I decided to stay and live in Corozal.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well its all up too you. When he grabs her hand, that’s on her lap. She gets up, and shakes it. Well then have a nice day then, yes thank you very much for this dress.” Manuel Efe asks, “do you want me to take it?” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh no don’t you worry about that I’m serious. Thank you for everything, bye see you later bye. When he’s gone, she utters. Ruben. Octavio comes down, and she asks. So Octavio did you find that moisture?” Octavio tells her, “well no considering how old this house is. Its in perfect condition.” Juana Valentina asks, “hey come here you know something. The guy came by today, to fix the electricity. He told me that someone cut our electricity.” Octavio tells her, “cut the electricity cables? Who did it?” Juana Valentina tells him, “thats why I am asking. I would like to find out. I am going to ask you for a favour. If you manage to find out, who did it your invited to dinner. So what do you have to say?” Octavio tells her, “I’ll change that if I get a kiss instead.” Juana Valentina thinks about it, then utters. “You find out.”

Ruben is in his office, his secretary calls him up.” Ruben you have a visitor.” Ruben angrily tells her, “if its Octavio Mauricio or anybody get rid of them. I am very busy at the moment.” She tells him, “fine then I’ll tell that too senorita Juana Valentina then.” Ruben immedidatly tells her “stop that tell Juana Valentina to just come on in. He fixes his shirt and gets up, Juana Valentina enters he tells her. They say in Corozal, angels didn’t fall from the sky. But there’s one in my office right now. I am very surprised.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well then I brought you something that is half yours.” Ruben utters, “really what?” Juana Valentina tells her, “wait a minute you’ll see. Then this guy comes in, and puts the dress next to him. Thank you. He stares at it, then back at her. Apparently this dress is what I like to wear.” Ruben laughing asks, “so this is the dress of Manuel Efe. If that is the style in Europe, then I will stay right here in Corozal.” Juana Valentina tells him, “he followed your advise and had this made. In part this is yours, I am leaving this right here.”

Ruben asks, “well then what am I going to do with that big thing.” Juana Valentina tells her, “use it at the next carnival if you want too. So you are angry, that your cousin was going to give me a gift.” Ruben tells her, “of course it makes me angry. I get also angry every single time he talks about you. Or when he confesses to me, how love sick he is about you. Or when he’s glances at a picture, he took of you from that party. Or for that matter, Octavio and Mauricio. Who come to me, to ask for permission to go out with you.” Juana Valentina utters, “Mauricio and Octavio?” Ruben tells her, “yes they are as love sick just like my cousin. Crazy in love like I am with you. I can’t get next to you, I have to keep quiet, I have to hold back. My cousin gave you a dress, I can’t get next too you. To give you my days, my nights, my dreams. My anxiousness, my hopes.” Juana Valentina lovingly asks, “what will you do with your days, nights, dreams, your anxiouness and hopes. As they look like they are about to kiss, she moves to his desk. So you are trying to put up walls, so no man can get next to me. What does it matter, our dreams and hopes. When there is a huge bridge of blood between the two of us. I am going to try to stop loving you. Even if I have to operate on my emotions. You also have to do the same thing Ruben.” Ruben tells her, “I perfer to go to hell, after I die. Then as he is about to kiss her, the secretary buzzes in. He goes to get it, yes?” She tells him, “Ruben Maria Delia is on the telephone.” Ruben tells her, “inform Maria Delia I’ll call her back later yes thank you.” When he turns Juana Valentina is gone. He then takes a deep breath.

Its night time at the pink house. Tere tells him, “now then who ever made coffee its ready. If you want hot chocolate make it yourself. Well then goodnight, see you tomorrow.” Juana Calidad tells her, “would you mind waking us up at 5am please tomorrow.” Tere tells them, “just set your alarms don’t be so lazy girls.” Juana Matilde utters, “om dah.” Tere tells them, “alright those that sleep in I’ll wake you. See you tomorrow.” Then all of them utter, “goodnight.” Juana Valentina utters, “I just can’t do it?” Juana Manny asks, “what can’t you do?” Juana Matilde asks, “what can’t you do speak up.” Juana Valentina tells her, “look I’m been thinking very clearly about something. We must talk this through. I want things to be cleared up. Its concerning the money.” Juana Matilde asks, “what money? The inheritance of Don Calixto?” Juana Valentina tells her, “no no how can we afford living together? This house has a lot of costs, just like every single one of us. You have your salon, you your economic store. You singing every weekened at the Dolorosa. The only one’s that don’t help out is Juana Bautista and myself.”

Juana Matilde utters, “that doesn’t matter.” Juana Valentina tells her, “look of course it matters we must split the cost into five. Well right now we can’t do it.”Juana Matilde tells her, “oh come off it Juana Valentina. Look when we need it, we will discuss it that’s that.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no its best we figure this out once and for all Juana Matilde. Juana Bautista can continue giving out readings with her cards right? What about me, the only good thing I know how to do. The one thing I’ve done all my life, is manage and run a pawn shop.” Juana Manny tells her, “well why don’t you just ask Calixto Salguero for money to start that up here.” Juana Valentina tells her, ” yeah right you know perfectly well I don’t like that one single bit. I don’t want to accept nothing from him. I have thought about this clearly, I’m going to check out Corozal to see if I find anything. If not I’ll have to start thinking again of leaving.” All the girls start complaining once again. Juana Matilde tells her, “I just knew you would start that again.” Juana Valentina tells them, “well then the next step is getting married then?” The girls utters, “get married?” Juana Calidad asks, “who are you getting married too?” Juana Valentina glances at Juana Bautista and tells her, “that will be the solution to all my problems or no.” Juana Manny utters, “your crazy?” Juana Bautista simply nods no and glances back at her.

bannerEPISODE 18

bannerIts the next morning at the church, Mauricio is anxiously waiting. The girls still haven’t arrived, the priest goes to him telling him. “Mauricio its 5:30, we have to start the mass.” Mauricio asks, “father may we wait a bit longer.” The priest tells him, “sorry we can’t there’s another mass at 6 am.” Mauricio tells him, “please just wait five more minutes. I’ll contact my father, and the rest of the politicians that we are about to begin.” The priest tells him, “alright don’t take too long.” Mauricio is about to take off, when he sees Octavio working in the back corner. “Good morning Maudi.” Mauricio asks, “what are you doing up there?” Octavio tells him, “I’m working for a living even though father can’t pay me much. So how goes the rosario? The Juanas didn’t show up?” Mauricio angrily tells him, “you know where you can go.” Octavio tells him, “don’t say swear words in the house of the lord. If you do its a great mortal sin. May everything turn out well Maudi.” He then starts laughing.

Over at the pink house, the clocks start ringing. Tere gets up, and tries to get Juana Valentina up. “Get up get up you have to go to that rosary meeting. I’ll go wake up the girls. It sounds like they turned off their clocks, and are still asleep. Tere comes back, hey don’t you think its pretty bright to be five am?” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh the weather is changing Todoelmundo mentioned it yesterday.” Tere starts banging on the doors, “girls its five am five am. She goes back to Juana Valentina. Did you hear that, the church bells are ringing.” Juana Valentina asks, “what about the bells?” Tere tells her, “it rang six times.” Juana Valentina tells her, “six but its five. Maybe the church rings the bell at different times?” Mauricio heads straight to the pink house. He knocks on the door, Juana Calidad is the only that answers. “Ave Maria the pure one.” Angrily he replies, “good your the one that I wanted to talk too?” Juana Calidad tells him, “you must reply one must live without sin.” Mauricio tells her, “fine one must live without sin. You and your sisters didn’t show up. For the mass of the Rosary Aurora. In fact I just broke three of them coming over here.” Juana Calidad tells him, “oh you’ll never guess all the clocks marked five when in fact it was six. We woke up late.” Mauricio tells her, “what all the clocks marked five when it was six?” Juana Calidad tells him, “oh yes can you image it. Oh Saint Antonia Maria Clarice. I just hope that we don’t have spirits in this house. Oh dear lord.” Mauricio tells her, “your a liar.” Juana Calidad tells him, “wait your calling me a liar?” Mauricio tells her, “yes its a lie that your saying. Its like saying, you didn’t show up to a meeting. Because your car had a flat or something. Its the same thing.” Juana Calidad tells him, “listen Mauricio Fuentelafria I have never ever gone against the lord rules. You are accusing me, that I am going against them. I won’t permit you or anybody to say that.” Then she slams the door in his face.

Calixto and Manuel Efe are having breakfast. “Now uncle I am going to Sahagun for two days. Well if its ok with you and Dona Dona. I would like to return, and stay a bit longer here.” Calixto tells him, “how every long you want.” Manuel Efe tells him, “well thank you uncle. Ruben will be quite happy. Now then since you now have met your girl cousins. What’s your opinion of them?” Manuel Efe tells him, “they are not my cousins. They are your daughters, but we are not related.” Calixto tells him, “yes yes that’s fine but what do you think?” Manuel Efe tells him, “very charming. Hopefully my aunt Dona doesn’t hear this. But Juana Valentina is quite beautiful. Oh our justly Ruben woke up early today.” Ruben tells him, “well its not that I get up early but you rather get up late.” Manuel Efe tells him, “well you must give the body the rest that it needs. The heart, the skin, and hair must have a tranquil life. If you don’t believe me, answer me this. Why do people still call me Manuel the beautiful?” Calixto chuckes, Ruben ignores him and asks his father. “Old man look at this, this just makes me think? In the south its been raining non stop. There’s almost floods, and in the north there’s a huge heat wave. Its killing all the cattle.”

Calixto tells him, “let me see it sounds like the worries of Todoelmundo.” Ruben tells him, “its now top news.” Manuel Efe asks, “uncle is it raining in Sahagun?” Ruben tells him, “cousin if you have forgotten our geography. Our illustrious department of sucre, Sahagun is to the north of Corozal. Its raining like crazy there.” Calixto tells him, “if you are travelling to Sahagun I think its best to think about it twice. It says here, the roads are destroyed.” Ruben with a smile tells him, “see cousin you are returning to Sahagun? Oh what a shame.” Manuel Efe tells him, “now don’t be so sad. Nor dress in mourning, I’m only going to be gone for two days. Please don’t give me suggestions over the climate. I’ve had it with your suggestions up too here.” Ruben tells him, “hey it has nothing to do with me.” Manuel Efe utters, “yeah right.” Ruben tells him, “I didn’t do it with bad intentions. You know perfectly well.” Calixto tells him, “this thing with the weather is pretty strange. Did you read this part, in San Andres there’s a plague of fungus. That has damaged the rice crops.” Manuel Efe utters, “rain heat now fungus. Its like all the plagues of egypt came to Corozal.” Calixto tells him, “newphew in this department of sucre the people live off the land. That is why its logical, that we try to find out what’s going on with the climate. So when do you plan on travelling.” Manuel Efe tells him, “soon but if the roads are that bad. I’ll just drive my father’s plane.” Ruben utters, “you an plane pilot? I didn’t know that.” Manuel Efe tells him, “my dear Rubencho. Every since we were kids, playing in toy cars. Well so much time has gone by, I learned how to fly in po about five years ago.” Ruben simply utters, “po?” Calixto very concerned utters, “well then excuse me I had planned on visiting the crops in a couple of days. But after reading these news, I’m heading out to check on the crops now to see how things go.” Manuel Efe tells him, “uncle bye.”

Ruben asks, “so your coming back to Corozal? Hey it seems you have to come back, what you can’t live without me Mani.” Manuel Efe tells him, “I am staying this time forever. I have come to a conclusion, my place is here. I am going to open a textile business right here in Corozal.” Ruben tells him, “hey there cousin I think the tropical heat has touched your head. That sounds like a failed factory, you have to do this in a big city. Reconsider what I told you, Medellin for example. Yes you would do great over there.” Manuel Efe tells him, “no Ruben I am not doing that for business. When I decided to return to Columbia. I was thinking of a future, not in an economic future. You know very well I don’t need any money. No no no I am thinking of a future with a family. I want to build my family here in Colombia. Look Ruben when I was in Europe, I dated a lot of women. All of them were european women. I came to a conclusion, like a Colombia woman there isn’t. French women don’t bathe. Italian women after a time, become quite bossy. Spain women, don’t know how to make a decent fish dinner.” Ruben tells him, “yes I won’t argue with you about that. What I’m saying is, in Medellin there are more Colombia women than in Corozal.” Manuel Efe tells him, “but I am not interested in Medellin women. I am interested in Juana Valentina she is here.” Ruben tells him, “you are wasting your time. She told us that she’s leaving. Sooner or later she will follow through with her plans. Your going to be left with no wife, and a failure of a textile company. That you will end up making bags of rice and asnal.” Manuel Efe tells him, “if she goes so will I. If she tells me to mount the company, over there there I will go. Ruben Juana Valentina will be mine. You other than being my cousin, will be my brother in law. Do you want to bet on that? Ruben is livid, his nostrils are flaring. This game depends on Juana Valentina, and she will be mine. For I will always win.”

Todoelmundo comes running in, and goes to the dinning room. “Ruben Don Calixto, oh man you’re never going to believe this. Its getting worse, I was coming around the corner of the Anemas. Its was completely dead. I was about to cross, then this gust of wind from the north came about. I looked up there was this bright flash of light. On the right a black cloud appeared, it looked like it was from the deserts of the sahara.” Ruben asks, “what are you trying to tell us?” Todoelmundo tells him, “I’m saying this climate has gotten pretty bad.”

Dona Dona and Maria Delia are playing cards. “Now he promised that he would talk to them and he hasn’t.” Dona Dona tells her, “he’s been very busy dear. Plus that lightening that hit me well its still has me a bit unnerved. Look let me promise you one thing, before your father leaves. I will go talk to him, now if he and you hasn’t any objections. My son Ruben, will go talk to him and ask your hand formally. I would love it if Ruben were married to you, the sooner the better.” Maria Delia asks, “you seem worried what are you afraid that he doesn’t love me anymore?” Dona Dona tells her, “of course not dear. I have talked to him, and he has told me clearly. That other than Maria Delia, who will I marry?” Maria Delia tells her, “oh its good to hear that from him. I was starting to worry, I am counting on your promise.” Dona Dona tells her, “I will count on your help. So what have you found out, about them?” Maria Delia tells her, “well there fine but one of them has a salon. The boxer and its called Salguero.” Dona Dona asks, “Salgueros.” Maria Delia tells her, “its sound like its in english. Well there are signs all over the place announcing the inauguration, its coming soon.” Dona Dona puts her hands into a fist.

Over at the pink house, there still isn’t any electricity. The girls are playing a fortune tellers game, Juana Bautista looks over at Juana Manny. “Well don’t touch them, then I’ll interpret them. This month of march, your sign crosses the zodiac calender your not going to just think about you. As you have been doing, but you will dedicate more on other people. Your love chart is going to be very emotional this month.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh that desires an applause.” Juana Manny tells her, “a boyfriend well he better know how to help me train.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh poor guy.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well after the twenth you also have to concentrate on your job. Take great detail, for at the end of the month money will be very difficult to get. It seems your going to have to work hard, before getting ahead.” Juana Manny tells her, “great the salon hasn’t opened yet. Your saying the ladies of Corozal don’t intend on going.”

Dona Dona tells Maria Delia, “please inform any senora if they go into that salon. They will lose my friendship and will only get my repulsion. If one of them has a store, nobody is going to enter. If the husband does business with them, I will announce them to the police. She by now is ripping the cards, Maria Delia is shocked by her words. I’ll say its contra-band or anything.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh Dona Dona what is with that vocabulary.” Dona Dona tells her, “forgive me dear. Well just mentioning them, makes me so very angry. Well then what about the others?” Maria Delia tells her, “Juana Calidad that left the convent has opened up a economic store. She also is having an inauguration, on the bottom of her store. There’s a sign, it reads. I will match any competotor prices. Best sales possible.”

Back at the pink house, its Juana Calidad’s turn. “This is the month that various things will occur. You will be a very hard deligent worker. Be very organized, you will meet many new people. You will bring attention to others, as is the Virgo way.” Juana Manny tells her, “you better not scandalize the nun.” Juana Calidad tells her, “shut up Juana Manny.” Juana Bautista tells her, “now then venus is your planet and will pass next to tauras. This will concerns money, for you will have no problems making money.” The girls utters, “ohh ahh.” Juana Matilde asks, “heard me you will lend me money right.” Juana Bautista continues, “but you also have neptune around you will learn about love.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh you don’t say.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh how beautiful.” Juana Manny teases Juana Calidad, and she just crosses herself. She then utters, “no more.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well its about time.” Juana Bautista finishes, “this love will turn your life around. It will be the most important thing in the world.” Juana Valentina yells out, “oh that’s so beautiful.” Juana Calidad tells her, “enough about that talk more about the economic store.”

Dona Dona tells Maria Delia, “having a business that deals with the poor. Is a terrible business, plus inform the ladies of Corozal. That the products that will be sold at that economic store. Are of bad quality, and taste. For one who deals with cheap supplies, will in the end have to deal with rotten merchandise. No no no good families, must continue to pay where they always buy.” Maria Delia tells her, “yes I will inform my mother Dona Dona. Now then at the Dolorosa, there’s also a big sign. Apparently Juana Matilde the singer, with her flute will be preforming on Friday’s and Saturdays. The first liquor is free, but you must bring a partner.”

Over at the pink house, its Juana Matilde’s turn. “Now then I don’t trust these sticks will tell my future but…” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh come on do it.” All the girls start complaining, and she puts the sticks on the table. One drops on the floor, Juana Bautista tells her. “Leave it there.” Juana Manny tells her, “your pathetic.” Juana Matilde asks, “is that a big problem Juana Bautista?” Juana Valentina tells them, “now calm down.” Juana Bautista tells her, “we are now passing the planet pluto. It deals with your job, that you have been doing these two years. Let yourself be pushed. Don’t be afraid that you reach the top of success. Convince yourself that everything is going well. That you deserve it, you won’t find love yet.” Juana Matilde utters, “darn.” Juana Bautista tells her, “for you will push it away because you love your job.” Juana Matilde utters, “yes that’s correct wait today is wednesday?” They utter, “why?” Juana Matilde tells them, “I work today at the Dolorosa. Now Juana Bautista finish this up, for I expect all of you there tonight.” Everyone utters, “oh man what a head to forget your responsibilites.” Juana Manny utters, “they should name you Juana I don’t know.” Then she takes off, Juana Bautista starts putting away her sticks. “Pass me the cards.”

Juana Valentina asks, “hey why can’t I get my reading with the sticks like everybody?” Juana Bautista tells her, “because you changed seats.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yeah right now who knows what your going to tell me. Well then you better be careful.” Juana Bautista tells her, “alright now cut it in three.” Juana Valentina tells her, “something beautiful better show up.” Juana Bautista begins reading, “now then this month you will be very valued. They will see your strengths, your valentina. Just like your name, you will get what you want. But it might be good or bad. It all depends upon you.” Juana Calidad tells her, “oh no Juana Bautista stop it don’t talk about bad things. Plus your starting to scare me.” Juana Bautista continues, “this month you will have to make decisions. You will order people about, solve other people’s problems. You won’t have time for your own problems. Your thinking everything is going quite fast, even though you are an aries that preferes fast things. You won’t be able to stop it, you will go to bed thinking everynight go forward even in your eyes.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh the things you say girl.” Juana Bautista tells her, “you still think its best that you travel.” Juana Manny utters, “again but you said you would stay.” Juana Bautista tells her, “now then you are going to travel your best day will be on the 13th.” Juana Valentina utters, “13.”

Dona Dona is by herself and utters. “Juana Valentina has to leave Corozal. Its her fault, ever since Calixto Salguero got struck by lighting. He thinks, was an sign from god. Because of that fault, all those other ones are here. I am very afraid of her, I don’t know why for a strange reason. I don’t quite understand, but I am afraid of her.” Maria Delia returns, “here’s your coffee Dona Dona now be very careful.” Dona Dona tells her, “now Maria Delia I would like it if you remain friends with them. So you can keep me well informed about them. Now then I will once again promise you this, before your father leaves. I promise you, that Ruben will ask for your hand formally in marriage. He will marry you, he will marry you.”

Over at the Dolorosa, Poncho is on the stage. “Alright everyone here at the Dolorosa, we are presenting someone.” Octavio goes up and tells him, “do it with more feeling my friend Poncho. Senoras and senors good evening, the cafe Dolorosa is proud the have in our house. Some very distingushed ladies. Everyone claps, and the girls smile. On the stage will be one of them, memorize please her name. When this fabulous singer become famous, we can say we knew her when. Well at the cafe Dolorosa. Please the extraordinary, beautiful, the phenomenon singer Juana Matilde Salguero. She comes out and sings. Juana Valentina looks over at Juana Bautista. “Your such a witch, you mentioned my best day is the 13th. Now look at the newspaper, it seems its in chinese. Well anyways they need an adminstrator for a pawn shop. Please contact us before March 13th.” Juana Bautista smiles at knowing her prediction came true.

Its the next morning, Dona Dona brings Ruben breakfast. “Hey what is this?” Dona Dona tells him, “its your breakfast.” Ruben takes it to the dinning room. “I remember when you first brought me breakfast in bed. Was when I got top marks in school.” Dona Dona tells him, “you don’t have to graduate for a mother. To realize how hard her son has been working. I wanted to do something for you. Considering its been a very hard week, now its saturday you deserve to have a break. Now allow it too happen, here at your age and I’m still spoiling you.” Ruben tells her, “will don’t stop it mom do it more often though.” Dona Dona tells him, “now my son soon it won’t be me doing this but your wife.” Ruben utters, “oh mom not again with that.” Dona Dona tells him, “listen Ruben thinking about this some more. I realize its the best thing for you. Before they arrived, you know them. You always followed my suggestions, I never made a single mistake. Maria Delia is getting tired of waiting. Son you are risking losing her. She’s a grand girl, and her family deserves this respect.” Ruben utters, “yes the family they are respected all over Corozal. Whats going on, is that I don’t feel ready to get married.”

Dona Dona tells him, “look this doesn’t mean you have to get married tomorrow. I’m saying just ask for her hand, so Maria Delia’s parents. That you are serious with their daughter. Its a big gesture, for you me and Maria Delia. The date you can decide between the two of you. It could be a bit late, so then she can prepare everything.” Ruben tells her, “listen mom what has you worried is Maria Delia and her parents. Are doubting my good intentions, well then we will do a formal meeting. They will see I respect them, and in the future we will marry. That way the friendship between the two families stay the same. Maria Delias’s father can travel with ease.” Dona Dona tells him, “at your age your father was seriously thinking about marriage. Well the problem happened later, anyway that the rice that has already cooked.” Ruben tells her, “mom now my head isn’t ready for this. For this month, my head is on this years crop. So lets say, we have a simple meeting without setting any date for example. What do you think?” Dona Dona tells her, “alright then its better than nothing. Now how about we have the meeting tonight?” Ruben tells her, “ah mom just calm yourself down. Lets not rush this, I need to think about how I am going to ask her.” Dona Dona tells him, “you are just telling me excuses. Well son well, think about this think about this. Now don’t take too long, you would cause a great displeasure. Now I have way too much now. The one’s that will go with you, will be Mr. Salguero, Judge Geremias Guerra and myself.” Ruben tells her, “don’t take todoelmundo. We would look pretty bad in front of Maria Delia’s family. For you and my father, to communicate with an interpreter.” Dona Dona tells him, “I will talk to your father when its strickly necessary. For that don’t you worry, Ruben now don’t make me repeat this promise every single day son.” She then kisses his head, Ruben is miserable. That in the end he doesn’t eat.

At the pink house, the girls are about to have breakfast. Juana Matilde is trying to count her money, and utters. “Darn it look I propose, that Juana Calidad take over the family finances. Juana Bautista tells us, she the perfect one for the job.” Juana Bautista tells her, “yes that’s correct if you want an accountant make sure its a person that’s a virgo.” Juana Manny tells them, “for me its no problem.” Juana Matilde tells her, “I also want her to take charge of keeping the money I make every weekend. If I take over, by Monday I won’t have a cent.” Juana Calidad shows up, Juana Manny tells her. “Juana Calidad come over here we have a proposing for you.” Juana Calidad tells her, “I won’t get next to you until you take a shower.” Juana Manny tells her, “the proposing we have for you is under one condition. We want to see that birthmark that’s on your butt.” Juana Calidad tells her, “fine then don’t ask me any proposings.” Juana Matilde just laughs, Juana Valentina has been marking a map. “Its perfect.” Juana Matilde tells her, “what chinu?” Juana Valentina excitedly tells them, “I’m going to work in chinu.” Everyone start complaining, “leaving again?” Juana Valentina tells them, “wait one second you see in chinu they are looking for a person to take care of a pawn shop. I am sure that they will give me the job. I am so sure of it.”

Juana Calidad tells her, “but you said you would stay Juana Valentina. Here I thought saint antonia maria clarice, got rid of that idea from your head to leave.” Juana Manny tells her, “first you said you would leave but you came back. Now your saying that again, then you said you were staying now leaving. Girl you are so indecisive, your worse than Juana I don’t know.” Juana Matilde tells her, “we were almost organized and now your telling us that same story. You know what I’m going to do, I am going to find Los Sonsoneros and sing from town to town again. You heard me?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well if it were your choice I would accept it Juana Matilde. Come on lets be serious, its like so close to Corozal. If I get that job, I know I would be able to come back and forth every day.” Juana Calidad tells her, “yeah right you would spent it in a chiva or a bus every day. I don’t think so.” Juana Manny tells her, “look if don’t find work in corozal. Why don’t you just head to Sincelejo that’s closer.”

Juana Valentina tells her, “this announcement was in the paper yesterday. Just look at it, its in there isn’t it a coincident a pure coincident. That Juana Bautista told me, when she read those cards. That the 13 would be a great day to travel. That’s the last day they would be accepting applications. Seriously Chinu is close, just take a look at this map. Come on I swear it, if I work there I’ll be here in the nights. Come on you have to believe me, hey I’m serious.” Juana Manny very upset utters, “I’m going back to train.” Juana Calidad tells her, “I’m going to the economic store.” Juana Matilde tells her, “its saturday I’m going…” Juana Valentina tells her, “come on I’m talking to all of you. Hey what did I do? Once there gone, Juana Bautista sits next to her. Its like I did the most horrible sin or crime. Its like I’am a killer or I killed someone.” Juana Bautista tells her, “you give them security they don’t want to lose.” Juana Valentina tells her, “they practically lived twenty-four years without me. They can continue going on, with the rest of their lives Juana Bautista.” Juana Bautista asks, “could you? Yes I think Chinu is a great place. That trip going back and forth will take your away for hours from Ruben Salguero but. You can’t leave your sisters abandoned. Your the main branch of the Juanas. If you get broken, everyone breaks.”

Judge Geremias Guerra and Margarita Cruz go to the gym. “All the Juanas are tough, but this one is the meanest.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “mean tough you don’t know how it feels. Seeing your daughter do manly things.” Juana Manny turns around and sees them. “Come over here Judge Geremias Guerra train with me.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “oh no thanks with you I wouldn’t even play chess. If you would lose, your liable to hit me with your left hook. Here let me talk to your trainer. Now sir with this, your contract is in order.” Happy tells him, “yes.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “now then if Juana Manny wins a championship. That sum multiples. If she winds a word championship it doubles.” Happy tells him, “the girl has the fever. I have the key for her to want to fight. Well I just make her angry, telling her women shouldn’t be in the boxing business.” Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “well does that really work?” Happy tells him, “oh yeah she becomes quite the rafaga.” Judge Geremias Guerra utters, “oh trainer don’t mention that word.” Juana Manny talks to her mother, “its quite simply mom. I train from 5-7. In the salon 8-12, go back 2-end. When I close, I go back to training.” Margarita Cruz asks, “your in a very bad mood what’s wrong?” Juana Manny tells her, “you know mom I don’t think it was a great idea to leave Sahagun. To not have found out the truth, and stick with the name Cruz. Then she hits the bag, it goes straight into Judge Geremias Guerra. Sorry Geremias.” The two leave, she hits angrily the bag. Happy tells her, “boy champion your training hard today.” Juana Manny tells him, “thank you.” Happy tells her, “considering I haven’t even said anything.” Juana Manny tells him, ” I didn’t ask you to hit it that hard.” Juana Manny tells him, “I always hit with the same strength. Your job isn’t to fight with me, but to help me train.” Happy asks, “hey champion what bug bit you today?” Juana Manny tells him, “oh I’m sorry I guess today isn’t my day.” Happy asks, “so who was the fight with? If I can know.” Juana Manny tells him, “with life.” Happy utters, with life what did it hit you with?” Juana Manny tells him, “worse he gave me a sister now wants to take her back.”

Juana Maltide is with her music teacher, but she’s not in the mood to sing. Richardo tells her, “this isn’t coming out well not at all. In fact its really terrible.” Juana Matilde tells him, ” professor I am tired of the same scales every single day. By the time I am done studying, I will be an old woman. Its just shocks me.” Richard tells her, “music must be practiced every single day. So you can get too the top.” Juana Matilde tells him, “I don’t want to reach just the edge. I want to go to New York, and replace Gloria Estefan or Celia Cruz on stage.” Richard asks, “who are they?” Juana Matilde touches her forehead, “oh man I am up the river.” Richard tells her, “my sister is leaving us and you don’t know. Who Gloria Estefan or Cellia Cruz is? Do you know what a merengue or rock and roll? Or do you only know, sonnets, symphonys or operas. Ok lets see then?” Richard tells her, “enough there are fundamentally two types of music. Good or bad music.” Then Richard starts playing an upbeat tempo. Yes this is a new rhythem I’m learning. Juana Matilde gets all excited, sorry but it sounds with a lot of errors.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well that is what I like doing. Continue I will start singing.” Richard tells her, “no we will continue with the scales.” Juana Matilde gets upset once more.

Over at the economic store, Juana Calidad is working but she looks quite upset.

Juana Valentina goes over to the taxi area. “Excuse me but I was told near by I could get a bus to take me too Chinu.” The guy tells her, “go straight down.” Juana Valentina repeats, “to the right.” Manuel Efe arrives and gets out of his car. “Good morning Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well good morning to you Manuel Efe. Even though its a bit late Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes your right but you know. Being with you time flies. When one looks at the clock they see tomorrow. When one looks again, its not morning but evening. This watch marches greatly, you see its a swiss watch. It never fails, I was at your house. Juana Bautista told me, you were around here. Your planning on traveling.” Juana Valentian tells him, “yes I have made my decision.” Manuel Efe asks, “where are you going?” Juana Valentina tells him, “to Chinu.” Manuel Efe tells her, “what a coincident Chinu is where I am going as well.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh come off it Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well I’m heading there and I’ll take you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no no no. Its not necessary, I am going by myself I’m serious.” Manuel Efe tells her, “alright that’s fine so how will you be getting there?” Juana Valentina tells him, “on a bus what else.”

Manuel Efe tells her, “a bus a bus the roads are terrible and its been raining non stop. Look if you want to get there, I guarantee I will take you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “your not going to show me all those documents again? Are you crazy? I never want to see them again.” Manuel Efe tells her, “alright fine fine but just tell me your coming with me. Juana Valentina I wouldn’t be able to sleep, if you go on that bus.” Ruben shows up and sees them both. That chauffeur doesn’t have a protected polish medal on their neck like I carry.” Juana Valentina tells him, “listen here even if they don’t have any nice medals. I have too go.” Manuel Efe tells her, “if you want I could buy one for you. Look I am heading to Sahagun, I go straight through Chinu. I will take you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “fine I’ll go with you. Now don’t you forget, I have a revolver in my purse.” Then to her surprise he kisses her forehead, “I love you.” She utters, “what?” Ruben is beside himself, he hides his face behind some flowers. Manuel Efe tells her, “look its the emotions I feel when I am near you. Listen I love Chinu it just facinates me.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh dear lord Chinu facinates you.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes it does.” Juana Valentina tells him, “man nothing works with you Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe asks, “so when do we go?” Juana Valentina tells him, “right away like now.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well I have to get things ready so I’m taking off on Tuesday.” Juana Valentina tells him, “Tuesday no that’s too late for me. I must be in Chinu as fast as possible.” Manuel Efe tells her, “but its only three days.” Juana Valentina tells him, “alright but I must be there before the 13th. If your not ready, I’m taking the bus and it doesn’t matter to me. If the driver is an atheist.” Manuel Efe smiles then puts his arm around her. “Great atheist, no problem what say I buy you an ice cream.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh no thanks but I am quite hot.” Manuel Efe tells her, “look I’ll take you straight home.” Then she gets in his car, he happily drives off. While Ruben doesn’t know quite what to do with himself.

Back at the pink house, Juana Calidad has lost it. She utters, “if you don’t want to be here. I’ll erase you out. She begins erasing Juana Valentina picture, out of Juana Bautista’s family sketching.” Juana Valentina arrives, and asks. “What’s that?” Angrily Juana Calidad tells her, “if you don’t want to be a part of family. Then you don’t deserve to be a part of this portrait.” Juana Valentina grabs her, “erasing me what are you doing? What give me that, what have you gone crazy or what? Juana Bautista arrives and sees them both. That isn’t yours, your so very bold.” Juana Bautista asks, “what happened?” Juana Valentina tells her, “look just look what that little girl did. She erased me, have you gone crazy girl?” Juana Bautista utters, “Juana Calidad. You have ruined the gift that I gave to Juana Matilde.” Juana Valentina utters, “Juana Calidad. Right now your going to appologize, to Juana Bautista. You owe both of us an explanation. Why did you erase me? You know perfectly well, your acted like a child. We are waiting… We are waiting for you too talk, you can’t pretend to be mute. What’s wrong?” Juana Calidad in tears slowly turns around tells her. “I’m sorry, I’m truly sorry. I don’t know what is happening to me. She goes and gives Juana Bautista a hug. I’m sorry, oh Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina simply utters, “what’s wrong?” Juana Calidad also hugs her, “Juana Valentina I’m sorry it just hurts me so very much that your leaving. I’m sorry.” Juana Bautista tells her, “dear girl relax it was nothing. It wasn’t your fault, its just venus was passing through. That temper of yours was like a volcano erupting. I’ll just use paint and put Juana Valentina back.” Juana Valentina tells her, “now calm down. I’m not leaving for good, I will always be your sister. I’ll be coming back and forth to be with you all.” Juana Calidad explodes once more, “no but it just won’t be the same nothing will be the same.” She then leaves crying towards her bedroom. Juana Bautista simply stares at her.

Ruben is at home he’s still pretty furious. Manuel Efe happily arrives, “hey there future brother-inlaw.” Ruben tells him, “don’t you dare call me that.” Manuel Efe asks, “hey why are you like that? What happened to you?” Ruben tells him, “nothing is wrong with me the only one with the problem is you. Who doesn’t really know how we are related.” Manuel Efe tells him, “wait don’t tell me that your jealous. Don’t tell me, that your one of those brothers. That don’t want their sisters to get married.” Ruben tells him, “no I’m not like that.” Manuel Efe asks, “then what?” Ruben tells him, “Juana Valentina just has a lot of suitors. Don’t think that you are no in glory with her.” Manuel Efe tells him, “well all of them are from here. I have the best lever and that’s you.” Ruben utters, “me?” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes Ruben you lets talk seriously. When Juana Valentina decides to get marry. You and your father, will get the best suitor. Who else will it be? Who else? Mauricio Fuentelafria, Octavio Portoreal? Oh come on cousin.” Ruben asks, “so you will the best candidate?” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes put your hand on your chest and tell me one other name? There just isn’t anybody, there’s nobody. I don’t want you to try to win her over to my side. Or send her flowers no, I will be in charge of that. I have always managed to win over, any woman that I have put my eyes upon in this world. Oh come on Rubencho, now don’t play that game again with the dress. You have to be with me, you have to help me with courting her. Your my cousin.” Ruben tells him, “listen here Manuel Efe. Juana Valentina is old enough, to decide alone what she does with her heart.” Manuel Efe tells him, “yes you are correct when I travel with her. I will try to woo her, to ask her to be my girlfriend formally.” Ruben asks, “what I don’t undestand nothing? What trip are you talking about?” Manuel Efe tells him, “well before heading to Sahajun I’m going to Chinu.” Ruben smiling utters, “so your going to chinu?” Manuel F tells him, “no I’m dropping off Juana Valentina at Chinu.” Ruben tells him, “I don’t understand?” Manuel Efe tells him, “you didn’t know that Juana Valentina was heading to Chinu.” Ruben tells him, “I didn’t know that.” Manuel Efe goes too him, “well yes she’s leaving. She asked me to take her daaa.” He laughs and heads too his room.

bannerEPISODE 19

bannerRuben heads straight to see Juana Valentina. Tere opens the door, and she’s complaining. “Oh what is this anxiousness. I’m coming I’m coming.” Ruben asks, “where is Juana Valentina?” Tere tells him, “hey in my time you said hello.” Ruben utters, “good day to you Terezalsura.” Tere utters, “how’s it going?” Ruben asks again, “where is Juana Valentina?” Tere tells him, “she’s taking a shower.” Ruben tells her, “well your going to have to wait. We don’t have any water , and plus when she does take a shower. She can take hours and hours my love, that is why she’s the last one that enters that bathroom.” Ruben tells her, “fine then I’ll wait then.” Tere tells him, “hey respect man.” Ruben can’t wait, he barges in and goes looking for Juana Valentina.”

Inside the bathroom, Juana Valentina utters. “Man why this week to run out of water.” She hears someone at the door. What’s wrong?” Ruben enters, “what’s wrong is that we need to talk.” Juana Valentina tells him, “how bold you are how dare you enter in here just like that. You get out of here.” Ruben tells her, “well then you should have locked the door.” Juana Valentina tells him, “listen there are six women living here. You don’t lock that bathroom, get out of here Ruben.” Ruben tells her, “later but first we need to discuss some issues.” Juana Valentina tells him, “listen you wait in the livingroom. When I’m done my shower Ruben, I’ll see you now get.” Ruben tells her, “I waited all night I couldn’t sleep a wink last night. Plus I was stuck having to listen, to that bastard of a cousin snoring away in the next room. Well get out of there, now come forward.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I can’t I’m naked.” Ruben tells her, “I’m furious what is this story that your going to Chinu.” Juana Valentina asks, “what is wrong with Chinu?” Ruben tells her, “its that your heading to Chinu. I had to find out by my annoying cousin.” Juana Valentina tells him, “there’s an opportunity for me to work in Chinu. Its an opportunity, that I for one won’t let this pass. That is all.”

Ruben tells her, “that’s all but you had the nerve not to inform me about your decision to leave. Plus your leaving with my cousin.” Juana Valentina tells him, “look your cousin is a very gentle guy he offered to take me. Going with him, I save money on bus transportation. Plus I go very comfortably.” Ruben tells her, “oh gentle and friendly I think my cousin Manuel Efe. Is becoming more gentle and friendly to you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “what are you refering about?” Ruben tells her, “your flirting with him. Not only for getting a free ride to Chinu, or going more comfortably.” Juana Valentina tells him, “listen here Ruben Salgero don’t come over here. Playing the old I’m jealous routine. Oh please, listen if I like your cousin its my business not yours. Or if I head to Chinu, or China or Japan. It is my business, umda. Oh man I can’t believe we don’t have that much water. Hand me a towel.” Ruben utters, “what?” Juana Valentina repeats, “give me a towel a towel. So are you going to give me one yes or no?” Ruben utters, “alright alright look I’ll wait for you downstairs in the livingroom.” As he’s ready to go, she stops him and comes out of the shower. “I want to work and that’s final, I’m going to Chinu and that’s final. I’m going with your cousin and that’s final. I’m going with him because I want to be comfortable. Ruben just stares at her. Plus if I like your cousin, or no its my business and that’s final. Well then now get out of here, I’m still not done taking a shower. Well then get out of here.” In the end he leaves the bathroom and the house.

Tere and Todoelmundo are heading to the livingroom. Todoelmundo tells her, “what you should do is a crossword puzzle.” Tere asks, “do what?” Todoelmundo tells her, “a cross word puzzle that way if you have a spare time it will keep you busy. Considering you are still in recovery mode, and can’t over exhert yourself.” Tere tells him, “well then…” Todoelmundo tells her, “well then I’ll help you get started. Now we have to fill these boxes with the correct definition of words. Do you understand?” Tere tells him, “I understood those Japanese sailors when they would arrive in Puertro Columbia more than you.” Todoelmundo laughs and tells her, “ok I’ll set up an example. The first horizontal word has 11 letters, question. Who is the number one philosopher that is always looking for the truth? They need the last name.” Tere asks, “now what?” Todoelmundo tells her, “we look for that last name Nicholas Malebranche. Who was born in 1638, and died in 1715, He was a french oratorian, and rationalist philospher. Who also studied the philosophy of the nature of the mind. Mental events, and mental functions. But everyone knows that Terezalsura.” Tere tells him, “hey I’ve been too many places and that man I’ve never met.” Angrily Juana Valentina comes down the stairs looking for Ruben. “What happened with Ruben?” Tere tells her, “oh yes Ruben was waiting for you. I don’t know where he went off too?” Angrily she goes out the door without any shoes.” Todoelmundo tells Tere, “alright then lets go on to the second question.”

Juana Valentina finds Ruben outside by his truck. “Listen here Ruben, the last time I was yelled at was when I was fifteen. At eighteen they stopped telling me, what I could and couldn’t do. Now at twenty-three a father I never knew I had shows up. Plus a brother no less, if I hadn’t met Calixto Salguero. If he wasn’t the Calixto I was looking for Ruben. I would have been yours the next day. It can’t be done, and that’s now finished. What ever it is its over, without it even starting its over. I don’t know, how long I am going to love you. I am going to forget you Ruben Salguero. I am going to forget you Ruben Calixto Salugero.” Ruben asks, “when do you have to go to Chinu?” Juana Valentina tells him, “anytime before the 13th. Like I said, I am leaving with your cousin.” Ruben tells her, “get in.” Juana Valentina asks, “what ever for?” Ruben tells her, “we are going to Chinu. If my cousin Manuel Efe can take you, so can I.” Juana Valentina tells him, “as I told you before I had to chose between god and the devil. The devil you can’t play around with Ruben.” Then she sadly goes inside the house.

Mauricio is at his father’s headquarters, he’s still fuming over the rosary event. “I’m telling you the reason the Juanas didn’t make it that morning. Is because he must have been behind them for not coming.” Gualberto tells him, “listen man Octavio and can fix from cracks and celings. He is not a wizard or magician to move clocks ahead.” Mauricio tells him, “he was at that church and he was making fun of me. He knew that the Juanas were going to be there.” Gualberto tells him, “here you are again fighting with Octavio. Over a woman that pays neither of you any attention. Your cooking your own brain compa.” Mauricio tells him, “I am not going to get out of this ring so easily. Especially to that idiot Portoreal, the first thing I have too do is try to become friends again with Juana Calidad.” Gualberto tells him, “being re-aquainted with Juana Calidad? But you haven’t even won her over.” Mauricio tells him, “Juana Calidad is the gate way to get me near Juana Valentina. I won’t permit that it gets closed, especially because of that idiot Portoreal do you hear me.”

Later that day, he goes to see Juana Calidad. Who’s writing in her journal. “Well then talk and tell me what you wanted to say?” Mauricio tells her, “I’m humbling offering my forgiveness. To you for calling you a liar.” Juana Calidad asks, “did you confess yourself?” Mauricio utters, “for what?” Juana Calidad tells him, “did you go to the church and confess that you sinned.” Mauricio lies and tells her, “oh yes yes of course. That was the first thing that I did, I went running to the priest. I confess to him, that I called you a liar.” Juana Calidad asks, “did you do the pentiential?” Mauricio tells her, “yeah sure he told me to do two rosaries which I already did.” Juana Calidad tells him, “well then I forgive you Mauricio. If god forgive you, then I might as well forgive you as well. Is that the only reason you came here?” Mauricio tells her, “no I came to ask your advise. I know that you write poetry, well I also write poems.” Juana Calidad asks, “you write poems?” Mauricio tells her, “well yes. Well in reality its songs, songs are like poems. My father wants me to get involved with politics. I can’t breathe, if I can’t get out of my heart what makes me sad or happy. That is why I write songs.” Juana Calidad tells him, “you know that happens to me as well. I get relief by writting poems, every single word that I write down. Its like a whisper that the wind takes away.” Mauricio tells her, “I adore poetry here read this and tell me what you think?” Juana Calidad reads it, “when the night darkens the wind blows graciously. Dreams hide in the corners, the anxiousness are kept in the skin. The smiles disappear from the lips. Of the lovers that are in in love, in those late hours of darkness. It seems so gigantic.” Mauricio isn’t really listening, but looking through the window. He sees that Juana Valentina is showing the house to Octavio.

Juana Valentina asks Octavio. “Well then what are the details, that you have found for me?” Octavio tells her, “well apparently that night of the party various people. Saw a woman wearing a dark cape, one guy got so scared he thought he saw the grim reaper.” Juana Valentina utters, “what a woman cut the electricity wires of the house.” Octavio tells her, “well that was the only strange thing people saw that night. Even though it could have been a neighbor, but I just don’t think so.” Juana Valentina asks, “why not?” Octavio tells him, “well the person who did it. Had to have the keys to get into the back yard. The door wasn’t forced.” Juana Valentina tells him, “wait one minute come over here. Do you know exactly who this woman is?” Octavio tells her, “no.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well then thank you Octavio for checking it out for me heard me.” Octavio tells her, “hey there aren’t you forgetting the kiss?” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh that forget that.” Octavio tells her, “I fullfilled my promise.” In the end Juana Valentina kisses his forehead. Mauricio is furious, while Juana Calidad gets to the end of the poem.

Juana Calidad is still reading the poem. “I am feeling so very sad, it seems so empty. When I awake one more time, I have this desperation to live once more. To find love once again. Its very beautiful although, the verses sometimes are short.” Mauricio tells her, “well then maybe in the future I’ll take that under consideration. Hey why don’t you read me one of yours?” Juana Calidad tells him, “oh no I feel quite pitty.” Mauricio tells him, “have pitty come on I’m also a poet. Look Juana Calidad, writing poetry isn’t something to be ashamed of. On the contary one should be proud of them. Come on present me one of yours please.” Juana Calidad tells him, “alright I’ll read you one I just wrote. I love you like an open window, I’m alert of what occurs in this life. I love you in the botton of my wounds. Inside bells rings like victory cries. I see you in a bunch of apples. Passing through my life, and fill my depression. Going through the branches of my mornings.” Mauricio instead of listening, tries to see if Octavio will be coming out of the house. When he realizes she’s done, he smiles and nods. “Ok continue.” Juana Calidad continues, “I love you more with your attentiveness. Without permission, or being in a hurry. Forgivinesses, relaxed and full of life. I love you like an open window. I see you every day, the sky and clouds upon your forehead.” Mauricio asks, “hey I didn’t know that you have a boyfriend?” Juana Calidad tells him, “I don’t have a boyfriend.” Mauricio tells her, “that is a love poem I am saying.” Juana Calidad tells him, “but its not the kind of love that you are imaging Mauricio. When I wrote this, well I was thinking. I was thinking… of nobody in particular.” Mauricio asks, “well then in talking about love well I have a doutb you see. Well seeing that all the Juanas are so very beautiful. Intelligent, and none of them have boyfriends? Well for example, is Juana Valentina interested in anybody around here?” Juana Calidad tells him, “maybe she’s find a boyfriend in Chinu.” Mauricio utters, “Chinu why there?” Juana Calidad tells him, “she is going to find work in Chinu.”

Juana Matilde is at La Dolorosa. She tells Poncho, “ok I was thinking we could talk. Now I need these tables fixed, so I can at least have room to dance around? It doesn’t matter if the tables are close. Ok now you need more microphones, for there are fifteen musicians. Now for example the singers is the most important. Now then the speakers, should be closer to the front. So people can hear the music well. Oh I wonder what else is needed? Oh yes put table clothes on the table. If woman is singing here, there should be a feminine touch in this place.” Poncho tells him, “what ever you want Juana Matilde. Look this place is yours on the weekends. You can organize it any way you please.” Juana Matilde tells him, “thank you Poncho oh what else is missing? Oh yes the place where I change. I would like a mirror and a place to hang my clothes. Poncho looks over at his father, and they both shrug. She tells him, look if I work here on the weekends. I need all the amenities.” Poncho tells her, “I will put the mirror and the hooks anything that you need.” Juana Matilde kisses him, and utters. “Oh thank you Poncho your beautiful now come over here. Lets see how to organize the musicians.”

Octavio and Miguel show up, “hey look at this miracle the singer is here.” Miguel tells him, “oh didn’t you talk to her yet?” Octavio tells him, “look like I told you the one that interest me is Juana Valentina. I don’t care which sister will lead her to me. He goes straight to Juana Matilde. Can I help you with something Juana Matilde.” Juana Matilde tells him, “alright sonny now that your here. Help Poncho move these tables together. Oh help also with placing the musicians things thanks. Hey Mige.” Miguel tells her, “hey how are you doing?” Juana Matilde tells him, “fine and you?” Miguel kisses her and she asks. “What, did my sister hit you again?” Miguel tells her, “well she better not even think about hitting me again. Next time I will forget, that a man doesn’t hurt a delicate flower. She will get to see how these five petals really work.” Juana Matilde tells him, “that’s the way too talk boy. Juana Manny if she lays a hand on you Miguel. I’ll be the one yelling.” Octavio asks, “hey there Juana Matilde.”

Poncho tells him, “hey there get back here.” Octavio tells her, “things turned out very well in your first batch of presentations. The Lazador group is going to consider, taking you on as their lead singer and dumping me.” Juana Matilde tells him, “I don’t think so Octavio. The day I stop singing here in Corozal, will be when I sing with a big star. She goes back to flirting with Miguel. Now then tell me you, why did you dedicate yourself to boxing.” Miguel tells her, “I like it but I don’t dedicate myself to it all the time. I do it on occasion, when the presenter around here asks people. If they want to fight to make some extra money.” Octavio butts in once again and asks, “hey there Juana Matilde. Why don’t we do a duet you and I?” Juana Matilde tells him, “Octavio and Juana Matilde. No way it will be a great hit.” Juana Matilde starts getting annoyed and tells him, “hey Octavio you know what’s happening. I don’t like singing a duet, even if we do. It would be Juana Matilde presenting Octavio Portoreal. She turns and sweetly asks Miguel. How about you accompany me home Mige?” Miguel tells her, “sure alright.” Octavio stops her, “wait one second Juana Matilde I went too your house and talked to Juana Valentina. Please tell her?” Juana Matilde asks, “were you saying goodbye?” Octavio tells her, “ok tell her wait a minute saying goodbye why?” Juana Matilde tells him, “why yes you see she’s going to be working in Chinu.” He utters, “Chinu?”

Back at the pink house, Judge Geremias Guerra visits. “Now then on Monday, it will be quite a busy day for us. There’s the grand opening of the salon, and economic store. Plus a smaller one the opening of Juana Bautista’s art studio. Tere serves both men drinks and sits next to Todoelmundo. So we have to do a big run around all over town.” Todoelmundo asks, “so has Don Calixto returned from the plantation Mr. Judge.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “no not yet. Since he hasn’t returned, for the first presentation. Of Juana Matilde at the Dolorosa has me pretty worried. I don’t think we will have any problems for tomorrow.” Tere excited tells them, “oh great that it’s tomorrow. That way me and Juana Valentina can attend.” Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “what do you mean? Why won’t you be able to attend, if its not till past tomorrow.” Tere tells him, “well we are heading to Chinu.”

Judge Geremias Guerra asks, “what on a trip?” Tere tells him, “no you see Juana Valentina is going to look for work there. If everything works well and she gets the job. Well then we will be spending more time over there. Judge Geremias Guerra gets very sad. We did get comfortable being here in Corozal. But you know this girl, she needs to find cleaner air. You know breathe in different air.” Annoyed Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “first she says she’s going then she’s staying. Back and forth she goes, you just never know what Juana Valentina will be doing in that instant. So when is she leaving?” Tere tells him, “we are leaving on Tuesday. I’m a bit worried because I don’t know nothing about Chinu.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well todoelmundo knows Chinu is a part of the municipality in cordoba. With a population of 14, 275 inhabitates. This is from the cenus board in 1993. In 1534 an expediction was held, the head man was named Pedro De Heredia. On November 22 1775 by spanish officer Antonio De la Torre y Miranada. Who changed the name, and now is called San Raphael de Chinu.” Tere tells him, “that’s unbelievable you being so small. How so much information fits in your head.” Judge Geremias Guerra gets so emotional he walks around then Tere asks. “Judge are you crying?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “oh no the thing is all that information from Todoelmundo. Could make anybody cry. The two simply glance at one another, he then continues. So you will be leaving on Tuesday.”

Juana Valentina shows up at the Salgueros. Ruben arrives as well, she tells him. “Now then I have come to talk to Your father, your mother and your cousin. I just didn’t want to see you.” Ruben tells him, “well my lazy cousin is alseep like the bum that he is. My father still hasn’t returned from the plantation. I want to know, what do you want to talk to my mother about.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I wanted to ask if your mother had a black cape. Your father well I wanted to say goodbye. Well your cousin, I wanted to see if he can take me today to Chinu.” Ruben tells her, “oh now this great hurry to travel with him.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I am in a hurry to get to Chinu.” Ruben tells her, “but this morning Juana Valentina I told you I would take you today in fact.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh no we didn’t agree to nothing this morning. I told you I wouldn’t travel with you, and the devil next to me. Now go and wake him and just ask him. If he won’t take me to Chinu, I’m going to take the bus. Now go and tell him.” Ruben tells her, “just great here I am your solider and your the big lieutenante taking orders.” Juana Valentina smiles at him, and tells him. “Again giving you orders, now then we do have one more option. If you care to do it?” Ruben asks, “what is it?” Juana Valentina tells him, “give me the car keys to Comparo. Ruben laughs, oh come on seriously I’ll head straight to Chinu and come straight back here. In fact I will drop off Campero tonight oh come on Ruben. Lend him to me?” Ruben tells her, “are you crazy the last time you had it. You broke the brakes, and smashed the bumper. You only went to Planeta Rica, now you want to go to Chinu. It would be a complete massacre, oh no come on let me take you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no” Ruben tells her, “Manuel Efe will be leaving on Tuesday.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh come on just go in there and ask him. Plus ask your mother if she has a black cape. Go and ask him, now hurry it up.” In the end he has no choice, and heads inside. Its there that Juana Valentina, sees Manuel Efe’s car. With the keys in the ignition, she looks around. She gets in and Ruben comes back. “Juana Valentina, Juana Valentina what the hell don’t go.” Juana Valentina floors it, and heads to Chinu.”

At the pink house, Mauricio comes running in. “Terezalsura what is this story that Juana Valentina is heading to Chinu?” Tere tells him, “she’s going to get a job there.” Octavio shows up as well, “hey get out of my way you politcian. What’s this that Juana Valentina is heading to Chinu?” Tere tells them, “like I was explaining.” Ruben shows up, “Juana Valentina isn’t leaving on Tuesday for Chinu.” Happily Judge Geremias Guerra gets up, “so she’s not leaving?” Ruben tells them, “no she’s not leaving on tuesday in fact she just left today.” Tere utters, “man what are you saying? Oh this girl is going to kill me.”

Juana Bautista is working in her studio when Maria Delia shows up. “Oh this place is so very beautiful Juana Bautista. Oh and what is this?” Juana Bautista tells her, “please don’t touch that leave it alone alright.” Maria Delia tells her, “well I have already visited the economic store and the beauty salon. From the outside of course, it seems Don Calixto has been very generous to all of you. I guess that is the gifts of the father. Well what was Juana Matilde’s gift?” Juana Bautista tells her, “she got a music teacher who brought his own piano. Plus she’s also being taught music classes.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh what a beautiful gift. Oh the guys all talk about how good Juana Matilde sang at her party.” Juana Bautista tells her, “oh yes she sang quite well. She made everyone dance including Ruben. Its just a darn shame, you couldn’t make it too the party.” Maria Delia tells her, “oh it was a shame oh what did Don Calixto give Juana Valentina as a gift.” Juana Bautista tells her, “nothing Juana Valentina is going to work in Chinu.” Maria Delia utters, “why is that?” Juana Bautista tells her, “she’s going on Tuesday Ruben’s cousin is taking her.” Maria Delia tells her, “Manuel Efe? That’s strange, I thought Manuel Efe was heading to Sahagun? Well that is what Dona Dona told. So he won’t be there, when they formally ask for my hand in marriage.” Juana Bautista asks, “who is asking for the hand?” Maria Delia tells her, “me silly Ruben Salguero is going to come to my house. One of these days, with his parents and Judge Geremias Guerra. His godfather, from when he was baptised. They will be coming formally to my house, to ask for my hand in marriage.” Juana Bautista asks, “may I ask one question?” They are interrupted by a screaming Juana Manny. “Juana Bautista Juana Bautista come quick. Juana Valentina has stolen Ruben’s cousin’s car and gone to Chinu.” Juana Bautista utters, “what are you saying girl?” Juana Manny tells her, “come on run come with me.” In the end Maria Delia is left holding Juana Bautista’s things.

Over at the Salguero Manuel Efe is freaking out. Dona Dona tells him, “look Manuel Efe what your going to do is announce her to the police.” Manuel Efe in tears utters, “annouce her aunt announce her. What ever for? I just don’t want nothing to happen to my little car. Oh any scratch or mark on that car will cost me a fortune.” Dona Dona tells him, “fine then if you don’t announce her I will.” Manuel Efe tells her, “you can’t announce her because the car isn’t yours. I just don’t want the authorites here. Who I need is the polish virgin, who ever I just don’t want nothing to happen to my little car. Oh my poor little car.” Dona Dona tells him, “great they are not only illegitimate but a thef.” Manuel Efe opens the door, and finds Calixto covered in dust from head to toe. “Nephew?” Manuel Efe pats him on the shoulder, he simply utters. “Nephew oh dear.” Then he takes off.

Calixto enters the house, and goes straight to the bar. Dona Dona sees him, “Calixto how dare you leave this house in that state.” Calixto tells her, “if this state makes you talk to me again it doesn’t matter where I’m coming from.” Dona Dona tells him, “now then tell me why are you dirting my entrance way of my house.” Calixto tells her, “well this place is also mine.” Calixto tells her, “well I headed by San Pedro it was raining. In San Juan De Betulia a huge dust of wind blew everywhere. The land was like a desert of Wahedo, and look how it left me. Todoelmundo is correct, there’s something very strange going on with the climate.” Dona Dona tells him, “lord knows how to punish one.” Calixto tells her, “don’t get god involved with this.” Dona Dona tells him, “your older daughter not only is she the daughter of sin. But she also a robber of cars. God is punishing you with that crime.” Calixto utters, “now what is that woman talking about.”

Over at the pink house, Manuel Efe’s is having a breakdown. Ruben tells him, “enough already cousin calm down will you.” Tere comes down, and tells them. “I haven’t been able to find that newspaper article. No she must have taken that article, that mentioned the job at Chinu.” Manuel Efe tells them, “man who care about Chinu London or Paris. I want to go and find her and my little car come on lets go.” Ruben tells him, “look the one that didn’t want to wait was her.” Manuel Efe tells him, “why didn’t she want to wait. I was going to take her on Tuesday why?” Ruben utters, “why?” Juana Bautista tells them, “the reason she left is because she’s an aries Ruben. Her element is mental, pushing her accilerate. In Juana Valentina’s mind, she saying go quickly without thinking things through.” Ruben asks, “so does that mean she’s coming back?”

Juana Matilde tells him, “I suppose so she left all her things and her suitcase.” Ruben tells them, “well the only thing we can do is wait.” Manuel Efe tells him, “hey what happened to my car?” Ruben tells him, “well contact europe maybe they will send you another. That releases the tension and everyone laughs all except Manuel Efe. He then takes off, and Ruben tells them. Well then I’m heading out.” Maria Delia tells him, “your mother told me that you were going to visit my parents. But they didn’t say when?” Ruben coughs then utters, “tell your parents I’ll be going to see them tomorrow evening.” Maria Delia tells them, “truthfully did you hear that tomorrow night Ruben Salguero will be asking for my hand in marriage.” Excitedly she runs out of the house. Tere glances over at Juana Bautista. While Juana Calidad gets quite emotional.

Judge Geremias Guerra is sitting down and is quite upset. Margarita Cruz tells him, “I know exactly what’s wrong with you? With Juana Valentina leaving, its the best thing for you. You will forget that passionate love. For a young girl that’s half your age.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “she left and I never was able to confess my undying love.” Margarita Cruz asks, “would you have told her?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “no.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “this is an old story of old horses in love with young fillies. Its just a sad end, in fact there’s a song about it.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “Juana Valentina never knew that I would give up my life. To be with her, it would have been my greatest happiness. It would be like starting fresh once more. A new energy for my spirit.” Margarita Cruz asks, “what just by looking at her?” Judge Germias Guerra tells her, “yes only by looking at her. Her pure essence would enlighten me.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “one day you will awaken and tell yourself. That everything that you thought was marvelous, would end up in bitterness. Tiredness, and defeat.” Judge Germias Guerra tells her, “thank you for being here.”

Over at the pink house, Juana Manny asks. “Why do you think, she decided to take a drastic step so very quickly.” Juana Bautista tells them, “when she returns we will find out.” A car very loudly stops, and Juana Matilde asks. “What was that?” Juana Bautista tells them, “maybe its her coming back.” Juana Matilde tells them, “yes that you can tell.” Juana Manny tells them, “that you can see.” Juana Valentina happily arrives and tells them. “I’ve come from Chinu.” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes that we can tell you crazy driver.” Juana Calidad asks, “ok how many things did you hit this time?” Juana Valentina tells her, “I’m getting better I only hit 18 chickens. Hey what’s going on? Well I was talking, to the administration of the pawn shop.” Juana Manny asks, “weren’t you leaving on Tuesday?” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes but I couldn’t contain myself.” Juana Bautista asks, “so did you get the job?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well the job has one condition. I must live in Chinu full time.” Juana Matilde asks, “what exactly does that mean Juana Valentina?”

Juana Valentina tells her, “well the thing is the owners are going on a trip. They want someone, to take care of the business and their house. Point blank, live full time in Chinu.” Sadness overcomes the girls, and Juana Matilde utters. “Just like that? So what did you decide?” Juana Valentina tells them, “I have accepted I leave on the 15th.” Juana Manny asks, “well then that means your leaving for good? Juana Valentina tells her, “come on I’m going to be close Juana Manny we talked about this.” Juana Calidad tells them, “well I’m going to wash the dishes.” Juana Manny tells them, “well I am going to bed tomorrow is going to be a tough day excuse me.” Juana Matilde tells her, “hard that’s nothing Juana Manny. Tomorrow is your salon’s grand opening. Juana Calidad’s business is opening as well. Plus to finish everything, Ruben Calixto Salguero is asking for Maria Delia’s hand in marriage tomorrow. That’s practically nothing.” Juana Valentina asks, “Ruben what?” Juana Matilde tells her, “yes what you heard girl. Isn’t that sad? Yes sad, that our brother is marrying that quiet mosquito. Like Maria Delia, well she’s lovely but a bit of an annoying girl. Well then Ruben deserved a better girl, and we a better sister in law don’t you think Juana Valentina. See you tomorrow.” Juana Bautista tells her, “the news that you were leaving caused a great commotion. Who showed up was Judge Germias Guerra. The boys, Maria Delia and Manuel Efe. Plus Ruben, it was then we found out. About the commitment, I know how hard its hurting you. Its for the best.” Juana Valentina tells her, “for him no. Marrying someone you don’t love it just terrible. Well then its best that we go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I have to say goodbye, and put things in order goodnight.” Juana Bautista utters, “goodbye.”

The next morning, Todoelmundo visits the Salguero house. Dona Dona is flexing her fingers. Todoelmundo tells her, “well goodmorning seno.” Dona Dona asks, “and why are you here so early?” Todoelmundo tells her, “well there’s someone out there that wishes to talk to you. They asked me to ask for the interview.” Dona Dona asks, “who is this person?” Todoelmundo tells her, “its Juana Valentina Echenique.” Dona Dona asks, “what is she here? In my house, she wants to talk too me? Oh how bold she is? I want her to leave.” Todoelmundo tells her, “she said she’s not moving until she speaks too you.” Dona Dona asks, “and why does that senorita want to talk to me about?” Todoelmundo tells her, “she didn’t tell me nothing.” He then leaves and Juana Valentina asks. “So what did she say?” Todoelmundo tells her, “well that you can go in too see her.” Juana Valentina asks, “are you sure what you are saying?” Todoelmundo tells her, “yes I am complete sure of this.” Todoelmundo asks, “how did you find out?” Todoelmundo tells her, “the whole world knows well what I mean is all the ladies in town know.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well thank you for the information.” Todoelmundo tells her, “what todoelmundo can’t stand is an injustice.”

Juana Valentina then enters the room. Dona Dona tells her, “well say what your going to say then leave.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I only came here to give you a warning. Leave my sisters in peace.” Dona Dona tells her, “one minute.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no you one minute Dona Dona. Its one thing, that we can’t stand one another. The other is that were attacking one another. I know perfectly well, that you don’t want to accept that we all exsist. That is your right, but I won’t permit senora that you hurt my sisters. To try to ruin my sisters Juana Matilde’s birthday. I know perfectly well, you went to the pink house. I also know that you cut the electrical wires.” Dona Dona quickly hides her hands, and tells her. “That is a lie.” Juana Valentina tells her, “senora they saw you I’m not inventing nothing. Plus you let it be known, to all of your friends. That you will not say hello, to any of them. If they go to Juana Manny’s salon, plus those that entered Juana Calidad’s store. Weren’t decent people. Before you threw us the towns people, the priest and the mayor. Now this, no senora that’s enough with your attacks. Did you hear me?” Dona Dona asks, “are you threating me?” Juana Valentina tells her, “no I am warning you and that’s the difference. Soon I’m leaving Corozal. Then you don’t have to put up with my presense. But I won’t be very far, for your information you heard me. So if I find out, that you do anything against my sister. I will create such a scandal, that all of Corozal will find out. Plus the entire region, do you hear me? You have been warned.” Dona Dona doesn’t say a word.

When Juana Valentina is walking out of the house, she comes across Manuel Efe and Ruben. Manuel Efe simply asks, “hey your here but where is my car? Where is my car?” Juana Valentina tells him, “here is your keys the car is parked by the pink house. The next time, don’t leave your keys in the car. They are going to rob you.” Manuel Efe asks, “so does that mean you had a great trip any problems?” Juana Valentina tells him, “nothing well some parts fell down but nothing important.” Manuel Efe utters, “parts missing what did you hit?” Juana Valentina tells him, “well boy something went right in front of me. I just didn’t see them, I also hit some chickens plus one thing when I arrived home.” Manuel Efe utters, “could it have been chickens? My poor little car.” Juana Valentina utters, “yes.” Manuel Efe then utters, “I’m going to check out my car.” Juana Valentina yells out, “hey nothing happened your exaggerating.” When he’s gone, Ruben tells her. “See that the only thing he cared about, was his little car. Instead of the woman who was driving it. So is everything alright?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes but I’m angry at you. For that little scene you created in the bathroom.” Ruben tells her, “I’m sorry for my behavior. The thing is I was quite furious. I didn’t know what I was doing.” Juana Valentina utters, “yeah right.”

Ruben tells her, “neither what I was saying. Juana Valentina you must understand, when you are by my side. My blood starts to race, sometimes I think my veins will come out. My heart beats so fast, like I’m at a rock concert. My mouth starts talking by itself. Without my permission, I start saying thing I shouldn’t be saying. I am really jealous, when your with another man. Even if its only for 10 minutes.” Juana Valentina moves away, “what your saying is just absured Ruben. Its like me getting angry at you. For accusing you of things, that you are doing or you might do. Oh that’s unbeliveable no frege.” Ruben tells her, “yes I know that its absurd. Yes that I am your brother, yes that I have no right to feel what I’m feeling. Love doesn’t know blood ties or rights.” Juana Valentina asks, “is that everything.” Ruben tells her, “look Juana Valentina I know I screwed up. I’m sorry, but at that moment. I began talking with my heart, not my head. I promise you, that it won’t occur again.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I know that it won’t occur again.” Ruben tells her, “well then?” Juana Valentina tells him, “well we aren’t going to see one another ever again. Well it seems destiny at last. Stop playing games with me, I’ve been given the opportunity to work in Chinu.” Ruben tells her, “the person that’s talking without merit is you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “its best for the both of us Ruben. Thinking with my head, its for the best. Look you and I, can’t even see one another. Seriously, we are like two poles that are apart. As poles we can’t be united.” Ruben tells her, “that stupid destiny that you speak off made us both get to know one another. For a reason it happened.” Juana Valentina tells him, “destiny also introduced you to four other sisters. All of them, are staying right here enjoying having them here. Enjoy their existance, don’t be so sad that one of us is leaving. That is final.” Ruben tells her, “I just can’t see you as my sister.” Juana Valentina tells him, “the same goes for me I can’t see you as my brother. That’s the problem.” Dona Dona begins calling him, “Ruben Calixto Ruben Calixto.” He yells out, “coming mother. Juana Valentina please, don’t go.” Juana Valentina tells him, “that is what I decided to do. I am leaving.”

Calixto shows up, “hey your here in my home. What’s this?” Juana Valentina tells him, “well hello Don Calixto.” Calixto asks, “so your not going to the grand opening of Juana Manny’s salon and Juana Calidad’s store?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes of course. The thing is I just came by to say goodbye to you. I am moving to Chinu.” Sadly he utters, “everything?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes practically Don Calixto. I just wanted to thank you for everything that you have done. For me and my sisters, thank you thank you very much thank you.” Calixto tells her, “well it was the least I could do. After 25 years, that I didn’t know nothing about you all. I know it won’t erase those 25 years, but at least I know that you are fine now. Will you be alright?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes I’ll be fine don’t you worry about me.” Calixto tells her, “well if one day in any place or location. If you need anything, or have a change of heart. Or have a change of opinion, or if you want to adopt the name Salguero. You let me know, I will then look for you. We will get all that legal arrangement done as soon as possible.” Juana Valentina tells him, “thank you but no. No that won’t occur.”

Calixto tells her, “well Juana Valentina I just want to know about you. I want you to call and explain how things are going for you. I want you to come visit me. We can’t let another 25 years go by. That I don’t know what your doing, I know its a bit late. I want you to know from me, meeting you and getting to know you. It has been a wonderful blessing. Everything that has occured doesn’t matter. Doesn’t matter the attitude of the people. We must simply understand them. What’s important is that, every single morning I wake up full and peaceful like calm waters. Oh I thank god, for be able to find you. Don’t you dare get lost, because I will move dirt and sand to recuperate you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “Don Calixto I will write too you. That is my sincere promise. You know something, I now understand my mother. I now understand, that she gave herself to a good man. I was the result of a grand night. A full moon that was full of music, and drinking lots of rum in Puerto Columbia. Just like you said, but I will always call you Mr. Calixto because I will never be able to call you father.” He’s sad with the news, and doesn’t say anything. She gives him a kiss on the cheek, as she’s ready to leave. Ruben stops her, “Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells him, “we will see one another at the salon plus the store alright.” Dona Dona screams out, “I’m waiting for you Ruben.” Ruben yells out, “I’m coming.” Then he looks over at Juana Valentina. “I’m going go to your mother.” Ruben tells her, “I’ll take you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “come on Ruben I’m walking.” Ruben tells her, “but its too far away.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I’ll see you there.” Both men watch her leave, Calixto utters. “Like my friend says, my daughter is a rafaga.” Then he enters the house, Ruben continues to stare out into the garden.

bannerEPISODE 20

bannerRuben notices a strange occurance in the weather. He goes over and closes the window. He sees Dona Dona and asks. “Oh why the eleganace?” Dona Dona tells him, “what did you forget that tonight was the asking of the hand of Maria Delia. We are meeting officially her parents.” Ruben tells her, “but we have like three hours.” Dona Dona tells him, “we must be very presentable. That family needs all our respect, and appreciation. They didn’t pressure Maria Delia, to break up with you. When they found out, you know the iligetimates. Oh not taking away nothing from your father. The five dishonors, well after I explained everything that occured. They considered it was our intimate problem. That nobody had a right to interfere. Ramona told me clear as day.” Ruben asks, “don’t tell me you spoke to Maria Delia’s mother about this?” Dona Dona tells him, “well what did you expect your father wasn’t going to do it. I did it for you son, because its your father’s sin. You didn’t have to carry it. Do me a favour Ruben, inform Mr. Salguero he has to dress appropriately for the occasion. You go and put yourself new son.” Ruben tells her, “why don’t you tell him yourself?” Dona Dona tells him, “to tell who of what?” Ruben tells her, “the old man about his wardrobe. Instead of leaving messages with Todoelmundo and me. Why don’t you try to reconcile with him?” Dona Dona tells him, “it wasn’t me that was unfaithful. Plus it wasn’t me, that was gallivanting around with women. While my wife, tried desperate to get pregnant. No Ruben Calixto, I never wanted this to happen.” Ruben tells her, “but it did happen. What’s left is that we must accept it, so we can try to be a family. Like what we were before.” Dona Dona tells him, “I have my dignity son. With what occured, one can’t clean up the floor just like that. Its too much, that I have to worry about Senor Salguero’s is properly dressed.” Ruben asks, “what will it be then you will never forgive him?” Dona Dona tells him, “let god forgive him. I just can’t.” Then she heads to her room.

Ruben fixes himself a drink, when Calixto shows up. “Serve up another rum.” Ruben tells him, “mother said you must make yourself elegant.” Calixto tells him, “well at least she is starting to worry about. What I put on now, well that’s an advance.” Ruben tells him, “don’t believe it. Well she’s doing it more for Maria Delia than for you. Mother is very full of illusions, plus she is very stubborn and firm with her decision.” Calixto tells him, “the only thing that united us was you. Well now your getting married. What is going to happen too us?” Ruben tells him, “dad I’m not getting married. The visit for today, is just a regular visit that’s all. Do you understand, I’m not going to ask for her hand. Well I’m doing this, to please my mother. To relax Maria Delia for a time. I still don’t want to get married.” Calixto asks, “I am going to ask you are you in love with Maria Delia. Come on tell me, are you in love with Maria Delia?” Ruben tells him, “the thing is I’m not sure anymore. I know that Maria Delia would make a wonderful wife. She knows how to do this perfectly. Would be the perfect mother to my children. I’m not sure that I want, to spend the rest of my life by her side.” Calixto tells him, “Ruben mariage is an important. Its a very important delicate step, one must do it. When one is very sure that it will be done. I have never regret it, that I married your mother. She was the only woman, that has managed to arrange every sock in one of my drawers. The papers in my office, and the ideas in my head. That is why now, I feel like a dog that has no owner. Walking without a firm path, I don’t taste the food anymore. Hearing the birds sing, that once sweetened my ears. Now its just a bunch of noise.” Ruben pats his dad’s knee. “Look why don’t you get fixed up. Put on that brown outfit, the one mother likes. With the pink shirt.” Calixto tells him, “I’m going to make myself elegant. So I can please your mother’s taste. Then the window starts moving like before. Wait a minute, its a calm day where did this wind come from?” Ruben tells him, “I don’t know then he locks the window.

Juana Valentina is packing up as is Tere. She tells her, “well Juana Calidad had few clients. Over at the salon, nobody came by. Its all because of Ruben’s mother’s fault. Well hopefully that will be fixed tomorrow.” Tere tells her, “no that woman is a snake.” Juana Valentina tells her, “these are my sisters it just hurts me. But put yourself in her shoes. This poor woman, went to several doctors. Witch doctors, did pilgrimages, took baths in weird concoctions. To see if she will get pregnant. While her husband, was romancing five different women. Then the poor thing, finds out about these affairs 24 years later. No she will never adore the Juanas. That is impossible Tere.” Tere tells her, “yes I fully agree with you. Why do think my sisters haven’t returned already? I’m thinking something has happened?” The window blows open, and Tere tells her. “Maybe they are waiting for this storm to pass. Oh dear lord, it stopped just like I had conjured it up. Did you notice that?” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes that’s true. There’s someone at the door. Alright that must be Manuel Efe to confirm our trip tomorrow. Finish packing the suitcases I’ll go talk too him.” Tere tells her, “yes my love.”

Outside the door, is Todoelmundo. He utters, “man poor Tere is going to have a lot of work to do out here.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh hi Todoelmundo.” Todoelmundo tells her, “the whole world doesn’t understand this weather. When there’s wind here, over at the Dolorosa no. If its windy over there, over here nothing. Is Terezalsura here?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes she is finishing up with the suitcase.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well I brought her this one since now she knows how to do them. She will enjoy it immensely.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I am sure of it.” Todoelmundo asks, “where are your sisters?” Juana Valentina tells him, “they haven’t arrived yet.” Todoelmundo tells her, “really I would have thought they would be making you a goodbye party.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no they are in no mood for a party.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well then excuse me then.” Juana Valentina tells him, “ok bye.” Then she starts collecting the leaves.

Over at the Salguero house, Ruben opens the window and notices its windy once more. Calixto tells him, “if your mother doesn’t hurry we are going to be late. We are going to be joined over there by Judge Germias Guerra. Oh come over here, what’s wrong Ruben? Why are you so pensive.” Ruben tells him, “oh its nothing. I was just thinking, if its that windy all over the region?” Dona Dona comes out, and asks. “Ruben Calixto let me look at you. Ruben closes the window and turns around. Oh son you are looking quite well. We want to make a very good impression to Maria Delia’s family.” Ruben tells her, “oh come mom its not like they don’t know us. This shouldn’t be a big deal.” Dona Dona tells him, “listen this is a very formal visit. Its an important formal visit, we must go very nicely presentable. Go and put on your coat. I just hope that your father Mr. Salguero behaves himself. Well then lets go then.” Both men shrug and the three leave.

Over at the pink house, Juana Valentina and Tere wait in the living room. Tere tells her, “it seems your sisters don’t want to say goodbye too you.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I guess so well in any case they must come here to sleep.” Todoelmundo shows up, “hey while your here why not go with me. Take this oportunity, since its not windy to come with me.” Tere asks, “and invitation to what? Todoelmundo tells her, “well how about a beer.” Tere tells him, “well if you want one I can serve you one.” Todoelmundo tells her, “then it wouldn’t be an invitiation Terezalsura. Oh come on its just to say goodbye Juana Valentina. I think its an honour for me, considering I was the first person you met when you arrived here to Corozal. What do you say?” Tere tells her, “oh come on lets go?” Juana Valentina tells them, “alright lets go then.”

Over at Maria Delia’s place. Calixto tells them, “I fully support Fuentelafria’s campaign promises. He knows full well, what is going on in this region. Like the back of his hand, who would have thought. That after all these years, instead of being an architect he prefers being a politician. Well even though, this does give me a chill in my spine.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “excuse me for the interruption. Let me give you another view point, another opnion. What is your opinion regarding this. Politics is like languages, you learn when your young or you learn badly.” Calixto tells him, “yes nicely said comparde.” Maria Delia asks, “care for another drink Rubensito.” Ruben tells her, “well alright excuse me.” Dona Dona tells them, “well I propose we finish the political discussion. We should discuss other matters.” Ruben tells her, “but mother politics is very important. Considering the elections are coming up. For example, you two who are you going to vote for? Carmichael Fuentelafria or Felix Arejoa.” Ramona tells them, “well dear I’m voting for Carmichael Fuentlafria.” Her husband replies, “I’m voting for Felix Arejoa.” Judge Geremias Guerra utters, “see.” Ruben tells him, “see that is what I’m talking about.” Dona Dona is furious, and watches Ruben take off. Calixto tells them, “that’s their opinion well that is the state of politics now. Because it goes against traditions.”

Over at the Dolorosa, all is quiet. The three arrive, and they are greeted by Poncho. “Well hello Juana Valentina come on in.” His father tells her, “nice to have you here once again.” Poncho tells her, “well Tere.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh its so quiet here.” Poncho tells her, “it happens every monday Juana Valentina. It seems that everyone regrets that they were drinking on Saturday and Sunday. What do you think?” Tere tells him, “well I guess.” Poncho tells them, “well then why don’t you sit down.” Todoelmundo tells them, “I’ll be right back.” Tere tells him, “alright go ahead.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh how elegant just look at these table cloths.” Poncho tells them, “it was my father’s idea. A change of sorts, now then seno. How about a beer with limonade.” Tere tells him, “oh you remembered?” Poncho tells him, “well what can I say of course I remember. Your were the one that ordered it, and you know what. It has become the speciality of the house.” Tere tells him, “you don’t say?” Poncho asks, “one for you as well?” Juana Valentina tells him, “sure thank you.” Poncho tells his dad, “two beers dad.” Juana Valentina tells her, “even though this is monday this is pretty strange. Oh its very quiet. Then Octavio shows up singing. Oh dear lord oh thank you.” Along with him, is the rest of the band and the group of friends. Plus the Juanas, one by one they get hugged by Juana Valentina.

Over at the quiet gathering at Maria Delia’s. The talk is still politics, and Ruben is with Maria Delia. He remembers his talk with Juana Valentina. Maria Delia tells him, “isn’t it wonderful that or parents gets along wonderfully. There are many couples that aren’t so lucky. Just think of Romeo and Juliet.” Ruben tells her, “yes that’s true there are couples with a lot of problems. That make their love impossible.” Maria Delia tells him, “well I’m not saying this is impossible Rubensito. Love will conquer all don’t you think.” Ruben utters, “everything no that is a legend.” Maria Delia tells him, “well our love there is no difficulties. Both of our parents work together divinely. See they agree with everything.” Ruben miserably utters, “yes that is right.”

Over at the Dolorosa, the group are all sitting down. Juana Matilde tells her, “we weren’t going to let you go just like that. Your four sisters have a present to give you.” Juana Manny tells her, “that is correct.” Juana Valentina utters, “a gift?” Juana Matilde tells her, “well various gifts from each other.” Juana Valentina asks, “well what type of gifts let me see?” Juana Matilde tells her, “I can’t tell you that. You will see girl, well from me you will mine now. Your going to have to take it as a memory. Juana Calidad starts crying, and Juana Valentina holds her. Oh come on Juana Calidad.” Juana Valentina tells her, “now Juana Manny tell your mother. She can come live with you all at the house. That way the room isn’t empty.” Juana Manny tells her, “no way your room will remain empty because we have the hope that you will fail in Chinu. Then you will have to return.” The guys fully agree. Juana Matilde tells her, “your going to return very quickly just you wait and see.” Mauricio tells her, “now may I visit you this coming weekend to Chinu Juana Valentina?” Octavio then tells her, “I see you before that in Chinu.” Juana Valentina tells him, “none of you will be going anywhere. Unless you are accompanied with one of my sisters.” Mauricio tells her, “well in that case how about Juana Calidad care to join me?” She shyly moves her head no and looks away.

Octavio asks, “what about it Juana Matilde?” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh please I wouldn’t go across the street with you pal.” The group start laughing, Octavio asks. “Well how about it Juana Manny?” Juana Manny tells him, “yes but only to the gym. So I can have the pleasure of beating you up.” The group start laughing, and Octavio moves away. Juana Bautista asks, “at what time are you leaving?” Juana Valentina tells her, “I want to go early but I haven’t had a chance to talk to Manuel Efe.” Juana Calidad asks, “what about your birthday?” Juana Valentina asks, “what about my birthday?” Juana Calidad tells him, “what your going to celebrate your birthday with just Terezalsura.” Juana Valentina tells them, “ok let me propse something.” Tere asks, “what is on your mind now?” Juana Valentina tells them, “the 30 falls on a sunday right?” They utter, “yes.” Juana Valentina tells them, “why don’t you all head to Chinu. We can then have two days of celebration.” Everyone cheers and applaudes, then Juana Matilde gets on the stage. Juana Matilde tells her, “Juana Valentina this is special for you. Plus Terezalsura, but its more for you. You are my sister, don’t forget this pueblo that one united us all. United all the juanas.” Then Tere dances with Todoelmundo, Juana Manny tries to get Juana Calidad to dance. It doesn’t work, even when Mauricio shows up. She remains seated, so he ends up dancing with Juana Manny. Juana Bautista asks, “so did you say goodbye to Ruben?” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes this afternoon. I said goodbye to him forever.”

Back at Maria Delia’s place, Ruben is so sad and miserable. Calixto tells them, “now then what strange weather were having lately? The first to mention this was Todoelmundo, I didn’t pay him no heed but. Now its starting to worry me.” Dona Dona tells them, “what has me worried is the silence of my son Ruben Calixto. Now Ruben Calixto say something. You haven’t said two phrases this entire night.” Ruben tells them, “yes but what do you want me to say?” Dona Dona tells him, “what ever you consider saying?” Judge Germias Gurra tells them, “now with these words I won’t be saying anything new. Maria Delia has informed you, about the motive of our visit here today. In the name of my compardre Calixto, and my dear Dona Dona. Plus my godson Ruben Calixto. On behalf of the entire family, the pleasure of the future marriage of Maria Delia with Ruben. We should all see this with great complicit anticipation. Ruben is conscious that he is very fortune, of being with your only lovely daughter. He values that he has all of Maria Delia love. He values her like a fine priced jewel. One doesn’t dare ask for permission for a daughters hand. At this point, his mind is filled with legal business matters. But I’m here to inform you, he is quite serious about this. He has the best intentions with Maria Delia.” Ruben tells him, “one minute godfather. Oh nothing is more serious than this matter, Dona Ramona Don Rodrigo. With all due respect, he takes Maria Delia’s hand. I would like to ask your permission to marry your daughter.” Maria Delia gasps in shock, as is Don Calixto who knows his true feeling. I am doing this in the presense, of my parents plus my godfather. With assurance that I will make her quite happy for the rest of her life.” Maria Delia utters, “oh my Rubensito my love.” Dona Dona is overjoyed and smiles away. But then she glances at a very serious Ruben.

Back at the pink house, the girls arrive home singing away. Juana Valentina playfully dances with Juana Calidad. Then Tere singing asks, “what would my girls like coffee or hot chocolate?” Juana Matilde tells them, “well I perfer another gallon of rum. Or what ever but I’d prefer a rum.” Juana Manny tells her, “hey you got Don Calixto’s vice with the rum. You can’t deny she’s his daughter.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well where did you get your vice in hitting the entire world?” Tere tells them, “alright girls don’t start a fight now. So what do you want?” Juana Bautista tells her, “I’ll have a coffee.” Juana Valentina tells her, “nothing for me.” Juana Manny tells her, “I’ll have that coffee.” Tere tells them, “I’ll get both just in case you all change your mind.” Juana Matilde serves herself a rum, and utters. “Salute.” Juana Bautista tells them, “how about the other gifts now? Juana Valentina has to get up really early. Its really late now.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I like that better.” Juana Matilde utters, “now where did I put mine?” Juana Bautista tells them, “come over here with the presents.” Juana Calidad tells them, “I’m first I’ll explain each one. Now this is an image of Maria Antonia Clairce. She will take good care of you.” Juana Valentina utters, “oh how divine.” Juana Calidad tells her, “not this is the copy that I made of all the best poems of San Ines de la Cruz. To remind you how men really are. Well this material is for you, so you can place in your new home.” Juana Valentina is very moved, and tells her. “Oh Juana Calidad where ever I go is where I will live. But this place will always be my house always thank you.”

Hugs are exchanged and next is Juana Manny. “My turn my turn, now this is for you to do excercise. Its great for your health.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well my dear I’m going to use this everyday. The next championship that will happen, will be between you and I heard me thank you very much.” Hugs are exchanged, next is Juana Matilde. “Well I already sang your song.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes and I loved it.” Juana Matilde tells her, “no thank you I also have one for Juana Calidad but I can’t remember where I put it.” Juana Calidad tells her, “a gift for me.” Juana Matilde asks them, “not give me some clues so I can remember where I put them. Now then I remember now, I knew I put it someplace. This Juana Calidad is for you.” Juana Calidad tells her, “ohh a calculator thank you very much. This is going to help me so very much.” Juana Matilde tells her, “well it will help you so very much at your store. You turn it on here, I’ll explain to you how the other buttons work later. I think that where this girl was in, that convent was living in the ancient century. Oh that was a joke.” Juana Bautista tells her, “this is for you.” She is given the portrait that she has finally finished. Juana Valentina utters, “oh thank you its so very beautiful. Thank you thank you, its too remind you we are five. Even though your last name is Echenique. Well six including Ruben.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well that is something I will never forget. Oh dear none of you also forget, that together. Together we will all go on ahead. One more thing, nothing or nobody who ever that person may be. Will go against the Juanas.”

Over at the Salguero house, compero get up when the family returns. Calixto pats the dog, and everyone turns to look at Ruben. Then Dona Dona goes to her room, Ruben follows. “Why did you do it?” Ruben tells her, “what did I do?” Dona Dona tells him, “you know quite clearly what I am referring about.” Ruben tells her, “Maria Delia is my girlfriend right? Its not strange that the boyfriend asks his girlfriend her hand in marriage.” Dona Dona tells him, “its strange because the boyfriend is you. You have been repeating for some time now. That you don’t want to get married now. I am your mother Ruben Calixto, I know you before you were born. To me you can’t lie too me.” Ruben tells her, “well I changed my idea one day to the next.” Dona Dona tells him, “look I just want to know where did this drastic change come from.” Ruben tells her, “you know what mother. You were completely correct, yes its time that I create my own proper home. I know that she will be a grand mother. Will be an excellent wife, that I don’t doubt. Well then if that’s everything, I have to go…” Dona Dona tells him, “no that isn’t everything. I hope that Maria Delia is the perfect wife. But Ruben Calixto, will you be that perfect husband too her?” Ruben tells her, “well that I don’t know but I hope so.” Dona Dona tells him, “I was watching you all night. Son you were quite serious, something is causing you turmoil. This sadness is flowing through every one of your pores.” Ruben tells her, “I can count on Maria Delia’s love. I just can’t hope that she will continue waiting. For the rest of her life. Tonight I have a lot of work to do. Tomorrow what ever happens happens. Always will I continue waiting. Something that will never happen. Something that can never happen, well mom. You can relax I’m fine, I’m just a bit tired and a bit sleepy. I’m going to bed, tomorrow I’ll head the crops to see how they are. You get some rest.” Dona Dona simply shakes her head.

Juana Valentina nor Ruben can sleep this night. Ruben is outside with compero, watching the wind. While Juana Valentina tosses and turns in her bed. Its much later when Juana Valentina awakes Juana Bautista. “Man you need an earthquake to awaken you.” She utters, “what is it?” Juana Valentina asks, “I need you to read my cards.” Juana Bautista asks, “what time is it?” Juana Valentina tells her, “its about three in the morning.” Juana Bautista tells her, “isn’t this a big strange and unusual for you Juana Valentina. To do this early in the morning, ask me at a decent hour.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I just can’t wait please get up ok.” Juana Bautista tells her, “man let me at least wake up I’m still sleepy.” Juana Valentina tosses her head, “wake up brain wake up. Read me my cards.” Juana Bautista utters, “enough the cards are in the first drawer. I put them under everything, so nobody with negative energy. Touches them, and ruins the entire deck. I can’t read them too you, I can’t see nothing.” She tries to get back to sleep and covers herself once more. Juana Valentina tells her, “oh just look at you where is your will power. Oh come on, don’t fall back to sleep don’t let it over power you. Oh come on wake up, please this is the last night. I’m spending in this house, I’m not going to do this again. Even if I wanted too, I just can’t please.”

Juana Bautista gets up, “you just had to remind me that your leaving tomorrow.” Juana Valentina tells her, “you mean today.” Juana Bautista tells her, “fine I have a right to ask you one question. Why are you waking me up to read your cards?” Juana Valentina tells her, “I just have a bad feeling. Look its pretty strong, only a bad feeling will take away my sleep. I’m tossing back and forth in bed, and I just can’t sleep.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well if one can’t sleep they drink chamomile water. Fine then let me see those cards, can you image everyone that suffers from insomnia. Has a reading of the tarot, oh girl I would be stuck sleeping in the morning.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I can’t get out of my head the salamander and the devil. You told me, what is going too happen won’t happen.” Juana Bautista tells her, “well that was for your trip to Barranquilla. Now give the seven cards too me.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes when I arrived I found out I was robbed of everything.” Juana Bautista tells her, “I don’t know if I couldn’t sleep because I was thinking that. Or if its this bad feeling I have.” Juana Bautista tells her, “look if the cards say you must cancel your trip will you do so?” Juana Valentina tells her, “no.” Juana Bautista tells her, “look of course not it would go against your Aries characteristics. You won’t change your plans, nothing will stop you.” Juana Valentina tells her, “well the thing is I just want to be prepared for the unexpected.” Juana Bautista begins turning the cards. “Expect the unexpected.” Juana Valentina utters, “again?” Juana Bautista asks, “would you like me to continue.” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes but I’m scared.” Juana Bautista tells her, “some of the cards are reversed. Oh there is your happiness.” Then Juana Valentina shuffles the cards. “No no look I’m going anyway.” Juana Bautista tells her, “its what you have decided. Not what the cards say.” Then Juana Valentina leaves the room.

Juana Matilde gets up, “hey you scared me girl. What are you doing up, its not even morning yet?” Juana Valentina tells her, “I wanted to start making breakfast for all of you.” Juana Matilde asks, “isn’t it way too early for making breakfast?” Juana Valentina utters, “I just can’t sleep.” Juana Matilde asks, “care for me to join you? I said do you want me to come along.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no your liabel to fall asleep on the stove.” Juana Matilde tells her, “man its cold so when did the storm stop?” Juana Valentina tells her, “just a few minutes ago.” Then they both head downstairs, then the wind blows the window open. Tere gets up and notices that Juana Valentina isn’t there. She heads down, Juana Valentina and Juana Matilde start putting the placemats. “Oh I don’t know where my life is going? I can’t spend my entire life, singing at the Dolorosa. You know why, because in three months the entire town of Corozal. Will know all of my songs, and they won’t want to listen to me every again in their lives.” Tere utters, “good morning girls.”

Juana Matilde utters, “morning Tere.” Tere tells them, “when I saw you I thought you were Juana Calidad.” Juana Matilde tells them, “well she did go to bed rather late.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I just wanted to make them a goodbye breakfast.” Tere tells her, “oh no dear you come over here. You didn’t even sleep.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no I didn’t sleep a wink. I just couldn’t get any sleep, and I don’t know why.” Tere tells her, “oh how strange you never have any problems getting to sleep. Unless its the same reason, you had when we first arrived here in Corozal.” Juana Valentina gives her a dirty look. Juana Calidad tells him, “oh good morning may the sint antonia maria clarice. Protect you all.” They all utter, “may her saintly name be blessed.” Juana Matilde has now fallen back to sleep, and then awakens when she seess Juana Calidad. She repeat, “may her saintly name be blessed.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I am going to prepare breakfast you don’t move a finger. You sit down, and I’ll serve you heard me.” Juana Calidad tells her, “oh that storm lasted till two this morning.” Juana Valentina tells her, “it calmed down now who wants coffee.” Everyone utters, “me.” Juana Matilde utters, “need help with the eggs.” Juana Valentina utters, “sure.” Then takes her to the kitchen, Juana Matilde utters. “Oh it bothers me, why couldn’t you have said no.” Juana Calidad tells Tere, “Terezalsura.” Tere tells her, “oh no not that idea with the herbs again. Your sisters are still sick from the last time that you did it.”

In the kitchen, Juana Matilde asks. “So what does the house look like. The one that your going to be living in?” Juana Valentina tells her, “its pretty small the other half is full with the pawn shop. Its good for me and Tere.” Juana Matilde asks, “how much are you going to get paid?” Juana Valentina tells her, “nothing.” Juana Matilde utters, “nothing?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well they are going to give me merchandise that’s worth 5000. When they return from their trip. I have to respond for their money. Do you understand? What ever difference, that goes up well that’s mine.” Juana Matilde utters, “what if its down then what happens?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well then I’m not good at the business.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh no you might call me Juana I don’t get it. But I really don’t get it, I think its best that you stay here in Corozal. Help out Juana Calidad with her economic store.” Juana Valentina tells her, “no thanks.” Juana Matilde asks, “tell me something Juana Valentina. Do you really want to leave? Do you have to leave? Or do you most definately have to leave?” Juana Valentina tells her, “the three things.” Tere shows up, “dear I just hope the weather improves. I don’t want to travel with that storm still going on.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh don’t you worry Manuel Efe drives well. Oh damn it, yesterday with the goodbye party. I complete forgot to ask Manuel Efe, what is the best time for us to leave.”

In the Salguero house, they are having breakfast. Manuel Efe tells Calixto. “Well uncle, now since I’m heading to Salhagun I’ll be passing by Chinu. That is where I’m going to drop her off.” Calixto tells him, “if your aunt finds out she’s going to kill you. I’m really relaxed now that at least she is going with you.” Manuel Efe tells him, “I really like the idea. Well the thing is uncle, Juana Valentina isn’t pushing me away.” Calixto tells him, “but she’s your cousin. Well in fact, she’s nothing yours.” Manuel Efe tells him, “well the thing is from the first moment that I saw her. She impacted me, not only that I didn’t know who she was yet. I am not heading to Bogota or Medellin because of her.” Calixto asks, “wait a minute what does she say?” Manuel Efe tells him, “she doesn’t say anything. I am going to use this trip to Chinu. To talk formally with her, very seriously. Uncle would you see, me and Juana Valentina together. Like were dating?” Calixto tells him, “well that is her choice not mine.” Dona Dona calls him, “Manuel Efe.” Manuel Efe tells her, “yes aunt.” Dona Dona shows up, “well then Ruben had to go to the crop very early this morning. He would like you to wait for him. Don’t leave until he returns.” Manuel Efe tells her, “hopefully he won’t be too late aunt. The thing that I learned in Europe was being punctual. I don’t want to be late for my schedule appoitnment. Aunt uncle Calixto told me what occured lat night. So when is the wedding?” Dona Dona tells him, “well as of now there is no date yet. Oh I’m a bit worried that Ruben Calixto hasn’t returned yet. Yeah considering the real person that has to do these types of things. Doesn’t have the time to take care of them. Well the son is stuck having to deal with them.” Then she takes off.

At the pink house, everyone is sitting down in the living room. Juana Valentina tells them, “now I expect all of you to come visit me once and a while.” Juana Calidad tells her, “yes of course I’ll be going with Ruben.” Juana Valentina glances over at Juana Bautista.” Juana Manny utters, “what up with the nun? Its the first time she makes plan with a man.” Juana Calidad tells them, “well Ruben isn’t a man he’s our brother.” Juana Matilde tells them, “oh no he’s a man all right and he’s very attactive. Oh its a darn shame he’s our brother.” Juana Manny tells them, “no its a total loss for he’s very good looking.” Tere is on the phone, and utters. “Oh here is Juana Valentina its Manuel Efe on the phone.” Juana Valentina tells her, “thanks Tere.” Juana Matilde whispers, “oh he has a major crush on Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes this is Juana Valentina I needed to know. When are you going to pick us up? Well you see, if your not here in a half an hour. Don’t bother showing up, I’m leaving without you. No no no hey goodbye.” She goes and sits back down, Juana Matilde tells them. “See did you see that. That’s why she has him eating out of her hands. Even thought she treats him that way.” Juana Valentina asks, “who?” They utter, “Manuel Efe.” Juana Manny tells her, “yes Manuel Efe don’t play the idiot. Oh he’s so drooling over you.” Juana Valentina tell her, ” oh come on.” Juana Manny tells her, “the other one is Mauricio Fuentelafria.”

Juana Matilde tells her, “well there’s one more and that’s Octavio.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh no the one he likes is you.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh no you should see the way those droopy eyes looks at you. I don’t know what Juana Valentina gives these men. To have them act so strangely, they are all trembling after her. Yes its true, so very true.” Juana Bautista tells her, “we are so going to miss you.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh I’m going to miss all of you as well. I’m going to be thinking about you as well. Please please I am asking for my soul. Don’t do nothing bad, nothing that I wouldn’t do please.” Juana Bautista tells her, “older sister don’t you worry. Now then the next time, we meet will be my birthday party in Chinu. It will be a grand party, I assure you. You will all go with your boyfriends, that’s what I’m waiting for.” Juana Matilde tells her, “where will we get them from?” Juana Valentina tells her, “well there’s Mauricio Octavio Miguel Poncho. What’s the other guys’s name, Gualberto or Lazador the one that plays the acordian. There’s so many to choice from.” Juana Calidad tells her, “if I go it will be with Ruben.” Once again Juana Bautista glances over to Juana Valentina. Juana Manny tells her, “hey there nun that was a nice gift you made Juana Valentina. You know the best present that’s best to give her. Before she leaves.” Juana Calidad asks, “what is it?” Juana Manny laughing tells her, “if you show her the birthmark.” Then she tries to lift Juana Calidad’s skirt, she screams. “Juana Manny stop that. You know I don’t like games like that.” They jump up, and Juana Bautista asks. “Hey what was that?” Juana Matilde utters, “it sounded like a gun.” Juana Calidad tells her, “do dear lord.” Juana Manny tells her, “maybe a car tire?”

Then they all head outside, Juana Valentina utters. “What happened? They see a guy fixing his tire, oh it was just a flat tire.” The guy tells them, “it just happened now?” The girls utters, “oh good it was only that. We got all scared.” Ruben then shows up, he gets out. Juana Valentina utters, “why is the truck like that? Why the look on your face? Something happened? Just tell me?” Ruben simply stares at her with a horrified look upon his face.

bannerEPISODE 21

bannerAt the salguero house, Manuel Efe has begun to pace back and forth. Dona Dona tells him, “Manuel Efe calm down.” Manuel Efe. Manuel Efe tells her, “no aunt the thing is I have to leave.” Dona Dona tells him, “but Ruben said that you have to wait for him.” Dona Dona asks, “what you have to be in Sahagun at a precise time?” Manuel Efe tells him, “look aunt they are waiting for me. If I don’t arrive, they will worry about me.” Dona Dona tells him, “well then call them to notify them your running late.” Manuel Efe tells her, “no I can’t do that aunt I just can’t do it.” Dona Dona tells him, “well why not that’s what the phones were invented. Oh dear Ruben should have been here already. I wonder what could have happened to him.”

At the pink house, Ruben is still in shock and simply sits and stares at the ground. Tere tells him, “here dear drink this you look like your in shock.” Juana Matilde tells him, “oh come on Terezalsura in these cases. He needs something more stronger than water. Water is for ducks, here drink this rum.” Juana Valentina asks, “now tell us what happened?” Ruben tells them, “the heat and wind of the days passed. Had the people quite worried, the winds from last night. Well they came on their own. They brought something, that the farmers had never seen. Not even the oldest one among them. They were strange small animals, they are now destroying everything. Not only one night, they destroyed and entire cultivation. There’s no way to stop them.” Juana Calidad utters, “oh dear lord in heaven.” Ruben continues, “not only was it our estate but several others as well. The plague is all over the region.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well there has to be a solution or no?” The girls utter in unision, “yes.” Ruben tell her, “well that is what the workers are trying to solve. Two men from guatavita, they were also concerned. Those blasted animals are destroying everything. Rice fields, yucca, corn, and the cotton.” Tere utters, “it just can’t be.” Ruben tells her, “but that’s what’s happening nobody understand nothing. Not only it seems like its a plague, but an evil curse. Now what worries me the most, we are going to lose all that we worked for. It was an illusion so big, in many years.” Juana Matilde asks, “your father I mean our father does he know?” Ruben tells them, “no not yet. Well I decided to come here, instead of our house. Its like I didn’t know, where I was going. Damn it why did this have to happen.” Juana Bautista tells him, “because the salamander was next to the devil. Things shouldn’t have occured like that night. The cards were backwards.” Juana Valentina asks, “how are the workers doing Ruben?” Ruben tells them, “very anguishued you can just image. All this rich or poor, signifies a complete ruin.”

Someone’s at the door, its Manuel Efe. Juana Manny tells them, “I’ll go get it.” Its Manuel Efe, and he looks at her. “Oh that Ruben, he’s here while I was waiting for him over there.” Manuel Efe asks, “tell me that Juana Valentina didn’t leave. Tell me that she’s still here.” Juana Manny tells him, “she’s still here.” Manuel Efe tells her, “very good tell her I’ll be waiting in the car.” Juana Manny tells him, “no you tell her tell her yourself.” Manuel Efe tells her, “why can’t you do me this favour?” Juana Manny grabs his hand, “no I’m saying you go in there and tell her yourself.” When he enters, everyone is dead silence. He sees Ruben, here I was waiting for you at your house and you were here. Juana Valentina I am happy that you waited for me. I really do appreciate it, now then I’ll pick up the suitcases. While you say goodbye to everyone.” Juana Valentina tells him, “there is no travelling going to be done Manuel Efe.” Tere uttes, “what?” Manuel Efe utters, “what?” Juana Valentina repeats, “no trip its been cancelled.” Manuel Efe tells her, “but you told me when you called. That you were waiting for me.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well now I’m not.” The girls simply stare at one another and smile. Manuel Efe asks, “what does that mean my beloved cousin Ruben put cockroaches in your head about me.” Ruben tells him, “beloved cousin I didn’t put cockroaches in anybody. I told my sisters, all our cultivation is ruin.” Manuel Efe asks, “what cultivation?” Ruben tells him, “ours the family plus lots of other people as well. We now are in ruins.” Manuel Efe. tells him, “and you say it like its a big joke.” Ruben tells him, “oh if it were only a bad joke or dream but its the truth.” Manuel Efe utters something in french, the girls grin. “So how did it happen?” Ruben tells him, “let my sisters explain I have to go home and do my duty as the son. Talk to my old folks.” Juana Matilde asks, “would you like me to join you Ruben.” Ruben tells her, “no thank you Juana Matilde. I don’t think my mother would like bad news given to her. As you as a witness.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well I wasn’t thinking of her but rather than you.” Ruben tells her, “thank you.” Juana Valentina follows Ruben out the door. “I’ll be right back.”

Outside she asks, “tell me this plague was something you invented to keep me here. Swear it too me.” Ruben tells her, “here you have finished your lesson in driving. Go to the plantations and find out yourself.” Juana Valentina tells him, “look Ruben I’m sorry.” Todoelmundo shows up, “Ruben Salguero Ruben Salguero did you hear the news? Those winds last night girl, they destroyed tons of farms. Juana Valentina rooftops were destroyed, they even brought a plaugue nobody knew exsited. Its as if, every single plague of the world came here. Todoelmundo knows every single plagues of the world. The seven plagues of egypt. The destruction of the Byzantine Empire in 1541. Roman in 590 BC., the terrible black plague in the 1300’s. The london plauge of 1665. The white plagues of 1650. Oh dear this means one thing, its the destruction of Corozal. Plus the entire region.” He takes off, Ruben tells her. “Well maybe its best that you leave to Chinu. For this time, its that I want you to leave.”

Inside Manuel Efe tells them, “I’m sorry for my reaction. I just wasn’t expecting this, I hope that you understand.” Juana Calidad tells him, “well of course we understand Manuel Efe. The one who I don’t understand is San Pedro. Who created those maligant events.” Manuel Efe tells her, “no its not San Pedro’s fault. No not San Pedro’s fault, but this kind of things only happen in poor countries. Its because of the bad infrustructions, there’s just no scienticfic control of the calamities that might occur in the future. Things that are typical in the third world. The girls simply roll their eyes. In Europe it rains, let me tell you in europe it pours more than here. But over there there are infrustructions. That stop anything bad from occuring, not like in our countries. Where its quite typical, do you understand me? Well now will Juana Valentina do?” Juana Valentina returns and tells them. “For no, I’m cancelling my trip.”

Ruben has returned, but instead of telling his parents straight out. He has taken a shower, and changed and is now. Preparing the drink his parents will likely need. Dona Dona shows up and tells him. “Oh son your home at last. So what time did you arrive? I left word saying, that you were to come to my room. As soon as you arrived.” Calixto stares at his son, and wonders what occured. Ruben tells her, “I arrived a half an hour ago. I took a shower and changed, I also heard your message. The thing is, I arrived quite in a terrible state.” He gives his father a glass of rum, Calixto simply stares at it. “Oh Ruben what’s wrong you seem quite nervous. You asked your mother and I, to come here to this living room. Your serving me this rum, without me asking for it. This is giving me a bad vibe.” Ruben tells them, “sit down.” Calixto tells him, “now were sitting down this is getting worse.” Ruben tells him, “look old man… mom. Sometimes life has a cruel way of testing us. So we can show that we are capable of continuing. In this our profession.” Dona Dona tells him, “yes your telling me.” Ruben tells them, “we must not lose faith.” Calixto tells him, “wait son come over here. This is concerning the crop isn’t that right?” Ruben tells them, “well we could lose our entire crop. Unless we haven’t lost it alreay. Calixto drops his rum, and covers his face in horror. Dona Dona passes out. Ruben goes to his mom, mom mom react react please. Dad come on react already. Mom please wake up. He even tries to kiss her to react it doesn’t work. Oh old man dad…. Come on respond.” Calixto simply doesn’t move.

Over at the pink house, Juana Valentina is talking with Tere. Juana Bautista is talking with Juana Manny and Juana Calidad. Juana Matilde is annoyed, because she’s stuck listening to Manuel Efe. After a few minutes he tells them. “Well then everyone, by now Ruben has told his family the truth. Its time for me to see, what I can do to help them.” Juana Matilde utters, “at last. The girls start giggling, and Manuel Efe glances her way. What I meant to say is, at last Ruben can finally breathe. You know him having to taste that bitter fruit. In having to tell his parents about the failure of their crops. Now give kisses over there in Europe.” Manuel Efe simply nods in agreement, and utters. “Yes.” One by one tries to shake their hands to say goodbye. Nobody wants to touch him, and when he reaches Juana Calidad. She utters, “ave maria the pure one.” When he reaches Juana Valentina he tells her, “Juana Valentina I want to tell you. That I am extremely sadden, that our trip has gotten cancelled. I still remember that trip we made to Barranquilla. Do you remember?” Juana Valentina pats his hand, “well anyway thank you very much. Manuel Efe may things go well for you. Manuel Efe kisses her cheek and she utters. Close the door please.” Manuel Efe smiling tells her, “sure.” When he’s gone the girls start talking. Juana Manny tells them, “did you see that poor Manuel Efe. Even his socks start shaking being near Juana Valentina’s.” Juana Valentina tells them, “now is not the time to discuss such things.” Juana Manny tells her, “ok fine.” Juana Valentina asks, “I wonder how Ruben’s parents are taking the news.”

Back at the Salguero house, Dona Dona is now lying on her bed. A doctor is seeing her, he tells Calixto and Ruben. “Dona Dona had a very bad reaction to the news.” Dona Dona awakens and utters, “various ones in the past couple of months.” The doctor tells her, “now your going to have to stay in bed for a couple of days. Until she gets back her strengths, she’s going to have to start taking medications starting today.” Dona Dona tells him, “oh god doesn’t punish with a stick or a pole. He punishes with all his might. Isn’t that right Calixto Salguero.”

In the living room, Manuel Efe tells Ruben. “Sorry for the way I reacted at the Juanas. Well I was just furious, and didn’t know what I was saying. But now its passed, I just hope that what Aunt Dona isn’t serious.” Ruben tells him, “that is all that we needed.” Calixto comes out with the doctor and tells him, “well thank you Doctor Renterea.” He tells him, “follow the instructions.” Calixto tells him, “I’ll send you the money later.” He utters, “alright.” Ruben goes to see his father. “So how’s mom doing?” Calixto tells him, “she can’t suffer any more shocks. She’s way too weak, anything might affect her. She might fall once more, that’s what Dr. Renterea told me. Here is the pescriptions.” Ruben tells him, “don’t worry I’ll take care of this. I’ll send you the drugs. I’m heading now to Link, then back to the ranch.” Calixto tells him, “one minute you are the administrator. I am the rancher, you take care of your things and your mother. Well then bye, oh come over here. Did you talk to Gutierrez about the land? Did you sign the agreement?” Ruben utters, “yes.” Calixto then asks, “and did it reach his land as well.” Ruben tells him, “yes old man yes him as well.” Calixto tells him, “we will talk tonight or tomorrow morning. I’ll go see what I can do.” Then he takes off, Ruben tells him. “I am just so angry but for my old man. Its as if 10 years had come by. With this weight, it has killed his soul.” Manuel Efe tells him, “well you don’t look as well.” Ruben tells him, “I feel really bad Manuel Efe. I am very worried, about my dad and mother. My sisters, the workers, the ranch. Something happened to the world, as if it just happened in a blink of an eye.” Manuel Efe tells him, “I wish I could help you but I don’t know how. They play their old game, oh I should get used too always loosing.”

Its evening now, when Calixto returns. Ruben is working out in the patio checking numbers. Calixto tells him, “hey Ruben.” Ruben tells him, “hi old man.” Calixto asks, “so how’s your mother doing?” Ruben tells him, “well at this moment my mother is still in bed. The doctor came by again, but he just left. Maria Delia has come by and is with her now. So tell me, what did the technicicians say about what happened?” Calixto tells him, “they contacted Bogota to consult. They called everyone, even Africa. They haven’t contacted us yet. So as of yet, there is no solution. How are things going with the banks?” Ruben tells him, “well the truth is dad nothing is going good. Revising everything, we won’t be able to pay back the debt we owe to the bank. We have credits with various banks, plus we had already sold half of the crops that we just lost. Plus of course the money we owe Gutierez for his land.” Calixto tells him, “yes also the money I owe to Judge Geremias Guerra. He loaned out his house, he gave me money. I can’t fail him, plus regarding your sisters. I have to tell them once again, that I have failed them.” Ruben tells him, “well its not your fault old man that this occured. You shouldn’t be saying this.” Calixto tells him, “well that’s how I feel. I feel that I couldn’t give them what they wanted. I’m going to shower and put on something decent. I am begging you come with me. So I can talk to them all.” He then gets up.

Over at the pink house, they are all pretty quiet. When there’s someone at the door, Juana Calidad gets it. The two men show up, everyone utters. “Good evening Don Calixto. How are you father?” They give Calixto kisses and then all take their places. Juana Valentina asks, “how are you doing?” Calixto smiles and takes her hand. “Well then Ruben told me, that all of you know what occured. I would like us to talk, a rum please.” Juana Matilde tells him, “with the way you look you need two. One for you and another for me. Just to join you.” Tere gets the drink, and Juana Matilde gives him a glass.” Calixto sees Juana Manny, “so how’s the training going?” Juana Manny tells him, “well the trainer tells me I’m a young version of Baldomirs.” Calixto tells her, “yes they were one of the best in the world. How are the sales at the economic store?” Juana Calidad tells him, “regular for today but tomorrow who knows.” Calixto asks, “how about that painting? How is your painting?” Juana Bautista tells him, “I finished doing the sisters. I plan on doing the next one about you.” Calixto tells her, “maybe its best to paint your brother. Painting the line of age is very difficult. So how is the singing going? Are you at last done with the la la la’s.” Juana Matilde tells him, “well he told me it won’t stop. Until I learn the different scales.” Calixto asks, “how about that trip? I thought you would be in Chinu at this hour. You should be there already.” Juana Valentina tells him, “I will decide the fate of that trip. After you have said, what you came to tell us.”

Dona Dona has her eyes closed, when Maria Delia is talking. “I came here right away. When I learned that you weren’t feeling well. I had to see you Dona Dona. I am truly sorry what has occured. Part of our region is also affected. Well none was worse affected than yours. Well that is what my father told me at breakfast. Oh my poor Rubensito he must be destroyed. How could this occur, especially at this period in time. I was writing down the lists of guest, that will attend our wedding. I even wanted to send the wedding model of dress. I was going to have made, but now this has to be resolved. After Rubensito returns with his father, after talking to the Juanas. I will tell him, not to worry that I do understand. Especially at these times, when one has to show their love. In the good and bad times.” Dona Dona utters, “Las Juanas. Why would Ruben Calixto and Don Calixto be doing in that house. With all those bastards, what?”

Over at the pink house, Calixto tells them. “Well that is the situation, I have once again failed as a father.” Ruben tells them, “we don’t know if those animals are worms or butterflies. You shouldn’t feel guilty, with what has occured old man. My sisters understand.” Calixto looks over at Juana Manny, and tells her. “Juana Manny I am going to talk to your mother. I will explain everything that occured.” Juana Manny simply utters, “yes sir.” Calixto looks now over to Juana Calidad. Juana Valentina is holding onto Juana Calidad. “Juana Calidad I could talk to the adminstrator of the convent if you want to return. Plus your uncle in Santa Marta, if you want to return to do what you were doing. Well then you two, you decide for everyone. I will try to help you out in any way that I can.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well I was thinking its best that we all talk.” Calixto tells her, “go ahead and talk.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well we will talk by ourselves alone. I will see you tomorrow Don Calixto.” Calixto looks over at his son, “well then Ruben lets go.” Calixto sadly utters, “till tomorrow.” In unison they utter, “tomorrow.” Ruben remains seated, and Juana Valentina tells him. “Till tomorrow brother.” Ruben escortes her to the other room next to his father. “No lets resolve this right here and now.” Juana Valentina tells him, “no tomorrow it will be for the best. See you tomorrow.” Then they relunctantly leave.

The next day Calixto and Ruben go to the ranch. “Just last week this was beautiful crop. As far as the eye could see.” Ruben tells him, “now the technicians are doing everything they can. Using every single one of their insecticide. Once they arrive from Bogota.” Calixto tells him, “by the time they do the tests. They would have already eaten my boots, not only do these creatures eat they also mulitply. Just look around, more are born than are killed.” Ruben tells him, “listen old man have you seen anything like this in your life?” Calixto tells him, “a couple of years ago there was a plague similar to this in the cotton farms. But nothing like this, these are eating what ever they can swallow. Cotton corn etc.” A worker goes next to them, and tells them. “Don Calixto take a look at this.” Calixto tells him, “well look at that they are even eating down to the roots. Leaving the top part, they look like blasted worms.” The guy tells them, “it seems nothing is going to work against these. What are we going too do?” Ruben tells them, “ok pana gather all the workers and their families. Inform them the old man wants to talk to every one of them.” The guy tells them, “words won’t solve nothing.” Then he walks off, Calixto tells him. “Oh there are tons of people that depend on this. What am I going to tell them?” How are we with our funds?” Ruben tells him, “in effect we have five hundred thousand. But what we haven’t used, only 5000 000.” Calixto tells him, “that doesn’t count all the debt that we owe. Were up to our neck in so much debt.” Ruben tells him, “were up to our neck yes.” Calixto tells him, “first its the bank debts. The mortgaged of Judge Germias Guerra. That worries me more, then its the money we owe to Julian Gutierrez. Oh this mess is really bad.”

Over at the pink house, Juana Valentina gets another visit from Manuel Efe. “Now I don’t really understand the finances of Uncle Calixto. What I do know is that his only business is agriculture. He put all his money in that.” Juana Valentina asks, “so how is your aunt doing?” Manuel Efe tells her, “terrible vey terrible. Well she’s in bed now, like the tower of piza fell on top of her.” Juana Valentina tells him, “its just unimagable that a woman that strong. Could be affected in this manner.” Manuel Efe tells her, “well the situation is quite worse Juana Valentina. Well it seems from all account, uncle Calixto is in ruins. He touches her hand, hey but you don’t have to worry.” Juana Valentina moves it away and asks. “Why are you saying this? Manuel Efe tells her, “well you have me. What ever you need, or anything that you fancy.” Juana Valentina tells him, “with full approval of your aunt?” Manuel Efe tells her, “look she may be my aunt. But I don’t have to ask her permission, to do absolutely nothing. Especially if it deals with you Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells him, “well then if you say so. Now take me.” Manuel Efe asks, “go where to Chinu?” Juana Valentina tells him, “no all over the region. I need to know exactly how things are with my two eyes. Or would you like to lend me your car.” Manuel Efe kisses her hand and tells her, “no way I will take you. I don’t want you killing every chicken in the region.” Juana Valentina yells out, “hey Tere Tere my sisters won’t be very long in returning. Tell them not to go anywhere, until I return. I won’t be long bye.”

Juana Manny is at the salon, with Judge Germias Guerra and her mother. “Tell me is Don Calixto in ruins?” Judge Geremias Guerra tells her, “that we don’t know yet. But it seems he’s really in the worst of the farmers that was affected.” Juana Manny tells him, “he told us he lost everything.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells him, “well if he says so one has to believe him. So today you also didn’t get any clientel.” Margarita Cruz tells him, “ever since we opened we haven’t had a single client.” Judge Geremias Guerra tells them, “well the truth is from here on out things are going to be very diffcult. The ladies of Corozal, will now be counting every cent. They won’t want to fix their hair.” Margarita Cruz asks, “oh daughter what will become of us then?” Juana Manny tells her, “we will decide once I have talked with my sisters. Even if Juana Valentina didn’t want to accept, the help from Calixto Salguero. We five are all in this mess.” Judge Germias Guerra smiles and asks, “what did Juana Valentina not travel?” Juana Manny tells him, “no she didn’t travel.”

Juana Calidad tells Mauricio, “when I arrived they were bagging on the door. There was a huge line up. People wanted to buy things here, I sold practically everything that I had. Oh Mauricio…” Mauricio tells her, “Juana Calidad this is what happens when bad things occur. People want to buy before the prices rise.” Juana Calidad asks, “is it that serious?” Mauricio tells her, “its a tremendous deal if my father was involved with agriculture. Not politics he would have shot himself already.” Juana Calidad tells him, “don’t ever talk about those things. Even talking about taking one’s life its a sin. Tell me something, what will now happen to the Salguero’s?” Mauricio tells her, “look if Don Calixto has all his money in agriculture. You can just image it. Juana Calidad blesses herself. Well talking about everything a bit, is it true that Juana Valentina didn’t travel.”

Over at the Dolorosa, Juana Bautista is talking with Miguel and Poncho. Poncho tells them, “its strange to see that its Friday and the Dolorosa is empty. Not one person came in to have breakfast either. It means the situation is pretty serious.” Miguel tells her, “well my father he’s pretty worried and he doesn’t have a crop.” Poncho tells her, “You better tell Juana Matilde, at this rate nobody will want to buy tickets to see her on the weekend.” Juana Bautista asks, “is everyone involved in agriculture?” Miguel tells her, “lots of people. The only one’s that weren’t affected were the buyers.” Poncho tells him, “that’s not everything in the north they are affected with the floods. While the south they are affected with the drought. Man this weather is pretty strange.” Juana Bautista utters, “man that card that was backwards didn’t lie.” Miguel asks, “what?” That’s when Octavio show up complaining, “man I had seven jobs cancelled. As if that wasn’t enough…But hey it make my day, because I have bumped into one of the Juanas. How’s it going Juana Bautista?” Miguel asks, “so tell me any news on the disaster?” Octavio tells him, “well have the town is crying. The other half is at the church. The problem is pretty complicated. How about you do me a favour? What does this tragedy going to do for me? Juana Bautista extends her hand, and he tells her. Oh I don’t read palms.” Juana Bautista tells him, “oh I didn’t want you to read mine. First you must show me a bill, what you think I work without charging.” The two guys start laughing, and Octavio tells her. Well I already told you, I lost seven jobs.” Juana Bautista tells him, “hey people who don’t charge don’t eat sonny.” Octavio asks, “now at least tell me the woman I am going to marry? Do I have a short Juana V in my future?” Juana Bautista asks, “Juana V? Is that a new way a guy declairs himself to a girl? Hey with me don’t have any illusions sonny.” Poncho asks, “hey what happened?” Octavio laughs and tells her, “no who not you I meant a small Juana V. Does she show up in my hand?” Juana Bautista tells him, “no all I see is dirt. You don’t have the money for a responds.” Miguel utters, “go take a bath.” Octavio tells her, “that’s not dirt that’s the hand of a working man. Hand me a beer.” Poncho asks, “this one.” Octavio tells him, “yes now then. I heard that Juana Valentina cancelled her trip right. So that means she didn’t leave is that right?” Juana Bautista tells him, “yes she cancelled it.”

Juana Matilde is with Todoelmundo, and asks. “Tell me something were there a lot of people affected by this.” Todoelmundo tells her, “yes anything that deals with agriculture. Lets take for example your sister economic store.” Juana Matilde asks, “what does Juana Calidad’s store have to do with anything.” Todoelmundo tells her, “well now she’s going to have to buy her food out of the region. Then she will have to raise her prices.” Juan Matilde tells him, “tell me something what creature showed up?” Todoelmundo tells her, “well nobody knows. You see the creature they saw, are like worms but aren’t. They have legs like an ant, but aren’t ants. They run like cockroaches, but they’re not cockroaches.” Juana Matilde asks, “umda now I need to ask you something?” Todoelmundo tells her, “sure what is it?” Juana Matilde asks, “with all due sincerity. Is my dad in the hole?” Todoelmundo tells her, “well yes but not only Don Calixto but the countless of people that count on him. This small town will go hungry Juana Matidle.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh may god not permit it. Umda all because of a worm that isn’t a worm. This is unbelievable.”

Ruben and Calixto arrive home. Judge Geremias Guerra has arrived as well, and has been waiting for them. Ruben tells Calixto, “well I’m going to check up on mom. Then take a shower, and head straight to the bank.” Calixto tells him, “tell her I need to talk too her. Even if she says, she doesn’t want too talk to me.” Ruben utters, “ok oh hi godfather.” Judge Germias Guerra tells him, “hi Ruben. Oh hello comparde how are you doing? The reason I came to see you is. We have something important to discuss.” Calixto tells him, “yes that is true its necessary that we talk.” Calixto goes and get some rum.

Dona Dona is waking up, when Ruben shows up. “Hi mother how are you?” Dona Dona tells him, “oh its as if all my bones were broken Ruben Calixto. Talk to me about the situation.” Ruben tells her, “oh mother you shouldn’t concern yourself with such matters. What you should be doing is making sure you feel better. Get back your strength.” Dona Dona tells him, “I need to know what are situation is. How are we doing? Plus where are we going?” Ruben tells her, “let the old man explain it too you.” Dona Dona tells him, “that senor Salguero I don’t want to even see his shadow. You just explain things to me.” Ruben tells her, “mother he’s going to do it. So were you alone all mornng?” Dona Dona tells him, “no Maria Delia came by a half an hour ago she just left. She promised to return after lunch. Oh one single question Ruben are we ruined?” Ruben tells her, “we are going to recover you will see.” Dona Dona tells him, “that but means we are.” Ruben tells her, “you take care of your health. Me and the old man, will worry about the rest alright take care.” Then he kisses her forehead and as he’s ready to leave. Dona Dona asks, “how about your wedding?” Ruben tells her, “well I haven’t had a chance to even think about it.” Dona Dona tells him, “well the Espino’s are rich people. Their business has nothing to do with agriculture.” Ruben asks, “what exactly are you trying to tell me mother?” Dona Dona tells him, “well what I said. Well if Mr. Salguero wants to talk too me. He can do it, when I wake up again later.”

Judge Germais Guerra tells him, “2 500 pezo.” Calixto tells him, “the 400 is in debt. Like you heard me comparde. It was a bad timing in buying Juan Guterriez land. It took away everything that we had in affective.” Judge Germais Guerra tells him, “well your going to have to resell them.” Calixto tells him, “do you think at this point I’m going to find a buyer. A man who won’t want to try to take advantage. That I am a hanged man.” Judge Germais Guerra asks, “well then what do you intend on doing?” Calixto tells him, “in the first place drink this rum. Later talk with Dona so she will find out everything. Then wait for the decision’s my daughters have decided.”

Over at the pink house, the girls are united. Juana Valentina tells them, “by now we have all learned through different means. That this situation is pretty grave. Don Calixto now is in ruins.” Juana Manny tells them, “that is what he assures us. It was confirmed by his friend Judge Geremias Guerra.” Juana Calidad tells them, “well Judge Geremias Guerra thinks the same thing.” Juana Bautista tells them, “well the entire town thinks the same thing.” Juana Valentina tells them, “well in any case he is waiting for a quick decision from us.” Juana Matilde tells them, “I see the situation in this form. Calixto Salguero I don’t know. He won’t be able to support us. I lost my job, because people won’t have the money to go see me at the Dolorosa. The salon of Juana Manny, its completely dead nobody goes to it. Well the economic store, well I don’t know. I don’t know how it will run from here on out. Well the way things are now, I don’t think nobody will buy a single portait of Juana Bautista. I just don’t know, look the only one that was saved was you Juana Valentina. Unless they found your replacement over in Chinu.” Juana Valentina asks, “what are you trying to tell us with everything. You will definately return to Santa Marta?” Juana Matilde tells them, “I don’t know the thing is my uncle is a good man but. Its really boring living with him. Well I guess in Santa Marta, I could get another group going again. But it would be like starting over again.”

Juana Manny tells them, “oh I’ll do more of the talking. This is Juana I don’t know, still hasn’t decided yet.” Juana Matilde tells her, “oh girl.” Juana Manny tells them, “well I think if the beauty salon there is no cliental. I won’t be able to afford to keep the gym membership. Let alone that trainer.” Juana Matilde tells them, “well I didn’t think of that. I won’t have money to pay for the music instructor.” Juana Calidad tells her, “I will do what Juana Valentina tells me too do.” Juana Valentina tells her, “Juana Calidad I won’t be making decisions for you. The economic store, or returning to the convent is up too you.” Juana Calidad tells them, “well then let Juana Bautista’s cards tell us what too do then.” Juana Manny utters, “a nun like you believing in witchcraft. Girl your going to condemn yourself.” Juana Calidad tells her, “boxer don’t bother me any more with that. This situation is quite delicate.” Juana Bautista tells them, “yes so delicate that the cards won’t be used. They can’t be used to change our wills Juana Calidad.” Juana Valentina tells them, “ok enough I already have my decision made. I’m not going to tell you.” Juana Matilde utters, “oh man.” Juana Valentina tells them, “I propose one thing. Every one tonight think about this very calmly. Everyone thinks all by themselves. They resolve it, without everyone not becoming pressured by the rest. Everyone then makes their own decision alright?” Everyone utter, “ok.”

Over at the Salguero house, Calxito goes to see Dona Dona. Calixto tells her, “20 some years together. We have had fat cow years, never have we lived through a situation such as this. In the coming months your son and me. Will be working very hard, but it will be filled with a lot of anguished and suffering. That is why both of us need you Dona. Well most of all me, not to sit and discuss the ruin and our misfortune. But to thank for the illusion and hope. That one day we will get ahead.” Dona Dona asks, “we lost all of our crop.” Calixto tells him, “yes nothing was saved. The hope is to end this plauge, and re-seed.” Dona Dona asks, “do we have any savings?” Calixto tells her, “only debts plus we have to indebt ourselves even further.” Dona Dona asks, “so what is up with those…” Calxito tells her, “I have explained the situation now they will decide if they go or stay.” Dona Dona tells him, “the rats always escape from the boats. When the ship is sinking. Especially if the ship, nobody can live for free.” Calixto tells her, “look Dona they are my daughters. They will remain so till the day that I die. What ever they decide.”

Over at the house, Juana Matilde is looking eveywhere. “Oh man this is all I needed, to lose the money that I made. Or did I already give it to the nun. Oh man this bites, I can’t find nothing in this mess. What for, why would I return to Santa Marta? I am going to stay with my father and that’s that.” Juana Calidad prays, and asks. “Oh mom what should I do stay or go? Why would I return to the convent, when I have a father.” Juana Manny at the gym utters, “blasted plauge they won’t get my half of the inheritance. Blasted bugs they won’t win me over. I’m staying yes.” Juana Bautista gets everything that she’s packed and puts it right back.

Over at the dolorosa, the guys have gathered. Everyone is miserable, Poncho asks. “Hey todoelmundo you might know this. How many people live in Columbia now?” Todoelmundo tells them, “Poncho approximately from the records of 1995. We have about 35000 600 inhabitance. I’m guessing 31 people for every kilometers. Half of 58 that is mixed raced.” Miguel tells him, “man thats a big number.” Todoelmundo tells him, “well not really for Germay has 85 0000 274 000 inhabitance. So they enter 228 people, with every kilometer.” Poncho tells him, “well that’s pretty tight.” Octavio tells his cousin, “hey Lazador play something. So then it can take away this sadness.” Lazador tells them, “I won’t get up but I’ll play something right here.” They make a toast, Juana Valentina goes for a walk and stops at the Dolorosa. He hears Octavio singing her song. She smiles and continues walking. In her head she utters, “I will fight this plague I will stay.”

The next morning Juana Valentina heads out to find, all four girls there. They clap hands, and head to see Calixto.



Las Juanas

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LAS JUANAS was beautifully made and written by.


Script writer was Juanita Samper.

This series was aired in 1997, but wasn’t shown till 2000.This English translation, was done for entertainment purposes.

No copyright infringement is implied.

The Juanas begins with a catchy tune.

“Calixto is a man that under the sheets, with his adventures Las Juanas were born. We arrived in Corozal like we were droped from heaven. Looking for the past, that was filled with so much mystery. We are Las Juanas, very radiate and beautiful. We are like a garden of beautiful roses.

The most beautiful of las savannahs. Juana Valentina is decisive strong woman. Juana Calidad is an angel a very bright spiritual being. Juana Manny with her mighty fists, giving an eye for an eye she responds. Juana Bautista, is a woman who analytical. Who has an air of a gypsy. I’m Juana Matilde, I love to dance and sing and enjoy life. Juana Valentina, Juana Calidad, Juana Manny, Juana Bautista. Plus Juana Matilde, that’s me.”

 (I’m watching it here) )

or you can watch it here.


PART 1-10

A young woman is at a store talking to a customer. “I am going to be very sincere with you. I bought this item at Dona Matilda’s place, for only 130. If I sell it too you for only 50, I won’t be making any money. Take into account, its been in storage plus I had to fix all the repairs and that cost me money senoria. Plus business is business. I might have a pretty face, but they don’t give me a discount. On the fruits I eat, on nothing. Everyone has to find a way to earn a living senoria.” The woman tells her, “well lower the price because it just too expensive.” The woman tells her, “alright for you I will lower that amount. But only because is you, I’ll give it too you so you won’t tell people that Juana Valentina Echenique uses people heard me. I will put the machine around, pay attention I will leave it at. 149.500 Its my last offer, what do you think.” She gets interrupted, when a woman comes around.
“Juana Valentina…” Juana Valetina asks, “what’s wrong Terealsura?” Terealsura tells her, “you better go see your mom my love. For she’s getting worse than ever.” Juana Valentina tells her, “just give her the chicken broth and her medicine. That makes her feel better.” Terealsura tells her, “oh today she has a very strange colour on her skin. I don’t like it one bit, no she wants to talk to you now.” Juana Valentina tells her, “alright I’ll close up the business and be right there. Now then senora if you don’t hurry, and buy it. I will be changing my mind. So what do you say?”

Terealsura enters with a tray into the room. A woman is smoking a cigar, and lying on the bed. “Here is your broth Dona Rosaura.” Rosuara tells her, “enough already Terealsura I am starting to spring feathers.” Terealsura tells her, “Dona this will make you feel better.” Rosaura tells her, “no nothing works let me tell you something else. I don’t think I will make another night.” Terealsura tells her, “don’t talk that way because someone might cut your tongue.” Rosaura tells her, “I surely hope so then my suffering will be over. Did you tell the girl, that I wanted to talk to her.” Terealsura tells her, “yes she’s coming. She’s trying to sell that old sewing machine, that Dona Matilida gave her before she died.” Rosaura tells her, “what I have to tell her is more important than any business.” Terealsura tells her, “well you know your daughter. If there’s money involved, not even a wall can move her. Come on eat your broath.” Rosaura simply pushes it away. No I don’t want any.” Tere tells her, “oh come on Dona Rosaura please just a spoon full.” Rosaura tells her, “no it just doesn’t tempt me. What I have to tell Juan Valentina, is stuck in my throat. Not even a single drop of water enters.” Tere tells her, “the way your telling me is scaring me. Is it that grave?” Rosaura tells her, “more than can you image. I was up all night in vigil. Thinking and thinking, wondering if I should tell her or not. When the rooster crowed my answer was resolved. I can’t die in peace, until I tell her the truth.”

Juan Valentina is closing up the shop. A guy comes by, “oh you have fabulous looking legs gorgeous.” Juan Valentina tells him, “why don’t you look at your mother’s instead. You idiot, that man had nothing better to do. She closes it and heads to her back of the store. Oh Tere I sold that machine. I closed the store, so we can have dinner.” Tere tells her, “before we eat I think its best that you talk to your mother.” Juan Valentina tells her, “but we talk every day what is the urgency now?” Tere tells her, “let her tell you girl.”

Rosaura is still in bed smoking away. When Juan Valentina arrives, she takes the cigar from her mouth. “Oh mom just look at you smoking away. Oh mom what’s wrong?” Rosaura tells her, “close that door.” Juan Valentina tells her, “oh what’s the mystery? The door is now closed.” Rosaura tells her, “now turn that virgin.” Juan Valentina crosses her arms, and utters quite puzzled. “The virgin facing to the back? Was it all that about?” Rosaura tells her, “what I have to tell you I have to tell you. Without her looking at me, well put it facing backwards.” Juan Valentina tells her, “fine she’s facing backwards now what do I do? Rosaura pats the bed, and she sits down. What’s wrong?” Rosaura touches her hand, “now my dear I have always loved you daughter. You have always known, you have been the best blessing that I’ve had. I would give up a bit of my life, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. So you won’t have to feel any pain. I can’t go to my tomb, with this secret that has so tormented me. Every since that priest baptised you Juan Valentina Echenique.” Juan Valentina asks, “what is it with my name?” Rosaura tells her, “well when Gonzalo Echenique married me I was already two months pregnant. He knew all ready.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh mom so what if you chose to eat the cake before the party. Is that all? Was that all the mystery?” Rosaura tells her, “no he gave you his name. She grabs her frame, and takes out a sheet. The only thing that’s yours, from my dear Gonzalo is the last name that he gave you. The blood that runs through your veins. Belongs to other.”

Juana Valentina asks, “what do you mean?” Rosaura tells her, “the man who planted his seed in me. Isn’t named Gonzalo. His name is Calixto, I met him on a full moon. There was music playing, and we drank a lot of rum in Port of Colombia. I fell in love with him, the moment that I saw him. I gave myself to him, without any conditions. I never asked him for nothing in return. I never even felt any guilt, three days later he left. He left the only thing that he could, I remember his caresses and you.” Juana Valentina asks, “wait come on what about my father?” Rosaura tells her, “Gonzalo always treated me well like he was my father. You never once told me, this man isn’t yours.” Rosaura tells her, “he loved you the moment you were born. Like you were his daughter. He knew the truth, he didn’t marry me without being lied too. If that is what your thinking.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh mom.”

Rosaura tells her, “we loved each other so very much. We were very happy, the moment that I decided to marry him. I respected him like one respects a true husband. When Gonzalo was taken away from us, to go to god my soul broke.” Juana Valentina utters, “so I am another man’s daughter? Your telling me this now mom? What ever for? You could have just kept your mouth shut?” Rosaura tells her, “for me no. No I’ve kept this secret for many years. I haven’t been able to sleep in peace throughout these 24 years. I wouldn’t even be able to rest in peace for eternity. What are you thinking about?” Juan Valentina simply stares at the photo. Juana Valentina tells her, “oh dear lord the only good news about this. I never really liked the Echenique as a last name. So what was his name? Calixto what?” Rosaura tells her, “I don’t know.” Juan Valentina tells her, “what do you mean you don’t know?” Rosaura tells her, “I only knew that he lived in a place called Corozal. He wasn’t born here, he lived out in those parts. The only thing he had, was a birthmark the shape of a fish on his back that ends on his tailbone. I loved him, and continue to love his memory.” Juan Valentina simply holds her mother, and doesn’t say another word.

The next day Juana Valentina and Terasalsura are at the cemetary. Juana Valentina puts flowers on the grave and gets up. Tere tells her, “come on dear the whole world has left. Now lets go home.” Juana Valentina asks, “how long have you worked with us?” Tere tells her, “about 15 years.” Juana Valentina tells her, “oh that is so long more than being her server. You became her best friend Tere. So she never told you nothing?” Tere crying tells her, “never.” Juan Valentina tells Tere, “how can one live for 24 years. With a hidden secret in one’s heart and back. Before releasing it, before heading to him.” Tere tells her, “maybe it was a secret that was her’s and Don Gonzalo. Come on dear lets go home.” Juan Valentina tells her, “yes we will return. We are going to close it.” Tere utters, “what?” Juana Valentina tells her, “yes I am going to close the house and the store. I have some money saved, so we can live of that.” Tere tells her, “dear are you going crazy?”

Juana Valentina tells her, “look I know that my mother has now gone to heaven and is in peace. But the one that has this curiosity is me.” Tere tells her, “oh what are you saying Juana Valentina.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I am going to find this man named Calixto. I want to know who he is, and what’s his last name. I want to know, what color is his skin? What does he smells like? What size and how tall is he? What does he wear? What is his political stance? He is a liberal, or conservative? Does he suffer any known illnesses? I need to know if he looks like a cat, a rooster, or a snake? Does he like to drink liquor or rum? Or does he just perfer beer?” Does he perfer to eat meat from a cattle, or does he like pork meat? Does he pray, or deal with a demon. Does he confess his sins, or keep it all inside? Does he perfer laughing or crying or does he do it in reverse. Or does he walk with the snakes, or in his own filth. Oh Tere, I need to know who my father is. What if one day, I am working and cut my hand and I need blood. Will it be there, that I know which type goes though my veins. I am going to find this man named Calixto, if he is still alive of course.”


A group of young guys are having a great time. Drinking and singing away at the local bar. A man walks by and tips of his hats to people. One of the guys asks, “hey there Don Calixto how are you doing?” Calixto stops and asks, “hey there Octavio how are things?” Octavio tells him, “very good sir.” Calixto tells him, “oh that song sure sounds good.” Octavio tells him, “thank you sir.” Calixto tells him, “Lazado your accordion sounds great.” Lazado tells him, “thank you sir.” Calixto then tells Octavio. “Octavio come by the house so we can discuss the business with you painting our fence.” Octavio tells him, “I had a few issues today but surely I will head to your place tomorrow.” Calixto tells him, “your problem is you enjoy having a great time. Drinking and singing away and nothing else.” Poncho tells him, “sir you forgot the women for he goes crazy. When a skirt comes around.” Gualberto tells him, “but he runs pretty quickly when that preacher comes around.” Miguel tells him, “yes its best that priest doesn’t follow him.” Octavio tells him, “oh Don Calixto forget what they say.” Calixto tells him, “just come by the house and you’ll make good money.” Octavio tells him, “Don Calixto I never let a good opportunity to make money go by me. I’ll be there on monday morning.” Poncho tells him, “yes but you have to be patience. He pained Don Elselmo’s house by parts, because he had several daughters. While you only have a male son.”

Octavio tells him, “monday without fail I’ll be there.” Calixto tells them, “well look who arrived the only serious guy of the group.” Octavio tells him, “oh yes the only one that doesn’t have to work for a living. A politician’s son, who can just enjoy life.” Mauricio shakes Calixto’s hand and Calixto tells him. “So how is that campaign going?” Mauricio tells him, “very well sir for he thinks that this year he will become governer. Since this is his third time trying.” Poncho tells him, “heared that boys at last we will get inside the governers house.” Mauricio tells them, “only if I allow you to enter. So Don Calixto how is business doing?” Calixto tells him, “very well but one shouldn’t sing the national anthem. I am going to tell you something, if the government doesn’t put a stop on contra-band. Us farmers, will have to change our business and sell something else. So how is your mother?” Mauricio tells him, “she’s good and dedicated as always to her herbs.” Mauricio asks, “so how is Dona Dona?” Calixto tells him, “relaxed and getting old she’s quite happy. Like the women of her age are suppose to be. Well then say hello to your mother for me. Tell that father of yours to stop his compagning, so we at least see him around here. Bye guys, see you Monday without fail.” Mauricio utters, “say hello to Dona Dona from us.” Calixto tells him, “yes of course.” Then he takes off, Octavio yells out. “Hey there Lazado play it man. Give me more rum.” The music begins again, and the group sing once more. Calixto stops and looks around, then continues on his way home.


Juana Valentina continues talking with Tere. They are packing her mother’s belongings. “Can you believe she gave herself. Without a single doubt nor regret. That she loved him at first sight. Can you believe that Tere, not even knowing who he was nor. What his last name was. Can you believe that Terealsura? A woman like her, she used to pray every single day. Went to church every sunday, prayed to the Virgin. Didn’t eat meat on Easter week. Can you just believe that Terezalsura.” Tere tells her, “yes my dear girl, I really do believe that my dear. In love I believe everything, let me tell you the truth. I don’t know where she hid, but an uncle of mine. Saw a woman walking towards a boat, he fell in love instantly. He seached years, crossing the seven seas he could looking for her. He never found her, and he only saw her once. Apparently he was in Cartagena, she was a tourist getting onboard a ship. There are so many cases. I had a divine cousin, who fell in love with this guy. Can you believe she went to a convent at nineteen. When she learned that the man was gay. Can you believe it? Oh Juana Valentina regarding love I believe everything. Do you still want to go looking for your father?”

Juana Valentina tells her, “yes.” Tere tells her, “why don’t you leave things alone.” Juana Valentina tells her, “I guess so but this man Gonzalo Echenique the man I loved like a father. For twenty-four years, taught me that when you deal with people. You must show them your face, be honest with them. Or else the next day, they might stab you in the back. What am I going to tell my child, if I ever have one. He asks, who was his grandfather was?” Tere tells her, “you could tell him a lie.” Juana Valentina tells her, “or like my mother who simply told me on her death bed. No way, then there will be two doubts out there. Mine and his, no Terezalsura. In order for me to be at peace, to live a life without secrets. I need to know where do I come from.” Tere tells her, “well then.” Juana Valentina tells her, “were heading to Corozal.”


Juana Valentina and Tere close up the shop. A note on the door reads, “closed for death.” They make sure the doors are completely locked. Tere asks, “oh dear will we ever return?” Juana Valentina tells her, “we will return for this store won’t be locked up forever.” A guy yells out, “hey there seller what will you give me for this motor that just got repaired.” Juana Valentina tells him, “oh come on for that pile of junk one shouldn’t even bother trying to negotiate. If you take us to the transportation area, we can discuss some kind of deal.” The guy asks, “what else do I have to do?” Juana Valentina tells him, “how about a help with the suitcases.” Tere asks, “why did you do that?” Juana Valentina tells her, “look we just saved some money on getting to the buses.” The guy asks, “where is the seller going?” Juana Valentina tells him, “I’m heading to Corozal. Plus with this great truck of yours just repaired. It could take us there all the way” She grins at Tere and the three head to Corozal.


Calixto Salguero is having a drink with a lot of ice. “Dear I’m heading out.” A woman tells him, “remember to take your hand and your bandana.” Calxito puts on his boots, and tells her. “I have that already.” The woman asks, “and your boots?” Calixto tells her, “I’m putting that right now.” She asks, “how about your belt with your sword and revolver.” Calixto asks, “why would I take a revolver?” She tells him, “Calixto one never knows. The devil hides around every corner.” Calixto tells her, “if the devil does come around. It will make me eat that revolver so there’s no use to taking it. Well then.” She comes by, and gives him his things. “Now dear after dinner last night, I took a nap. I felt as if I were being suffocated. This uneasyness, and my body began to itch I felt it everywhere. I awoke very scared. Oh its nothing, for I didn’t even dream about nothing. When I got up this morning, I opened my eyes. I’d hoped that you didn’t leave the house today.” Calixto tells her, “I can’t I have an issue to resolve with the workers.” She tells him, “why doesn’t Ruben Calixto go instead.” Calixto tells her, “if I let Ruben take care of it it won’t be done till the day all the saints arrive.” She tells him, “now when have you started douting Ruben Calixto?” Calixto tells her, “I don’t doubt it but he’s too easy going. They might take advantage of him, and we might end up losing the crop.” She tells him, “well then let him accompany you.” Calixto tells her, “no I’d perfer he deal with the banks today. That way he can fight with the rich instead of the poor. You know something, if communisim still existed. Your son Ruben would be a communist.” She tells him, “oh dear lord let him free us.” Calixto tells her, “now dear how about giving me your blessing.” She puts on his bandana and gives her her blessing. “I’m still pretty worried. I will pray for you, until you return.” Calixto tells her, “dear what could possibly happen to me? Why I’m away absolutely nothing.” Then he heads out.
(Now he calls his wife, old lady. I will just write dear, for me it sounds just so insulting.)

In the center of town, Juana Valentina and Terezalsura stop and look around. Tere tells her, “now then what do we do now?” Juana Valentina tells her, “first we will find a nice clean hotel to stay at. Then we begin our search for Calxito.” Tere tells her, “well then where do we start?” Juana Valentina tells her, “we don’t have a lot of clues. It really doesn’t matter where we start.” Juana Valentina tells her, “look just wait here I’ll be right back. Now take care of our suitcases. Juana Valentina goes over to a man, with a sign on his bike. “Todoelmundo.” She tells him, “hello nice day today?” He looks up and tells her, “yes but later it will rain.” Juana Valentina tells him, “sir if you can do me a favour. I’m looking for a hotel, one that is clean but cheap. Is there a decent one that you can recommend?” The guy asks, “is this the first trip of yours to Corosal?” Juana Valentina tells him, “yes.” The guy then puts on his glasses. “Now then Corozal was organized in 1700s. By Antonio de la Torre y Miranda. Made into a small city in 1775. Its called the pearl of the Sabanas. Its quite a pleasure of having you here.” Juana Valentina tells him, “and who are you the historian of the town?” Todo el mundo tells her, “well my name is Todo el Mundo I know everything about everything. Where are you from?” Juana Valentina tells him, “from Barranquilla.” Once again he puts on his glasses and tells her. “Barranquilla founded in 1629. Its been around since the third decade. Before it became an important area.” Tere has gotten bored and now stands next to Juana Valentina. Everyone knows it.” Juana Valentina asks, “so can you find us that hotel or not?” Todo el mundo simply smiles.

Over at a building, Octavio is singing and working. Poncho is dancing away and having a drink. He stops when he notices todoelmundo with a pretty girl. “Hey there todo el mundo what can you tell me about riding a bike in france?” He puts on his glasses and tells him. “I will tell you you could travel five times around. The first to do so was, Jacques Anquetil of France and Eddy Nerckx of Belgium. Poncho the whole world knows that.” Poncho tells the girls, “I’ve been trying to trick Todo El Mundo for years and haven’t been able to do so.” Todo el Mundo tells them, “come on girls.” Juana Valentina asks, “is that really your name?” Todo el mundo tells her, “well no its Regelo but everyone just calls me todoelmundo.” They take off, and Poncho goes running up the scaffolding. “Hey Octavio do you know, who the beautiful girl next to Todoelmundo is?” Octavio stares at Juana Valentina and utters. “Ohh wee who is that? Oh I am dreaming, may god not wake me.” Octavio tells him, “here take this.” He climbs quickly down and heads to the three. While Poncho simply yells out, “hey Octavio get back here?”

“If we would have met before, I would remember. For if one forget you, its like forgetting to ride a bike. Todoelmundo present us please? My name is Octavio Portoreal yours?” They shake hands, she tells him. “The name is Juana Valentina, sorry no last name for now. She is my friend Terezalsura.” Tere tells him, “how’s it going?” Octavio tells her, “hi how are you two doing? You know I know Corozal all my life. I’ve never seen you.” Juana Valentina tells him, “we have just arrived.” Octavio asks, “are you staying?” Tere tells him, “its none of your business sonny now lets go its boiling out here.” Juana Valentina tells him, “see you later.” Octavio utters, “see you later be well.” Poncho goes towards him, “so who’s she?” Octavio smiling tells him, “I don’t know but I’ve just met the woman of my life. Oh Poncho.”

Mauricio tells her, “now I have to decide to study political science. Or business adminstration brother. That’s my choice?” Gualberto tells him, “or of course stay around and help your dad with his political career.” Mauricio tells her, “regarding politics that will take time. The most important thing to do is study… Oh dear what is that?” He stares at the three, and Gualberto tells him. “A career is something you do for a profession. If you study politics your going to have to study for two years. Then learn how to run a campaign.” Mauricio tells him, “no I’m talking about that sin over there.” Mauricio tells him, “well Todoelmundo I’ve never seen you so nicely accompanied. How are you doing?” Todoelmundo tells him, “its because we never see one another. I’m stuck listening to your father, talking about things on the radio. He doesn’t even nothing about. Hey there Fuentelafria, fish and polititians die through the mouth. But todoelmundo knows it all.” Juana Valentina tells him, “bye.” Mauricio tells him, ” hey there give m